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Is it possible to take a razor in hand luggage and baggage

According to the rules, it is forbidden to take piercing and cutting objects on board the aircraft. But what if you take only a bag on the road? Baggage separately is not an option. Buying what is needed at the place of arrival and then throwing it away is economic stupidity. Information about the transportation of razors in hand luggage of the airline is not published. What can be done and how to save on confiscation of items?

Shavers that must not be taken

Restrictions on transportation are related to the fact that, according to the degree of danger, the razor is equated to a knife. Passengers can be seriously injured with a blade. therefore It is forbidden to take in hand luggage:

  • dangerous and safe razor
  • razor with removable blade
  • interchangeable hazard blades

Confiscate a razor like Double Edge or Professional Straight Edge, LordMance. They will not be allowed to take blades. Examples are shown in the figure.

What razors can I take

Many Russian air carriers are loyal to razors. They differ in that they cannot be removed or disassembled. They belong to the category of safety razors. Passengers transported machines like the Gillette and replaceable cartridges with blades without any problems.

Tip: when transporting a safety razor in your hand luggage, make sure that the blade covers the plastic cap - this will save time on inspection.

According to the experience of tourists, some airlines categorize safe razors as prohibited. For example, they transported him to Domodedovo without any problems, but in Egypt they counted him as a knife and confiscated him. But we did not consider another type of device.

Razor Carriage

There are no restrictions on the transportation of electric razors in hand luggage in the transportation rules. Such designs are not capable of causing serious injury, as they do not contain dangerous blades. There are no special requirements for packaging; you do not need to accompany documents with technical specifications. To freely pass control, it is recommended:

  • Pack electric shavers in a special bag (preferably together with other accessories),
  • Keep a purchase receipt when transporting a new electric shaver (for example, purchased as a gift). It will come in handy if you have questions at the customs,
  • Take the electric shavers of the modern model with the possibility of recharging. The design of the Soviet model is difficult to transport - they will begin to study and consider for a long time or even refuse.

Note: the use of such devices on board an aircraft is usually allowed, but it all depends on the airline. Some prohibit turning on the device at certain stages of flight: ascent, descent or landing.

Transportation rules may vary by airline. Therefore, many are wondering if razor can be carried in hand luggage in Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda and others. Let's figure it out.


The list of prohibited items contains mainly liquids, gases, radioactive materials and toxic substances. It is forbidden to take sharp objects with a blade larger than 50 mm into the cabin (we are talking about scissors, needles, knitting needles, etc.). There is no specific information about razors, so disposable machines and electric shavers, most likely you will carry without problems.

Rules for the carriage of razors in hand luggage and baggage

Airlines establish special rules for the transport of dangerous items, which include a razor. It can become a real threat to the life and health of passengers if it falls into the hands of a potential criminal or just an inadequate person.

In order to ensure safety on board for all passengers on a flight, airlines have prohibited the shaving of razors and blades for machine tools in hand luggage.

Straight razor

The most dangerous include razors with a sharp blade, which can be removed from the machine. Carrying such a razor, as well as interchangeable blades, is allowed in the general baggage in the presence of special packaging - a case with hard walls. This will exclude possible damage to things during transportation and will not lead to injuries to airport employees loading suitcases onto an airplane.

Safety Shaving Machine

Disposable machines and razors from which the blade cannot be pulled out are classified as safe appliances. They can be transported in hand luggage with a special plastic cap that hides sharp edges.

In the cabin, passengers can also carry replaceable cartridges for a safety razor.

S7 Airlines

Siberian Airlines allows the transport of both female and male safety razors with a removable blade. An ordinary machine will be allowed to be put in hand luggage, but only without a blade. But air passengers managed to carry both a disposable razor and interchangeable blades. Therefore, a lot depends on the specialists of aviation security services (SAB).


Federal Aviation Regulations prohibit the transport of piercing and cutting items in hand luggage. The requirement applies to Victory. The list of prohibited items is listed in paragraph 2 of Appendix No. 2. Whether razor can be carried in hand luggage in Victory depends on the type of product. A safe machine and electric shaver can be taken on board.

Basic rules for carrying baggage on an airplane

According to the rules, a passenger can take hand luggage, the weight of which should not exceed 10 kg. There are specific rules for what you can and cannot be put in your personal baggage.

It is allowed to have:

  • Any drinks, even alcoholic ones, in containers of no more than 100 ml.
  • Any food. If the food is liquid, then it should be no more than 100 ml.
  • Electronic or electrical appliances. This may include an electric trimmer.
  • Permitted cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Some personal items.

It is forbidden to transport sharp or life-threatening objects. All liquids greater than 100 ml will be removed during inspection and will not be returned on the return trip. This applies even to personal care or shaving products.

Can I take a razor on a plane?

When collecting a bag, find out whether it is possible to enter a hairdresser's tool in air transport. This is a very important point, since not all shaving tools can be brought into the salon.

Airlines only allow the transport of safe or eclectic machines. There are companies that generally do not allow razors to be brought into the cabin, so they need to be checked in their luggage. Given this, find out in advance whether you should bother with this thing at all.

Electric shaver

Most airlines allow you to carry electric shavers in your hand luggage. If necessary, the passenger can even use this device for its intended purpose during the flight.

You can transport electric shavers and in general baggage, but in order to exclude possible damage to the device, experts still recommend packing this item in your hand luggage.

If the traveler plans to transport a new electric shaver in the package on the plane, it is recommended to take a purchase receipt just in case, which will eliminate the questions of customs services regarding the cost of the device (expensive goods must be declared).

Which razors are prohibited?

There are such types of shaving mechanisms:

Although you can carry this appliance with you, this is not a hazardous machine. This prohibition is due to the fact that this tool can be aligned with a knife. The same applies to dangerous blades.

Since razors can sometimes be taken away, men decide not to take such expensive mechanisms with them at all. Disposable appliances can always be bought in stores.

How to transport shaving cosmetics on an airplane

In addition to the razor, men take on board various cosmetic products used in the shaving process.

Shaving Products:

All of these formulations are classified as liquids that can also be transported under special conditions. You can read more about how to carry liquids in hand luggage and baggage of an airplane. here.

Rules for the transport of shaving cosmetics:

  1. According to airline rules, a passenger can carry liquids in hand luggage in sealed containers up to 100 ml and not more than 1 liter per passenger. That is, in the cabin you can not transport a bottle with shaving foam or other cosmetic composition, if its volume is more than 100 ml. Such a tool is best sent immediately to the general baggage.
  2. A prerequisite is the presence of markings with the volume on the packaging with a cosmetic composition.
  3. In a hand luggage it is impossible to transport a bottle with a liquid composition of more than 100 ml, even if it is half empty. Employees inspecting passenger baggage will take into account the total volume of the composition indicated by the marking.
  4. Shaving cosmetics are transported in hand luggage in a dense plastic bag or in a special cosmetic bag with transparent walls.
  5. Shaving products in pressure cans are not allowed in carry-on baggage, as they are classified as flammable. Such cosmetics can be transported in checked baggage.

Follow the rules for shaving razors, blades and cosmetics on airplanes, because they are introduced solely for safety reasons for all passengers of the flight!

Safety Shaving Machines

TO safe These include razors that cannot be disassembled and pulled out of them: their cancarry on hand luggage. It is recommended to close the blade on the machine with a protective plastic cap.

Permission extends to replaceable cartridges with blades.

A disposable razor is also a safe device.

Different types of razors

Shaving Cosmetic Requirements

Such shaving cosmetics, as

  • foam and gel contained in pressurized containers,
  • cream,
  • oil

belong to the category of airlines liquid substances.

Shaving cosmetics in hand luggage must meet the requirements for the transport of liquids, aerosols and gels.

Shaving agent can be putin hand luggage, if:

  • the volume of the container does not exceed 100 ml,
  • the container is placed in a transparent plastic bag with a clasp (cosmetic bag), a volume of not more than 1 liter, along with other liquids.

When transporting foam or shaving gel in hand luggage, unpleasant situations sometimes occur during security checks at the airport. A service employee may decide that it is dangerous to transport such a tool in the cabin and remove it. This is due to the fact that the can is under pressure, and flammable substances can enter the foam or gel. Therefore, if you travel with luggage, it is better to immediately pack such things in a suitcase.

As alternatives to liquid cosmetics for shaving you can use a special solid soap. There are no restrictions on his hand luggage. However, in this case you will have to take a shaving brush with you.

Liquid shaving products with a volume of more than 100 ml must be carried only in checked baggage.

In a suitcase, containers with cosmetics are preferably good to wrap upto reduce the risks of possible damage and contamination of other things. Spray cans and bottles are recommended to be placed in a securely closed bag or cosmetic bag and neatly placed among soft things.

Can I carry my shaver in my hand luggage?

I think that almost every person, collecting things on vacation or a business trip, thought about what you can take with you in your hand luggage and what not. If we fly to rest on vacation, we have a lot of things with us, and, as a rule, we hand them in the luggage compartment, and in our hand luggage we have a camera or a couple of sandwiches.

And what about those who are traveling for a couple of days on a business trip and do not want to take a suitcase with them, and even more so take it to the luggage compartment. It is much easier for such a person to take all things aboard an airplane. If you have already asked yourself a question, is it possible to take a razor with you in your hand luggage, then this article will be useful to you.

Dangerous razor banned for hand luggage.

According to the rules for carrying baggage, razor is prohibited. A razor is a dangerous item that can injure a person. When checking your suitcase, no one will let you take a dangerous razor or razors. But safe razors, you can take in hand luggage without any fear. Nobody will take such machines from you.

You can take such a razor with you in your hand luggage, in almost any airline.

Are there any nuances about transporting a safety razor in the cabin? Yes, there is one very important point. You will have no problems with most airlines.

But there are companies that will not be allowed to take even safety razors with them to the salon. They will offer you to pack them and hand them in luggage, or not to take them with you at all. In other words, they will simply be taken away, and will not be given away on the way back.

Such a razor, with removable hazardous blades, is also prohibited for carrying in hand luggage.

So what’s better to do? Should I take a razor with me or not? If you do not want to find out the rules for carrying things in a particular company, then either immediately check in your luggage or get ready to give your thing for free to customs officers. In general, the easiest way is to buy a razor upon arrival at the nearest store.

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What are the general rules for hand luggage?

There are many nuances in this matter. Here are the main ones:

  • Each person usually has one piece of luggage space and one carry-on baggage.
  • What is not allowed to be taken into the cabin can be forced to check in as separate baggage or to be removed during inspection.
  • Baggage allowance and hand luggage size depend on which class the flight is flying.
  • Lowcosters have the most stringent hand baggage allowance. It should be placed under the seat and checked using special frames. In this case, there is only one place for her.
  • In business or first class, there are usually two places for hand luggage.

Watch the video: New baggage allowance.

Tips for transporting things on an airplane

These tips will help you decide what to bring with you and what to put in your luggage:

  • Restrictions on the transport of items in hand luggage are similar in many countries, but they should be studied in advance. Sometimes the list of what you can take on the plane is indicated on the ticket. When inspected, prohibited items will simply be seized, despite their value.
  • Explore airline restrictions on baggage size and weight in 2017: even permitted items will not be allowed to be carried on board the aircraft if they exceed the established standards.
  • If you bought something in the Duty Free chain of stores, be sure to keep the receipt and packaging integrity.
  • Alcohol can only be taken on board an airplane if you purchased it at duty free airport (for example, wine and champagne). In other cases, the rules for the transport of liquids in hand luggage (about them below) apply to alcohol, although some airlines completely prohibit the transport of alcohol on board.
  • You should learn about meals on board in advance: if you are offered a delicious lunch during the flight, it makes no sense to bring your own food onto the plane.

What can I keep on my plane?

So, first we answer the question of men - is it possible to take a razor in hand luggage on an airplane? Of course, such an item is unauthorized, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to carry it with you on board. And all because theoretically this subject can harm others. Similarly, banned, for example, Swiss knives.

You can take with you on board only the most valuable and necessary items that are allowed to be carried by the air carrier:

  • cash and bank cards,
  • personal documents and valuable documentation,
  • expensive electronics, for example, a laptop or mobile phone, as well as a camera or tablet,
  • the most valuable items that do not apply to stabbing and cutting,
  • items for personal hygiene,
  • medicines and specially designed food, with permission from a doctor.

Quite often, unpleasant situations occur that lead to the loss of basic baggage. Of course, in most cases, the loss is, but after some time. To always have the most necessary things at hand, it is imperative to keep the above items with you. Thanks to this, an unpleasant situation will not be able to greatly affect the trip, and during the holidays you can easily wait for your luggage.

If passengers need to take special things with them that are not included in the list of permitted items, the airline must be notified about this and if he gives permission to carry the necessary item, then it can be put in hand luggage.

What items can I take with me as carry-on baggage?

Each person with him on a plane can take the following:

  • Money and bank cards.
  • Personal documents.
  • Electronic devices: cameras, laptops, cameras, etc.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Certain medications.
  • Water or liquid foods in limited quantities.
  • Food as a snack: chocolate, sweets, cookies, nuts, sandwiches.

Allowed to take on a plane

What you can not take in hand luggage

To avoid having to get rid of your favorite things at the airport, be aware that it is forbidden to carry in hand luggage:

  • manicure set (nippers, nail file, tweezers, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm),
  • double-sided razor, dangerous razor,
  • lithium-ion batteries with a specific power of more than 100 W / h,
  • mercury thermometer
  • any flammable objects, including gas sprays for self-defense, liquids for refueling lighters and gas lighters, all types of fireworks and firecrackers,
  • alcohol is not from duty free,
  • corkscrew,
  • pen or stationery knife,
  • souvenir swords, daggers, hatchets and other imitations of knives or firearms,
  • Bow and arrows,
  • multitool with blades,
  • blender
  • ax, saw, hunting knife, drill with drills.

What to do if there is an excess of baggage

  • This issue is always dealt with by the ticket issuing agent. If he is not informed about this in advance, then there will be problems before boarding the plane.
  • Before the inspection, it is necessary to weigh the hand luggage in order to transfer all unnecessary items into the main baggage, if necessary. If there is none, then extra pounds will have to be left.
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Search for prohibited items during the search

Sometimes passengers manage to bring with them improperly packed or completely unauthorized items. This is due to the fact that inspectors are simply not able to check and open each bag, so they look through them on the tape.

Factors affecting the transport of what you can not take with you:

  • • competence of airport employees,
  • • flow of people,
  • • equipment, scanners and their capabilities,
  • • passenger appearance.

The last point is the human factor. If a person looks suspicious, then they will require additional inspection of luggage. Those who look self-confident are completely safe.

Is it possible to carry a razor in hand luggage on an airplane: what prohibitions exist

All machines are divided into two categories - dangerous and safe. The former have in their construction sections of an open, usually very sharpened, blade. They used to be used for shaving everywhere, now - with rare exceptions. Until now, they are used in barbershops, and also collect as antiques.

Sharp objects with you

Any airline has its own rules that allow the transport of various things. However, there is a single rule for everyone that prohibits the transport of sharp and sharp-cutting objects.

  • scissors,
  • corkscrew,
  • open blade dangerous razor
  • files for manicure from a metal with a sharp end,
  • tweezers,
  • nail clippers
  • jackknife.

All these items must not be carried in the cabin. They need to be put in luggage. Otherwise, they will be seized during the inspection, and upon arrival they will have to buy new ones.

For some of these things you can choose an alternative. For example, for nails, take a soft nail file with rounded edges. A instead of a dangerous razor, you can take a machine with replaceable blocks or an electric razor.

Free legal phone support:

St. Petersburg and the region +7 (812) 317-60-18
Federal number +8 (800) 500-27-29 ext. 859

Can I take a razor to the cabin?

It all depends on its type and conditions of a particular airline. Classification of the device from the point of view of inspectors at the airport:

  • Dangerous.
  • Safety razor.
  • Electric.

What about related shaving accessories?

If it is not always possible to transport a razor, is shipment of cream or shaving foam permitted?

  • Shaving cream should be in a container of 100 ml. Even if a 200 ml bottle is left at the bottom, it will not be allowed to be carried in hand luggage.
  • In the cabin you can take only one container with liquid.
  • Foam is not allowed in the cabin.
  • If you bought foam with a volume of 50 ml, then you can take it to the salon.
  • You can replace the foam with a special soap. In this case, you will need to bring a whisk with you.

Having a problem? Call a lawyer:

St. Petersburg and the region +7 (812) 317-60-18
Federal number +8 (800) 500-27-29 ext. 859

What things besides a razor bother passengers?

Very often people wonder about the transportation of the following items:

  • Baby carriages. If it is light, they may be allowed to carry in the cabin. If heavy, you will have to check in your luggage.
  • Hairspray. It must be closed in a plastic bag. Like any liquid, no more than 100 ml.
  • Giroskuter. For transportation, you will need to disassemble. The battery can be taken as hand luggage, and the rest can be checked in luggage.
  • Notebook. In order to preserve it, it is better to take it with you to the salon.
  • Umbrella. You can take it to the salon, you can not carry it in your hands.

Can I carry my shaver in hand luggage on international flights?

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling in Russia or flying abroad. ICAO requirements are uniform throughout the world. An electric razor will be allowed. Dangerous - no. As for the shaving machine - it depends on the vigilance of the SAB at the airport of departure. Cologne, gel and other liquids are transported in containers up to 100 ml.

Whether razor is allowed in hand luggage depends on the type of product. Dangerous and safe razors cannot be transported. Safe machines - you can, but it all depends on the employees of the SAB. In some situations they allow, in others they force them to throw them away. In order not to take risks, take the latest electric shaver and follow the recommendations that we talked about. Then you save time, nerves and avoid financial losses.

Carry shavers in hand luggage

You can take an electric shaver into the cabin on certain conditions:

  • Electric razors are allowed without packaging, so that there are no questions with the declaration and regarding the price.
  • If the electric shaver is intended for someone as a present, then you need to save the purchase receipt in order to present it to the customs officer.

Why is it not allowed to carry sharp objects?

Sharp objects, in particular a razor blade, can be used as a weapon. In addition to a dangerous razor, you can not carry it on an airplane:

  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Any kind of knives or daggers.
  • Corkscrew.
  • Scissors or tweezers.
  • Sharp cutlery.
  • Knitting needles.
  • Manicure scissors and a nail file.
  • Separate interchangeable blades.
  • Hammers, nails, screwdrivers.
  • Cigarettes and a lighter.
  • Syringes.

If there is a need to take a prohibited item on board, then you need to obtain the official permission of the air carrier.

What can not be carried in hand luggage

How to pack your baggage in the right way

  • The transportation rules must be found in advance on the airline’s website.
  • If rationally packing the main baggage, then carry-on baggage may not be needed.
  • Most often, hand luggage should correspond to 55 by 40 by 20 cm, but these sizes may differ for different airlines.
  • You must always be prepared for the fact that luggage can be lost. Therefore, the most valuable is always best to carry with you.
  • At home, you need to weigh luggage in advance to be sure that you will not be forced to pay for an excess.

Watch the video: Tips for those who are going to fly low-cost airlines or want to start traveling light.

What medicines can I take on board?

There are types of drugs that are allowed:

  • To lower the temperature.
  • From a cold.
  • From nausea and poisoning.
  • Adhesive bandage.
  • Iodine and green stuff in the package.

What medicines can I take on a plane

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Thanks for the detailed information! I always wondered why people need a razor in an airplane, literally for a couple of hours of flight? Well, as a knitter, I’m very annoyed that you cannot carry knitting needles with you: after all, this time is the best suited for such needlework! In general, there are a lot of nuances, so I’ll save it to my favorites - it will be useful in the future, like a cheat sheet.

I often fly only with hand luggage in Europe, I do not take luggage to save on tickets. Therefore, I often take a razor with me in my hand luggage.

Traveled a lot with children, so often took with them strollers and other related children's things. On wheelchairs - never had any problems, but noticed that different airlines had different requirements. Always allowed to take light strollers summer on board, still took a full winter stroller - they themselves offered to take everything on board, but disassembled (removed the box). On razors - in my opinion, a trifle, always took disposable luggage - never had problems. The main thing is to strictly study what you can take to the salon, the article correctly says this.

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