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What are the types of men's shorts?

A forgetful story holds back the name of the one who invented the ingenious thing - men's shorts. Incredibly comfortable and versatile, they have become a must-have item in any man’s wardrobe. And this thing rightfully deserves a more detailed discussion about how and what to wear with, what shorts are and how to choose them.

Perhaps the question of where to wear men's shorts may seem strange. But this is only at first glance. Indeed, this democratic thing will not always be appropriate and not everywhere. And although designers offer many different models designed for any age and different occasions, nobody has canceled the unspoken rules of etiquette.

From this article you will learn how to wear shorts, where they can be worn, and where it is not desirable or impossible.

Some tips

What else needs to be considered when choosing shorts for men:

⦁ The main difference between men's shorts and women's shorts is the feature of the fastener. Products for women fasten from right to left, fasteners in male models - on the contrary - from left to right.

⦁ Try on an item before you buy it! In shorts it should be comfortable, in too tight-fitting models you will constantly feel a sense of squeezing.

⦁ Think about what you will wear shorts with. Current trends allow you to wear them even with jackets. But if you are a fan of traditional style, wear them with shirts, t-shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts.

⦁ Do not forget that a stylish masculine image means the simultaneous combination of no more than three colors in clothes. The thing should be in harmony with the color of the shoes and the color of the shirt or t-shirt.

⦁ Remember that socks and shorts are incompatible wardrobe items. An exception may be only short sports socks, the strip of which will be slightly visible above the sneakers.

⦁ If there are several pockets in the product, do not fill them all to failure. Otherwise, you will be reminiscent of Plyushkina, who has put all his vast belongings in sagging pockets.

⦁ The too short length of the shorts is good for playing sports and staying on the beach, as well as an overly bright print. For walking along the street and visiting public places, these models are not suitable.

⦁ Many models involve wearing a belt. Choose narrow leather belts with a small buckle. You can add a stylish look to your watch, sports bag and aviator glasses. As for hats, baseball caps look good with shorts, if it's casual style - small straw hats with short brim.

Shorts are a great alternative to casual trousers. The main thing is to wear them at the right time and place.

Now that you know the basic rules for choosing and wearing this thing, you can safely wear them in the city and on vacation, and at the same time look stylish and feel comfortable.

Men's shorts

Shorts are a summer version of clothing that is relevant for men and women. There are a lot of options for selecting men's shorts and they should be followed to find the right option. High-quality, stylish shorts for men will successfully complement and emphasize the style, add courage and self-confidence to the guy.


In order to sew good men's shorts, craftsmen use several varieties of materials. Each of them has its own characteristics, by which you can determine whether this product is suitable for a particular man.

If we talk in more detail about the material used to make the presented wardrobe item and its qualitative characteristics, then the picture will look like this:

roomName of materialSpecifications
1.CottonThis is a natural material, it is thin, breathes well, is worn for a long time and is easily erased. Cotton items should not be too narrow.
2.MadrasIndian cotton fabric, breathable, suitable for summer.
3.SirsakerThe fabric is cotton, reaped, light, has uneven reliefs, is made in India.
4.LinenNatural material, comfortable, lightweight, easy to crumple, passes air well and absorbs moisture.
5.Fine woolThe material has a smooth drapery, lightweight and comfortable.
6.Synthetic fabricThe material is lightweight, comfortable, does not absorb moisture, holds its shape well, and is most often used for making shorts.

Considering these options, do not forget about jeans shorts, but in the summer they will be quite hot.

Types of women's shorts

In the female image, shorts are designed to demonstrate sexuality, and exclusive style. Such clothes will help to present all the advantages of a girl's figure.

Women's shorts are divided by type:

  • Breeches,
  • Bicycles
  • Jumpsuit shorts,
  • Wide
  • High
  • Costume
  • Winter
  • For summer,
  • Training
  • For the pool,
  • Homemade
  • In the style of focus: office, military, safari,
  • Large size models.


The size of the shorts also plays an important role in the selection. The best option for a guy would be tight-fitting shorts. No need to choose a wardrobe item that hangs. The product should not be too wide, as this visually increases the volume of the hips and makes the foot from the knee thinner. When wearing a product, a man should not observe the formation of extra folds on it.

Men's shorts

In the men's wardrobe, as well as in the women's, clothing options are thought out that are able to hide the flaws of the figure and discover only virtues. Men's shorts are divided into types depending on the style and the possibility of combining with other clothes:

Denim They always look stylish and are preferably made in a classic style. Grunge style and worn effect are popular.

  • Chinos. Will appeal to fans of trousers, but in extreme heat part with them.
  • Sports. Designed for continuous movement and a sporting lifestyle.
  • Shortened for swimming. Designed for active movement and sunbathing.
  • Bermuda

A variety of long men's shorts and what they are called

Shorts create a feeling of lightness, do not constrain movement. Depending on the model, a man can look stylish and solid in them under any circumstances at any event. Long men's shorts are of the following types:

This model is considered the most classic. Bermuda has long been established in the fashion industry. In fact, these are cropped pants below the knee. Strict plain plain shorts of discreet colors are popular, which will be appropriate to look both for a walk and at work, if a strict dress code is not provided. Denim Bermudas are also in great demand, which will be a great alternative to regular denim pants.

They have a rather brutal look, often with patch pockets. These shorts are very convenient for everyday life, because they have a fairly wide cut and do not constrain movement. The most common color for these long men's shorts is khaki or military style.

These shorts are ideal for sports, as they are sewn from an elastic material that stretches well and quickly absorbs sweat. But only owners of a beautiful figure will be able to afford them, since these long shorts fit the figure and, in other cases, highlight all the shortcomings.

Popular among volleyball players, basketball players, boxers. Sometimes these shorts are called "boxing" or "boxers." They are very loose and wide, with an elastic band on the belt, so it is very convenient to move and engage in active sports in them. Often have bright colors. Beggiz is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of both an athlete and any man who prefers comfort in clothes.

Very often, men choose long men's shorts for the holidays. Beach shorts are made of lightweight and, of course, waterproof material.

They have very great similarity with harem pants. These are wide shorts, somewhere in the middle to the middle of the lower leg, gathered at the bottom, they have a baggy look. Pumps are quite extravagant long men's shorts, not everyone dares to wear such, as it is very difficult to combine them with other things of a man’s wardrobe. But in these shorts, you definitely will not go unnoticed.

Like pumps, they are a very extravagant look of long men's shorts. More popular in women's wardrobe, but may be in men's, although on the streets are less common. These shorts are cropped flared pants, just below the knee. Culottes - a classic model of shorts, applicable in a more business style.

Styles of long men's shorts

Each of the above types of long men's shorts corresponds to a certain style. Depending on it, shorts are: narrowed, standard, with a straight cut, loose. When choosing a model of shorts, it is very important to consider which style suits you, since this will help you to dwell on specific types of shorts, without wasting time in vain and not buying an unnecessary thing.

Short models: low or high waist

An image with shorts in a high and low waist will help to be noticed by others. Flirty short shorts fit any look. High waist looks very interesting and combines two trends at once. Understated models will emphasize only the perfect figure.

How to wear men's shorts

First of all, let's clarify when shorts are appropriate, and when it is better not to wear them. If it’s hot outside, you are going to the beach, for a game or training, a walk in the park or a completely unofficial meeting, then the shorts will certainly suit you best. However, if you are waiting for an official event, a business meeting or you have to visit certain places (a temple, theater, restaurant, business office center, etc.), then it is better to refrain from shorts, choose summer pants made of light fabric.

When going on vacation abroad, keep in mind the fact that in most restaurants there is a dress code for attending dinner, where it is strictly forbidden for men to appear in shorts.

Now for the length. You can argue for a long time on this topic, but there is a certain rule that it is better to adhere to, so as not to look ridiculous. Shorts should be no shorter than 5 cm from the knee, and no longer than 5 cm from the knee. Of course, if you are a man who chooses for himself the image of his girlfriend “I discover my charms as much as possible”, then this information is not for you. Short men's shorts that open most of the legs can only be swimming trunks.

There is one exception to this rule - sports shorts that you wear for playing sports. The sports form should serve its function - to allow you to move freely without restricting movements. Appearing in a public place in a tracksuit is not ethical.

Men's shorts color

The color choice of shorts is determined by mood, formality, style and what color suits you best. Our article about color types will help you choose exactly your color. Solid colors such as brown, beige, khaki, white, navy, olive and cream - the most traditional style for men's shorts, they will be easy to combine with other elements of clothing. Bright colors will add informality to you and you will stand out more.

Short styles for men

  • Chino shorts - these will be the most versatile shorts in your wardrobe. They are easy to combine with any t-shirt and sneakers. At the same time, wearing a shirt, chino shorts and loafers, you will get a beautiful look in smart casual style.
  • Denim shorts. The main part of the men's wardrobe, today, consists of jeans. Material is deeply loved by many designers and jeans. Now almost everything is allowed: any combination in any style. Despite this, denim is not the most convenient choice for hot weather, dense cotton weave will not give you a comfortable stay in the sun. However, it will compete strongly with chino shorts on a cooler evening or on the eve of autumn.
  • Sports shorts are all kinds of sports uniforms (soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc.). It all depends on your taste and the choice of your team.
  • Checkered shorts (also called plaids), especially with a white base, are one of the main types of shorts. Perfectly combined with a polo shirt.
  • Bright, patterned shorts that look like Hawaiian shirts for your legs. Save them to visit the beach. The main rule is a combination of such a style with simple neutral tones of the upper part of the clothes. Do not overload.
  • Searsaker shorts (lightweight, crumpled striped fabric). Made of light and thin cotton fabric, usually striped, hence the name. Choosing this type of shorts, you will demonstrate to people that you are a person who looks not only stylish, but also for the purpose of a comfortable stay in the heat.
  • Men's military shorts are camouflage shorts that are used by military and law enforcement services. Camouflage shorts have a direct purpose - camouflage, to become inconspicuous against the background of the environment, if you are in nature, of course. Being in a city landscape, you will most likely stand out. We have nothing against the military style if you actively support it with accessories and appropriate shoes. It is quite the place to be.
  • Bermuda shorts are a civilian version of a traditional Pacific military uniform and almost always have khaki or white cotton. There, they are an acceptable option for a business suit, where the shorts are made of the same fabric as the business jacket.

There are men who do not like to wear shorts, as they are sure that they do not suit them. Most likely you have chosen the wrong style, exactly the one that does not suit you. Do yourself a favor, try on several options from the above styles. Make sure that the shorts sit correctly on your natural waist and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Unisex models: which shorts will look beautiful on both women and men

For a beautiful, designer look, it is possible to choose a unisex model. A great base for a casual and evening look.

Such shorts are also classified by length. Ultrashort shorts resembling underwear are included in the sports image of both male and female. With a competent combination with certain shoes and accessories, it is possible to create an appropriate and decent kit. Any fabric option is suitable for unisex products. Color variety is also appropriate with colors and prints. Great unisex designs will look good even at a gala event. Fashion critics love quality shorts and textured fabric shorts.

Types of men's shorts and their classification

What are shorts? These are very short pants. They can be of different lengths, some models of a certain length become popular in a certain year due to the advertising popularization of goods, but this does not mean that they cannot be worn next year. Everyone chooses for themselves the optimal style and length of a product in their wardrobe.

Chinos - This is a shortened version of the same name trousers. Chinos (from the Spanish word Chinese: cotton twill weave) are loose soft pants made of durable lightweight cotton or linen (possibly with a little synthetics added). You can wear them without ironed arrows, like regular jeans. In simple words it cotton or linen shorts classic cut.

Denim shorts - fairly dense cotton products for any event. Stylish and comfortable, more related to the sports type of clothing, they are perfect for a variety of t-shirts, polos, T-shirts and even shirts.

Plaid shorts created for those who love plaid patterns.A cage can be of various sizes and colors. Stylish and sophisticated. This style goes well with a polo shirt.

Cargo Shorts belong to the modern style casual (free street casual style). By the way, the word cargo is translated as cargo or cargo in English. Such products stand out with loose fit and large patch pockets. Most often they have the color khaki, green, sand, camouflage and other colors similar to the colors of the military uniform. Such products came from the military, and therefore have such a resemblance to military ammunition. The military style (military in translation from English means military or military personnel) is brutal and courageous and you need to combine clothes to create it, given these factors.

Swimming shorts designed exclusively for beach holidays, swimming in various reservoirs (pools, a lake, a river, the sea). They are most often bright with beautiful floral (Hawaiian) prints. They are usually worn with light T-shirts or T-shirts and matching beach shoes. Such products are as free as possible, and therefore very convenient.

Athletic shorts are used for sports and are made from materials appropriate for this sport, which will be as convenient as possible for his sports. Shoes are also used professional sports, which is characterized by high quality and wear resistance.

Men's shorts styles

Shorts, however, like pants or trousers (including jeans), can be of the following types of styles:

  • narrowed (tight-fitting, well suited for men of thin physique),
  • classic straight
  • loose (these include, for example, cargo shorts, a great option for men with a tight physique).

Men's shorts length. Men's shorts can also have different lengths. They can be:

  • short to mid-thigh,
  • medium (up to the knee)
  • elongated capris (with a length below the knee from 10 to 25 cm.

Varieties of shorts

Designers presented a pair of shorts for guys.

Among them, the following options are really trendy:

  • chino shorts - a universal thing, go well with any clothes and shoes,
  • denim shorts - the basis of a summer wardrobe, ideal for cool evenings and not too hot days, go well with other clothes,
  • sports shorts - made of synthetic fabrics, suitable for those involved in physical activity,
  • checked shorts - go well with polo shirts,
  • patterned shorts - suitable for things of a neutral color,
  • sirsaker shorts - a comfortable option for hot weather,
  • military shorts - help create a military style,
  • Bermuda - well suited for creating a business style.

What to wear

Denim shorts and Bermudas are combined with any shirts, t-shirts. Sportswear will complement the appropriate style, and checkered shorts will look great with a light top. Patterned men's shorts are best worn with light T-shirts on the beach, and if we are talking about the military option, then it is better to choose the same top or a plain, restrained T-shirt.


In order for the image, which includes summer men's shorts, to be fully completed and look stylish, you must successfully use the following accessories:

  • closed buckle sports fabric belts,
  • leather or fabric bracelets,
  • watches with a fabric strap
  • face-shaped glasses and a stylish hat.

These accessories will successfully complement the male image, make it more expressive and interesting.

We select an image

If a man is going to wear shorts at the exit, then he can ideally complement them with a polo shirt, knitted sweater or tight-fitting shirt.

A stylish jacket or a sports jacket can be worn over the shirt. If the representative of the stronger sex gave preference to a shirt with long sleeves, then they need to be tucked up, which will give the image a more sophisticated look.

Where and how to wear shorts

Each variety of men's shorts has its own purpose. If we are talking about a sports option, then it should be used for intensive physical exercises or banal street walks. A denim option is suitable for evening wear, Bermuda is suitable for a business meeting, which is held in an informal setting.

Wide models can be used for work, and narrow and short ones are perfect for the beach. Shorts should be worn with the right upper and shoes, ideally suited to a particular style and then the image will be fully completed.

What conclusion should be made

Shorts are an integral part of a men's wardrobe. With their help, you can create your own unique style. Such a wardrobe item is available in different versions and therefore it is important not to get confused, but to find your own style.

When choosing men's shorts, the main thing is not to play the style icon too much, but to remember that they should be comfortable for the hot period. Only in this case, the man will be able to feel comfortable and confident.

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