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Male pattern baldness spray Generolon: a review of the drug

GENEROLON® is able to stimulate hair growth, regardless of the cause of hair loss. It is effective for all types and causes of hair loss (after eliminating the action of the factor that caused hair loss).

Generolone Spray 2% is recommended for use in women with hair loss problems.
Generolone Spray 5% is used as the basic treatment for all types of alopecia in men.

Terms of use Generolon

The effect of the use of GENEROLON® not the same for different people and depends on:

  • The degree of sensitivity of hair follicles to minoxidil.
  • The degree of aggressiveness of the AHA (with androgenetic alopecia).

Women have a higher positive reaction to GENEROLON®.

Application manual

  • Remove the screw cap from the bottle and screw on the supplied pump. From above strengthen a spray "with a nose" (is included in the package of the preparation).
  • The spray is applied by pressing the pump-bottle mechanism of the spray bottle, then it is additionally distributed to the problem areas with the movements of the fingers.
  • It is important that the drug is applied evenly to problem areas - a convenient pump-action spray nozzle in the form of a “nozzle” helps in this.
    • It is advisable to apply the spray to hairless areas from a distance of 6-10 cm - so it is distributed more evenly, does not form drops and does not drain.
    • On areas with hair, and especially when applied to a female head, the distance from which the spray is sprayed should be less.
  • Immediately after applying the drug, it is advisable to rub it lightly, massaging with your fingertips those areas where hair growth is necessary.
  • It is important not to wash your hair for 4 hours after applying the drug - the drug substance must penetrate through the skin into the hair follicles, and have a therapeutic effect. It is also undesirable to use a hair dryer immediately after applying the drug.
  • The drug must be applied to problem areas 2 times a day! (morning and evening) Try to develop a habit - apply the drug along with morning and evening hygiene procedures and try not to miss them.

Using a mesoscooter

The use of mesoscooters is designed to help improve the penetration of minoxidil into the skin, enhance its penetration and effect on hair follicles. Mesoscooters are used both for the scalp and for stimulating the growth of bristles on the face. It is most reasonable to use a device with short needles - not more than 0.5 mm. This needle size is considered less traumatic, providing stimulation that enhances blood circulation.
Before buying a mesoscooter, you must be aware of the risks associated with its use: there is a danger of injuring (piercing) the skin and introducing or spreading an existing infection. In addition, with tissue damage, the probability of penetration of minoxidil not into the hair follicles but into the bloodstream increases, which is fraught with side effects.
In some cases, when using a mesoscooter, users note increased secretion of sebum and the appearance of dandruff. This is due to damage to the sebaceous glands and stimulation of sebum production, in combination with the rapid development of a conditionally pathogenic microorganism - the fungus Pityrosporum. A microorganism "wakes up" only when there is a violation in the activity of the sebaceous glands, and its development leads to the appearance of oily dandruff.

If you decide to use a mesoscooter, then after each procedure it must be washed, stored in an airtight case, and treated with an antiseptic before use, to minimize the likelihood of introducing and multiplying the infection.

Dandruff - a reaction to the basis of the drug

All minoxidil-based preparations have a medicinal “base” consisting of ethanol, water and a polyethylene alcohol of propylene glycol, in which minoxidil is dissolved. It is on the basis that part of the patients experience a reaction in the form of dandruff, sometimes accompanied by itching and irritation. If such a problem occurs, stop using the drug for several days, and then resume its use. If itching and irritation is very pronounced, it is advisable to apply Belosalik spray to the scalp for 3-5 days, and also use sulsen shampoo or shampoo containing clobetasol to wash the scalp. After this, resume regular use of Generolone.

The phenomenon of "synchronization" with AGA

The severity of “synchronization” is different for everyone and depends on many factors, but primarily on the number of follicles initially in the stage. Another, last stage of the loss of part of the hair occurs, usually at the 6-7th month of the use of minoxidil. As a rule, this is a less pronounced loss. Further, all the hair that can grow from existing live follicles will grow, strengthen, and thicken!

"Cancellation Syndrome", which is not

Minoxidil does not have a “withdrawal syndrome” - this is a myth. But if you stop using it, it ceases to act - the process of stimulating the follicles stops, and hair that has grown exclusively under its influence will gradually regress and fall out. After a few months, you will get the picture on your head that would be if you had not started using the Generolon spray at all. This is characteristic of a diagnosis of AHA.

If you do not want to lose hair again, continue to use GENEROLON® every day until the moment you care about your hair and you want to keep the hair on your head. And remember that there is no other means in the world that is just as effective and safe.

Detailed video instructions for using GENEROLON®:

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


For local use minoxidil accelerated hair growth in patients with androgenetic alopecia. Enhances microcirculation, activates the transition of hair cells to the growing phase, transforms the effects of male hormones on hair bags. Suppresses synthesis 5-alpha-dehydrosterone, which is involved in the formation of baldness.

It has the greatest effect at a young age, with a short prescription of the disease (up to 10 years), with a parietal bald spot up to 10 cm, the presence in the center of the bald head of 100 hairs. Signs of growth can be observed after four months of using the drug. The severity and speed of the onset of the effect varies depending on individual characteristics. Generolone 5% stimulates hair growth more than a 2% solution of the drug. After the use of the drug Generolon is completed, hair growth stops, after 3-4 months, the restoration of the initial state is possible.

The mechanism of action in the treatment of androgenic alopecia is unknown. The drug is ineffective for drug-induced baldness or baldness caused by improper nutrition and "tight" hair styling.


For external use, it is poorly absorbed through intact skin: about 1.5% of the applied dose reaches the systemic circulation. 95% of the substance that enters the bloodstream is excreted after 4 days.

The mechanisms of biotransformation are not fully understood. The drug does not bind to plasma proteins and is evacuated by the kidneys. Does not cross the blood-brain barrier.

Side effects

  • Local effects: dermatitis scalp itching, folliculitiscontact allergic dermatitis, hypertrichosis, seborrhea, acceleration of hair loss (stops for two weeks).
  • Systemic effects (if swallowed): non-specific allergic phenomena, edema persons dyspnea, allergic rhinitis, vertigo, headache, thoracalgia, neuritispressure fluctuations arrhythmia, palpitations, swelling.

Instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Instructions for use Generolona prescribes an external method of using the drug.

Regardless of the size of the affected area, 1 ml of spray should be applied with a dispenser (seven strokes) twice a day, starting from the central area. Wash hands thoroughly after use. The total daily dosage is up to 2 mg.

Patients who do not have confident hair growth when using a 2% spray, and those who need accelerated hair growth, are allowed to use the 5% spray option.

For men, this remedy is most effective for baldness on the crown, for women - for baldness in the middle parting. Generolon is applied exclusively to dry skin of the scalp and does not require rinsing.

The first signs of accelerated hair growth may appear after applying the drug twice a day for four or more months. The severity, onset of growth and quality vary in different patients.

According to rare reports, after the use of the drug Generolon is completed, hair growth stops, and after 3-4 months, the initial state can not be restored.

The duration of therapy is an average of 1 year.

Preparation for use

Remove the cover and put on the metering pump. Reinforce spray nozzle on top of pump. Press the spray nozzle several times, after which the spray can be applied.


Accidental use of the drug Generolone inside can provoke systemic side effects due to vasodilating ability minoxidil.

Symptoms: pressure drop, fluid retention, tachycardia.

Overdose therapy: appointment diureticsto eliminate water retention, for treatment tachycardia use beta blockers. At hypotension0.9% solution is administered intravenously sodium chloride. Not recommended sympathomimetic drugswith strong pacemaker activity.


There is a theoretical likelihood of increased symptoms.orthostatic hypotensionin persons receiving concomitant therapy peripheral vasodilator drugs.

Minoxidil for external use may interact with drugs for external use. Sharing minoxidil for topical use and ointment containing betamethasone leads to the suppression of systemic absorption of the first.

Sharing cream including tretinoinleads to increased absorption minoxidil.

Joint application to the skin of Generolon and preparations for external use such as Tretinoin and Dithranolcausing a change in the barrier functions of the skin, leads to an increase in adsorption minoxidil.

Special instructions

The drug is applied exclusively to dry scalp in the scalp after bathing or 4 hours before bathing. It is forbidden to let the head get wet earlier than the specified time. The drug should not be applied to areas other than the head.

It is recommended to wash your hair when using the drug in the usual way.

During the use of the drug it is allowed to use hair spray and other hair care tools. Before applying the care products, you must first use Generolon and wait until the treated area has completely dried. There is no evidence that perming, dyeing hair, or using softeners can reduce the effectiveness of the product. However, to prevent possible irritation of the scalp, it is necessary to completely wash off the drug from the scalp before using the above chemicals.

Before starting treatment with Generolone, patients should undergo an examination, including clarification and history, and the doctor should make sure that there are no skin diseases of the scalp.

With the development of systemic side effects or severe reactions from the skin, patients should stop using the drug and consult their doctor.

The composition of Generolon is ethanolwhich can cause eye irritation and inflammation. In case of contact with sensitive surfaces (irritated skin, eyes, mucous membranes), rinse them with plenty of water.

It is recommended to avoid inhalation of the product when sprayed, and after using the drug, wash your hands well.

Release form and composition

Generolone is a popular remedy for baldness among men today, the release form of which is spray. The therapeutic fluid is placed in a special bottle with pressure, so that it can be sprayed onto the affected area of ​​alopecia as needed. The therapeutic effect is guaranteed by the main active ingredient in the spray - it is minoxidil with a concentration of 2% if the bottle contains 20 mg of spray, as well as 5% in 50 mg of Generolone.

Pharmachologic effect

To understand the principle of action of the drug Generolon, it is enough to find out the pharmacological action of the main component. Minoxidil simulates hair growth by expanding blood vessels, improving blood supply, oxygen supply, which stimulates accelerated hair growth. After completing the full course of therapy with such a spray, several therapeutic effects can be achieved:

  • suppression of the transformation of testosterone into 5-alpha-dehydrotestosterone, which leads to hair loss on the head,
  • vasodilation, improvement of microcirculation in the field of follicle formation, which improves trophism, that is, nutrition and enrichment with valuable substances,
  • stimulation of follicle cells to the transition to the stage of active division, which naturally accelerates hair growth,
  • decrease in the degree of negative effect of androgens on hair roots.

Indications for use

It is important to use the Generolon spray only as prescribed by the doctor after consultation and examination. Indications for the remedy may be as follows:

  • increased hair loss
  • androgenic alopecia,
  • alopecia on the crown and parietal region.

Experts note that the tool will help restore hair growth if applied in a timely manner, comprehensively with other treatment methods and strictly according to the instructions.


The method of application of the product is due to its release form, the spray is intended for local application to the scalp in areas of baldness. Before using it, the bottle must be shaken well to mix the components in the composition. Then they remove the lid, put a metering pump on the bottle and attach a spray to it. Having made 3-4 pressures on the sprayer, the metering pump must be filled with a solution.

Apply once to the scalp you need 1 ml of the product, which is equivalent to 7 presses on the spray. Moreover, the dosage should not change depending on the area of ​​damage to alopecia. Before applying the spray, the scalp must be dry and clean, after spraying the solution, the head is not washed. Such procedures should be performed daily 2 times, washing hands thoroughly after use.

Side effects

Side effects are possible in several cases - overdose, non-compliance with the instructions, as well as ignoring contraindications to the drug. They may be the following manifestations:

  • dermatitis of the skin, that is, an inflammatory process with severe symptoms,
  • allergic dermatitis, accompanied by itching, redness, rash and peeling,
  • accelerated hair growth not only on the head, but also on the face,
  • seborrhea.

If the composition of the product accidentally gets into the body, side effects can occur on several sides:

  • respiratory system - allergic rhinitis or shortness of breath,
  • nervous system - headaches, neuritis and dizziness,
  • the cardiovascular system - jumps in blood pressure, discomfort and pain in the heart, the development of tachycardia and arrhythmia.

There are cases when, against the background of improper use of the spray at the site of baldness, the growth of new hair that looks like a fluff enhances. But doctors note that such an effect persists only during the first weeks from the start of the application of the Generolon spray.


We have already said that minoxidil is the active component of the “Generolon” ​​preparation. In addition, the composition of the spray also includes auxiliary substances, including ethanol (or alcohol), propylene glycol and water, prepared in a special way. It is clear that the concentration of the active component in the volume of this drug as a whole depends on the concentration of the drug. For example, a two percent “Generolon” ​​includes only twenty milligrams of minoxidil per milliliter of spray, and a five percent - fifty milligrams of the same amount.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Contraindications to the drug are limitations that do not allow the use of the drug in order to avoid side effects. The following contraindications are indicated for the spray Generolon in the instructions:

  • intolerance to the composition and sensitivity to minoxidil,
  • under 18 years old
  • violation of the integrity and health of the scalp,
  • diagnosed scalp dermatosis.

Doctors also prescribe the drug with great caution to people of advanced age, over 65 years old, since the vasodilating effect can lead to aggravation of the cardiovascular system.

Features of therapeutic effects

According to the reviews of trichologists, "Generolon" has an effect on the hair follicles. Minoxidil contained in it helps to improve blood circulation in the area of ​​influence (meaning the scalp) and the supply of blood to the follicles, as a result of which they are activated and enter the active phase, and the hair begins to grow. In addition, thanks to the active component, the very way the effect of androgens affects follicles changes, protection against them is built. Finally, there is an indirect reduction in the formation of 5-alpha reductase, that is, an enzyme responsible for the negative effect of endogenes on the hair follicles. This is confirmed by the spray "Generolon" instruction.

Regarding the absorption of the components of the drug through the skin, we can say that it is minimized. One to three substances enter the systemic circulation (if there is no damage to the epidermis). However, taking into account the small volume of a single dose, one can judge the safety of the drug. In addition, all components that enter the blood do not accumulate and are very rapidly excreted from the patient.

During the fight against the onset of baldness, it is necessary to pay attention to those shampoos that are commonly used. Not everyone is aware that ninety-four percent of shampoos contain such chemical elements that harm both hair and scalp. But people often do not know about it and use them daily.

If suddenly such components as coco sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate are found in the shampoo, this kind of cosmetics should be discarded. These substances are the main provocateurs of various diseases of the scalp, subsequently causing baldness. This is confirmed by reviews of trichologists. Contraindications "Generolon" consider below.


An analogue is a drug with a similar composition (copy) or principle of action (synonym). For generolon spray, analogues are all funds that contain the substance minoxidil - the drug of the same name Minoxidil, Cosilon, Alopexy, Revasil, as well as the relatively new spray drug Alerana.

The cost of the drug is due to the composition, manufacturer, as well as the volume and concentration of the vial. If we consider the spray Generolon 2% concentration in a 20 mg vial, its cost is 513-526 rubles, for a 50 mg vial and a concentration of minoxidil 5%, the price will be 638-647 rubles.


Baldness is a serious problem of a modern person, requiring timely examination, study by specialists, as well as complex multi-stage treatment. Spray Generolon is suitable for local treatment, minoxidil in its composition provides full blood supply to the scalp, nourishes the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth and their strengthening from the inside. It is only important to use the drug strictly according to the instructions, given contraindications and optimal dosages.

Feasible side effects

Most often, the “Generolon” ​​remedy, according to the opinion of trichologists, is well tolerated, however, certain side effects may occur:

  • itching, burning and discomfort in the area where the spray was applied,
  • excessive peeling and dryness of the treated areas of the scalp,
  • swelling and redness
  • the appearance of vesicles (this happens rarely, mainly due to the high sensitivity of the epidermis),
  • seborrhea (formation of flakes on the upper layer of the scalp),
  • unwanted appearance of hair on the body (for example, on the face),
  • if the product enters other parts of the body, allergic reactions (edema or urticaria) may occur
  • if the spray accidentally gets into the body, symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, various cardiac arrhythmias, chest pains, large edema, dizziness, changes in the degree of blood pressure, etc.) are possible.

Effect of application

According to reviews and studies of the spray "Generolon Belupo", the desired effect is far from immediately manifested. There will be no noticeable changes in a month after its constant use on a regular basis. The first positive changes will be noticeable only at the end of the third or even fourth month, due to the duration of the hair growth phase. It is this amount of time that the follicles need in order to activate and move from the resting phase to activity.

This transition will also be accompanied by the elimination of old, weakened hair, and this is normal, as this frees up space for new ones to grow. That is why during the first weeks (from five to ten) their loss may increase. Panic in this case is not worth it, because instead of falling out, much more healthy new hair will appear.

Indications and contraindications

Most often, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of male pattern baldness. If baldness began relatively recently and is not too neglected, the drug stops the prolapse and stimulates the transition of the bulbs to the active phase of growth.

The spray is prescribed in the initial stages of alopecia, when lost hair can still be returned. In complex cases, Generolone is less effective.

The drug Generolon is actively struggling with the problem of baldness
In addition, Generolon is used to treat:

  • baldness caused by an unstable hormonal background, for example, in the postpartum period,
  • focal baldness therapy,
  • diffuse alopecia
  • loss caused by stress.

Generolone is not used for cuts, scratches and redness of the scalp. It is not prescribed for children under 18 and pregnant women. It is also contraindicated to lactating women, since its effect on the children's body is not fully understood.
Most often, the use of the drug does not entail side effects, but in some cases itching, dandruff and peeling may occur. Propylene glycol in the composition can cause contact dermatitis, in which case it is recommended to switch to drugs without propylene glycol. If the remedy gets inside, then swelling and the onset of rhinitis are possible, as well as changes in the heart rhythm and pressure surges.


Suction. When applied topically, minoxidil is poorly absorbed through intact skin: on average, 1.5% (1-2%) of the total applied dose enters the systemic circulation.

The average values ​​of AUC and Cmax when using a 5% solution of minoxidil are approximately 18.71 ng · h / ml and 2.13 ng / ml, respectively, when using a 2% solution of minoxidil - 7.54 ng · h / ml and 1.25 ng / ml, respectively. Tmax when using a 5% solution of minoxidil is 5.79 hours

The effect of minoxidil on hemodynamics is not expressed until the average serum concentration of minoxidil reaches 21.7 ng / ml.

Distribution. Although it was previously reported that minoxidil does not bind to plasma proteins, it was later demonstrated by in vitro ultrafiltration that it reversibly binds to human plasma proteins in the range of 37–39%. Since only 1–2% of externally applied minoxidil is absorbed, the degree of its binding to plasma proteins is clinically insignificant.

Metabolism. About 60% of minoxidil is metabolized to form minoxidil glucuronide primarily in the liver.

Breeding. T1 / 2 of minoxidil for external use averages 22 hours. 97% of minoxidil and its metabolites are excreted by the kidneys and 3% through the intestines.

After discontinuation of the drug, approximately 95% of minoxidil, applied topically, is excreted within 4 days.

Effect duration

Regarding the duration of the effect, we can talk about maintaining it for four to six months. After this, the previous condition can return, especially if you do not eliminate the cause of the alopecia and do not use other means.

The drug "Generolon" is especially effective, according to the opinion of trichologists, during therapy in the early stages, as well as in young patients.

Application features

The use of "Generolon" is local in nature, it must be distributed among problem areas. For example, baldness in women is most often observed in the middle parting, and in men - in the frontal part and on the crown.

The use of the product includes the following stages:

  1. Applying it through a dispenser. First you need to remove the cap from the bottle, then put the metering pump on the neck and fix the nozzle on it, due to which spraying is carried out. After that, you can press it several times to get the product into the dispenser.
  2. Application must begin from the middle of the problem area. It is not necessary to rub the product into the scalp. You only need to press the dispenser seven times.
  3. Wash the hands. There is no need to wash off the drug.

Do not exceed the daily dose of two milliliters per day (each single dose is one milliliter). The duration of treatment may take from six months to a year. This is confirmed by the spray "Generolon" reviews of women and men. The price is presented below.

Important Terms of Use

The use of a spray includes a number of necessary rules:

  • you can not apply the product to other areas,
  • it should be avoided on mucous membranes,
  • with the ineffective use of a two percent solution after three to four months of use, you need to try a five percent tool,
  • you don’t need to wash your hair after applying the spray, you should avoid getting it wet for four to five hours after the manipulation,
  • the drug is applied exclusively to clean and dry scalp,
  • daily procedures are carried out in the usual way (for example, washing your hair, combing, styling),
  • Before starting treatment, a specialist consultation is necessary, it will be optimal to undergo a comprehensive examination.

Pills and drugs

Drug treatment for male pattern baldness is prescribed to eliminate the cause of the disease, which caused hair loss, and not its consequences. Before a course of therapy is prescribed, the patient undergoes a diagnosis to obtain a clear clinical picture. The following causes of hair loss in men are:

  1. Infection
    This can be both neglected chronic diseases and acquired infectious infections, which are accompanied by general intoxication of the body, as a result of which weakening of the hair follicles occurs. Infection of the scalp is also the cause of baldness - we are talking about fungal infections. Antifungal drugs are prescribed in combination with Perfectil (vitamins and plant extracts aimed at healing the scalp and normalizing blood circulation in the capillaries). The course is designed for 1 month, take 1 capsule daily.
  2. Stressful situations
    With increased nervousness, the nutrition of the follicles is disrupted by oxygen and useful trace elements (as a result of vasospasm). You should know that the process of hair loss does not start at the time of greatest stress, but after a few months. For disorders in the nervous system, a balanced vitamin drug complex Revalid is prescribed - it is sold in a pharmacy.
  3. Endocrine Disorders
    Thyroid dysfunction leads to the development of alopecia areata, as a result of which the patient develops round bald spots. The homeopathic medicine Selencin will be ideal in the treatment of baldness - it activates blood circulation and helps strengthen the bulbs. The course is designed for 2 months (take 1 tablet 3 times a day).
  4. Head injuries
    Medicines in this case will not be effective. The patient is prescribed a hair follicle transplant into the affected area - in the places of scarring and scars resulting from an injury or scalp burn.
  5. Hormonal disruptions in men
    In this case, the medicine Rinfoltil is prescribed - the drug suppresses the hormone dihydrotestosterone. The composition of the medicine includes only natural ingredients (green tea, extract from the fruits of the dwarf palm). The course is designed for one month (you need to take 1 capsule per day). Finasteride is no less effective - it blocks the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of testosterone to dihydrosterone. The course is 6 months, intake is 1 tablet per day.
  6. Avitaminosis
    Revalid will cope with this problem. This is a complex of vitamins that help restore hair follicles in men. The course is 3 months. Depending on the intensity of hair loss, the number of capsules for a three-day daily intake may increase from two to three pieces. No less effective is the drug Pantovigar. This vitamin complex compensates for the lack of nutrients in the body. The course is designed for 3-6 months (take 1 capsule three times a day).

Depending on the composition and principle of action, the external remedies for baldness in men are divided into two types:

  • Homeopathic remedies. Such ointments can be used without a doctor’s prescription,
  • Hormonal drugs. They contain corticosteroid hormones, the task of which is to relieve inflammation of the scalp with focal alopecia. If the cause of hair loss is different, then the drug will not be effective. Before using hormonal drugs, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

The following ointments for the treatment of male pattern baldness in an external way:

  1. Mival
    A drug against alopecia in men, not caused by disorders in the hormonal system and genetic characteristics. The composition of the medicine for baldness includes only natural ingredients (oil of burdock, sea buckthorn, olive, wheat germ). The balm is rubbed into the scalp and after 10 hours it is washed off with shampoo,
  2. Karmazin
    This is a hormonal ointment, which includes phytoestrogens, whose task is to restore blood circulation. When rubbing the drug into a bald spot twice a day, complete hair restoration is observed after five months of continuous use of the product,
  3. Elokom
    A cure for baldness for men of the hormonal type, which promotes healing of wounds and combats inflammation of the scalp. After application, the substance is washed off with shampoo after an hour.The frequency of therapy is every two days for 2 weeks,
  4. Dermoveit
    The active substance is clobetasol propionate. It is prescribed as a primary drug for getting rid of focal alopecia. The drug is rubbed into the roots and washed off after half an hour twice a day. The course is from a month or more.


Suction. When applied topically, minoxidil is poorly absorbed through intact skin: on average, 1.5% (1-2%) of the total applied dose enters the systemic circulation.

The average values ​​of AUC and Cmax when using a 5% solution of minoxidil, they are approximately 18.71 ng · h / ml and 2.13 ng / ml, respectively, when using a 2% solution of minoxidil — 7.54 ng · h / ml and 1.25 ng / ml, respectively. Tmax when using a 5% solution of minoxidil is 5.79 hours

The effect of minoxidil on hemodynamics is not expressed until the average serum concentration of minoxidil reaches 21.7 ng / ml.

Distribution. Although it was previously reported that minoxidil does not bind to plasma proteins, later by ultrafiltration in vitro its reversible binding to human plasma proteins was demonstrated in the range of 37–39%. Since only 1–2% of externally applied minoxidil is absorbed, the degree of its binding to plasma proteins is clinically insignificant.

Metabolism. About 60% of minoxidil is metabolized to form minoxidil glucuronide primarily in the liver.

Breeding. T1/2 Minoxidil for external use averages 22 hours. 97% of minoxidil and its metabolites are excreted by the kidneys and 3% through the intestines.

After discontinuation of the drug, approximately 95% of minoxidil, applied topically, is excreted within 4 days.

Dosage and administration

Regardless of the size of the treated area, it is necessary to apply 1 ml of the solution with a spray (7 presses) 2 times a day to the affected areas of the scalp, starting from the center of the problem area. Wash hands after use.

The total daily dose should not exceed 2 ml (the dose does not depend on the size of the affected area). For patients who, when using a 2% solution, satisfactory hair growth is not observed, and for patients who want faster hair growth, a 5% solution can be used.

For men, the drug Generolon ® is most effective for hair loss on the crown, for women - for hair loss in the middle parting.

The drug Generolon ® is applied only to dry skin of the scalp. The solution does not require rinsing. For the effectiveness of the drug and its achievement of hair follicles, it is important to apply the drug to the skin of the scalp, and not to the hair.

The appearance of the first signs of a suspension of hair loss and restoration of hair growth is possible after using the drug 2 times a day for 2–4 months. The onset and severity of hair growth, as well as the quality of growing hair, may vary in different patients. To achieve and maintain the achieved effect of restoration of hair growth, the patient should not interrupt the use of the drug, otherwise hair loss will resume. An increase in the dose of the drug or its more frequent use will not lead to an improvement in the results of therapy. If after the use of the drug Generolon ® for 16 weeks, hair growth is not observed, then the use of the drug should be discontinued.

After the use of the drug Generolon ®, increased hair loss may occur. This effect is caused by the influence of minoxidil. It is expressed in stimulating the transition of hair from the resting phase (telogen) to the growth phase (anagen). Thus, there is a loss of old hair, in the place of which new ones grow. Temporary increase in hair loss usually lasts for 2-6 weeks from the start of treatment, and then decreases for 2 weeks. If increased hair loss continues, then the use of the drug should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

According to single reports, within 3-4 months after discontinuation of treatment, restoration of the initial appearance can be expected.

The average duration of treatment is about 1 year.

Special patient groups. There are no recommendations on the dosage of the drug Generolon ® for use in patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency.

Preparation for use. Remove the screw cap and secure the metering pump. Attach an elongated spray nozzle to the tube on top of the pump. Before the first use, press the spray nozzle 3-4 times so that the pump is filled with solution, after which the drug can be used.


Finished dosage form / primary packaging: Industrial Pharmasyyutika Cantabria SL., Spain.

Secondary packaging and issuing quality control: BELUPO, medicines and cosmetics dd, Republic of Croatia.

The owner of the registration certificate. BELUPO, medicines and cosmetics dd, Republic of Croatia. 48000, Koprivnitsa, st. Danica, 5.

The organization accepting consumer complaints in the Russian Federation: representative office of BELUPO company, medicines and cosmetics dd, Republic of Croatia, in Russia. 119330, Moscow, Lomonosovsky Prospect, 38, apt. 71–72.

Tel .: (495) 933-72-13, fax: (495) 933-72-15.

Hormonal agent

"Generolon" is intended for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women. Absorbed in a small amount. Quickly restores microcirculation. Hair at the same time begin to fall out less and grow faster. Quite a lot of drugs for baldness contain hormonal components, which leads to a deterioration in the hormonal state of the patient. Minoxidil, as an active substance, is not hormonal, therefore it does not affect changes in the hormonal background of a person.

Instructions for use, method and dosage, how to apply

Application implies an external method. No more than 2 mg per day is applied to the affected areas of the scalp, starting from the center to the periphery. For one spray, you can use 1 mg of solution. After the procedure, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. For accelerated hair growth, 2% solution for women and 5% for men can be used. Sprayed only on dry hair. It is not washed off. Used for 6-12 months. Then a break of 6 months is taken and, if necessary, the course is repeated. In different patients, the degree of growth and severity may vary. The drug is a dosage form.


When choosing a spray for hair loss, carefully read the composition of the product. Check for silicones, parabens, sulphates of soda and Butylated Hydroxytoluene. These substances have a negative effect on the bulbs - they increase hair loss due to limited nutrition of follicles. The following sprays are most in demand:

    Generelon (2%)
    The active substance is minoxidil. The drug is effective in the treatment of androgenetic, total, focal and diffuse alopecia in men. Due to improved blood supply to the bulbs, new hair growth is increasing. Problem areas are treated with a spray twice a day. The course is designed for 6-12 months. Dandruff and itching are the most common side effects, they begin to appear at 3 months of treatment,

"Generolon". Reviews of trichologists

Trichologists say that this drug is best taken as a component of complex therapy, which also includes shampoos and balms that contribute to the general strengthening of the hair structure, as well as head massage. Experts warn that at first when using the spray “Generolon” ​​often, although not in all cases, the hair may begin to fall out even more intensely than it was before the procedure. However, such a process is normal. It should not become a cause for concern, since healthy new hair will appear in place of the lost.

Patient reviews are mixed. Satisfactory results are noted, as well as dissatisfaction with the fact that the therapy is long-lasting without a noticeable effect for a long time. In addition, a number of patients showed allergic reactions to the composition of the drug, as a result of which the treatment had to be stopped.

For women

Many women with a loss of hair volume in the middle parting begin to panic. However, this is a justifiable reaction. The reason may be many factors: vitamin deficiency, the postpartum period, stress, and even serious diseases of the internal organs. The reason can only be determined by a specialist and prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Therefore, it is not recommended to self-medicate, so as not to harm health and well-being. Quite often, doctors prescribe "Generolon", which can solve the problem. Hair ceases to fall out, acts as an activator of hair growth. After 3-6 months of using the drug, the problem is completely resolved.


The most effective way to cure men of alopecia is mesotherapy. With the help of subcutaneous injections, it is possible to restore hair growth. The cure for baldness for men is introduced by a manual or hardware method.

The manual method of administration of the active substance provides nutrition to damaged follicles with amino acids and vitamins, which are injected under the skin.

Apparatus therapy involves the use of special equipment for subcutaneous administration of the active substance in large areas of baldness.

Mesotherapy cocktail for mesotherapy consists of vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, minerals and Coenzyme Q-10.

Mesotherapy is prescribed if the patient manifests diffuse, telogen and androgenic alopecia. There are no gender indications for the procedure - the method is equally effective in combating hair loss in both men and women.

The effectiveness of the method is associated not only with the action of the active substances of drugs. Therapy stimulates the nerve endings, immunocompetent cells, and vascular receptors of the head. Before starting therapy, a comprehensive examination of the patient is carried out, otherwise a temporary effect can be achieved - hair loss after the end of the course will resume. Mesotherapy is not prescribed for focal alopecia.

Equally popular is the more modern method - plasma therapy (PRP therapy). The disadvantage of this method is that not every clinic in Moscow practices this modern technique. By injection, plasma is injected into the scalp, which is enriched in platelets (it is obtained from a patient’s blood sample). This method of rejuvenating the follicles and restoring the density of the hairline is considered safe, not painful. A course of treatment is recommended - the doctor prescribes up to 6 plasma therapy procedures, and they are carried out for three months.

It is unrealistic to protect yourself from alopecia, but with proper hair care and timely treatment, you can postpone the start of the process of male pattern baldness. Prevention, respect for the body, proper nutrition, an active lifestyle and the use of only natural sulfate-free shampoos will help preserve the beauty and health of your hair!

For men

"Generolon" is an effective drug to prevent baldness in the forehead and on the crown of men. It is applied only to healthy skin and dry hair. Does not require rinsing. For treatment, a 5% solution is used. The first signs of growth can be seen after 2-3 months of use. Sprayed 2 times a day. In some cases, the course of treatment is up to 12 months.

How to use during pregnancy and lactation

Experts do not recommend using Generolon at any time during pregnancy and during lactation, since its effect on the fetus has not been investigated. The ban is associated with the task of completely eliminating allergic reactions that can harm a developing fetus. Instead, the doctor can prescribe a hair balm “Satura Growth” based on extracts of algae, mollusks, with a high content of oil extracts of medicinal plants.


Judging by the reviews of "Generolon", the positive trend is not immediately observed. This is also confirmed by numerous studies of the drug. Even after a month of use, you can not notice any effect. The main thing is not to be disappointed at this moment and continue taking the drug. Only after 2-3 months of use will the first improvements become noticeable. This is due to the duration of the hair growth phase. Indeed, in order to “wake up” from the resting phase and go into the phase of active growth, the follicle needs at least 2 months, and sometimes even more.

First, a sleeping bulb will have to get rid of old, weakened hair, making room for new ones. Therefore, the first 2 months, taking "Generolon", on the contrary, may be accompanied by increased hair loss, which in no case should frighten the patient. In place of the old, healthy hair will soon begin to break through and grow.

If the root cause of hair loss (alopecia) is not eliminated, then the effect of using the drug will soon cease. As a rule, the action of this tool is enough only for six months.

The drug is considered the most effective for the treatment of the disease in the early stages and in young people.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any remedy for treating something has pros and cons. Generolon also has its own characteristics:

The tool accelerates hair growth. Almost everyone who used it was satisfied.

  • Sold at any pharmacy. You can order online 5-10% cheaper. In demand due to its availability.
  • Does not stain clothes, does not stain.
  • Ease of use.
  • The bottle lasts more than 30-45 days.

Despite many advantages, the drug also has disadvantages:

  • Pungent, specific smell.
  • After the termination of a course, hair becomes rare again.
  • Some do not fit the price.

Pharmacological effect

In the case of local use of minoxidil, there is a significant acceleration of hair growth in individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia. The drug Generolon improves local microcirculation, activates the transition of the hair into the growth phase. In this case, the effect of testosterone on the hair follicles is transformed. Inhibition of the synthesis of one of the derivatives of testosterone, 5-alpha-dehydrosterone, which stops hair growth and stimulates hair loss, is observed.

The best effect of using this remedy for baldness is observed precisely at a young age and taking into account the fact that pathology proceeds at an early stage (up to 10 years), the presence of a parietal bald no more than 10 cm, more than 100 hairs are present in the center of the bald spot. after 3-4 months. active use. The severity of the effect and the speed of its onset also depend on individual characteristics. A drug with minoxidil 5% activates hair growth faster than, for example, a 2% solution.

The mechanism of treatment with Generalon has not yet been studied in detail. Spray Generolon is not effective in so-called drug alopecia and in baldness, provoked by an inadequate diet or regular hair styling. In the case of external use of hair products based on minoxidil, a slight absorption of the components is observed, only 1.5% of the used dose enters the general bloodstream. About 95% of minoxidil, which penetrated into the bloodstream, is quite slowly excreted from the body (over 4 days).

The process of biotransformation of the active component of Generolon is not fully understood.It does not enter into a relationship with plasma proteins, the excretion of metabolites is carried out with the participation of the renal system. Does not cross the blood-brain barrier.

Drug interaction

There is a theoretical possibility (there is no clinical evidence) of enhancing orthostatic hypotension in patients receiving concomitant treatment with peripheral vasodilators. It is impossible to exclude a very slight increase in the content of minoxidil in the blood of patients suffering from arterial hypertension and taking minoxidil by mouth in case of simultaneous use of the drug Generolon, although relevant clinical studies have not been conducted.

It has been established that minoxidil for external use can interact with certain drugs for external use. The simultaneous use of a solution of minoxidil for external use and a cream containing betamethasone (0.05%) leads to a decrease in the systemic absorption of minoxidil. The simultaneous use of a cream containing tretinoin (0.05%) leads to increased absorption of minoxidil. The simultaneous application of minoxidil and topical preparations, such as tretinoin and dithranol, to the skin, which cause a change in the protective functions of the skin, can lead to an increase in the absorption of minoxidil.

Where to buy Generolon

Despite the fact that the drug acts slowly, the drug has earned attention from people with baldness. Generolone spray positive reviews

The medicine is dispensed in a pharmacy and online stores. Cost is available for any wallet.

The most popular is 5%. It stimulates hair growth faster. The effect is noticeable already in the second month of use. Not everyone will have such a result, but again it all depends on the presence of chronic diseases or pathologies in the digestive tract.

Those who used Generolon recommend purchasing the entire course at once. Low cost allows you to buy several bottles. If the medicine is stored correctly, then it can be used until the last day of the expiration date. One pack of spray lasts 1.5 months. To achieve a positive and visible result, it is necessary to use 6 packs of the drug. The approximate cost will be about 3,000 rubles.

Spray Generolon 2% will cost about 520 rubles. Bottle of 20 ml. For a tube of 50 ml and 5% substance, the price will be about 650 rubles.

Set of 1-2 bottles with one plastic pump and one nozzle. Packed in a protective bag and a cardboard box. A set of 3 bottles and two pumps are in a protective mica. There are 2 nozzles. A pack of cardboard.

Does it help for hair growth, from hair loss

The spray copes with the androgenic type of baldness, which is also called "male type." This is due to the fact that the amount of certain hormones in the body increases. Alopecia is called androgenic, because the level of those that are considered masculine increases. These hormones include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

Similar baldness occurs in both sexes. It is usually expressed in hair loss on the temples and in the parietal part of the head. In women, baldness has a slightly different form: first parting is thinning, then the temporal parts of the hair are affected. Spray Generolon was developed by specialists specifically to solve this problem, as described in the instructions for use.

Therefore, you should not count on the fact that the remedy will become a panacea for all ills. Generolone spray for hair is unlikely to help those who lose it because of fragility or because of pathologies of internal organs.

The drug effectively helps fight against androgenetic alopecia as follows:

  • thanks to the active ingredient minoxidil, blood flow at the site of exposure improves,
  • the spray helps block the harmful effects of androgens on hair follicles,
  • significantly decreases the activity of the body in the production of 5-alpha reductase, which is the main culprit in baldness.

The result before and after applying the spray Generolon

As for the use of the drug for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, the visible result will appear only after a long period of its regular use. The instructions for use of the Generolon spray say that hair growth is observed after at least four months of daily use

In addition, it is important to apply the product on curls twice a day.

Such a long wait for the visible result is due to the fact that the hair needs quite a lot of time to grow. About this period, the follicle transitions from the resting phase to active growth. In addition, after the first few applications of the Generolon spray, it may seem that the hair, on the contrary, has begun to fall out even more. But do not worry, because this is the norm. After all, old and weak hair should give way to new and young.

Expert Opinion
Tatyana Somoilova
Cosmetology expert

If you stop using Generolone and not get rid of the root cause for which alopecia began, after a while it will return again. As a rule, the effect of the spray lasts for 4-6 months.

What are the side effects of the use of these drugs

The most common various dermatological allergic reactions in the form of characteristic severe itching, scabies, peeling of the skin, the appearance of seborrhea and large white flakes of dandruff. This can be especially pronounced in the area of ​​the beard and mustache. A characteristic feature of the use of these funds can be called short-term loss of their own hair in the first days of the use of these medicines. In this case, do not panic, since this phenomenon is completely normal. Such a sharp attack of baldness is caused by the fact that Cosilon, Regein and Alerana cause the body to get rid of already damaged, old and unwanted hairs, stimulating the appearance of new and healthy curls. If it happens that these drugs get into the body, there may be severe shortness of breath, bouts of severe runny nose, increased pressure and increased heart rate.

About Real Minoxidil

The real drugs based on minoxidil are only drugs that are officially registered and sold in pharmacies.
All products containing minoxidil at a concentration of 2% and higher are recognized as drugs and must be subject to the mandatory state registration procedure with preliminary preclinical and clinical studies.
GENEROLON was registered on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2012, all information about registration, composition, stages of production and instructions approved by the Ministry of Health are available on the official website of the “State Register of Medicines”.

Selling on the Internet, NOT on pharmacy chain sites, drugs based on minoxidil are NOT registered and NOT certified - they do not pass the state quality control procedure. Their composition and concentration of the components are not confirmed by any laboratories. These products of dubious origin and composition are smuggled into the territory of the Russian Federation or even produced underground in our country: no one controls their composition and safety. Thus, the consumer can purchase either a falsified or unregistered drug. At the same time, the turnover of unregistered drugs.

Watch the video: Minoxidil 5% - Video 1 - 6 Month Review (February 2020).

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