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Which perfume should a man choose: toilet water or cologne?

The segment of men's perfumes has many times less aromas than the female. Despite this, many women find it difficult to choose perfumes as a gift for men. Tips and tricks in our article on how to choose men's perfumes that are ideal for temperament and status.

Perfume classification

There are many classifications of perfumes. Most often, aromas are grouped according to the following characteristics:

  • By the percentage of aromatic substances: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne.
  • Groups by dominant notes: aromatic, oriental, woody, citrus, chypre, floral, leather.
  • By time of use: daytime, evening.
  • By price segment: mass market, “mastige” luxury, niche / selective perfumes.
  • Gender: Women's, Men's, Unisex Flavors.
  • Collection: permanent, “vintage”, limited edition.

The main criterion for choosing a perfume for a man is the intensity of the smell. It depends on the concentration of aromatic substances.

The most expensive and persistent type of perfumery products. The high price is due to the maximum concentration of aromatic components - more than 20%. Perfumes are available in small volumes - up to 15 ml.

Eau de parfum

On the package is designated as "Eau de Perfume" (EDP). The percentage of aromatic oils is from 15 to 20%. It has a persistent, rich odor. Suitable mainly for evening use.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette (EDP). Contains from 10 to 15% aromatic oils. It is consumed faster, but has a lower cost than perfume water. Lightweight, delicate option for everyday use. Most often produced in large volumes: 50, 75, 100 ml.


"Eau de Cologne". The easiest type of perfumery with an oil content of up to 5%. Has a faint odor that lasts 1-1.5 hours. Used after a shower or playing sports.
Products labeled “Cologne,” manufactured in the USA, have the same percentage of aromatics as perfume water.

Consider price categories in more detail.

The mass market includes inexpensive, common brands that are available for sale in cosmetics stores, hypermarkets. For example, “Mexx” or “Adidas”.

"Mastige" is an intermediate category with a "moderate" price. For example, Bruno Banani, Antonio Banderas.

Luxury - products of perfumery or fashion houses with a long history: “Dior”, “Chanel”, “Armani”, “Lancome”, “Givenchy”.

The “niche” includes exclusive, rare perfumes, released in small print runs - often with an unusual pyramid. Such perfumes are expensive.

Choose a gift for a man, which is better cologne or toilet water?

The first question that most often sounds from men is how the cologne differs from eau de toilette, and also what is better to choose from these two options. Cologne is a perfume with a minimum concentration of aromatic components. It consists of 70-80% alcohol and only 8% aromatic additives. In this regard, cologne has an alcohol smell.

Eau de toilette is the same perfumery product that contains 80% alcohol and 10% of fragrant components, which means that, unlike cologne, eau de toilette involves enhanced upper and middle notes. But there is no residual loop from the toilet water. Eau de toilette is slightly stronger in terms of aroma resistance, and the cologne is not able to kill other odors, such as sweat or smoke.

About the laws of perfumery

A few tips will help you choose and use the fragrance correctly:

  • High-quality perfumery products have a "pyramid" - a collection of notes that open one after another. Within a few hours, the aroma applied to the body changes.
  • Perfume should not be mixed with the smell of deodorant or aftershave. It is better to choose cosmetics with a neutral smell. In addition to perfume, some brands offer a range of body care products.
  • On sale there are "copies" and "analogues" of famous perfumes - their cost is several times lower. Sellers claim that the products are made according to the original formula from the same components. Often the manufacturing country is the United Arab Emirates. In fact, these are fakes made in clandestine conditions. They have a distorted smell, cheap ingredients in the composition can cause allergies.
  • Perfume is applied to clean, dry skin. Under the influence of heat, aromatic oils evaporate, due to which the pyramid opens completely. Perfume lasts longer on fabric, but sounds different.
  • In the afternoon, 3-4 sprayings are enough: on the wrists, neck, or behind the earlobes. A moderate train will not repel others.

In composition, men's perfumes are more intense in sound than women. Even toilet water has a pronounced, bright trail. When applying it, it is important to comply with the measure, since the persistent smell disappears from the skin and clothing for a long time. In order to keep the smell for a long time, 3 sprays on pulsating parts of the body are enough: the back of the wrist, the bend of the elbows, the neck or the area above the collarbone.

Perfume according to age

The age of a man is a fundamental criterion in choosing a perfume, which experts advise to pay attention to in the first place. As a rule, delicious refreshing aromas with fruity and berry notes are ideal for young men, thanks to which the spontaneity and carefree age are emphasized. For men aged 20-30 years, refreshing citrus and floral aromas are great.

With marine and citrus accents, you can cheer up and floral notes emphasize the romanticism and sensuality of this age. For mature men, eminent brands offer deep and brutal wood, tobacco with leather or suede additives, musky, refreshing sea scents, citrus and floral additives for playing with the sense of smell are acceptable.

Perfume by occupation

The art of perfumery is actually a whole science that teaches men to distinguish between perfumes, perfumes, cologne and eau de toilette, to be able to properly use each type of aroma, to choose their own smell and to harmoniously combine it with image and image. Today, many eminent brands offer narrow-profile perfumes for different styles of clothing, lifestyle and areas of life.

Men's Perfume Guide: How to Choose a Cologne

During my recent trip to Moscow, I was the last person to board my plane.

I asked the stewardess if I could check my bag, and when she reached to take my luggage, she immediately raised her head and said: “You smell wonderful

Now I am a married man, but I must admit that this compliment from a beautiful woman made me feel good the whole flight.

And that is why it is important, gentlemen.

Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style, and it greatly affects how people see and remember you.

A good cologne offers many benefits, from making you more attractive to helping you feel less stressed and more confident. Almost all companies produce perfumes in bulk, and you always have the opportunity to choose a fragrance to your taste!

Yet 80% of men do not use perfume regularly!

I feel that the main reason is the lack of basic information and education. Most men who use colognes and perfumes do this because they had a father or role model who introduced them to the practice. Women dominate the fragrances of the industry, and most men do not know the terminology.

In addition, there is a strong fear of overuse of the fragrance and the consequences that it may have on our reputation. No one wants to be known as Pepe Le Pugh.

Fortunately, practical knowledge on how to understand a fragrance and how to wear it is easily accessible, and we will give it to you today!


It’s easiest for athletes to choose men's perfumes, as many brands offer separate lines of perfumes marked “Sport”. Sports aromas are created taking into account the mobile and active life of a man, and there are no age restrictions for such products. Most often, such aromas are available in two forms - perfume and eau de toilette.

Most often, sports aromas contain invigorating citrus notes in the composition, marine accents to tone up, natural smells of freshly cut grass and much more. These cool, harsh, brutal and fresh smells are in perfect harmony with a sporty lifestyle. But there is no perfume for athletes, since such men need light and unobtrusive aromas.

Why wear fragrances

Wearing a fragrance will increase not only your attractiveness, but also your confidence in women (and in general).

Wearing a fragrance will make you more attractive to women. When choosing a partner, the smell is most important for women. A European study showed that although visual cues are most important for men when choosing a woman, smell is the most powerful factor for women when choosing a man. A man first uses the eyes, and a woman uses the nose (even if she does not know this!).

In addition, women have a better and finer sense of smell. Since birth, women have consistently exceeded men in odor tests, both in identification and in detection. In fact, female noses are even specially tuned to be sensitive to male pheromones (scented sex hormones). Fragrances in combination with these aromas form an even more memorable and attractive fragrance.

Fragrance can contribute to deeper emotional relationships with people. Smell is the strongest feeling. In fact, it is 150,000 times more sensitive than your eyesight, and is able to possibly detect over a trillion unique smells (our small eyes can detect only about 7 million colors, and this is a high estimate).

The smell also evokes memories better than any other feeling, because the olfactory bulb is directly connected to the limbic system, which is sometimes called the "emotional brain." Powerful and unique smells = deep emotional connection. Some of my only memories of my father are how he smelled when he hugged me, when he went to work. If I smell the same now, his picture returns to me.

A pleasant aroma adds to your overall impression that you are a clear, collected person. We know that dressing enhances your confidence. You just feel better when you look good. Wearing cologne strengthens this feeling, as you will be sure that you not only look like a million dollars, but also smell like that.

You must understand the importance of your fragrance in the world, even if you do not date or engage in sexual relations.

Next, let's see what constitutes and defines the scents that you spray on your body.

Office worker

If the choice of men's perfume involves a business and working style, manufacturers offer a huge variety of aromas. The main thing is that such a fragrance personifies composure, concentration of forces, poise and endurance of a masculine character. Ideal for office workers, perfumes with an admixture of citrus fruits are delicious additives, but not as a basis.

Manufacturers offer young and ambitious men an original combination of ozone-citrus notes, experts have created such a combination in the last decade. You can add spices and other exotic ingredients to the aroma. If the office worker prefers a classic appearance and image, the aroma with floral and herbal additives will harmoniously fit into it.

Constantly on the move

Manufacturers offer denim fragrances to travelers and curious men who prefer to be on the move. The name has nothing to do with this fabric; rather, we are talking about universal scents that are combined with different styles of clothing in a comfortable and affordable option. Fragrances can be worn during working and free time, they are not heavy, may contain notes of juniper, cedar, cloves and other components.

Physical work

Most often for men who assume an active stance on life, they work to achieve any of their goals, experts advise trying on aromas in the techno style. How to choose a perfume if a man is constantly surrounded by people? The ideal solution would be aromas that reduce the aggressiveness of the environment with a multicomponent complex composition.

Most often, the choice of men's perfume falls on perfumes with woody aromas, which are complemented by extracts of watermelon and cucumber, heady musk and some floral notes. Ideally emphasizes the delicious and at the same time courageous aroma of character and creativity in young ambitious men living in megacities. If the question arose, which toilet water should a man of 30 choose, techno style is the perfect solution.

Perfume Tips

Despite the numerous classifications of aromas by age and sphere of life, a large selection still makes selection difficult. Therefore, experts and manufacturers of perfumes offer to get acquainted with the main recommendations on how to choose toilet water for yourself. First of all, the choice of perfume is best done in the morning, when the brain is not overloaded with external odors.

Before you buy your favorite perfume, it is better to apply it on a pulsating area, for example, on your wrist, and then carry it for several hours. It is known that every high-quality aroma is revealed within a few hours, so it needs to be tried on. For one trip to the store you can inhale only 3-4 aromas, after which the smell will cease to perceive other smells.


Choosing a men's perfume is better based on several factors, whether it’s age, season, or lifestyle of a man. Today, manufacturers offer separate lines of products for athletes, young and mature men, travelers, creative personalities and connoisseurs of classics. Perfume is the most saturated smell, perfume water is the average option in terms of durability, toilet water and cologne are the weakest in durability.

Types of Perfumes

Perfume - expensive concentrated and persistent perfume, the concentration of essential oils in them is from 15-30%, and on the package it says: “Parfum” or “Extrait”. Male perfume, in principle, does not happen. This is due to the fact that perfumes for men are too concentrated and have a too strong aroma, also the strong half prefer to buy large bottles in which it would not be ethical to pour perfumes. Perfumes retain odor from 6 to 12 hours, and on the fabric can be more than 30 hours.

Eau de Parfum (Eau de Parfum) It has a concentration of 10-20% and remains stable for about 4 hours.

Eau de toilette (Eau de toilette) has a concentration of 4 to 10% of essential oils. The term “eau de toilette” arose on St. Helena thanks to Napoleon I Bonaparte. When the emperor ran out of cologne, he created his own recipe for aroma using bergamot and called it eau de toilette (“Eau de toilette”).

Cologne (Eau de cologne) concentrate content up to 3%. The name comes from the Italian perfumer Johann Maria Farina, in 1709 he founded a manufactory in Cologne and named perfume after the city: “Eau de cologne”, which means “Cologne water”.

In American perfumes, the word "Cologne" usually corresponds to French toilet water with a concentration of 10-20%.

Perfumed Deodorant ("Deo parfum") - contains about 3-5% of oils and 2% of water. It is usually included in a series of perfumes and enhances aroma, and is sometimes used instead of toilet water.

After shave - contains about 2% of oils and is used after shaving, it includes various therapeutic and prophylactic components.

Perfumed body haze ("Body mist / voile (brume) parfumee pour le corps") - the average between classic perfumes and perfumes for the body.

How to choose men's eau de toilette

Back in 1990, the French Perfumery Community, led by perfumer at home Jean Patou Jean Carleot, approved 7 basic perfume types that form the “family” of fragrances. Over time, experts have supplemented and it is already possible to count up to 18 perfume families. Fragrances can be divided into male, female and “unisex” (citrus, ozone or green odor).

1. Floral

A popular type of women's perfumes, men's are quite rare. The main components: rose, jasmine, violet, lilac, lily of the valley, daffodil, tuberose. They contain various notes:

  • Floral-aldehyde - aromas derived from alcohol, exciting and sophisticated.
  • Floral-fruity - the notes of fruit are clearly felt in them.
  • Floral-oceanic - summer scents, they contain notes reminiscent of marine freshness and water elements, also contains ozone notes - fresh air and rain.
  • Floral green - fresh, springy scents.

Perfumes for men:Hugo Boss Boss No. 6, Fahrenheit (Dior), Davidoff - COOL WATER MAN, Insense Ultramarine (Givenchy), Adidas Blue Challenge, Antonio Banderas Mediterraneo, Guerlain Homme, Lacoste Style in Play, Tom Ford For Men.

2. Citrus

They are often used by both men and women. Oils are obtained from lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit.

Perfumes for men:Armani Giorgio Armani, Blue Jeans (Versace), Dior Homme Sport (Dior), Lacoste Challenge (Lacoste), In Blue (Armand Basi).

3. Chypres

Launched in 1917, Francois Coti perfume "Chypre" (translated from. Cyprus) gave the name to the whole family. They give off the smell of forest, summer, grass, moss, bergamot, groves, trees. Chypres have a fresh and persistent smell.

Perfumes for men:Bugatti For Men (Bugatti), One Men Show (Jacques Bogart), Bel Ami (Hermes), TSAR (Van Cleef & Arpels).

4. Woody

Mostly men's scents close to chypre. Notes of compositions: lavender, citrus, spicy.
Perfumes for men: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme, Signature Oriflame Signature Eau de Toilette, Game Spirit, Deep Energy, Victory League, Fresh Impact (Adidas), D.K. Unleaded by Donna Karan, DKNY Red Delicious Men (Donna Karan), Emporio Armani (Giorgio Armani).

5. Amber or Oriental

Warm, soft, powdery shades with components: ambergris, musk, labdanum, cinnamon and various spices. Relate to evening, strong aromas.

Perfumes for men:Man (Calvin Klein), Baldessarini Ambre Hugo Boss, Le Roy Soleil Homme (Parfums Salvador Dali), Vertical (Victoria`s Secret), Bijan With a Twist for Men (Bijan).

6. Aromatic or ferns

It comes from the French “fougere”, but has nothing to do with champagne glasses or ferns. There is a scent of moss, coumarin, lavender, bergamot and woody notes.

Perfumes for men:Black Sun (Parfums Salvador Dali), Boss in Motion (Hugo Boss), Dunhill London (Alfred Dunhill), Paco Rabanne pour Homme (Paco Rabanne), Tuscany Per Uomo (Aramis), Tuscany Per Uomo (Aramis).

7. Leather

Rarely used, the specific smell of thin leather and suede: smoke, tobacco.

Perfumes for men:Mexx Man, Diavolo, Spirit for Men (Antonio Banderas), L`Artisan Parfumeur L`Eau de Navigateur, Chanel Antaeus.

The most expensive men's fragrance in the world is Clive Christian No.1. Its high price is due to the cost of the ingredients and is $ 650, in an exclusive crystal bottle and with a gold lid - $ 2,350. An even whiter exclusive version of Imperial Majesty: the handmade bottle is made of baccarat crystal with a white diamond, the cost is about 200 thousand dollars.

Do not forget, when choosing toilet water, men should not overpay and chase after obviously expensive perfumes, it is better to give preference to their sympathies.

Male smell and women

What is the difference between a man and a man?
From a man it smells like a man, and from a man - a woman!

According to a study by Nature Genetics, a biological science journal in the field of genetics (USA), women experience arousal if they smell men whose genes have nothing to do with their mother's genes. Perhaps this is the reason for love at first sight for women.

At Oxford University found that a pleasant-smelling man in the eyes of a woman will be more attractive than it actually is.

American scientists have found that the armpits of men secrete a whole complex of odorless pheromones. These scents have a strong effect on the fair sex on a subconscious level. Sensing a masculine smell, women begin to feel more comfortable and protected. Oddly enough, in male pheromones contains a hormone that affects the processes of ovulation in the female body.

The male sweat contains the hormone androstadienedione, with a musky smell, it increases the hormone content of the steroid nature of cortisol. This hormone affects the female condition: it increases blood pressure, speeds up heartbeat and breathing, improves mood and enhances sexual arousal. However, do not forget that there are also enough unpleasant odors, so the smell of sweat often repels.

According to studies, women are attracted by the smell of a clean male body, with a subtle scent of perfume. The smell of a man is felt by women as the most sexual, if the smell of sweat does not mix with it, which should be combated with the help of roller deodorants or other means, there is enough choice. To facilitate the care and hygiene of men, it is recommended to shave some hair areas of the body.

Men should not neglect eau de toilette, but fanaticism is also not worth it.

Selection recommendations

A number of tips on how to choose a perfume for a man:

  1. To facilitate the selection process, you should know in advance the preferences of men. The name of his favorite perfume will help the consultant to choose another fragrance of the same orientation.
  2. Choose a direction: day or evening perfume. Fresh citrus or water odors are suitable for everyday use. Similar can be found at Kenzo, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana. Intense, persistent perfumes with notes of sandalwood, musk, frankincense, nutmeg, ambergris is appropriate for evening events.
  3. Character. Creative men - lovers of original gifts may like a perfume with unusual notes: tobacco, mowed grass, wet asphalt, burnt wood and many others.

Conservative people will like perfume classics: aromas of the Chanel, Versace, Armani, and Yves Saint Laurent brands.

Party lovers will appreciate creations from: “Carolina Herrera” (the famous fragrance “212 VIP Men” with notes of vodka, gin and pepper), “Tom Ford”, “Paco Rabanne” (“1 Million” with the smell of skin, cinnamon and mint).

Active and cheerful men will like the modern scents of “Lacoste”, “Mexx”.

  1. For young people under 35 years old, “cold” and “sonorous” aromas (citruses, lavender, moss, cedar) are suitable, for older men - “thick” oriental and woody aromas with spicy notes. Universal are chypre (earthy) aromas and perfume with water notes (watermelon, cucumber, lily).

It is advantageous to purchase gift sets, where in addition to perfume there is a shower gel, lotion for face or body, deodorant. If you are not sure whether a man will like a fragrant gift, you should buy a small bottle of 15 or 30 ml.


The main guidelines for choosing a men's fragrance: age, lifestyle and character of the future owner of perfume. Men's fragrances can be conditionally divided into fresh, sweet and spicy. For everyday use, toilet water is more appropriate. For an evening exit - perfumery. Now you know how to choose a perfume for a man to please him. But do not forget about yourself - the smell enveloping your companion should also be pleasant to you.

How to choose the right perfume

Along with fashion, there are scents for different lifestyles and clothes. For example, some aromas are well manifested in winter, and some are best used only in summer. Bright aromas for playing sports are not suitable for a romantic evening, where extremely gentle and muted tones are required. Etc.

We will divide the perfume into 5 main types that will suit most men. In addition, for clarity, I will offer several brands and smells that perfectly characterize the selected type of perfume. So, let's begin.

Perfume for vacation

When you use perfume in hot weather, you need to consider 2 points: the aroma quickly disappears from the skin, and at the same time, the heat greatly enhances the smell of perfume. Therefore, it is best not to use heavy, musky or woody aromas, as they will have too strong a smell.

Drawing a parallel with the clothes, you will never wear knitwear in hot weather, but rather wear a short-sleeved T-shirt. Therefore, you should choose a light, fresh and not very sharp aroma. Fresh marine aroma, the smell of greenery or a perfume with hints of citrus- perfect for summer days.

What aromas?

The fragrance is a complex mixture of what people in the perfume industry call raw materials . These raw materials may be extracts from natural sources or synthetic raw materials.

Perfumed oils are dissolved in a solvent (usually alcohol) to maintain a pleasant blend of flavors. A higher concentration of oils usually means a stronger aroma. The strength of the fragrance determines how long the application lasts on your skin.

It is important to note that each fragrance smells differently for each person. This uncertainty and complexity frightens many men, but if you look at it as a process of discovery, it can be a pleasant journey.

What is the difference between fragrances, perfumes, toiletries and cologne?

Scent Is a unisex, generic term used for perfumes. It comes in many forms and is called by various names, but usually falls into these categories:

  • Eau fraiche. The most diluted version of the aroma, usually with 1-3% of perfume oil in alcohol and water. Usually lasts less than an hour.
  • Cologne ( Eau de cologne ) The oldest term for perfumery used in North America for men's fragrances. Light, fresh and fruity, usually consist of 2-4% of perfume oils in alcohol and water. Tends to be used in fragrances for young people. Usually lasts about 2 hours .
  • Dressingwater ( Eau de toilette ) Light aerosol composition with 5-15% pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol. Usually lasts about 3 hours.
  • Perfume ( Eau de parfum ) . Historically asexual, used to describe both male and female products, and is the best term to describe a fragrance. (However, in this post I will use more cologne, simply because the majority of readers associate this term with aroma.) It contains 15-20% of pure perfume essence and lasts from 5 to 8 hours
  • Parfum. Destruction latin phrases per fumum (through smoke). The most concentrated and expensive of all the flavors. A bit oily perfume (or perfume, you can see how these terms are confused!) Consists of 20-30% of pure perfume essence. One application can last up to 24 hours.

Interesting perfume options for men

Acqua di Parma Colonia is a wonderful example of a fresh and inspiring blend of citrus and Mediterranean herbs. Perfume was created back in 1916 and is one of the most popular aromas of summer.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - the aroma of Mediterranean citrus and bitter-tart neroli oil, creates a pleasant summer aroma and coolness.

Acqua Di Gio is an excellent aroma without citrus fruits, but with a pleasant smell of a sea breeze. Perfume created in 1996.

Bvlgari Acqua Marine - Italian perfume for men, containing the coolness of sea water with a light aroma of neroli and grapefruit.

Fragrance Life Cycle

Fragrances have a three-part life cycle. Think of a vaporizing pyramid where the top slowly disappears until you reach the bottom. Each of the three sections contains individual aromas or notes that are connected to what you smell.

There are three different types of notes that make up most scents. : top, middle and base notes:

  • Top note. The top note is the initial, lighter odor of the aroma that enters the nose immediately after application to the skin. Top note lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Typical top notes are various light floral aromas, citrus fruits, fruit aromas, powdery aromas, marines and water dishes, as well as spices such as cinnamon.
  • Averagenote. Also referred to as medium or heart notes. The middle note shows the main element of the aroma. Middle notes develop after the top note is cleared and may last 3-5 hours after spraying. This is in addition to the top note, they build each other. Heart notes most often include heavier floral scents such as jasmine, or green scents such as grass or stone. Spicy aromas such as cinnamon and cloves, as well as fruit aromas may appear here.
  • Basicnote. - bolder notes of aroma that become more visible later in the day. Base notes will lay the foundation and determine how long the fragrance will remain on your skin. They tend last from 5 to 10 hours. Typical base notes are sandalwood, moss, vetiver, vanilla, tar, leather, smoke, tobacco and musk.

Below you can only see a sample of the wide range of flavors available. The four main families are a general guide - you will want to study each of them and find fragrances in them that you like and that you want to create yourself.

As the notes dry, the aroma changes, which allows the aroma to develop and become more interesting. As a rule, a sign of low-quality aroma, if it remains monotonous throughout its life. Although this is not always the case ...

Perfume for sports

Just as sportswear is convenient for playing sports, the aroma for sports keeps you in good shape, activates and improves performance.

Perfume for sports is characterized by its tonic aroma, which gives energy and vitality. Typically, the aroma contains spices, pepper smell or hints of citrus, which form a long-playing energetic tone and a burst of energy.

Linear versus non-linear aromas

Some scents will smell the same for you or for you from the original spray, until you wash it off, they are called linear scents. Others - called non-linear - will change over time and pass through layers of notes.

Most quality flavors have a life cycle as described above. Often manufacturers of inexpensive fragrances will not invest in this complex combination of fragrances, so one of the easiest ways to identify a cheap perfume is that it smells the same all the time while it is worn.

However, there are high-quality linear flavors, as they have their goals. At work, I may want to just have a citrus / clear smell all day instead of citrus fruits, which then turn into musky skin after lunch. Compare this with tonight, when I might want a nice, harmless, fresh citrus scent that, at the end of the evening, goes into smooth vanilla lavender.

Perfume for dates

Whether we are aware or not, we like animals want to scent to signal our presence to others. That is why, many men use quite a lot of perfume before a date, and, in addition, choose a rather sharp aroma.

Aromas such as vanilla and musk are the natural components of most perfumes that are perfect for the evening. However, for the fragrance to last a long time, vetiver oil (tropical plant) and amber (ambergris) are added to the perfume.

Two types of fragrances: design and niche

  • Designer Fragrances - This is what you will see in most stores. These fragrances, produced by companies such as Armani, Chanel, Burberry and other designer brands, cost from $ 25 to $ 150 per bottle. These aromas, as a rule, are mass-produced and are intended for mass consumption. They are designed for a wide audience and, as a rule, safer (this means that they avoid strong reactions). They are also typically made from cheaper materials to save money and ensure mass production.
  • Niche Flavors made from more expensive / better ingredients (usually).This is a perfume created by industry artists, designed for a more selective buyer who wants to wear something especially bold or unique. These fragrances will not always have the universal appeal of a designer fragrance. Instead, they admit that not everyone will like their bold aromas. They are looking for a scent fan who wants to push the boundaries. Typically, they cost more than $ 50 and can go up to several hundred.

Pricing: Perfume Economics

More money does not necessarily mean better flavor. Some of the most popular fragrances in the last hundred years have been relatively cheap formulas. You can mix expensive raw materials and end up with a smelly mess.

One of the main factors affecting the price is the amount of perfume oil concentrate that contains aroma. Although often you pay for the marketing costs and image associated with the brand, and not for the raw materials that make up the fragrance.

Large brands create perfumes, which are part of science and partly marketing. They have friends feelings to all my perfumes. For example, Ralph Lauren perfumes are designed to create family scents. If you wore one for a decade, the latest Polo perfumes will give you the opportunity to feel comfortable, even if it's not the scent you're used to.

Perfume for work

Many people know how sometimes it is difficult to dress under a dress code for workdays. Choosing an office scent is also complicated and requires attention. Fragrances such as Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male or Paco Rabanne One Million are great for dating, but not at all suitable for office work.

A very light, subtle aroma of citrus fruits or plants is needed, which will create a pleasant smell around, but will not interrupt breathing. Surely it happened to you that a colleague at the next table scented with such a pungent perfume that it was impossible to breathe in the office. Do not repeat the same mistakes.

Immortal classic

As I wrote in previous articles, there is a classic clothing that does not go out of fashion for many decades. For example, this is a white shirt, a classic coat, classic shoes and so on. All these wardrobe items must be in the men's wardrobe, as they are universal and suitable for all occasions.

Also, as in clothes, there is a classic perfume that is suitable for all occasions. Many fragrances were created many decades ago, however, they still remain popular. Men's classic fragrances have survived many fashion quirks, so they deserve special attention.

Tip 2

When choosing a perfume in a store, in no case spray it on yourself to hear a smell. For this, in every major store there is a glass with paper strips - probes. You take one, spray the aroma you like, wait a little so that the concentration of the perfume is not too strong, and only then listen to the smell.

Remember that any perfume has 3 stages: the first is concentrated, the brightest components are revealed, the second is revealed some time later, and the third stage is a long-lasting fragrance that should last for several hours in a row. The differences between these stages are quite bright, therefore, after tasting the selected flavors, save the samplers. After a couple of hours, try to hear the fragrance again, for sure it will be completely different.

Tip 4

You should know that there are different concentrations of perfume. There are only three of them:

  • Perfume is the most concentrated perfume.
  • Perfumery water is an average in concentration aroma, approximately 2-3 times weaker than perfume.
  • Eau de toilette is the lowest resistant fragrance that disappears a couple of hours after application.

In conclusion

We have sorted out with you several varieties of men's perfumes for all occasions. Let's talk about how to choose the right perfume and what to look out for when choosing a fragrance for yourself. Obviously, the list I have proposed is not exhaustive and many will not find their favorite fragrance here, but I tried to stand out worthy.

As in clothes - you shape your style, and with perfumery - you collect your own set, which will reflect your personality. Your mood is changing - change your perfume. The main thing to remember is that not every flavor is appropriate in one or another case, try to reasonably approach the choice.

How to choose and buy perfume

Scientific research suggests that a person can naturally choose the cologne that works best with its natural body odor.

Let me emphasize this point. : you the same person who can determine which fragrance suits you.

Do not let others choose for you - there is a reason why donated fragrances have not been used for years.

Instead of this Use the opinions of others to reinforce or question your decision. Only if a few people tell you that your smell is not the same or not, can you try something else.

Also, do not buy blindly when you buy a cologne on someone else's recommendation without trying to do it yourself.

The best way to find a new fragrance is to check if the perfume complements your natural body odor throughout the day.

Department stores are great for this purpose, just make sure you don't buy until you're ready (easy to notice). The maximum number of flavors that you can try at the same time is four, although I recommend only two (one for each hand) if you are just starting out.

  1. Spray one scent on each wrist (and each inner elbow, if you are going to four).
  2. Avoid the cards that the department store provides to smell colognes. They only let you feel the top notes, not the way they smell. on you (remember, this is a chemical experiment).
  3. Between the smells of each cologne, refresh your taste with something strong, such as coffee or tea.
  4. Try to smell all the notes. As we explained, you can expect the smell to change over the next few hours.
  5. Take a stroll through the department store and smell at various intervals. Take notes on your phone or magazine, what you like and why.
  6. Buy a winner bottle and start using it. Wearing a fragrance is a process, not a destination. Many men end up buying and love dozens of fragrances, so don’t think that you have to perfect them with your first (or tenth) purchase.

What vial size should I buy? Flavors come in many sizes, but they usually vary from 1 ounce. up to 3.4 ounces, or even large bottles, as well. If you are new to perfumery, buy smaller bottles simply because it reduces the risk. You do not know how often you will wear it, and your tastes are likely to change as soon as you have the opportunity to smell different smells.

Fragrances do not last forever on the shelf. Rapid temperature fluctuations, such as those found in most bathrooms, can lead to the breakdown of molecules in the aroma. Sunlight does the same (so avoid storing the windowsill). Extend the life of your fragrance by storing it in cool, dark and dry conditions. Sleeping closets are a great place.

Rules for the use of aromas

We all walked alongside men who consumed too much cologne. The aroma is stunning and repulsive. You can easily avoid this mistake by learning how to apply aroma correctly and intelligently.

  • Spray perfume on dry skin., preferably immediately after a shower. When applying, keep the spray nozzle 3-6 inches away from the skin.
  • Start the light. If you are new to wearing fragrances, start with one spray on your chest. As you feel more comfortable and know how to wear cologne properly, you can use a few more sprays in different areas ...
  • Apply flavoring to heating zones. The warmth of your body will repel odors all day, creating a pleasant footprint, commonly called “ flogging " . Start with the most warm parts of your body : chest, neck, lower jaw, wrist, forearm, inner elbow, shoulder. Do not spray on all these points at the same time, start with one, and then, when you study the smell, spray 2-3 other spots.
  • Re-spray only if necessary. You can add more spray to your wrists depending on how long the fragrance lasts. For most, it will be in the afternoon.
  • Not kill the tones. Rub perfume into the skin seems reasonable. In fact, this disrupts the molecular bond, making the fragrance weaker.
  • Do not spray or walk. Spraying the scent in the air and walking through the fog is useless. Most of the scent falls right on the floor.
  • Do not spray fragrance on clothing. In this case, the fragrance should not be mixed with your oils, and therefore, it cannot go through the stage of notes as it should be. In addition, aroma oils will stain many fabrics.
  • Do not spraythose. If you are applying cologne from a regular bottle, grab one finger and hold it against the opening of the bottle, then gently tip it over. Apply to body parts described above.
  • Less - more.The fragrance should be detected, not announced. The people around you should smell your cologne, but not be crushed by it.

Watch the video: What Are Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Eau de Parfum? Basic #5 (February 2020).

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