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What to give your beloved girl for a birthday of 21-22 years

All the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity at heart are romantic natures, which contributes to certain difficulties in choosing gifts for their holidays. At the moment, there are a lot of options for surprises, but often the question arises of what to make a gift for your girlfriend on her birthday. This especially affects young ladies of a certain age. In this case, you will need to consider in more detail what to give the girl for her 21 years.

↑ Features of choosing an original gift for a girl for 21 years

Choosing a gift for 21 years or 22 years for a girl is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Here, when analyzing the situation, you will encounter a number of features, namely:

  1. Choosing a gift type for his girlfriend for her 21st birthday, her character traits and features will have to be taken into account.
  2. Necessarily takes into account the nature of the relationship in which the donor with the birthday girl consists.
  3. Estimating the moment that you can give a girl her 21 year old, you have to take into account the duration of the meeting.
  4. When choosing the appropriate option, it is important to correctly assess the possible costs and your budget.
  5. The practicality, relevance and feasibility of the upcoming surprise are also taken into account.
  6. Separately, you should take into account the period of the year when the young lady will have a festive celebration.

Given all these points, there is the opportunity to choose the right present for Madame, a practical present or another version of surprise.

Important. Additionally, when assessing such a situation, it is necessary to take into account all her wishes so as not to encounter awkward situations.

TOP 30 best gifts

Decoration: choosing such a present, consider the preferences of the birthday girl. The important thing is what style she likes: the one that loves diamonds and gold will not be delighted with a pendant made of wood or ceramic. And a fan of boho or grunge style may be upset when they see a luxurious silver bracelet in a gift box. By the way, many representatives of the fair sex choose stones that are suitable for them according to the horoscope - specify in advance whether this is important for your girlfriend.

Jewelry box in the form of a small suitcase, locker or classic chest. Such a thing is useful to any girl who wears jewelry. It is advisable not to give the casket empty: a small pendant or a ring inside will additionally please the birthday girl and will serve as a good sign for everyone who believes in signs.

Beautiful underwear: for such a gift to bring only positive emotions, you need to know exactly the size of your girlfriend and her taste. If in doubt, you can give a certificate for purchases in a luxury linen store.

Useful gadget the modern girl will like: a thin laptop, a fashionable iPad, a new smartphone, good headphones, a compact player that can be taken for a run or for a walk, a fitness bracelet.

Stylish leather accessory - gloves, belt, wallet, etc. Gloves and a belt can make up a set that complements the girl’s wardrobe.

Wool, silk or linen accessory - scarf, stole, snood. The variety of such accessories is amazing, so it will not be difficult to find the option that your girlfriend will like: luxurious, delicate or exotic.

Cosmetics: Chic sets of decorative or makeup products can not but rejoice. But if you are not sure that you are well versed in the marvelous world of sponges, foundation and moisturizing masks, then give a certificate to a good cosmetics store where she likes to drop in with her friends.

Perfume: expensive toilet water or the good perfume that your girlfriend dreams about will be a great present.

A cute set of things for the home. It will be a pleasant gift: funny slippers, beautiful pajamas, a cozy dressing gown and a personalized towel with embroidery. This set will show how much you care about your beloved.

A travel suitcase, a city backpack for walks in the “stone jungle” or an elegant clutch for a party lover. The rules are the same: choose a bag taking into account the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl. After all, a backpack, for example, can be strict or impudent, plain or colorful, very tiny or capacious, and also different colors, accessories, the number of pockets and the convenience of fasteners - every detail is important.

Flowers: a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered by courier home or to work (unless prohibited by company rules) is guaranteed to cheer you up. Florists will beautifully arrange a bouquet, pack it in a basket, hat box or vase. By the way, many flower salons offer ready-made gift sets, which include flowers, sweets (for example, macaroons or “Raffaello”), sometimes also cosmetics.

Gift Set: collect it yourself - and your girl will be in seventh heaven! In a beautiful box you can put her favorite hand cream, a bright pen and a cute notebook, her sweet sweets (candies, candies, painted gingerbread cookies), handmade fragrant soap, a small jewelry (a “pandora” bracelet, pendant or brooch) or a funny flash drive.

Portrait of a birthday girl: if you can draw yourself, then that's great. If not, order a portrait from the photo. Such a gift looks beautiful, and you can also brag to your friends and family and decorate the room.

Erotic gifts: 21 years marks the age of majority in many countries, which means that by all laws everything is possible! Order a ready-made kit in the appropriate store or choose an erotic lace dress, peignoir or costume for role-playing games for your beloved.

Cocktail Shaker or Coffee Maker with a recipe set of original and delicious drinks that can be prepared using this appliance. But always with a recipe book. It is advisable to find recipes on the Internet yourself, and not buy a finished book. The collected recipes can simply be printed out and put into a folder or arranged in the form of a home-made book, inventing a new name for each drink that is meaningful for the two of you. Such kitchen equipment options as yogurt maker, ice cream maker, waffle maker, blender are also suitable.

Unusual lamp or night lamp: a projector of waves or the night sky, a lamp in the form of a kerosene lamp or a wine bottle filled with lights. A romantic gift that can be used during dinner for two.

Board games set: for a company to have fun with friends, and for two. Depending on your general preferences, these can be informative games for a couple of players, erotic or just entertaining.

For a birthday girl who loves to create, a great gift will be set for creativity: knitting, embroidery, scrubbing, beads, paints and brushes, quilling, etc. - there are many options. The main thing is to know exactly what your girlfriend likes to do and what she lacks for her hobby.

Useful and pleasant things for a bath: this is not only shower gels and sponges, but also a bath radio, a shelf on which you can put a laptop, a book or even a plate with sweets. And also - bath salt, foam, aromatic oils and soap petals.

If your girlfriend is not on a diet, then you can order for her cake with her favorite cakes, toppings and cream. Confectioner can decorate the cake with her name, wishes, fresh or cream flowers, photo print, so that the dessert will turn out individual and beautiful.

Sweets generally like many girls. But just a box of chocolates from the supermarket is not an option. Name sweets, fortune cookies, original desserts, bouquets of chocolates, nuts and caramels - there is plenty to choose from for a really nice present.

If a girl is fond of something, then choosing a gift is very simple: a puzzle for 10,000 fragments, a set of puzzles, figures for the collection, rare types of potted plants, etc.

The book will delight an avid reader. But keep in mind that you need to navigate not only in the genres that she prefers, but also in authors, series, publications, etc. Many read books online, and buy in paper format only what really impressed and sunk into the soul. If you are not sure that you are well versed in her preferences, then present the certificate to the bookstore.

Original bedding with her favorite colors or landscapes of the country she likes, with erotic pictures or constellations, etc.

Funny gadget: a clock with a projector, a smart alarm clock, a 3D pen, a singing pot for indoor plants, a camera with instant printing, a key chain with a beacon, etc.

Coffee set: good coffee, syrup for adding to drinks, spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg), a special measuring spoon, marshmallows, cream. If a girl likes tea, then the set should be a little different: several varieties of tea, a cozy mug, cane sugar, lemon and a spoon.

Fan of the series or group can be ordered t-shirt or bag with your favorite character or character. A great option is a ticket to the show of your favorite artist or a licensed series disc with bonuses from the creators.

A romantic girl will appreciate a gift related to your feelings: a homemade box with joint photos filled with small scrolls with compliments, a photo book from your memorable photos, a sweet set, where a note with recognition is attached to each sweet.

Invitation to a quest or a country trip with friends in a house in the nature where the birthday girl will accept congratulations.

Dinner for two at a restaurant with a cozy and romantic continuation of the house. It is advisable to combine this gift with something else from the list: during dinner or after it you can give a decoration, a gift set, and an interesting gadget.

TOP 30 best gifts to a girl for 21 years

The following presents can be prepared as a gift for the 21st anniversary:

  1. Decorative cosmetics (palette of shadows, mascara, blush, powder, eyeliner).
  2. A set of quality tools for manicure.
  3. Devices for styling hair (hair dryer, curling irons, ironing).
  4. Foot bath with hydromassage.
  5. Organizers for jewelry.
  6. As a gift to a girl for 21 years, you can present a set of high-quality brushes for applying makeup.
  7. Brand perfumes, selected in accordance with the preferences of the birthday girl. Qualitative are the niche perfumes Bluebell Penhaligon`s, Etro, Dorin, Le labo, Bond no 9, M. Micallef, Serge Lutens. The popular aromas are produced by Chanel, Versace, Kenzo, etc.
  8. Set of essential oils and aroma lamp. You can include recipes of various combinations in the kit to strengthen the immune system, relax or tone the body.
  9. Original shaped table lamp.

  • Shower radio with waterproof features and mount for fixing to the wall surface.
  • Necklace or beads made of natural stones (agate, jade, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal, rhodonite, etc.).
  • Ultra thin compact MP3 player with a case made of genuine leather or thick fabric.
  • Mini coffee maker. Simple and functional models are suitable (Delta Lux DL-8157, Smile KA 784, Sakura SA-6106BK, Scarlett SC-CM33002, VES V-FS21).
  • Chocolate fountain to decorate the festive table.
  • A set of branded office (pens, notebooks, diaries, stickers).
  • Tickets for a concert, premiere or movie premiere.
  • Jewelry made of silver or gold (bracelet, ring, earrings).
  • Annual subscription to the magazine.
  • Warm classic plaid with either sleeves.

  • Stylish set of accessories and care products for the bathroom.
  • Practical travel bag (bag, suitcase, city backpack).
  • Design pillows with photo prints.
  • Designer pendant, bracelet or pendant with name engraving.
  • Hardcover or softcover photo book.
  • Modern tablet model.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Fashionable snood made of quality yarn.
  • Wireless audio system.
  • Dressing gown for a boudoir made of silk, cotton or velor.
  • Stole from quality material with an original print (geometric or floral ornaments).
  • How to choose a gift for a girl for 21 years

    To choose the best present, you need to study the interests of the birthday girl and take them into account when choosing a presentation. Usually, girls at this age consider themselves to be quite old, many live independently, so they will not give up practical household presents. You can even ask in advance what the birthday girl dreams of or present a gift certificate.

    For girls, the appearance of the presentation is very important. Therefore, do not forget to beautifully pack any gift. It is also important to supplement it with flowers, sweets or other cute little things.

    If you can’t directly ask the birthday girl about her wishes, you can cheat a little, for example, invite her to go shopping and there to notice what attracts the girl’s attention the most. You can even come up with a plausible reason for a trip, for example, say that you are looking for a gift for your sister or cousin to ask about her attitude to certain gifts.

    In addition to the tastes and interests of the girl, it is important to consider several factors when choosing a gift:

    • The degree of closeness of your relationship. Gifts to a girl whom you have recently met or have been dating for several years will be very different.
    • The acceptable value of the gift. It depends on your financial capabilities and how the birthday girl relates to this. For example, a gift that is too expensive can please and make it uncomfortable.
    • The character and temperament of the birthday girl. Some girls love jokes and practical jokes, while others unbalance others, remember this when choosing an unusual present.

    Avoid gifts that may seem to the girl an insulting hint of her flaws. For example, a gym membership is a great idea, but only if the girl herself spoke, she would like to receive it. Otherwise, she may think that she is being hinted at in poor physical condition or problems with the figure.

    Gift Suggestions

    To choose a good gift for a girl for 21 years old, you need to know about the interests of the birthday girl. By this age, girls, as a rule, are already completely independent. Many are finishing their studies at the university or are already working, some are thinking about marriage or even have already become happy wives.

    However, girls' interests and preferences may be different, and this must be taken into account when choosing a gift. Conventionally, all twenty-one-year-old birthday girls can be divided into three groups.

    • The person is romantic. For these girls, attention is not really important, but attention. To make a birthday girl happy, you should try to express your attitude through a gift. Be sure to pack the present beautifully, even an expensive item in sloppy packaging can disappoint a birthday girl.
    • Practical persons. If the birthday girl belongs to this type of girls, then choosing a gift will be easy. It is best to directly ask the hero of the occasion what she wants to get for her birthday. If this is not possible, you can safely give a practical girl money or gift certificates, she will be grateful for such a gift,
    • People who love surprises and practical jokes. It is more difficult for such girls to pick up a gift. For her, what matters is not the price of the gift, but the ability of the giver to guess her wishes. But since the birthday girl loves jokes, you can give her something cool.

    From a loved one

    In anticipation of their own birthday, girls usually with special trepidation wait for presents from their admirers. If you can guess what parents or girlfriends will give, then in these cases they always want to be pleasantly surprised.Romance for the fair sex is suitable for presentations, accompanied by the following:

    • huge bouquets of your favorite flowers
    • the appearance of the inscription "Happy Birthday, my love!" on the pavement under the windows, on billboards.

    With a small budget for presentations, don’t be upset. A nice and original gift can be made without spending frenzied amounts of money. In such cases, options for presentations may be:

    • mat in the form of a map of the world,
    • heart-shaped photo collage
    • video with congratulations.

    Among the best practical gifts are:

    • Jewelry,
    • items related to the interests of the girl,
    • certificates for underwear stores, cosmetics, spas, beauty parlors.

    Such gifts must be accompanied by a bouquet of color or a plush toy, depending on what the girl prefers. Some young people use the beloved holiday to make her an offer in an unusual place. However, this step should be weighed and considered in order to avoid unpleasant moments.

    ↑ Presents for Beauty and Health

    In such a situation, just select the appropriate variety for the celebration. As a rule, in such a situation, you can resort to types such as a set of makeup brushes. A certificate for a beauty salon or cosmetics is perfect. A subscription for spa treatments, as well as a trip to the resort. In such a situation, you must take into account the characteristics of the young lady.

    Options for inexpensive gifts for 500-1000 rubles

    1. If it is not possible to purchase expensive jewelry or an exquisite perfume, it does not matter: a gift can be picked up for a small price.
    2. Within a thousand rubles, you can order a personalized T-shirt, mug, towel, pillow.
    3. You can engrave a congratulation or recognition on a jewelry, pen, watch or souvenir.
    4. You can keep up with this amount by purchasing original fur headphones, a set of bath accessories or a funny flash drive.
    5. You will spend no more than a thousand on a mini-coffee maker or compact player.
    6. A set of beautiful candles or good candies in individual packaging is inexpensive, from which you can make cute personal greetings with paper and a stapler.
    7. You can meet the required amount by purchasing an eco-bag for shopping, gloves for the touch screen, an original plate for seeds with a stand for your smartphone, or funny “sweet” spoons with tops in the form of almost real cupcakes, ice cream or cakes.

    The most affordable gift options are:

    • aroma lapma and a couple of bottles of her favorite aroma oil,
    • cute thermo mug
    • set of spices and spices in beautiful bottles,
    • decorative plate with her photo,
    • bright sketchbook
    • headphone splitter,
    • useful mask for sleeping and ear plugs,
    • sleeve sleeve for smartphone,
    • designer playing cards
    • antistress toys.

    For 21 years

    What to present to a girl on her birthday at 21? Of course, emotions! A trip to the sea, a stylish decoration, a huge bouquet or a useful gadget will be the best gift for a girl on her birthday, which will make her the happiest. A stylish accessory or perfume, as well as clothes or beautiful underwear, can become an equally relevant present.

    Best gift ideas from a guy

    Girls usually expect the most from guys on this day. In a gift they will see not just a thing, but an expression of your love. An insufficiently careful approach may not only not please her, but even upset her. Therefore, you need to try.

    What to give a girl on her 21st birthday:

    Romantic dinner.

    If you want to create an intimate atmosphere, then a romantic dinner is ideal for this.

    You can invite a girl to a cozy cafe or restaurant, there will be an opportunity to invite a musician.

    If you are lucky enough to meet a homebody who is not particularly fond of public places, you can organize a romantic dinner at home.

    Food must be light. Do not overload the stomach, because very often such dinners end on the night of love. Joint trip. It can be a vacation trip, a tour or a concert of your favorite band. Such a gift will suit any girls, depending on their interests and hobbies.

    Romantic photo shoot.

    This is one of the most laborious gifts. All you need to do is find the right photographer.

    Motives will be offered to you by a professional himself.

    It can be a photo shoot in nature, or maybe an erotic photo shoot if you are in a fairly close relationship with the birthday girl.

    If you want to give something more material or to supplement your impressions with something, there are also many options for this with romantic overtones.

    Paired things.

    To do this, T-shirts, t-shirts, hats with funny inscriptions that emphasize your status for each other are suitable.

    You can buy ready-made options, you can order copyright ones - online stores often give you the opportunity to design a T-shirt online.

    IMPORTANT! Approach the choice wisely: choose what you like not only for the girl, but also for you. After all, you will have to wear this gift together. Exclusive Jewelry. The value of a gift increases significantly if it is exclusive. It can be handmade jewelry, a certain brand or a special material. You can give pendants with the ability to put a joint photo inside.

    Stuffed Toys.

    Let such a gift be quite banal, but, to be cunning, almost everyone likes soft toys.

    In addition, this gift does not oblige you to anything and is quite suitable for a couple at an early stage of a relationship. Flowers. Another classic gift option. It also does not oblige you to anything and is also easy to find. However, if someone wants to make a gift of a wider scale, then you can play with the number of flowers. After all, what girl doesn’t dream of getting 101 roses?

    Handmade gift.

    Nothing demonstrates feelings like a handmade gift.

    It can be a collage from your photos, a homemade photo album or a box of “100 reasons why I love you”, where you yourself will write these very reasons on beautiful leaflets.

    They do not have to be 100. The main thing is that the words are sincere.

  • Amateur activities. This is another way to show your love yourself. It can be a song or a poem. In a word, everything that your talents allow.
  • Joint shopping trip. There is a point of view that no one can give a better gift to a girl than herself. You can simply invite her to shopping and let her choose what she likes. Of course, this will reduce the degree of surprise, but she will certainly be satisfied.
  • Gifts from relatives

    Parents and other close relatives usually choose gifts for practical, useful days of life. But what to give a girl for 21 years? Gift options can be picked up a lot.

    • Fashion clothes. A rare girl is absolutely indifferent to fashion, so most birthday girls will accept new fashionable clothes with pleasure. However, it is better to entrust the choice of models to the girl herself, otherwise the likelihood of errors due to a mismatch of tastes is too high.
    • Jewelry. For such a significant holiday as the twenty-first birthday, you can buy a girl earrings, a bracelet or a chain with a pendant. You can choose jewelry made of gold, silver or gems, the main thing is that the decoration is suitable in style to the main image of the birthday girl.

    • New mobile gadget. Most girls will be happy to receive a new smartphone or tablet.
    • Things for the house. If the birthday girl is married or planning an early wedding, then it is quite possible for her to give things for the house: household appliances, beautiful bedding or table linen. Such gifts are considered boring, but from parents or other relatives they will be quite appropriate.

    An excellent option for a gift from relatives is to pay for an independent trip for the birthday girl. If it is not possible to send a girl to a fashionable resort, you can consider the option of a sightseeing tour in nearby cities.

    ↑ Useful and necessary

    As for such options, it is required to know what the young lady needs in particular. Especially for this, her opinion is taken into account. As a rule, in such cases they give options depending on the interests of the girl. Here are great gifts, these are electronics, household appliances or wardrobe items. Kitchen appliances or even specialized furniture are also great.

    How to surprise a girl: original congratulations and surprises

    In order to remember the congratulations, you need not just to present a present with the words “Happy Birthday”: you have to show your imagination!

    • You can order a congratulation on a banner near the girl’s house,
    • Lovely and romantic looks like a congratulation written in colored crayons under her windows,
    • You can even sing a song under its windows (only not late in the evening so that there are no problems with neighbors),
    • A great option is to decorate her porch with balloons by the time she is about to leave the apartment,
    • A congratulatory flash mob can be of two types: for your friends (participants are your friends) or for passers-by (try to persuade strangers to say a few words on the camera, hold a poster with your congratulations or read a part of the poem in her honor),
    • Hand along with the gift balls with confetti, sweets or feathers inside,
    • Present a box with live butterflies to the girl (just make sure in advance that she likes them),
    • Hang a congratulatory poster in front of her windows or in her porch,
    • Record your video greetings.

    But be sure to find out until day X whether your girlfriend loves surprises. Some people prefer their birthday to be a personal holiday. In this case, you can hide small gifts inside the apartment and leave tips on finding boxes and bundles.

    Or just wrap gifts so that it means something to the birthday girl: in paper or boxes of her favorite color, in packaging associated with her hobby (sheets of music, newspapers, paper with an unusual print), with an original decor (buttons, living plants, pompons, small key chains or pendants, etc.). The packaging should be neat, so either entrust this matter to specialists in the gift department, or practice before the final packaging.

    Set of panties

    Present to be given by men. This 21 year gift is an elegant way to let a girl know that you long for her. We call it a “gift to ourselves,” because we have to reap all the fruits ourselves :) We have chosen some cool sets that are already packed in gift boxes and will really please your girlfriend.

    Practical gifts for a girl on her 21st birthday

    Many girls prefer to receive useful gifts that can be used in everyday life and are not at all happy with cute romantic surprises. If your birthday is one of them, avoid the little toys and useless Chinese lanterns flying into the sky, it is better to give simple and useful things, such as:

    • Fashion clothes. Of course, choosing something yourself is more than risky, therefore it is better to give preference to a gift certificate from the store where your favorite birthday girl's brands are sold
    • Jewelry. Jewelry is not only beautiful, but also very practical, since at all times they were considered a good investment. If you cannot afford gold and diamonds, donate silverware or quality jewelry. The main thing is that the selected product matches the tastes of the recipient.
    • Modern digital devices. Most girls will be happy to get a brand new smartphone, tablet, player or other useful gadget.
    • Appliances. Of course, a present such as a microwow or an iron can upset even the most practical lady. But you can present something interesting, for example, an ice cream maker or a cool coffee maker.

    Choosing a practical present, try not to forget about romance. It is enough to supplement your gift with a cute postcard with a self-written recognition, and it will become not only useful, but also very sincere.

    At first glance, it may seem that all practical gifts are very expensive. Indeed, digital gadgets and jewelry will not be affordable for everyone. But you do not need to be corrupted. Choosing something budgetary and useful is quite real. The best ideas for such gifts:

    • Organizer or box for storing jewelry, cosmetics and other useful little things. Such a present will be an excellent decoration for a dressing table, daily reminiscent of a donor, and will help maintain a gift in the room.
    • Makeup brushes. Choosing the right makeup is not an easy task, but it’s not difficult to buy brushes for applying it using the seller’s tips.
    • Beautiful lamp for example, a projector of the starry sky or the original product “The Sun in the Bank”.
    • Radio for the shower. Almost all young girls love to listen to music, and a small waterproof radio will help not to part with your favorite tunes even while swimming.

    From parents

    Therefore, who, no matter how they guess the cherished desires of his daughter?

    Self trip.

    If you trust your daughter enough, you can give her a vacation ticket.

    Where exactly depends on the interests of the birthday girl.

    This will be a great chance to show independence and start an adult life with such a bold step. Decoration for a room or apartment. Regardless of whether the daughter lives with you or already separately, she will be pleased to receive something that she can decorate her nest with. It can be a beautiful vase, a souvenir figurine or bedding. By the way, in a photo studio you can print her photo or an unusual illustration on it.

    ATTENTION! Make sure that the thing harmoniously resonates with the interior! Otherwise, your gift runs the risk of gathering dust in the pantry.

    Case for phone.

    Everyone always needs beautiful covers. Fortunately, the choice is huge.

    At your disposal any patterns and colors. And some stores even offer original drawings or drawings to order. Gift from childhood. 21 years old is a period when a girl is not yet fully adult, but already nostalgic for her childhood. Therefore, she will be happy with a gift similar to her children's toys.

    It can be a beautiful Barbie doll or another brand.

    There are many different variations of uniforms, clothes, hairstyles, etc. And the girl will be delighted with the collectible articulated doll!

  • Equipment. If for some reason the girl does not yet have a modern model of phone or camera, then this is what you can give. Such a gift will make her life much more convenient, as well as provide an opportunity to be realized creatively.
  • Gifts from friends

    Gifts from friends can be very diverse: practical or comic.
    As a gift to your best friend for 21 years, you can choose things for beautyit could be:

    • Cosmetics. You can give decorative cosmetics (mascara, eye shadow, powder, etc.) or for care. Close friends, as a rule, are well aware of what means should be chosen so that the birthday girl is satisfied.
    • A good set for manicure. If you choose a really high-quality set, then the birthday girl will use it for many years.

    • Various hair styling techniques and cosmetic procedures. You can buy a hairdryer, irons, hair curlers, etc. A good gift option is a foot bath with hydromassage.
    • Organizers for storing cosmetics and jewelry. Most girls have a fairly large assortment of jewelry and cosmetics, so a convenient organizer for storing these things will not be superfluous.

    • Makeup brushes. A high-quality set of brushes is a worthy gift from a friend on the twenty-first birthday
    • Subscriptions to visit a beauty salon or spa. Most girls love to “clean their feathers,” so a visit to these establishments is a real celebration for them.

    • Set of essential oils and aroma lamp. Using different combinations of oils, you can successfully overcome the spleen, strengthen immunity or relax after a busy day.

    Friends can pick up an original gift for the birthday girl, it can be inexpensive, but it should bring joy to the birthday girl. Here are some options for unusual souvenirs:

    • Lamp "The sun in the bank." This thing is not only original, but also quite useful. In appearance, the lamp looks like an ordinary can, but if you put it on a windowsill in direct sunlight (or under an artificial lamp) during the day, then the light "will fall into the trap." And with the onset of darkness, the bank will begin to radiate light, as if a little sun was hidden in it.

    • Chocolate fountain. This gift from friends will please not only the birthday girl, but also the donors themselves. It is enough to place the chocolate in a special compartment, as the molten mass begins to flow down in cascading bowls, spreading an alluring aroma. Few friends will refuse to dip strawberries or cookies into the sweet mass and enjoy a delicious dessert.

    • Radio for the shower. If the birthday girl loves music, then she will be delighted with this thing. A waterproof radio can be seated (there is a hook on the case) in the shower cabin or on the side of the bathtub, and enjoy your favorite tunes even during hygiene procedures.

    • Velcro handle. The birthday girl is a little careless and cannot always find the necessary items in the bathroom? Give her a funny Velcro handle that can be easily attached to the wall. On a flypaper you can fix a bottle with shampoo, shower gel or any other necessary things.

    Friends can prepare for the birthday girl interesting adventure. The option of entertainment should be selected depending on the interests of the birthday girl. You can give a girl tickets to attend an interesting performance, show or concert. You can organize a fun party at home or at the club. Or go outdoors, having a wonderful picnic with barbecue.

    ↑ Unusual

    If you want to give an unusual present for a girlfriend, then at such a moment in life you have to connect your imagination. Non-standard soft toys or clothes with printed images are great here. Also in a similar situation, you can resort to other elements. If necessary, you can always match two different presentations in order to please the romantic lady more.

    What to give a girl who has everything

    If the birthday girl has everything that only the soul desires, then she can be surprised and pleased with new impressions:

    • joint photo session with a professional photographer,
    • hot air ballooning or parachuting,
    • a master class or lesson in vocals, oratory, pottery, etc.,
    • excursion to interesting places in your hometown or overseas trip,
    • horseback riding or in a carriage, and in winter you can book a dog sled ride,
    • photo book from your photos.

    You can enthrall such a girl with what you did yourself: a cake you baked, a woven bracelet, a souvenir cut from wood or leather, a fashioned cup. Well, if you can do something with your own hands, otherwise you need to sign up for a master class, because the gift should be beautiful.

    You can write a song or poem to her and even make a short film about how you appreciate and love her, with the participation of your friends, telling how happy they are about her new birthday.

    Lovely and romantic 21st birthday gifts

    If the birthday girl is a romantic girl who is certainly waiting for something magical, do not disappoint her. Do not think that organizing a little fairy tale is very expensive or difficult. You just need to make a little effort and not be afraid of custom solutions. Best ideas for romantic surprises:

    • Congratulatory inscription under the window. How to do it is up to you. It can be the heart and the name of the girl laid out by lanterns if you plan to congratulate in the dark or a picture of flowers in the summer. You can also make a large poster and hang it under the windows or at the entrance.
    • The whole world is at the feet of a loved one. To make such an inexpensive and cute surprise you will need a world map printed on thick fabric.From it you can make a great mat for picnics, which you throw at the feet of the chosen one.
    • Video greetings. You can record it yourself or invite mutual friends. You may also need the help of professionals to make a quality installation. But you will get a unique romantic present that will delight the girl for a long time and remind you of your feelings.
    • Serenade under the window. If you know how to sing at least a little, give this girl a surprise.
    • Half heart pendant with engraving. It does not have to be something expensive, the main thing is a pleasant appearance and a touching inscription.
    • Florarium. This is a very beautiful and not demanding in care composition from plants. It takes up little space, but will delight the birthday man, recalling the donor.
    • Picture. Just choose not just a pretty picture, order a portrait of a birthday girl or a lightbox with her photo. Also a good idea is a large collage of your shared photos.
    • Photoshoot in a romantic style. It can be attended by both the girl herself and you together.

    A good gift for the girl’s 21st birthday is a romantic adventure. Choose exactly what she likes, for example, a carriage ride around the historic city center, a hot air balloon ride, an evening at a planetarium under a starry sky, etc. An evening in a special setting will also become a good and pleasant romantic present.

    Original gifts

    Chameleon Mug.

    A pattern is applied to such cups, which changes when the liquid is heated / cooled inside.

    This seemingly simple thing will brighten up the moments of the birthday girl every time she is about to drink tea or coffee. Postcard made in a graphical editor. If you know how to work with programs like Photoshop, you can create a postcard from a photo of a birthday girl. What exactly to do depends on your skill and taste of the girl.

    You can play with fantasy motifs, enter the heroine of the celebration in a fairy tale plot, or you can draw alongside your favorite actor or music group.


    For lovers of thrills, such a gift would be most welcome.

    In addition, paratrooper clubs often offer the services of photographers and videographers, which can capture a fleeting extreme moment for many years.

  • Concert ticket. If a girl is interested in music and she has a favorite group, then a concert ticket will be the best gift. Just think about the company in advance; they rarely go to such events alone. Therefore, it is better to give two tickets.
  • Horse ride. This is a great gift for both athletes and calm girls who love nature and animals. You can pay for one trip, or you can also certificate for a whole range of lessons, depending on how much the birthday girl likes horse riding.
  • If you are stumped with a gift choice - then see the TOP 7 original gifts in the video below:

    Gifts from a loved one

    No matter how wonderful gifts the friends and relatives give the birthday girl, with special trepidation, she will expect congratulations from her beloved boyfriend. What to choose a gift for a girl on her 21st birthday? The answer will depend on the personality characteristics of the birthday girl.

    Romantic person will expect from a guy "million Scarlet roses" or other "crazy things." Such a girl will be glad if she appears under a window at night the inscription "Happy Birthday, darling!", and even better if such labels will appear on billboardsestablished in the city. The main thing is to place these posters so that they fall into the eyes of the birthday girl.

    If the gift budget is small, don’t be upset. You can make a great gift without a huge cost. For example, why not throw at the feet of your beloved “the whole world”? Actually it's just soft world map matbut the gift is very symbolic.

    Romantic girls will appreciate various homemade gifts. You can, for example, create a wonderful collage or mount a video using joint photos.As a musical accompaniment, it is worth choosing a song about love, it will be great if the guy can perform the song himself, but here everything will depend on the presence of singing abilities.

    It is very important to think not only about choosing a gift, but also about packaging. For example, if you need to give a small thing (a brooch, a pendant, etc.), you can do this: buy a box in the shape of a heart, put your gift there, and fill the rest of the space with notes with words of love twisted into a tube and tied up with ribbons.

    Practical ones should give useful gifts, these can be:

    • decorations
    • hobbies
    • Gift certificates for underwear or cosmetics.

    In any case, the gift should be supplemented with a beautiful bouquet. However, not all modern girls love cut flowers. You can give such a birthday to the florarium. This is a composition of fresh flowers, most often, orchids are used. Florarium requires minimal care, but will delight the birthday girl for several years.

    The second obligatory addition to the gift will be the sparkling words of congratulations and love.

    ↑ Stylish and fashionable

    When choosing such a surprise, as a rule, you will need to understand the intricacies of modern fashion. In this case, you can choose a certain stylish element of the wardrobe or a trip to the corresponding fashionable city for a week of shopping. You can also take non-standard approaches and resort to the opinion of her close friends to surely please the young lady with a present.

    From other relatives

    From other close relatives, such presentations as:

    • certificate for the purchase of underwear, fashion clothes, shoes,
    • set of bathroom accessories,
    • a set for a picnic (appropriate if the girl loves outings),
    • manicure set
    • unusual slippers
    • a set of bed linen,
    • bath set.

    Such gifts will be appropriate, both when serving the sister, and niece, granddaughter.

    Practical and convenient - 20 useful gifts for a young girl

    When deciding what to give a girl, you can buy a practical present:

      Brand watches, selected in accordance with the style preferences of the birthday girl in form and color.

  • Sets for needlework creativity are in demand, which help to realize the author's design of interior items and create a patchwork bedspread, wall tapestry, decorate a wardrobe and a mirror.
  • Rack for books, boxes, magazines, boxes. A piece of furniture can be in the style of hi-tech, classic, modern, provence.
  • Floor electronic scales.

  • Antistress pillow filled with eco-friendly granules. The product takes the form of a human body.
  • Bean bag can be purchased for the birthday girl. The product is optimal for rooms decorated in country style, minimalism, fusion.
  • Modern oven model.

    What is not worth giving

    • Live gifts: fish, kittens, puppies, etc. Unless you and the girl agreed in advance on a specific animal. Then the bow and the aquarium / bowl / lodge / bed should be attached to the gift.
    • Things “like a friend”: if your girlfriend admires her purse or girlfriend’s perfume, don’t buy her the exact same item.
    • Very practical things: a frying pan or a slow cooker, oven mitts or a hairdryer - this is not a gift. You also cannot hand over the necessary, but everyday things: cotton pads and sticks, scarves, hygiene products, etc.

    There can be only one exception.: if a specific item (for example, a double boiler) is on your girlfriend's wish list. But in this case, it is advisable to present, in addition to a useful gift, a pleasant one: sweets, flowers, a romantic little thing.

    • What may indicate a flaw in appearance: a certificate for a visit to the dentist, a means for losing weight or acne gel, etc.
    • Impersonal gifts: cake from the store, the first plush toy to come across, random perfumes chosen, etc. A gift should be chosen with a soul.

    A beautifully packaged good gift, presented as your girlfriend likes it, will certainly make her happy.Do not forget to sign the card or say nice words in person.

    ↑ Birthday present from a young man

    A present for your companion can be divided into two separate categories, namely the necessary things, or jewelry and other useful, but not popular types. In this case, perfumes are perfect. Jewelry is also in great demand, and in addition, modern types of electronics that are in demand. Additionally, you should take into account the tastes of your lady.

    TOP 15 most fashionable accessories as a gift

    As a gift to a girl for her 21 year birthday, you can present the following fashionable things and accessories:

    1. Set of underwear brand brands.
    2. Stylish sweater.
    3. Design scarf or silk scarf.
    4. Brand Sunglasses.
    5. The classic model of a blouse.
    6. A set of knitted snood, scarf, hat and elongated gloves.
    7. Leather belt for a stylish outfit.
    8. Elongated or shortened vest model.
    9. Original hat or cap.
    10. A cane umbrella with a bright print on fabric.
    11. Designer bracelets made of genuine leather with embossed or semi-precious stones.
    12. Fashionable travel bag (bag, leather backpack, etc.).
    13. Cardigan in the style of boho, classic or minimalism.
    14. Accessories for hair (headbands, elastic, hairpins of the author’s design)
    15. Designer necklace.

    For intellectual

    What can a girl be given for 21 years old if she likes to read and generally an intellectual?

    For girls who love intellectual entertainment, this is the easiest and most banal gift. But that does not make him bad if the book is chosen wisely. Be sure to check with the interests and library of the birthday girl so as not to give what she already has,


    It will be a great gift if a girl loves to solve different problems.

    Board games, puzzles, 3D puzzles and things like that

  • bath shelf. If the birthday girl loves to relax in the bathroom for a good book, then such a shelf for her would be the perfect solution. This will make reading much more convenient, as well as allow you to place any drinks or goodies on the shelf.
  • ↑ Choosing the Right Gift Certificate

    The best option may be such certificates as a subscription to a fitness room, a coupon for a beauty salon, a certificate for a photo shoot, a subscription to a spa or massage, and also a ticket for a trip to the resort or shopping. Here, the choice takes into account the interest of the lady herself, as well as her commitment to a certain direction or the present hobby. In any, each option is perfect for any of the fair sex.

    Picnic set

    To get out of a noisy, dull office and go on a picnic in the countryside or in the nearest cozy park is for many a great way to relieve the fatigue of working days and relax with loved ones. It is for them that a gift for 21 years in the form of a picnic set will become desirable and very appropriate. Conveniently packaged and having everything you need to organize a small feast, such a set will advantageously complement the girl’s outdoor recreation.

    For a creative person - 15 original ideas

    When deciding what can be given to a girl for 21 years, you can present objects for creative work:

    1. Portrait of a birthday girl, decorated in a designer frame.
    2. Certificate for a creative master class in painting, decorative techniques, sewing.
    3. A set of materials for applied arts. Inks, cuts of fabric, brushes, plasticine, natural or polymer clay, artisans are in demand.
    4. A set of books in the field of applied art, interesting for the birthday girl.
    5. A set of challenging puzzles or puzzles.
    6. A sketchbook, a folding easel complete with paints will suit a birthday girl who is keen on design, architecture, modeling.
    7. Camcorder or radio microphone with memory card.
    8. A board for drawing up creative plans, diagrams, notes, drawings is an inexpensive gift useful for a girl. The kit can include a set of paper, buttons and stickers.

  • A modern model of an e-book with a capacious memory card. In the device you can create and send messages, download books, work with mail.
  • Digital photo frame with memorized photographs.
  • The Boogie Board Rip Tablet drawing tablet is suitable for creating diagrams, drawings, notes. Data can be quickly transferred to a computer and processed.
  • The compact piano keyboard allows you to learn simple melodies. The technique operates on energy-saving batteries.
  • A set of encyclopedic books and thematic albums.
  • Voice recorder with MP3 player, a set of stationery (pens, folders, notebooks, coasters).
  • For a birthday girl who is keen on photography, a set of a photo lens, a nozzle for a flash, a thermo mug, a data storage device with Wi-Fi support, and a bag for transporting devices is suitable.
  • For fashionistas

    The question is what to give a girl for her 21st birthday, if she tries to always be in the trend, one of the most easily solved!

      personal care kits. A variety of gels, shampoos, creams and more will do.

    ATTENTION! Choose such gifts only if you thoroughly know what types of funds the birthday girl uses.

    The same goes for perfumes, eau de toilette or makeup products,

    certificate for spa.

    Not too expensive, but the woman of fashion is insanely nice,

  • set of makeup brushes. What girl doesn’t dream of high-quality makeup brushes. Not cheap, Chinese, but professional. If the birthday girl spends a lot of time applying makeup, such a gift to her friend for 21 years will certainly be appreciated.
  • ↑ For women with a sense of humor

    At such a moment, you can pick up a special gift option in the form of a draw or a concert with a humorous program. Tickets for the circus for a performance are also suitable. Here it is necessary to show imagination, and in addition to take into account the immediate interests of the ladies. Particular attention when choosing should be given to preparatory activities.

    Important. In each individual case, the moment with a surprise may differ depending on various factors, but one should not forget that 21 years is a transitional age to adulthood, which is why any children's surprises must already be excluded, as they will not be evaluated.

    TOP 15 best gift-impressions for a girl

    When choosing a present for a girl for her birthday, you can use the following ideas of original and funny impressions:

    1. A game of bowling or going to a nightclub to a disco.
    2. A walk through the city attractions in a limousine, a carriage ride.
    3. Romantic dinner in the restaurant on the terrace or on the roof of the building. Picnic in the nature.
    4. Romantic trip.
    5. Bike ride.
    6. A birthday girl who loves surprises can organize a parachute jump.
    7. Making a picture at a creative master class.
    8. Celebratory fireworks.

  • Culinary master class on the manufacture of soups, hot, baked goods. Classes in the development of national cuisines (French, Italian, Spanish, Greek) are in demand.
  • Performing makeup, hairstyles or manicures in a beauty salon.
  • The course of therapeutic massage sessions.
  • Excursion to interesting places of the city or to the suburbs.
  • Beadwork or knitting workshop.
  • Classes in the fitness center.
  • Master class on decorating interior items, decoupage of furniture.
  • From colleagues

    Colleagues are better off starting from the interests of the birthday girl when choosing a gift for her. Appropriate in this situation will be:

    • warm snood
    • wireless mp3 speaker
    • a travel suitcase or a cover for a suitcase (relevant if the girl often goes on business trips),
    • stole,
    • unusual lamp "The Sun in the Bank",
    • aroma lamp with a set of essential oils (it is important that the girl does not have an allergy to them, it is better to find out in advance),
    • hair styling technique.

    Quick, practical, convenient - 10 most relevant certificates as a gift

    Universal birthday girl gift - certificate:

    1. Rest in the water park (a ticket is required with an open date).
    2. A complex of massage procedures by a qualified specialist.
    3. Access to the pool and sauna.
    4. Concert of your favorite artist or instrumental group.
    5. Master class in Japanese cuisine.
    6. Buying clothes and accessories in the fashion department.
    7. Ordering individual tailoring of wardrobe items.
    8. A lesson in the manufacture of natural cosmetics (cream soap, mousse, lotion, shampoo).
    9. Visit the jewelry department to purchase jewelry.
    10. Master class on the manufacture of decorative jewelry made of leather, polymer compositions.

    What gifts are classified as original?

    Some of the most original presentations are:

    • balloon ride (if weather conditions allow it)
    • helicopter flight over the hometown,
    • a carriage ride through the historic sites of the town in which the birthday girl lives. You can learn in advance about places memorable for her where she has not been since childhood and make her own excursion into her past.

    A great gift will be the taking on the responsibility of organizing a friend’s birthday party. She would certainly be glad of such a surprise. Original but more practical gifts include:

    • heated car mug
    • a mug in the form of a camera lens,
    • T-shirt on which the girl’s photo is applied
    • a set of bedding with an interesting pattern,
    • shakers for making cocktails, a book with their recipes.

    Practical gifts

    A certain percentage of girls indicates that they are preferable to presenting useful, practical gifts than trinkets. Top presents in such cases are:

    • certificate for the purchase of clothing, underwear in boutiques,
    • jewelry selected according to the tastes of the birthday girl,
    • modern gadgets
    • household appliances (ice cream maker, waffle maker, coffee maker, but not a set of pans, pots or iron).

    Some people believe that such presentations require large financial costs, and therefore begin to think about low-cost items. The best among them are:

    • makeup brushes,
    • organizers for storing cosmetics, jewelry,
    • unusual lamps (night projectors that give interesting images to the walls and ceiling),
    • radio for bathtub, shower.

    Such a present can be accompanied by sweets, flowers. In addition, you should be puzzled by its beautiful packaging. This will be a pleasant bonus for the birthday girl, will delight her aesthetic taste. Yes, and there is nothing more interesting than deploying a donated thing when you do not know what's inside.

    Romantic gifts - 10 ideas from a young man

    A romantic and original birthday present for a girl from a guy can be as follows:

    1. The original floral arrangement of sweet mastic, chocolate. From plastic materials you can make tulips, roses, daisies, gerberas, lilies of the valley. A bouquet of sweets, dried fruits is effective, the composition is packed in a box or decorative paper.
    2. Designer box, a set of statuettes and original sculptural groups.
    3. Set of aroma or curly candles.
    4. Orchid in a decorative ceramic pot.
    5. Dreamcatcher will be the original item for the birthday girl. The product can be made of genuine leather, feathers, wooden beads, beads, sequins, rhinestones.
    6. Portrait of a young girl, made according to the photograph and decorated in a designer frame. The present can be supplemented by a flip calendar (wall, desktop) with a selection of photo prints of memorable events of the birthday girl's life or photocopies of artworks.

    Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings).

    What kind of gifts are cute and romantic?

    A romantic girl by nature will be delighted with such presentations as:

    • a pendant in the shape of a heart, half of which will remain with the donor, and the second will belong to the birthday girl. It is appropriate to receive such birthday presents from close friends, relatives, or a loved one,
    • florarium. "Living garden" on the window can be made by yourself or ordered from specialists. It usually does not take up much space and does not require careful maintenance,
    • a picture depicting a portrait of a birthday girl
    • certificate for a photo shoot in a romantic style.

    The more beautiful the present will be packed, the more the representative of the fair sex will like it.

    TOP 15 New Year gift ideas for girls

    On New Year's Eve, the girl can be presented with the following options for presentations:

    1. Cashmere plaid wrap made in patchwork technique. The product should be decorated in the New Year theme (Scandinavian ornaments, winter symbols and applications, the image of the symbol of the year).
    2. A smart present for the New Year celebration will be a smart camera from Canon with wi-fi support. The technique allows you to quickly transfer photos to computer equipment and process them. The device has several modes for shooting video, focusing, contrast level, it is possible to mount a small film.
    3. Decorative panel or picture. The composition can be made of dried flowers, natural rock, fabric, etc.
    4. A useful present will be a smart hair dryer, which will evenly dry curls and make a hairstyle. The device controls the temperature, provides functions to prevent overheating of the device and economical energy consumption.
    5. A set of quality terry bathrobe, towels, slippers. Products should be decorated in the New Year theme.

  • Original designer flower vase made of transparent or colored glass, ceramics, polymer compounds. The product can be decorated using scrapbooking, decoupage or painted with acrylics.
  • A set of original festive sofa cushions with prints from geometric, floral ornaments.
  • When solving the problem of giving a girl a cheap birthday, you can choose wireless headphones. The device will allow you to listen to music while walking, fitness training, travel, jogging, etc.
  • Music center decorated in retro style. It provides for the function of listening to records, there are connectors for modern reading devices.
  • Set of frames for placing family photos. Products are made in a single style in the technique of patination, artificial aging, art painting, decoupage.

  • A set of quality teas or rare varieties of coffee (Old Java, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Galapagos, Yemen Matari, etc.). The present can be supplemented with china, decorated with New Year's symbols.
  • A birthday girl who has a car, you can buy a modern model of GPS-navigator or DVR, travel bag, thermos and thermo mugs, seat covers.
  • Original ceramic candlesticks and a set of curly candles. The present can be supplemented with dried herbs (lavender, oregano, barberry, sage, etc.).
  • For home - a ceramic pot with a mini-garden of cacti, succulents.
  • New Year theme plaid with decorative pillows and a backlit rug.
  • The list of universal gift tips for knitting, gift cosmetic sets, souvenirs and sculptural groups with the symbol of the year.

    Natural Stone Beads

    Stone jewelry was very popular among women at all times, so beads made of natural stones are an excellent gift that literally has no expiration date. Properly selected beads emphasize the beauty and femininity of its owner, improve mood and even well-being. Present the girl with beautiful beads made of natural stones - and they will surely become the most favorite jewelry in her collection.

    For creativity

    Presenting gifts such as:

    • her own portrait, painted by a skilled artist,
    • subscription to attend workshops with artists,
    • certificate for acting classes,
    • materials for needlework, creativity.

    It is very useful to start asking what the young lady is dreaming of. Maybe her cherished desire is to visit some famous museum. In such cases, if you congratulate the funds, you can book a tour of the sights of "art" that are in the nearest cities.

    For the development of intelligence

    The intellectual girl will be pleased to receive the following presents:

    • collection of works of your favorite writer,
    • books stimulating personal development. Scientific works will also be useful if a girl is fond of physics, chemistry, pedagogy, constantly interested in new products in the field of inventions and nano-technologies,
    • various puzzle games. They stimulate intellectual development,
    • table-shelf in the bathroom. For those who like to relax in the foam bath in the evening and read at the same time or work on the tablet, such a present will be a great occasion to rejoice.

    For student

    A student girl can be handed items such as:

    • decorations for the room, apartment. The birthday girl will be pleased to decorate her corner, despite the fact that she lives separately from her parents, in a dormitory or in her own home,
    • case for phone. You can order an accessory for a smartphone with a personal engraving, arrange it in an unusual style,
    • collectible doll. Despite the fact that the birthday girl is already adult, she will be pleased to receive such a peculiar “hello” from childhood.

    Named organizers, beautiful and unusual folders for papers, sets of pens and pencils will also be useful. A beautifully designed personalized notebook made using the scrapbooking technique will also be a pleasant surprise.

    For health and vitality

    Great gifts to maintain health and vitality will be:

    • membership fees for a dance studio, fitness center,
    • horse ride
    • skydiving certificate,
    • sports bag
    • beach mat
    • alarm clock with LED board or running alarm clock,
    • subscription to visit the salt cave,
    • membership in the solarium.

    Some practical young ladies who are closely monitoring their health can be presented with a certificate for certain medical services in private healthcare facilities. It’s only worth remembering that such a gift can only be given to a truly close person, communication with whom will not suffer after such a gift.

    Gifts for the owner of a great sense of humor

    The holder of a great sense of humor can be presented with such presents as:

    • comic cartoon made to order from her photos,
    • a figurine made on the photo of the birthday girl,
    • Pravda gift newspaper in a frame,
    • car kit for girls (preferred for car owners),
    • a magic ball with predictions,
    • magic photo frame
    • pillows in a car with unusual funny inscriptions,
    • a mug stirring sugar itself.

    Ultra compact MP3 player

    What to give for 21 years to an active and energetic person who loves sports, parties and good music? Ultra compact MP3 player - a great gift for your girlfriend! Takes up little space and stores a lot of music. You can play sports with him, go for walks, go shopping, meet friends, do household chores and have fun! The choice of models is very large, both in design and in terms of money. So you can easily find a suitable option.

    What to give a purposeful girl?

    Purposeful girl will be pleased to receive items for her birthday, such as:

    • personalized notebook with an engraved pen
    • flash drive with engraving,
    • wallet,
    • a magnetic slate board on the refrigerator, where it can mark the goals set for the day,
    • a thermo-glass with a photo of a birthday girl,
    • a box with the name "Savings Bank",
    • family book
    • "smart watch,
    • Bluetooth headset,
    • conquering the world map
    • stand tray for laptop,
    • eBook,
    • gyro scooter.

    How to give a mood?

    Many people wonder how not just to give a gift, but to make it so that it will be remembered for the rest of your life.In such cases, it will be appropriate to give not material things, but a “mood”. Ideal options for such presentations would be a box filled with balloons, compositions made of them, a box with butterflies inside, flying around the apartment when it is opened.

    A great option would be to present movie tickets for an indoor movie show or book a table in a restaurant, invite a birthday girl to a party where all her relatives and friends will gather, however, she will not be engaged in organizing it. It will be pleasant and interesting for the girl to visit the quest-entertainment with friends.

    A wonderful gift that can cheer you up will be a pet. However, before presenting such a present, it is important to clarify with the girl whether she really wants an animal and whether she can look after it. Otherwise, the donor will have to pick up the animal and look for new owners or give it to the old ones.

    Gifts needed at home

    There are frequent cases when at the age of 21 a young lady is already a completely independent person, living separately from her parents. If she has her own housing and little time for cooking and cleaning, household appliances such as:

    • slow cooker
    • double boiler,
    • juicer,
    • coffee maker,
    • Dishwasher,
    • a washing machine (in the absence of such in the apartment),
    • “Smart” vacuum cleaner.

    In addition, interior items such as curtains, a plaid with sleeves, an unusual cover for a sofa or bed, bedding, sets of towels, kitchen napkins, made in an unusual design, will be excellent options.

    Tasty Gifts

    Do not forget that any woman, regardless of age, loves sweets. However, before presenting “sweet” gifts, it is worthwhile to clarify whether the girl is on a diet. In the case of a negative answer, you can give:

    • “Delicious” bouquet made of sweets,
    • “Sweet” gastronomic basket filled with chocolate and other goodies “from childhood”,
    • A “fruit” bouquet or basket filled with your favorite fruit.

    How to personify a present?

    In order to personify a gift, it is enough to make a personal engraving on it or to add photographs of the birthday girl, both portrait ones, and those where she is with relatives to friends, in its design. Ideal options for such presentations will be:

    • name shirts
    • plant in a jar “Name rose” or “Name daisy”,
    • personal car
    • a bathrobe with an engraving on it with an additional inscription, for example, “The Real Princess”,
    • personalized medal
    • registered power bank.

    What is better not to give?

    In order not to spoil the mood of the birthday girl on a holiday, it is better to never give such items as:

    • those that contribute to weight loss,
    • certificate for plastic surgery in a particular area,
    • acne, wrinkle remedies,
    • common souvenirs
    • epilators
    • clothes, underwear (especially if the one celebrating a birthday is not a short person),
    • “Branded” items bought on a “flea” market,
    • alcoholic drinks
    • smoking accessories
    • things are daily use.

    In any case, presenting a gift, it is worth decorating it beautifully, as well as choosing it with soul and love. First of all, a girl should feel care and attention when receiving a presentation. For this reason, you should not hand over expensive items, as they usually make you feel obligated.

    Mini coffee maker

    What gift for 21 years to choose for a girl who likes to start the morning with a cup of fresh aromatic coffee? The answer is obvious - a coffee maker! A mini coffee machine does not take up much space in the kitchen, it is simple and functional, you can take it with you on trips. Such a gift will show your concern for the person.And also, now there will be an occasion to drop in for a cup of coffee.

    Manicure set

    The beauty of the hands does not require sacrifice, but constant care. But not every girl has the time and opportunity to regularly visit the salon, so a good manicure set is an excellent gift for any woman. The gift manicure set includes all the necessary tools for daily hand care, as well as a stylish pencil case for storing and carrying them. Believe me, the girl will appreciate this gift.

    Jewelry box

    Have you ever thought about where the girl stores jewelry? Does she have a special jewelry box? If not, then it's time to fix this error. A jewelry box is no less valuable gift than jewelry itself, because with it you can carefully store your favorite jewelry. This box is a stylish and useful gift for girls and women of any age.


    Warm home slippers presented as a gift is one of the most touching ways to show your concern to a girl. Soft slippers will warm her legs, protecting her from colds and drafts. Modern home slippers for women have an attractive design and look so cute and stylish that any girl will be delighted with them.

    Large bouquet of roses

    As popular wisdom says: women remember flowers that they haven't gifted for a very long time! There are no girls who do not like to be presented with flowers as a gift. Remember - you should give them regularly and even without a reason, and only for 21 years is a must. Not sure which flowers your girlfriend likes? Then give the roses. And if it is a large bouquet of roses, then you are guaranteed success.

    Convenient cosmetic bag

    A women's cosmetic bag is not just a handbag, it is a necessary accessory that allows you to compactly store all the necessary cosmetics. A convenient cosmetic bag is useful at work and at home, on a business trip and on a vacation trip. Convenience, attractive design and spaciousness are powerful arguments in favor of making a cosmetic bag a suitable gift for your girlfriend.

    Cosmetic bag, Alessandro Birutti

    1250 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Cosmetic bag, Alessandro Birutti

    1180 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Cosmetic bag, Dimanche

    970 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Cosmetic bag, Dimanche

    1090 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Cosmetic bag, Dimanche

    1170 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Blanket with sleeves

    A new, absolutely not banal and very fashionable gift for a girl. Very often it is also called a plaid cape or plaid bathrobe. A blanket with sleeves is convenient for comfortable watching TV, reading books or working on a computer. This original gift is a great way to show your care and love for a person, and for lovers it is a great occasion to spend a romantic evening together and wrap them together.

    Beautiful bathroom set

    The bathroom is another business card of any woman. This is a place where your girlfriend can relax by taking a shower or an aromatic bath, washing off cosmetics and all the tiredness accumulated during the day. Therefore, the presence of accessories balanced in one style will give the room a finished look, which means it will make it even more comfortable. A beautiful set for a bath is a wonderful gift that will easily fit into any interior and will delight the eye of a person you love every day.

    Golden piercing

    Modern young girls are increasingly using this form of decorating their body, so why not decorate it with just a piercing, but with a beautiful precious jewelry made of noble metal with inlaid stones. Such a gift can be safely presented both for a birthday and for less significant events. Look at all the options for piercing from gold and make the girl a great present.

    Zircon Piercings

    1120 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Zircon Piercings

    5370 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Zircon Piercings

    3890 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Zircon Piercings

    2790 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Precious brooch

    For girls and women, regardless of age and status, one of the best gift options with or without a gift is a jewelry made of precious metal. A beautiful brooch is a wonderful element of the wardrobe and always finds a place on the clothes, so it is simply impossible to miss such a presentation.And the presence of a large number of options both in price and in the form of execution ensures that you will find the most suitable gift for the girl.


    12270 ₽ at almazholding.ru


    2730 ₽ at almazholding.ru


    2440 ₽ at almazholding.ru


    3250 ₽ at almazholding.ru


    19400 ₽ at almazholding.ru

    Jewelry souvenir

    Unusual souvenirs made of 925 sterling silver for good luck, prosperity and wealth - this is a good and not banal gift idea for your girlfriend for 21 years. By giving such a talisman will give its owner success and will become his pass to the world of prosperity and wealth. The souvenir is small and can be carried with you in your wallet or purse.

    Souvenir, RICH LINE

    862 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Souvenir Spoon-Rag, RICH LINE

    614 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Coin "For good luck", RICH LINE

    1498 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Souvenir, RICH LINE

    904 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Travel bag

    We all ever go somewhere. Therefore, everyone knows how much depends on a good travel bag. It should be convenient and roomy, versatile and practical in operation. A gift for 21 years in the form of a travel bag is a wonderful option for a pragmatic gift. And yet, so you can hint to the girl that it’s time to go on a vacation already.

    Erotic dress

    This is not just a gift to a girl - it is also a gift to "yourself." If you are crazy about your woman, you must give her such a dress, and, even better, several at once) We showed you just a few dresses, for example, but if you follow the links, you can see many others: teasing, frank, promising. In general, it is worth considering options in more detail.

    Beautiful silver pendant

    A very elegant and cute gift. This small silver pendant pendant will be a great accessory for your girl. Who knows, perhaps it is his splendor that will take the evil eye away from her mistress and entrust it) For a complete set, it is worth looking for the same beautiful and sophisticated chain for the pendant.

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    690 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    430 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    790 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    1890 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    1190 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Personal photo book

    A gift that is made individually and able to reliably preserve the best moments of life for a long memory. Photos selected with love and attention, which are combined and printed on high-quality photo paper with an individual design, make each photo book unique, made especially for a particular person and for a specific occasion. A great 21 year present idea for your girlfriend!

    Fitness Activity Tracker

    A cool, modern thing, but this gift requires delicate delivery. Otherwise, the girl might think that you consider him "not mobile enough." Say that this bracelet will help to get enough sleep (because it is). This should show your sincere concern and melt a person’s heart :)

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Bracelet

    1788 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Snood is another fashion accessory of a modern woman. This looped wide scarf will be to the face of any woman, regardless of age and status. Being a very elegant and versatile wardrobe item, a snud is an excellent gift for any occasion, and the affordable price and the availability of both light and warm options guarantee that you will not lose with a present.

    Snud, Siberika

    1790 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Snood, Lak Miss

    3135 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Snood, FOMAS

    990 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    A ring with a diamond

    Everyone knows that the best friends of girls are diamonds, so jewelry rings with diamonds are a classic of the genre for all time. Women's rings with diamonds can be used not only to offer hands and hearts, but also as an ordinary gift. Status and expensive jewelry is a luxurious gift that will certainly touch her heart and demonstrate your warmest feelings. Before buying, do not forget to specify which ring size suits your girlfriend.

    Ring with diamonds

    9790 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    13390 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    10890 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Wireless audio

    Just a cool thing and an exceptional 21 year old gift for your girlfriend. Turn on the music on your mobile phone - and it is transmitted through the air to the speaker and a deep sound sounds.A thousand applications - you can wallow in a bathtub with foam under the ocean lounge, you can turn on reggae in the kitchen and cook breakfast together, as well as 998 more applications :)

    Boudoir bathrobe

    Even the most modest girl can be liberated if you give her a sexy peignoir. An erotic bathrobe will allow her to feel her sexuality and femininity, instantly create a playful mood and will be a great occasion for a romantic evening with a sequel. This gift goes well with a lush bouquet of roses and a bottle of expensive champagne.


    5990 ₽ at onona.ru

    Hustler mini dress

    2447 ₽ at condom-shop.ru

    Coquette Satin Romper

    5303 ₽ at condom-shop.ru

    Kit KATE

    3690 ₽ at onona.ru

    Anais coco

    2393 ₽ at onona.ru

    Beautiful silver pendant

    A very elegant and cute gift. This small silver pendant pendant will be a great accessory for your girl. Who knows, perhaps it is his splendor that will take the evil eye away from her mistress and entrust it) For a complete set, it is worth looking for the same beautiful and sophisticated chain for the pendant.

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    690 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    430 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    790 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    1890 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Suspension, SOKOLOV

    1190 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Personal photo book

    A gift that is made individually and able to reliably preserve the best moments of life for a long memory. Photos selected with love and attention, which are combined and printed on high-quality photo paper with an individual design, make each photo book unique, made especially for a particular person and for a specific occasion. A great 21 year present idea for your girlfriend!

    Hardcover Photobook

    1600 ₽ at enjoybook.ru

    Paperback photo book

    485 ₽ at enjoybook.ru

    Instagram Photobooks

    1600 ₽ at enjoybook.ru

    Photobook Enjoybook

    1890 ₽ at enjoybook.ru

    Faux Leather Hardcover Photobook

    2800 ₽ at enjoybook.ru

    Fitness Activity Tracker

    A cool, modern thing, but this gift requires delicate delivery. Otherwise, the girl might think that you consider him "not mobile enough." Say that this bracelet will help to get enough sleep (because it is). This should show your sincere concern and melt a person’s heart :)

    Rover RoverMate Fin 01 Carbon Smart Bracelet

    1988 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Smart Bracelet Meizu H1 Band Black

    2078 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Smart bracelet ONETRAK Sport

    2988 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Bracelet

    1788 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Snood is another fashion accessory of a modern woman. This looped wide scarf will be to the face of any woman, regardless of age and status. Being a very elegant and versatile wardrobe item, a snud is an excellent gift for any occasion, and the affordable price and the availability of both light and warm options guarantee that you will not lose with a present.

    Snud, Siberika

    1790 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Snood, Lak Miss

    3135 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Snood, FOMAS

    990 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Snud, Siberika

    1790 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    Snud, Siberika

    1790 ₽ at wildberries.ru

    A ring with a diamond

    Everyone knows that the best friends of girls are diamonds, so jewelry rings with diamonds are a classic of the genre for all time. Women's rings with diamonds can be used not only to offer hands and hearts, but also as an ordinary gift. Status and expensive jewelry is a luxurious gift that will certainly touch her heart and demonstrate your warmest feelings. Before buying, do not forget to specify which ring size suits your girlfriend.

    A ring with a diamond

    6890 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    9790 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    13390 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    10890 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    A ring with a diamond

    9590 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    8190 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    A ring with a diamond

    7590 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    7490 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Ring with diamonds

    7590 ₽ at liniilubvi.ru

    Wireless audio

    Just a cool thing and an exceptional 21 year old gift for your girlfriend. Turn on the music on your mobile phone - and it is transmitted through the air to the speaker and a deep sound sounds. A thousand applications - you can wallow in a bathtub with foam under the ocean lounge, you can turn on reggae in the kitchen and cook breakfast together, as well as 998 more applications :)

    Harper PS-045 Orange

    1570 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Supra BTS-877

    1850 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Sven PS-170BL SV-014612 Black

    1370 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Microlab T5 20W RMS Bluetooth Silver

    3699 ₽ at pleer.ru

    MDI FY34

    2998 ₽ at pleer.ru

    JBL Charge 3 Red

    7475 ₽ at pleer.ru

    Boudoir bathrobe

    Even the most modest girl can be liberated if you give her a sexy peignoir.An erotic bathrobe will allow her to feel her sexuality and femininity, instantly create a playful mood and will be a great occasion for a romantic evening with a sequel. This gift goes well with a lush bouquet of roses and a bottle of expensive champagne.


    4990 ₽ at intimshop.ru

    Romantic trip

    What to give a person for 21 years, if it means a little more to you than the whole world? Give her a piece of this world! Do not be commonplace, make this luxurious gift. A romantic trip will win the girl’s heart forever. New impressions, vivid emotions, hot days, languid nights and the most secret moments of this wonderful trip that you will never forget. By opening a part of the world, you will open the door to her heart.

    Study backpack

    A bright, comfortable and stylish women's backpack is what a modern student girl needs. The internal departments of the backpack for study contain everything you need: notebooks and manuals, stationery and gadgets, cosmetics and other little things. A correctly selected backpack will become not just a stylish gift and a fashion accessory - thanks to the correct distribution of loads on the back and shoulders, it will help preserve the beauty and posture of your girl.


    A wonderful gift that will decorate the wardrobe of any modern woman. Once used to stole warmth in the cold, today it plays the role of a fashion accessory and serves as an exquisite decoration for the evening outfit. Each time putting it on, the girl will warmly recall the person who presented her with such an elegant gift. Before buying, do not forget to look at her wardrobe and you will understand what color of the tippet is best to give.


    The medallion is an incredibly romantic and memorable gift for your girlfriend. As before, today it is customary to store photographs of loved ones in medallions. This decoration is a symbol of love and is designed to keep the intrigue in the form of a secret inside it. This stylish and far from commonplace accessory will be a wonderful gift for 21 years and a reminder of your feelings for a long time.

    Apple iPad

    Another cutting edge gadget. An “apple” tablet is the embodiment of convenience, style and quality. What is not the "best gift"? Absolutely irreplaceable thing for a modern person, which helps to be in the trend of the latest trends in our changing world. Facilitation of life and additional comfort - this is what you will give to your girlfriend for 21 years with your Apple tablet.

    Top smartphone

    Every modern person wants a top-end smartphone of a famous brand. Even if she says that she doesn’t want to, don’t believe how she wants. The flagship smartphone from the “apple” or South Korean company is not just a fashionable gadget, it is a pass into the world of top-end applications and cool selfies. He will make her life easier - entertaining her and helping her with business. Yes, some other phone may be better and more productive, but there is a brand - and that’s it. Therefore, such a gift for 21 years will make you a real hero in the eyes of the girl.

    Pearl bracelet

    A pearl bracelet is an exquisite gift for your girl, and giving jewelry with pearls was considered a good form at all times. With it, you definitely can not worry about the relevance of your presentation - pearl bracelets have not gone out of fashion for a couple of thousand years, and in the near future something is unlikely to change. Very romantic and very convenient, especially when you consider that it is simply impossible to miscalculate with the size of such an ornament.

    Pendant "Angel"

    Another interesting version of the gold pendant in the form of an angel. Not big, but very elegant. The elegant Angel pendant, decorated with a scattering of sparkling stones, is suitable for everyday wear and for solemn moments. A sweet and non-binding gift, which is appropriate to give with or without. Do not forget to pack it in a beautiful box. To complete the gift, you can give it together with a thin gold chain.

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