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How to choose a comb for a beard: a variety of options and estimated prices

When planning to order the popular paraphernalia for the care of bristles on your face, you need to remember that regular grooming ensures maximum grooming and a decent look of a beard. This simple procedure should be performed at least twice a day, and take no less than 10 minutes in sessions in order to carry out cosmetic facial care and normalize blood circulation processes.

A comb for a pocket-type beard is more practical - it is easy to hide it in the pocket of a jacket or trousers, and if necessary, use it at the right time to give the person well-groomed and neat. Do not save on this subject, preferring cheaper options that contain a large number of bumps on the teeth and body, and are also able to scratch the skin on the face, involuntarily pull out the hairs. It is important the quality of the materials, the natural composition (wood, bone, iron, plastic).

What should be a comb for a beard?

If you want to have a mustache and a beard, it is recommended to select the necessary items in advance for comprehensive care of this part of the face. Indeed, in addition to professional tools for cutting, shaving, you may need a comb for mustache, including devices for styling, modeling or comprehensive care of the bristles.

Sawed and polished models of universal combs are appreciated. And hair care accessories made of high-quality plastic are considered more hygienic. They are lightweight, do not require special care, and are resistant to deformation of the case.

Unlike a regular comb

Lush vegetation needs to be combed daily. Do not spend money on a comb for a beard and paraphernalia for a mustache - experts recommend immediately buying a universal accessory. The differences of this type of comb are:

  • Closely spaced teeth having a short length.
  • Compact models that help, without damaging the skin on the face and pulling hairs, to separate, quickly untangling and laying "naughty vegetation."
  • Universal tools that can fully replace the comb for a beard and a comb for grooming.
  • The ability of cosmetic items to give greater splendor and grooming, to accelerate the growth of facial hair in the chosen direction.

If the bristles are not very thick, then a beard brush may simply not be needed. The mustache comb used to care for the vegetation will help increase the density of the bristles and stimulate active hair growth. This is not possible to achieve with a traditional comb. Do not neglect this attribute, it will provide professional facial care in everyday life.

Why do I need a beard comb?

There are a great many forms of beard, and every man chooses it according to his taste or the advice of his life partner. You can call a beard, like a three-day stubble, and a thick laden vegetation, it can be long, wide, short, curly, with a mustache, without a mustache - more than 30 varieties.

It helps to give a person masculinity and, possibly, hide a not very beautiful chin. And in order to avoid the wasted loss of time and energy in order to achieve a better result, in addition to washing and trimming, it must be combed using special moisturizing oils and conditioners.

A beard comb is a small tool similar to a common comb, often pocket size. A special kind of teeth is made to it special - they are short and are located close to each other.

The ends are rounded so as not to damage the skin and hair structure. When used correctly, a comb will help prevent them from tangling and cross section. Most often, this accessory is made of metal, but there are both wooden and cheaper plastic analogues.


A wide variety of combs for beard and mustache are produced, among which there are:

  • Compact designs with a comb for mustaches, as well as a special tool - a comb for beard, which helps to quickly bring in proper form the growing bristles.
  • Sets of accessories where there is a comb for a beard and a whole universal kit with a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Universal models that are suitable for the care of any shape and length of the mustache, and will not need a beard brush with stiff bristles.

Benefits of Using Special Tools

If you are determined to grow a beard and are already pushing through thorns to achieve this goal, you are well aware that everything is not so simple. At first, it’s quite difficult to maintain its decent appearance. About four months, the beard puffs in different directions and gets confused, special tools do not help, and the usual ten-ruble plastic comb got stuck in the brackets and broke.

In order not to tear the hair on the beard with rage, take a special comb, which:

  • will reduce the amount of hair accumulated in the sink sink after combing and prevent clogging,
  • put the beard as you wish
  • help avoid asymmetric split vegetation,
  • with regular use, "accustoms" the hair to grow in the right direction,
  • add volume if necessary,
  • evenly distribute the caring oil along the entire length of the beard, nourishing each hair and skin,
  • protects the skin from scratches thanks to specially rounded ends of the teeth,
  • will show the opposite sex that you are a tidy and therefore attractive man,
  • save most of your nerves and resources.

But the last point will come into effect only if you choose the right quality comb.


If a man has thick bristles on his face, a beard brush, made on the basis of natural components, is useful. Such an accessory gently smooths strands, allowing you to quickly bring your face in full order without irritating the skin, without pulling out hairs. It will be more rational to use a hair brush and a beard for care along with cosmetics. This is a great option when you need to apply to the skin and evenly distribute the composition of the oil or balm on the hair strands.

The brush is recommended for use with a very rigid hair structure in men or when the bristles on the face are too thick. A beard brush made of a nylon base is considered more hygienic. On sale are products that use:

  1. Horse mane hair.
  2. Pig bristles.
  3. The structure of natural wood.

The main types

There are fewer species of ridges than the species of beards themselves, but they are also not difficult to get confused in. It is important to choose the most suitable for you, given the properties and features of each.

Combs vary in material, size and color, may include a blade. It all depends on the type of beard and the preferences of men. Someone needs compactness and the ability to carry a comb with them, and someone needs a whole set of accessories for experiments that are diverse in size and properties. The determining factor is the strength and durability of the comb, antistatic properties and ease of use.

With blade

One of the most convenient options.

She looks a bit like a razor - the blade is attached between the plastic plates with double-sided teeth on a convenient handle.

With this tool, you can easily and quickly simulate the shape of a beard. Of course, for ordinary combing, you will have to purchase another model if you do not want to stay completely without hair.

In addition, certain skills are required to do everything neatly, smoothly and beautifully. You may need the help of another person.


Combs are recognized as a more universal option - a special comb for combing is made of natural wood. This type of comb for a beard:

  • gives the hair structure a special gloss - natural shine,
  • significantly thickens the bristle structure,
  • prevents cross section for strands that are too long,
  • eliminates confusion of hair, excluding damage.

Combs are also suitable as combs for mustaches, especially when the face has thick, fairly stiff bristles, and you have to constantly lay the hairs in the right direction. This will give the appearance more gloss and grooming, help to monitor the condition of the skin.

You will not need to purchase a whole set if you choose the right comb for a beard and mustache, after consulting with an expert. Often, a wooden comb with teeth on both sides is made from natural wood such as oak, ash, cherry or walnut.

For shaving and styling

For fashionable styling, safe shaving or for cutting a beard, use a special comb. At the top, the model has a rib of a special shape with round-concave edges. Bringing the upper part of the comb to the cheek - with the help of a blade you get a perfect contour from the side of the sideburn to the bottom of the chin. By leading the blade along the body of the comb in the selected direction, you will form lines much more aesthetically. A great tool for modeling, creating straight, clear lines. This type of product is limited - it is produced in small batches, it is not always in free sale.

A beard brush is not used in the haircut, but special models are selected based on natural rubber (ebonite). This will prevent static when combing, and will also help replace the missing beard comb to adhere to the desired shape and size. Such tools are used in work, both with a trimmer and with scissors.

For haircuts at home, it is recommended to purchase ebonite models, which in quality are in no way inferior to combs made of expensive natural materials. But at the same time, the hairs are carefully treated - they do not electrify the bristles, do not cause a cross-section of the structure of the strands or tangling of abundant vegetation.


Among the universal tools designed to care for a beard, it is customary to distinguish between a folding version of the comb. The universal design, which refers to the “dangerous” comb, is used to care for the mustache, resembling the shape and design of a dangerous version of the razor. This is the most durable, comfortable type of folding comb used for different purposes to care for a man's face. It is proposed to take an object on the road without worrying about the condition of the cloves. It can replace the iron comb for the beard without damaging the skin and hairs on the face.

In the safety of the tool used, materials play an important role. Therefore, special attention should be paid not only to the brand, design features, but also from what a comb for mustache is created, as well as a comb, brush or other devices. This will help to more safely carry out haircuts, styling and shaving, using the necessary functions of professional appliances.

The combs in the assortment for the care of the mustache and the shape of the beard are recommended to be purchased in the original sets that the manufacturers offer. Increased demand for models packed in cases. It is very convenient for storage and hygiene, it will allow you to keep a perfect appearance of tools.

What are the types?

Any comb for mustache and mustache should ideally be made of natural materials, as it will constantly come into contact with the skin of the face. Synthetic and artificial materials can cause an allergic reaction and irritation up to contact dermatitis. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, preferring well-known names.

Why do I need a special brush

The beard brush has a design that is different from conventional combs and is designed specifically for facial hair care. It doesn’t matter what you call a beard - a thick, clad beauty or a light three-day stubble, it should look neat and well-groomed. Also, the correct barber design will correct facial features - make the face courageous, adjust the prominent chin. For better hair styling, use conditioners and oils.

A beard brush is a comb of a standard shape, usually small in size (to be convenient to carry in your pocket). The teeth are short, closely spaced - for this reason, the usual comb for caring for facial vegetation will not work. The ends of the teeth are rounded - these do not damage the hair structure, do not injure the skin. With proper care, the beard comb will stop the section, prevent tangling. The main material is metal; there are also wooden and plastic combs. Plastic models are the cheapest.

For styling

The ideal comb for styling a beard is a special comb for styling, which not only combs hair, but also helps to model a beard with a clear, even contour. On top of the comb, a rounded rib is assumed, which can be applied to the cheeks and shave off excess bristles. Such combs are produced in limited quantities, so it is sometimes not easy to find on sale.

How to use

The comb specifically for the beard and mustache is easy to use. She needs to go through her hair in the morning and evening - that is, at least twice a day. Procedure:

  • Comb your hair thoroughly - the longer it is, the longer it takes, and less often should be prongs. Be careful - tangled hairs must be separated, not pulled out.
  • Massage your chin and cheeks with a soft, thick brush in a clockwise direction. Pay special attention to areas where you have already let your hair go. If you massage for 10 minutes each time, the beard will be truly luxurious.
  • Comb the hair with a scallop in the direction of growth - so the beard will look well-groomed, at the same time it will become clear whether it is time to trim it already.

Types of ridges

Combs for mustaches and beards are represented by a wide range of models, each man has his own requirements for them. Some people like small scallops, others large combs. Much depends on the thickness and length of the hair - a small thin beard and a loose thick beard require a completely different approach. You may need a few beard combs to set up a comprehensive grooming program.

General tool requirements:

  • high quality materials
  • reliability,
  • strength,
  • pronounced antistatic properties.

Shapes - oval, rectangle, circle. There is no ideal option, you should be comfortable using the selected tool. Also in priority are combs that are easy to clean - with their help you will apply and distribute oils, conditioners, masks and other care products.


Wooden comb for mustache - a natural, versatile option. Suitable for everyone, not too durable, has an attractive design. Varieties of wood - oak, ash, walnut, cherry. All popular brands have wooden beard combs, you can make products to order or buy from masters who manufacture various accessories from natural materials. The more exclusive, the always more expensive, but if you want to stand out, then why not.

From wild boar hair

Soft functional brush, smooth even very naughty curls. There is no handle, the sizes are increased. The brush untangles the hairs gently without pulling them out. Shapes - circle, oval, rectangle. Balms, conditioners, oils are distributed as evenly as possible. Quality products have no extraneous aromas, ideal for massage. Durability is good.


A styling comb for beard and mustache will give the vegetation an attractive, well-groomed look at home.With it, you can trim the line of hair growth on the cheeks. To do this, attach the comb with the upper edge to the cheek - an elegant line of descent to the chin from the sideburn will come out, begin to draw the blade along it. Take care not to remove excess. Styling beard combs can be found in hairdresser shops.

Brands and prices

Need a comb for a mustache? Look for her in a regular specialty store or on the Internet. The price range is wide, a lot depends on the materials, design, sizes. Piece products in beautiful packaging are worth the track, the mass market is cheaper. The price of an ordinary wooden comb is about 1 thousand rubles, an exclusive product - 800 rubles.

  1. Borodist - the assortment contains a set of different models, including combs and brushes. At specialized points of sale you can find cosmetics for the beard.
  2. Beardman is another brand of facial hair care products. Styling models are especially popular.
  3. Rocky Mountain Company is also a fashion brand; products can be found in any specialized store. Popular brand.
  4. The Bearded Man - produces combs, gels, oils and other care products. On sale there are high-quality brushes with medium hard bristles.
  5. Beard Bro is a trending brand, a name familiar to every bearded man.

Mustache comb small or large - it's a matter of taste. If you do not find the one you need in the store, order it to order. The product will be unique and 100% functional. Appearance, frequency, tooth length, handle shade, sizes - any parameters can be selected. The minus of the exclusive is the high cost, it will have to be paid for it at least three times as much as for a standard solution.


A beard comb can be made of plastic, metal, wood, be standard or exclusive. There are usual combs for haircuts, styling, and brushes with boar bristles are chosen for massage. If the option you need is not on sale, order its manufacture in the workshop. Product sizes can be any, shape, style of execution, too. For a gift, design options are usually taken in beautiful packaging.

Dangerous (folding)

No, for your beard they do not carry any danger.

They just look like a folding dangerous razor. The comb has no blade.

Most often it is metal, and the handle is wooden. Such models look pretty stylish.

For everyday carrying in your pocket or for traveling with small luggage - that's it.


If you want to purchase the most durable and versatile tool, a metal comb will do just fine.

They are made from cupronickel or strong stainless steel.

Used for styling, cleaning hair from excess fat and even massage.

The price of such a device is quite high, but justifying all the advantages.


Imperishable classic. Beautiful, durable, durable and most popular stuff.

Most often consists of wood treated with special, resistant to chemicals, compounds, wood:

  • cherries
  • birch trees
  • plums
  • walnut
  • apricot
  • sandalwood
  • ash.

Design can be completely different and unique. For the greatest satisfaction, order a wooden comb from a master who will burn on it exactly your individual and unique inscription. However, to model a beard with blades, a wooden comb is categorically not suitable: there is a high risk of splinter formation.


Material is cheaper than wood and metal, but not inferior in properties.

The main advantage is antistatic, which is important when caring for a beard.

And also ideal for shaving and haircuts.

Suitable for cutting beards at home.

Why is special

If you want to have dense facial hair, you need to pre-select items that help to provide comprehensive care. In addition to professional devices for cutting and shaving, you need a comb for a beard, with naughty hair - specialized devices that help to style, model and comprehensively care for your hair.

Many men prefer universal types of combs.

Hygienic models include those made of high-quality metal, since they are more convenient to wash and they are stronger than wooden and plastic ones. Although wood is less traumatic, plastic is cheaper.

Universal comb has several features:

  • the proximity of short cloves,
  • compactness - it’s so easy to untangle and lay naughty bristles without damaging or pulling out individual hairs.

Specialized combs add fluffiness and grooming, accelerate facial hair growth through light massage and increased blood circulation in the combed area. A traditional comb for daily beard care is not suitable.

There are universal kits and individual tools.

For quality care, a beard comb is required.

Experts advise choosing a haircut for products made of metal, which has strength and antistatic effect. Plastic and wooden options will not work - they can be easily damaged with scissors or a blade when aligning the shape.

Boar Hair Brushes

To bring a beard in a decent form can be not only a comb. Severe bearded men use brushes for these purposes. With their help, you can smooth out the most naughty curls. It differs from other models in size and lack of a handle, which does not mean inconvenience of use.

Moreover, the variety of design - rectangular, oval, round - allows you to choose a brush to taste. The main advantage of the tool is that the application of balms and oils for care of the beard is facilitated - they are applied in a more even and dense layer.

For production, natural materials are used - horse hair or wild boar bristles. The greatest demand for men with a beard is precisely the boar bristle brushes. They are strong enough and tough, besides they do not have any odors. Hair does not injure the skin, it is hypoallergenic, and the massage effect stimulates blood flow, which improves the growth of the beard. And the durability and wear resistance of the material sets it apart from others.

Popular manufacturers

They offer products that are different in terms of price-quality ratio, some even spend most of the budget on advertising, without paying due attention to the quality of the products themselves.

It remains to give preference to the largest and most trusted companies.

The most sought-after companies offering a wide and high-quality assortment:


A small organization that produces almost all types of combs for a beard, in addition there are special brushes in the assortment.

At representative points of the organization, you can also purchase cosmetics for the care of a beard.


An organization that focuses on the production of beard care products.

Among these tools, combs are not the last place, in particular, combs for styling are popular.

Rocky mountain company.

Every year, the popularity of this organization is growing and it is possible that soon it will take first place among firms involved in the sale and production of the above elements.

This is one of the most popular manufacturers of beard combs among men.

The bearded man.

The company, which began as a small family business in Great Britain, but after several years, products in the form of products for the care of a beard, especially combs, has spread around the world.

Regarding combs, only high-quality materials are used to create combs; combs for mustaches and brushes for beards are especially popular.

Beard bro.

The most popular beard comb company.

He has been on the sales market for not so long, but has already conquered all the males who have a beard.

With it, you can adjust the shape of the beard yourself.

Average prices in Russia

Beard care is a very expensive task. Despite the fact that you need to purchase a whole mountain of masks and moisturizers, the size of which any girl would envy, so also tools for putting a beard in order are expensive.

And the first place in terms of high cost is deservedly occupied by beard brushes - It is extremely difficult to find a high-quality and convenient copy cheaper than 2 thousand rubles. When buying them, in order to save money and time, do not choose a low price as the main criterion - you risk acquiring a low-quality comb that will become unusable after a couple of uses.

The quality of your beard is only in your hands. And it’s only up to you to decide not to complicate yourself with the choice of “some kind of an unnecessary comb” and permanently damage all your hair that is hardly grown, or listen to the advice of specialists and purchase high-quality, specialized accessories that guarantee the correct and beautiful growth of your beloved, beloved beard.

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Yana Ilyinskaya

Beauty and lifestyle straight from Europe (Prague, Czech Republic).

Men are not prone to excesses, so when it comes to a beard comb, many frivolously wave it off: they say, why is it needed if there is an ordinary hair brush? And so already had to conquer more than half of the cabinet in the bathroom to place numerous products for the care of a beard and mustache! You can definitely do without an additional comb ...

SalonSecret experts, however, do not agree with this point of view: it turns out that a beard comb can solve many problems, and if there are several, the number of trips to the barbershop can be reduced to a minimum. It remains only to figure out what's what!

Is it possible to comb the beard and mustache with an ordinary brush or comb for hair, how does the beard comb differ from what you already have for hair, and what types of combs are there? We lay out important information for bearded men on the shelves and help determine the choice of this accessory!

What is the difference from a regular comb?

The answer to this question is incredibly simple: the beard comb has a different design.

Her cloves are smaller in size and are located more often than with an ordinary comb. If we are talking about a brush made of natural bristles, then here the bristles will be shorter and denser than in a hair brush.

All this is done in order to easily cope with the styling of a beard and mustache, whose hair is usually stiffer and grow denser. If the usual comb in this case can get confused or even break, the comb for the beard will bring the facial hair to the perfect order without any problems.

The main groups of beard combs

To make it easier for you and I to navigate in the endless ocean of beauty devices for bearded men, we propose to immediately divide all combs for a beard into two categories. Each of these categories includes different types of beard combs, but the goals of these devices within the same category are similar.

Beard styling combs

This includes combs that look similar to the most common combs, brushes and combs. The difference is that they are small, compact, designed for everyday beard and mustache styling, easily fit into the inside pocket of your jacket and do not require any special skills to use them.

Haircuts for haircuts and modeling

Haircuts for haircuts look very futuristic - these are voluminous, slightly strange designs that are designed to model a beard and mustache. Honestly, these are not even combs, but convenient multifunctional stencils, or templates that make it easy to maintain the graphic shape of the haircut between visits to the barbershop.

Metal comb

The advantages of this type of beard combs are obvious: metal combs are durable, provide high-quality combing and styling, look brutal. There is perhaps only one drawback: you can easily run into low-quality material that will quickly begin to rust.

Wooden comb

Eco-friendly, comfortable, beautiful. Wooden combs can easily cope even with the most difficult styling tasks, they are suitable for almost any length and density of a beard, they weigh a little - it is convenient to carry with you. The only drawback is that they often have to be changed, because even the best coating quickly surrenders under the pressure of styling products.

Folding comb

It is convenient to carry with you in your pocket or in a briefcase; thanks to the protective cover, the comb always remains clean. You can make such a device for travel or just put it in a bag just in case. Who knows where the evening route leads one day?

Silver combs

Silver combs are a bit of a luxury modification to a regular metal comb. If you decide to get such a beauty device, choose a trusted manufacturer and make sure that the coating is strong enough. In this case, the silver comb will last a long time and become a real decoration of the daily morning ritual.

Stencil comb (template) for a beard

This is a special device that will help to easily correct the shape of the beard: carefully, almost along the line, shave off the overgrown bristles outside the main field. The stencil has many sides, so choosing the right one is easy. You only need a clipper or a good razor.

How to care for a beard with combs?

So, we learned that there are a great many types of combs for beards and mustaches.

As a rule, each bearded man will need a basic set:

  • pocket comb for beard,
  • home beard comb with rare cloves,
  • beard brush or comb with frequent cloves.

Immediately put the pocket comb in a briefcase or bag so that it is always at hand with the usual comb. You will need two types of combs for home use every day after a shower, so place them conveniently - next to the means for styling a beard.

A beard should be combed regularly, it is better to do this several times a day.

Here is a simple instruction on how to comb your beard:

  1. Dry your beard with a towel after a shower.
  2. Apply a softening oil, lotion, or cream to the beard to facilitate combing.
  3. Allow the product to soak and the beard to dry.
  4. After 10 minutes, comb the beard with a comb with rare cloves in the direction of hair growth.
  5. If necessary, apply styling agent, and then comb the beard with a comb with frequent cloves or a natural bristle brush, giving the beard the desired shape.

To always look neat, carry a pocket comb and comb the beard several times during the day. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the result will please you and others!

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Wood combs are durable and comfortable.

They are made from different types of wood:

They are beautiful and stylish, they are nice to use.

Their great advantage is that they can be made to order with individual engraving. To do this, turn to a woodcarver.

Reference! Wood combs (depending on the breed, manufacturer and design) can cost a little more than plastic, or about a metal comb.

Wooden is produced by such well-known companies as:

Folding "dangerous"

The classic folding comb for a beard in appearance resembles a dangerous razor, it also develops.

The product is characterized by increased comfort, durability. It can be taken on the road without fear for the integrity of the teeth.

The comb is most often made of metal, may be wooden. Combing is carried out according to the standard scheme, as when using a conventional comb.

A dangerous comb for a beard can be produced in different sizes: 2.5 by 10 cm and others. The choice of length depends on the manufacturer and the material.


The styling tools include men's professional 3-in-1 beard straightener comb.

Some models are used only on dry hair, others on wet hair. The optimal laying time is from 3 to 5 minutes. The device has a temperature controller from 140 to 210 degrees. The heating plate is made on a ceramic basis.

Rules for the use of electric combs:

  1. Wash your beard.
  2. Run the tool in the direction of hair growth, combing and drying at the same time.
  3. Fix the finished “hairstyle” with wax or varnish.

The procedure should not exceed five minutes.

An electric comb does not burn hair, does not create the effect of individual "hot spots". The result obtained from the rectifier is stored for a long time. Hair does not fluff, as from a home hairdryer, they do not need to be additionally styled.

In professional barbershops, masters use special irons for styling a beard. They are smaller than the classic varieties for hair straightening.

At home, the use of a classic set - a hairdryer and a comb - is inconvenient. Finished products for hair straightening “2 in 1” or “3 in 1” provide simple and easy care for curly and coarse hair.

Top manufacturers

Companies offer a large number of varieties of combs to care for facial hair. The ranking includes the most famous brands:

They produce high-quality surgical steel products for shaving and combing. The accessories have a standard size of 14 × 4 cm, teeth are rounded at the ends. This type of product guarantees safety against accidental cuts and scratches.

Refers to classic English brands with high quality men's goods. "Mr. Natty’s beard brush ”is a brush made of beech and wild boar bristles with different pile lengths. The product helps to fight with split ends, evenly distributes sebum, which is a natural moisturizing of vegetation. Regular use will help the bristles to grow in one direction, creating a grooming effect.

The German company produces organic cosmetic care products. The beard brush is made of oak, the standard size is 92 × 51 mm, with soft natural bristles. Suitable for daily use, helps get rid of dead skin particles.

Brushes and combs are durable, made of metal and wood. Suitable for the care of dense facial hair.

  • a beard brush with and without a handle is made of oak, beech, cork, wild boar bristles — 2000 rubles,
  • comb - 350 rubles.,
  • comb "mustache" - 800 rubles.,
  • comb "dangerous" - 2500 rubles.
  1. "Tom Ford"

The Swiss brand offers combs made in the old style with a printed company logo. “Tom Ford beard comb” helps to comb naughty hair, evenly distribute beard oil.

The English brand, known worldwide for products for the care of appearance. The manufacturer offers the following varieties of accessories:

  • wild boar bristle brush, helps to untangle the toughest hair - 1350 rub.,
  • beard brush "Morgan’s Beard Brush" - 1700 rubles.

The company does not use bronze or iron material, its products are not intended for styling a beard.

The company uses only organic components to create cosmetic masterpieces. The Swedish brand makes Noberu Combs wooden beard care combs.

  1. Beard Club

The company makes brushes of varnished mahogany and wild boar bristles.

  1. "Captain Fawcett"

A brand that combines British classics and modern care products for men of any age. The company is known for high quality products, for lovers of facial hair offers accessories:

  • "Captain Fawcett Folding Pocket Beard Comb" (folding) - length in the unfolded form 193 mm, made by hand, price - 1250 rubles.,
  • “Captain Fawcett” brush - made of wild boar bristles, can be used on wet and dry vegetation, price - 2350 rubles.

Multifunctional combs are metal, plastic, wooden or with natural pile. They are laid, modeled, trimmed and trimmed with a beard with them, cosmetics are evenly applied with their help. Such devices are indispensable to the usual hair comb.

Materials for the manufacture

The materials from which manufacturers make beard combs can be completely different. Experts advise to pay attention to this criterion in the choice of combs, since a lot depends on the materials, including the safety of use and the functionality of the tool. Most often, materials for making combs for a mustache and beard can be:

  1. Metal - A universal and durable version of the comb, which is made of stainless steel or cupronickel. Such combs are suitable for cleansing the skin and hairs of fat, for styling hair, and they also provide massage.
  2. Tree - natural material of imperishable classics, durable, strong and useful for hair material. These combs are ideal for delicate and sensitive skin. Wood gives hair shine and energy, increases their strength and thickness.
  3. Ebony - inexpensive material, which in terms of quality and functionality is not inferior to metal and wood. Ebony material guarantees an antistatic effect and can be used for cutting beards and mustaches.
  4. Hair brushes - Most often, natural materials for creating brushes are wild boar wool or horse mane hairs.
  5. Plastic - A budget option for combs and combs, which will cost several times cheaper. At the same time, such combs are short-lived in service and can cause a static effect of hair during combing.

When choosing a comb, it is important to pay attention to the materials of manufacture, since each of them has its pros and cons. Well, the choice is purely a matter of preferences and needs. In demand, the leader is metal, as it is durable and strong.


In fact, high-quality and comprehensive care for a beard is an expensive pleasure. The price of beard combs directly depends on their materials of manufacture, sizes and shapes, varieties and functionality. The most affordable combs are those made from hard rubber and metallic materials. Their price varies from 350 rubles and above. Design and metal combs will cost about 900-1000 rubles.

Care Tips

If we are talking about a metal comb, it must be protected from moisture and moist air so that the metal does not oxidize, becoming covered with rust. Periodically, the comb is treated with an antiseptic solution and the remaining moisture is removed with a paper towel. Wooden combs should be protected from humidity, high and low air temperatures, so as not to violate the structure and integrity of the tree. Keep combs, brushes and combs in a ventilated, dry place.


A beard comb is a necessary bearded tool that is used several times a day. The comb is multifunctional in its purpose, it can be metal, hard rubber, wood or plastic, as well as in the form of a brush made of natural pile. Combs help to lay down a beard, cut, model and trim it, as well as apply cosmetics evenly. The cheapest comb for mustache and beard costs about 350 rubles, the most expensive - several thousand rubles.


It is safe to say that hairbrushes for metal are the most durable and reliable.

Their advantages are obvious, but it can be said that there are no minuses. Therefore, hairbrushes made of metal are the most expensive.

Important! Metal combs are best used for shaving and haircuts, as wood and plastic combs can easily be damaged with a razor. Also, these combs are recommended for coloring.

Metal combs are made in a variety of shapes and sizes: you can find ones in the form of a mustache, a butterfly knife, a razor or even an hatchet! Also, metal combs are very easily and quickly cleaned of hair and sebum, which helps to spend less time on caring for a beard.

They are presented in the lines of such well-known companies as:

  1. Chicago Comb Co.,
  2. Borodist
  3. Mr Bear Family,
  4. Kershaw.


The only advantage of plastic combs is their price. They are usually very cheap. However, the strength of such a comb is low, the teeth can be uneven, and besides, they break easily.

Reference! If your beard and mustache are “liquid” or short, there is no need to spend money: a plastic comb is quite suitable for you. However, if the hair is thick and naughty, then a comb made of plastic simply will not comb them, and besides, it will break after a couple of attempts.

What kind of comb for a beard is worth choosing is described in the video:


Brushes also vary: they can be made of natural (such as boar bristles, horsehair and wood) or synthetic (soft plastic) materials, have different shapes (oval, rectangular, round).

The advantage of the brush is that it allows you to most evenly distribute oil or cream on the beard, “rub” them into the beard.

These products soften the hair and make it more well-groomed, beautiful and obedient. Be sure to use such tools if you want to have a beautiful neat beard. In addition, these tools help save time on combing.

The best companies that produce mustache and beard brushes are:

  1. Can you handlebar,
  2. Zeus
  3. The Beardman,
  4. Rocky Mountain Barber Company.

How to use?

It is recommended to comb a beard at least twice a day, in different directions, ending with the direction of hair growth. You should not save time on this procedure: you need to comb it well, carefully, for 10-15 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Comb the facial hair thoroughly. There is such a pattern: the longer the beard and mustache, the less often the teeth should be located at the crest. Make sure to separate all tangled hair carefully, without tearing them.
  2. With a thick soft brush, gently scratch the cheeks and chin in a circle (clockwise). It is especially carefully recommended to massage those parts of the face on which hair is already starting to grow. This should also be done within ten to fifteen minutes, without saving time on combing. This massage is considered an excellent stimulation of hair growth. Do not forget about it if you want to let go of a chic bushy beard.
  3. With a comb with often located teeth, comb the hair on the face in the direction of their growth. This will allow you to give the beard and mustache a beautiful well-groomed look, and also help determine whether it is time to trim them.

How to use a comb for a beard is described in the video:

Where to buy and how much?

In the modern world it is very easy to purchase something - just order it online.

Specialized combs for care of a beard and mustache can be bought in online stores and ordinary stores, as well as in expensive boutiques of famous manufacturers, in stores with goods for men and, possibly, in some men's hairdressers.

There is no doubt about the quality of combs from manufacturers that we wrote about before:

  • Dr. Dittmar,
  • Borodist
  • Manly Club,
  • Chicago Comb Co.,
  • Mr Bear Family,
  • Kershaw.

The cost of such a device for hair care depends on many parameters - on the size, material, quality and reliability, design and design uniqueness.

There are also pieces packed in a company case. Such unique products are much more expensive than conventional products.

The cost of a metal comb can reach 2500-3000 rublesquality wood may cost about 700-1000 rubles. Plastic combs are from 100 rubles.

You can order a comb from a private master. The hairbrush will be made according to the sketch drawn by you, or proposed by a specialist. If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, it is better to describe the idea to the person who will draw the sketch you need.

Reference! The advantage of this manufacturing method is that you get a unique comb with the color, shape, length and frequency of the teeth you need, engraving. They can even be ordered as a gift. However, a high-quality exclusive will have to pay a lot of money - not less than 3000 rubles.

However, if the hairbrush style is not very important for you, do not rush to overpay. You can find good appliances at a very affordable price, even if it is a "mass-produced product."

In the end, the most important thing is the quality of combing. And what a hairbrush looks like is a secondary matter.

Attention! Before buying combs, read reviews. The easiest way to do this is on resources like Yandex.market.

Remember that in the modern world it is very easy to order a review, both positive and negative. There are resources on which people order pennies for reviews of their products:

  • In order to verify the authenticity of the review, we recommend that you go to the unsubscribing user page, if possible.
  • Next, you need to look at the reviews left by him.
  • If there are a lot of them and if they are of the same type, then this is probably custom reviews.
  • This may also be indicated by the repetition of the same words and expressions in the reviews (probably the user wrote them in one day or one hour) or the fact that the reviews are mostly either purely positive or purely negative.
  • Check if this person wrote reviews for several products in the same category: for example, it is doubtful that he bought 3-4 grills.

So, we told you about the difference in combs from different materials, about which combs are more suitable for what, how to choose a comb and where to buy it.

We hope that our article was useful and you can choose the accessory you need and properly care for your hair with it.

Watch the video: Beard Trim Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer Kalahari Resort Poconos Tour (February 2020).

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