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Medicinal plants against hemorrhoids - a description of capsules and suppositories - Proctonis

Hemorrhoids - a disease that has experienced a lot of residents not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Its occurrence does not depend on the place of residence or living conditions, there is always a risk of getting sick. Every day, about 100 people complain to the doctor. The age category is so wide that among the sick there are representatives of both male and female.

About hemorrhoids

The scientific definition of hemorrhoids is explained by varicose vessels of the rectum, which subsequently leads to the formation of hemorrhoids. If you do the treatment in time, then it will pass quickly and painlessly.

Surgical intervention is used only in extreme cases, when there is no other way to recover. Many patients come to the doctor’s office due to pain arising from this disease. Hemorrhoids are external and internal, combined is also found, but this happens much less often.

The disease is slow. Treatment is easier in the early stages when it has subtle symptoms. For comparison, if you only treat that sore throat, then the next day the pain will pass, but if you ignore the symptoms, then the treatment will take much more time and money.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids do not disturb the patient and do not interfere with life. A very small number of patients notice characteristic pain and discomfort, itching also appears and cases of constipation become more frequent. Be sure to consult a doctor when the first signs appear.

If the patient at the primary stages of hemorrhoids consults a doctor, then the disease is not difficult to overcome, but if time is lost and the stage of the disease is already at the penultimate or last stage, then a simple medicine will not be enough to fight. In this case, complex therapy is required, or even surgical intervention, which, unfortunately, happens quite often.

And it’s not at all the difficulty of treatment. It’s just that patients come already at the last stage, when the symptoms directly “strike” the eyes. Of course, doctors have nothing left to do in this situation, how to send for surgery. It proceeds quickly and easily under general anesthesia. The postoperative period proceeds without complications in 95%.

Today, there are many medical drugs to choose from for those who are ill who will help solve this tricky question. It can be a variety of candles, ointments, gels, creams, capsules and even tablets.

It all depends on the patient's desire and stage of the disease. The spectrum of the price category also affects. Attending doctors recommend the use of several drugs in combination. Manufacturers add biologically active components to their composition. The most productive is Proctonis.

Medication Proctonis

One of the often bought is Proctonis, produced in various forms. Doctors often appoint him. If you wish, you can find analogues, but they are unlikely to be at the same affordable price.

Proctonis is in the form of a capsule, ointment, cream, suppository. The action of this drug greatly alleviates painful symptoms, as well as the disease slows down, i.e. its progression and further development is prevented.

Indications for use of Proctonis

Doctors often prescribe Poroctonis to relieve pain in the later stages and to treat hemorrhoidal nodes if the stage is initial. It is used during the postoperative period.

The medicine is included in the complex therapy of hemorrhoids, because it enhances the result from other medications, which allows you to achieve greater success and a lasting result.

The patient chooses the forms of medication on his own, based on purely personal preferences and wishes, or on the recommendation of a doctor. The result is almost independent of the type of medication, it has a mild venotonic effect, which helps with constipation and the intestines are cleaned.

The composition of Proctonis and its action

In the composition of Proctonis there are various active components. In a combination of all these components, the medication has a beneficial effect on the entire course of the disease. Also, Proctonis completely eliminates the disease if the stage is initial.

Proctonis prevents inflammation and relieves painful cramps. Proctonis capsules tone the veins and prevent them from expanding. It is because of this effect that the drug is recommended as a means of prevention. It is often prescribed for those who have a sedentary lifestyle or spend a lot of time at the computer, heavy physical exertion, long and prolonged constipation.

While taking the capsules, many patients note that the digestive tract improves, constipation and flatulence disappear. Proctonis action is the result of the following components:

  • Buckthorn alder. It is in the medicine in powder form. Its action is aimed at enhancing intestinal motility, which manifests itself in the form of eliminating constipation. Its action is similar to a laxative,
  • Cassia is a holly. This component in the medication plays the role of a regulator of the intestines. It, like the previous component, relieves constipation, but in this case even chronic,
  • Shark cartilage. Like buckthorn, alder is in the form of a powder. It prevents the further development of inflammation. It also has an analgesic effect, helps tissues regenerate,
  • Yarrow herb. It acts as a disinfecting product in this composition. Reduces inflammation and heals the mucous membranes,
  • Vitamin E. This vitamin is often used in many medicines. In this case, it restores blood circulation, relieves pain and pain.

Proctonics cream during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the medication is contraindicated. It is also prohibited during breastfeeding, intestinal diseases, a tendency to diarrhea (due to the presence of laxatives in the composition). Individual intolerance to the components also affects the use of Proctonis. Therefore, before buying, you should familiarize yourself with the composition and check if there are any components that are allergic.

Proctonis tablets and capsules: instructions for use

The patient is required to take one tablet or capsule per day while eating. The treatment course lasts about 20 calendar days. After this period, a short break of 10 days is taken.

The medicine is stored in a dry, dark place where the temperature does not exceed 25 ° C. Useful life is 2 years. A pack contains 60 capsules. In order to purchase medication, a prescription is not needed.

Naturally, the price may vary depending on the region, but you can see that the average price varies from 280 rubles.

Description of active substances

Proctonis is a biologically active drug that will be an excellent supplement in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is indicated for all forms of the disease, has a minimum of contraindications and is very easily absorbed.

The tool has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and venotonic effect, eliminates pain and itching, and prevents the growth of hemorrhoids. It is not worth waiting for active action from the remedy, it works very softly and does not have a cumulative effect.

Proctonis is also prescribed for cracks in the anus and rectum, damage to small vessels and bleeding. It is indispensable as a prophylactic for men at risk.

The drug and ointment is recommended for use with:

  • frequent painful constipation,
  • increased fragility of blood vessels,
  • tendency to thrombosis,
  • obesity
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • power loads during sports activities that can provoke the growth of hemorrhoids.

The drug is prescribed for speedy recovery after surgery to remove hemorrhoids. It promotes tissue regeneration, strengthens the body's defenses and is not addictive.

With proper use, tablets and Proctonis ointment for hemorrhoids are capable of:

  • relieve bowel movements
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels,
  • remove local inflammation and swelling,
  • stop minor bleeding
  • relieve itching and burning,
  • accelerate the healing of internal and external damage.

  • Detailed description of the various stages: first, second, third, fourth,
  • Features of the internal course of the disease and external manifestations,
  • The list of medicines, suppositories and ointments that are used in the treatment of this disease can be found here.

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Application chart

Capsules take 3 times a day with meals. The course of treatment lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, then you can take a break.

Use ointment need 2-3 times a day after bowel movements. If spontaneous output of feces is impossible, it is worth using cleansing enemas. Before applying the ointment, you need to thoroughly wash the anus area with warm water.

With exacerbations, you can apply the drug after each bowel movement. You do not need to rub it, the product is absorbed very quickly. The course lasts up to 2 months, if necessary, it can be continued.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug is tolerated quite easily, but there are contraindications for use.

Hemorrhoids Proctonis capsules are not recommended for use with:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • tendency to diarrhea,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • renal failure.

A contraindication for both forms of the drug can be:

  • diabetes,
  • venereal diseases,
  • extensive skin lesions,
  • individual intolerance to one of the components.

Before applying the ointment, it is recommended to conduct an allergic test on the bend of the elbow or the inside of the wrist.

With prolonged use, minor side effects are possible: headache, nausea, dizziness. In rare cases, diarrhea is noted. These manifestations are characteristic of an overdose of capsules. The ointment is easier to carry, but sometimes it can cause redness, itching, or a mild rash. In this case, the treatment should be interrupted.

How to supplement treatment

It is impossible to cure hemorrhoids exclusively by Proctonis. Capsules and ointment have an auxiliary function, complementing more effective drugs. Proctonis can be used in the interval between courses of antibiotics or hormonal injections, it is suitable for periods of remission in chronic hemorrhoids.

To enhance the effect, ointment and capsules are taken at the same time.

Proctonis is a herbal preparation that successfully fits into any treatment regimen. It is suitable for treating chronic hemorrhoids, preventing disease, or recovering from surgery.

General description of the tool

"Proctonis" refers to bioactive additives. The drug is of plant origin, and also contains fat-soluble vitamins A and E and powder components of shark cartilage. The tool is available in three forms:

The choice of how to use the drug is made based on the individual characteristics of the patient, the nature of the course of his disease and the ease of use of the drug.

Release Forms

Cream Proctonis is available in plastic tubes with a 30 ml screw cap. The tube is placed in a cardboard box.

Suppositories produced in the form of torpedo-shaped white candles in individual aluminum blisters, which are also placed in a cardboard box.

Capsules blue colors are packed in separate compartments of an aluminum blister. The box may contain 48, 60 or 84 capsules, each of which contains 0.27 g of active substances.

Proctonis hemorrhoid ointment: composition

The composition contains wax, glycerin and other components, but their quantity is so small that some manufacturers do not even include them in the description of the composition.

The substances that make up the cream have various effects. They allow you to remove symptoms and improve the general condition of the human body.

  1. Aloe (extract). Its antiseptic effect on the body is used in many medicinal medicines,
  2. Sage extract. Its action is similar to that of aloe. It perfectly softens the skin, has a healing effect and slows down inflammation,
  3. Hamamelis. In Proctonis, the leaves of this plant are used. They reduce inflammation and slow down the processes that bring the patient pain and discomfort. They also strengthen the walls of the veins, prevent their expansion,
  4. Spring Chistyka Extract. Improves blood microcirculation, relieves bleeding,
  5. Squalane from shark liver. Perhaps the most useful and necessary component in the ointment. It softens the skin and improves the penetration of substances into the deeper layers of the skin. The level of venous tone is reduced,
  6. Bisabol. Slows down inflammation, removes fungus and kills all bacteria,
  7. Emulsion wax. It makes the consistency thicker and more uniform, it is added so that all the components mix easily.

Cream Proctonis: instructions for use

Before the procedure, you need to clean the intestines and perform the necessary manipulations for hygiene. Apply the drug in a thin layer to the inflamed area no more than 1-2 times a day.

If the hemorrhoids are internal, then a gauze swab, on which Proctonis is applied, is used to penetrate the drug into the inflamed area. This swab is inserted into the rectum. It is recommended that you do not do much physical activity for another 20 minutes after the procedure. If possible, it is advisable to stay in bed.

Contraindications use Proctonis

The main contraindication is allergic reactions. Also, you can not use the drug during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Many patients have a question why Proctonis should not be used during pregnancy. The fact is that active substances are able to penetrate the placenta, which in the future will lead to a negative effect on the child.

As for the period of feeding, the components penetrate into breast milk, which also affects the health and well-being of the baby. It is forbidden to use the drug for children under the age of 14 years. The effect of the drug on this age group is unknown.

Proctonis cream ointment instructions for use

The composition of the ointment is slightly different from the composition of the capsules. But this is due to the form of application. The main components of the ointment are:

Spring Chistyka Extract (Ranunculus spring),

Squalene from shark cartilage,

As auxiliary components:

Dimethicone or glycerin.

All the main components of the cream have a pronounced bactericidal, wound healing, anti-inflammatory property.

The most important component of squalene has a beneficial effect on the venous walls of the rectum, has a softening and bactericidal effect, and accelerates tissue repair. It accelerates the introduction of active active substances into the deeper layers of damaged tissue, improves vascular tone.

In addition, it creates a protective film on the surface, preventing the evaporation of moisture. With powerful antiseptic properties, squalene reduces inflammation.

Aloe extract has bactericidal properties, inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, reduces the risk of purulent inflammation, accelerates healing and improves blood circulation.

Spring chistyka extract improves blood circulation, relieves burning and itching, has astringent properties.

Sage extract has astringent, anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerative properties. It is also a good antiseptic.

Cocoa butter is also a good anti-inflammatory agent that promotes healing.

Hamamelis extract relieves inflammation and itching, has hemostatic properties, relieves pain and improves blood circulation in the affected area.

Castor oil is used for constipation, it accelerates healing, softens the mucous membrane.

Bisabolol improves penetration into the deeper layers of all active ingredients, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Glycerin has a moisturizing effect.

Emulsion wax is used to give the cream a uniform consistency.

How to apply cream "Proctonis"

According to the instructions, the cream is applied to previously cleaned skin twice a day from the outside of the hemorrhoids. It is advisable to empty the intestines before applying the cream.

With internal hemorrhoids or external anal fissures, the ointment must first be applied with a thin layer on a gauze cloth and inserted into the anus. After that, lie down for 20-30 minutes.

Keep the cream at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees out of the reach of children. Shelf life - 2 years from the date of issue. Available in 30 ml tubes. The price starts from 225 rubles.

Contraindications to the use of Proctonis cream

The main contraindication, as well as when using capsules, is the individual intolerance of one or more of the components that make up the cream.

It is forbidden to apply the cream during pregnancy and lactation.

The drug is contraindicated in children under 14 years of age.

Since the cream is used mostly externally, there may be side effects that are manifested by itching, rash, swelling, or redness in the area where the cream is applied. In this case, the use of the drug should be discontinued and consult with your doctor.

Proctonis suppository instructions for use

Suppositories "Proctonis" is prescribed in the presence of internal hemorrhoids, when hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum. In composition, they are close to Proctonis cream.

Frequency of use - 1-2 times a day. Candles are inserted into the anus as deep as possible. After the introduction, it is recommended to rest.

Pharmachologic effect

Proctonis is an effective ointment for hemorrhoids, the pharmacological effect of which is pronounced. Let's take a closer look at the components.

Aloe, sage (extracts)

It is used in the drug to eliminate bleeding problems, in addition, it is an excellent antiseptic. It fights against inflammation, is able to regenerate areas of the mucosa that have been damaged.

Cocoa Butter (Grains)

It complements, significantly enhancing, the effects of regeneration, the fight against inflammation.

Shark liver oil

Strengthens the lining of the rectal mucosa. The oil has gained its popularity due to its antibacterial effect and ability to improve tissue regeneration.

The active substances that make up Proctonis stop inflammation, relieve burning and itching, and stop bleeding

Creates a thin film on the tissues that perfectly protects them from damage. Helps with bowel movements, a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane.

Ointment Proctonis gains its reliable antibacterial qualities, the ability to withstand swelling and inflammation thanks largely to this component.

Additionally it has the ability to regenerate processes, hemostatic qualities are present.

Chistyak spring (extract)

It has a beneficial effect on blood microcirculation, but its main advantage is the astringent effect.

An antioxidant that also copes with germs and bacteria. Facilitates inflammatory processes.

Fatty alcohols, distilled water, emulsion wax - can help with the binding of all components into one complete complex.

Features of the use of Proxedil M

Instructions for use Proxedil M prescribes its use only after visiting a doctor who can assess the risks of using the drug. Candles can only be used in a rectal way - by introducing capsules into the rectum.

Among the features of use and important recommendations:

The need to clean the injection site of the capsule, and then wash your hands thoroughly
It is important to pay increased attention to hygiene issues in order to exclude the development of pathological processes,
Carry out the setting of the candle strictly after defecation and subsequent cleaning of the perineum,
Press a soft capsule candle between the thumb and forefinger, and then carefully enter into the rectum. You need to do this as deep as possible, lie down on your back before the session, you can introduce a candle on your side,
The course of treatment is strictly determined by the doctor
Often, it does not exceed 7 days, but because one bubble with capsules should be enough for the patient,
Use 1 candle at a time

You can put them up to 4 times a day. The frequency of use should be checked with your doctor.

Compliance with the rules of the use of the drug allows not only to prevent the development of pathologies, but also to quickly restore health. If adverse reactions occur, consult a doctor.

What is Proctonis ointment for?

Proctonis (ointment) is intended to treat a disease such as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidal nodes can become inflamed as a result of various reasons - a sedentary lifestyle or vice versa, too hard physical labor, improper diet, after childbirth. Proctonics is one of the best remedies against this disease, proctologists say.

But despite the fact that the entire therapeutic composition and mechanism of action are described in the instructions for use, it is better to consult with your doctor about its use.

Specifically, there are no specified doses for patients; they are individually selected by the proctologist, as well as the method of using the drug.

The price of the drug in pharmacies may vary. The average cost is 230 rubles.

Main action

Each component has its own unique effect:

In its action, it performs a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, relieves cramping, wound healing role

  • is a powerful immunostimulant,
  • strengthens the vascular walls,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • minimizes the chance of bleeding and stops them.

  • It has a strong antiseptic effect on the entire digestive system,
  • regulates the work of each body,
  • removes flatulence and bloating,
  • relieves inflammation
  • heals erosion, ulcers,
  • reduces allergic reactions,
  • increases blood viscosity, which helps very well with hemorrhoidal bleeding, reduces the number and prevents them.

Seed coriander:

  • improves digestion,
  • regulates the activity of the stomach,
  • minimizes the negative reactions of other drugs to the gastrointestinal mucosa,
  • normalizes the activity of the genitourinary system.

Also in the dietary supplement are the fruits of coriander, which are effective during cramping in the stomach and poisoning

Senna grass has a mild laxative effect, regulates stool, normalizes bowel movement, reduces the risk of hemorrhoid cones.

Each component of the Proctonis capsule makes a positive contribution to the treatment and prevention of such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids.

Capsule Supplement

The composition of the capsules (and tablets) includes the following components: buckthorn bark powder, ground cassia leaves, ground shark cartilage, grass of ordinary yarrow and vitamins A and E.

Buckthorn bark is characterized by a mild laxative effect, which is manifested in the activation of intestinal motility. The presence of this ingredient reduces the likelihood of constipation, which, in turn, often become the cause, the impetus for hemorrhoids. The presence of shark cartilage in Proctonis helps stimulate local immunity. As a result of this, the probability of connecting the bacterial environment to the inflammatory process and the formation of an infectious focus is minimized. In addition, shark cartilage helps stop bleeding and relieve inflammation. In addition, this component of natural origin contains elements that make up the walls of blood vessels. For this reason, the “Proctonis" instruction describes as a tool that improves the condition of blood vessels and facilitates the process of the acute stage of hemorrhoids.

Another component of the capsules is the yarrow herb. This representative of the flora has the ability to destroy pathogens, thereby reducing or completely preventing the development of the infectious process at the location of the hemorrhoidal nodes. In addition, the yarrow is able to significantly improve the digestion process and save a person from flatulence. Cassia Holly has proven itself in the fight against anal fissures, chronic constipation, and hemorrhoids themselves.

The instruction describes the effect of vitamins A and E present in the composition of the Proctonis capsule as promoting regeneration of the gastric mucosa, accelerating the growth and restoration of damaged tissues (healing of anal fissures and ulcers on the walls of hemorrhoidal veins).

About the problem

Hemorrhoids are pathological changes that occur in normal anatomical formations located in the lower segment of the rectum. What it is? In the submucosal layer of the intestinal wall there is cavernous tissue giving rise to internal hemorrhoidal nodes, and under the skin around the circumference of the anus there is a venous plexus, from which external nodules are formed.

The main reason for the transition from norm to pathology in most people is a hereditary predisposition, hemorrhoids are family diseases with a high risk of becoming a disease under the influence of provoking factors and an incorrect lifestyle.

What are these factors:

  • limited motor activity
  • hard physical work
  • chronic constipation or frequent diarrhea,
  • abuse of alcohol and spicy foods,
  • pregnancy, especially multiple.

Uncomplicated hemorrhoids at the beginning of their development does not manifest itself. In the future, the main symptoms are rectal bleeding, itching, burning, pain in the anus, prolapse of the nodes. These signs can also be with other diseases of the rectum, therefore, self-medication should not be. The effectiveness of a drug purchased in a pharmacy should not be judged only by reviews on the Internet. There are many good drugs, but only a doctor should prescribe them, based on several points:

  • severity of symptoms,
  • stage of the disease
  • hemorrhoids form
  • the presence of concomitant pathology,
  • individual state of the body, etc.

Treatment with local drugs may be most effective only after examination and determination of indications for this type of therapy.


Suppositories from Proctonis hemorrhoids are effective for internal forms of the disease. The introduction of rectal suppositories allows you to restore the integrity of the damaged skin tissue around the anus

It has a positive effect on cracks, which under the influence of the drug are tightened, which is important in the treatment of precipitated hemorrhoids in the last stages of the disease

Proctonis, presented in the form of suppositories, includes:

  • shark oil. The component promotes wound healing, kills pathogenic microorganisms, and nourishes the rectal mucosa.
  • cocoa butter restores damaged mucous membrane, reduces inflammation.
  • glycerin facilitates the process of bowel movement, has a softening and moisturizing effect.
  • extracts of aloe and sage act as immunostimulants. They help to eliminate cracks, ulcers formed during the period of hemorrhoids, disinfect problem areas, improve blood flow.

Suppositories are recommended for all types of hemorrhoids. The drug also has a preventive effect. Candles are also successfully used in the postoperative period. Proctonis suppositories contribute to the rapid regeneration of cracks, wounds of the anus, treat concomitant inflammation in the intestine.

Side effects

In general, people leave positive reviews about the drug. Due to the natural composition, it practically does not cause adverse reactions. However, some patients, especially those prone to allergies, may experience:

  • redness at the places of application of the cream,
  • edema,
  • swelling,
  • rash,
  • burning.

To exclude the likelihood of complications for patients suffering from hemorrhoids, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions that come with the drug. Self-medication should be under the supervision of a proctologist, who, with the development of unforeseen reactions of the body, will recommend another drug.

When the drug is prescribed

A proctologist will prescribe Proctonis in the treatment of hemorrhoids, so that:

    normalize the digestive tract,

remove anal pain

avoid bleeding from the rectum,

get rid of flatulence,

anal fissures healed (they are here),

relieve ductal irritation.

As already noted above, together with this ointment, candles, tablets can be used. They should be taken only as directed by a doctor.

Important! If you use the ointment once, then you can not achieve a quick cure of the disease. Course therapy is required, because only after prolonged treatment, unpleasant symptoms will disappear

How to apply Proctonis correctly

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, Proctonis is positioned as a prophylactic for hemorrhoids. If you look at the composition of any form of this biologically active supplement, then the main active ingredients are aimed precisely at preventing constipation, which provoke the appearance and exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Therefore, in remission, it is better to use capsules. In the stage of exacerbation of the disease, or the appearance of hemorrhoids caused by another disease, along with Proctonis, you need to take medications prescribed by your doctor. "Proctonis" is an auxiliary tool designed to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and is not aimed at treating both hemorrhoids and possible concomitant diseases. You can use this supplement both in the form of capsules and in the form of a cream.

Treatment will be more successful if you follow the daily regimen and eat right, increase your physical activity. To do this, it is not necessary to go to the gym, it is enough to walk at least 15-30 minutes daily.

Nutrition should also be balanced, include more vegetables and fruits, fiber-containing foods, establish the right drinking regimen and completely exclude fast food from your menu. All this will be the best prevention of hemorrhoids.

Use of ointment for prevention

Doctors recommend that patients use the drug Proctonis in the presence of predisposing factors for hemorrhoids. You can use the medicine as a prevention in such cases:

  • if a person is constantly sitting in one position during the day,
  • prolonged period of constipation and stool disorder,
  • sedentary lifestyle and lack of activity,
  • work with heavy loads and physical stress,
  • eating spicy foods, fried foods and fast food,
  • the presence of bad habits (drinking or smoking).

Use Proctonis for preventive purposes is possible only after the appointment of a doctor. The specialist will prescribe a minimum dosage to prevent an allergic reaction of the body.

The composition of the ointment

Ointment "Proctonis" is characterized by the effectiveness of the course of treatment. With her help, in some cases, you can achieve a complete cure. The action can be enhanced, for example, with a cream. The composition of the ointment is identical to the composition of the candles.

Proctonis greatly facilitates the course of chronic hemorrhoids, helps prevent exacerbations of the disease

The active pharmacological effect is due to the presence of such components in the composition of the drug:

  • sage, aloe (extracts),
  • cocoa butter (grains), shark liver,
  • witch hazel
  • spring chistyk (extract),
  • bisabolol
  • glycerol,
  • Castor oil.

What to choose

Local preparations are the basis of the conservative treatment of hemorrhoids, they are well absorbed due to the rich blood supply to the rectum and have a quick effect, greatly facilitating the patient's condition. The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a large selection of highly effective drugs, many of which have a combined composition, act on all the main manifestations of the disease and are available in different dosage forms. For example, the Relif series is represented by rectal suppositories and ointments made on the basis of extracts from oil by shark liver with the addition of additional components. Ointments are preferable for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, candles are suitable for patients with an internal arrangement of nodes. What are the differences between the representatives of the Relief group:

  • classic ointment and suppositories - contain the active substance phenylephrine and other components, the drug relieves itching, reduces inflammation, stops bleeding, accelerates the healing of injuries,
  • suppositories and ointment Relief Advance - have benzocaine as an anesthetic,
  • Relief Ultra ointment and suppositories contain a corticosteroid component and zinc sulfate, therefore they have pronounced anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, drying and healing properties.

Another drug with a combined effect is Proctonis - a dietary supplement, which is available in capsules for internal use, as well as in the form of an ointment for external exposure. This product contains only natural ingredients - extracts from medicinal herbs (sage, spring chive, witch hazel), squalene from shark liver, cocoa butter and castor oil, aloe, bisabolol. Proktonis ointment for hemorrhoids is mostly positive, because it does not cause allergies, quickly relieves pain and other manifestations of inflammation, reduces bleeding, dries, disinfects and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. A particularly good effect is observed with the combined use of capsules and Proctonis ointment.

Recommendations for the use of Proctonis ointment

Means "Proctonis" (ointment) instructions for use suggests using up to two times a day. The skin must be pre-cleansed. Before using a cream or ointment, doctors recommend emptying the intestines, then perform all mandatory sanitary and hygienic procedures. The composition is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin (with the external form of hemorrhoids) with light massaging movements.

If the problem areas affected by the disease are located inside the rectum (the internal form of hemorrhoids) or anal fissures need to be treated, the treatment procedure looks a little different

"Proctonis" is applied in a thin layer on a gauze swab, which is then carefully inserted into the anus. After the procedure, the correct solution will lie down for at least 20 minutes

Keep the drug out of the reach of children. The most acceptable temperature regime for storage without loss of medicinal properties of the drug is + 5 ... + 25 ° C. Cream or ointment "Proctonis" can be used for two years from the date of manufacture.

Instructions for use

The duration and dose of Proctonis should be determined by a specialist. When the therapy is delayed, the formation of an addiction effect to the components of the drug is likely, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

The duration of the course is mainly 20 days. If necessary, therapeutic treatment is continued after a 10-day break.

Capsules (tablets) are taken with meals, in three divided doses. The daily dose is 3 capsules.

The cycle of capsule intake as a result of reduced saturation of the active components is equal to 1, 5 months. If necessary, the reception is allowed to be repeated after a ten-day interruption of the course.

Rectal suppositories are prescribed to patients with a diagnosis of internal type of hemorrhoids. Suppositories are administered twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime. The interval between the use of the product should not exceed 12 hours. After the introduction, you need to lie for five minutes, so that the candle has time to be absorbed. The tool has no components that can affect the speed of passage of nerve impulses. This allows it to be used by individuals whose field of activity is associated with increased concentration of attention.

Suppositories are allowed to be used during pregnancy and during lactation.

The ointment is used both for hemorrhoids, and during the rehabilitation period after surgery, for the treatment of acute anus fissures, anal itching of unknown etiology and pain in the anal canal.

Ointment is recommended to be applied in the evening before bedtime. Before applying the ointment, you need to wash and dry the problem area. A thin layer should be applied to damaged areas, rub in with light massaging movements until completely absorbed.

With internal hemorrhoids and anal fissures, the product is applied to a cotton swab, then injected into the anus. After application, it is recommended to lie down for 20 minutes on the side so that the ointment has time to completely absorb. Course duration - 20 days.

It is allowed to apply the ointment twice a day (if necessary).

Opinion of consumers and experts about dietary supplement Proctonis

"Proctonis" does not belong to medicines, it is a biologically active food supplement. Reviews about this tool for the most part have a positive focus. A sufficiently large group of patients with the appearance of discomfort in the anus, discomfort, proctologists prescribed one of the forms of release of the Proctonis dietary supplement - candles. The instruction says that the most high-quality in the treatment of the internal form of hemorrhoids are precisely suppositories. And patients confirm the effectiveness of suppositories: judging by the reviews, when using the aforementioned form of the drug, pain is significantly reduced, the inflammatory process rapidly dies out, itching, burning, discomfort disappears, stagnation in the pelvic area disappears.

Candles in tandem with capsules perfectly help to cope with constipation, normalize the gastrointestinal tract, minimize flatulence and excessive exhaustion of gases. Patients with constipation described Proctonis as a mild laxative.

Proctologists say that the supplement normalizes blood circulation and strengthens the walls of venous vessels.Removing a sufficiently strong pain syndrome during an exacerbation of the chronic form of hemorrhoids and stopping the focus of inflammation is also within the strength of the Proctonis dietary supplement.

The natural components that make up the bioadditive are characterized by an enveloping and astringent effect that prevents bleeding and heals the affected tissue and rectal mucosa. In addition, the main components of Proctonis have the ability to regenerate, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on the human body.

Patients speak well of another form of release of the Proctonis dietary supplement. The cream recommends using the cream in the initial stages of the disease, when there are already symptoms of hemorrhoids, but there are no hemorrhoids. And consumers confirm that after applying the cream, itching and burning in the anus pass, and the inflammatory process is eliminated.

In general, to prevent the development of hemorrhoids, you need quite a bit: take “Proctonis” for preventive purposes, lead an active lifestyle, eat right and high quality. And the results will not be long in coming.

Description and instructions of the drug Proctonis

Proctonis is a remedy that is used for hemorrhoids and some other undesirable conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. It should be noted right away that it is not a drug, but belongs to the group of biologically active additives. The composition of Proctonis includes various substances - plant and animal origin, vitamins. Perhaps the main active component of this remedy is an extract from the shark’s liver, which actively removes the symptoms of hemorrhoids, leading to healing and a reduction in inflammation. Also, Proctonis contributes to better intestinal function, has an antispasmodic effect, and eliminates flatulence.

Proctonis is used for:

  • Hemorrhoids and its prevention,
  • Some conditions of the digestive system, characterized by bloating, the presence of inflammatory processes in the anus, and so on,

Proctonis is available in several forms that must be used together, as they complement each other's action. These are capsules and cream (or candles). The instruction of the drug Proctonis reports that capsules should be taken three times a day with meals. The treatment lasts several weeks. The cream is applied once or twice a day - in a thin layer, gently massaging.

Proctonis is contraindicated in:

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Patients under the age of fourteen
  • Intolerance to the components of this supplement,


  • Proctonis is one of the modern herbal preparations, which is now increasingly popular.
  • Although it belongs to dietary supplements and is not a medicine, with regular use it gives a good therapeutic effect.
  • The use of Proctonis helps to restore the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate the metabolism of substances, facilitate the bowel movement, and help get rid of chronic constipation.
  • Proctonis has a positive effect in complex therapy for hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • This confirms the experience of using the tool and positive reviews on the Internet.
  • Do not hesitate to consult a doctor before using Proctonis.

Cardiologist, therapist, functional diagnostician
He is engaged in the management and treatment of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Diagnoses and treats arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, heart failure, etc. Carries out the removal of spider veins - sclerotherapy.

The composition of the drug

Cream and tablets Proctonis cope with constipation with hemorrhoids, cleanse the intestines, relieve itching and inflammation. The drugs eliminate bleeding and restore the damaged mucosa. The composition of the tablets and cream is different.

Proctonis capsules include such components:

  • shark cartilage
  • licorice root
  • coriander,
  • yarrow
  • Senna extract.

The composition of the Proctonis medicinal cream:

  • squalene.
  • extracts of witch hazel, chistyak, aloe, sage,
  • cocoa oil,
  • Castor oil.

The product also contains auxiliary ingredients, various preservatives and stabilizing substances. These include water, glycerin and wax components, fatty alcohols and other components.

In addition, we recommend that you look at the information presented in the article about the most popular creams for hemorrhoids, indications and contraindications for their use.

Mechanism of action

Cream and suppositories have only an external effect, without affecting the body systemically. Thanks to the components included in them, it has hemostatic, healing, astringent, analgesic, antipruritic, antimicrobial and antifungal effects, which comprehensively affects the problem of hemorrhoids, preventing the occurrence of hemorrhoidal bleeding and removing unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Proctonis treatment results

For those who suffer from constipation, this drug is suitable. It manifests itself as a laxative. Most often, it is constipation that causes hemorrhoids. In addition to the normal functioning of the digestive tract, the action of Proctonis reduces the pain that occurs with chronic hemorrhoids. Itchy sensations and burning also disappear, swelling decreases.

Proctonis includes dietary supplements that have enveloping properties that prevent further bleeding. This helps the quick and painless healing of damaged tissue. The condition of the mucous membrane of the rectum returns to normal.

Often used Proctonis in the presence of anal fissures. The fact is that the components heal well even micro-wounds, contribute to the acceleration of regeneration. Numerous reviews confirm the above words.

The use of Proctonis in combination with other medicines will enhance their effect and the duration of treatment will be much shorter. Doctors prescribe this medicine as a means to prevent hemorrhoids, because the components that make up the drug tone the veins and prevent hemorrhoids from developing.

It is almost impossible to absolutely cure hemorrhoids if you do not adjust your lifestyle. It is recommended to walk more, do exercises, and add more vegetables and fruits to the diet. A special diet is also prescribed by the doctor.

How to apply Proctonis cream for hemorrhoids?

Cream Proctonis should be applied only to damaged areas of the skin. Used in the anus and rectum. Before the procedure, you need to empty the intestines with an enema. After cleaning the rectal canal, Proctonis will act as efficiently as possible. After an enema, the patient must definitely take a shower.

The dosage and other features of the course of treatment are determined by the attending physician individually. With an exacerbation of the condition, you can increase the frequency of use of the cream after the recommendation of a specialist.

A step-by-step method of applying Proctonis cream includes a number of actions.

  1. From a tube of medicinal cream you need to remove a small cap.
  2. The applicator that comes with the kit is put on the tube.
  3. Remove the protective cap from the applicator.
  4. Lightly pressing the tube, you need to squeeze a small amount of ointment.
  5. The composition is applied to the anus area with massage movements.
  6. After use, the applicator is washed with clean water.
  7. Then the applicator must be placed in a special protective cap.

Standard dosage

The drug Proctonis in the form of capsules should be taken three times a day, 1 each. You need to drink medicine at the time of eating. The course of therapy lasts a month and a half.

Cream Proctonis should be used after bowel movement. The tool is applied in a small amount to the affected area.To achieve maximum results, you need to use pills and ointment in combination.

Proctonis: reviews

As a result, she treated hemorrhoids for about six months, then simply smeared them with Proctonis alone. This unpleasant “friend” didn’t visit me anymore. The result was pleasantly impressed. The long constipation, which she suffered in her youth, disappeared, an unusual lightness appeared, the work of the digestive tract returned to normal. While the hemorrhoids did not appear again, and if that, I immediately recognize him and get it from the shelf Proctonis. The doctor also said that if she had come earlier, Proctonis alone could have been enough. ”

Contraindications and side effects

Side effects of the drug Proctonis:

  • at the place of application of the ointment, an allergic reaction may begin,
  • severe itching and burning in the anal area,
  • the skin begins to redden, swelling appears,
  • severe rash and irritation of the epidermis,
  • the patient feels pain in the stomach,
  • nausea and vomiting.

Most often, adverse reactions occur in patients who are prone to allergies. If a person has discovered the first manifestations of side effects, he should immediately stop using Proctonis and consult a doctor. A specialist will recommend another remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Contraindications to the use of Proctonis ointment:

  • not assigned to children and adolescents under 14 years old,
  • allergy to any component in the composition of the drug.
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • infections in the rectal area,
  • stomach disease or upset.

For sexually transmitted diseases, it is not recommended to use Proctonis ointment. Doctors do not prescribe the drug at the time of syphilis. Great care in the treatment must be observed in the presence of any skin disease.


The recommended dose is 1 tablet 3 times a day. The course of use is limited to 20 days, a second course is prescribed only by a doctor no earlier than 10 days.

For the best effectiveness of the drug, it is recommended to use it with food, washed down with clean still water.

Analogues of the drug

Full analogues (drugs with an identical composition) of Proctonis do not exist. However, you can pick up funds with a similar therapeutic effect, among them:

Use a new medicine only after consulting a doctor. Any analogue has its own dosage and instructions for use, which must be studied before treatment.

In what form is produced

Proctonis ointment has the appearance of a thick white cream with a pleasant aroma arising from the content of medicinal herbs. They are produced in the form of tubes with a cap of 30 g. Together with it is also an applicator designed for more convenient administration of the medicine and instructions for it.

There are Proctonis capsules - they are intended, first of all, to improve the effect of the ointment, and can be used in combination. They are released in the form of blue capsules. The package contains 5 plates of 12 tablets.

With internal forms of the disease, suppositories (suppositories) of Proctonis are suitable. Under the influence of candles, cracks are tightened and restored, restores damaged tissue, and have an anti-inflammatory effect. They are often prescribed, regardless of the type of hemorrhoids - they are suitable for prevention, after surgery.

Terms of sale and average price

You can buy Proctonis ointment in any pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. The drug is omitted without a prescription. It is not recommended to use the drug on its own without consulting a doctor. Incorrect dosage can cause severe allergies and complications.

The average price of a tube is 230-250 rubles.

Reviews on Proctonis ointment for hemorrhoids

The treatment of hemorrhoids should be comprehensive at different stages of its development. Proctologists prescribe tablets of various pharmacological groups, rectal suppositories and ointments.

Most often, most drugs are chemical-based, however, among them are medicines containing livestock products, medicinal herbs.One such remedy is Proctonis hemorrhoids ointment.

Reviews about it are only positive, however, it should be taken only as directed by a doctor. We will examine in more detail the composition and effectiveness of this drug.

What is included in the ointment?

The components of the drug are selected in such a way that they enhance the action of each other. Proctonis is a safe ointment for hemorrhoids. It can be used at various stages of the disease (more about the stages of the disease can be found here).

It should be understood that plant components, although effective, will not work soon.

Therefore, this ointment is prescribed in combination with other medicines for hemorrhoids or as an independent remedy for the chronic course of the disease (during remission).

More and more often, in combination with conservative drug therapy, doctors recommend the use of biologically active complexes, which include natural components

The cream includes:

  • plant components. Extracts of aloe, sage, witch hazel, spring hive and yarrow,
  • cocoa butter, castor oil, bisabolol (extract from some essential oils),
  • vitamins - A, E, D,
  • squalene from shark liver,
  • fatty alcohols, including glycerin,
  • natural wax.

Thanks to the constituents and additional elements, the cream is well absorbed into the integument, leaves no residue on linen and skin.

What effects does Proctonis have?

Proctonis ointment for hemorrhoids, according to reviews, acts gently. Patients observed:

Proctonis greatly facilitates the course of chronic hemorrhoids, helps prevent exacerbations of the disease

All these effects are directly related to the plant extracts and oils that make up the cream. For instance:

  • Aloe and witch hazel improve trophic processes, restore microcirculation in the veins of the rectum. The risk of thrombosis is reduced. Hemorrhoids become less hot, swelling and inflammation go away,
  • sage extract and bisabolol extract have an antiseptic, antifungal, astringent, antimicrobial effect. In addition, thanks to bisabolol, the skin around the anus is lightened. This component also has a light deodorizing effect,
  • all oils in Proctonis soften the skin, improve the patency of the active components through the layers of the epidermis,
  • squalene from shark liver has a bactericidal effect, tones capillaries and veins, reduces their permeability. Due to this, the inflammatory processes subside, and the swelling goes away, the rheological properties of the blood in the veins of the rectum improve.

Patient reviews about the drug

“For the treatment of hemorrhoids, the doctor prescribed Proctonis ointment to me. After 3 days of treatment, the drug coped with itching and uncomfortable sensation. In the complex, I took Proctonis tablets. I like that this is a dietary supplement, and it does not harm the body. "

Marina, 45 years old

“I use Proctonis ointment for the first symptoms of hemorrhoids. This tool relieves pain, heals wounds. After prolonged use, the drug did not cause me allergies or side effects. I always carried out hygiene procedures before using the ointment. The result is really impressive, my condition has improved. ”

Ivan, 39 years old

“I started using Proctonis cream for exacerbation of hemorrhoids. The pains were simply unbearable. It was this remedy that helped me cope with such an unpleasant symptom. To improve the general condition, the doctor also prescribed Proctonis tablets. I took the drug at the prescribed rate and after 2 weeks I completely forgot about inflammation and burning. ”

Antonina, 51 years old

In what cases is the drug prescribed?

This medicine is widely used in proctology for:

  • treatment of chronic hemorrhoids,
  • therapy of acute hemorrhoids in combination with tablets and suppositories,
  • healing of anal fissures, wounds, ulcers in the area of ​​the perianal opening,
  • to reduce pain and bleeding with hemorrhoids
  • restoration of the skin and mucous membranes after surgery.

The active substances that make up Proctonis relieve inflammation, relieve burning and itching, stop bleeding and help restore damaged rectal mucosa

The use of Proctonis during pregnancy

Although this ointment is from hemorrhoids and on a plant basis, it will be a delusion to believe that it is harmless. Proctonis is, first of all, a medicine that has certain effects.

The use of ointment during breastfeeding or bearing a baby is limited. And that's why:

  1. The active ingredients penetrate the bloodstream of the mother and fetus, are detected in milk.
  2. Aloe extract increases the tone of the uterus, which can cause premature birth or miscarriage.
  3. Milk can change its taste, smell and color. This can lead not only to the fact that the baby refuses to breast, but also to the fact that the active components penetrate into his bloodstream.

Proctonis can not be used in this category of patients. In general, during pregnancy and lactation, self-medication is extremely negative. Therefore, for any symptoms of hemorrhoids, even if they are minor, contact your doctor. Currently, there are a lot of drugs on the market that are allowed to be taken to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women and during lactation.

Possible negative effects of the ointment

Proctonis is a drug, a good development of domestic scientists. However, as we all know, any medication can in some way negatively affect health. Proctonis ointment is applied externally, so side effects occur precisely at the place of use.

In some cases, the use of Proctonis may cause allergic reactions in the form of itching, rash, edema, redness of the skin at the site of application

The patient may notice:

  • redness of the skin,
  • itching and burning when applied,
  • swelling of the skin and mucous membranes.

If you notice that redness or itching quickly disappears (within 30 seconds), then the tool can be used. If the side effects of Proctonis ointment from hemorrhoids remain or increase with time, then the use of the drug is stopped.

If you have previously experienced an allergic reaction to drugs, do a sensitivity test. Apply a little Proctonis to the inner fold of the elbow or wrist. If redness and itching does not occur, ointment can be treated.

In which cases proctonis can not be used?

The medication has contraindications for use. Proctonis should not be used to treat hemorrhoids with:

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • allergic reactions to the components of the drug,
  • children's age of the patient (up to 12 years),
  • diarrhea
  • intestinal infections.

During pregnancy, the active substances of the drug are able to penetrate the placenta and adversely affect the development of the fetus

In any case, you can not self-medicate with hemorrhoids. The disease is very dangerous for its complications. In order not to bring the disease to the extreme stage, it is necessary to consult a proctologist in time. Only a doctor can prescribe the right therapy.

How to be treated with Proctonis?

Ointment can be used in such ways:

  1. Lubricate the anus outside (skin, external hemorrhoidal nodes). Before the procedure, you need to carry out hygiene procedures. Thoroughly clean the anus of dirt, pat it dry with a napkin. The ointment is applied by hand and rubbed with light massage movements. Proctonis can be applied not only to entire integuments, but also to wounds and ulcers.
  2. To make applications outdoor. An ointment is applied to a four-fold bandage or gauze. It is applied to the affected area for 20-40 minutes.

External use gives the patient the opportunity to forget about itching, discomfort in the anal area. Inflammation and infection in the external hemorrhoidal nodes is removed. They become smaller, swelling and redness disappear. If the course of hemorrhoids is chronic, periodically (once a week) the anal hole is lubricated with Proctonis. This procedure tones veins and blood vessels.

Proctonis is a hemorrhoid ointment that can be used inside the rectum. Of course, in the case of internal hemorrhoids, it is preferable to use suppositories, but in some cases, doctors recommend the remedy in the form of a cream.

The drug is applied to the affected area with a thin layer, massaging lightly and gently.

The methods are as follows:

  1. Tampons soaked in ointment. A gauze is rolled up from gauze and soaked in ointment. Enter it not deep into the rectum twice a day (for half an hour).
  2. Ointment is introduced into the rectum using an applicator tip. It is advisable to do the procedure after the act of defecation.

If you enter the ointment directly into the rectum, then wounds heal, regenerate the mucous membrane, and reduce anal fissures.

Features of therapy and overdose

The duration of treatment with Proctonis ointment is different. It depends on the degree of hemorrhoids, and on the patient’s immunity, and on its sensitivity to the active components of the drug. On average, according to reviews, the course of Proctonis therapy is 10-15 days.

The medical device in its composition has only plant components and animal products. The ointment is applied externally, its absorption in the blood is negligible. There were no cases of overdose.

Please note that despite the fact that Proctonis is a plant-based drug, it has contraindications and specifics of use. Only your doctor can prescribe the correct hemorrhoid therapy technique. This ointment is used in combination with other medicines. On her own, she is not able to overcome a dangerous ailment.

Remember that you should not endure the symptoms of hemorrhoids, as well as self-medicate. When the first signs of the disease appear, visit your doctor. The sooner you start treatment, the faster you will get rid of pain and discomfort.

Ointment Proctonis for hemorrhoids: reviews, indications, treatment results, suppositories, cost

Cream and tablets Proctonis cope with constipation with hemorrhoids, cleanse the intestines, relieve itching and inflammation. The drugs eliminate bleeding and restore the damaged mucosa. The composition of the tablets and cream is different.

Proctonis capsules include such components:

  • shark cartilage
  • licorice root
  • coriander,
  • yarrow
  • Senna extract.

The composition of the Proctonis medicinal cream:

  • squalene.
  • extracts of witch hazel, chistyak, aloe, sage,
  • cocoa oil,
  • Castor oil.

The product also contains auxiliary ingredients, various preservatives and stabilizing substances. These include water, glycerin and wax components, fatty alcohols and other components.

Proctonis during pregnancy and lactation

If you use the drug during pregnancy, it can enter the mother’s body through the placental barrier. This can cause severe allergies in women and disrupt fetal development. Therefore, doctors forbid taking pills or using ointment during pregnancy.

If you need to carry out therapy at the time of lactation, then the woman should immediately stop breastfeeding. Otherwise, the child may begin to have health complications.

Side effects of the drug Proctonis:

  • at the place of application of the ointment, an allergic reaction may begin,
  • severe itching and burning in the anal area,
  • the skin begins to redden, swelling appears,
  • severe rash and irritation of the epidermis,
  • the patient feels pain in the stomach,
  • nausea and vomiting.

Most often, adverse reactions occur in patients who are prone to allergies.If a person has discovered the first manifestations of side effects, he should immediately stop using Proctonis and consult a doctor. A specialist will recommend another remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Contraindications to the use of Proctonis ointment:

  • not assigned to children and adolescents under 14 years old,
  • allergy to any component in the composition of the drug.
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • infections in the rectal area,
  • stomach disease or upset.

For sexually transmitted diseases, it is not recommended to use Proctonis ointment. Doctors do not prescribe the drug at the time of syphilis. Great care in the treatment must be observed in the presence of any skin disease.


Proctonis (ointment), the instructions for use of which explains all the effects of active substances on the body, are used in a course to achieve the maximum effect of the components.

Substances that enter the ointment envelop the affected area, healing it. They protect the mucous membranes from blood loss and prevent new ones. The cream is especially effective in cracking, the combination of the active substance can accelerate the patient's recovery and achieve a lasting effect from the treatment.

Proctonis fights infection and harmful microorganisms that can cause other diseases.

The ointment is also used as a preventive measure because of its tonic and antiseptic properties, which help from blood stasis in the pelvic and anorectal areas.

During and after treatment, proctologists recommend that the patient adhere to a diet, engage in moderate sports or attend physical therapy classes. Particular emphasis is placed on the muscles of the hips and pelvis. Active sports can be replaced by walking or swimming.


Natural components in the composition of the ointment each in their own way positively affect the disease. For example, cocoa butter, once in the affected area, has a softening effect, regenerates the skin. Castor oil relaxes. A composition similar to petroleum jelly is also moisturized and softened.

Plant substances envelop and heal the affected areas, prevent possible hemorrhage, protect the rectum. The components fight harmful bacteria and prevent possible infection.

For adults

For a greater effect, doctors recommend taking capsules and applying the ointment in combination. You can also use suppositories. The ointment can not just be applied to a diseased area of ​​the skin when you want - the recommended application time, dosage and rules will be explained by the attending physician.

The procedure for applying the ointment is simple:

  1. Before application, the patient must empty his intestines and perform hygienic procedures.
  2. The ointment is applied to the fingertips in the amount that has been attributed.
  3. With light massage movements, the drug is applied around the anus, evenly distributing it.
  4. If it is necessary to influence the hemorrhoid cones, proceed as follows: a sterile bandage or gauze napkin is folded and a small layer of the drug is applied. A piece of rolled bandage is inserted into the anus for 20-30 minutes. Hygiene is also important before this procedure.

The drug also has a venotonic effect on the body. This effect is achieved by a combination of natural ingredients.

For pregnant

Despite the fact that the composition of Proctonis is completely natural, it is forbidden to use it during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. The active substances in the composition of the drug very easily penetrate into breast milk and through the placenta to the fetus.

Proctonis ointment should not be used during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

As a result, a pregnant woman may begin an allergic reaction, the child will also be harmed, and its development will be impaired.If a pregnant woman has a disease such as hemorrhoids, she is prescribed medications in accordance with the position, duration and well-being of the woman. Prescribed drugs should be completely safe for her and the baby.

For the elderly

The instructions for use for the elderly are not too different in requirements. The same hygiene and dosage requirements are required. Some difficulty can cause the application of the drug. Together with the ointment, an applicator is provided that will help to deliver the medicine faster and better directly to the rectum, to the lesion.

Before using capsules in combination with ointment, it is better to consult with your doctor about tolerability.


There have been no cases of drug overdose in practice. In cases where the drug gets into the eyes, rinse them and seek help.

If the ointment has been swallowed, the stomach is cleaned and also seek medical help.

Proctonis - instructions for use, price, reviews and analogues

Hemorrhoids - a disease that has experienced a lot of residents not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Its occurrence does not depend on the place of residence or living conditions, there is always a risk of getting sick. Every day, about 100 people complain to the doctor. The age category is so wide that among the sick there are representatives of both male and female.

Proctonis from hemorrhoids - instructions for use

Proctonis, the instructions for use of which provides a detailed diagram of the use of each release form, is a modern herbal preparation. The medication is used as an adjuvant for hemorrhoids and anal fissures, accompanied by constipation. The drug is included in the course of complex treatment of chronic constipation to facilitate the act of defecation.

Description of the drug

It is available in different dosage forms, all forms have a mild, but effective effect, so it is recommended to use the drug after consulting with your doctor, strictly observing the dosage. The tablets are stored in a dry place protected from the sun, and candles and cream are in the refrigerator.

Proctonis has found widespread use due to its natural composition and effectiveness. After application, patients observe a rapid relief of the condition and a decrease in pain after a few days.

The drug is made on a plant basis. Proctonis is available in the form of a cream, ointment, suppository, capsule, tablet, which allows you to choose a more suitable type of product for each patient separately.

Proctonis has anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antispasmodic effects. It has analgesic, venotonic and hemostatic effects.

The use of the drug in combination with biologically active additives gives the opportunity:

  • restore normal bowel function,
  • reduce the risk of constipation,
  • to anesthetize the inflamed hemorrhoids,
  • to activate the regeneration of damaged tissues,
  • prevent exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Proctonis is a phytopreparation used as an adjunct to main therapy. The use of the drug has a stimulating effect on the healing process, increases the body's defenses.

The most effective of the produced forms are capsules, which is explained by the presence of additional substances in their composition.


The drug is intended for oral administration. This form is used to prevent hemorrhoids. It is convenient to use the tablet form in that, if necessary, it is possible to reduce the dose of one dose (with hemorrhoids in pregnant women, taking half a tablet is recommended).

The natural composition of Proctolis includes:

  1. Shark Cartilagein powder form. Provide anti-inflammatory effect, relieve spasms.The active component of the drug - chondroitin sulfate, has a positive effect on the structure of blood vessels.
  2. Alder-shaped buckthorn. It acts as a laxative that provides peristalsis of the large intestine without irritating factors for the mucosa of this zone.
  3. Holly cassia. Promotes cell regeneration, activates the process of repairing damaged tissues. The component helps the quick recovery of cracks in the anus.
  4. Yarrow. It has a bactericidal effect, reduces swelling in the hemorrhoids.
  5. Vitamin complex (E and A). It normalizes blood coagulation, eliminates spasms, and restores mucous membranes.

Proctonis is allowed to be used in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids and chronic constipation. The drug can be combined with certain medicines like Detralex, Phlebodia, troxerutin capsules. The simultaneous use of Proctonis with other external agents is allowed after consultation with a doctor.

Use of Proctonis for hemorrhoids

The use of Proctonis for the treatment of hemorrhoids of all types is explained by the unique composition of the drug, its mild, but effective and directed effect on the symptomatic manifestations of pathology.

Proctonis (all forms) helps to quickly stop the pronounced symptoms of hemorrhoids, eliminate inflammatory processes in hemorrhoids, and helps to heal wounds and fissures of the anal passage.

The drug has been successfully used to treat internal hemorrhoids. It is allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation.

Ointment proctonis from hemorrhoids: composition, action, application, overdose, reviews

Proctonis is an effective ointment for relieving various symptoms of hemorrhoids. With a severe form of the disease, it can also be used to improve the condition.

Proctonis is an effective ointment for relieving various symptoms of hemorrhoids.

So many people get hemorrhoids that they call it a disease of the 21st century. Unfortunately, not everyone immediately turns to a proctologist, some are self-medicating and want to buy an effective ointment in a pharmacy. Reading reviews on the Internet, many note Proctonis ointment for hemorrhoids for themselves. Indeed, this drug works, but it is better that a proctologist appoint it.

Pharmacological effects

Together with Proctonis, a proctologist can prescribe other drugs of this series: candles, tablets. The remedy is effective because it helps to remove the symptoms of the disease and increases the tone of blood vessels. Creams for hemorrhoids Proctonis therapeutic and at the same time preventive.

Thanks to the aloe vera extract, there will be less pathogenic bacteria in the rectum, blood circulation will improve, the skin will be moisturized, and the inflammation will go away. Concentrated chistyak will have an astringent effect on the skin, while activating microcirculation.

Sage in the form of an extract destroys pathogenic bacteria and disinfects the rectum.

Hamamelis leaf disinfect, have an astringent effect, and this will help stop and remove inflammation. Witch hazel will make the skin softer, strengthen the walls of the veins, which in itself reduces the manifestation of varicose veins.

Squalene, extracted from shark liver, penetrating through the skin, softens the deeper layers. It also has a bactericidal effect, tones the veins.

Bisabolol helps reduce the level of melanin in the cells, helps relieve inflammation and kills pathogenic bacteria. Bisabolol acts at the cellular level as an antioxidant and, in addition, deodorizes the skin. Microflora inside the rectum will be normal.

Emulsion wax acts as an emulsifier, thanks to it the ointment is uniform and softens the skin perfectly. Cocoa butter acts in a similar way, also tones the skin and heals small cracks.

Castor oil acts as a laxative.Fatty alcohols act here as emulsion stabilizers, thanks to them the Proctonis cream has excellent viscosity.

Glycerin and isodecylneopentanoate moisturize and soften the skin, protecting it from an aggressive external environment.

Proctonis suppositories also have a good effect. They help patients of any age, but children under 14 or pregnant, lactating women should not be used.

A proctologist will prescribe Proctonis in the treatment of hemorrhoids, so that:

  • normalize the digestive tract,
  • to overcome constipation
  • remove anal pain
  • avoid bleeding from the rectum,
  • get rid of flatulence,
  • anal fissures healed (more about them here),
  • relieve ductal irritation.

A proctologist will prescribe Proctonis for complex treatment of hemorrhoids to normalize the digestive tract.

As already noted above, together with this ointment, candles, tablets can be used. They should be taken only as directed by a doctor.

Important! If you use the ointment once, then you can not achieve a quick cure of the disease. Course therapy is required, since only after prolonged treatment, unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

Combination with other means

There are no special requirements related to the combination with other drugs in Proctonis. The only requirement is not to use two ointments against hemorrhoids at once, as this can lead to undesirable consequences, for example, allergies. And yet, before including another drug in the treatment, it is better to consult your doctor about this.

Storage conditions

The shelf life of Proctonis is 2 years. After the packaging with the drug was opened, the time is reduced to 2-3 months. The drug can be stored at room temperature (but not above 23 degrees). Do not put ointment in the freezer. The storage location must be protected from sunlight. Keep the medicine in a place inaccessible to children.

Can I use Proctonis during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, for pregnant women, this hemorrhoid ointment is not categorically suitable.

The components that are in it, getting into the mother's body, can penetrate the fetus through the placental barrier. In this case, the multicomponent composition is more likely a minus for a mother and a child than a plus, since the risk of an allergic reaction increases.

How to use ointment?

This ointment should be applied to damaged areas. In the case of hemorrhoids, this is the space around the anus and the rectum.

Before applying, it is necessary to carry out hygiene procedures - bowel movement or enema. Then the rectal canal will be 100% pure, and the remedy will have the most beneficial effect. It is best to take a shower after a bowel movement.

With exacerbation, you need to use the drug more often and in a larger dosage. However, before increasing the dose, you should definitely talk with a proctologist.

Features and Overdose

The instructions indicate that the ointment can be safely used from 1 to 3 times per day.

Consultation of a proctologist is required. If he gives permission to increase the frequency and dose of the drug, then you can change the therapeutic course. If not, the dosage and frequency of use remains the same. It is possible that there will be no addiction, the doctor will prescribe another ointment.

If a person is not allergic to the components of the ointment, then the drug will help to defeat hemorrhoids or reduce the severity of negative symptoms.

This product is suitable for external use. Ointment relieves inflammation in the lesion and normalizes the state of blood vessels, veins, facilitates bowel movements, making it more regular. Proctonis ointment for hemorrhoids has quite positive reviews. This is a great domestic development, which has helped many people relieve inflammation and pain with hemorrhoids.

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