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Fashion and trendsFashion for teenage boys fall-winter 2019-2020

If you have a daughter or son growing up in your home, you are responsible for your child, and you must not only take care of the child, but also understand his needs and opinions.

One of the most difficult periods of adulthood is adolescence, when our children gradually turn from such cute and carefree babies into an age with a deeper awareness of certain things, new cares and thoughts, the formation of new character and personality traits.

It is during this period, for both boys and girls, it is very important how they look.

One of the components of a positive attitude in life at this age is fashionable clothing for teenagers, which, along with hair, appearance, ambitions and aspirations, should be multifunctional, beautiful, and most importantly, comfortable.

Fashion for teens 2020-2021 is a mixture of brightness and creativity and at the same time simple and understandable styles.

Fashionable clothes for teenage boys and stylish clothing for teenage girls have a number of features and trends that determine how to dress teenagers, what styles to choose, what to buy from things to create a super fashionable teenage wardrobe that parents and to the teenager himself.

Today we will briefly tell you what trendy clothes for teenagers 2020-2021 will be held in high esteem for the younger generation, as well as reinforce the information review with successful style examples for this category of young people. About trends and trends more ...

Fashionable clothing for teens 2020-2021: stylish styles, comfortable things for teens, new items and trends

Firstly, parents should understand that no matter how beautiful fashion clothes for teenagers 2020-2021 are for them, they should undoubtedly suit a girl or a boy.

Often, growing young men and future ladies choose completely unexpected things for teenagers, surprising parents with their choice, because there are fashionable clothes for teenagers much better, better, better for school and leisure.

The unpredictable decisions of teenagers demonstrate their emerging nature, so you need to respect their choice.

The trend is fashionable clothing for teens 2020-2021, which emphasizes and expresses the characteristics of the personality of a teenager.

During this period, girls and boys like to wear denim for teenagers, and fashionable sportswear for teens is an integral part of youth casual style.

Urgent for this age was fashionable clothes for teenagers in urban style, casual, because these are one of the most dynamic and comfortable fashion trends.

The most relevant in the coming season will be fashionable clothing for teens 2020-2021 in the form of jeans, denim overalls, shorts in different colors and models, and for girls and dresses made of denim.

The beloved skinny, ripped and frayed jeans will be complemented by classic straight-cut jeans, jeans with suspenders, creative models with embroidery and applique stripes.

Among the trousers, adolescent women of fashion will choose culottes and pants of a shortened and narrowed type, and boys will prefer comfortable straight-cut trousers.

Undoubtedly, the necessary attributes of the wardrobe will be beautiful and versatile knitted, knitted sweaters, sweaters, fashionable sweatshirts, practical sweaters and youth bomber jackets that can be worn with jeans, shorts, trousers and for girls - with dresses and skirts.

If we consider the color gamut, teenage clothing 2020-2021 has no restrictions on the color and style of ornaments, because everything is possible in this period.

And although young people are often drawn to dark shades, designers offer things for teenagers in light and saturated colors, original floral prints, and recommend choosing clothes with inscriptions, drawings, and fashionable decor.

Features of choosing a wardrobe

It is teenagers who begin to show their first interest in their wardrobe. The desire to become part of a certain team of young people like himself, encourages him to be no worse than them, to become “his” in the company. This does not mean that style and attractiveness are canceled.

There is not much difference in the composition of the wardrobe of an adult and a teenager. The main rule is to decide what will happen to the young man.

The fashion for teenage guys in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season has not changed much compared to the seasons of the past. Sweatshirt, various shirt models, ubiquitous jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, bomber jackets continue to be favorite types of clothes.

Fashionable models of men's jeans for teens: photos

Youth fashion has never obeyed standard fashion rules.

Young guys always strive to be bright, original and strive to create an individual style. That is why clothing manufacturers pay particular attention to the diversity of youth jeans.

1. No shoes cooler than sneakers

It is advisable that these are “nike” models, limited “adidas” or “vanz” models. The rest of the brands are quoted less, and it is advisable to hide satin sneakers or sneakers with glitter from Zara away and not show it to anyone. Boys wear sneakers with any pants, jeans or shorts, girls - with feminine dresses and skirts. Rough models in combination with dresses have already become classics, and skirts with shoes are worn only by those who want to look like an aunt. Even at graduation, you need to choose a flying evening dress and sports sneakers.

Antitrend: snow-white boots - and you’ll rush through the puddles, and it’s kind of smart. Moreover, such boots do not harmonize with anything in the wardrobe and turn gray on the same day in the evening. Especially cute when they still have a bootleg grooved in the hole. Who makes them and why buy them? Science is unknown.

Actual trends of youth fashion

This season, both already established trends and absolute novelties will be fashionable. However, they all meet one criterion - this is practicality and comfort in wearing.

  • Layering. This trend wanders from year to year, and not only in adult, but also in teenage fashion. In addition to the fact that such an image as a whole turns out to be quite comfortable, while it also looks very impressive. It is only necessary to think over the bow and competently combine all its elements.

  • Oversized clothes. Dimensionless things have long been the favorites of today's youth. Shapeless dresses and sweaters, oversized jackets and coats will occupy leading positions this season.

Important! Oversized products look not only stylish, but also help to hide excessive completeness and other flaws of the figure.

  • Things from denim. This is a full-fledged classic, which can be present not only in the form of jeans familiar to all, but also vests, jackets, dresses and skirts. At the same time, such clothes are suitable for both very young fashionistas and girls over 14-15 years old.

Always up-to-date denim fashion

You can wear denim items in today's trendy total bow or combine with other things, for example, sweaters, raincoats or sweatshirts. There are also no special requirements for shoes. This can be a sporty or classic option in the form of boots or loafers.

  • Hats Despite the fact that this trend didn’t take root in women’s fashion, it stuck for a long time in teenage fashion. Hats can be either small or wide-brimmed. The main thing here is the design, which must be minimalist.

Designers recommend wearing such a hat, both with things that are designed in the usual glam-chic, classic and fashionable among young people.

  • Sneakers + dress. This season, in the segment of teenage fashion, stylists decided to abandon the usual heels in favor of sports shoes, especially sneakers and sneakers.

You can wear them not only with jeans, but even with light chiffon or silk dresses. The outfits themselves can be sustained, both in everyday and in a classic style.

  • Metallic color. Fabrics imitating metallic luster in 2019 are especially relevant. They may be present in the design of outerwear, evening and everyday dresses, as well as accessories.

  • Boyfriend jeans. Androgynous style today is becoming increasingly popular among youth fashion. Jeans slightly narrowed down to a high rise can be worn with almost all things from the basic wardrobe. And with a successful selection of top and accessories, such a bottom is even suitable for creating an evening outfit.

  • Culottes. Such trousers look stylish not only on adult women, but also on young girls. They emphasize the figure, do not constrain movements at all and are ideally combined with any shoe. As for the coloring, it can be both plain products and printed ones.

  • Short jackets. This is one of the most fashionable trends in 2019 that designers have proposed for teenage girls. In addition to the fact that short jackets look spectacularly and harmoniously combined with trousers, jeans or dresses, they can still protect against a little cold and become an excellent replacement for windbreakers.

  • Sophisticated palettes. In addition to plain products, printed items with rather complex color combinations will also be in fashion. For example, drawings of bright and saturated colors that contrast with each other are applied on top of a pastel base.

The theme of prints can be very diverse, starting from lines or other elements of geometry and ending with floral motifs and abstraction.

  • Lace and ruffles. In teenage fashion, they can be present in almost all things. It can be either a full-fledged cocktail guipure dress of an a-shaped silhouette, or a small design of sleeve cuffs on a knitted sweater.

A combination of lace with denim will also look relevant. Guipure here is used as decorative patches or edging the bottom of the product.

Stylish options for youth

Clothing for teenage girls is diverse. The assortment of jeans trousers is huge. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand such an abundance. For teenagers, fashion designers develop styles of trousers that can emphasize the emerging figure. But the choice of clothes is a matter of taste. The most fashionable, stylish this season, the following jeans models:

  • High-waisted pants are tight-fitting trousers with a corset to the waist and above. Can be buttoned, laced or wide elastic. The style will help hide the protruding belly, emphasize the waist,
  • Chinos - pants with a belt. Sewn from a very dense material. Waist volume can be adjusted,
  • Skinny - narrow, tight-fitting hips and legs, trousers with different fit. Length - to the ankle. The composition of the material includes elastane. Thanks to the stretching fibers, jeans fit perfectly on the figure. The fitting trousers emphasize folds, roughnesses of a figure. Not recommended for girls with full hips and legs,
  • Slim fit - skinny straight pants that fit tight on the hips. Below the pelvis jeans are loose,
  • Mom jeans - fit - loose, waist - high. Visually lengthen legs. Highlighting the waist and rounding the hips make the figure more feminine,
  • Trousers with scuffs and patches are still popular. Pants owners think sloppiness makes them stylish,
  • Jeans with elastic - can be corset cut or sporty type with a low waist. This is a very convenient model - the elastic does not squeeze as it happens with button-down trousers,
  • Cropped ankle-length trousers. Very popular in the summer season,
  • Boyfriend jeans - distinguished by their low waist, inguinal zone and waist. Pants sit loose on the hips. Jeans look brutal, emphasizing the fragility of the girl. They are not very convenient for an active life. “Boyfriends” can be of different styles (narrowed to the bottom, loose straight cut, 7/8-shortened, with a twist). Finishing - slots, scuffs, holes,
  • Trousers with “Motnya” - a kind of breeches. Thin girls give preference to such products,
  • Banana jeans are among the top fashion items of young people. Trousers of an oval cut reminding a tropical fruit. Narrowing down “bananas” are more suitable for narrow hips, slender legs, type of figure - “hourglass”,
  • Trousers with frayed and torn - to this day are popular with all girls.

The age of girls affects the choice of style of jeans trousers. At age 14, fashionistas give preference to bright products, patch pockets, an abundance of stripes and prints. As they get older, girls are happy to wear jeans clothes, but choose less defiant models. Most importantly, the outfit should be comfortable. Scuffed Chinos Shortened Slim fit On an elastic band Mom jeans Big Holes High waist Torn Bananas Skinny With Motney

Fashionable outerwear for teens 2020-2021

Of course, girls are more worried about how they look, shaping their teenage style more carefully and thoughtfully.

Fashion for teens offers successful styles for both boys and girls, helping children choose their own unique, exclusive wardrobe for teens.

Note that for the autumn-winter period, designers recommend that children dress not only stylishly, but also warmly.

Caring for the younger generation, designers have developed stylish outerwear for teenagers 2020-2021 in the form of jackets-jackets - an undeniable trend, both teenage and adult fashion, as well as the leader among the options for outerwear - jacket jackets.

Parka jackets for teens are one of the favorite styles, because parks can be made both to the thigh and in an elongated version.

Also, parka jackets are very diverse in color, which can not but rejoice the younger generation.

Stylists recommend that teens, in addition to sports jackets and leather jackets, consider such an option as a coat.

These are more elegant clothes for teenagers 2020-2021, but such a style should also be present in the arsenal of young women of fashion and fashion.

Note that outerwear for teenagers can be completely simple, but if you complement the look with original scarves, scarves, knitted and knitted hats, you can get very successful and stylish sets for cold weather.

What to wear in the fall-winter season 2019-2020

This is the most democratic clothing. She seems to have “settled down” in the wardrobe of the younger generation for a long time, regardless of gender. Fashion designers also contribute to this, tirelessly developing new styles, changing the cut. Hoodies with a hood and a bottom of an asymmetric cut become more popular. The non-standard model requires a combination of jeans. And feet should be bulky shoes. The sweatshirt continues the victorious march from one fashion collection to another.

T-shirts, shirts, long sleeves

The items listed are the most worn clothing by adolescents. A shirt can boast not only with a variety of styles, but also with a variety of options that determine its purpose. So, in the wardrobe of a teenager there should be a shirt for every day, for example, for classes at school, college and meetings with friends. Many representatives of the younger generation prefer to wear it, putting them on T-shirts, sweatshirts.

Layering is the most popular technique for 12-14 year old boys. If you choose a shirt uniform over a T-shirt, the items should be contrasting. A checkered shirt looks very expressive on a white T-shirt. You can fasten two middle buttons or wear wide open. By the way, the novelty of the season is the replacement of buttons with buttons.If long-sleeves are preferred, then a short-sleeved shirt is more suitable.

A shirt, better motley, or longsleeve - can be worn under a pullover. If the sleeves, collar and hem look out of the pullover - this is stylish.

A special charm appeared among young people who decided to wear polo shirts, which at first were the property of older people. This type of clothing is more suitable for strict and neat teenagers. The presence of a company logo on it will emphasize the status of the thing.

This type of clothing, which incorporates elements of sweaters and sweatshirts, is characterized by discreet colors in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season. Ideal, according to designers, are brown and gray. Against this background, the logo will look good, not a very bright picture or inscription.

Sweatshirts and hoodies are leaders among models for teenagers who devote time to sports. Most prefer gray and black clothes. But, if a young man is dynamic, he can choose something bright.

A sweatshirt with an original print, a knitted sweater will make the image of a young man not only fashionable, but also complete. In the autumn-winter season, sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts, on top of which denim jackets are worn, serve as heat preservation.

It should be not only stylish, but also retaining heat. A bomber jacket is a universal type of outerwear. She puts on shirts, t-shirts, polos, sweaters, warm jumpers. The jacket should sit freely and at the same time fit the size and season. Winter bombers, unlike autumn ones, come with heaters, artificial or natural.

For autumn, light jackets are suitable, the coloring of which can be very diverse. Fashion designers in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season offer the entire color spectrum of bombers, which can be either gray, brown, black, khaki, or red, green, blue, even in some cases with a bright floral pattern.

Winter bombers have a slightly elongated style and in more restrained colors. For the season jackets will be relevant, both with a hood and a stand-up collar.

Autumn patterns are usually sewn from cotton or raincoat. It is better to go for walks in the winter in a warm quilted jacket or in a bomber jacket with down filling.

The model can be worn with jeans, chinos are also suitable. For the winter model, pants and jeans are appropriate. You should know that the jacket and jeans of different colors look stylish. Shoes are better to choose from genuine leather, but coarse shoes are also suitable.

Properly selected teenager's clothing style and appropriate accessories will help him look fashionable and modern. The trend of the upcoming season will be jackets with buttons and bright stripes. It is unlikely that the boy will remain indifferent to a jacket in a university style. Contrast sleeves and emblems in the form of figures on the chest are the main features of this style.

To complement the image in winter, you can take gloves or mitts. Knitted thick scarves will do. An autumn hat is not particularly welcomed by teenagers, but a baseball cap goes well with a sporty style. For winter, a hat with a lapel is suitable for a bomber jacket.

The “experience” of jeans in clothing lists is very decent, and they do not lose their position at all. These trousers, thanks to the color scheme, can be worn both at a gala event and at a party. Fashion designers advise in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season to have a pair of denim super-trousers in the wardrobe. These are classic straight jeans with no decor. But fashionistas will love skinny jeans. Tucked-in trousers are their main feature. They are favorably combined with sports or oversize.

In the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, designers offer teens to diversify the range of these trousers. Red, green mustard-colored jeans with tastefully selected top will look original. Those who do not want to change the blue shades of jeans can wear classic shabby models.

Denim overalls, straight jeans, pipe trousers do not go out of fashion. They can be decorated with applique, a bright print in the form of a graphic drawing, on things can be inscriptions or photographs. A sweatshirt with an original print, a knitted sweater will make the image of a young man not only fashionable, but also complete.

Chinos - versatile clothing. They are appropriate in school, when combined with a shirt and a jacket. Any other top is suitable for these trousers if the teenager goes to meet friends.


Skinny jeans today are very fashionable among teenagers, so every second young man wears them, but not everyone understands that he looks at least ridiculous in such a dress. This jeans style looks good only on the perfect figure with straight legs. The owner of such a figure can afford to choose skinny jeans with twists and fashionable inscriptions.

2. Long shapeless sweatshirts and hoodies in any weather

The advantage of a hoodie is that you can put a hood on your head if the wind blows, but a voluminous sweatshirt is simply convenient: you forgot to put on a skirt for classes - no one will notice. Overseas and dimensionless sweaters will suit everyone: a skinny guy in baggy clothes will not be scared to look, and a chubby girl will hide all the flaws. This is not to say that healthy lifestyles for adolescents are now in a special fashion, but being slim is more profitable: therefore, guys have a much greater favor for drinking yoghurt than for fast-food hot dogs.

Antitrend: voluminous sweater or jacket with a tiny backpack that looks very funny against the background of an oversize. Remember these smaller models of handbags with straps instead of a handle? They look on the back just awful. Voluminous sweaters and jackets should be worn with a waist bag (the model is like a jig in a trolley bus), or with standard-size backpacks.

Colors and shades

The adolescent period is characterized by inconsistency, inconsistency of views. But the variety of colors, styles of jeans pants allows you to make the choice of the most capricious young lady. Teenage trousers for girls can be light blue, blue, blueberry, gray. Black and white colors are still relevant.

For everyday walks, classic dark blue jeans are suitable. On a visit, at a party you can wear lighter or brighter, more saturated colored pants. In cold and cloudy weather, dark shades are preferred. On clear, warm days it is better to wear light trousers.


This trend is found in various styles and is familiar to both adults and children. A multilayer image provides real comfort due to the abundance of things. At the same time, it looks spectacular and remembered by others. Elements of a multilayer image are very convenient to shuffle, especially when its basis is basic things.

Fashionable clothes for teenagers girls 2020-2021

Of course, clothes for teenage girls are already close to adult styles and trends, but they can still afford to be cute, playful, unusual.

That is why teenage clothes for girls 2020-2021 will be decorated with lovely ornaments in the form of butterflies, flowers, animals, gilding and glitter, which is undoubtedly relevant for hyperactive girls.

Following mothers, teenage girls try on beautiful puffy dresses and skirts, elegant styles of sheath and A-line dresses, stylish and flirty models of dresses and skirts with asymmetries, cardigans and cardigans, etc.

Fashionable clothes for teenage girls will not only be fitted, but will also play in contrasts, combining wide and tight, as well as layered things.

Contrasts will also be present in drawing up the image, combining contrasting types of fabrics and styles, incompatible options for clothes and shoes.

Leather clothing for teens 2020-2021 has become another trend that brings teenage style closer to adult informal styles.

What will be the fashionable clothes for teenage girls, you can see by looking at the review of fashionable novelties below.


Sneakers, sneakers, slip-on shoes, massive boots - this is what teenagers wear. Of course, sneakers and slip-ons are suitable for autumn. Converse sneakers in the fall of the 2019-2020 season are especially fashionable - designers say so. Their feature is a contrasting nose. With the onset of real cold weather, the transition to insulated sneakers and boots is mandatory. The trend of the season will be shoes made of nubuck, that is, shaggy leather, or suede. The boots are considered to be original in light brown color. But lovers look bright, shoes of various colors are offered.

Riding breeches

This option came into youth fashion along with the dance trend of Tectonic. Jeans-breeches are a loose model on the hips with a somewhat pubescent “mottna”. At the same time, they are narrowed closer to the lower leg. Jeans for guys of a similar cut are very comfortable to wear and do not constrain movement, which is why they are loved in youth circles.

3. More stripes on clothes!

Pants, skirts and dresses with stripes make the figure slimmer, even if the thing itself is oversized. This trend is difficult to explain, but it seems that after the rap battles all the mods wanted to be a "gopota". Pants with stripes are the only clothes under which you can wear stilettos, square heels, wedges and generally all the unfashionable shoes of past years, which your mother is sorry to take to the trash.

Antitrend: there is nothing worse than velveteen, capricious and unpleasant material. If you have a cat living at home, velvet pants turn into this cat, or collect all the dust on the house. Velveteen was widely worn in winter, because it seemed to people that it was warmer and more comfortable, but in summer it is better to choose linen (if, of course, you are tired of denim).

Decor Elements

Girls are very fond of jewelry. Therefore, designers pay great attention to the design of children's clothing. Girl's jeans can decorate such decorative elements:

  • Embroidery - looks attractive on a belt, pockets, cuffs. Side seams of trousers can be decorated with beautiful floral patterns. Legs are often embroidered with fairytale characters,
  • Beads, sequins, rhinestones, buttons - are transparent or bright, saturated colors. They make trousers especially elegant, suitable for festive events. Brightness and style are emphasized by contrasting colors of jewelry,
  • Application - can be in the form of a small element or a colorful image along the entire length of the trousers. The most popular applications with cartoon characters, stars, hearts, logos. For patches use different types of fabrics,
  • Jewelry made of metal - teenage girls like to wear jeans decorated with chains, spikes, rivets. At this age I really want to stand out,
  • Scuffs, large torn holes, slots - are especially relevant in adolescence. Such decorative elements are really in fashion,
  • Lace is the opposite fabric texture. The bottom of the trousers, pockets, yoke, side seams are decorated with lace of blue, pink or yellow. Jeans look very gentle.

Clothing with decor is suitable at any age. Jeans with jewelry will allow young ladies to look fashionable, feminine, charming.

What types of clothes are popular among young people in 2019

You can be a mod at any age — at 14 and 65. But dressing up a teenager is not so simple: there are almost no personal preferences, there are not enough things for more than one season. So parents go to all sorts of tricks, sometimes to the detriment of the final result.

In general, the following requirements are imposed on teenage clothing:

  1. Comfort. The main condition is wearing comfort. Here it is important to observe 2 points - not too crowded and not particularly spacious, just in moderation. The exception is special cases when the clothes must obviously look baggy.
  2. Matching the season. Winter coats and summer jackets are not interchangeable. You will have to choose a style for each season separately.
  3. Materials, workmanship. Natural fabrics are always in price, in addition, the body "breathes" in them. The second aspect is related to the cut, the presence of decorative elements, accessories, the conformity of things to generally accepted sewing standards.
  4. Focus on practicality. Teenagers are active, many are fond of sports, so this trend in clothing is very popular. The presence of a tracksuit in the wardrobe of a teenager is not even discussed. This also applies to shoes.
  5. Price category. Parents are not able to buy expensive branded items every year to their children. Therefore, they rely on moderation, choosing new clothes from among inexpensive, but trustworthy brands.

In general, this year a number of areas are extremely popular among young people - denim, “sizelessness,” the use of several layers. Without exception, adolescents love denim clothing, and it is also in demand in the 2019-2020 season. Girls will need skirts and dresses.

Fashionable clothes for teenagers boys 2020-2021

Fashion for teens 2020-2021 offers young men not only to consider sporting clothes for teens, but also pay attention to casual and casual smart style, derby, urban clothing style, classics that are appropriate at all times and for all ages.

Each of the directions will help to emphasize the individuality of the personality, and correctly selected and stylish clothes for teenage boys will become one of the factors that boys will gain special attention from girls, a good reputation among peers, and respect among elders.

Beautiful clothes for teenagers guys 2020-2021 - these are again jeans of different types and trends, without which modern teenagers are nowhere.

A teenager’s wardrobe for a boy can include fashionable clothes for teenagers in the form of straight-cut trousers, stylish shirts and t-shirts that can be combined with both jeans and trousers, and for cold days sweaters, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, sweatshirts and other sweatshirts are useful.

Both boys and girls will appreciate teenage clothing styles such as preppy and hipster, which have become trendy for different categories of teenagers this season.

Although the concept of the named styles differs from each other, both styles present clothes that are comfortable and emphasizing the individuality of young people.

You can see below what fashion clothes for teenage boys will be like below.


One should not think that boys are indifferent to accessories.

First of all, these are hats - a baseball cap and a hat. Moreover, a hat is rather a challenge to generally accepted rules, as adolescents can wear it in different, even in warm weather, combining with different styles.

Secondly, it is a backpack, the main property of which is spaciousness. Textbooks, a can of Coke, plus various necessary things, according to the teenager, things can fit in it.

Thirdly, the watch. Of course, sports. Usually they are selected several rope or leather bracelets.

With colorful prints and patch pockets

Young guys strive to stand out from the crowd, so they love bright prints on clothes and large pockets.

If you specifically describe the fashionable "decor" of youth pants, then here we can confidently say that any, the most unusual option will do.

4. It’s time to throw away the sweatshirt with cupcake and the word “nice”

Now the most relevant is the plain sweatshirts - black, white, beige, gray, red or mustard. Looks casual. If you are bored with walking in gray, you can attach one tiny badge to a plain sweatshirt - that’s all the decoration. No inscriptions, rhinestones and applications. Imagine yourself a football player at an American college - you’ll sit on the bench for an extra element on your uniform!



Antitrend: sweatshirts with bright prints and pictures, which are clogged with all the stores. Cosmos, cupcakes, flowers and prints with kittens were very popular three years ago, and now the best thing you can do with them is to cut into rags and mop the floor.

What is better to wear

Jeans are clothing for all occasions. But not everyone knows what it is better to wear with one or another pants. The days when jeans were worn only with sportswear have passed. Now fashionable trousers are worn even with lace blouses. Jeans go well with shirts, cardigans, jackets. But the most advantageous with the pants will look loose-fitting sweaters with elongated sleeves, wide T-shirts, T-shirts with bright inscriptions and a neckline that open one shoulder. Classic shirts and coarse yarn sweaters are perfect.

  1. Jeans and fur coats - you can wear short fur coats with jeans. For black or colored trousers, black fur is suitable, for blue, light gray and lilac - white. Beautiful ensemble - jeans and short fur coats of beige, peach, pink colors,
  2. Jeans and a coat - this option is very good: pants and a short white, red or bright pink coat. Shades of mustard, orange colors are fashionable this season,
  3. What clothes to wear with bananas. Banana jeans are worn with wide sweaters, tight-fitting color or plain tops,
  4. What to wear with “boyfriends”. To “boyfriends” trousers they put on jackets, coarse knitted sweaters, cropped sweatshirts,
  5. What to wear with bright jeans. Raspberry and hot pink jeans will look better with high-heeled sandals. Pink and bright green sweaters, blue jeans tops will do. Mustard pants are best worn with black sweaters and blue or blue denim shirts. Purple jeans are combined with yellow, pink, crimson shades of clothing. Black, white and brown things will do,
  6. Classic jeans - classic-style denim pants can be worn with matching clothes and colorful sweaters, sweaters, turtlenecks,
  7. Cropped jeans - for short pants you can wear clothes, shoes in white or blue. Sandals with bindings around the legs and any high shoes with massive soles will look good,
  8. Universal shoes for jeans. For everyday wear to jeans, it is better to choose sneakers or stylish sneakers. You can wear sandals, wedges or stilettos. Any matching shoe with a blouse, blouse or sweater will do. But low-heeled boats and loafers will look rude. Under jeans, you can shoe boots made of rough leather. It is important that they are in tone with the trousers. For black jeans, high-heeled boots in black or red are suitable, for gray - burgundy suede models.

Teenage girls can wear different styles of jeans.. It is important that such trousers are beautiful, fashionable, fit well on the figure. Tastefully selected jeans skillfully emphasize the merits, hide the flaws of the physique. And most importantly - jeans should be comfortable. Then they will be worn with pleasure and will not be abandoned on the far shelf.


It is difficult to imagine a wardrobe of a modern teenager without things from jeans. This is the most universal choice for any event or event - you can combine such a thing with any other thing of almost any style. Moreover, the abundance of choice of models of things from denim pleasantly pleases young fashionistas and their parents.

Knitten things

Children's and teenage fashion is a mirror image of adult fashion. Of course, in this case, knitwear is what a child must have. So cozy and warm, they will appeal to any fashionista.

Base colors

Any wardrobe should include things, the colors of which will be combined with any clothes. And these colors are not necessarily just black and white. Red, pink, mustard, blue, emerald - one of the most important colors of this season.


Of course, nowhere without interesting and eye-catching prints. The most important trends:

  • abstract pattern. Be it geometry, straight lines or peas - all these ideas remain relevant.
  • animal print. When using it, there is one remark: do not overdo it. Everything should be in moderation.
  • Flowers Large peonies, small roses, cornflowers and bells - such a variety of floral prints gives a lot of ideas for fresh images.

Fashion trends

Jeans are still fashionable - both classic and “skinny”, with torn and frayed fragments. They are successfully complemented by overalls, sportswear, suspenders (for boys), as well as a casual direction, appropriate to city conditions, school attendance, walks with friends.

Among outerwear, jackets, jackets and parkas are popular. Teenagers are characterized by an extremely mobile, motor lifestyle, this is emphasized by their manner of dressing.

Teenage clothing styles

Despite the seeming indifference of the younger generation to the laws of fashion, nevertheless, interest in different styles of clothing is not alien to them. Therefore, designers did not leave teenage boys without developing models of clothes of different styles for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season.

The creation of the style is mainly helped by accessories that are tastefully selected for clothes made of soft fabrics in pleasant calm shades. It can be hats, modern caps, shoes.

Although the name of the style is very serious, more suitable for adults, it is present in the clothes of teenage boys. It is characterized by a direct style of clothing, shirts, ties and butterflies.

Hippie style. Popularity is given to it by free cut, naturalness of fabrics. The clothes may contain various decorated inserts.

Favorite style of most boys. Explanation: there is no need to change your habits associated with the everyday wearing of simple and comfortable types of clothing. Neither children nor their parents bother with the selection of clothes for every day. Therefore, this style is the best compromise between the preferences of sons and the requirements of adults.

This style is almost not inferior in popularity to the previous one. Almost all teenagers accept it, but athletes like it more. Therefore, sportswear, sweatshirts, gym shoes prevail in their clothes.


Someone may be surprised, but straight classic jeans are still in fashion. Famous brands refresh their classic models, add a modern twist to them. What are the new collections from Lee, Wrangler.

5. Clothing in retro style

Some mistakenly think that grandmother’s dresses with a belt, headbands and a bell skirt are retro-style. This retro is no longer in vogue. Today's retro style is the clothes from the Beverly Hills 90-210 series about Los Angeles teenagers: waist-shirts with high jeans, a red and white stripe on clothes and high-waisted shorts.

Antitrend: fluorescent things. Bright yellow, pink and green T-shirts, skirts and bags, the owner of which is visible from space. Antitrends include all the holographic colors that send us back to 2013. At some point, everyone wore holographic backpacks, and today this color looks cool only in the design of cosmetics, and the clothes are so tired that you should not buy such things.

Take into account age

When choosing teenage clothing, age is always taken into account. Up to 12 years old, boys and girls have not yet formed their own taste, manner of dressing. Therefore, parents choose things for them, commensurate with "adult" ideas, sometimes turning children into little old people. At the age of 14, and especially 15 years, the situation is gradually changing: yesterday's child begins to understand how to dress, what is fashionable among peers and why.

The period from 16 to 17 years continues the development of personality, and with it the taste. These are almost adult boys and girls, clothes for 10-year-olds will not suit them.

If earlier one pair of jeans and a sneaker was enough, then in this period the guys become more selective, they themselves form a wardrobe.

Finally, 18 years marks the completion of teenagers and entry into adulthood. Young people know very well how to dress in accordance with the season or fashion trends, have their own style in everyday clothes.

6. Mom jeans or “mother’s jeans”

These are shapeless one-color jeans with a high waist, the most comfortable and ultra fashionable. So comfortable that you can easily fall asleep on the couch. Such jeans are called “Mamkins” because housewives once wore them to hide the barrel and extra centimeters at the waist. A shirt in such jeans can be tucked inside, and can be worn for graduation. A voluminous shirt of light colors is also suitable for such jeans - you need to unfasten a couple of buttons or leave it completely unfastened if a shirt is worn on the bottom.

Antitrend: ripped jeans, dumplings and tight-fitting stretch jeans with a low rise are equally not fashionable - such that you squat down and others will see your charms, like a flattened burger. In the light of day, it is better not to repeat these experiments.

Features of teenage fashion

The fashion for teenage boys in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season has adopted much from past years, even quite distant ones. For example, layering. A few things worn on the main outfit are the most popular feature of youth and teenage fashion.

Many young people are complex about the figure, too thin or, conversely, full. Overseas - style, convenient and practical, helping to hide flaws.

Military themes, or military, do not lose popularity in clothes of all ages and genders. Lamps and camouflage colors are exactly what designers offer to teenage boys.

Fashion is capricious. She offers many models for every season, without ignoring all age categories. Designers rack their brains over fashion styles for the most irreconcilable part of the population - teenagers. Well, if the proposals of fashion designers coincide with the requests of young people. But nevertheless, the main thing for teenagers in fashion is the comfort of clothing, which gives them confidence. And one more thing: they should like her. Winter women's down jackets 2016 Business skirts Fashionable coats fall-winter 2017-2018 Fashionable dresses spring-summer 2018 Fashionable men's hats winter 2016-2017 Rocker style clothing for girls

Stylist Tips

The main thing when choosing men's youth jeans is not to limit yourself in colors and shapes. It is important that the model is combined with the wardrobe of the young man and merged into it harmoniously. Bright extraordinary personalities are suitable for riding breeches and juicy models with prints, inscriptions and large pockets.

The relevance does not lose the style of grunge clothing, so fashionistas can continue to buy jeans with holes and scuffs, decorated with chains and bright inserts or belts.

How to choose clothes?

The choice of clothes determines the occupation. It is rarely possible to manage for all occasions with jeans, a pair of sneakers, a sweatshirt and a T-shirt. The older the children become, the more they monitor their appearance, are interested in how they look in the eyes of others. This applies equally to boys and girls.


As already mentioned, denim items are one of the basics of a wardrobe. A girl should have at least two pairs of jeans:

Choose models based on the criteria of the figure. However, there are those that suit any type of figure, such as boyfriend jeans. A classic straight cut and skinny look is another fashionable choice.

7. If you need chic - wear a pantsuit

Advice for teens and their parents: if you need to look chic, buy yourself a suit. It must be necessarily monophonic - even blue, even crimson (although for men it will not be very raspberry). Women’s suits with bows, ruffles, a narrowed waist, a checkered or a chicken leg do not need to be bought - this is how a chemistry teacher dresses. Best track suit with cropped trousers. Of course, to wear under sneakers - both boys and girls.

Antitrend: any tight things that emphasize the figure. The exception is a long sleeve t-shirt, that is, a long-sleeve T-shirt. Mods already a year ago stopped wearing tight-fitting T-shirts and skinny pants that fit their ass like tights - legs in those look like they were shot. If you see a girl in the street in a small T-shirt, from which the neckline falls out, then she has not watched fashionable blogs for a long time.


Youth fashion is a separate trend. What suits teenage boys should not be tried on by adult men so as not to look ridiculous. We can say that everything suits youth. Reckless style, bright accessories, worn shapeless jeans and voluminous shoes. The main thing is to learn to combine all the details in one style, so that the overall image looks harmonious and at the same time differs by personality.

For school

What style to choose for going to school - casual, beautiful clothes or fashion? It is very important to comply with all conditions, but not to cross certain boundaries. After all, this is still an educational institution, not a club or a sports ground. Requirements for school clothes, although they have moved away from the framework of a faceless uniform, still remain stringent. This should be remembered by both children and parents.


To create an elegant look, a teenage girl should have classic pants. The narrowed and shortened models are especially relevant. As well as models with a straight cut.

Bright skirts for a girl are an immediately unforgettable image. Skirts knee-high, on the floor, fluffy, pleated, tulle - this season is everything. Especially if you remember that the skirts are perfectly combined with knitted and knitted sweaters - you can not be afraid to freeze even in the cold winter.

8. Long and bright socks

The whole world is obsessed with bright socks. They can be either plain, or striped or with a small pattern. Socks in the wardrobe are so important that they must stick out of the sneakers under the pants wrapped up a few centimeters.

Antitrend: a polo with an open collar, which turns a decent person into a botanist. Why is this an antitrend? Now it’s fashionable not to look at others and do what you like. Well, the nerd clearly depends on the opinions of the rest.

For walks

For walks in the park with friends or a dog, cool clothes are suitable, but providing a comfortable pastime. It can be a casual pantsuit, tracksuit, bright jacket or hoodie. For girls, it is allowed to use applications, stripes, the predominance of pink or red tones. It is acceptable to use the usual unisex - jeans, overalls, in summer - shorts and t-shirts.


Out of any competition this season dresses oversize. But if you still love when the dress sits strictly on the figure, then it is worth choosing a fitted or semi-fitted cut.

In cold autumn and frosty winters, wear dresses made of thick knitwear. Do not be afraid to choose dresses with a high neck, as in sweaters. This gives the image even more comfort.

And finally, the main trend of the season is a dress with sneakers. Parents should not be afraid of such an image of their child. It is ultra stylish. For this look, a classic short dress and a dress with a full skirt are also suitable. One has only to pay attention to the combination of colors and, possibly, add accessories.

9. Volumetric denim jackets

Choosing the right jacket is not so easy. There are a lot of jutes in the mass market, but half of them fit the body, while others are disfigured with inscriptions on the back or extra pockets - these designers don’t feel that is really in fashion. A denim jacket should be as spacious as possible to match mom jeans.Such jackets are often worn by the working class - many fashionistas dream of changing their workaholic jacket at the trolleybus stop, which is traveling from the shift to the factory.

UNP 200030514

Antitrend: light leather jacket. They were popular a year ago, and now a fashionable image with a biker jacket does not combine. This is especially true of a faux leather colored jacket: red or beige, worn in combination with a long skirt on the floor.

For celebrations

Not every day teenagers go to visit a theater, to a thematic meeting, but even for this case they should have appropriate clothes in their wardrobe. Guys, if they wear jackets, can use a combination with jeans (modern manners allow such liberties). In summer it will be a white shirt with trousers. For girls, the requirements are stricter, they will need a dress, as well as a blouse with a skirt - to whom which suits more.


Comfort is important for a teenager. And what can give more freedom than the most ordinary T-shirt? Since we are looking for the most stylish options, t-shirts also need to choose certain ones:

  • basic white T-shirt - universally suitable for jeans, and trousers, and for a skirt,
  • bright plain t-shirt,
  • T-shirt with a minimalist inscription - one of the favorite youth options,
  • T-shirt with a bright print.

For sports and recreation

Modern sportswear is widely used in different situations. It comfortably concentrated comfort and functionality. To the extent of tight, moderately spacious, bright, socks - such requirements are imposed on suits, jackets and shoes. Given that teenagers, for the most part, are athletic, active people, this style is in their highest esteem.

10. Freckles!

This is really cool. Natural makeup through which freckles shine through is ultra fashionable. Girls who do not have freckles can paint them with red shadows, because today it is fashionable to look like a red man.

Antitrend: fakes. If you do not have money for a real “gucci”, it is better to buy a “dawn” and walk proud. A designer who sews real things spends a lot of time on developing originals, and one who fakes does not spend anything - he just steals. At the same time, the fake is always visible, and everyone around you understands that you want to seem cooler than you really are. It is certainly a shame to wear fakes. Better to dress in second-hand clothes than to buy fake things.

Shirts & Blouses

Light and airy models of blouses decorated with lace inserts and flounces are popular this season. Models in pastel colors are suitable for both school and extracurricular life.

It is also worth having at least one classic white shirt. She can help out in a situation where “there is nothing to wear,” and you get a stylish, fresh look.


The most top outerwear among teenagers is jackets. Bright, comfortable, with a zipper, to the thigh or longer. Teenagers choose a coat less often. Still, this is a more business style for adults. Scarves tied in a special way subtly emphasize individuality. They are back in fashion.


In a winter wardrobe, a sweater is indispensable. Youth fashion allows you to wear bright cropped models. However, it should be borne in mind that such sweaters can only be worn with jeans or high-rise pants.

You can come up with a whole selection of stylish bows with sweaters. But one of the best in this season is a sweater, skirt and sneakers - the embodiment of tenderness and style. Any opponent will envy such a combination.

Features of the choice depending on the season

Of course, the choice of clothing is closely related to the season. In summer, these are light blouses, t-shirts and shorts, as well as pants made from natural fabrics. In autumn, you can and should give preference to jeans, shirts and sweaters. In winter, it is worth dressing warmer, using dense fabrics with a fleece lining, a layered style of clothing.

A cool t-shirt with a print, a bright blouse is a great way to express yourself. Especially in the hot summer. For this season, things should only be made from natural fabrics, breathable, well ventilated and absorb sweat.


Tracksuits are a fresh, convenient idea for lovers of active life and fashion. Yes, in modern trendy tracksuits these qualities can be combined. The most fashionable costumes of this season:

  • in oversize style,
  • dark velor suit
  • with decorative pearls,
  • with crop top.


Another nice element of sports style that deserves to be in the wardrobe. With a sweatshirt, you can combine interesting bows. For example, a skirt and a cropped hoodie will look stylish, mischievous and very youthful.


In the fall, cool clothes mean "warm." It starts to drizzle, the sky is increasingly frowning. Stylish rubber boots with creative colors will help to overcome the weather.

The clothes of this season are more and more inclined towards the effective conservation of body heat - coats, jackets, fur coats. Which does not prevent her from staying smart. It is allowed to supplement the image with hats, knitted mittens with ethnic knitwear, scarves and scarves.

Leather Jacket

As soon as the cool wind blows, a leather jacket-jacket will become one of the most popular elements of the image. Perhaps she should be in the wardrobe necessarily, because this thing has been popular for many seasons, but not a bit boring. There are many models, and picking up a leather jacket for any type of figure is not difficult.

Down jackets

Down jackets are indispensable for a teenage girl in the winter. For an active life, when you still do not know, in an hour you will want to go downhill on a sled or take a walk in the snow in the evening, a down jacket will be the right decision. The most popular models for this winter will be the following:

  • so beloved by all fashionistas this season oversize. You won’t freeze in such a big down jacket even in the coldest winter,
  • multi-layer down jackets with pockets,
  • extra long down jackets.

Examples of fashionable images

To understand how to dress, just turn to ready-made collections, see what things are in the top this season, year. Finding the necessary bows for teenage fashion is not a problem. There are always enough fashionable images; it’s better to see them once than to say about them 100 times. Sometimes they are shocking, such an unimaginable mix of conflicting elements is used. But what to do, such is fashion - the eternal coquette and anemone. It remains to adapt what he saw to a specific situation, and forward - dress up a fashionista or fashionista.


This is the thing that can create a stylish feminine image for any girl. It is worth considering the large coats fashionable this season without a clear silhouette. However, classic models with a belt remain relevant to this day.


High boots or boots to the middle of the calf - and those and other models will look great on the legs of a teenager. These shoes are suitable for lovers of warmth and comfort, especially since they are combined with any outerwear.


Rubberized high-soled boots are a hit of the season. It is worth considering the acquisition of such a pair.

It’s not easy for a teenager to get comfortable with clothes. But, probably, parents should more often listen to the opinions of their children, because modern teenage girls are well aware of fashion trends. And we tried to help parents deal with fashion for teenage girls of 14 years old for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season: we showed photo examples, talked about trends and the most stylish styles.

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