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How to choose a tie for a black shirt?

A black shirt on a man or guy looks very stylish. Which tie will fit a black shirt? Everything is very simple, any color is suitable for black. But it’s better to be brighter.

If you choose a tie on the basis of contrast, it will look great white, gold, scarlet, red, silver, burgundy, purple or lilac. It is very simple to choose a tie if the shirt is plain - go to the mirror and attach the options of ties that you have, which one is more like? If a black shirt with a pattern (stripes, guipure, spots, patterns, inserts), then plain ties are the best option. And vice versa, if you have a plain black shirt - then feel free to - choose any one that you like. Black color is universal as well as white.

But what is even more difficult is to choose a tie taking into account other elements of clothing. If a black shirt and black pants - any choice. If gray trousers it is better to choose a tie of about the same color. You can pick up a tie under the eyes, for example blue, blue. A tie can carry a load of mood, or attempted influence.

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Which tie will fit a black shirt?

Every man can dress up in one way or another, but not everyone knows how to combine the colors and patterns of a tie with a shirt. Most often, men choose two options for shirts - black and white, it is with the shirt that a tie should be harmoniously combined. Only a designer or stylist can consult about a tie for a black shirt, as these specialists know all the subtleties of drawing up the general image of a man.

Black tie

The most versatile and standard combination option is a black shirt with a black tie, a strict classic for brutal and business men. At the same time, stylists emphasize that the shade of trousers also plays an important role, therefore it is advisable to choose trousers of the same color for a shirt and black accessory, but with a difference in tonality. If the trousers are gray, a black shirt and a black tie are acceptable if there are drawings, inserts or a gray pattern on the accessory.

White tie

Another version of the classics without unnecessary accents is a black shirt and a white tie. It is no secret that these two shades are radically opposite, which means that they are ideally combined in articles of clothing. Stylists only note that it is quite rare to find white ties of the same tone without any patterns and patterns. It is much easier to pick up a white tie with peas, stripes and other patterns for a black shirt, but so that their shade echoes the suit.

Red tie

In general, for a red tie, it is quite difficult to choose a shirt, as this is a pronounced and bright shade, requiring harmony with other calm colors in clothes. Stylists advise careful handling of such an accessory so as not to create a defiant and flashy image. The shirt of three colors is ideal for the red color of the accessory - white, blue and black. Accordingly, a black shirt with a red tie is acceptable, but without large and colored patterns.

Silver tie

To find the answer to the question of which tie is suitable for a black shirt, you need to familiarize yourself with contrasting shades in relation to strict and deep black. A silver shade falls into this category, so experts recommend combining a tie of the same color - silver. It is advantageous to emphasize the color of the accessory if the trousers and jacket are also gray. It is only important that the color of the costume is a couple of tones darker than the color of the accessory.


If a man needs to pick up a tie for a black shirt for a festive event, the option of a golden shade is allowed. This color is also a contrast, so it can be easily combined with a black shirt. It is only important that the accessory and shirt do not have a glossy shade, since this will overload the image. Also, in the case of gold, it is worth choosing an accessory without drawings or a restrained option.

How to make the right choice?

Almost every man has to choose a tie for a black shirt, since a black shirt is popular today and is considered the best option for a classic and strict image of a man. For such a shirt, it is important to competently prefer a tie, since it must necessarily overlap with other items of clothing, whether it be a shirt, a jacket and trousers.

The easiest way to choose a tie for clothes is plain and without patterns, so a black shirt is an ideal choice for men of any age. Designers emphasize that it is easy to choose a tie for dark clothes, guided only by the principle of contrast. Contrasting colors to black are light, golden and silver, red and burgundy. In the case of a pattern on the shirt, the tie must be plain.

Should I take a tie with a pattern under a black shirt?

Under a black shirt, a variant of a tie with a pattern is permissible, if only other items of clothing are plain. The most unfortunate combination is a shirt, suit and tie with patterns and patterns. All this is visually difficult to perceive, so stylists advise choosing a strictly plain tie for a shirt and a striped suit or other patterns.

And vice versa, ties with patterns and patterns can be worn under a shirt of a deep monophonic black color. It is good if the shade of the tie or patterns on it will overlap with the color of the suit, for example, gray trousers and a jacket with a tie of a dark shade, but with gray stripes. That is, a pattern on a tie is combined with a plain shirt, and large patterns can be combined with small and in rare cases.


Choosing trousers with a jacket, shirt and accessories for them, it is important for a man to know the basic rules from designers and stylists. For example, the shade of a tie should resonate with the suit and be compatible or contrasted with the shirt. In addition, you need to know how long and wide you need a tie for a particular occasion and version of the suit. A black shirt looks perfect with ties of contrasting shades, and for a working atmosphere, you can combine a black tie, but several tones higher or lower.

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