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How to declare a girl love: the most beautiful and original ways

My sun, my queen, the smartest, most beautiful, adored, beloved, dear, sweet, dear, angelically beautiful, absolutely incomparable, the most exciting and even magical, absolutely delightful, a little impressive, graceful, dizzying, precious! I love you! 35

Only with you did I realize what it means to be truly happy and that without love there is no real life. You are the one I think of 61 seconds per minute. I just admire you, my pretty woman! 26

With you I feel happy. I fell in love with you from the first second of our meeting, and apparently I will not be able to stop loving. I want to always be near you, protect you, love. With you, the world becomes colorful and vibrant, you filled my heart with you and now it belongs only to you. 49

It seems to me that I met just my soul mate, who had been waiting all my life. Your laughter, your smile, I dream every night. I do not find a place when we are not nearby. I want to be always with you. I love you with all my heart and soul. 18

I don’t see happiness without you baby!
I want to say - and you hear me!
You are beautiful and incomparable
And as always unique
After all, I love you alone!
In your eyes just drowning! 18

I love you with all my heart, I adore you with all my body, I adore you with all my soul, and nobody will ever compare with you, you are the only one! You are the most, most beautiful, tender, affectionate and madly desired by me! 18

When I see you -
My heart is warmer!
The sun is brighter, the sound is louder
More fun to the heart.
I would like every day
Look into your eyes,
To be alone with you
Kissing under the moon.
I love you very much
Be happy - I say! 19

I have been waiting for such a girl as you - affectionate, beautiful, gentle, smart! This list goes on and on. You are the only one among all that I have ever met in my life. You are the only one I want to be with forever! 24

You are alone in my fate
In thoughts and words.
And I always want to see you
I am in my dreams.
For me you are the sun light
My little star
And I will tell you of course -
I love you very much! 18

I love you very much!
When I just met -
Your eye fell into the whirlpool.
You're beautiful, better not
Let the whole world know
What are you, beauty - with me
And I do not need another! 6

Sometimes things happen in life sometimes,
Love comes quickly and unexpectedly
Now I am happy to be with you -
The most beautiful and long-awaited! 12

You are good, light, smart -
Do not list your virtues,
You're always my favorite one
Only one word and thought about you! 13

You are like a sweet dream to me
There is love and beauty in you
You are so insanely good
Face, figure and soul.
Such as you do not meet, do not find -
At least take the land and go around.
So we can conclude this -
I can be happy only with you! 14

I want to admit you
Madly i love you
You warm my soul
With you I’m in a beautiful dream!
And no one is better
And I don't need anything
I only want to be with you
With my beloved, dear! 21

I love you very much
I think of you days and nights!
And without you, I am only discouraged
I'm sad, miss and yawn ...
Please give your love
Let her care about the blood! 13

I admit that I really love
I want to see you
Go for walks in the evening.
I want to hear your voice
Rejoice at your words. 10

I'm in a festive mood
All the time, every day.
And even the sky seems
As if more fun. 9

My darling asterisk
My clear sun
The girl is the smartest
And as always beautiful!
I'm burning for love for you
I can’t be silent anymore
I want to confess to you -
What madly love you! 13

My favorite kitten, I love you madly! I will give everything for you, you are the whole world for me, you are my whole life, I am happy with you and really want us to always be together! 8

You are the best that can be in life!
I feel happy with you!
And I promise to sincerely love
Every day, and with renewed vigor! 11

I love you with all my heart!
I want you to always be with me
And we will open the door to happiness
It’s not for nothing that fate brought us together! 7

Sunny, always be like that -
Reliable, gentle and simple,
I want to kiss you
With you to find happiness
Cause you're the one wonderful
The most beautiful in the world! 8

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I call you my love.
I'm serious right now - don't play.
For everything, I adore you.
And in love, how to confess -
I do not know! reply

I am ashamed of it, but such a thing .. I don’t want to hide it, I feel bad and ashamed, I like you, you might react negatively, sorry but it is so .. But .. but .. But you are the coolest, you give me happiness, give me everything that I miss!

You are the best for me
The most tender!
I'm losing my head next to you
I usually ship
Not to say something wrong ...
I confess today -
From the outside, I'm just an eccentric.
I love you very much -
It's always hard to say.
But this is not the case
After all, I'm ready to scream it!

Is it love?

Before declaring love, you must make sure that it is she, and not a fleeting sympathy or a mind-obscuring passion. Your mistake can cost you dearly, because you cannot return the spoken words back. If you are unsure of your feelings, keep your mouth shut. This is the case when it is better to say nothing than to say too much.

How to understand that you are really in love? Read the following statements and determine how they fit your situation.

  1. You have been dating for quite some time, and relations are developing on an increasing basis.
  2. You already had sex, and you liked it.
  3. You constantly think about your beloved, have imaginary dialogues with her.
  4. When you see an unread message from her, your heart begins to beat harder.
  5. You want to give your beloved gifts, drive to restaurants, do all sorts of amenities for her.
  6. You see her as a future spouse without any reservations and conditions.
  7. Next to her, you always try to be better than you really are, in order to make a favorable impression.

If, reading these statements, you mentally agreed with most of them, congratulations - you are really in love! Feel free to admit your feelings and not be afraid to be insincere.

Beautiful declaration of love to a girl

Sometimes between you and happiness - one step, and this is called "declaration of love to a girl." It happens that we simply cannot express how we relate to a person. Did you have such a difficult situation? Or is this a question facing you right now? No panic. In this article you will find beautiful declarations of love for a girl that you can copy or use as inspiration to express these thoughts in your own words to tears.

We live in the era of digital technology, when love letters are almost a thing of the past. However, there is something romantic and unique in writing paper letters in prose, especially if you write it to your beloved.

Do not forget the old but true statement: “A man loves with his eyes, and a woman loves with his ears.” The girl will be in seventh heaven if you tell her about your feelings.

Being away from each other, even temporarily, is a severe test. At such times, it is important to keep in touch. Daily phone calls, sensual SMS, short or very long emails - this is what we are talking about.

To reduce the distance between you in every sense, just remember that you can write to your girlfriend or wife about your feelings. The best option is a romantic declaration of love in your own words.

Is it worth it to confess love to a girl, if in doubt

You can survive and doubt if you are not confident in your feelings or in response. Or if your chosen one is married.

The first problem can be solved.Having understood himself. Think about whether you are comfortable with her, whether you want to be with this person for a long time. If you are already meeting, then the moment can be delayed if there is no certainty in the heart.

Another thing is to doti or hold the missus. Talk openly about your feelings, be more tolerant. Be prepared that she is as unsure as you are. The first step to building a long and serious relationship is to talk about it with a partner.

Should I confess my love to a girl?

It all starts with simple communication flowing into regular meetings, romantic dates, meeting people and shared memories. The next stage in the relationship develops, requiring awareness of one’s feelings, desires and plans for future life. If a man sees himself next to a chosen one, it is worth considering carefully how the first time it is beautiful to declare a girl love.

The main obstacle that prevents a man from confessing the feelings of his beloved is a banal fear of rejection. Often, these fears are embedded in the psyche and subconscious of a man since childhood, and any psychological trauma inflicted causes him to remain silent about his feelings and emotions in the future. In relations with a woman, patience, isolation and silence are my best associates.

Is it really love

Recognition of feelings is a step leading to a serious relationship, perhaps even a family one. Therefore, it is not worth rushing with him. Meet longer, get to know each other better, and suddenly it's not your person. Some guys make a mistake when after 1-2 dates or the day after meeting they begin to confess their feelings to the girl. Most often they do this for several reasons:

  1. love at first sight,
  2. banal desire to sleep with a girl
  3. the desire to firmly tie a lover to yourself.

What do ladies do in such cases? Right, leave. They will not believe a single word of yours. They will believe in the second point more, some girls will agree to such an option of relations. In other cases, the ladies will simply not be ready for such a turn of events, they will consider you abnormal or sharply want to “remain friends”. The reason for this is the extra haste of the young man, and there is no rush to rush in love affairs.
Before confessing to the young lady his feelings, the young man needs to think about what he really feels for the girl: a light love or true love. These two feelings differ from each other:

Longer feeling, sometimes for lifeShort-term, quickly arises and quickly passes
Acceptance of the chosen one in a "pure form", with all the shortcomings, featuresThe desire of the “lover” to remake the chosen one, to develop in him qualities that are advantageous to himself
There are no love triangles, a pair is always good together There is always someone third who destroys the union
Mutual understanding, support each other in difficult times, sacrificeSelfishness in relationships, the desire to satisfy their needs in the first place
Intimacy is secondary, the feeling of love comes first, the desire to satisfy a partner / partnerIntimate life comes first, selfishness in sex

If you figured out your feelings and think that this is love, you need to think at what point it is best to admit the girl this.

Recognition Examples

I dreamed about you last night. Damn, I dream about you almost daily. It seems that I can spend days with you all the time, and this will still not be enough. When I close my eyes, I want you to be there.

Next to you, I realized what true love is. Now I enjoy this feeling, a life that I had never known before. I will love you until the end of my days.

Many times in our lives we can find people who win our hearts. We take it for granted. I’m so used to all the wonderful things you do for me, and I don’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate all this. Every moment I am grateful that you are in my life and in my heart.

I hope you know how much you mean to me. You are an important part of my life. In fact, you are the center of my universe. Everything I do is for us, and especially for you. I always try to do the right things that will make our relationship stronger. You inspire me to be the best version of yourself. Without you, I would be a completely different person. Thanks to you, I really know what love is.

I'm lonely to tears when you're not around. Even when I go out under a cloudless sky, it seems that everything is in a haze. Obviously, you are the brightest light in my life. That might explain why I feel so good next to you. You give me strength and energize me in difficult moments. I love you very much.

When people said that “every great man has a great woman,” I felt uneasy. They seemed to say that I could not succeed if the woman did not help me. But now, when I met you, I understand that perfectly. Now I feel that I can do something, because I know that next to me there is such a wonderful person like you. You inspire me to be a better, more successful person. I hope I can do the same for you. Together we are better than ever, individually. Love you.

Baby I'm really madly in love with you I want to scream loudly about it from the top of the highest mountain. We have experienced so much, and we still have strong feelings for each other. I just want you to always be by my side. I found you, and this is forever.

You are more beautiful than a summer sunset on the horizon of the ocean. You are more spectacular than the stunning view from a high mountain. You are brighter than the stars in the countryside. You're more seductive than any love song you've ever sung. I did not understand what the true meaning of beauty was until I found you.

Before you entered my life, I was just an ordinary person. There was longing in my heart. I felt like something was missing. Today I realized exactly what is missing. You. Now that you are with me, I feel that my life is harmonious.

Every time I look into your shining eyes, see your dazzling smile and hear your beautiful voice, I fall in love with you more and more.

I'm in love with you ... Touching you makes my heart beat faster.

An incomprehensible and very pleasant feeling appeared in my chest, which I cannot explain. It fills my life with meaning, and my eyes with light. This is probably love.

Millions of poems, thousands of compliments, hundreds of sweet words cannot make my heart beat faster. Only your only look did it.

To fall in love with someone means that you see this person not with your own eyes, but with your heart and you feel him not with your body, but with your soul. I learned to see you that way.

I lost myself in the vast ocean of love, devotion and passion. To be with you means to feel all the beauty of the world and to be a part of it.

There is only one answer to the questions: “What is love? What is happiness? What is joy? ”This answer is you.

It took me three minutes to love you: I reflected on your beauty, which struck me, for two minutes, and the strongest feeling was born in my heart for the remaining minute.

Love is when looking into your eyes is much nicer than watching the stars in the sky.

When you smiled at me, my breathing stopped. When you spoke to me, I could not move because of this beautiful and heady feeling. And when you touched my hand, you stole my heart. I love you.

When I first met you, I thought that my life would change a little. But in fact it happened that you became my world, my universe, the meaning of life and the only person for whom I live.

Falling in love with you is like magic. Every day I find in myself more and more warmth, lightness, sincerity and kindness. I am extremely happy that I met you.

Now you know how beautifully a girl declares love in her own words. Good luck!

How to Declare a Girl in Love - Original Ideas

Love is perhaps the most wonderful feeling that happens to a person. Love is the highest happiness, which inspires, gives strength and incentive to life. Naturally, once meeting the girl of your dreams and experiencing tender feelings for her, you will want to open your beloved, share with you the most secret.

This is where the question arises: how to do it in the best way, how to declare a girl love in a beautiful, elegant, unbanal way, how to arouse her delight and reciprocal recognition, and not to spoil everything and not get into an absurd situation.

How to make a declaration of love

Let's see what nuances are worth considering, what you should pay attention to before you take the decisive step towards your happiness:

  1. These are features of the character of the chosen one, her tastes and preferences, views on life and relationships between people. Perhaps your girl dreams of a beautiful, fabulous declaration of love, or maybe she cannot stand all this snotty romance, considering such actions too pompous and theatrical, far from true sincere feelings. Yes, men are often mistaken, believing that all women, without exception, are delighted with romantic guys. In fact, this is not so, watch your girlfriend, analyze her reaction and statements on the topic of romance. Perhaps someone from your friends made a romantic public gesture, ask her what she thinks about it. Or maybe your girl is a lover of adventure or interesting tasks, puzzles, then it will be possible to organize some kind of quest for her, and in the end, as a surprise, appear with a bouquet of flowers or with a gift and express her feelings. The quest can be organized in an apartment, office (after a working day), in an educational institution, or in today's popular quest rooms.
  2. Do not forget about your own character. So, for example, if you are an absolute introvert or, say, a very shy person and are categorically unable to speak in public, then you should not organize a public declaration of love. You simply will not be able to do this effectively and properly beat the situation. There are many other ways to make it pleasant for a loved one, without breaking yourself at the same time.
  3. How old are you and your soulmate? If a sixteen-year-old girl will be delighted to see an inscription on the pavement with her name and a declaration of love, then at twenty-five the girl is unlikely to appreciate such trembling youthful impulses. Although ... Still, see point one. Personality of character, personal preferences, perhaps more important than age. It is possible that the thirty-year-old young lady will burst into tears when she sees from the window the following: Sasha plus Masha is equal to love. Perhaps this is her old dream.
  4. You can choose a way of declaration of love, also based on financial opportunities. If you have the desire and the means, then you can arrange for your beloved a real fairy tale: organize a romantic at least in a luxury resort, at least in a balloon or insert a note in her favorite cake in an excellent restaurant.
  5. The situation for recognition must be appropriate.. It’s good if both participants of the event have a corresponding mood, otherwise you can fail. So, you should not confess your love if grief happened on the eve (you or her), in which case your confession will be associated with this tragic event.
  6. Look in the eyes. During recognition, do not forget to look in the eyes of your beloved.Otherwise, it will not seem sincere recognition.
  7. Do not endlessly repeat the cherished 3 words. Otherwise, they will lose their meaning. It is important to express your feelings towards the girl after the words “I love you”. She will certainly remember this for a long time and reciprocate with you. Tell me how you feel, for example, that next to her you want to become better, she inspires you, etc. Words should be sincere, but not played and deductions somewhere.
  8. Not in word, but in deed. Well, you confessed your love, and then what. This is not enough. It is necessary to confirm your words with deed. Help her around the house, at work and in other things where she needs male help, support and strength. Girls appreciate actions.

What to do if you can’t confess your love to a girl

Why is it so hard to decide? Fear of failure or ridicule fetters. Prepare your sweetheart:

  • invite on a date
  • give flowers
  • give compliments
  • study her reaction.

If attention signs are readily accepted, then you are interesting to her. You can go further and start a conversation about affection.

Women feel thinner and will understand that you are in love according to deeds.

Decide why you need it.

Indeed, why? Many guys are rather skeptical of this kind of confession, fearing that after that the girl will feel her power and begin to twist ropes from them. If you are tormented by such doubts, it’s better to really postpone this frankness.

Remember - a declaration of love is worth it if you are sure that your feeling is mutual. Never say “I love you” in response to chilling, neglect, and even more so betrayal. So you positively reinforce the bad attitude towards you.

You can admit at the peak of emotions in moments of special emotional intimacy. Also, it will be appropriate in response to some serious steps the girl towards you.

Three treasured words can be spoken to mark a transition to a new level of relationship. For example, you have been dating for a long time and want to invite a girl to live together. Declare your love before this, then your proposal will be logical and logical.

Preparing for a declaration of love

Despite the emotionality and love, a man is better to avoid rash acts and words. First you need to make sure that the woman experiences similar feelings, so that in the end not to be rejected. Then you need to think carefully for what purpose the man wants to confess to the girl in feelings. If to build joint plans for life, then this goal is justified. If just to conquer her heart, it is better to keep your emotions to yourself.

Further, it is important to go through the preparation stage, which consists of several tips from psychologists, namely:

  1. Practice. First of all, a man needs to practice, for example, in front of a mirror. This will help to clearly formulate thoughts, express feelings and emotions. Having decided on the format of recognition, it will be much easier in the future to say what the man feels.
  2. Selection of time and place. It is not so important how the man confesses, in his own words or in prose, verse, the main thing is the right place and time. It is important that there are less distractions, strangers. The girl can be invited for a walk, to the park, if you are shy, the ideal place would be a picnic outdoors away from strangers.
  3. No need to think that she feels the same way. Before an original and correct declaration of love, a man must be prepared for any scenario of a turn of events. There may be several:
  • “I love you too” is an ideal outcome of mutual relations,
  • ignoring and transferring the conversation to another topic - you don’t need to ask her for reciprocal confessions, maybe she just needs time to think over the words she heard,
  • lack of reciprocity - in this case it is important to remain calm, perhaps the girl will appreciate an adequate and dignified attitude to her refusal.

The main condition for preparing for recognition of feelings is self-confidence, despite the different options for the girl’s response. A man should speak calmly, measuredly without excessive emotions, and also accept both the positive and negative attitude of the girl to his words with dignity.

When is it better to admit?

As already noted, early recognition does not bode well. Therefore, for starters, we highlight the moments when it is better to declare love:

  • you have been together for more than 3 months,
  • there was an intimate relationship between you
  • you are comfortable in the company of girls,
  • she understands and appreciates you,
  • her friends and family like you
  • she asks you for advice and help,
  • she respects you and does not allow herself to offend you,
  • the chosen one makes joint plans, where she sees you with her,
  • the lady takes care (like mom)
  • the chosen one always hears and listens to you,
  • demonstrates his love - kisses, hugs, says nice words and compliments,
  • respects your opinion, interests and hobbies.

This is an example of an ideal relationship, when partners value each other and respect, if you have at least 2-3 points coincided - it's time to act!

What to do if you are shy or afraid to make a declaration of love

The first thing to know: fear and shy - ok. Think ahead to the conversation without memorizing phrases. Get ready for possible plot twists. It will be easier if you are confident in your gravity.

It is not worth revealing for no reason. You need to look after some time and chat.

If you are already dating, think about the fact that the partner also wants to talk frankly and is experiencing the same anxiety. Be courageous and take the first step.

Everyone can be shy when it comes to relationships.

Choose the right time for recognition

Choosing the right time can greatly enhance the effect of your recognition. Try to observe the following conditions.

  1. Timed recognition to some significant event. Suitable Valentine's Day, the birthday of your beloved, the round date of your relationship. Emotions from the holiday will add to your words and make them even more pleasant.
  2. You need to confess privately so that no one bothers you. Even if you do not confess personally, but in VK, for example, try to send a message with the expectation that the girl will read it alone.
  3. Do not confess love if you or your chosen one is in a bad mood. Wait until the clouds disperse and painful thoughts leave your beautiful heads.

And if you have no one to declare your love for now, it would be nice to begin to learn how to get to know girls.

How to originally declare a girl love?

In order for a girl to remember the recognition of feelings for a long time, a man needs to make it creative, original, but at the same time romantic and sensual. Only if there is no doubt whether it is worth confessing, and the preparation stage has been successfully completed, you can proceed to practice. Recognition can be in several scenarios and options, for example:

  • Letter. If a man does not have oratorical abilities, cannot be expressed clearly and clearly, a banal letter in virtual or real form can help him. But psychologists are not all sure whether the girl should talk about her feelings with the help of a letter, since the back reaction cannot be observed personally and the question will remain open.
  • Romantic dinner in a restaurant. If a man has opportunities in terms of financial resources, you can rent the whole room, decorate it in a romantic style, order live music, flowers. There are many films where such scenes were shown down to the smallest detail. This option will not save money, but it will definitely tell you how best to admit a girl.
  • Unexpected recognition. Sometimes it is not necessary to think over a plan when it is worth confessing and how, but you can simply confess under the impulse of the soul in an unexpected place and time.It is only important to know for sure that these feelings are mutual, so as not to experience feelings of disappointment.

Dating scenarios and options, how unusual a woman declares her love, are actually much more. It can be an evening walk along the promenade, a visit to the park, rides on a ride, a picnic in nature, a hike in the mountains and a secluded atmosphere, or it can be a romantic dinner at home or in a restaurant. Much depends on her personal interests and preferences.

What is the best way to open your heart to a sweetheart?

We will devote this block to all the subtleties of the correct recognition of a beloved in feelings. First, we define the basic rules:

  1. The right time and place.

It is necessary to confess at the right time, when you are together, the lady is in a good mood and nothing prevents you from saying the same words. For example, if you are watching a spectacular movie in a movie theater where, at the climax, the heroes declare their love or just kiss, you can whisper in her ear: “I love you.” At such a moment, she may be the first to admit.

You can confess your beauty to your beauty when you are together. So you will feel confident, and no one will interfere. The company of friends or girlfriends will embarrass the lady and you, and in general, when it comes to feelings - there is no place for others. You can publicly admit when you are sure that the chosen one will reciprocate.

When it comes to recognition of feelings, there is no need to bustle, but it is necessary to speak as it is. That is, the words: “I miss you” or “You are very dear to me”, “You mean a lot to me” will not be able to make it clear that you love her. She will understand what you need, but as a friend no more, so you need to say right away: "I love you and want to be with you always."

There are times when a guy and a girl meet for a long time, but shyness and self-doubt in such situations interfere with confessing to a young man; the advice of “experienced” guys will help the beautiful woman to make love.

How to hint at her if you are afraid to be rejected

Prepare in advance. After losing the situation in your head and accepting it, you can relax and stop being afraid of the worst.

If in the end you find out that there are no reciprocal feelings for you - respond easier. People are different, it's impossible to be the right match for everyone.

Hint about feelings, you can cook something pleasant or tasty. Try to notice a new hairstyle or clothes, take an interest in business and mood. Present a gift, call in a cafe, a movie, for a walk.

A positive reaction to courtship is a sign that you cause sympathy. For starters, try to say that you like her and you want to be together.

How to confess to a young lady in love, if you are shy

Constant thoughts about the very one, about recognition, can disturb and excite a young man in love, so the guy needs to prepare for this moment in advance and provide for all options for the outcome of the event. All the main tips and tricks come down to the following:

  • prepare a “script”, rehearse,
  • try to look into her eyes
  • Be considerate
  • speak in simple words, do not chant her like a goddess,
  • do not rush the girl with the answer, do not press on her.

But if you immediately say about love tet - a - tet is not possible, you can write a confession in SMS, in contact, or send a voice confession to the phone. So you will prepare the soil, and at the same time you will learn its hypothetical answer. Later, everything can be repeated live, but without strong excitement and fear.

What exactly to say?

You can present information to a girl that she likes, in all sorts of ways. But the most important indicator will be the words of a man. Psychologists call a number of right and wrong phrases to narrow down the search for options on how to present information about sympathy and love.

You can not say the following phrases:

  • I love you more than life (humiliation of myself)
  • I can’t live without you (self-pity)
  • I want to spend my whole life only with you (a needy phrase that scares many),
  • I'm crazy about you, I love to madness (green light for manipulating a man),
  • I love you, and you me? (imposing oneself and feelings).

You can win the heart of your beloved girl with such win-win phrases as:

  • "I loved you, what will you do with it now?",
  • “Stop coming to me in a dream, I'm ready to confess my feelings for you!”,
  • "Look at me and do not blink, because I am in love with your eyes,"
  • “Either you put a love potion in my tea, or I really love you,”
  • “I like you so much that I suggest you get even closer to each other,”
  • “During our communication, you have long become more for me than a friend,”
  • "I suggest you be my girlfriend, because I have serious feelings for you."

It is clear that these are the most common phrases used by men to conquer the hearts of women. It is only important for a man to decide whether to confess his love to a girl, and if it is really important for him, to choose an interesting version of his confession.

How to originally declare love to a girl

Now we turn to the consideration of specific options for organizing that very magnificent recognition. The options are incredible. Perhaps you will choose one of the proposed by us, or maybe reading the article will lead you to your own original idea and you will independently figure out how beautifully a girl declares her love.

Psychological advice and practical advice

The torment of reciprocity can undermine the psyche, make you be nervous and irritable. It will become easier if you open your feelings.

However, the “turn from the gates” can seriously hurt. Think is there any hope of reciprocity. If there is, leave yourself time to prepare and determine a date, plan a meeting with her on that day and move towards the goal.

Go on a date being confident in the chance of success.

If there is little chance, consider what will cause more suffering: the unknown or a direct boycott. Any feelings pass over time, so you can get sick and switch to another. But this way you will never know if this story could have a happy ending.

Face-to-face recognition

The best way to make a declaration of love is to tell the girl about it in person. So you can see her reaction and understand from her her attitude towards you. Such confessions are of two types - spontaneous and planned.

You do not need to specially prepare for it. Confess when you are with a girl at the peak of tenderness or passion, for example, during sex or watching a beautiful sunset. She should have the impression that feelings are so overwhelming you that you can no longer keep them in yourself. You can whisper to the girl “I love you” in her ear, thereby adding drama.

  • Advance Recognition

Choose a suitable place. It can be a cozy restaurant, a park bench, a Ferris wheel - do not limit your imagination. The main thing is that there is noisy and no one bothers you.

Wait for the right moment and communicate your feelings. You can not confine yourself to the standard “I love you”, but confess in a detailed form. Just let it be not too long. Here is an example for inspiration.

“We have been together for so long, and every day spent with you is invaluable to me. I want you to know - I love you. You are the closest person to me. ”

Look at the girl during the confession. You can take her hand or slightly take it.

How to declare love beautifully and originally: 10 best ways

When excitement and fear are overcome, you can choose the best option for a beautiful recognition. Let us give an example of the most original options:

Suitable for the couple who have been dating for a long time, and at the beginning of the relationship. You can lay out a heart from small candles in front of the porch and wait for it with a bouquet at the door.

This is the same option that all the young ladies like. Invite her to a cafe or for a walk, wait for a convenient moment and say: “My girl, I love you”!

This can be done at a concert, agreed with the host and at a certain point go on stage with recognition. This option is suitable for the proposal to get married. Recently, such an option is gaining popularity: at the wedding of friends where the couple is invited, most often after “Gorky” the guy gets up, picks up the microphone and declares his choice in love. A storm of emotions will be provided to everyone.

You can use methods from films, if financial opportunities allow. Remember the hero of the series "Kitchen" Max, who climbed onto a crane with a bouquet and knocked on the window of his beloved. Such recognition will be pleasant to your beauty, and she certainly will not be able to refuse you reciprocity.

  1. A romantic video or presentation.

Suitable for advanced guys in this area. Arrange a small movie with her participation, put all your love and soul into it, and believe me, she will appreciate it.

This option is suitable for creative young people with a musical ear. Sing her favorite love song and make a confession during the performance.

If your sweetheart is listening to the radio, you can call the radio station and make love to her there, first you need to ask the sweetheart to turn on the desired wave.

If nothing original comes to mind, you can just come to her with a bouquet of flowers or with a small gift, kiss her and say: "Honey, I love you."

If shyness does not allow you to say everything directly - write a beautiful letter, you can add poems about love or with recognition there. The girl will be impressed if these are verses of her own composition. And then you can back up recognition with a romantic date.

This method is suitable if your beloved is spending the night with you or you are with her. In the morning, while the beloved is sleeping, you can run away for fresh coffee, ask them to write “I love you” on foam. You can buy buns or make toasts, do not forget about the flowers - at least one red rose will already make her day and your recognition unforgettable.

When a guy and a girl are adults, their behavior is easy to predict, all actions are already quite mature and deliberate. But what about those who are not yet 18 years old, but even 16 years old. How to confess to a girl in love, which, say, is only 14 years old? We will talk about this later.

What to do when you are afraid to confess?

A declaration of love is actually considered a balanced and serious act, since a man should always give an account of his words and actions. Because of their frankness and sense of responsibility, many men experience fear. In addition, childhood injuries and setbacks leave a negative imprint on self-confidence. To get rid of fear, you need to think about how sincere and deep feelings a man has, whether they are worth such an effort.

If the goals for the girl are serious, before declaring love, you need to set yourself up for complete self-confidence. To achieve results, a man needs to put his voice, think through speech, monitor posture and gestures. During the recognition, you do not need to think about what the girl will respond to feelings, setting herself up for a negative outcome. The most comfortable environment can help. The denial situation also needs to be thought out in advance in order to adequately respond.

Simple confessions

Not everyone is a fan of romance, considering such actions too inflated, pathos. Perhaps, in your case, a simple and sincere expression of your feelings in private is the best way to open your loved one. How to do it?

su_list icon = "icon: heart" icon_color = "# 972325 ″

  • At a landmark event - pretty romantic declaration of love from friends at a wedding. After all, a romantic atmosphere has already been created there and the entire surroundings have been observed. You can do this in a one-on-one dance or with newlyweds participating (pre-arrange with them about this so as not to draw attention to yourself on Their day). Do not forget about February 14, when it is not on this day that you should confess your love.
  • On a walk - you can, walking with the girl around the city (through the park, embankment, rural road past the fields), harmoniously weave recognition into the conversation. Stop, take her hand and say in a soft, gentle voice one of the following phrases: “I really like you. What are we going to do with this? ”,“ I fell in love with your eyes ”,“ I like you so, maybe we’ll try to get closer to you with each other? ”,“ During your communication with you, you began to mean a lot to me . Highly",
  • In a familiar setting - You can say all this, spending time somewhere together, even at home at one of you. Why not? As soon as you feel that the appropriate case has presented itself - forward,
  • On the doorstep - after talking on the phone or skype, making sure that the girl is in the right mood and not distracted by anything in the near future, suddenly appear on her doorstep and happily say: “I came to say that I love you very much” while taking her tenderly by the hand and smiling joyfully. The effect of surprise will do its job.

How to make a declaration of love to a girl of 14 years old

If you like a girl from your class or parallel, then you have exactly as many chances as other active boys, especially those who have already begun to show signs of attention to your beauty.

In such cases, you must already show your masculine perseverance and confidence - as you show yourself at the first stages of communication with her, that is how you will remain in her idea of ​​you. Teenagers are not so simple, any step of a guy can be regarded as a simple tomfoolery or “hormone game”. Therefore, you need to be an adult in communication with a girl, but to the best of adults. You can show her signs of attention:

  • to help her with textbooks or a bag,
  • open her door at the entrance,
  • to compliment her: a beautiful dress, or a beautiful hairstyle,
  • help her deal with the lessons
  • write notes
  • takes her seriously, no jokes,
  • see off home.

In addition, you can accompany her on walks after school, chat on social networks. But it must be remembered that girls at the age of 14 also undergo hormonal restructuring, so one wrong step (for example, a hasty kiss) can lead to a slap in the face or slap in the face.

It’s too early to talk about adult declarations of love here, but you can do this:

  • dream about the future with her: “And what if we got married ...” (look at her reaction),
  • write in contact (we'll talk about options later),
  • confess to the holiday (March 8, New Year, February 14).

There are few options, teens are often embarrassed to talk about feelings directly, especially when there is no more experience with girls. Therefore, the best option for this is recognition on a social network. Consider the most successful examples on the Vkontakte network.


Often men recognize a woman’s feelings only for the purpose of subjugating her, and after reaching their goals they quickly cool down. In this regard, psychologists advise to carefully consider their plans for a girl, to feel the depth of feelings. And only with self-confidence and sympathy, you can plan a scenario for recognition of feelings. What is important is the setting, place and time, the text and the emotional message of the man.

How to Declare a Man in Love

General advice: think sincerely about your feelings and about what will you say. Arrange the appropriate atmosphere: book a table in the cafe or prepare a romantic dinner at home.

Bring yourself in a decent appearance, dress neatly - no tracksuits. Watch the mood of your half. If she’s not upset or upset, set aside the “confession” for a better moment.

A neat appearance will give you confidence.

Romantic confession

There really is where to roam. It all depends on your imagination, courage and personal preferences:

su_list icon = "icon: heart-o" icon_color = "# 972325 ″

  • Good old way - chalk on the pavement. Think over a beautiful phrase, for example, “You are the best thing that has happened in my life” “I love you very much and want everyone to know that.” Do not forget to insert the name of the chosen one in the phrase. At the end, you can ascribe your own. As an option - instead of chalk and asphalt, a spray can of paint and the wall of the house located opposite its windows. True, maybe then you will have to paint over or wash all this, but the joy in the eyes of your beloved is worth it. Some people order a banner in front of the windows of their beloved one or on her usual way to work, study,
  • Record a beautiful touching video with a declaration of love to a girl. Take her to the cinema, having previously agreed to broadcast the video of your confession in the cinema before watching the movie (well, or after - as you like. It will be great if the light comes on and people applaud you). Or let your friend launch a video clip on her birthday while you go for a gift and flowers and at the end of the video shock her with his confession, but already alive.
  • Sailing on a sailing ship, yacht or boat - A rather original way to confess love to a girl. If your city has a reservoir, be sure to use this service.
  • Original wayorder a song on the radio and ask the radio host to broadcast your confession on the air. The difficulty is that at this time the girl listens to the radio and does not miss the coveted message. You can be near her and pay her attention to the ad,
  • Climb to the window of your beloved - order a forklift or climb the fire escape to the window of your beloved with flowers and a declaration of love.
  • Musical recognition - if you have an excellent voice and hearing, then you can take the girl to a karaoke bar and sing a beautiful lyric song about love there. It’s great to arrange the same with a guitar under her window,
  • A restaurantalways works - organize a trip to the restaurant, book a table and a romantic dinner, and at the crucial moment let the waiter take to the hall a bouquet of flowers, which you will take and give to your lady with words of love,
  • Romantic dinner - you can pre-book a table in a cozy restaurant or cafe and during a walk, as if by chance to glance there. And there you will already be waiting for the covered table with candles, slow romantic music and other love paraphernalia,
  • Cake - oh, how much about making such a recognition about making films, but for some reason our men rarely use this method. Very vain! You don’t need to go to an expensive restaurant, you can go to your favorite coffee shop and ask the waiter and administrator to put a ring or a note with recognition in your girlfriend’s favorite cake and bring it on your go-ahead.
  • Coffee with recognition. The inscription on coffee foam is a rather unusual way to make a declaration of love.
  • Order a cake with recognition. No it's not the same. We are talking about courier delivery of cakes on which a declaration of love will be written.
  • / su_list
  • su_list icon = "icon: heart-o" icon_color = "# 972325 ″
  • Courier with flowers - Let the courier present a bouquet with a note to your beloved, but then you must repeat the words of confession in person. If geographically this is not possible, call her.
  • You can originalize a photo album with your best moments and present it to your beloved, where on the last pages she will find the coveted 3 words!
  • 100 reasons for my love for you. Print on strips of paper a hundred reasons why you are in love and present them to your girlfriend.
  • As a keepsake! If you are sure that your chosen one will definitely become your spouse, then do not stint and record your first declaration of love on a video, at least on a mobile phone. After 5-10 years, your spouse will thank you for such a wonderful gift. After all, you will have something to remember together.

If there are problems with imagination, then you can contact the organization for the provision of such services. They will help you and throw ideas.

How to say “Love” in VK

In social networks, a person is liberated and feels more confident.The very right words that are so difficult to say live are selected right away. What to write darling? You can choose the following combinations:

"Your image is stuck in my head, I dream more and more about you"

“You make my every day happier”

“Thank heaven for such a beautiful angel like you”

"My status:" In love, "guess who?"

“You know, one very beautiful and sweet girl doesn’t get out of my head, she now sits and reads this SMS”

“You are online - and I live”

“Hurry tomorrow to see you again, my love.”

You can write poems about love and the lady will understand that it is addressed to her, change her status to “in love”, monitor her statuses and adapt to them. If you see that there is a feedback - she sends emoticons, flirts, then you are probably not indifferent to her either.

Often there are times when the likelihood that the chosen one will reciprocate after recognition is zero. What to do in this case, if there is a fear of rejection. I will talk about this below.

If the chosen one is a woman or girl

No matter how old the chosen one, public revelation will not please everyone. Let the details remain between you.

Set the stage before the crucial moment courtship and attention will help. An innocuous psychological trick - the more often a person sees and contacts you, the better he treats you at a subconscious level. Try to see more often and communicate.

Look for common interests and hobbies with a classmate. Learn lessons together, be gallant and responsible.

An older woman will not appreciate words if you don’t manifest yourself anymore. Show that you can rely on. Take an interest in her, offer help around the house, spend free time together. Then the woman herself will understand that you love her.

In writing

Guys usually resort to this method when they are embarrassed to admit personally. It is also appropriate when your beloved is far away, and you will not see each other soon. You can send her your confession with a message in VK or on your mobile phone. On the Internet you can find many beautiful and original phrases for declaration of love, here are just a few of them.

  1. “You are tender and refined, like a lily flower. I will protect you ... You are strong, like a stream of a mountain river. I admire you! It is incredible happiness to know that you are mine. I love you!"
  2. “I was always a lone wolf and used to walk through life with my nose held up proudly, not noticing anyone around. But you were able to tame the beast and warm my icy heart. For this I fell in love with you. ”
  3. “I did not know that love can be so strong, all-consuming, like a tsunami or a hurricane sweeping away everything in its path. I didn’t know until I met you. ”

How to make a declaration of love if you are shy

Sometimes, even if you are in excellent relations with your beloved and are confident in her response, because of your own shyness for the first time it is incredibly difficult for you to say directly about your feelings. What to do in this case?

  • You can declare love by SMS. Well, why not? Of course, the method is not so spectacular and enchanting, but if you know that in another case, only spoil the moment with your confused slurred speech or crimson complexion, then this option of recognition has a right to exist. The main thing is to choose the right, beautiful words that suit her, the lady of your heart,
  • the same can be done using social networks. Now, by the way, a very popular way for the young generation to express their feelings is to declare love in VK,
  • you can go further in this direction and write a gentle, romantic love letter on paper, seal it in an envelope and mail it to your girlfriend. Share your feelings on paper and send a letter to your sweetheart. She will certainly appreciate such a tin, because it blows from him with the romance of imperial times, and no matter how modern your lover is, she will surely keep this letter for life,
  • but you can order beautiful bouquet with home delivery, and send flowers by courier together with postcardin which you write to her about everything that you feel.

Whatever method of declaration of love you choose, never get excited and do not panic. Weigh everything carefully and think it over. For greater self-confidence, remember one thing: if this is your person, your soulmate, she will respond with mutual feelings in any case, even if everything goes not perfectly smoothly and any difficulties arise.

Original ideas of declaration of love which are not mentioned in the article.

How to confess your feelings and not be rejected?

The main rule is not to wait for an answer from the young lady. A declaration of love is a monologue that does not require feedback. If a beautiful woman admits it too - excellently, there is no problem - maybe she wants to think everything over and not rush to a decision. If a girl clearly said “no,” that means she is not your fate, she should not belong to you and it is meaningless to seek it.

If you feel that the girl is also experiencing something for you, but you still can’t understand what that feeling is, you can make a declaration of love and at the same time put all the dots on the “and”. Here are some helpful tips in this controversial situation:

  • speak convincingly, you must understand that the fate of your relationship depends on your persuasiveness,
  • be gentle in words, do not raise your voice, do not be rude,
  • be strong and prepared for the fact that you may be denied,
  • respect any decision or reaction
  • do not be nervous if you are very worried - take a sedative, but in no case alcohol,
  • take this matter more simply (without “pens”),
  • be yourself, don't make yourself a prince on a white horse,
  • speak heartily and without deception.

Remember, if a lady rejected you - you do not need to torture happiness and bother her about this anymore, you can just stay with friends. Over time, you can switch your attention to other free beauties.

But everything is not always so sad, there are many cases where a young lady reciprocated in recognition, and this was a real holiday for both. Perhaps fate has prepared such a surprise for you too, so go ahead and win! Always yours, old lovelace Pantelei!

What if she doesn't love you

Confessed and received no reciprocity? This will knock the soil out from under the legs, but will help to remove the load from the shoulders.

Failure can lead to melancholy - the main thing is not to make the situation the meaning of life.

One must be mentally prepared for defeat. Behave yourself worthily. What makes you think that there is no hope for the future? If not with this person, then with another!


This tricky way is suitable for guys who want to play with a girl and make her break her head over her words. Its essence is that recognition is not made directly, but as if in passing. It may even be addressed not to her, but to some third party. So you can express sympathy to those girls with whom you have no relationship, but you are not averse to having them. I look forward to your perplexed faces, so here are some examples for illustrative purposes.

  1. When making an order in a restaurant, you can tell the waiter the following: “What is your tastiest wine here? The girl I love deserves the best! ”
  2. Introducing a friend to relatives and friends, imagine her as your favorite. Given that before that you did not confess love, the lady will be discouraged.
  3. Express dissatisfaction with the fact that the men around constantly look at her. The girl will surely scold you for excessive jealousy. Answer her like this: “I can’t help myself. It’s not my fault that I love you. ”

It is not necessary to repeat the presented options, you can come up with something of your own. I hope you understood the basic principle.

How to make a declaration of love to a girl if you are a girl

Lesbianism with concern is accepted in society. Think that not only the object of sighing, but also relatives, colleagues and friends can reject you.

Try to tell her that you love another, but do not know how to say it.According to her reaction you can understand if you should try.


Be creative and admit your love in a non-standard way. If God did not reward you with rich imagination, here is a cheat sheet for you.

  1. Mount a romantic video or presentation using your shared photos.
  2. Sing the girl's serenade under the window.
  3. Declare her love live on the radio station she is listening to.
  4. Write a letter to the lady and send it by mail.
  5. Bake fortune cookies for your beloved and put a piece of recognition in one of them.

See even more ways to declare love in this video.

Declaration of love to a man of his gender

Male gay sex censured more than female. Be careful even with an explanation in sympathy.

Think about whether your feelings are obsessed. Perhaps you have encountered failure with a woman and now perceive all the girls biased.

If people look neat, share a hobby and communicate a lot, this is not a reason to think about them in an unconventional way.

If you are sane and firm in memory, find out the man’s opinion of non-traditional sexuality before hinting at feelings. Otherwise, you risk becoming an object of ridicule, or even run into a fight.

Common mistakes that ruin any admission

Millions of guys confessed their love to you - they stuffed bumps and stepped on a rake - so why not take advantage of their experience? Below is a list of common mistakes, try not to make them.

If you are not 14 years old and you confess your love not to a minor classmate, but to an adult girl, it is better to refuse anonymity. It may not be obvious to whom the message is from, and then both of you will find yourself in a stupid situation. In addition, it will give out fear and self-doubt in you.

  • Recognition through friends

Do not ask your mutual friends to convey the words of love to the girl. You do not want to become an object of gossip and gossip. Yes, and this romance will kill all, not to mention the fact that the impression of you will be pretty spoiled. An adult self-confident man must solve such problems himself.

If you feel that you cannot handle the excitement, postpone the conversation. Shaking knees and sweaty palms are not the best helpers in this matter.

Many men try to deal with excitement with alcohol. This is a bad way. You can get too carried away and completely lose touch with reality, moreover, the smell of fumes is unlikely to please your lady.

After recognition, you should not hang over the girl in anticipation of an answer. She may be confused, impressed, or simply not ready yet to say the same words to you. Give her time to think it over - turn the conversation into a neutral channel.

Declarations of love

What could be more beautiful and desirable in the world than love? After all, it is this feeling that makes you soar in the sky, forgetting about all the problems and concerns. But no matter how strong the feelings are, it is sometimes so difficult to express them in words, picking up and saying all that is necessary and important about your feelings.

You can originally and beautifully confess love to a girl you like thanks to the confessions presented on our site. Only we have collected the warmest, most sensual and beautiful confessions, not only in prose, but also in poems, romantic wishes.

Or maybe you are a reverent girl who is afraid to be the first to tell a young man about her feelings? Then our declarations of love will help you take this important first step in your life, thereby subtly hinting about your only pure and romantic feelings for him.

Let declarations of love become a boundary for you, which will allow your further relations, give them certainty and confirm your mutual desire to be together forever.

It happens that you love a young man or a girl, and he (she) also guesses about it, but does not dare to take the first step.But, even when you decided to take this first step and confess your feelings, the second question arises: "How beautiful is it to declare love?"

How often do we want to hear words of love from the lips of a loved one. And how rarely do we ourselves speak to loved ones and loved ones about our feelings ...

How often tender affectionate words break from the heart. And you are ready not just to talk - to shout about your love! But a loved one is far away at this moment ...

And sometimes love just tears the soul apart. Because you love, but you don’t know whether it is mutual.

Are you worried, shy, afraid to admit - what if your love will not be accepted, but what if now is “not the right moment”? And you wait, postponing "until the more convenient occasion."

And the beloved person feels the same and is shy in the same way, waiting for the “chance”. But the case does not come. And then suddenly you realize that it’s too late to say something ...

The most suitable moment for a declaration of love is the moment when you feel love! Stop waiting! Use every chance, every opportunity to tell about your feelings!

Declare your love to the whole world! Tell your loved ones how much you love them! Give your loved one your warmth, tenderness and affection!

Confess your love, say “I love you!” Or just kind words to your loved one right now! And get recognition in return!

You are my happiness, my heart, my life! I love you!

I love you for your insanely beautiful eyes that look at me with tenderness and care. I love you for your hot body that warms me at night. I love you for your hot kisses that stupefy me!

My sweet baby. I love and adore you. I think that even the most beautiful confessions still do not reflect your angelic beauty and tenderness, love and affection. I love you!

I love you, and I want the whole world to know about it, but at the same time it was our little secret. I want to read you like an open book, but at the same time try to unravel the secret that is hidden inside you ...

Today I met a girl who I really liked. We talked with her for a long time, walked around the city together, and then I even took her home. And then I realized that I love her very much and want to be with her always.

You have no idea how dear you are to me! During the day, I meet many different girls passing me by, but not one of these girls will ever excite my heart like you, only you can do it! All my life I dreamed of a girl like you ... Affectionate, smart, beautiful, tender, this list is endless. You are incredibly unique among all the girls that I have ever seen. You are the only girl I want to be with forever.

Every morning, as soon as I wake up, the first thing I think about is about you. I think of you both in the afternoon and before falling asleep, and even in a dream.

And if I suddenly wake up at night, then I think about you again, after which a smile arises on my face, because I know that I will definitely dream about you, and I know that soon I will see you in reality.

And when I see it, I will inhale the smell of your hair, look into your beautiful eyes, touch your tender lips, feel the beat of your heart and your warm breath.

Let not so much time have passed since we met, but I’m completely sure that I want to live my whole life with you, and besides, I can’t imagine her without you. And believe me, with me you will be the happiest girl in this World, I will save you from all hardships and problems, I will do everything so that you do not know sorrow and sadness, I will do everything so that you always smile as you do now!

I love you so much that you can’t even imagine!

What is love? Each person endows this word with his own special "content." For some, love is an unrestrained passion, for someone - an endless series of romantic events, for someone - unthinkable, crazy actions.

The moment you appeared in my life was an amazing discovery for me - I realized what love is for me.From the first day of our acquaintance, tender, bright feelings tremble in the chest, intensifying with each of your calls, messages, with every meeting.

Now I can draw a clear line between the feeling of sympathy, love and the feeling of love that I have for you.

I love you! My love is not a dream or a fairy tale. My love is something intangible, it is a union of souls. It can not be measured by the number of our meetings, any of your actions, gifts and other romantic nonsense. I love every line of your face, every moment of our sometimes brief meetings.

Know that my feelings do not depend on whether you are nearby, they will not cool, even if thousands of kilometers separate us.

Spiritual intimacy is important to me first, but when you are far away, I often close my eyes and feel close by you, your intermittent breathing, your gentle voice and the dune touches of your strong, courageous hands.

You are my air. I want to live for you. It is important for me to know everything about you, about your experiences and dreams. I will be grateful if you allow me to share with you every moment of your life, it does not matter if it is sad, full of sorrows, or joyful.

You are all for me! Before our acquaintance, I could not imagine that you can know a person so well, and at the same time feel that there is still so much unsolved in him. With you, every “I love you” sounds like the first time.

I love that feeling when you're around, because you can not hide under masks, you can be yourself, talk on any topic.

My feelings for you cover me completely, give me the strength to become better every day, I need to work on myself, develop spiritually and physically. You discovered a new person in me, a new potential. Beside you, I feel free, you do not set me limits and limits, you give me the opportunity to make decisions on my own. I cannot but love you and myself when I am near you.

I love you! But I do not want to scream about our love, I want her to be our little secret. I can’t know what lies ahead, but I know for sure that my love does not depend on what is happening in the outside world. I will fight for our relationship, for our love. You are the meaning of my life. I will be infinitely happy if you share my feelings.

You are a wonderful and very dear person to me. I really want you to be happy (a), and I will be grateful (if) to you if you allow me to take part in this.

I keep you very carefully in my heart ... every look of your beautiful eyes, every word that your angel lips uttered, every second that we were there. You completely filled my soul and heart with you ... and my heart cannot already without you ... I love you baby!

You are my happiness, my heart, my life!
I love you!

Sorry, but I won’t find tender words.
I just want to say that I love you.

My sweet baby. I love and adore you. I think that even the most beautiful confessions still do not reflect your angelic beauty and tenderness, love and affection. I love you!

If one day the day comes when there is no room for you in my heart, it will be the blackest day in my life. Then there will not be a drop of joy in him, and life will lose its meaning. I love you.

I will give you the dawn, the moon and the stars, moonlight. And the breath of the breeze, as gentle as a touch of lips. I will give you myself, because I love you!

You warm my soul, you light my life, with you I am in a happy dream, you are a miracle, I love you!

A declaration of love to a girl is an exciting and important step in the life of any guy, man. A declaration of love to his wife is a touching reminder of his feelings, which can add more warmth and romance to family life. These confessions can sound equally good in both prose and poetry. However, in both cases, it is important that the recognition is beautiful and sincere, as in these recognitions.

Confess to the former

Your connection with your ex could be broken due to chance or misunderstanding, but your feelings remained. Even if you doubt it, it's worth a try anyway.

Ponder whether these bonds brought happiness and joy? They could be finished for objective reasons, and you grieve not because of a specific person, but from loneliness.

Declaration of love for a loved one: the most beautiful and romantic words

  • It so happens that love just breaks your heart and it is very difficult to find the right words to express the whole gamut of feelings and emotions, to show how strong and all-consuming it is ...
  • Your beloved Karelian News is ready to help you with this and offers a choice of romantic declarations of love for your beloved, funny and touching, hot and timid, exciting and passionate - and you will surely find that declaration of love to the guy that reflects exactly your feeling!
  • Declaration of love for beloved guy
  • ***
  • You are the dearest and most beloved man in the world.
  • When you are away for a long time, the world becomes uninteresting.
  • And when you are with me, there is no happier person in this world.
  • You are the air that I breathe and without which I can not live even a second.
  • I love you more and more than anyone else in the world!
  • A letter of declaration of love to a guy
  • ***
  • There are people with whom I do not want to part even for a moment.
  • They are like a drug: the more you recognize them, the less likely you are to forget about them.
  • I want to comprehend such people, I want to dissolve in them.
  • They captivate the hearts, and delight the mind.
  • There are few such people, but still they are.
  • You are such a person to me!
  • And I love you very much!
  • Declaration of love sms man
  • ***
  • I want to make you the happiest man on this earth!
  • I want to enjoy you every minute
  • and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, affection ...
  • I love you!
  • SMS love declaration
  • When I read your messages, I want to hear from you soon ...
  • so that words from paper, from the monitor and phone screens are warmed up
  • the warmth of your voice. When I hear your voice, I dream
  • see you soon ... because the looks speak sincere words.
  • When I look at your photo, I want to touch you ...

to feel the warmth of your hands. Let's meet soon!

  1. Gentle declaration of love sms beloved guy
  2. ***
  3. My dear, without you my heart was a cold ice
  4. my soul never saw the light ... But you melted my heart,
  5. took it to himself and became it. I need you like air, I wilt without you

like a flower without water. You are my life, my ray of light. I love you!

So strong, so crazy! You are my whole life, and I simply cannot without you!

  • A touching letter of declaration of love to a loved one
  • ***
  • When I feel bad, I know that I will see you, and I will feel good.
  • When I feel good, I know that I will see you, and I will feel even better!
  • Love makes people optimistic. She gives them wings and makes

fly towards your dream. I already flew to mine.

  1. After all, my dream is you, my most beloved person!
  2. Passionate declaration of love to a guy from a girl
  3. ***
  4. I love you, and I want the whole world to know about it,
  5. but at the same time it was our little secret.
  6. I want to read you like an open book, but at the same time
  7. try to unravel the secret that is hidden inside you ...
  8. Cool declaration of love to a guy
  9. ***
  10. You are infinitely kind, unusually sweet, very smart,
  11. damn attractive, exceptional decent,
  12. insanely talented and crystal clear honest ... a monster!
  13. Well, I am the same, as in a fairy tale, beautiful princess,
  14. who is in love with you! :)
  15. Romantic declaration of love to a loved one
  16. ***
  17. Like a bird, my soul flies when you are by my side.
  18. Now I understand the meaning of the words “wings have grown”,
  19. because if your loved one is with you, it’s as if you are starting to fly.
  20. I was lucky to experience this feeling and meet
  21. your loved one. You blinded my heart

and I don’t want to look at others. In my dreams only you
and I want you to know how much I love you!

  • Beautiful declarations of love to the beloved
  • ***
  • When you have a light inside me, I like its warmth,

and the way he warms me. I feel comfortable with you when you hug me. Your kisses are sweet and tender, and your lips are soft and inviting.

  1. You are my little world that even the whole universe cannot replace.
  2. I love you and that’s it!
  3. Original declaration of love SMS
  4. Beloved, you know, they say that love is like a war:
  5. easy to start, hard to finish and impossible to forget!
  6. So I confess - I can’t forget you!
  7. Romantic declaration of love to a beloved man
  8. ***
  9. I want to tell you that you are an unusual and amazing mystery!
  10. We crossed paths of life, we were united by the energy of love,
  11. having saturated every moment of our life with a special feeling!
  12. Our hearts beat in unison, our eyes are turned towards each other,
  13. like endless galaxies! Love wraps us in a soft haze
  14. making the hustle and bustle around ... Happiness to know and feel,
  15. that we have each other!
  16. Cool declaration of love SMS
  17. There are only two endless things in this world:
  18. this is the universe and my love for you!
  19. Although I'm not sure about the universe ...
  20. Original letter of declaration of love
  21. ***
  22. If you live a hundred years - I want to live a day less
  23. so that you don’t live a day without you ... If you will jump from the bridge -
  24. I will not jump after you - I will catch you under the bridge ...
  25. And let everyone hear what you're talking about, but as soon as I hear
  26. what are you silent about because I really love you ...
  27. Exciting declaration of love to SMS man
  28. ***
  29. You know, I don’t love you anymore ...
  30. I love you very much!
  31. ***
  32. I love you every second, minute, hour, day, and night.
  33. For weeks, months, years and centuries ... We found each other
  34. among a million, and now we are two halves of one big heart.
  35. If you don’t think so, then I can’t live anymore,
  36. because the heart cannot beat only half ...

Friendzone: if you fell in love with a friend

You have common interests, have something to talk about, and you spend most of the time together? Passion for a friend often becomes unrequited, because a loved one perceives you differently and does not want changes.

You can remain silent and maintain friendship. And you can take a chance and tell everything - the choice is yours.

True friends rarely think about relationships. Maybe you do not need to spoil the friendship and it is better to find a new chosen one?

If you decideBe sincere and tolerant of any development. Do not talk about it while intoxicated and do not exert pressure to get an instant response.

How to declare a girl love: more than 10 interesting ways

Good afternoon, our precious readers, especially their male half! Are there any romance lovers among you? Then you have come to the right place! I will tell you how to declare a girl love in a beautiful and original way.

Sooner or later, in a relationship there is a moment when you want to express your feelings. This is a serious and responsible step requiring courage, sincerity and the presence of imagination. Very often, it marks a transition to a new deeper level of communication. In order for this process to go smoothly, you need to carefully prepare and take into account some of the nuances. Our article is designed to help you with this.

Beautiful and original: 5 best ways

  1. An example is the actions of a hero from the movie "Real Love." Open your heart without words to romantic music, showing cards with phrases like in a movie or sketches.
  2. Cinema can help with words. Watch the right moments in the movies “Oath”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Groundhog Day”, they will push you to search for the right and touching words for your beloved.
  3. Is it hard to decide to make a speech? Describe your feelings in a letter and send it along with a bouquet of flowers or another gift. This method is suitable when in doubt of reciprocity. So you give a person time to realize their feelings and answer.
  4. Use the right occasion - Valentine's day or friends wedding.The romantic atmosphere on such days will provide around a lot of emotionality. If you choose a wedding and want to declare it publicly, do not forget to warn the newlyweds.
  5. Select a nice place: cafe on the roof or top floor of a skyscraper, on a boat or yacht, on the beach. Remember - the place must be comfortable. If she is afraid of heights or water, you should not opt ​​for places that cause her anxiety.

How unusual to confess love

We will plunge into romantic creativity. What can you do yourself and with your soul?

  • Commonplacechalk on the pavement»Can be turned into unusual if you write compliments and nice words on the route that she usually walks on. Arrange with your friends to meet her on the way with cute posters or signs.
  • Organize an original quest: using notes or asking strangers, you can send a young lady to you or a symbolic gift. Think through the details so that it is exciting and tireless.
  • Order for her song on the radio or sing it yourself if you have a musical ear.
  • Record a video with gentle and pleasant words and arrange to be shown in a movie theater. Alternatively, quietly download the video to her computer or phone, but so that it is found and watched.
  • Arrange in a crowded place dance flash mob, prepare posters with phrases specifically for her. At the end, go out with a bouquet of flowers and give a speech.
Simple and childishly romantic. The main thing is that the beloved appreciates, and not swear, that you dishonored her all over the house.

Notes and love letters

You can write if you are very shy and afraid of your behavior ruining the moment. Pick the phrases that most express your feelings.

Not sure what to say? Use examples from books and films.

If the message is read, but No answer, wait a while, maybe the person is busy and cannot immediately answer or think about his reaction.

If during the day there is no answer, let’s say you’re ready to wait for how long you need You are surely ready to make any decision, because first of all you wish her happiness.

The answer still did not follow? Do not despair. If you were sincere, then you definitely felt better from expressing feelings. Reciprocity is still waiting for you somewhere ahead.

Write your reviews, stories and comments! Yet more articles about love here.

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