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How to determine the size of men's sweaters: table and tips

European firms make men's sweaters, taking into account the type of figure.

Subtleties of determining the size of a men's sweater:

Choosing a men's sweater of a certain size, you need:

1. Correctly measure: neck circumference, chest, waist, hips, back and shoulder widths, sweater length, shoulder and sleeve length, height (when measuring the girth, leave 2 (cm) for a free fit).

2. Determine the density, texture, knitting and type of material of the sweater.

3. Take into account the type of figure:

a) triangular (inverted) - broad shoulders, narrow waist,
b) rectangular - with almost the same parameters of the waist, hips and chest,
c) circle - with a predominance of the index of waist circumference over the indicators of the chest and hips.

Features of the selection of sweaters of European manufacturers:

European firms make men's sweaters, taking into account the type of figure:

N - (38 - 82 size - even numbering) - standard figure, height over 162 (cm),
B - (51 - 75 size - odd numbering) - full figure, height over 162 (cm),
S - (88 - 118 size) with a thin physique and growth> 179 (cm),
U - (24 - 32 size) with a stocky physique of a figure, with growth more than 162 (cm).

How to determine the size of a sweater for a man?

When looking for sweaters, you need to know how to determine the size of sweaters for men. To do this, you can use special calibration tables.

Sweater Fit FormBreast measurements
Very closeApproximately 5 to 10 cm smaller than actual breast size
ZeroThe width of the sweater is equal to the actual measurement of the chest
ClassicComfortable fit, in which the product is 5 to 10 cm wider than the chest
LooseA slightly oversized product that is 10-15 cm larger than the chest
Very freeSweater 15+ cm larger than actual breast size

To correctly calculate the size of a men's sweater, you will need to use a special measuring tape, with which the main body parameters are measured.

How to measure breasts:

  • wrap a centimeter under the armpits around the widest part of the chest,
  • the centimeter should fit snugly, not so tight as to squeeze the breath, but not so weak as to slide down,
  • you don’t need to bend or stoop your chest, just stand straight.

To measure the neck:

  • wrap the tape measure around the bottom of the neck. It should pass 2 cm below the adam apple,
  • a man should not suffocate from roulette. For a comfortable fit between the neck and tape measure should fit 2 fingers.

All sweaters have different sleeve lengths. To measure your length, you need to measure the distance from the shoulder joint to the wrist. When a man bends his wrists and puts them on a flat surface, then the sleeves should end where the wrist ends. However, the sleeve should not be completely smooth and without wrinkles - if so, then usually this means that it is too small.

The sleeves should be close to the arm, but not so tight that you can see your muscles or the ripples of the shirt below. Also, it should not be so wide as to form waves.

For any sweater, the rule should apply that its width should allow pinching no more than 4 cm of tissue on both sides of the lower chest. But this volume e must be less than 2 cm on each side, because otherwise the product will be too dense.

Size chart

Once all the parameters are measured, you need a dimensional grid, which will help to finally determine your size.

The sizeChestWaistArm
XS85 – 87.670 – 72,481
S89 – 9474 – 7983
M97 – 10281 – 8685
L104 – 10989 – 9488
XL112 – 11797 – 10290
XXL119 – 127104 – 10993

The ratio of the sizes of clothes of different countries

In order to be able to correctly determine your size, a special size table may come in handy.

Sweater SizesSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
Great Britain101214161820222426


1 × 1 elastic (alternation of 1 front and 1 reverse loops).

Elastic band 2 × 3 (extended).

1st row: 3 purl, * 2 loops without knitting (thread at work), 3 purl *. From * to * repeat to the end of the row.

2nd and 4th rows: 3 front, * 1 wrong side, 1 yarn, 1 wrong side, 3 front *. From * to * repeat to the end of the row.

3rd row: 3 purl, * 1 loop (thread at work), throw the crochet without crocheting, 1 loop (thread at work), 3 purl *. From * to * repeat to the end of the row.

  • Next, repeat the 3rd and 4th rows.
  • Diamond Pattern knit according to the pattern.
  • Knitting density: 25 loops wide and 30 rows high form a square with a side of 10 cm.


The numbers in parentheses refer to large sizes.

Back. Gather 126 (136/146) stitches into 3 mm needles and knit 8 cm with 1x1 elastic. In the last row of elastic, add evenly 34 loops.

Then go to the 4 mm knitting needles and knit, distributing the loops as follows: 1 edge, 28 (33/38) loops with a 2 × 3 elastic band, 22 loops with a rhombus pattern, * 18 loops with a 2 × 3 elastic band, 22 loops with a rhombus pattern , * from * to * repeat 1 time, 28 (33/38) loops with a 2 × 3 elastic band, 1 edge.

At the 69th cm from the start of work, close the middle 38 loops for the neckline, then 1 more times 7 and 1 times 3 loops in each second row from both sides.

At 71 cm from the start of work, close the loops remaining on the shoulders.

Before knit like a back. At the 64th cm from the start of work, close the middle 22 loops for the neckline, then 1 more times 5, 1 times 3, 3 times 2 and 4 times, 1 loop in each second rad from both sides.

Close the remaining hinges on the shoulders at the same height as on the back.

Sleeves. Type 3 mm 50 (54/60) stitches into the knitting needles and knit 8 cm with 1 × 1 elastic. In the last row of elastic, add 30 (26/30) loops evenly. Then go to the 4 mm knitting needles and knit, distributing the loops as follows: 1 edge, 28 (28/33) loops with a 2 × 3 elastic band, 22 loops with a rhombus pattern, 28 (28/33) loops with a 2 × 3 elastic band, 1 edge .

As you knit, add on both sides for sizes 48-50 and 56-58 - 6 times 1 loop alternately in each fourth and sixth rows and 25 times 1 loop in each fourth row, and for size 52-54 - 31 times 1 loop in each fourth row, then 2 times, 1 loop in turn in each second and fourth rows. On the knitting needles after the last increase there will be 142 (146/152) loops.

At the 53th cm from the start of work, close all the loops in one go.

Assembly. Paste the finished parts on the patterns, cover with a damp cloth and rotate with a hot iron (without pressing) until the fabric dries. Sew all the seams. Tuck the elastic of the sleeves by 5 cm. On the edge of the neckline on the circular knitting needles, dial 120 loops and knit 3 cm with an elastic band 1 × 1. Close the loops to the rhythm of the gum.

Diagram pattern

Only the front rows are shown. Wrong seam as loops look. The pattern is repeated from the 1st to the 34th row.

  1. - wrong loop
  2. - Remove 3 loops on the spare knitting needle before work, knit 1 wrong side, then 3 front knitting needles
  3. - Remove 1 loop on the spare knitting needle at work, check the 3 knitting stitches, then 1 wrong side of the spare knitting needle

Marking sizes of men's clothing in Russia

In Russia, when determining the size of clothes, you need to be guided by three measures:

  • half chest
  • waist circumference
  • neck circumference.,

The basis for calculating the size of men's suits and clothing shirts is the value of the half-circumference of the chest.

How to determine the half girth of the chest?

  1. Stretch a measuring tape around the chest along the most protruding points.
  2. Divide the resulting value by 2 and find out your size.

With a girth of 100 cm, clothes of 50 sizes are suitable for you, with a girth of 96 cm - clothes of 48 sizes.

According to this indicator, you can choose suits, shirts, t-shirts, outerwear.

Drawing of a pattern of a male pullover (sizes 48-50, 52-64 and 56-58)

Men's pullover relief pattern Men's pullover sorn
Sports Men's Pullover Two pullovero one pattern
Men's pullover
Male and female vests

Men's knitting sweater, 33 patterns with diagrams and descriptions, Knitting for men

Modern men no less than women closely monitor fashion trends. They want to be stylish, create their own unique image, be in harmony with others, attract the attention of the weaker sex. A knitted sweater, knitted with knitting needles, can easily cope with such tasks, which perfectly complements any costume ensemble and at the same time can warm you on a cold evening.

Choosing an outfit, a strong half of humanity usually pursues several goals at once:

  • look courageous
  • look respectable
  • feel comfortable.

These qualities are possessed by handmade knitwear. It always remains in trend, it looks elegant and unusual, emphasizes individuality and a sense of taste.

Classic, shortened, elongated, voluminous, free, with a collar, with a high neck, with a V-shaped neck, with prints, with a large knit or braids, plaid, striped ... Modern designers never cease to amaze with the variety of men's knitted patterns for any age and season of the year.

The main advantage of a knitted sweater is practicality and versatility. This is a great option for both everyday wear and business meetings.

A small wish on the choice of models

  • men of mature age should prefer the classics,
  • young people can safely combine bright knitwear with the tone of basic things,
  • sweaters of muffled and pastel color are suitable for business clothes,
  • it is necessary to choose a style that matches the physique of the future owner. For example, slender gentlemen can afford tight models.

A knitted sweater is always in demand and practical, so it should be in the wardrobe of every man. The main thing is that the owner of the knitwear should feel comfortable in it. If the thing is connected only for him alone, then the man will definitely wear such a sweater with even greater pleasure.

Look at our models of men's sweaters, which knitted readers.

Men's sweater, knitted to order. Work on it was a great pleasure, the preparation was long, I couldn’t determine which Arani would look better, and I wanted to avoid special difficulties, the work should be fun. Threads of NAKO Nakolet.

One day, my husband found on someone’s network an entry titled “Kingdom for the scheme” and a picture of a fairly recognizable character from an old movie dressed up in an elegant sweater by the hand of an unknown artist. The husband immediately declared that he wanted such a sweater

Men's sweater - chain mail is connected based on a product from K / F “The Last Knight”. The sweater chain-mail is knitted of knitted yarn Hoooked, 250g / 120m, knitting needle 9. Male size 46-48. Pattern: front rows - wrong stitches, wrong rows - front stitches. Loops on the wrong rows are connected “through

Men's pullover knitted to the size of 50/52 from VITA CANDY yarn 100% wool. Knitting needles number 3. The back is tied with a 2x2 elastic band and a stocking knit. On the shelf and sleeves: 2x2 elastic and a pattern of aran and braids. Highly

Very quickly from bobbin threads with knitting needles she knitted such a men's sweater for her grandson. Threads wool mixture, knitting needles No. 4. I knitted from the neck according to the scheme of my favorite French raglan. The threads are good, lie flat and do not twist and are very soft to the touch

Sweater for a boy of 4 years. Knitted with needles according to the description from an Internet. The back and front are connected according to the pattern and the sleeves are faced with a smooth surface. Yarn pehora wool with acrylic 50/50, 200m per 100g. It took exactly 300 grams. Gum knitted alone

Women's and men's sweaters with Norwegian patterns, sizes 48 and 54. Knitted from wool blend yarn “Vita Unity Light” in three colors - burgundy, white and dark blue. Golf collars are made with 1x1 elastic band, straps and cuffs are made with 2x2 elastic band, sleeves with a lowered armhole. The work of Svetlana Shevchenko.

interesting selection on knitka.ru Women's Knitwear Sweaters 24 models for women, without child models

She knitted a pullover for her son. He does not like wound models, so he chose the simplest. Yarn “Successful” (50% wool, 50% acrylic). It took 5 skeins (250m to 100g.). Knitting needles number 2.5. Knitting patterns and pattern:

I saw a men's sweater on the Internet, I liked it, I decided to knit my son. Size 48, yarn consumption 400 g., Yarn “Angora classic lanagold” (100 g-800 m.), Knitted in 2 threads. Description: 91 pet. knitted

For knitting you will need: Color City yarn “Snow Lamb” in 2 folds straight knitting needles No. 2.5 and 3 5 buttons. Before you start knitting, you need to measure. To calculate the loops, a loop calculation program was used on the website www.mnemosina.ru pattern

Men's sweater for son is knitted from polo wool 100 g-200 m. Size 48, yarn consumption up to 600 g. Description of knitting sweaters Spin: 48 cm. Gathered and knitted 100 pet. pattern “muddle 1x1 ″ 41 cm., then on both

Hello girls! She knitted a male pullover for her son for the winter. He doesn’t wear handmade products, he prefers branded items from the store. I persuaded to try to knit a sweater for him, agreed and seemed to be pleased. I think it turned out no worse than the store.

The actual sound of the everyday sweater of a young man gives a rare shade of yarn. Size for 14 years or more. You will need: 650 g of lingonberry yarn (100% acrylic, 230 m / 100 g), knitting needles 3,5 and 4. Density of knitting of a man's pullover

My name is Kolyada Larisa. I am a translator and teacher of English. A German philologist by education. I grew up in a needlework family - mother, grandmother and two aunts sewed, knitted, embroidered. Even in preschool, my grandmother taught me how to knit

  • Read more…
  • Actual models for our men!
  • Sizes: S / M / L / XL.
  • You will need: 650/700/750/800 g terracotta (automne) yarn Bergere de France Pur Merinos Francais (100% merino wool, 120 m / 50 g), knitting needles No. 3,5 and No. 4,5.
  • Design: Bergere de France.

Pullover with a relief pattern, a universal thing for every day. Strictly and tastefully.

Sweater Sizes: S / M / L / XL.

  • Yarn Bergere de France "Varval" (60% wool, 40% acrylic, 50 g / 125 m): 10/10/11/12 skeins art. 231.291 (light blue).
  • Knitting needles number 3 and number 3.5,
  • 2 extra knitting needles.
  1. Description and patterns of knitting
  2. Knitted at 50-52 size with Lyly threads 100% mercerized cotton (50 g 125 m).
  3. Description and diagrams by reference
  4. Schemes and Description
  5. Model from Harry Potter Knits, Special Issue 2013.
  6. Schemes and Description

Sizes: 50/52 (54). Data for size 54 are in parentheses. If only one number is specified, then it applies to both sizes.

You will need: 300 (350) g ​​of stone gray (color 3) and black-brown (color 22) and 200 g of gray (color 4) yarn Lana Grossa ARIA (100% cotton, 165 m / 50 g) , straight knitting needles No. 3,5 and No. 4, short circular knitting needles No. 3,5.

Elastic band: alternately 1 persons., 1 izn. Pattern of braids: the number of loops is a multiple of 13 + 4 + chrome. Knit according to the pattern on which the persons are shown. R., in out. R. knit loops according to the pattern. Repeat 1st - 12th p.

  • Schemes and description by reference
  • Knitting patterns and description
  • Sizes 50-54-56.
  • Product Length: 88-96-106.
  • For knitting you will need: 600-750-800 grams of dark beige yarn (100% wool, 75m / 50gr), 250-300-300 grams of melange yarn.
  • Sizes: 46/48 (52/54) 58/60.

For knitting you will need: yarn (100% merino wool, approx. 80 m / 50 g) - 950 (1000) 1050 g gray and 400 (450) 450 g blue, knitting needles No. 5 and 5.5, circle. knitting needles No. 5, length 60 cm.

  1. Schemes and Description
  2. The main pattern is the front surface on which there are vertical stripes of a fantasy pattern.
  3. The description of knitting is given on the sizes:
  • XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Chest circumference - 81-87 (91-97, 102-107, 112-117, 122-127, 132-137) cm,
  • The chest circumference of the finished product is 95 (103, 114, 123, 135, 144) cm,
  • Length - 63 (65, 66, 68, 69, 70) cm,
  • Sleeve seam length 46 (47, 47, 47, 48, 48) cm.

For knitting you will need: Sublime Extra Fine Merino Worsted yarn (100% wool, 100 m / 50 grams in a skein) - 13 (14, 14, 15, 17, 18) skeins, knitting needles No. 3.75 and No. 4.5, additional knitting needle, 2 holders loops.

  • Knitting patterns and description link
  • Sizes: 48/50, 52/54, 56/58, 60-62.
  • For knitting you will need: 650-800 grams of yarn (80% acrylic, 20% wool, 95m / 50g), knitting needles number 3,5 and 4.
  • The jacquard pattern with northern motifs looks great on a lightweight sweater for relaxing and playing sports.
  • Sizes: 46-56.

Women's or men's knitting sweater
The size of the sweater is 48-52. To knit this sweater, you will need 500 g of yarn: 49% wool, 51% acrylic, footage 390 meters in 100 grams. Knitting needles 3 mm or 3.5 mm.

  1. The video should load here, wait or refresh the page.
  2. The video should load here, wait or refresh the page.
  3. Yarn consumption 670 gr.
  4. The video should load here, wait or refresh the page.
  5. The video should load here, wait or refresh the page.

How to choose a sweater: life hacks for men

A pure cashmere sweater is a true reference to sweaters. It can cost several thousand rubles due to the high cost of wool and down of cashmere mountain goats. But such sweaters are very warm and light.

When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • the sweater should fit perfectly
  • you should have a reason to wear it at least four times a year,
  • preference should be given to classic dark colors,
  • buy only from trusted sellers.

If you properly care for such a sweater, it can last you more than ten years.

Mixed fiber fabrics

Sweaters are often made from several types of fibers. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Improving the quality of the fabric. The addition of synthetic fibers to natural fabrics often increases their strength and other properties.
  2. Saving. Pay attention to the tags indicating the composition and remember that quality often depends on the price.

2. Choose a color

The color of the sweater affects the situation in which it can be worn.

Dark things are generally considered more formal, although light colors are acceptable in spring and summer.

Bright colors will attract attention to you, so they are more suitable for an informal atmosphere. A bright sweater, as it were, says that you do not take yourself too seriously.

3. Pay attention to the picture.

Plain sweaters are more suitable for a business setting, but the pattern gives things a more relaxed, casual look.

Diamonds - one of the most popular patterns on men's sweaters. However, if you wear such a sweater, remember that the pattern will draw all the attention to you. It is best to combine such sweaters with sportswear or jeans; they will not suit suits.

5. Pay attention to landing

Even a cashmere sweater for 30,000 rubles will look ridiculous if it does not fit you in size.

Each brand uses models with different physiques to create clothes, so try to find a brand that will be best suited for your figure.

Another sweater can be adjusted according to the figure in the studio. Not everyone will take it, but you can try it yourself, using various tips on the Internet.

High neck sweater


A quality dark high neck sweater should be the main item in every man’s wardrobe. If you wear it with dark trousers, you will appear slimmer and taller. In addition, you can wear such a sweater with anything: with a suit, sports jacket or separately.

Throat Sweater


Such sweaters are very convenient because they completely hide what is worn under them. Although the shirt is still considered the most natural addition, you can wear under this sweater what is most comfortable for you.


This is a great casual sweater that doesn't need to be worn under a shirt. It is best combined with sports cut jackets. Such a sweater should sit perfectly on you.



This is one of the most versatile and underrated sweaters. For some reason, there is a stereotype that this is exclusively an option for the elderly. It's not like that at all. Cardigans are suitable for men of all ages and go well with everything. They can be worn over a shirt, under a sports cut jacket or with a suit.

In addition, this is the only type of sweater in which there are pockets.

Aranian sweater


A real Aran sweater is a work of art. Traditionally, in this knitting style, which appeared in Ireland, a certain interweaving of threads told the story of the family of its owner.

  • It is believed that initially these sweaters had a dual purpose: they not only warmed the fishermen in cold weather, but also helped to identify the drowned.
  • Now in Ireland, such sweaters are still knitted manually, and each sweater consists of about 100,000 loops!
  • It is better to wear Aranian sweaters on top of clothes, without hiding them under a jacket.

Sleeveless Sweater


These sweaters are best combined with suits or jackets of a sports cut and unpaired trousers. They should not match the rest of the clothes in color. It is even better if such a sweater will only emphasize the rest of the ensemble.

If you are confident in your style, you can also wear a sleeveless sweater with a classic shirt and loose trousers or nice jeans. This will create a single image, smooth the contrast between the shirt and trousers.

Difficulties in choosing clothes: men's sizes

Asking the question of purchasing new clothes for men, thoughts always arise about the conformity of the parameters. So, the selection of outerwear, as well as underwear, can turn into a real disaster if you do not take care of the choice in a timely manner.

Moreover, quite often, buyers are faced with confusion and confusion.

It would seem, where can they come from? The fact is that different shops and supermarkets, not to mention Internet resources, offer their own ideas about sizes, which can be very different from their classical perception.

Consider the key concepts about dimensional grids that exist today.

It is worth immediately reminding you that when you hear the phrase “men's clothing sizes, Russia table”, and wondering if the given sizes correspond to the Chinese, US, and European scales, it should be understood that Russian is the size used at one time in the USSR.

At the present time, most domestic manufacturers have already managed to switch to the European scale, which has nothing to do with the Russian one. To understand what size is needed for men of all countries, it is not difficult, the most significant point is to carefully measure and understand which type of size the manufacturer offers you.

So, how to find out your size of men's clothing? We understand.

Measurements, length, girths

To establish the dimensions of clothing for men, in general, as well as for the fair half of humanity, is quite simple. To understand the size of shirts, jackets, jumpers, or outerwear required by a person, only one fundamental parameter is needed. This is the girth of the chest. When purchasing pants, you should measure the coverage around the waist and hips.

Measuring your own chest circumference, position the measuring tape so that it passes along the most convex points. After the centimeter should lie under the armpits, and pass on the back slightly higher than on the chest.

Men's waist should be measured exclusively along the line itself - horizontally.

When measuring men's hips, as in the case of women's hips, a centimeter tape should be positioned along the most protruding parts.

Specialists of stores and clothing manufacturers, in addition to the main measurement parameters, use the following measurement methods:

  1. Front length - measured from the highest point of the shoulder down, passing through the chest and ending at the very bottom of the product. Using such data, you can easily choose the length of a coat, jacket or other outerwear.
  2. The length on the back is another indicator for choosing men's outerwear, as well as jackets and sweaters. Experts measure it from the seventh cervical vertebra, along the line of the middle back to the very bottom.
  3. Sleeve length - it is measured on the outside, and the length of the sleeve from the neck, respectively, from the seam on the collar.
  4. The length of the trousers - it is external and internal, measured respectively from the belt or from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.

Table for the selection of sweaters

Using the indicators of the proposed grid, it is possible to choose the optimal size of the following types of clothing:

It is noteworthy that only four main measurements are involved in choosing the optimal size. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to choose the size of the product for yourself from any manufacturer, starting from the international classification S, M, L and ending with the offers of leading Italian brands with their own dimensional grid.

A selection of shorts and trousers

For the selection through the online stores of men's trousers or shorts, only two sizes should be taken into account, among them:

  • hips in cm
  • waist circumference in cm.

After measuring your own parameters, proceed to the selection using the following table.

Jeans for man

To determine the size of jeans trousers that suit a man, the parameters of the waist and hips should also be taken into account. Keep in mind that some manufacturers indicate dimensions in inches, do not get confused.

The sizes for men's jeans trousers are determined by the following table.

Having determined the sizes in this way and using the correct indicators, you can easily choose your favorite model of men's clothing, both in domestic and foreign online stores.

In addition, in this way, you can choose the size of overalls, tables of men's clothing in this case are also relevant. Men's overalls are the same trousers and a jacket. Therefore, problems should not arise.

The main thing is to consider the fact in which country you want to buy a suit, sweater, jeans or other clothes.

What else to look for when choosing?

The selection of men's wardrobe, in addition to the optimal choice of sizes, requires additional attention. A key feature is practicality and versatility. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity can not stand when the closet is filled with superfluous elements. This misleads them and provokes a loss of composure.

Keep in mind that huge dressing rooms are a women's prerogative. A man should have a few things in his closet. However, at the same time, they should be selected in such a way that a successful combination allows you to create different images and emphasize the style. Such an approach to completing a wardrobe will save money at the same time and always look stylish.

Tips for building a wardrobe

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the wardrobe equipment includes exclusively high-quality things. Give preference to those brands that have already been tested by time and experience of use.

The use of high-quality materials in the manufacture of men's clothing is an added bonus. In a similar way, not only well-being improves and a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

The fact is that things made from natural materials are more wear-resistant, and this is the key to the successful creation of a wardrobe for a man.

The second advice that is relevant for many is to forget about saving. Of course, we are not talking about "throwing money." It is better to buy a few things, but they should all be comfortable, wear-resistant and bring pleasure to their owner. Keep in mind that cheap clothing options, both top and bottom, can quickly become worthless and lose their normal appearance.

Among the basic things of a men's wardrobe are the following:

  • business suit (it is advisable to acquire several options of various colors or styles),
  • shirts
  • jeans,
  • pullover,
  • several copies of outerwear for each of the seasons,
  • shoes (also seasonal)
  • accessories.

When building a men's wardrobe, you should consider:

  • occupation of a person
  • features of the figure,
  • own preferences.

Such an approach to complete the wardrobe will save you from unnecessary purchases. Particular attention should be paid to the entrance of the selection of shoes. This element of the wardrobe is a key detail. Shoes are primarily able to attract attention.

In addition to the natural maintenance of shoes clean, due attention should be paid to its quality. Keep in mind that shoes should go well with other details of men's wardrobe. Be prepared for the fact that good shoes can significantly “hit your pocket”.

But, despite this, you will be satisfied with its quality, practicality and durability.

The final touch on the formation of a holistic masculine image is accessories. The right choice and selection of ties, an umbrella and a purse is a guarantee of success and gloss. Be beautiful and amaze your eyes with the right clothes both in size and style!

Knitting for men with knitting needles - Golden knitting needles

Sizes: 44/46, 48/50, 52/54, 56/58 You will need: 300/400/400/500 g of golden brown (color 00213), the color of Burgundy wine (color 00852) and chocolate (color .00807) Schachenmayr Original Northern yarn (100% acrylic, 210 m / 100 g), straight knitting needles No. 4 and No. 4,5, circular knitting needles No. 4, auxiliary knitting needle.

Light color is relevant at any time of the year. Knitted men's sweater looks very stylish, thanks to the longitudinal alternation of stripes of garter stitch and a pattern of holes, the back and front of the sweater are made by cross-knitting without shoulder seams.

Knitting a men's sweater. Description of work. Pattern schemes and sweater pattern.

Knitting sports cap and snood. Description of work.

Sizes: 48 (50-52-54). You will need: 750 (750-800-800) g. Of Prima blue yarn (100% merino wool, 95 m. / 50 g., Knitting needles 4,5 and 5, 2 auxiliary knitting needles).

What is the size of men's clothing L and what parameters does it correspond to

When choosing clothes, every man has to deal with her size. The appearance of the thing, as well as a neat fit, largely depend on this parameter. A suitable product should not tightly fit the body or sag, tighten the silhouette at the base or wrinkle behind. Representatives of the strong half of humanity, having a normal physique, most often choose size L.

But not every one of them is correctly oriented in the dimensional grid. So you know exactly what size is men's clothing L, we have prepared this article.

Such information will come in handy if, for example, you like a men's jeans jacket in the WESTLAND online store, but you, having average parameters, will not know which one will be the most suitable.

L men's clothing size in numbers

Navigating in the dimensional grid is much easier when numbers are available that can be compared with your parameters. With their help, you can give an exact answer to the question: what size of men's clothing in Russian L? According to the data in the international table, it corresponds to the marking with the number 50.

The sizes of the shoulder products are determined based on the numbers obtained as a result of measurements of the circumference of the chest, waist, neck and length of the sleeve. If the label of the shirt or jacket contains the English letter L, this means that the product will suit a man whose chest circumference is 100 cm, waist - 88–90 cm, neck - 41 cm, and sleeve length is 63 cm.

When buying men's inexpensive jeans inexpensively in the WESTLAND online store, you need to focus on measurements of the waist and hips. The waist, as already mentioned above, should be no more than 90 cm, and the hips - 105–108 cm. The average height of the holder of such parameters ranges from 176–182 cm.

To determine exactly whether the size of men's clothing L is right for you, take the measurements correctly (you can yourself or ask another person about it).

A centimeter tape will help to correctly determine key parameters. Landmarks for obtaining accurate measurements of the chest - the most prominent points of it.

You do everything right if the tape is at the armpit level. Then you need to wrap it around the waist. When taking measurements, you do not need to strain or protrude the stomach.

You need to relax and stand straight. The measuring tape should lie freely.

Make sure that the size L is yours, will allow an additional parameter - the length of the sleeve. To determine it, you need to keep your hand slightly bent at the elbow. Measurements are taken from the central part of the neck (on the back of it) to the wrist.

To accurately determine the circumference of the hips, you need to measure them on the most protruding parts (about 20 cm below the waistline).

If you need to further calculate the height, you should remove your shoes and lean your back against a flat wall. A mark is made at the crown of the head (assistance will be required).

After that, a centimeter tape is applied to a point on the wall and the distance to the floor is measured. The resulting figure will show the exact growth.

If you want to buy jeans of the big size or trousers, besides a waist circumference, you will need one more measurement - length on an internal seam. It can be measured using pants that fit perfectly on you. To avoid inaccuracies, they must be laid out on a flat surface and carefully straightened.

Now you know men's clothing size L in numbers.

What is the size of men's clothing in Russian L, as well as in other countries

Men often buy not only domestic but also imported items. If the Russian table L corresponds to the marking 50, then in many other countries that send products for export around the world, other numbers are indicated.

English sizes are indicated by the abbreviation UK. If you need an L shirt, buy a model with a 40 on the label. For the United States, this figure is slightly different - 42.

And if a question arose, L is what size clothing men's t-shirts in Europe? We will give you the exact answer: 46. Italian things are known for their excellent quality and almost always fit perfectly, since their dimensional marking corresponds to the Russian one (in our case it will also be 50).

Original items from different manufacturers (both domestic and foreign) can be small or large. This nuance must be considered when choosing a new thing.

If the product is small in size, the L marking may correspond to 48 Russian sizes. Larger ones will be larger than indicated in the table with standard measurement numbers.

Usually L is suitable for men who wear 52 size clothes.

It is especially important to consider these data if purchases are made in online stores. Attentiveness to details will help to avoid the return or exchange of goods, as well as related costs.

Size Chart for Men's Sweaters and Sweaters

Here you need to buy a sweater. Arriving at the store or ordering clothes on the Internet, one way or another, you are faced with European, Russian, American and international standards. In order not to get lost in the variety of numbers and letters, we suggest that you determine your Russian sweater size, and then, according to the size table of men's sweaters, calculate the corresponding international values.

How to determine the size of men's sweaters?

The sizes of sweaters and men's sweaters are calculated in the same way. In order to determine yours, you need to take a tape measure or a centimeter tape, and then measure your chest circumference. Note that you need to take measurements on the most prominent places, and the tape should be parallel to the floor.

Then you need to divide the result in half. For example, if your chest circumference is 94 centimeters, then 94: 2 = 47. The resulting number will correspond to your size. Did you get a fractional number? Focus on adjacent numbers in the size chart of men's sweaters.

Size, RussiaInternational standardChest circumference, cmWaist circumference, cmHips, cmSleeve length cmSize, Europe

Once you've figured out the size, be sure to check out our helpful sweater tips. And then the purchase will certainly be successful!

Men's shoes size chart

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Men's Clothing Size Chart - A very simple and convenient tool. Guys, like girls, want to look stylish and beautiful. However, men often have a need to determine their clothing sizes. This need becomes even more evident when a purchase is made in an online store abroad.

There really is something to get confused about. Many countries have their own size charts. It is difficult to determine which, for example, the Chinese size corresponds to the domestic one. It is to help in such cases that our new service has been developed.

We have gathered in one place many tables of sizes of clothes, shoes and other things for men, women and children.

The table of men's sizes (jackets, sweaters, vests, bathrobes, sweaters, jackets, shirts) makes it possible to translate the sizes of men's clothing from 44 to the 70th.

On the same page sizes of "men's trousers, shorts" from 44 to the 70th are presented. Men's jeans from 44 to 62. Shirts and shirts from 42 to 58th size.

Our size charts are easy to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices. On a mobile device, you can view the size chart by moving it with your finger up / down, right / left.

For your convenience, it is possible to highlight the size of clothing that interests you. To do this, click on the size you are interested in. A line with it is highlighted.

You will be able to move the size table left and right and see other sizes corresponding to the selected one.

How to measure waist circumference?

  1. Undress to a T-shirt or shirt made of thin fabric, so that the measurements are as accurate as possible.
  2. Grasp the waist with a tape measure, pull it not too tight and not too loose and remember the result.

The result will come in handy when looking for perfectly fitting trousers or buying shaped items. It happens that the figure is characterized by a massive "top" and narrowed hips.

How to determine neck circumference?

  1. Locate the 7th cervical vertebra on the back of the neck.
  2. Guide the tape at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra, bring it to the sides along the base of the neck and reduce the ends of the tape to the jugular cavity. The resulting neck circumference is the size of the collar.

The measure will come in handy in finding the perfect shirt. However, often the specific sizes of the collar correspond to certain sizes of the half-girth of the chest.

For ease of perception, all correspondences between the measures can be reduced to a table of Russian sizes.

Label Growth Label

When buying clothes, look at the growth indicated on the label. Actual growth may differ from growth on the label by only 3 cm.

Different manufacturers of clothing do not equally label recommended growth. So you can meet the laconic marking "height: 176 cm", or more detailed - "height: 172-180 cm."

You can see the conformity of growth on the tag to the standard interval in the table below.

The specified marking of growth can be used when choosing shirts, jackets, raincoats, coats, jackets, but they are not suitable when choosing trousers.

Pants selection

In finding a suitable model of pants of a traditional cut, you need to be guided by three measures:

  • waist circumference
  • thigh circumference
  • leg length along the inner seam.

Waist circumference should be measured at the level of the belt.

Determine the girth of the hips, clasping the buttocks with a measuring tape along the most prominent part.

You will recognize the length of the leg along the inner seam if you stretch the tape from the groin to the imaginary point where, in your opinion, the product should end.

Leg length is useful when buying trousers in online stores. You can take this measurement by your beloved, well-fitting trousers.

In the table of men's sizes, you can see the ratio of measurement results to standard sizes.

Suppose the waist circumference is 93, and the hips - 108, so you need to find a domestic product with the number "52" on the label.

The value on the pants label may look like this: 52/170. In this case, the size and recommended height are indicated.

And here is a growth chart for choosing trousers.

Men whose height is more than 190 cm or less than 170 cm should carefully choose trousers and try them carefully so that the model you like does not turn out to be too long or too short.

Sweatpants Size

The technology for determining the size of sweatpants is slightly different from the procedure for determining the size of trousers.

  1. Waist circumference divided by 2.
  2. Add 6 to the result.

Suppose the waist in girth shows a value of 88 cm. 88: 2 + 6 = 50. You have received the size of a suit that suits you.

How to take measurements from a man?

In order to correctly take measurements from a man, you need a measuring tape. In the process of measurement, a man should have light clothing, body muscles relaxed. To purchase men's clothing, you will need the following sizes:

  • Neck circumference. The measuring tape should be loose on the neck. The indent should be 2 fingers.
Neck circumference
  • Chest circumference. The measuring tape should pass along the protruding points of the chest.
Chest circumference
  • Waist circumference. Measured at the narrowest point of the body.
Hand length
  • It is long hands. It is measured from the forearm to the wrist, with the arm slightly bent at the elbow joint.
Hand length
    • Side seam length. Measured along the hips, from waist to toe.

    Inseam leg length. It is measured along the leg along the inner seam, from the point of convergence of the seams between the legs.

We take measurements of a man correctly

How to measure sleeve length?

  1. Bend your arm slightly at the elbow.
  2. Measure from the forearm to the line of the wrist.

If you want to buy a T-shirt or sweater, use another table.

If you are looking for a brand new shirt, then use a slightly different table.

For a good choice of shirts with long sleeves, it is worth measuring the girth of the wrist in advance.

Men's Shirts Size Chart

In this case, you need to have around your neck girth, long sleeves, chest girth. If the shirt is on a long sleeve, then before buying it should measure the girth of the wrist.

Men's Shirts Size Chart

Tables of European sizes of men's clothing

European manufacturers have their own designations of men's clothing sizes, which are sometimes difficult to understand, but having studied the table, it will be much easier to navigate the sizes of foreign manufacturers.

Size marking Clothing sizes of European manufacturers

We buy clothes by type of figure

Having the parameters of a man on hand, you can easily buy this or that clothing. However, few people know that when choosing clothes you need to consider the type of figure.

  • N - men's clothing size, intended for men no more than 162 cm tall and a standard figure. Men with such a figure are more likely to wear clothes from 38 to 82 sizes.
  • B - size, intended for men "with a tummy", growth above 162 centimeters. In such cases, clothes are bought from 51 sizes.
  • S - size, suitable for men with a height of more than 179 cm and a thin figure. Clothing size from 88 sizes. In cases where a man of high stature, has a large physique, then it is worth paying attention to sizes over 194.
  • U - clothing size, for men with a height of less than 162 cm and a standard figure. Sizes from 24 to 32 are suitable for this category.

It should be noted that the indicators in the clothing tables may deviate slightly from the norm. This is due both to the structure of the male body, and the indicators which the manufacturer adheres to. However, having men's sizes of clothes on hand, you can always buy suitable clothes in which your man will be comfortable and comfortable.

European tag labels

The principle of marking on sewing products of foreign manufacturers differs from traditional marking on the products of Russian factories.

However, our plates will help you navigate the size of foreign manufacturers.

This is how the labeling of European products is deciphered.

And this is how the Russian and European clothing sizes correlate correctly.

Product Search by Shape Type

Another interesting system of sizes has developed, taking into account the peculiarities of physique: weight, height, miniature or cumbersome physique.

According to this system, manufacturers mark shirts, suits and other products by the type of figure with special letters.

N - products for people with a standard figure and a height of not more than 162 cm. Size range: 38-82.

B - products for people "with a tummy" and with a height of more than 162 cm. Size range: from 51 and above.

S - products for people with a thin figure and height more than 179 cm. Size range: from 88 sizes and above. Men with a large physique and high growth should look at sizes over 194.

U - products for people with a standard figure and height below 162 cm. Size range: 24-32.

At first glance, the system for determining the size of shirts and suits is very confusing. However, you will not need to look at the size tables every time before going to the store. Just write down your sizes on a piece of paper according to the Russian and European classification and put the cheat sheet in the pocket of the card holder or purse.

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