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5 terrible styles of men's jackets and 5 fashionable alternatives

Unpredictable weather should not become the enemy of comfort or appearance of a man, it is necessary to be prepared for all contingencies. In order to update your everyday style of clothing, you should familiarize yourself with what to wear jackets.

Gone are the days when jackets were intended solely to protect the body in winter or from the cold wind, men now wear jackets to satisfy their style needs.

How to wear men's jackets depending on the style

Jackets are one of the most popular clothes used today in different parts of the world. They come in different styles and are able to meet the fashion needs of different men. Some of the popular types of jackets include:

  • leather jackets are widely known as they are functional and fashionable. They can be made from the skin of a cow, lamb, sheep, goat or buffalo. Leather jackets are produced in different styles, such as biker, military, bomber and straight. In order to figure out what to wear with a leather jacket, it is best to pay attention to proven design solutions: with leather pants, jeans, high boots, chinos or cargo pants,
  • trench coats. Their first image was developed during the First World War (cloak), and its popularity increased during the Second World War. Even today, trench coats are in demand among men because they provide protection against extreme weather conditions. Of particular popularity are given to them by a variety of colors that are used when sewing them. Trench coats are sewn using such materials: acrylic, fleece, cotton, suede. They’re usually worn with suits, jeans or turtlenecks,
  • Jackets made of wool and fleece. Such models are especially popular in winter periods, since they help protect against severe cold,
  • quilted. Elegant quilted jackets should be worn to create a casual look. They are the perfect combination of warmth and fashion. Paired with a cardigan, a man will feel safe in the winter. They are great for travel, hiking and everyday life. Harmoniously combined with jeans, trousers, boots and suits. A quilted jacket can be made of such materials: polyester and fleece, cotton. Leather, silk or wool,
  • with a hood. Such jackets will help to do without an additional scarf or cap. They look voluminous and give the perfect winter look. When it comes to comfort and warmth, they are at the top of the list. Look great with long sweaters, cardigans, high boots, chinos. Made of such materials: polyester viscose, cotton fleece, wool, acrylic blends,
  • Jean jacket. These jackets were always the favorite items of college visitors, and bikers wear them in the fall season. They are suitable for going to the club and for everyday walks, go well with chinos, jeans and khaki pants,
  • windbreaker. As the name implies, this thing is necessary in windy or rainy weather. It cannot be replaced in training or traveling. The windbreaker goes well with sports shoes and sweatpants. For its manufacture, such fabrics are used: lycra, cotton, polyester.

Selection of shoes and accessories

This season, the following types are allowed:

  • a baseball cap is not only for summer, baseball caps are great for rainy days when there is no desire to deal with an umbrella,
  • scarves are a classic accessory. If you take an oversized version of a scarf, you can, if necessary, take cover with it, like a blanket from the wind in the evening,
  • hats. Street style is back in fashion, so hats with logos are the most popular.

One of the most comfortable shoe options that will harmoniously complement a leather jacket is a pair of leather boots. For outdoor activities, a combination with sneakers is preferable. Suede boots will add elegance to a simple look, and leather derby boots will instantly upgrade your style.

Stylish looks with a man's denim jacket

A denim jacket is one of the most important foundations of a wardrobe. She is central to the denim style. A great advantage of a denim jacket - and a big reason for its popularity is that it is useful most of the year.

To figure out what to wear a denim jacket for a man, you need to find out about acceptable combinations:

  • A good combination of a denim jacket with chinos of almost any color. Darker shades will look versatile, especially with a blue sweater and wrapped cuffs.
  • it is possible to wear a denim jacket with jeans. But, as a rule, a jacket and jeans should be of various shades. Another way is to pair a worn jacket with clean jeans, or vice versa,
  • this is a great substitute for a blazer or a sports jacket, especially when any of them will seem a little stuffy,
  • a great opportunity with a denim jacket to add a collar and buttons to a simple t-shirt, which gives the best look to your face and figure,
  • light gray jeans and a dark indigo jacket can work, a mid-blue jacket with blue jeans will not,
  • For an everyday outfit that is full of character and personality go for a standard blue denim jacket and ripped black jeans.

Ultimately, we are talking about a piece of clothing rooted in punk rock, so there are many opportunities for creativity.

Laconic jeans

A denim jacket is suitable for the beginning of autumn, while the sun still continues to delight you with warm rays. In September, it can be worn with a basic T-shirt, polo shirt, chinos or jeans (the main thing is that they do not match the jacket in color). On cooler days, wear a cashmere turtleneck and dress pants. It is necessary to choose a denim jacket with a minimum of decorative elements. The simpler it is, the more spectacular it looks.

Out of Fashion: denim with faux sheepskin.

Pilot jacket

Brutal and confident man who appreciates comfort, inspires designers not the first season. One of the essential components of a military-style wardrobe is a pilot jacket. It reliably protects from the wind and emphasizes the determination of its owner. The jacket can be supplemented with a hood, bright stripes and ties. Bloggers wear such a jacket not only with pullovers and relaxed shirts, but also with trouser suits.

Out of Fashion: sheepskin jacket.

How to combine a leather jacket?

Nothing can beat a great leather jacket for men. Its durability, practicality and style has led to the fact that a leather jacket has become a necessary thing in the wardrobe of men around the world.

A leather jacket is a rather expensive purchase. This is a good investment because a good quality leather jacket will be worn for decades. If before this the question arose of what to wear with a brown leather bomber jacket, you should remember that the best combination would be blue jeans and a pair of brown leather boots.

A brown leather jacket and brown jeans work well together. Thus, a laid-back and stylish look is obtained. If you combine a jacket with a long-sleeved shirt and jeans or chinos, then in this kit you can go for a walk on Friday after work in the office.

To create a outfit for lunch with friends at the weekend, just wear a black leather bomber jacket with black jeans, and black and white sneakers are a good choice to complete the look.

By putting on a leather jacket with a suit or dress pants, you can achieve a balance between a classic and casual style. Aviator jackets require very few layers of clothing underneath, as they are very warm. Simple t-shirts and black jeans are likely to be the best choice, as they will not allow you to make your look look baggy.

Leather bomber jacket

Designers got a little tired of the sporty style and released a more sophisticated model of a men's bomber jacket: leather, using the color blocking technique. This wardrobe item will be a great alternative to a classic leather jacket, which looks, according to stylists, too simple. A leather bomber jacket can be worn with a light shirt and a favorite T-shirt. As for shoes, the jacket looks equally good with sneakers and loafers.

Out of Fashion: plain leather jacket.

- Sports style has firmly settled in our hearts, and global brands are obliged to follow this fashion trend. Bomber jackets are a great alternative to parkas. Due to their volume, they allow you to wear sweaters and stay warm in the autumn cool. A variety of fabrics, prints and stripes can emphasize individuality and style.

Paolo Sperotto,
CEO of Aeronautica Militare


For the cold winter season, many layers of clothing are required, which will help to stay warm and give a feeling of comfort. The choice of stylish warm clothes does not stop on a sweater, in addition, you need to choose the right outerwear. A correctly selected men's jacket will help not only to keep warm, but also will serve as the finishing touch to the created image.


A black biker jacket should definitely not be discounted. She is in the collections of Gucci and Saint Laurent. The popularity and relevance of this thing is easy to explain: it looks stylish and easy to combine with basic things. If you want to create a daring image, you need ripped jeans, a black T-shirt and sports sneakers, and if you prefer to look reserved, choose a light pullover with a round neckline and chinos.

Out of Fashion: short suede jacket.

- A leather jacket must be present in the men's wardrobe. It goes well with any things from the wardrobe, whether it be pants with a shirt or jeans with a jumper. Over time, real skin does not deteriorate, but ages beautifully and looks only better. A real vintage never goes out of style! For the autumn period, lightweight models are perfect, and in winter we recommend that you purchase leather with sheepskin trim, relevant for more than one season.

Paolo Sperotto,
CEO of Aeronautica Militare

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Thin down jacket

The technological jacket will reliably protect from gusty winds and will keep warm. Fashionistas and bloggers have long abandoned impractical outerwear and relied on short down jackets. Their palette is the most diverse - from dazzling white to bright red. You can wear such a down jacket with plaid shirts that are popular this season, classic pullovers, jogger trousers, and jeans.

Out of Fashion: short cotton parka.

We advise you to pay attention to the demi-season jackets from the Milano Moda store. Classic blue models are presented with a stand-up collar and a detachable hood.

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- Once upon a time, fans of Elvis Presley around the world began to wear a jacket-jackets, adopting this fashion for his idol. Gradually, a leather jacket became an important element in the style of not only musicians and bikers, but turned into a basic men's jacket: it looks great with classic jeans and with rough boots.

In a modern men's wardrobe, a jeans jacket is simply necessary: ​​with her participation, you can create many dynamic looks that will look modern and visually rejuvenate.

Ivan Rybnikov,
Russian couturier

What should a man wear a leather jacket with?

A leather jacket without elastic at the bottom and on the cuffs will not tolerate voluminous pants, and indeed large clothes on the hips. The jacket itself with zip fastened should sit on the figure. Wear a collar raised for a bolder and more daring image of a bully. It will also help visually lengthen the neck.

A jacket with a knitted elastic band is, in a sense, the destiny of lovers to have a beer with friends watching football and the guys passing by the gym. Do not forget to clean the fabric parts of the jacket from spools every few months.

Almost any bottom of an informal style will suit such a jacket.

Classic colors in classic clothes, complemented by unusual bright accents - fashion canon. Put on a plain t-shirt or shirt, classic beige or sand-colored straight-cut pants, and choose shoes or shoes made in several colors as shoes. A leather jacket with a slanting zipper will complete the whole look.

A comfortable sporty look with jeans in a figure and a sweatshirt with a hood can be easily supplemented with a leather jacket. The main thing is that the combination of hoodies and leather does not constrain movements. The hood of the jacket goes out. The image is completed by shoes "antique".

A practical urban ensemble can be assembled with trousers, tapered to the bottom, rough boots or ankle boots with lacing and a classic top - a jumper and a shirt. Put on a leather jacket and remember to grab a bag with a long belt. Such an image in the style of "military" will not go unnoticed.

The aviator style jacket came to Russia from the USA and soon became very popular. Classic jeans, a jumper or sweater, and non-classic boots will suit her. In view of its volume, this is an option for cold weather, since a lining from a sheepskin is sewn inside.

A rebellious bold version is a jacket with a fabric hood. Wear a simple T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Chinos are a great fit. This thing can not be attributed to any style, plus it is not universal and is suitable only for young guys.

A man aged in such a jacket will look ridiculous.

What shoes to wear leather

The choice of shoes, of course, depends on the circumstances, as well as on the style and preferences. Basically, if you choose a black leather jacket, classic shoes are chosen for it. A brown jacket is a more casual option, with non-classic shoes and scuffed jeans.

For a jacket of red color do not try to pick up shoes of the same color and shade, it is boring and uninteresting. Black shoes are an indispensable classic.

Accessories that fit a leather jacket

The first thing that a practical man should have is, of course, a bag. A bag with a long strap will fit almost any look, be it casual classics or sports. Young people dressed more relaxed and informally can grab a small fabric backpack with thin straps. A sports bag is suitable for a sports bag.

Black sunglasses will give you inexhaustible coolness. In them you will look irresistibly.

In cold weather, complement the look with a scarf, the ends of which leave outside or in a conspicuous place if you do not fasten the jacket.

This article was supposed to help you create an image with a leather jacket for almost any occasion.

General rules for choosing a men's jacket

First, let's define the terminology. A jacket is a short item of outerwear, its length can reach the waist or maximum hips. Autumn jackets, no matter what materials they are made of, are not suitable for wearing over a business suit: if you wear a jacket and tie every day, you better choose a coat, raincoat or trench coat.

A light autumn jacket can be worn instead of a jacket over a T-shirt, shirt, polo, etc. Warm models are combined with jumpers, sweatshirts, sweatshirts.

Even on sunny autumn days you can’t do without a jacket

Autumn weather is especially changeable: frosts in the morning can wait for us, warm sunny mid-day and dank rain in the evening. Therefore, when choosing a jacket for autumn, it is worth considering the possibility of increasing and decreasing the number of layers of clothing. For example, instead of a jacket with a thick lining made of wool or fluff, you can choose a lighter version, under which you can put on a sweater in the morning, and remove it in the afternoon. Jackets with a removable lining are also convenient in this sense. Also in cool weather, a stylish scarf will quickly warm up.

Light jackets and windcheaters

Let's start with the easiest, almost summer option - jackets made of textiles and windbreakers. They are intended for the beginning of autumn, as a rule, they are sewn without a lining and not so much give heat as they protect from the wind.

Nylon windbreakers most often relate to sportswear, but some brands also create urban models.

In stores you can find a variety of options for light autumn jackets. Smooth fabric patterns sewn in the shape of a jacket or jeans are suitable for a neutral look with trousers and a shirt. Jackets with a hood look more youthful in shape resembling insulated sweatshirts: they can be worn with any jeans, including torn and tight ones. For travel and outdoor activities windbreakers in a sports style are suitable.

Jeans jackets

The most famous textile jacket - denim deserves a separate category. Her story goes back more than a hundred years, and during this time, jeans almost never went out of style.

The cut of a classic denim jacket has remained unchanged for many years: a straight fit, metal bolts as buttons, pockets on the chest, and a length of about the bones of the pelvis. The most traditional color of this garment is light blue, but modern fashion also offers jeans in black, gray, white and other shades, they can be with prints, lettering, embroidery, rivets, as well as with insulation and collar made of faux fur.

A classic denim with a white t-shirt and black jeans is a win-win stylish option

A denim jacket has remained popular for many years, but the fashionable rules for wearing it have changed. If a few decades ago a jeans suit was real chic: trousers and a jacket made of the same denim, today such a combination is considered obsolete. Denim jackets are supposed to be worn with jeans of a different color (for example, black), tweed trousers or chinos may also work.

Leather jackets

A leather jacket is an indisputable attribute of masculinity and another wardrobe item that never goes out of style. It can be sewn from genuine or from now popular artificial or eco-leather, and have different types of lining: from very light fabric to winter fur. There are a lot of styles of leather jackets, so you need to understand them to choose your own.

When we talk about leather jackets, the first thing that comes to mind is black jackets: models with a zipper on the side, an integral attribute of bikers, rockers and everyone who loves a slightly aggressive style. In fact, such jackets are quite applicable in the ordinary life of an office worker, for example, in combination with jeans and a jumper, but then you should choose a restrained model without an abundance of rivets, stripes and buckles.

A biker leather jacket will fit perfectly into a casual look when combined with neutral items.

Aviator jackets also look courageously, but quite appropriate in any situation: with a zipper, with spacious pockets and, as a rule, a turn-down collar.

Warm leather jackets can have various details that distinguish them from classic models. For example, a fur collar (if we are talking about a jacket for cold weather) or a hood that imitates a sweatshirt worn under a jacket (a popular youth version).


A separate category are bomber jackets. This is a popular model of autumn outerwear for men, which is a fairly loose jacket with a zipper with an elastic band on the bottom of the product and on the sleeves.

Wool bomber jackets are a great alternative to a coat if you don’t wear a suit but want to look more solid

Bomber can be made of various materials: smooth textiles, wool, leather. Sometimes they look closer to the sports style, especially if the elastic bands are decorated with stripes, and the jacket itself with stripes, logos and inscriptions. In this case, it is better to combine it with jeans and sports shoes. Smooth monophonic models look much more neutral, they can be worn with trousers, a shirt and autumn boots, for example, deserts or brogues.

Autumn jackets down jackets

For several years now, designers have been actively offering a new solution for autumn outerwear - a light down jacket. It's not about a warm winter jacket in which you can storm snowdrifts, but about an almost weightless quilted jacket with a thin layer of synthetic winterizer or fluff.

The most compact versions of this outerwear are not even sold on hangers, but in bags: so the clothing manufacturers are hinting that this thing will not take up much space. It is convenient to take such down-padded coats on a trip when the weather seems to make it possible to do without warm outerwear, but you never know in advance whether there will be a cold snap or rain.

Some fall jackets look more like a jacket than a jacket

If you plan to wear a lightweight down jacket often, it is better, of course, to avoid options in bags, since for the sake of lightness and compactness they are usually less durable. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the seams, zippers, fit the figure.

By the way, light down jackets can come in handy even in very cold weather: the modern fashion suggests putting them on as an additional layer of insulation under coats and winter jackets.

Transformer Jackets

Continuing the theme of additional layers of clothing in cold weather, one can not help but remember all kinds of transformer jackets, or “3 in 1”. Most often they are a jacket with a detachable lower layer. For example, a woolen bomber jacket, and inside there is a thin down jacket that is attached to buttons or buttons. Sometimes the bottom layer - a jacket or vest - can also be worn separately as an independent item.

Transforming jackets usually have sporty details

Such transformer things are especially convenient for changeable autumn weather. The lower part of such jackets is often sewn in bright colors and becomes an additional fashionable accent in the image.


Down jackets are now sewn of a wide variety of types, styles and bold colors. Elongated models stand apart, they can distinguish many advantages:

  • a long product better protects against low temperature,
  • depending on the taste, you can choose the color and optimal length,
  • down jackets are most often filled with a natural feather and down. Natural materials adjust well to a person’s comfortable temperature,
  • a long down jacket protects the lower back from the cold.


The latest fashion squeak offers men several successful options for down jackets:

  • Down jacket with a hood. It doesn’t matter where you need it: sport, a trip to nature or walking around the city. It will be appropriate everywhere. Such a down jacket is chosen even by polar explorers! The hood perfectly protects the head and neck from wind and snow.
  • Parka. It is becoming more and more popular. They are especially good for young guys. Designers adapted it for the winter. The combination of a fashionable jacket with a heater makes it possible to always feel everywhere in a trend.
  • Sports down jackets. Models for sports should be comfortable and as free as possible, they are designed for outdoor activities. In addition, down jackets should be made of moisture resistant materials. Even in sports jackets there is a special layer for ventilation, otherwise the jacket will turn into an individual greenhouse.
  • Fur parts . A number of models are decorated with stylish fur elements made of both natural and artificial material. It can be fur on the hood, at the bottom of the jacket and on the cuffs. One of the most common options: mink, raccoon, fox, rabbit, sable. These down jackets are not only stylish, but also additionally protected from winter weather.
  • Double-sided down jacket. An interesting two-in-one jacket option. They are practical, as they allow you to use yourself as if they were two different down jackets. Both sides are made of high quality and from warm materials.
  • Inflated. They are warm, comfortable, but unlike expensive brothers, puffed down jackets do not differ in durability. Usually they are taken for a couple of seasons.

Today's fashion gives men almost the entire palette of colors.

The most popular are basic colors such as black and gray.

Gray has always been practical and not soiled. A gray down jacket will not often need to be dry cleaned.

White color is very elegant. Down jackets in this color look stylish and bright. They require careful and careful care.

This season, green has become the most relevant color; all its shades are in trend! Olive or khaki down jackets will perfectly emphasize almost any style.

If you need a down jacket in practical colors, but at the same time you want to stand out from the crowd, then you can look at the dark green colors. They are as practical as black!

Manufacturers of extra long down jackets for men

Nike. The most recognized sports brand. Down jackets are suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts: snowboarders, skiers. In the Nike line you can find very bright and original jackets. The price will please with democracy, you can consider options in the range of approximately from 7,000 to 13,000.

Columbia . At first glance, they are very simple models, but at the same time they are created for the maximum comfort of its owner. The manufacturer promises a unique membrane that helps to remove moisture and retain heat. There are democratic options within 13 000, there are options and more expensive, for example, a replica of an Olympic jacket for 36 999.

Adidas. Well-known manufacturer of sporting goods. This is truly a legendary brand that keeps up to date and uses modern technology to make its down jackets. You can look for good options within 20 000 rubles.

Alaska. The company keeps up to date and offers a wide range of down jackets for every taste. They have fairly affordable prices, approximately from 10,000 to 20,000.

How to choose an extended men's down jacket

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a down jacket:

  • Length. Of course, the longer the down jacket, the warmer it is, but here you need to consider the lifestyle. If a man is involved in sports, then he will have enough length to the middle of the thigh.
  • Material . Experts recommend choosing: polyamide, nylon and polyester. Nylon - it is durable and lightweight. Polyamide is durable and dries easily. Polyester - does not fade, is resistant to wear and washing.
  • Filler. The best filler is natural fluff, but it is quite difficult to care for it, so it is recommended to choose down jackets with ECO fluff. You can look at jackets made of synthetic winterizer, they are inexpensive, hypoallergenic and easy to wash even in a conventional washing machine. If feathers stick out from under the lining, then this purchase is better to set aside.

IMPORTANT!The ratio of fluff to feather should be approximately 7: 3 or 8: 2. If there is less fluff, then these are jacket options for the southern regions.

  • Style . It is necessary to consider the type of figure, age and taste. Elongated options look great on tall men. Sporting jackets and down jackets of bright colors are better suited for young couples, and older men are advised to take a closer look at the classics.
  • Line quality. The seam should be perfect, even, the thread throughout the product goes the same, without protruding ends. Poor quality stitching gives an artisanal way of sewing.
  • Hardware. The design is thought out to the smallest detail. All zippers and fasteners must work flawlessly. Some brands attract attention with branded fittings. There is even an opinion that it will last longer than usual.
  • Thermal insulation. It is indicated by the letters CLO. The higher its number, the warmer the down jacket. For example, 1 - the temperature is up to -15 degrees Celsius, 2 - up to -20, and 3 - this is up to -40.

Designers in addition to ordinary fabrics offer original solutions made of artificial leather. These down jackets look very unusual and attract eye

Why wear an extra long down jacket?

This is truly a universal thing! It suits different occasions and styles. Modern fashion has presented men with even down jackets that are elegantly combined with a business image. Under an elongated down jacket you can wear any clothes without violating the integrity of the image. Shoes are selected based on the style of the down jacket, that is, models in the style of sports look great with sneakers, and more sophisticated options - with winter boots.

A down jacket is a modern, very practical and stylish clothing. It allows you to create wonderful images, it can easily be combined with other clothes and feel confident in any weather.

Product Features and Benefits

The main feature of a leather jacket is that it gives status to its owner. It looks great both a young student guy and a business man. The versatility of the product allows you to choose a model for various events - parties, business meetings or everyday wear. Genuine leather looks stylish and expensive, and modern styles of jackets are combined with a wide variety of accessories.

The advantages of leather are as follows:

  • does not blown and does not lose appearance after surface wetting,
  • differs in simplicity in leaving, it is enough to use special sprays during storage in the summer,
  • has a wide range of models, allowing you to choose a thing for a man of any physique,
  • Serves several seasons, keeping the original appearance.

A leather jacket should be the only thing made of this material so that the image does not seem “heavy”. The exception is shoes.

Jacket aviator

Aviator - outerwear free cut. It is decorated with fur in the collar area and has an insulated lining. This design gives a certain zest to the product. The sleeves are quite wide, the style is loose. The shortened style does not constrain movements, but allows you to save heat.

Wearing a brown or black jacket model aviator stylists advise with pants of your favorite style. It is possible to use jeans of dark tones for an image. The jacket fits perfectly into the sporty style. As a top, choose a hoodie or sweater. As for shoes, massive boots like timberlands, sneakers or deserts are suitable.

Sports model with a hood

A leather jacket with a hood is again becoming popular among men. This model belongs to the sports style and looks good if you wear sneakers and sneakers. A men's jacket with a hood can be worn in winter if it has a fur lining. A classic black model is combined with denim of the same shade, and a vintage brown color will suit blue jeans.

Popular models of shades such as red, bright blue, purple. Loose T-shirts and comfortable shoes are combined with them so as not to burden the look with classic things. This youth style is firmly entrenched in the West and has become popular in Russia.

Classic leather jacket

A classic cut jacket is more like a leather jacket. She has a strict silhouette, collar - turndown or stand. Rectangular patch pockets are usually present on the sides.Men's leather jackets meet the basic requirements of classic fashion, having laconicism, simplicity, and practicality.

The jacket is ideal for everyday use, as well as business meetings. This thing emphasizes the respectability and masculinity of the owner. A leather jacket of this style is worn with classic trousers, a plain long-sleeved shirt, and oxfords, loafers or derby are suitable as shoes. You can complement the image of a stylish guy in a leather jacket with a tie or belt with a catchy buckle.

For everyday style, strict trousers are exchanged for jeans, and a shirt for polo, pullover or sweater. Moccasins or sneakers are most comfortable for such a case. In addition, you can combine a classic jacket with sneakers. Another option for matching shoes is high-soled leather shoes.


An integral element of youth fashion is a leather jacket. If previously it was worn only by rockers, now it has gained popularity and has entered the everyday style. It has a characteristic turn-down collar, a shortened bottom with a belt, as well as metal decor - rivets, buttons, buckles. A guy in a leather jacket-jacket looks very stylish.

Combine the product with jeans of various cuts. It can be both blue and black trousers with various types of decor: scuffed inscriptions, torn knees. The following types of clothing are suitable as a top:

  • thin turtlenecks,
  • T-shirts
  • Longslives
  • sweatshirts
  • T-shirts.

Ideally with such a jacket, the shirt looks longer than outerwear - this fashion trend has not disappeared for several years. Guys with a beautiful figure fit white jeans. Timberlands or boots with thick soles are selected as shoes for a biker jacket.

Useful Tips

To avoid mistakes in the selection of leather jackets, tips from stylists will help:

  • it isn’t fashionable to combine a black jacket with Cossacks or berets - this style is outdated
  • Do not choose a product with an emphasis on the waist, if the features of the figure do not allow,
  • choosing a model, take into account the place where the product will be worn - work, university or college, parties,
  • the leather thing itself is chic, so you should not overload the masculine image with unnecessary accessories,
  • the fitted clothes do not look with wide trousers; the models fitted on hips and sneakers on a thick sole will become an ideal option.

When choosing what to wear a leather jacket for a man, you need to pay attention to her model and select the appropriate companion items. The product is best worn with t-shirts, shirts and denim shirts. As a bottom, not only denim is relevant, but also a classic. Complement the image of a pair of men's shoes in a classic or casual style.

Men's winter jackets: popular models

Most men prefer to choose simple and concise models. However, modern designers offer mods interesting and non-trivial solutions. Similar trends and the world of winter fashion have not bypassed.

Today at shows you can see various types of fabrics and fillers. Fashion designers experiment with textures and styles. To look trendy, you need to choose the right style.


This stylish option is very popular today. The shortened pilot jacket recalls the style of military pilots. Similar models are made of high quality leather. They have a high collar and a fairly wide line of shoulders. The length of the product reaches the hips.

Winter jackets of this style complement the fur. Thanks to this, they reliably protect from cold and wind. Pilots can have a classic cut. There are also three-dimensional models, which are collected in the region of the belt for elastic.


Such a jacket came in a men's wardrobe from a military uniform. Today, a practical park is again very popular. Stylists recommend that men choose this comfortable and fashionable piece of clothing.

The park has an elongated cut and is characterized by amazing convenience. It is complemented by large pockets. Also, products are decorated with a voluminous hood trimmed with natural fur. Usually use the hair of a wolf or coyote.

Attention! There are modern models, which are additionally insulated with fluff or artificial filler. In addition, the jacket may have fur lining.


Such models are remarkable for their convenience and practicality. Sports-style jackets are perfect for the winter season. They are usually made of moisture resistant materials. At the same time, fabrics are resistant to abrasion and wear.

Initially, winter sports jackets were designed for skiing and other similar activities. However, today, such models have become an integral part of the everyday wardrobe of active men.

Down jacket

This piece of clothing is one of the most popular. It is characterized by a small mass. The down jacket is very comfortable to wear, it does not require special care.

Many modern brands offer stylish models. They can be supplemented with natural or synthetic fillers. Amazed by similar jackets and a palette of colors. The actual down jacket often has an unusual cut. Often, these models complement the stitch that resembles wavy lines.


This is a trendy style that has a volume cut. Often, such jackets are performed in neutral colors. They have a knee length.

These jackets go well with classic suits. They reliably protect from the cold and help to get a concise and restrained composition. Young men will prefer the original asymmetric products.

With fur

Such models are very relevant today. In addition to the usual decor on the bar in the front or collar, current jackets have fur inserts on the back and shelves.

Products can be decorated with unusual natural prints. Fashion designers often offer a combination with suede or leather details. These jackets with fur look very original.


Many fashion designers offer modern men comfortable jackets that extend in length to the middle of the knee or thigh. Current products are presented in the arsenal of the Arena brand. The brand offers fashionable downy coats of muted gray shade.

Stylish elongated products are also offered by Braggard. Models of this brand perfectly protect from wind and cold.


This option is ideal for men who are used to driving a lot of time. Such models have a fitted silhouette. Short jackets can have a straight cut or elastic at the bottom.

Such products are most often supplemented with modern insulation. Thanks to this, they provide amazing convenience and reliably protect from the cold even in the most severe frosts. Such jackets are made of leather or wool. They may have fur decor. Also, details are made of drape and light cashmere. Shortened down jackets with attractive shine look very original.

Military style

This trendy trend has been embodied in winter collections. Military style jackets are characterized by a strict cut. They are decorated with camouflage prints in an olive or beige color palette.

Such products do not have a noticeable decor. Roomy patch pockets emphasize the military style. Also, such jackets are decorated with imitation epaulette and closed zipper. Thanks to the special coating of the material, it is possible to provide reliable protection against rain and wind. The surface of such a product always remains dry.


This jacket is ideal for cold winters. Alaska combines the properties of a comfortable parka, a high-quality insulation layer and fur decor that adorns the edge of the hood. The only drawback of quality Alaska is its high cost. However, it should be borne in mind that such a jacket can serve more than one season.


Today, jackets with this element are literally at the peak of popularity. Products supplemented with a hood are found in most products for men. Often the hood is decorated with high-quality fur and supplemented with an insulating layer. Thanks to this, the part can be a great alternative to a headdress.

Hoods can be fixed or fastened. They are made with or without drawstring. There are interesting options for zippers. Often this part is made of textured fabric.

Color solutions and prints

Today neutral colors are popular - gray, black, sand. Relevant and swamp shades. Designers offer men to choose classic colors.

However, fans of bright colors should also not be left out. Some designers offer men, blue, blue, yellow and even emerald models.

A very interesting and non-trivial solution for men is the use of floral patterns in clothes. Typically, fashion designers decorate youth products with such a print. Thanks to this, the composition looks more vivid and spectacular.

Geometric patterns are very popular today. Most often, designers offer abstract solutions. They look very interesting in color and applications from materials of different textures.

Another trendy trend of the season is the shade of khaki. It is this color that allows men to look more masculine. The classic military print looks very stylish. No less successful solution would be a white-gray heyday.

A military print organically complements bomber jackets and velvet jackets. It also looks great in large parks.

Fashion designers often supplement winter jackets with contrasting sleeves. This stylistic device looks very stylish and unusual. Moreover, it helps a man look noticeably slimmer.

The most stylish and popular option are products complemented by sleeves of a contrasting shade. In more rare cases, jackets with sleeves of a different texture are presented on the catwalks.

Selection rules

To choose the right jacket, it is worth considering many criteria:

  • the cloth. The upper part of the product must be made of waterproof material that does not allow wind to pass. The comfort of a man directly depends on this.
  • The presence of a hood. This part not only protects against snow and rain, but also helps keep your head warm. Therefore, the presence of this element is of great importance.
  • Length. Men of short stature are better off avoiding long jackets. In this case, the figure will not look too attractive. Moreover, a man may seem even lower than he actually is. Too high men do not fit too short jackets. This length visually stretches the legs, which makes this part of the body disproportionate.

  • Clasp. When buying a new product, you should definitely pay attention to this detail. Men spend too much time on unbuttoning buttons. It is especially inconvenient to do this with gloves on. It is worth considering that with small buttons it is much more difficult to cope. This is especially true for people who have impaired finger mobility. Therefore, it is best to choose products with zippers or buttons.
  • Seam quality. When buying a waterproof jacket, it is worth considering that the seams must be waterproof. They can be glued in whole or in part. It is worth considering that the first option is considered more preferable.

What to wear?

The style of the winter jacket should be combined with the rest of the elements of everyday wardrobe. If a man is used to wearing classic things, he needs to purchase a straight-cut jacket made in a natural palette of colors. She should have an elongated style to hide a suit jacket.

A short bomber or pea jacket is perfect for young fashionistas. These items look great with cotton pants and jeans. Products in a sports style can be combined with a wide cut bologna trousers.

When choosing shoes, you should focus on the general style of composition. The best option would be leather shoes or fur sneakers with thick soles.

Attention! To get a harmonious bow, it is worth choosing the actual headdress. Thanks to this, it will be possible to obtain a completed bow and maintain the overall style of the composition.

Famous brands

Today, quite a lot of companies produce winter jackets for men. Many of them use innovative technologies. Thanks to this, the products of the companies provide amazing comfort.

Nike offers men a unique product - a jacket made of a material that traps air and maintains optimal temperature conditions. The fabric practically does not touch the body, because warm air has the ability to circulate freely inside.

Using special microscopic fibers, excess moisture is removed to the surface of the product. This technique is actively used for the manufacture of everyday things and jackets for sports.


This brand is considered one of the most famous. Columbia products are manufactured using innovative technologies - Omni-Heat, TurboDown, Omni-Tech. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain waterproof products that provide excellent thermoregulation. Such models are suitable for fans of an active lifestyle and athletes.


Adidas specializes in quality sportswear. Also, the brand’s products are suitable for active men who want to look attractive every day.

Winter jackets of this manufacturer are very popular. Moreover, the most relevant option is the park. For several seasons, this particular product has been at the forefront of fashion shows. This model is characterized by ease of execution and versatility of style.

In severe frosts, it is recommended to wear insulated quilted jackets. Such products contain natural fillers and have a straight cut. They are complemented by a high collar and a hood.

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