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Choose a men's suit

A suit is an indispensable attribute in the wardrobe of a successful man. Even if you often go to work in jeans, try to have at least one solid suit in your arsenal. There are various types of men's suits, so it is difficult to make a choice in favor of one. Although, they are all alike, but you can distinguish them by model, purpose and cut.

Of course, men's fashion is more permanent and conservative. Changes in the cut does not occur as often as in women's clothing, but if a man watches his wardrobe, then he will have a desire to understand the differences between the costumes and their purpose.

Single breasted

They consist of a jacket, vest and trousers - this is if it is “three”, and in the “two” there is no vest. Recently, modern men do not often choose the “troika”, since the fashion for them has passed, they are more inclined to acquire a “deuce”. It is also noticed that almost 95 percent prefer single-breasted jackets. This model is common and familiar for businessmen.

The main feature of a single-breasted jacket is the presence of one slot in the back or two, as well as rectangular lapels. In regards to buttons, two or three pieces may be present.

There are etiquette rules on how to fasten buttons on a jacket. If two pieces are sewn, then only the top button is fastened, or the product remains completely unfastened. If there are three, it is necessary to fasten the top two or only the one that is in the middle. It turns out that in any case, the lower button will never be fastened.

Some models have only one button, but such suits are quite rare, only on designer products intended for young guys.

Double breasted

Such products almost never have a vest, but there are exceptions. What gives the jacket an unusual look? These buttons are sewn in two rows that attract attention. But, regardless of this, a double-breasted suit is considered a classic, and no less formal than the first look - single-breasted.

The main difference between the double-breasted suit is the lapels, which have a pointed shape, directed upwards and, in addition, two slots in the back. A classic double-breasted suit contains six buttons, the upper two of which are considered decorative, but there are jackets with four buttons, they are less formal.


The three-piece suit has long been recognized as a classic and not only, it is considered a manifestation of amazing taste. The kit includes a single-breasted jacket, trousers and a small-sized vest. They are made of one material. In such an ensemble, a man looks conservatively and stands out among others.

When purchasing a classic model, you should not worry about the money spent, because it never goes out of style. Although the advertising slogans say something else, no one canceled the dress code. Agree, there is a difference in what to go for an interview when applying for a job, especially in a serious company: in a formal suit or casual-style clothing.

The present vest gives the man harmony, increased presentability. The costume that is sewn to order is especially distinguished, because he will expose his owner as a respectable master of his life.

The vest has two manufacturing options: open and closed. The first view with a deep neckline in front, the lapels located, create the appearance of a full-fledged vest. The second view with a small neckline that opens the tie quite a bit.


Such models include:

A business card suit, it is customary to wear it in exceptional cases. Their feature is:

  • the bottom has a cone-shaped neckline, as the sides are narrowing,
  • only one button closes,
  • worn with a white shirt, bow-tie, black boots,
  • the butt is a little longer.

A “club” jacket or tuxedo is usually worn only in the evening for protocol events. A distinctive feature is:

  • the presence of satin lapels elongated,
  • has one or two buttons,
  • can be either single-breasted or double-breasted,
  • complemented by a light, most often white scarf in your pocket,
  • worn with a white shirt, bow tie and black pants.

Tailcoat can be attributed to a ceremonial costume, which is worn on ceremonial events. The features of this species include:

  • shortened in front and elongated tails in the back,
  • worn only with a white shirt,
  • the shoes should be black and the vest and tie white,
  • trousers have a high belt, narrow themselves with double satin stripes on the side,
  • the belt is not worn on the pants
  • It is completed with a white scarf in a pocket and white gloves.


Ideas about clothes, in general, have changed a lot. In the city, restaurant, business environment at conferences, people dress as they previously could only afford on a day off.

An informal ensemble is a jacket and trousers of different colors. The main thing in this style is the fabric structure and relaxed colors. For example, the casual style is characterized by modernized, open material structures. They are light, voluminous with increased thread extension. This indicates a non-durability of the fabric, compared with the classic weave. They are designed for one season of socks and do not have to make excessive demands on them.


The famous three-piece suit implies, only there are differences in the number of buttons:

  1. One - This is a suit for a casino or on stage. Most often, such a suit is not intended for business meetings, but for show business. The button, though one, but it will be buttoned.
  2. Two - This is a conservative jacket, designed for business meetings. One of the two buttons (top) fastens.
  3. Three - the upper of which is closed by a lapel. The loop for it is on the inside, processed from the outside and inside. The middle and upper buttons or only the middle button are fastened.
  4. Four - so many buttons contain sports models of jackets with patch pockets. In this case, the lapels are much smaller in size than usual. There are lightweight suits made of cotton, cashmere that are unlined, and shoulder pads. Very often used with unusual materials. Considered as informal clothing.

Types depending on the cut

The cut of products differs among themselves. There are several main types of men's suits:

  1. English - This is an expression of simplicity, rigor of lines. Tones are calm, soft. You can say it is elegance and classic. There are two sometimes three buttons, dissected, lapels on the sides, two slots. With this product, pleated pants are worn. The shoulders are slightly sloping, with small shoulder pads. A man in such a suit has an even line of shoulders and back, looks rather slender, fit. This option is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age and build. The cuts on the sides allow you to keep your hands in your pockets.
  2. French - This is a suit, narrowed at the hips with a shortened length, the chest line is voluminous, and the shoulders are rounded. If it is double-breasted, it has one button near the waist, wide lapels. Such a cut draws a figure, gives grace, grace. Cropped French suits have a narrowed waist and a slight fit, suitable for men with short stature, lengthening their figure.
  3. Deutsch - This style will be appreciated by men who love freedom and style. It differs from English in slightly baggy, but it looks beautiful because of high-quality tailoring and fabric. The armhole in the sleeve is deep, the sleeve itself is wide, spacious.Good-quality woolen fabric, from which the product is sewn, does not crease, because the threads have a special technology of twisting and drawing. Such a suit will serve for a long time. Some models have buttons on the sleeves. Be sure that this thing will be expensive, since the loops are made manually with specific requirements from the client. This option is suitable for both thin men and with an average physique.
  4. Italian, if you take the single-breasted version, then it has three buttons and two side slots. The shoulders are raised and slightly widened. Lapels are sharp, welt pockets in the frame. If a double-breasted suit, then with an adjacent silhouette, the shoulders are narrow, the buttons are located high, the volume along the chest line is small. Trousers are straight, along the entire length with the same width. The fabric used is light, sometimes with a pattern. Those who wear such a suit stand out for their individuality. A man's set for such an ensemble can be any. He can hide the flaws of the figure, so it looks great even on fat men.
  5. American - These are quite convenient and comfortable products. They look unofficial, one might say sloppy. The suit does not have a clear silhouette, there is no thickening in the shoulders, even the sleeves can be rolled up. The armhole is loose, at the waist a narrower jacket, lapels slightly moderate in width rounded. There are two or three buttons, between which there are wide gaps, one slot, pockets have valves. The double-breasted jacket is distinguished by deep lapels, another button under the waist line. The trousers are spacious; they can be folded near the waist. Ideal for full men, as they provide comfort and freedom. Not suitable for ceremonies.
  6. European - This English classic cut is slightly modified and simplified. The jacket has become a little longer, the shoulders are widened, the pants are quite voluminous and loose. The jacket is sewn both single-breasted and double-breasted, has no slot. The shoulder line is slightly widened compared to others, and the lapels are wide. It is necessary to wear only a wide tie under it. The bottom button fastens, emphasizing the waist of a man. It is not convenient to sit down with such a suit, for this you only need to unfasten it. Suitable for slender guys with a good figure, high growth.

Fashion costumes

Which of the above models are the most fashionable is definitely hard to say. Every year new models appear with different colors, patterns. To keep up with fashion you need to constantly update your wardrobe. If there is no money for this, get unique models that do not lose their popularity over the years.


It is of great importance when choosing a men's suit and style of the product. Most often it is classic suit, not too tight-fitting, in the form of a "two" of a straight jacket and trousers with arrows. Such models are considered universal and everyday, they have welt pockets with a "frame" or flap. The “troika” supplemented with a vest is already more universal - it is permissible to put it on for a festive event.

Models of men's suits are primarily adjusted in length. French jackets, tailcoats and tuxedos are worn with tight trousers - this option is too bold for a classic suit. In addition, there are more original formal styles. A business card suit can be with cropped trousers. The club style in the form of a jacket pair looks interesting.

Skinny styles require an athletic physique or create its illusion due to cut lines. For example, an Italian suit with an accent shoulder line creates the illusion of a narrower waist.

Casual style allows you to wear 7/8 skinny pants with a double breasted jacket.

Materials and composition

When choosing a material for a men's suit, first of all, we always mean 100% woolen matter. It provides the necessary thermal control, a good fit and wear resistance of the jacket pair. But suits made of wool can also be different - winter and summer options will differ in thickness, density of threads. Most often, the finest fleece of English and Australian sheep is involved in their production. Less commonly, it is the coat of vicuna, a Peruvian relative of the llama. It is used to create materials sold at a price of 1,000 euros per linear meter.

Cashmere, also made from natural materials - mountain goat fluff, is a little cheaper. This material is very light, hypoallergenic, wear-resistant, does not form pellets. But increasingly, even eminent brands decide to use mixed fabrics. And the reason for this is not saving on quality at all - combined fibers are 1.5-2 times lighter. In addition, added fibers often improve their performance.

Woolen and semi-woolen materials

It is customary to subdivide all half-woolen fabrics into categories according to the type of impurities - this can be polyester, polyester, nylon or viscose. The proportion of impurities in pure wool reaches 30-60%. The polyester lavsan, added to natural raw materials, makes it possible to obtain a practically non-wrinkling light suit for demi-season use. Adding lycra prevents rapid stretching of the fabric, stretch wool is used in the manufacture of office suits.

With a pronounced interweaving of threads, costume material is classified as worsted. The following materials fall into this category of fabrics.

  • Boston. Woolen material with a pronounced scar on the surface with a diagonal arrangement at an angle of 45 degrees. Weaving twill, which prevents stretching of the fabric.
  • Gabardine. Very dense wool or semi-woolen fabric for all-weather use. This version of the material lends itself to being cleaned and easy to care for.
  • Crepe. Thick fabric made of 100% wool or wool mixture. It is resistant to deformation. Budget collections of costumes are often sewn from it.

With pronounced hairiness, the materials are already classified as thin-wooded species.

There is also a composition of pure wool, there are half-woolen options. Fine-woven fabrics are characterized by pleasant tactile sensations; they are very comfortable to wear. Among the most popular options are the following options.

  • From tweed. It is mainly used for sewing classic English costumes. On the front side, the tweed suit has a light hairiness, it is very tight, equipped with 3 buttons and leather elbow pieces to increase resistance to wear.
  • From cloth. It is used for tailoring winter suits. The hairiness of the material is pronounced, the weaving of the threads is plain.
  • From Chevyot. This type of mixed fabric is most often used for tailoring uniforms. It is dense, has a pronounced antistatic effect, light hairiness. The fabric is subject to diagonal deformation, relatively cheap.

The following are most often referred to pile cotton-based costume fabrics.

  1. Fleece. Material with knitted weaving. They make sports suits and home clothes from fleece. High-quality fleece material has a soft surface, is hygroscopic, comfortable to wear.
  2. Velours. Used for tailoring designer, elegant, home and sports suits. Velor pile is pronounced, with a characteristic sheen.
  3. Velveteen. One of the most popular cotton-based pile fabrics. A ribbed corduroy suit fits well with casual style. The material is non-marking, elastic.
  4. Velvet. Expensive material for tailoring an elegant suit. Of the fleecy fabric in the men's version of clothing, only jackets are made. There are materials with the effect of a chameleon or stretch products.

The most exotic for men's suits are considered today. natural suede and leather materials. They are only relevant in specialized products of an ethnic or design orientation. Silk and satin costumes, by contrast, are expensive and are considered ceremonial.

These products require careful care.


Among the most popular styles, there are 2 main areas: formal and informal. In the first case, we are talking about a strictly regulated appearance and other characteristics of the product. Among formal suits, the following options are most popular.

  • Classical. This is one of the traditional styles, most often English, in the form of a triple with two sides.

  • Business. Everything here is also strictly regulated. The suit can be a “two” or “three”, with a mandatory tie and shirt.

  • Business card. An elegant suit with an elongated rear part of the jacket and a cone-shaped neckline, fastened with 1 button. Be sure to pair with a bow tie and white shirt.

  • The tuxedo. It is customary to wear it in the evening and exclusively for events held under a strict protocol. It can only be black, the dress code for him is designated - black tie.

  • Tailcoat. Exceptionally formal gown. It is put on in especially solemn occasions. It can be used when you need to create a vintage look. In the dress code of the event is indicated as white tie.

Informal costume styles are much more diverse.

  • This is a free casual casual. with a careless combination of elements of different colors and textures in one suit. In everyday images, fabrics are often used less dense, lightweight, designed for seasonal use. Denim suits are also no less popular, in which leather and suede inserts are actively used today.

  • A club costume often involves skinny or cropped trousers.. It is allowed to wear a shirt under it, not just white. The cocktail costume, although less formal than a tailcoat or tuxedo, still obeys strict rules. For example, it should not be black or bright. A dark blue version or pearl gray in the form of a "two" is suitable, with trousers with arrows and a loose cut jacket. The shirt may be white or black.

  • Safari is not the most common style for a costume. It includes a military-style tunic with a semi-fitted silhouette, complemented by an English turndown collar, and extra long trousers or shorts.

The fabric for such a suit needs cotton, rather dense.

When choosing a style for a modern men's suit, you should pay attention to bold and contrasting combinations, whether it is the texture of materials or the color scheme. It can be ethnic with its emphasized natural fabrics - unbleached wool, silk, linen. If the suit is considered as everyday, you should pay attention to the business style, quite strict, but allowing liberties like refusing a tie.

Street style is no less relevant in fashion. Here the suit will be multi-layered, with a vest and trench coat instead of a jacket. Vintage style is also quite popular - you can try on jockey tweed in the English style or put on a kit in the spirit of the 19th century. If you want modernity, you can give preference to a casual style, where suit trousers are easily complemented with a suede jacket or denim jacket.

Color spectrum

When choosing a color for a men's suit, it is very important to understand that this particular emphasis will play a crucial role in the perception of the image. There are rules here. For example, not all tones and shades are acceptable at official and solemn events. There are 3 classic options: black, dark gray and blue. They are considered universal.

Color or two-tone costume options are usually created on occasion. The white monophonic option is appropriate as an artistic element of the image, but it can often be seen at weddings. If you definitely want to have a multi-colored kit, you should consider the following points:

  • turquoise shades well with peach and all sandy shades,
  • green and olive look good in brilliant performance - from silk, satin,
  • brown is best used in plain colors,
  • wedding suit can be burgundy, cherry, blue,
  • for the graduation party, you can choose a dress suit and lilac, purple, coral tones of clothing,
  • juicy yellow or orange shade is perfect for summer linen dress,
  • Marsala or Khaki is a good solution for safari style,
  • a brilliant silver or golden tuxedo is good at a theme party,
  • raspberry, currant and any berry tone will favorably shade the bright appearance of the red-haired man.

Prints and decor

Some types of costumes necessarily include additions in the form of decor. For example, tuxedos and tailcoats are always with stripes - a legacy of military uniforms. For the rest, trim buttons can be used where there are no slits on the cuffs. Moreover, in men's suits, prints are most appropriate, most often conservative, traditional.

An English tweed jacket and checked trousers are a casual casual pair. Pinstripe suit models are often seen as smart or casual. Large prints usually remain the prerogative of informal fashion. For example, a striped black and white suit may well be considered summer.

There is an important rule: The contrast print in the kit can be a maximum of 2 things. For example, you can combine checkered trousers and a vest, but a total look, especially in a bright performance, will look out of place.

Pea is another popular costume print. Tall and slender men can afford such a kit and look elegant at the same time.

Manufacturers Overview

The best brands that produce stylish men's suits have a mostly foreign “residence permit”. The tone in the fashion market is set by the USA, Germany and Italy. Among the most popular manufacturers, the following companies are worth noting:

In the segment mass market good costumes can be found at Bruno Banani, Asos, Massimo Dutti. If you want to find a kit American style it is worth paying attention to the brands represented in this market segment - Brooklyn Tailors or the no less popular Theory. Among British manufacturers, the world-famous fashion house Calvin Klein is of most interest.

In the highest segment the fight is between Italian costume manufacturers Pal Zileri and the German brand Patrick Hellmann. Couture clothing is expensive, but has the ability to serve as long as possible without losing sight and quality.

Tips for choosing and features fit on the figure

A good suit should fit the figure correctly, take into account and correct its flaws. Choosing the perfect style, elegant and stylish, will help following certain rules. Not all beautiful jackets sit well right away, trousers most often have to be hemmed and customized.

However, there are critical factors - for example, the length of the sleeve of a jacket or the circumference of the chest. If problems with trying arise with these elements, it is better to simply try on another thing.

There are a few more tips to consider.

  1. If there is no particular preference for colors It is worth choosing black, dark gray or dark blue shades. They are relevant for any season and occasion. If there is one suit in the wardrobe, it should be exactly the base color. For business meetings, a brown tone is also suitable - from beige to dark chocolate. He is less formal and allows you to choose non-standard shoes.
  2. When choosing sizes, it is worth considering that the shoulder seam should end where the forearm is anatomically located. If you feel discomfort when stretching your arms to the side or to the sides, the size does not fit. With the buttoned floors of the jacket, a palm should pass under it freely.
  3. The length of the sleeve chosen so that it reaches the wrist, but does not overlap the cuffs of the shirt.
  4. When choosing trousers is better abandon the idea of ​​trying on baggy shapeless models.
  5. Men with extra centimeters at the waist Do not choose styles narrowed down.
  6. If you need to visually adjust short stature, you should choose dark suits in a thin vertical stripes or models of trousers and jackets with a high waist.
  7. Men with a slim physique A large cell will help to add volume as a print and light, light fabrics.


This is the exact opposite of the previous style decision. It is characterized by monophonic classic expensive fabrics and incredible restraint. Such an image will suit both mature gentlemen and confident young men.


Outrageous costumes are not necessary for everyday wear. A good enough knitted sweater, simple pants and a pair of comfortable t-shirts.

Men's fitted suits: the best styles and styles

The costume should be in the wardrobe of each representative of the stronger sex. Designers offer different styles, but the most elegant are men's fitted suits. A model of such a cut favorably emphasizes the figure and is suitable for a variety of situations.

A suit with a fitted jacket began to be worn relatively recently., about the middle of the last century. Since then, cut options have repeatedly changed depending on fashion trends, but the idea itself has remained unchanged for many years.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatility. The suit is suitable for any event, since the model is presented in a wide range. A strict classic costume can be worn for a wedding or any other special occasion. A less formal business option is suitable for working everyday life, and bright and youth models are indispensable for friendly parties.

  • Elegance. If the model is well matched, the suit will look stylish and elegant.
  • Combinatorial. On the basis of a fitted suit, you can create a variety of images by selecting accessories of a particular style.


This group includes all models of costumes made with deviations from the classical canons. Moreover, deviations can consist both in tailoring and in the choice of fabric.

Thus, a fitted jacket of an informal style can be made without a collar or with patch pockets. Often you can see suits with skinny pants that barely reach the level of the ankle.

Very often, informal suits are sewn from fabrics of non-smooth texture, for example, from velveteen or tweed. For young people, designers create bright fabrics from unusual prints.

Which style to choose? The answer to this question depends on the lifestyle. So, if a business suit is needed, in order to wear it for work, it is worth giving preference to classics.

If the dress code at work is not strict and the guy prefers free-style clothing, then it is not necessary to buy a business suit. But to have a classic thing in black is desirable. The presence of such a suit in the wardrobe will allow you to feel confident if you suddenly receive an invitation to attend an event involving a strict style of clothing

Fashionistas wear informal suits in their free time. Fans of such clothes can purchase a suit with a tweed jacket. Or choose an avant-garde style, choosing a model of unusual colors.

When choosing a suit, pay attention to the type of physique. An ideal choice for slender guys with an athletic figure will be an English-style model. If there is a problem with the figure, it is better to purchase a more free option - an Italian-style suit. If the man is not tall, he should pay attention to the French-style costumes, as they perfectly stretch the silhouette.

The cloth

The best choice of fabric for sewing men's suits is wool.This material can be dense and thin enough, so a woolen suit can be worn in any season of the year.

The presence of a small additive of synthetic threads is not a disadvantage. Moreover, the addition of synthetics improves the performance of wool.

Informal suits, as already mentioned, are sewn from different types of fabrics. In winter, it can be tweed, velveteen and even velvet. In the summer - linen or cotton.

Acquisition of suits made of synthetic fabric should be avoided, as they are not presentable enough.

The size

It is very important to choose the right size suit. If you buy too narrow or, on the contrary, too wide a suit, then the image will be far from elegance.

Ideally, the costume should be sewn individually by a good tailor. But individual tailoring is not available to everyone, so you should learn how to choose ready-made models.

The most important thing is to choose the right jacket, since trousers are much easier to fit in the figure than the upper part of the suit. Therefore, you should start trying it on with a jacket.

The first thing we pay attention to is the shoulder line, it should lie perfectly. The shoulder seam should not be short and “pull” the sleeve. But the shoulder of the jacket should not hang. The collar should softly fit the neck, not clobbling and not crashing into the body.

Next, you need to fasten the jacket on all the buttons. The model should not hang on the torso, but the mod should not feel pulled into a corset. If the jacket lies well on the shoulders, but the buttons cannot be fastened, then you should not try to try on a larger model. This means that the fitted cut does not suit you, you need to look for a suit with the upper part of a straight silhouette.

When trying on a jacket, pay attention to what level the narrowing is at. If the waist line on the clothes does not match the natural, then the model does not suit you in height.

Pay attention to the cut of the sleeves. Their length should be such that the bone on the wrist is covered. But the sleeve should not go into the palm of your hand.

Having chosen a suitable jacket, you can go to trying on trousers. The main requirement for these clothes is comfort. Pants should not hang at the waist and too tight to fit the hips. Even if it is a narrower model, it should not be collected by horizontal folds along the side and step seams.

The length of the trousers depends on their style. The classic version is trousers that slightly cover the upper part of the heel of the shoes and lie on the front of the shoes with the formation of a soft crease. If these are cropped trousers, then their length should reach the ankles.

It is best to purchase trousers that have no hem at the bottom, in this case, you can quickly adjust the length to your height in the studio.

What to wear?

The fitted trouser suit creates accents, drawing attention to the shirt and shoes. Therefore, the selection of these elements must be taken very seriously. The selection of add-ons and accessories is carried out taking into account the general style of the ensemble.

So, if this is an image for a celebration, then you need to use models of the classical style. Informal suits do not require such a careful selection of additions, with them you can combine different clothes.

Men's clothing styles: which one to choose

From this article you will learn:

  • Men's images
  • How to choose a style of clothing for a guy
  • How to choose the perfect accessory for your style of clothing for men
  • Fashion trends
  • Stylish looks

In modern society, there are certain requirements for the appearance of people. Look stylish and attractive - this is an urgent issue for both sexes.

Men's wardrobe is not as diverse and rich as women's. Therefore, the choice of outfits for the stronger sex should be approached more pragmatically and with special care.

Our article will tell you about what are men's fashion styles in clothes, and demonstrate photo examples.

Men's images

Modern fashion is a mixture of various trends that have developed over the past decades. Below are the main fashion trends, which are the most popular among men.


Strict outfits are well suited not only for official meetings, but also for everyday wear. For proper style restraint, elegance and high-quality tailoring are inherent. Office wardrobe assumes classic cut suits with plain light shirts from expensive paintings.


A bold style decision, which is distinguished by contrasting bright details. In the prevalence of shocking, no plain or similar in color costumes. It is important to understand that such robes will not always and everywhere be appropriate. If you were wondering what free styles of clothing are for men, pay attention to the next five fashion trends.


Geeky leather jackets or jeans in holes are the choice of many modern guys. Such things perfectly reflect the protest against established fashion trends.

An analogue of the brutal bow described above, which is very popular. Its basis was once the well-known style of punks. In this robe there are many iron elements and other non-standard accessories.


Almost the exact opposite of the above bow. It is characterized by democracy and simplicity. The wardrobe includes plaid shirts, patterned sweaters, classic woolen suits, and plain jeans.

The fashion of individual eras is a good foundation for modern fashion bow trends. The sixties are distinguished by things with a combination of non-standard fabrics and a minimalist cut. Clothing is becoming more practical and comfortable for everyday use.

Along with this era, catchy bright colors and an original cut are characteristic. The most famous wardrobe item of those times is flared pants in addition to a colored shirt.

More brightness and shocking - this is how you can describe the decoration from that time. Skinny trousers and leather shoes in non-standard colors were in fashion.

Coarse denim was popular during this period. She made jackets, trousers, shirts and shorts. Some mods were completely in jeans - from head to toe.

Aviator: emancipation and craving for adventure

This style is the property of fashion since a person acquired “wings”. His prototype was the form of the first pilots, courageous polar explorers and risky circumnavigators.

The aviator is represented by leather pilot jackets, sheepskin coats, sheepskin coats, “officer” raglans, bombers. As well as sweaters, shirts with patch pockets, overalls, cargo pants, trousers with cuffs, breeches or shorts.

Type of clothing specific: everywhere straps, valves, buckles, stripes with attributes of the Air Force. On the feet - deaf, lace-up shoes.
Style fabrics - leather, suede, fleece, denim, dense wool. Colors - brown, blue, olive, cognac.

Asian style: luxury and mystery

Its history is lost for centuries and is associated with the customs of Asia. Today, costumes similar to kimonos, Chinese french suits and the like are called the Asian style.

The colors are thick, juicy, iridescent fabrics, with gold patterns, dragons, sakura flowers.

Clothes - deaf, without cuts dresses, tunics, long tops, wide trousers. Couturier men are offered narrow jackets with a stand-up collar, shirts and jackets that resemble the armor of a samurai.

Typical techniques - draperies, buttons on air loops, one-piece, expanding sleeves.

Academism: Democracy and Impartiality

The "progenitor" of the style is the clothes of scientists, judges and studiosus. That is, mantles, robes, hats with a brush, capes, ribbons and regalia.

The fabrics of academism are simple but solid: leather, suede, tweed, loden, drape, denim. The colors are calm, soft.Allowed patterns: plaid, goose foot, strip.

Intellectual labor proletarians wear Chesterfield coats, denim jackets, casual jackets, jumpers, and standard-cut jeans.

In the women's arsenal there are dresses without a neckline with a mean, inconspicuous decor, modest skirts, cardigans, and raincoats.
Comfortable shoes with low heels.

Animalism: impulsiveness and playfulness

The origins of the "animal" style go to the caves, at a time when only hides served the person as clothing.
Fabrics can be any. Colors - with patterns that imitate the coloring of a tiger, leopard, cow or zebra.

Animalism, however, exists in two ways: the first imitates the skin, skin, or shell. The second depicts the animals themselves.

Clothing - from women's underwear to men's ties. Today, for example, the trend is “scaly” tops and “snake” leggings. And also 3D-drawings of pandas, wolves, deers on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tunics and even swimsuits.

Art Deco: Artistry and Spectacularity

The founding fathers of the style are Roman Tyrtov-Erte, who composed costumes for Mata Hari, and the eccentric fashion reformer Paul Poiret.

The colors are deep, concentrated, large prints, rhythmic. Status fabrics: velvet, silk, velor, chiffon. Characteristic clothes are jackets with two buttons, Scottish sweaters, men's golf trousers, tight red ties and brown suede boots.

Female art deco rests on a dress of a simple, rectangular cut. Its silhouette resembles either an antique tunic or an Egyptian “sundress”. Popular techniques include bugles decor, offset waistline, multi-tiered folds. Hands and shoulders are bare, backs are open. The outfit is complemented by a boa, boa, bell-hat, turban or feathers.

Ballet style: fragility and ethereality

One of the most feminine and at the same time simple styles.
Clothing - tutu skirts, chopper skirts and tutu skirts, dresses of silhouettes that evoke associations with ballet. The top of the suit is elementary simple, the bottom is airy, flying, often two-layer.
Fabrics - chiffon, tulle, guipure, lace. Colors to your taste.

Lingerie style: provocation and frivolity

Style fabrics are loose, soft. Muted colors: shades of pearl, ivory, dusty rose or lavender.

Clothing - combination dresses and negligee dresses, tops, lace skirts, loose overalls on thin straps, shorts resembling knickers. Many houses, for example, Givenchy, offer lingerie clothes to men: pajamas, guipure t-shirts, mesh t-shirts.

Boho or bohemian style: creativity and colorfulness

The emergence of this trend was not due to fashion designers, but to the first feminists who advocated freedom of expression.
Style fabrics: chintz, cotton, linen, burlap, wool with national prints. Colors are cheerful.

The bohemian “repertoire” consists of loose blouses, flared pants, patchwork vests, multi-tiered skirts, colorful dresses and hats. And to them boots decorated with fringe, shoes with ribbons and beads, sandals.

Baby dollars: naivety and puppetry

Style baby doll native to America 60-70s of the last century. This style was a symbol of an era. Thanks to the cinema, baby dollars from home women's clothing went into the category of fashionable and everyday.
In 1956, the film "Baby Doll" was released, subsequently defining the name of the style itself. Oddly enough, the idea of ​​a style in the film was given by a peignoir of a certain cut, which, however, did not prevent him from becoming the main style for baby doll casual wear.

Fabrics - silk, chiffon, lace, cotton, crimped, knitwear. Colors are provocative, even acidic: lemon, turquoise, orange.

Clothing - knee-length coats, flared skirts and a-line shapes, dresses with a minimum neckline, tops, shorts, knee-highs.
Typical details are bows, pleated, sleeves-lanterns, shoes with a round toe.

Vamp: temptation and seduction

A style designed to create the image of a decisive, purposeful, fatal beauty.
An adjacent dress with cuts and bare shoulders is the main thing in the wardrobe of a vamp woman. Nearby hang blouses with a neckline, tight-fitting, high-waisted trousers, midi skirts made of thin fabric clinging to the legs.

The colors of the toilet are “fatal”: black, scarlet, burgundy. The predatory leopard pattern, flickering "scales" are not denied. Fabrics - velvet, satin, silk.

Vintage: exclusivity and sophistication

Vintage is the term by which winemakers designate a product of the highest quality. And such a drink is usually not one dozen years.
Vintage in fashion - these are cult, designer things of past generations. Style, however, is genuine and imaginary (neo-vintage).

Truly vintage clothing - branded, rare. For example, models created by Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Gianni Versace and stitched at that time. Vintage items should not be less than 20 years old, but they must remain in excellent condition.
However, neovintazha removes the restrictions. Within this trend, new things have gained legitimacy. The main thing is that their cut and style match the patterns of once famous designers.

Oriental style: sensuality and charm

Under the Eastern style, most often, they mean clothes made in accordance with Arab traditions.
These are long, loose outfits with clear, strict lines. For example, raincoats with hoods, dresses with wide sleeves, tunics, cardigans. And also trousers, harem pants, zouaves, women's loose-fitting trousers.

Fashion designers, fascinated by the East, offer men jackets and velvet jackets, cotton raincoats, silk trousers, scarves. Of the items that complement the image of the Persian guest, turban hats, galloon belts, and shoes with bent noses are always relevant.

Oriental fabrics are expensive and dense, textures are smooth, iridescent. Colors - white, green, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, popular patterns - peacock feathers, "Turkish cucumber", golden arabesques.

Gangster style: influence and caste

His business card is a black three-piece suit, a dark silk shirt with a light tie, narrow-nosed, often patent leather shoes and a borsalino hat. This kit was formed in 1919, when the United States proclaimed a ban on alcohol production, and bootleggers had to pretend to be businessmen.

Garcon: Insolence and Pride

The expansion of women's rights and opportunities at the beginning of the 20th century formed a new type of female sexuality. The rich beauties were replaced by slender and skinny models. An image of a woman-boy appeared, that is, a garzon. Having made a round, fashion for him returned in the 1960s.

The wardrobe of a teenage woman is dominated by jackets, shirts, tight pants, ties, suspenders, hats, black shoes with laces or boots. Things should be as if from a man’s shoulder - a little too big.
Colors dominate the dark. Fabrics - tweed, gabardine, jersey, cotton.

Gaucho: recklessness and functionality

Gaucho - a variant of the cowboy style with a geographical correction. A treasure trove of ideas for him was the casual clothing of herders of cattle in South America - guys with Indian and Spanish blood in their veins.

The gaucho outfit is fringed jackets, Native American ponchos, textured vests, loose trousers, wide-brimmed hats or special berets, boots with spurs. A feminine option to match: fluffy, with ruffles skirts and petticoats, blouses with ruffles, wide belts.

Of the fabrics used suede, leather, cotton, wool. Possible colors - brown, orange, green, blue, red, drawings - floral print, figures of totem Indian animals.

Glamorous style: shine and mannerism

The emphasis on luxury was extremely popular in the 90s, when a huge number of glossy magazines appeared. Since then, glamor has not given up, although it sometimes looks caricatured.

The fabrics that style requires are shiny, translucent. Colors can be bright, and pastel, and even cloying. The ornament is floral or animal. Finishing - sequins and rhinestones.

It makes no sense to dwell on the types and styles.Clothing, first of all, should be attractively fitting the figure, leaving shoulders, arms or legs open. Shoes - lace openwork high-heeled sandals, patent leather shoes, stiletto heel ankle boots, boots with lace, fur.

Male glamor is gentle and sweet just like female. Take a look at the latest Gucci collections: flowery jackets, cuffed fur, glossy shorts, and shoes.

Glam rock: rebellion and passion

The birth of style is due to rock music. His favorite fabrics are leather, vinyl and denim. Favorite smooth, varnished textures, black, silver, red, electric colors.

Jackets, black shirts, t-shirts with skulls, a “goat”, other rocker symbols, leather vests with biker decor, short dresses, tight jeans and leggings ... All this is glam rock. Clothes are generously covered with chains, zippers, spikes, as well as sequins and Swarovski crystals.
Shoes also with fittings.

Urban chic: harmony and dynamism

This is the style of a modern resident of the city, following fashion trends. His task is to deftly combine boring business wardrobe items and trendy, sometimes extravagant things, to make an extraordinary look.

Trousers are leading in clothes - male and female, straight, narrowed, with a small tie pattern or neat, branded jeans. Jackets and jackets of saturated color rely on them.

The asset also includes a cocoon coat, trench coats, skirts of a non-banal cut, light blouses, cocktail dresses, ballet shoes, mules, birken stocks, white sneakers.

How to choose a style of clothing for a guy

Choosing an individual bow is not an easy task. Most young people combine in their wardrobe a lot of style decisions, in combination of which the necessary image is created. It is important that the future look is not only beautiful in appearance, but also that it hides or, conversely, emphasizes the elements of the figure. Everything in the image of a man should be on business and tasteful.

Gothic style: mysticism and melancholy

The costume of the Gothic era is not very similar to the clothes invented by the Goths - a subculture of the end of the last century.

The fabrics from which it is sewn: velvet, velor, leather, vinyl, satin, taffeta, organza. The main color, of course, is black, acting on its own or in a duet with red, white, purple, burgundy.

The clothes are diverse and pretentious: dress coats, frock coats, raincoats a la “Dracula”, black T-shirts with images of a wolf, a crow, a bat, turtlenecks with a skeleton pattern.

For girls, corsets, voluminous, soaring skirts, dresses of an intricate cut with flounces and laces are sewn. Historically-esoteric toilets are complemented by cylinder hats and hats with a veil, black gloves, clasps in the form of skulls on shoes.

Grunge: irony, freedom from conventions

Grunge rejects glamor and pathos, in its basis the predominance of the spiritual principle over the material. His clothes are flannel shirts, ripped jeans, overalls with patches, stretched sweaters, oversized sweatshirts ...

The fabrics characteristic of grunge are denim, cotton, flannel, wool, suede, leather. The colors are cold, gloomy, the patterns are a cage, a geometric soft print.

Women's grunge is complemented by straight coats with deep pockets, “dimensionless” sweatshirts, loose dresses, tights with intentionally lowered loops, denim or knitted skirts, mitts.
Style shoes: grinders, berets, camelot, sneakers, flat shoes and jewelry.

Graffiti: brightness and colorfulness

So called youth street style, focused on the palette and decor.
Graffiti style can be anything - t-shirts, jeans, t-shirts, tops, dresses, sweatshirts ... It is important that these items are painted, painted and painted. Prints in the form of witty aphorisms, sloppy pictures, color strokes and spots turn even an ordinary-looking suit into an art object.

Fans of street culture dress in graffiti from head to toe, and older people can choose a single, lushly painted item: a T-shirt, for example, or a handbag.

How to determine the color type

This is a natural combination of the color of the skin, lips, hair, eyebrows, beard and eyes in a common shade. According to the rules of stylists, according to the type of appearance, the following varieties of color type are distinguished:

  1. Summer - cold shades prevail (gray and blue eyes, ashen hair, etc.).
  2. Spring is in most bright and delicate colors.
  3. Autumn is brightly saturated, muted shades of a warm color palette.
  4. Winter - cold and bright colors prevail.

Business (official) style: correctness and neutrality

The business appearance does not tolerate experiments and liberties, remaining almost unchanged from the beginning of the last century. For men and women it is a dark suit and a light shirt.

The official style, however, is divided into strict (a tie is required), casual (another color is added to the black and white range) and Friday, which allows jeans.

Dandy: panache and nobility

Dendism as a way of life developed in England in the era of the Regency. The style slogan could sound like this: noticeable invisibility.

The dandy's wardrobe contains a conservative cut coat, cloak, suit and shirt. As well as vests, hats and shoes made of quality leather, silk ties.

Actually, the same thing hangs in the women's closet: a trouser suit, light-colored, masculine-type blouses, fitted and straight jackets, frock coats and breeches.

Dandy style like no other depends on the details. It is inconceivable without neckerchiefs, like gloves, polished to a shiny shoe.

The necessary materials are tweed, cashmere, wool, silk, linen. The colors of the dendism are dark for winter, beige and white for summer clothes. Patterns - a cell, a thin strip.

Derby (jockey style): impressive and sporty

In general terms, derby clothing is a stylization of the shape of riders.
These are jackets, cloak-cloaks, readings, jackets with a stand-up collar and wide lapels, English vests, breeches, breeches. And to them are derby hats, helmets, caps with a visor, high boots, leggings, and derby shoes.

The fabrics are respectable and expensive: wool-jersey, cashmere, silk. Colors are muted: black, shades of blue, brown, mustard, creamy.

Denim Style: Loose and Equal

The flag, coat of arms and anthem of this movement are denim: denim, eikru, gin, chambray.
Colors - shades of indigo, blue, gray, white.
Any clothes, but pants - must have. Today, in the lead roles are men's, slightly skinny jeans, women's jeans with a high waist.
Truly folk models such as skinny and boyfriends are still in fashion.
The trend is white, color, ragged denim. And also jeans with clumsy cropped, raw trousers, decorated with embroidery, multi-colored applique, lace, festoons ...

Disco: musicality and plasticity

It arose as an imitation of idols - outfits of Boney M and ABBA, John Travolta and (in the Soviet version) Alexander Abdulov.

The core of the style is a white suit with a black shirt with a wide collar. In the men's wardrobe there were also gray, tinted jackets, loose trousers, turtlenecks, shimmering shirts.

In women - blouses with voluminous shoulders, dresses with flounces, t-shirts of flashy colors, banana pants, colored tights.

Characteristic shoes are men's shoes with a heel or platform, silver sandals.
Favorite materials - polyester, lurex, disco fabric, viscose. The main colors are white and black, neon.

Zut: courage and paradox

The style appeared in the 30s in Harlem jazz clubs. The establishment perceived the baggy, slightly awkward jacket and spacious trousers as a parody. But, as it turned out, in loose jackets and trousers it’s convenient to dance boogie-woogie and swing.

In addition to the clumsy costume in style, there are a long coat, a wide-brimmed hat, a bow tie, suspenders and two-tone boots.
Fabrics - wool, viscose, cotton. Colors are brown, brick, red.

Colonial style: adventurism and enterprise

The style imitates the clothing and equipment of tropic explorers.
It consists of men's windbreakers, shirts with shoulder straps and drawstrings, trousers and shorts with cuffs.

For women, straight skirts of medium length, shirt dresses, dressing gowns are provided.
Colonial clothing fabrics are natural, colors - repellent ultraviolet, copying the savannah: beige, mustard, light gray. Blouses, scarves and neck scarves can be bright, animal colors - like a tiger or a parrot. The portrait of the colonialist is “finished” with a belt, a round hat, a “granddaughter” of a cork helmet, lace-up boots.

Coco Chanel: benchmark and excellence

In the treasury of style are those items that Coco Chanel loved, wore and promoted, as well as items from her pret-a-porter collections.
This is a small black dress, a fitted jacket, a straight skirt covering her knees, wide trousers, ballet shoes, patent shoes, two-tone shoes, a hat and ... A string of pearls.
Style fabrics - tweed, cashmere, silk, jersey, knitwear. Colors are black, white, pastel, prints - goose foot, discreet cage.

Color block: rainbow in the wardrobe

Color block (color blocking) is the art of harmonious combination of bright colors and shades in one ensemble.
An image in the style of a color block involves clothes of a simple cut, without complex details and “extra” accessories. The simpler the better. After all, the main thing in your ensemble is color.

Club style: expressiveness and brightness

The name of the style does not need to be decrypted: these are clothes for parties, a kind of party-dress code.

Tireless clubbers put on club suits consisting of tight trousers and fitted jackets, club shirts, slim jeans, jeans with twists ... Girls put on sequined tops, mini-skirts, short dresses, elastic leggings.

Fabrics - cotton, knitwear, synthetics. The colors that are given priority are glossy black, pink, golden, turquoise, and purple.

Constructive style: sharpness and sculpturality

In essence, this is a way of dressing in which the form, geometry, and costume design are emphasized. To do this, designers use cut tricks, special seams, trim and decor.

The basis for creating a voluminous, embossed ensemble can be any well-known clothing style, but most often fashion designers resort to eclecticism.
The fabrics are hard, holding shape, the colors are expressive, mostly monochrome.

Space Age: Futurism and Entertainment

In fashion, the space page opened in the 60s of the last century. Synthetic materials that became part of everyday life allowed designers to create clothes in the form of spacesuits and helmets, alien suits. Jacket-lunar jackets, overalls, shorts, sundresses, sparkling with "cosmic" glare burst into life. There was a demand for T-shirts with pictures of satellites and flying saucers, “puffed” boots on grooved soles, and shoes of the color “petrol stains”.

Fabrics for tailoring were used glossy, metallized. Colors - silver, white, blue, violet.
Today, the space style has shifted to the topic of robotics.

Casual: individuality and comfort

“Casual” means “informal”, “casual”, but its randomness, of course, is well thought out.

The choice of style clothes is wide: jackets, short coats, casual jackets, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, slacks, chinos, cargo pants ...
For women, jackets, vests, cardigans, tops, leggings, skirts and dresses without a neckline. Casual is attentive to details, but denies strasses, sequins, ryushechki.

Sport casual It can be supplemented with baseball caps, buggy pants, joggers, sports shirts and sweatshirts with a hood.

Smart casual on the contrary, it is more strict, being a light version of office clothes. A characteristic feature of smart casual style is really expensive, but discreet things.

However, there is also business casual, style of Friday, post-work evenings. It synthesizes neatness and corporate spirit with a comfortable, minimal deviation from office clothes.

Shoes suitable for casual clothes are brogues, loafers, slip-ons, ballet shoes.
Typical fabrics are leather, velveteen, denim, knitwear, wool, cotton, linen. Any colors that do not hurt the eyes.

Lamberjack style: equanimity and reliability

Despite the fact that the style has been known since the end of the century before last, it was established today when the request for brutality and male beards returned.
The task of the Lambersexual (the so-called representatives of the style) is to create a halo of a stern guy, mean for words and emotions.
And the “sacred” object in his chiffonier is a jacket in a red-black cage or the same, thick and warm, outfit of a shirt.
Materials - knitted wool, bike, suede, tanned leather, sheepskin. The colors of the lumberjack are brown, beige, red and black.

Military: self-confidence and rigidity

The official trendsetter is called the Louis Voitton fashion house.
Clothes with a military bias cannot be confused with another. These are overcoats, pea jackets, pilot jackets and tanker jackets, parks, bombers. Continue?

French jackets, tunics, uniforms, breeches, cargo pants, culottes, overalls, shirt dresses, skirts ... And, the corresponding decor: epaulets, buttonholes, axelbants, epaulettes ...
The portrait of the fashionable “commando” is completed by army shoes, caps, hats, cap or beret with a cockade.

Fabrics - leather, canvas, drape, denim, flannel, fleece. Colors - khaki, camouflage, gray, swamp, olive.

Minimalism: elegant moderation

Minimalism is a style of clothing that does not recognize layering, too bright colors, and other “extra” decor. He never succumbed to podium tricks, but was always individual.

Concise details and neat accents often look much more interesting and brighter than trend tinsel. And it is precisely this simplicity, coupled with elegance, that makes the minimalist style popular.

Modern minimalism allows you to create unusual, bold and creative images. The main thing is to correctly combine colors, texture and shape.

Nautical style: chic and carefree

Britain is considered his homeland, but a striped skirt with a sailor suit first put on Coco Chanel.
Since then mountains of clothing have been added to the sailor suit. Yacht jackets, fitted jackets with gold buttons, flared trousers, Bermudas, white shorts, striped tops and sundresses. These items adorn stripes, appliqués with anchors, helms, lighthouses, sailboats.

The costume is diversified with white caps, caps, captain's caps, beach hats, and pirate scarves. Popular shoes are white shoes.
Fabrics - linen, cotton, silk, muslin. Colors - white, blue, blue, red.

Overseas: custom and cosiness

It is a mistake to think that oversized clothes are larger. In fact, this is a special style with intentionally enlarged sleeves, a collar, shelves and pockets.
This type can be coats, jackets, sweaters. Oversize lovers wear dresses with a blurry, vague silhouette or dressing gowns with wide, long sleeves.

Fabrics suitable for embodiment are non-rigid, soft. The colors, for the most part, are restrained.

Natural style: naturalness and comfort

Simplicity, naturalness and comfort are the key ideas of a natural style in clothes.
Typical wardrobe items: T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts, tunics, flared or a-line skirts, spacious jeans, straight or cargo trousers are free things of a simple cut without complicated details.
A distinctive couple of this style is texture - volumetric or pronounced weaving. For example, gunny, velveteen, knitwear, large knitting, fur.
Fabrics: natural - suede, linen, wool, knitwear, cotton, jeans. Shapes are free, without intricate details. The colors of the clothes are soft, muted, without contrasts.

New Look: Grace and Flirt

The concept of New Bow in the postwar years was proposed by Christian Dior. His collection, which caused a sensation, consisted of extremely feminine clothes.Skirts with crinoline, hornet waist, naked hands, fragile ankles ... According to fashion critics, this was a new look at female sexuality.

New Look today - dresses with a rounded shoulder line, raised bust, expanding or, on the contrary, a strongly narrowed skirt.
Fabrics, colors - any. The outfit is complemented by round hats and long gloves, shoes with medium heels.

How to determine the type of figure

Knowing the features of your body, you can choose clothes so that it stands out from your strengths and hides flaws. There are 4 main types of figures, from which you need to determine your own:

  • • hourglass,
  • • rectangle
  • • inverted triangle,
  • • round type.

10 things that should be in your wardrobe

List of essential items

  • • winter / autumn coat,
  • • natural leather jacket,
  • • strict classic costume,
  • • trench coat covering the edges of the jacket,
  • • jeans, classic cut,
  • • jacket of a club look, sports tailoring,
  • • trousers of a gray shade,
  • • two to three shirts,
  • • T-shirts and sweatshirts,
  • • shoes and other accessories.

A selection of bags for men to the style of clothing

Most often, the male half when choosing such an accessory is guided by the practicality and functionality of the product.

It is important that the bag can carry daily accessories, such as a smartphone, wallet, keys to the apartment and car, rights and other documents.

When choosing, focus on those models that most organically fit into your existing wardrobe and will be universal. You will find many quality models made of genuine leather in the catalog of the Brialdi online store.

Fashion trends

When thinking about how to choose your own style of clothing so that the image of a man matches fashion, adhere to the classic direction. For many centuries it has remained one of the most sought after and popular. Choose a minimum of things for yourself. They should be the basic foundation that can be used in any life situation.

Stylish looks

Each representative of the strong half, choosing the best things in their wardrobe, can look stylish. The modern and most popular fashion styles in clothing for men are presented below:

  1. Smart casual is an outfit that will complement the masculine look, suitable for both an evening date and a business meeting. Denim jeans with a matching tone jacket combined with brown shoes and the same color briefcase - this is the perfect solution for a modern guy.
  2. Hipster bow is incredibly popular among young people. A red shirt with brown pants and rugged boots, in addition to a voluminous backpack, will be a good option for a brave guy.
  3. Images in street decoration are the most used in life. A sweater for tight jeans in dark blue, complemented by a thick sweatshirt - they look beautiful. Also simple and at the same time comfortable boots with a dark small backpack will fit in such a wardrobe.

Men's suits: what are the styles - Audit-it.ru

Any country or nationality, regardless of fashion and time, brings its national identity to the history and appearance of the men's suit - color, fabric, cut, various finishes and accessories.

In the modern men's clothing, three main styles of suits have established themselves: English, European and American.

The rest are variants or modifications of classical images


Or sak (which translates as "bag"), is also known in America under the name "natural shoulders": it does not use shoulder pads. Residents of the United States believe that the concept of classic and comfort are inseparable. The male half of America prefers spacious classic men's suits, for figures of full or square complexion.

The American men's suit is at a minimum fitted, and in the area of ​​the hips is as close to the body as possible.In the west, over a business suit, it is common to wear a jacket, so the length of the jacket is shorter than that of its European counterpart. The shape of the shoulder corset of a true American costume is wide and round, when it is formed, shoulder pads are not used. On a single-breasted jacket, the lapels are not wide, the edges are rounded, and on the double-breasted jacket they are deep. As for the accessories - the buttons on the "American" are finishing, and the rows between them are located at a great distance from each other.


German practicality and accuracy, known throughout the world, did not go unnoticed in a men's suit. These synonyms of German life can be traced both in the quality of fabric and accessories, and in design. So, the fabric and the form of the suit for a long time does not wrinkle and do not lose the attractive appearance even under the most unbearable conditions of use, which the men's suit is exposed to every day. This effect is achieved through the use of a special fabric that "remembers" its original form. Threads for such material are produced using patented technologies, and it is they that make it possible to serve a German men's suit for many years. Convenience and practicality in using the suit are achieved thanks to the peculiarities of form and design.


Grace, grace, silhouette - these are the main distinguishing features of French men's fashion. The main silhouette of the “Frenchman” allows you to visually stretch the figure, give grace, but at the same time masculinity.

To achieve this effect, a special form of the jacket allows, namely: a shortened length and moderate "fit", rounded shoulders, "narrowing" in the hips and bulkiness in the chest.

Appeared back in the 19th century. and still popular. Due to the severity and perfect cut, he sits perfectly and maintains this quality in any movement. The jacket's cover follows the natural lines of the figure: the shoulders are moderately emphasized but not extended, the waist is marked and slightly understated, at the back there are two slots (which is especially convenient for men with wide hips) ) Pockets with flaps and a little beveled. The traditional version also offers a small pocket for small items (above the side pocket). A single-breasted jacket has three buttons (the lower one, as a rule, does not fasten). Lapels are small detachable, on the sleeves there are four unfastening buttons. .The double-breasted suit has the same strict design and four or six buttons arranged in two parallel rows. The sports version is a single-breasted model with patch pockets, leather or suede collar and elbow pieces, leather tight buttons and a hinged loop on the lapel. The jacket is made of heavy fabric - tweed or boucle. The English costume can be a two or three, including a vest. Pants are straight, not wide, without cuffs. This cut is suitable for men with any type of figure, but especially with a rectangular one. It is undesirable for very full and large ones, as it implies a strong fit at the waist. This suit is for those who prefer a classic, strict style . The British, great connoisseurs of men's classic suits, masterfully combine a large number of items of clothing, achieving almost absolute harmony, in which there is a place for bright socks or a scarf.

The classic Italian silhouette is extremely complex because it is modeled exactly according to the figure. However, it is in such a suit that you will look great and feel absolutely comfortable. It features a lightweight structure - it lacks some inner layers. The most characteristic cut of the Italian jacket remains single-breasted, with 3 buttons and two slots. The shoulders of the Italian costume are often slightly widened and raised. Lapels can be sharp and pockets welt into the frame. Italian costumes are very elegant and elegant.The Italian costume has a representative appearance due to a very clear silhouette.Even a full man will look slim and fit in such a suit. The full figure is concealed due to the broad shoulders and their clear line, as well as due to the small fit. Pants are mostly straight, keeping their width down. Such clothes hide many of the flaws of the figure.

Associated with the style of the 80s. XX century, when fashion designers, mainly German and Italian, decided to modify the classic suit, the design lines were simplified, the shoulders were widened (in the spirit of the fashion of the 30s), the jacket became longer and the trousers freer and more voluminous. A double-breasted European jacket usually has two or six buttons, in the latter case, the clasp is a “fan”. It is located quite low, which lengthens the upper body. In addition, the jacket is 7.5 cm lower than the buttocks, so this style is not very suitable for men who are less than 180 cm tall.The European-style suit emphasizes the shoulders and narrows the hips without accentuating the waist.Lapels are wider than other styles (therefore, a tie must be selected more bold both in design and in size). The jacket has no slots, and before you sit down, it must be unfastened. A model without slots sits better on a figure with flat buttocks. On the sleeves, as a rule, three buttons, “framed” pockets, are located horizontally. Single-breasted models retain the trapezoidal shape and low fastener of the jacket, most often with two buttons. The modified European suit looks more elegant due to the smaller volume and greater sharpening of the lines. The armhole is high, so that it fits perfectly on the chest. The double-breasted version is with six buttons, usually it is fastened to the middle, leaving the lower unfastened, which emphasizes the waist. (The top button is purely decorative, there is not even a buttonhole for it.) Pants are minimal in volume, often with cuffs.The European costume perfectly emphasizes the figure and suits slim, well-built men. Double-breasted jackets are not recommended for men who have a big belly, since such jackets do not give freedom - they can not be worn open.

What are the types of men's suits and jackets - stylist tips

The irreplaceable and most significant part of the male image is an elegant suit. A man dressed in trousers and a jacket, sewn in the same style, looks really elegant and elegant. Fashion for the strong half of humanity is conservative and more permanent.

Changes in cut, volume, detail configuration and color scheme are slower than in the capricious and changeable fashion for women. However, men watch their wardrobe as closely as women.

The types of men's suits, however, are diverse, and this article will help you in choosing the best option for you. In this article we will analyze the differences between men's jackets.

How much does a costume cost?

The name of men's suits or jackets is a variety of cut

The fashion industry has formed several silhouettes of clothing for men, incorporating the specifics of the national culture and mentality of residents of different countries. There are three main types of costumes:

Sewing specialists developed several costume silhouettes, creating additional patterns for the cut based on three classic options: German, French and European.

American cut

In America, men prefer more comfortable clothes, so a free straight silhouette is a classic American cut. The shoulder girdle is not formed by shoulder pads, and the armhole is made quite wide. Jackets reach the upper thigh, one slot on the back provides ease of movement. A 2-3 button fastener is always single breasted. The rigor and formality of double-breasted models in this style is not welcome. Trousers with pleats at the waist are quite spacious.

Italian cut

Italians understand a lot about beautiful life. For elegant twos and triples, they choose light expensive fabrics of unusual patterns, textures and colors.Single-breasted jackets with two slots and a high armhole neatly fit the chest. The enlarged, slightly raised shoulder pads draw a beautiful line of the figure. Double-breasted suits with a narrow shoulder are fastened as high as possible, which helps to visually stretch the figure. Trousers are straight along the entire length and not too wide.

European costume

The silhouette was created in the 80s of the last century. Fashion designers in Italy and Germany decided to change and simplify the design. The shoulders of the jacket were slightly widened, the floor length was increased, and the trousers were made loose.

The jackets of the European suit lost their slots, lost a fourth button on cuffs and valves on their pockets. The lapels rang out wide and demanded a more solid and voluminous tie.

Fit visually increases the upper body, so it is not recommended for men of short stature.

French costume

It is no coincidence that France is called a trendsetter. Types of men's suits in France attract more than in Italy and England.

Single-breasted models of small length have a rounded shoulder line. Double-breasted with wider lapels slender and add grace.

The visual effect of stretching a figure is an ideal choice for slim and short men. They seem taller if they are dressed in French.

Punk style: recklessness and shock

Designers who sewed costumes for scandalous rock bands transferred music to punk.
Punk clothes - ripped, cut, stained jeans, t-shirts with anarchist signs, obscene shirts, dangling braces, black mesh tights, dresses with holes ...

Fabrics - denim, leather, knitwear, colors - black with red, piercing blue, poisonous green.

Pin-up: coquetry and piquancy

The word means “pin”, because soldiers, students, and high school students pinned pictures of big-eyed and puffy-eyed beauties to the wall.
The task of the style that arose under the influence of these pictures is to create an equally sexy, attractive look.

The clothes we offer are waist dresses, flared skirts, plaid shirts, T-shirts, high-waisted shorts, tight-fitting trousers, blouse with an open neckline and lace bows.

Accessories - fishnet stockings with garters, hair bands, stilettos.
The fabrics are mostly light, sunny, with prints in peas or a cute flower.

Preppy: accuracy and elitism

The term came from the word “preliminary,” and the style “grew” from the form of students in prestigious schools and colleges.
Its materials are tweed, cashmere, mohair, rayon, linen.
The palette is blue, white, sand, cyan, red and yellow. Of the ornaments, rhombs, stripes and a cage are welcome.

Preppy clothes are cobby coats, trench coats, blazers, pullovers and jumpers, vests. In the same row are polo shirts and oxford, trousers with tucks, made of thick fabric shorts.

Girls choose a pencil skirt or A-line skirt.
Shoes for all occasions - loafer shoes, oxfords, brogues, top siders.

Men's suit two and three

The simplest and most democratic option will be a two-piece suit, consisting of two items: trousers and a jacket. "Three" includes a vest, which is most often sewn from the same fabric.

The presence of a vest gives the appearance of a man a more ceremonial and official look. By the way, you can take off your jacket if you have a vest without the permission of others.

Etiquette rules consider a vest a temporary substitute for a jacket.

Retro: charisma and love of life

Interest in past eras and dresses flared up in the middle of the 20th century. Unlike the finicky vintage style, retro does not require genuine antiques, but is content to imitate.

Styles, models, colors - characteristic of the time that is copied. Typical materials are velvet, silk, chiffon, satin.

Style classification of suits for men

The official style is a formal suit with a light shirt, perfectly ironed trousers and shiny shoes. For especially solemn occasions, types of costumes in black colors are intended. For ordinary meetings, options in more neutral dark blue or gray colors are suitable.

Accents are placed with the help of expensive accessories: belt, cufflinks, tie, watches. Options for special occasions, such as weddings, concert performances or prestigious receptions, need a butterfly.

Tuxedos and tailcoats are a special kind of formal men's clothing, which is worn in exceptional cases.

Romanticism: Sensitivity and Serenity

Romance in clothes - dresses with layered, pleated, puffy, “cloudy” skirts, high-waisted sundresses, lace blouses, stoles and capes. Princess Diana once introduced fashion to such items.

Romantic style fabrics - silk, chiffon, velvet, taffeta, organza, guipure, lace. Colors - white, peach, pale green, pink, cream.

Special techniques - three-quarter sleeves, lanterns, puffs, frills and chillies, embroidery on the bodice, shuttlecocks, draperies.

Rustic (rustic chic): simplicity and modesty

A style that combines the philosophy of country with the colorful details of folk costumes in Europe.

The characteristic fabrics are coarse, textured: wool, linen, cotton, flannel. Colors - soft colors of nature: shades of brown, blue, green, coral and yellow. Favorite print - a small flower.

The basic things of a rustic style are tiered skirts, dresses and shirts of a laconic style, vests, knitted sweaters and stockings. You can combine clothes with cloth shoes, sandals on a straw platform or with a wooden low heel.

Safari: perseverance and excitement

Safari style arose at the peak of interest in Africa, its colonization and development.
Safari clothes - loose jackets, light shirts, t-shirts, overalls, vests ...

Men can choose slacks, cargo pants, culottes or lapel shorts. Women - shirt dress or wrap midi skirt.
Pockets, straps, straps and lacing adorn both women's and men's clothing.

Shoes are also laced, but there may be cork shoes and gladiator sandals.
Fabrics “hunting” style prefers natural, “breathable”. Colors - shades of stone, sand, terracotta, wood.

Casual style

Everyday clothes are a little less pathetic and strict in choosing accessories. The casual suit is most often called a jacket pair, and the usual “two” is easily turned into a “three” with the help of a warm knitted vest of a suitable tone.

Casual - style implies a certain freedom of movement, so English, Italian and French costumes are unlikely to be comfortable. Democratic American cut or spacious and slightly baggy German types of suits are ideal.

Strict double-breasted jackets, resembling a military tunic, do not have freedom, so lovers of casual style love single-breasted models sewn from tweed or other high-quality, creasing fabric.

Casual style is not so strict with the selection of accessories. Shirts can be checkered, striped or with another decent "male" pattern.

With a knitted vest, you can wear a knitted lace or knit a silk scarf. The color of the belt and boots may not exactly match the color of each other.

In the style of smart casual, it is possible to completely abandon the shirt, and wear a thin pullover with a neckline or a high neck turtleneck sweater.

Sports style: energy and activity

His road to the pedestal stretched for centuries. The more popular sport became, the more sportswear appeared in everyday life.
Today it is jackets with hoods, V-neck sweaters, T-shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, tights, joggers, leggings, pleated skirts, shirt dresses. Shoes - sleepers, slip-ons, gym shoes.
Materials can be both natural and semi-synthetic, colors - the palette of the Olympic flag.

Sports style men's suit

Men's sports style suit is not sneakers with shorts or sweatshirts and a worn-out T-shirt. A suit is not a sports uniform, but an outfit for a dynamic, active and fit man.

Sports style is designed for walking, relaxing or working in the office without a strict dress code.

Sports style suits consist of trousers and a jacket, but differ from the classics in a more free attitude to details.

  • The pockets will be large and it’s quite possible that patch pockets, voluminous, with folds in the middle.
  • The shoulder width in the absence of shoulder pads is emphasized by soft shoulder straps on buttons or buttons.
  • A loose fit tracksuit should not restrict movement.
  • Pants will be straight or semi-fitted silhouette. Often with cuffs on the bottom of the legs.
  • To give a slim figure, jackets are often equipped with a belt imitation or a jacket is sewn like a jacket with a stitched belt at the bottom.
  • For a summer suit in a sports style, light light shades are chosen: beige, reddish, light gray, light khaki. In winter, they prefer natural natural tones: gray, brown, reddish.

Teddy Boys (Teddy Girls): Force and Rebellion

The style appeared in London, in the midst of a subculture, whose representatives tried to dress in the spirit of the 19th century.

Mandatory subjects - a long narrowed jacket, the most narrow trousers, a white shirt with a detachable collar, a jacket with lapels and a pencil skirt for girls.
Optionally, you can add a vest and tie with a Windsor knot. Shoes - leather creepers, narrow-nosed boots, espadrilles. The point in the aesthetics of the image was put on a scarf sticking out of the breast pocket.

Folk style: simplicity and picturesqueness

Unlike ethnicity, folk style does not aim to recreate an authentic folk costume. And he stylizes it, resorting to visual touches and individual techniques.
It can be an ordinary shirt, but with a hem, a sash belt, a skirt sewn from Pavloposad shawls, a sleeveless patchwork.
Fabrics, as you might guess, are natural. At a premium, brushes, ruffles, applications, weaving.
Colors are juicy, pleasing to the eye.


  • Blue has almost replaced traditional black. For festive occasions, dark blue colors are suitable, in the summer they choose bright or delicate blue tones.
  • All shades of noble gray are still at the peak of demand. The neutral gray tone refreshes and ennobles bright accessories in blue or tan.
  • Unusual for men shades of greens and red wine - a trendy offer. Daredevils choosing these colors should be especially careful when choosing accessories.

Hippies: love, naturalness, freedom

These principles "flower children" also professed in clothes. No brands and tags, nothing expensive, "straight away." Fabrics - linen, cotton, burlap, denim. Colors are vibrant, floral. Typical clothes are T-shirts with the pacific sign, flared jeans or shorts, gypsy skirts, spacious dresses, colorful headbands.
Hand-made elements are appreciated: wedges sewn into flares, a hand-made pattern on a T-shirt, mono on a bandage. Shoes - sneakers, clogs, sandals.

I must say, the hippie style exists today, but in a more neat, refined form.

Hipsters: Eccentricity and Mainstream

In a nutshell, the hipster is a dude of the new century. The direction has developed recently, creating its own visual identity.

Hipster gives a pedantic attitude to details: a long scarf or neckerchief, glasses, canvas bag. This comes with tight-fitting jackets, skinny jeans or breeches, leggings, jackets, plaid check-in shirts, witty print t-shirts, and converses.
Fabrics - flannel, denim, velveteen, wool, linen. Colors - blue, red, khaki.

Shabby Chic: Watercolor and Sentimentality

The idea is that things are given a "shabby chic." The dress or hat may be new, but must look as if they were put on by your great-grandmother.Ideally, items should be perceived antiquely.
Preference is given to light, natural fabrics and faded, pastel colors.

Prints and vibrant details in a men's suit

Familiar geometric prints in the form of stripes and cells are enriched with abstractions of various calibers. Drawing "chicken foot", a pattern of rhombuses - a fresh and original proposal for men.

Some sports-style jackets feature suede elbow patches. Bright models migrated to a casual wardrobe. Finishing the patch patch material in harmony with the overall composition helps to trim the pockets, cuffs, or even the sides of the jacket with the same material.

Ecological style: rationality and rationality

Environmentalism is the undisputed leader in a sea of ​​fashion trends. In a broad sense, this is a way of life, and in everyday life - a commitment to natural, hand-crafted, unpainted or dyed natural pigments fabrics. Actually, we are talking about special raw materials - eco-fabrics.

Eco-friendly clothing is always natural, hypoallergenic, breathable, retains heat, absorbs moisture. The cut of such items is simple, free, no frills. As a rule, these are shirts and trousers, overalls, dresses, tunics and skirts of comfortable styles.
The palette of eco-friendly clothing, for the most part, is light, inherent in the raw material.

A few tricks for men

A sense of style is developed in men from a young age. Not accustomed to the suit, the young man feels constrained, confused in the details that are important for the harmony of the image. All the rules for wearing a costume are associated with an exclusively utilitarian attitude to clothing.

  • The rules for buttons is connected with the fact that in a fully buttoned jacket it is banal inconvenient to sit down. There is a risk of just tearing the very last button with the meat. But to constantly unfasten - to fasten a jacket to men is simply laziness. So they came up with a simple rule to never use the bottom button of a single-breasted jacket for its intended purpose. In the double-breasted model, floors that go far against each other guarantee the integrity of the fastener, which is why it is worn constantly fastened.
  • The natural requirement that the sleeves of the shirt be slightly longer than the sleeves of the jacket is related to hygiene. A stained jacket is harder to tidy up than a thin shirt.
  • Three-piece suits look more solid and respectable because they are often worn by respectable and respectable men. The fact is that a vest with an adjustable backrest plays the role of a kind of corset, which tightens a not quite elegant sign of solidity. Young and slender men do not need to tighten their bellies, but the "troika" gently hints that life experience has already been accumulated and is safely hidden under the fabric of the vest.
  • Slots on fitted jackets allow you to actively move, use your pockets, sit down and get up. In the free silhouettes, they do not make a slot, because the spacious cut already provides ease of movement.

If you know what suits are, then you are more confident in choosing a model in size and your own taste. Wear classic men's clothing with pleasure, because it is in a suit that a man looks really elegant, representative and beautiful.

Some do not know the difference between a suit and a jacket. A jacket is the top of a suit. The suit consists of the upper part - a jacket and the lower part - trousers.

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Extravagant (dramatic) style: rebellion and determination

Extravagance - a state of mind and a vector of behavior.
Therefore, clothes can be anything. Belonging to any style and era, branded or hand-sewn. Another thing is important, so that it causes bewilderment, amazement, wow effect.
The color scheme is biting, contrasting, accessories are unusual, even extravagant.

Erotic style: indiscretion and ambiguity

The radical trend of glamor style was popular for a relatively short time, but still left a mark in the history of fashion.

Imitating pop divas (Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé), the girls were more likely to undress than to dress. Ultrashort dresses, latex suits, coupled with rhinestones and heels “sculpted” not an image, but a sex symbol.

Among men, the erotic trend was supported by glossy magazines that print photos of handsome muscular men in shorts, athletes in unbuttoned shirts and mesh tights.
It would seem, much more frankly? And here's where: in subspecies bodyfitness.

“Naked” dresses and transparent overalls, jackets worn on a body without underwear, skirts, consisting of ribbons, shorts, thongs, cuts as evening toilets ... Such costumes are not uncommon on red carpet.

Ethnic style: self-sufficiency and sincerity

Ethnicity in clothes is a vast concept. How many nations, peoples, tribes, as many ethnic areas exist within the style. The costume, for example, can be created according to Greek patterns, Egyptian, Indian or Native American motifs, African and, naturally, Russian.

Due to such variability, the shades, prints and styles of ethnic costume are always different - in accordance with the chosen national theme. But one thing common for ethnicity: the naturalness of the fabric.

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