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A few ideas for original gifts or what to give a girl 14 years old for her birthday?

A girl aged 13-15 turns from a child into a beautiful lady. Her appearance, preferences and views are changing. You must carefully choose a birthday present for a teenage girl. Give preference to practical, useful, original gifts. Impressive gifts are especially appreciated. Well, if in doubt, it is better to ask the hero of the occasion what she would like to receive for the present. We will name the TOP-70 of the most interesting and desired gifts for girls 13, 14 or 15 years old.

1.Modern gadget

Perhaps right now it is time to update the daughter’s old phone and buy her a modern smartphone or iPhone for her birthday. It is worth asking which model she likes best to please with the purchase.

2. Fashionable and stylish clothes

A young lady at the age of 13-15 shows a special interest in fashionable things - buy her branded jeans, a beautiful dress, an elegant blouse or sweater. Have a joint shopping trip to a clothing and shoe store. Although the gift will not come as a surprise, the birthday girl will choose what she likes.

3. Decoration

Gold or silver chains, bracelets, ringlets, earrings, pendants in the shape of the zodiac sign, jewelry of various kinds in the youth style - there is a wide selection of such products on the market. Please note that jewelry should be delicate and sophisticated.

4. Decorative cosmetics

She can give a girlfriend or mom of the birthday girl. A set of shadows, lipstick or lip gloss, mascara, nail polish - all this is useful to a young lady. You can give a gift certificate to a cosmetics store.

5. Perfume

Choose a perfume for a teenage girl with a light, delicate and fresh aroma. Perfumes should not be childish and with a very pungent odor. They will not suit a young lady.

6. Cosmetics for comprehensive care

Present gel or foam for washing, shower gel, body scrub, fragrant bath foam, hair products - shampoos, balms, masks. They will not be superfluous.

7.Wrist Watch

For a girl of 13-15 years, they will become not only a means of determining the time, but also a stylish accessory that complements the outfit. You should consider the tastes of the birthday girl so that she likes the thing.

8. Bag and wallet

Choose accessories that are necessary for a young fashionista: a stylish clutch bag, a cross-body bag or a youth backpack. Such models will find a place in the wardrobe of the girl. The wallet will complement the present.

9. Computer or laptop

If the birthday girl needs them, the birthday will be an excellent occasion to buy such electronic equipment. A modern high school and high school student cannot do without her.

10. Printer or scanner

This is a necessary practical gift, which will be useful in studies, will help in the implementation of the school curriculum.

11. Laptop accessories

A wireless mouse, a bright unusual mat, a figured flash drive, a functional keyboard - such accessories will create convenience and comfort while working with “smart” technology.

12. Computer speakers

Original, unusual speakers for a laptop, phone or computer will cheer you up with your design look and allow you to enjoy your birthday with your favorite music.

13. Wireless headphones

On the road or at home, the girl will listen to music, films or audio books without any problems. Positive emotions will cause a device in a glamorous "girlish" style.

14. Music player

An interesting gift for a young person if she cannot live a single day without her favorite music. This stylish gadget will be appreciated by any 13-15 year old girl.

15. The camera

If your daughter is interested in photography, she likes to take unusual subject pictures, she is engaged in a mug or special courses, buy her a camera.

16.Toy pillow

A soft gift will appeal to a birthday girl, this is a purely female accessory. A pillow in the form of a beloved animal - a cat, a puppy, a teddy bear guarantees a positive mood and smile.

17. Collectibles

If the girl is fond of collecting, then making a gift is easy. The main thing is to know what items are already in her collection, so as not to be repeated. Among the things demanded are angels, porcelain dolls, figurines.

18. Casket for jewelry and jewelry

Stylish, beautiful-looking, original box is a wonderful gift for a lover of jewelry. She will become a decorative element in the girl’s room.

19. A set of tools for manicure

With it, the girl will look after her nails at home. Her pens will always be neat and well-groomed. Opt for quality tools.

20.Hair styling iron

As a gift you can buy an iron or electric tongs. Such a thing is suitable for a young lady who pays a lot of attention to her appearance, likes to change her image, experiment and create hairstyles.

21. Hair dryer

Such an adaptation is necessary for almost all girls. A hair dryer will help to quickly dry and style your hair, which is important for a schoolgirl, who always has little time.

22. Hairpins

Original, unusual and stylish hairpins in the form of a crab, comb, banana are simply necessary for the birthday girl if she has long hair. You can buy a hoop, a set of hairpins or elastic bands for hair.

23. Soft toy

Although the girl has already grown from childhood, she still loves soft toys. Especially if she is dreamy and romantic. Give preference to realistic animals - bears, cats, puppies.

24. Sports simulator

A cheerful, active, athletic teenage girl will be such a gift in joy. An exercise bike or home treadmill will help her keep fit.

25. Bicycle

Many girls aged 13, 14 and 15 years with pleasure ride a bike, love sports. If your daughter treats them and dreams of such a gift, buy her a birthday.

26. Hoverboard or skateboard

Fashionable youth vehicles are used for outdoor activities, fun walks with friends. This will distract the birthday girl from sitting at the computer, aim at a healthy lifestyle.

27. Roller or figure skates

They will certainly suit a moving teenager. The girl will ride roller skates along the paths of the park, in winter she will go to the rink with her friends, capturing skates for figure skating.

28. Sports equipment

Buy a rope with a count of jumps, a set for playing badminton, dumbbells for fitness, a hoop for classes, a dance mat, a hat for the pool. The choice depends on the passion of the girl.

29. Bathrobe or pajamas

From the grandmother, the granddaughter will accept such a gift with pleasure, as well as a thing made by herself - an embroidered blouse, a knitted scarf or a fashionable blouse.

30. A soft rug near the bed

A girl with a soft, delicate pile will like it, especially if it is decorated with an interesting pattern. The mat is sure to find a place in the girl's room.

31. Bedding

Choose a set with a beautiful, bright, youth print. You can stay on bedding with a 3D pattern. Add a bath towel to the kit.

32. Table lamp (lamp)

Functional lamp, which is also an alarm clock, clock and radio will surprise the birthday girl. She will like a table lamp in the form of a night sky projector or a 3D lamp.

33.Interesting book

A girl who loves to read will be delighted with such a present. This can be a work from a romantic or adventure series, a book of a fantasy or detective genre, literature on caring for your body and face.

34. Diary

Many young ladies write down their thoughts and feelings in special notebooks, notebooks.The daily book will become a personal diary for the birthday girl, to whom she will entrust her girlish secrets.

35. Set for creativity

The needlewoman, who gladly makes crafts from beads, embroiders with a cross or stitch, buy blanks for embroidery or a set for beadwork.

36. Set for a young artist

A set of professional paints and brushes, picture frames, other materials and tools for artists will delight a creative girl.

37. Cooking appliances

For girls with culinary abilities, special kitchen helpers are suitable for a gift. The birthday girl will be pleased with the new mixer, toaster, juicer, ice cream maker or other modern appliance.

38. Original office

Girlfriends can give a birthday girl funny pens, bright notebooks and notebooks, unusual pencils, and other items for school.

39.Photoshoot as a gift

It is especially necessary if the girl needs to raise self-esteem, make her more confident in herself. A professional photographer will help the young birthday girl feel attractive, look at herself with different eyes.

40. Home dance course

If a daughter wants to learn to dance, but does not want to attend classes, order her a suitable dance course. She will turn on the training disc, and will be happy to study at home.

41. Stylish microphone

For a girl who has a talent for singing, loves karaoke, buy a modern wired microphone or radio microphone.

42. Bank card with money

Such gifts are often given by parents to adolescents. The girl will learn to manage a certain amount of money at her discretion, perhaps she will begin to save up finance for the future.

43. Beautiful bouquet of flowers

It can be roses or other flowers of light shades - pink, white, tea. They emphasize the youth and charm of the birthday girl. Present flowers in a basket, in a hat box, in the form of a heart or a toy.

44. Potted flower

Choose a flowering plant with delicate, unblown flowers: give violet, cyclamen, room rose. A flower in a pot is suitable for those girls who like to care for them.

45. A bouquet of soft toys and sweets

An original, bright gift to a girl from a classmate or friend, from an older brother or father.

46. ​​Mug and saucer

Utensils with photo printing will become a favorite for the birthday girl. The main thing is to choose a print with taste so that it appeals to the hero of the occasion.

47. T-shirt with a funny inscription

When choosing a present for an adult child, make the right accent. The thing is to amuse the girl and please her.

48. Umbrella

For a young birthday girl, a product with an original drawing in a youth style is suitable. A high-quality, durable umbrella from a well-known brand is a good gift.

49. Beautifulswimsuit

If the girl’s birthday is in summer, give her a trendy modern swimsuit and a matching pareo. You can choose a swimsuit along with a birthday girl so that it definitely suits her.

50. Brand sunglasses from the sun

Choose a safe, lightweight, stylish, and convenient accessory. It is better to choose sunglasses from a trusted manufacturer.

51. Portrait

The artist’s portrait of the birthday girl is a worthy present for her birthday. This will delight her, give a lot of positive emotions.

52. Artistic painting

If the girl is a connoisseur of art, she loves to decorate her interior with such things, then she will like the gift. You should choose the appropriate genre of the picture and the style of its design.

53. Pet

A live gift can be a kitten, puppy, fish, hamster or parrot. Such a gift is suitable for those girls who themselves took the initiative and asked for it.

54. Slide movie

The film will be dedicated to the girl’s birthday, the most interesting moments in her life - at school and at leisure, during needlework.

55. Board games

They can be played with interest with friends or family.For girls, they choose board games such as Monopoly, Jenga, Activity, Odyssey Disc, and many others.

56. Puzzle

There are many interesting puzzle games for girls 13-15 years old. The choice should be made according to the interests and preferences of the birthday girl.

57. Balloons

They are loved not only by children, but also by teenage girls - romantic natures. Decorate with balloons the room where the birthday celebration will take place.

58. Antistress toy

She will cheer up, relieve feeling sick, cause a smile on the girl's face. Such toys are popular among young people. There are many options for toys, their choice in the market is quite wide.

59.Birthday cake

Order the confectionery product to the culinary masters or bake it yourself. It can be a huge round cake or a figured dessert in the shape of some kind of animal. Prepare the appropriate number of candles.

60. Gift certificate to the water park

The birthday girl will go to the entertainment complex with friends or the whole family. She will receive a sea of ​​positive emotions.

61. Movie tickets

You need to know the tastes of the girl in order to please her. It is better to give 2 tickets, the birthday girl herself will choose with whom to go to the session.

62. Karting workshop

This type of entertainment is interesting for teenagers. A mobile and active girl will like such a gift, she will learn to ride a race car, she will have a real drive.

63. Family trip

Book a vacation in a country where the girl has not been. She will be happy to travel with her parents around the world, have a good time.

64. Concert ticket

If you buy your daughter tickets for the concert of her idol - a singer, musician or group, she will be in seventh heaven.

65. Subscription to the sports hall

Perhaps the young lady wants to take a self-defense course, try a new modern direction in dancing, do yoga or fitness. If she has such a desire, give her the appropriate subscription.

66. Ballooning

Order a certificate for a balloon flight. It is romantic, fun and, most importantly, safe. The birthday girl will remember the air trip on her birthday for a long time.

67. Quest trip

Any girl of 13, 14, 15 years old will appreciate such a present, especially if she is presented with the quest with friends on her birthday.

68. Workshop taking into account the hobby of the birthday girl

The lessons of dancing, drawing, embroidery from professional masters will appeal to creative girls, but the lessons of cooking confectionery or delicious dishes to practical hostesses.

69. Horseback riding

Book a horse ride for a little lady in advance. She will get riding skills with a trainer, talk with cute animals, take a break from everyday life.

70. Organization of the holiday in honor of name day

Make your daughter a surprise - organize a birthday party for her in a cafe or restaurant with cheerful presenters, an unforgettable script and pleasant congratulations from relatives and friends.

What to give a girl on her 14th birthday?

By the age of 14, many girls already have a boyfriend. Usually young people are a couple of years older than their girlfriends or peers. As a rule, a young lover is limited in finances.

What to give a girl 14 years old for her birthday if you are her boyfriend:

joint photo - for example, the image of a loving couple on canvas, T-shirts, mugs, an umbrella.

You can give a frame in the form of hearts by already inserting the best photos into it,

  • tickets for two - it can be a joint trip to a concert of a girl’s favorite group, a visit to an opera, ballet or conservatory (depending on the preferences of the birthday girl),
  • unusual bouquet - it’s not necessary to buy fresh flowers; today bouquets of toys and sweets are sold. You can surprise your girlfriend by ordering a unique bouquet of fruits and vegetables,

  • soft toy - a teddy bear, a bunny or a cat will be liked by her beloved (she is still a little girl at heart)
  • romantic dinner in a nice cafe - here you can go even further and arrange a dinner on the roof under a night starry sky (but do not forget about the safety rules),
  • personalized sweets - chocolate, sweets, cookies.

    A young man can order an unusual cake. Now the confectioners bake real works of art, the beloved will be able to think through the design of the cake to the smallest detail,

    a pet - the girl has long dreamed of a Pekingese or Siamese cat?

    Or maybe she wants to have fish or a newt? Give her a sweet pet.

    But in this case, it is better to consult with the girl’s parents first. Will they be against the new tenant, will anyone be allergic to pets, joint journey - Of course, no one talks about a trip abroad or to a resort town.

    You can think through a unique program and take a regular bus to a neighboring town, take a walk along its streets and surroundings, eat ice cream and drink coffee in a small cafe. Any city, even the most provincial, can turn into an unusual and romantic, if you think about the route correctly. Besides, nobody will definitely make such a gift to a girl,

  • joint passage of an interesting quest,
  • accessory in a romantic style - a heart-shaped box or wallet, mittens for two, a key holder, a business card holder.
  • With the question of what to give a girl a birthday for 14 years from a guy, they figured out. Further, what to give the girl on her 14th birthday to her parents.

    TOP 48 ideas for a Girl 14 years old

    1. A teddy bear or other animal - many girls at age 14 still like soft toys.
    2. Manicure or pedicure set with varnishes, nail decorations and a drying machine.
    3. Stylish hiking or city backpack, laptop bag.
    4. Xbox or PlayStation - some girls, along with boys, are interested in video games.
    5. Diary for secrets with a secure lock.
    6. Board game - "Monopoly", "Evolution", "Ekivoki", "Mafia", "Imaginarium" or others.
    7. Silver or gold jewelry - a beautiful pendant, pendant, ring, earrings or bracelet for a daughter for 14 years.
    8. Encyclopedia for girls - a book about fashionable clothes, relationships or a collection that is dedicated to the hobby of the birthday girl.
    9. Items for decorating the room are pillows with a fashionable original pillowcase, a soft bedside mat.
    10. External battery for charging gadgets.
    11. Music Box.
    12. MP3 player complete with wireless headphones.
    13. An electronic book with the favorite works of the birthday girl loaded into it.
    14. Mountain bike or model for walking in the city.
    15. The gyro scooter is a modern electric vehicle in the city.
    16. A large puzzle from which the portrait of the birthday girl or a beautiful landscape is assembled.
    17. Stylish umbrella with an original print.
    18. Perfume or toilet water.
    19. Kigurumi - funny pajamas in the form of a rabbit, cat, giraffe or panda.
    20. 3D case for smartphone, tablet or other gadget.
    21. Portable speaker system or high-quality music speakers.
    22. Monopod is a tripod for beautiful pictures on a mobile phone, including group selfies.
    23. Soft fur plaid with sleeves or bedding with the image of the girl’s favorite hero.
    24. Scratch world map or backlit globe for a young traveler.
    25. A set of decorative cosmetics - foundation, mascara, lip gloss, palette of shadows.
    26. A beautiful cosmetic bag complete with a comb and a mirror.
    27. An original thermocup with a lid is an inexpensive gift for a girl for 14 years.
    28. Stylish silk scarf or shawl.
    29. Aroma lamp complete with essential oils or a set of decorative candles.
    30. Dressing table with a large mirror in the girl's room.
    31. Hair care technology - hair dryer, hair straightener, electric curlers, curling irons or styler.
    32. Set for creativity - a picture for embroidery, sets for sewing toys at home, a set of beads.
    33. An original accessory for a computer or laptop is a mouse and a mat for it, a luminous keyboard or stand.
    34. Gloves designed to work with the touch screen.
    35. Protection roller skates.
    36. A set of jewelry - bracelets, rings, pendants, handmade hairpins of the original form. Can be given as a niece for 14 years.
    37. A beautiful jewelry storage box.
    38. Antistress toy filled with soft and pleasant to the touch material.
    39. Designer sunglasses.
    40. A beautiful youth key keeper or “smart” keychain that responds to the owner’s signal, thus helping to find a keychain.
    41. An item in the girl’s collection - it can be a porcelain elephant, a plush crocodile, a coin or a postcard.
    42. Virtual Reality Glasses.
    43. A smart watch or a fitness bracelet that measures your heart rate and counts the number of steps.
    44. Light tablet for drawing or a magnetic board for notes (complete with special markers).
    45. Cookies with predictions - the idea of ​​giving a girl 14 years of age cheap on the DR.
    46. Puzzle - a set of different Rubik's cubes, perplexus ball.
    47. 3D pen with which you can draw voluminous "paintings".
    48. An inflatable sofa or soft padded stool in the room of the girl.

    Gadgets and devices

    Modern teenagers can not imagine life without sophisticated devices and gadgets. Such things confirm their status among peers, it just so happened. We picked up a dozen ideas on this topic. But when choosing, keep in mind that the gift should be in demand, and not just a matter of pride.

    1. The tablet. This is a normal "toy" in the spirit of modernity. He is needed not only for entertainment, he is also an excellent assistant for study. It's time to buy it as a gift to a girl. A laptop. The most convenient device to use - in terms of screen width, stability on the table and ease of typing. It is he who is indispensable in study - to write essays, reports, essays. Yes, and for creativity, the laptop is very convenient. Selfie stick. If a girl often travels with her parents, likes to go to concerts and she has many friends with whom she actively spends time, then of course she needs such a telescopic monopod for a smartphone. Let him take life in photos and videos, where she is the main character. Headphones. The eternal debate about musical tastes between parents and adolescents can be resolved using headphones. Let the girl listen to her beloved pop music or rock and at least for all power only individually, “sparing the ears” of adults. Yes, and for study, headphones are also needed if the girl is pure audio, and it is easier for her to learn material through sound speech. Game console. Not only boys like to "cut themselves" into games, teenage girls are also close in spirit. Moreover, they are also interested in extreme sports in the form of a simulator - to drive a car or sit at the helm of an airplane. Therefore, such accessories as a steering wheel, pedals and a joystick should also be bought as a gift.

    Age features

    14 years - adolescence with all the ensuing consequences. And in each case, the puberty period proceeds with individual characteristics. But almost all girls at this age tend to sharply, sometimes rapidly changing their own views, beliefs, hobbies. The young lady begins to pay more attention to her appearance, she wants to like the representatives of the opposite sex and this is a perfectly normal situation. So the girl grows psychologically, turns into a girl.

    Girls at this age are easily offended, they can be insulted even with a carelessly thrown word, a look and an inappropriate gift too. They are dubious, critical of their own appearance and at the same time - great romantics in the soul, dreamers and dreamers.

    All this must be taken into account when choosing a gift for a young person of 14 years old.

    It should also be remembered that the girl is still looking for herself, every day she mentally tries on herself different images, professions, life paths, beliefs - She has not yet formed her own. But she may have very specific wishes, for example, often at this age girls dream of a large tattoo in their entire arm or back, pink hair color, like an anime heroine. therefore it’s worth asking the teenager’s opinion about a possible gift, but you don’t need to rush to fulfill all the wishes of a fourteen-year-old beauty.

    When choosing a gift from adults, some prudence is required, but you should not give the child what you like and obviously do not like the hero of the occasion. Look for compromise options.

    For a young person at a specified age, it does not really matter from whom she will receive the desired gift, since ideas about what is decent and what is not have not yet settled in a beautiful young head. The donor himself has to take this factor into account.

    Give a girl such a present which will exactly match the degree of closeness of your relationship. A strange gift will be beautiful panties from a distant relative, who last saw the girl for the last time, but the same panties as a gift from her mother will be quite appropriate and pleasant for the girl.

    Escaping with an on-duty book with fashionable tips for teens or a soft toy is the destiny of the weak and indifferent. If the hero of the occasion is dear to you, approach the choice of a gift for her based on her character, interests, hobbies, wishes, but taking into account the principles of rationality and decency.

    And before you start choosing, check out the list of what exactly you don’t need to give.

    • Slippers, pajamas, bathrobes - we are talking about the most ordinary products of this kind, but today kigurumi costumes that teenage girls use both as home clothes and as warm winter pajamas can be quite appropriate if the girl dreams of such an image.
    • Any presents who are called in one way or another to correct the flaws in the appearance of the young person (girls at the age of 14 are already painful about their flaws). Therefore, the book on how to lose weight in three days, how to turn from an ugly duckling into a swan in a week, as well as cosmetics kits for acne control will only offend the girl. An exception is anti-acne cosmetics and care products presented, for example, by mom or grandmother.
    • Gifts designed to correct the character and inclinations of the child. We are talking about encyclopedic and scientific publications that some parents present to their children who do not want to study well in the hope that books, stationery and other attributes of excellent students “will make a real person out of a daughter”. They will not, but only cause bewilderment and grief.

    The exception is cases when a girl is really interested in science and wants to receive just a guide or an encyclopedia as a gift.

    TOP 40 gifts for teenage girls

    There are many gift options for girls. The main task of the donor is to find a suitable one, one that will please the birthday girl and will become a vivid memory of this holiday. To begin with, it is worth listing the most popular successful gift ideas:

  • Family trip.
  • EBook.

    Bag or wallet.

    Bright stylish microphone for singing in karaoke.

  • Fashionable cozy pajamas.
  • Perfumery.
  • Casket for storing jewelry.

    Based on this list, you can come up with dozens of ideas that you can give a girl 14 years old.

    TOP 48 ideas that a girl can give for 14 years

    The success of the gift is largely determined by the degree of intimacy with the girl. But there are many universal gifts that will surely please the young birthday girl.

    1. A smartphone is a compact device that combines the functions of a mobile phone and a computer.
    2. The tablet.
    3. A fitness tracker disguised as jewelry is a great gift for an athlete.
    4. Polaroid for a lover of photographs.
    5. Portable battery.
    6. Wireless headphones.
    7. Portable speaker.
    8. EBook.
    9. Xbox or PlayStation (yes, and there are video game lovers among girls).
    10. Traveling with the whole family.
    11. Fashionable jeans.
    12. A set of cosmetics (but without a hint of imperfection).
    13. Jewelry: earrings, chain, pendant or bracelet.
    14. Hair jewelry: elastic bands, hair clips, headbands and more.
    15. Accessories for equipment: case for a phone or tablet, bag or backpack for a laptop.
    16. Bag or stylish backpack.
    17. Wallet.
    18. Ticket for a concert of your favorite band.
    19. A soft toy, such as a large teddy bear.
    20. Subscription to the music service.
    21. Participation in the quest.
    22. A flash drive with a gift design in the form of a cat's paw, roses, heart.
    23. Board game "Mafia", "Monopoly", "Evolution" or others.
    24. Bouquet of favorite sweets.
    25. Stuffed toys bouquet.
    26. An interesting book of your favorite genre or a book about fashionable clothes, relationships, or about the hobby of the birthday girl.
    27. Manicure set with nail polishes and decorations.
    28. Devices for styling hair.
    29. T-shirt or mug with photo printing.
    30. Painting by numbers.
    31. Casket for jewelry.
    32. Table lamp or night lamp.
    33. Pajamas with an interesting print or kigurumi - pajamas in the form of any animals.
    34. Perfumery.
    35. Handmade cake.
    36. Handmade registered postcard.
    37. A pet.
    38. Interior items - decorative pillows, bedside rug.
    39. Antistress toy.
    40. MP3 player.
    41. Bicycle: mountain or for walking along the streets of your hometown.
    42. The thermomug of an original form.
    43. Virtual Reality Glasses.
    44. An item in a collection of a girl.
    45. An umbrella with an interesting print.
    46. Gyro scooter.
    47. Fur plaid with sleeves.
    48. Roller skates + protection.

    Gift from parents

    Dad and mom best know their daughter, her interests and hobbies.

    What to give a 14 year old girl a birthday if you are her parents:

    Subscriptions and Gift Vouchers. Such gifts will bring the girl a lot of pleasant emotions.

    As a subscription, you can choose a visit to the gym, pool, yoga, dance or several classes at the climbing wall.

    It all depends on the addictions of the girl. If the birthday girl wants to learn something new: whether it is baking cakes, the basics of creating computer games or manicure, then you can give her a training in her favorite courses.

    Gift certificates are convenient because the birthday girl herself can pick up a gift for herself, besides they are sold in all major supermarkets. Parents set the direction, but did not impose anything.

    You can opt for a certificate of a cosmetics store, branded clothing or shoes, books or equipment. Separately, it is worth mentioning the visit to the CPA and beauty salons. If for an adult woman going to these places is a natural procedure, then for a teenager visiting these places will be new.

    Appliances and Gadgets.

    Girls, unlike boys, are not such passionate fans of electronic novelties. But some technical devices and gadgets will win their heart. For small household appliances include a hairdryer, styler, curling iron and other devices for hair care.

    Girls will be delighted with the epilator (because they are already taking care of themselves, and the problem of excess hair on the body is especially acute). The choice of electronic equipment depends on the preferences of the girl. As a gift, you can pick up a phone, tablet, player, camera, netbook or e-book.

    The market represents a wide range of gadgets and accessories for them. Parents will be able to choose a gift based on financial capabilities.

    Step to Glory.

    Many girls dream of becoming famous actresses, singers, models and conquer the world.

    Parents can give their daughter one of the most unusual gifts:

    • recording a song in a real studio,
    • some vocal lessons with a master,
    • acting classes or model school,
    • photo session with a famous photographer.

    Although the girl will not become a world celebrity, she will be provided with a lot of pleasant emotions.

    Sports and tourist equipment.

    Does the birthday girl monitor her appearance, loves sports and leads an active lifestyle?

    Then the girl can be presented with sporting goods: roller skates, mini-simulators, a stylish tracksuit, skis, a bicycle.

    Lovers of hiking will be delighted with a backpack, tent, sleeping bag and other travel accessories. Jewelry.

    Perhaps this is the most versatile and enjoyable gift.

    Attention! It’s not necessary to give expensive gold jewelry. An exquisite ring or a thin bracelet on her hand will surely appeal to a girl. You can opt for silver jewelry or quality designer jewelry.

    Original birthday gifts for teenage girls

    At 14, the girl wants to be different from her peers. Original and unusual gifts will help in this.

    Think about buying the following items if you want to give something special:

    Unusual lamp. At fourteen, girls pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the interior of their favorite room. Present the birthday girl a beautiful and original lamp in the form of the moon, the Earth or another planet, a rotating night lamp or a projector of the starry sky. It can also be a designer desk lamp that will help the girl while studying.

    A device for making cotton candy. An original gift for a daughter, granddaughter or niece for 14 years. If the birthday girl does not like cotton candy, you can buy an apparatus for making popcorn or ice cream. Such things are easy to use, they do not require special knowledge or dexterity - you can make a delicious dish with them at home.

    Instant print camera. Teenagers are actively exploring the world, they like to photograph beautiful things, places, as well as themselves and their friends. Support the girl’s hobby and give her a fashionable little thing - an unusual camera that prints pictures immediately after pressing the button. Over the years, the girl will be able to find photographs and remember joyful days.

    Other ideas of original and unusual gifts for a girl for 14 years:

    1. Set for self-cultivation of a flower or other plant.
    2. A set of flip art with which the girl can make a beautiful portrait on her own.
    3. Interactive piggy bank in the form of an ATM or safe.
    4. A set of unfading candles.
    5. Soft toy warmer in bed.
    6. Gel ant farm.
    7. An interactive ball of magical predictions.
    8. An alarm clock is a target or a “smart” model that wakes you up with your favorite melody with a gradually increasing sound.
    9. Home planetarium.
    10. Luminous shoelaces are an inexpensive gift for a 14-year-old girl.

    Beauty and personal care products

    At the age of fourteen, the girl begins to be strictly feminine in her appearance, because the attitude of the opposite sex is at stake. The next dozen birthday gifts are dedicated to this topic.

    1. Fashion clothes. First determine your favorite birthday girl style, because teenagers are very demanding and capricious in clothes. Who is she - a romantic person who loves dresses and bows, or sports style is close to her. Well, the Internet will tell you what is now in trend with girls of this age. Shower gels and shampoos. Body cleanliness in adolescence should be above all, especially for girls! Perfume and hygiene products can be taken as a gift already as for adult girls. Give sets of famous brands - this will delight a young lady. Hair ornaments. For an ideal hairstyle, accessories are also needed - headbands, hair clips, ribbons, hairpins, invisibility, elastic bands. They should no longer look childish, like a first grader. Jewelry for a teenage girl should be a little more modest, without a pretentious pathos of splendor. A bag or backpack. If this is a bag (for example, for study or going to the gym), then it should be large, roomy and always with a strap for wearing over your shoulder.Now young people often prefer to wear backpacks - they look stylish, and it’s more convenient to wear them. Manicure set. It’s not good for a girl to use her mother’s things - this is unhygienic. It's time for her to give her personal set for manicure and pedicure. But not only tweezers and nail files are needed, it is best to supplement the main gift with nail polishes of gentle pastel colors. What should a fourteen-year-old girl have in a casket? Of course, bright accessories - beads, bracelets, brooches, earrings - and all this can be jewelry of the author's work, exclusive, not like everyone else. Let the girl learn to choose jewelry for her clothing style.

    Top Useful Gifts

    In thinking about a gift for a young fourteen-year-old person who is someone you, for example, daughter, girlfriend, sister, you can go into such impassable wilds that it will be difficult to figure out what a teenager needs and what you want to present to him. The gift should be pleasant, desirable and in demand, useful specifically for the girl. We present some of the most common choices for fourteen (birthday), New Year and Women's Day for persons of a specified age.

    • Gadgets. Gifts that fall into this category are considered the most desirable among teenagers. If you specify the names, then most often teenage girls want to get a new smartphone, tablet computer, laptop or netbook, e-book, smart watches with a built-in calorie counter, steps, as well as the ability to access the Internet and send messages. Whatever the attitude of the older generation to gadgets in the family, this is a win-win gift option. In addition, the benefits of gadgets with moderate use cannot be denied: they can store and use electronic textbooks, programs for preparing for exams.
    • Accessories for gadgets. It is quite appropriate to accept such gifts from friends and classmates, especially since they are not so expensive and you can find quite budgetary and affordable options for any occasion. Such presentations include a selfie stick, a fashionable case for a phone or tablet, a stand for gadgets, headphones (wireless devices are especially popular today).
    • Cash. A great gift option if by the day of the celebration there wasn’t a single idea worth presenting or the girl is not a close relative to you. Girls at this age are very fond of buying something themselves, they usually save for something, and the donated money will be very useful to them. It is only important to understand that slipping a folded bill into the fist with the birthday girl or the culprit of another celebration with words of congratulation is a bad form. Present a safe deposit box with the first installment in it, either put the bills in a beautiful envelope or make a bouquet out of them, inflate a balloon, inside of which I will lay the bills presented neatly folded and tied with thin ribbons.
    • Interior things - Oddly enough, but girls at 14 years old, and women at 50 years old love things to decorate the interior. Especially by the way you will have a gift if the girl has her own separate room. You can present it by first asking what style the room is furnished with, a stylish suitable table lamp, separate comfortable sofa cushions, a fluffy and soft plaid, high-quality large posters with the image of her favorite artist, musician, athlete. For any interior, a stylish and useful night lamp is suitable, which projects a starry sky on the walls and ceiling, as well as an unusual alarm clock, which, for example, needs to be caught or shot from a laser pistol so that it shuts up at the appointed time.
    • Toys - the girl grew up and Winx dolls will not suit her anymore, although they used to cause wild delight. Now the toys should be completely different.Usually at 14 years old girls really appreciate antistress toys, for example, a soft toy-heating pad in bed, a spinner, an interactive ball of magic predictions, a ball-perplexus, and other puzzles. At leisure, many girls with great pleasure collect puzzles and this is not unusual. Among board games, give preference to “Mafia” and “Monopoly”, and among games for a large company, you should pay attention to “Twister”.
    • Book - Better if it is electronic. Her girl will be able to fill with works to her own taste. But if a girl prefers paper books, then it is best to give her a certificate in a large book distribution network, in which she herself, as part of a paid certificate, will be able to choose the books that she is really interested in.
    • Gift certificates - this is, in general, a cash gift option, but with a deferred perspective and purpose. If a girl dreams of going to a beauty salon, why not give her a certificate there - let her feel like an adult by doing a manicure and hairstyle in a real beauty salon. A lover of pets can be presented with a certificate at a pet store, and a lover of sports and an active lifestyle can be presented to a sports goods store.

    Useful and versatile gifts also include sweet sets. Today it is possible to order a personalized chocolate set with personal wishes on each candy.

    Girls love flowers, jewelry, perfumes (if you know exactly which fragrance a young fashionista prefers).

    Interest Gifts

    A gift reflecting a girl’s hobbies and hobbies can be safely added to the list of best ideas. However, the donor should know the birthday girl well, because the interests of adolescents are rapidly changing.

    A carefully selected gift for a hobby will be a proof for a teenager that relatives and friends are interested in her life and hobbies. In addition, the money paid for the gift will not be wasted - this thing will be used often and with pleasure.

    For girls who like to help in the kitchen, it's worth a look:

    1. kitchen apron with an original cute print,
    2. a set for making cookies, ice cream or other culinary delights,
    3. a book with simple but original recipes.

    If a girl is keen on needlework, you need to choose a gift for 14 years in this direction. As a presentation you can purchase:

    1. pictures for embroidery,
    2. sets for working with beads (embroidery, beadwork),
    3. ready-made kits for sewing toys.

    There are no less interesting gift options for those who are passionate about music:

    A few more ideas for giving a girl 14 years old

    Each teenager is individual, and each of them likes certain things. This is important to consider when choosing a birthday present.

    What to give a girl 14 years old to a child depending on her hobbies? List of ideas:

    Music. If a girl is interested in music, you can give her an instrument - a guitar, synthesizer, mini-drums or ukulele. More budget options: a microphone for singing karaoke, a cover for a musical instrument or a tutorial on playing it, a set of strings.

    Sport. Some girls at the age of 14 are actively involved in sports - you can give her a volleyball, dumbbells, a gymnastic wheel, a professional hoop, flippers or a good tracksuit.

    Painting. Is the birthday girl keen on drawing? Give her a quality easel, a large sketchbook or sketchbook, as well as a set of brushes made of natural pile or high-quality paints.

    Dancing. Give a girl who likes to dance, present a special dance mat, which is a platform with bright pictures and buttons. These mats are connected to a computer or TV.

    The science. If a teenage girl of 14 years old is interested in science and interesting experiments, you can give her an electron microscope, a telescope, as well as a set of a young chemist or physicist.

    Original presents

    What to give a girl 14 years old for her birthday if she is creative:

      aura photo - the girl will be consulted by a professional aurodiagnost, make a color photo of the aura,

  • virtual reality quest - when passing it, they put on special glasses, which carry away to another world. Magical sensations will be guaranteed
  • portrait - you can order a classic portrait, girls with a good sense of humor will be delighted by a funny cartoon,
  • balloon flight - such a gift will be remembered for many years,
  • funny pajamas - for example, in the form of a rabbit or cat,
  • soap making kit,
  • photo of birthday girl on billboard - This gift is one of the most successful, because the whole city will see a young girl.
  • An original gift for a girl of 14 years old is wonderful, but not all girls appreciate originality. What can a girl be given for 14 years old if she has been firmly on her feet since youth and has such a trait as practicality?

    Teenage "toys"

    No, these are not the toys that remained in the recent childhood - dolls and their houses. It can be trinkets to decorate the decor, and some things for a pleasant pastime. Another dozen ideas on the topic of such gifts.

    1. Great plush toy. 14 years is a transitional age. Subconsciously, the girl does not want to say goodbye to her cloudless childhood, so she will really like a big teddy bear as a gift - a faithful silent friend. Well, or some other soft and shaggy animal. Music Box. It should be fabulously extraordinary, sophisticated. If you open the lid of the box, then immediately begins to sound a pleasant melody. Better yet, if a doll ballerina is spinning in the box itself. And a great place to store your jewelry. Puzzles “Heart Cube” - reminiscent of the well-known Rubik's cube, a labyrinth with a ball, a puzzle of metal rods for the development of spatial thinking, balls and polyhedrons - in general, all those toys that make you think and analyze. Set for creativity. If the birthday girl has golden hands, then she will like any gift associated with creativity. Pictures for embroidery (crosses, beads) or for drawing by numbers, topiary, felt sewing, polymer clay molding, pottery, burning, modeling, decoupage. In general, choose any gift for the taste of the girl. Original piggy bank. Of course, you can give a simple earthenware "pig" with a slot on the back, but it is better to choose something original for a gift. For example, with a handle-comb, in the form of a safe, a maze or even a hut on chicken legs. The birthday girl will have an incentive to accumulate capital.

    We take into account interests

    If the sphere of interests of the young princess is known, it is better to choose a thematic gift that she can use in her favorite activities. A thematic gift of interest should not be too expensive, because interests themselves at this age often change, but it must be necessary. Here are a few hobby gifts ideas.

    • A girl who is interested in cooking, cooking - A cookbook with vivid illustrations and step-by-step recipes, an original kitchen apron with an unusual pattern, a set of silicone molds for baking muffins, cupcakes or low tide shaped candies, a set of food colors and decor for cookies and cakes that the girl will bake with her own hands.
    • A young lady who loves to needlework, sets for creativity are suitable, for example, paintings with a set of threads for embroidery with a cross and stitch, silk, sequins, knitting sets, sets for independent sewing of a soft toy, sets for weaving from beads, creating stained glass windows, making fridge magnets, soap and so on - there are a great many options.
    • A girl with musical abilities and a desire to sing, play musical instruments, you can present a karaoke microphone, a synthesizer (including a mini-version), a musical instrument (violin, flute, guitar, etc.). Teenagers attending music schools will be pleased if you present a set of music notebooks, as well as a certificate to a music goods store where the child will choose exactly what he needs, for example, a replaceable cane for a saxophone of the required size.
    • Dancing Girl, a pair of shoes in which she can dance or a certificate to a sporting goods store where you can choose such shoes will benefit. You can present a tracksuit or T-shirts, topics, as well as a young dancer will be happy with a convenient and reliable hair clip, which, as you know, interfere with training and performances. You can give a ticket for the performance of your favorite dance group, as well as an interactive dance mat that will help the girl have fun warming up at home and hold dance battles with friends and friends, since in some models of dance mats there is the possibility of competition between two dancers.
    • Girl who is fond of drawing, photography, You can give everything that is necessary for a young artist. A real camera is an expensive present, but sometimes parents and relatives combine financial efforts together to fulfill their daughter's cherished dream.
    • Collector girl it will certainly be glad to see a new exhibit in its collection, be it porcelain elephants, plush crocodiles or postcards with views of Paris.
    • Girls who like fitness and sports they will be happy if they receive something that will be of benefit to them in this matter - running sneakers, a new tracksuit, dumbbells, skis, skates or even a home exercise bike. You can present the girl with a certificate to visit the gym, pool, fitness group for teens. Most likely, the girl will be happy with the new bike, skateboard, hoverboard, roller skates and a protection kit for riding on them.
    • Girls who adore natural sciences, experiments, You can present an electron microscope with a set of biosamples and the possibility of preparing your own, a telescope for studying celestial bodies, a set of “Young chemist” or “Young physicist”.

    Fashion clothes

    Many believe that donating shoes and clothes should not be, but this is not entirely true. At the age of 14, girls show great interest in fashion. They are happy to try on new images, while many teenagers of this age have already formed a style. It follows that clothes and shoes as a gift to a girl are a great idea.

    Meanwhile, there is a danger of missing out on style, color or size, so before you present wardrobe items as a presentation, you should consider several details:

    1. The size. The wrong size can turn a good gift into a useless thing.
    2. Trends Youth fashion is changing much faster than adult fashion. To please the girl, you will have to familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends - the gift should be stylish.
    3. Teenager preferences. In pursuit of a fashionable acquisition, do not forget about the girl’s tastes. Lovers of comfortable oversized jeans and t-shirts are unlikely to be delighted with a marshmallow dress.

    When the basic principles of choosing clothes are studied, you can go shopping. You can give your child everything that can bring joy:

    1. sneakers, sneakers, convers, slip-ons,
    2. skirt, dress, shorts, jeans - the choice depends on the preferences of the girl,
    3. hats (trendy caps, hats, cashmere snood).

    What to give a girl 14 years old with her own hands

    A do-it-yourself gift will show the girl that you spent your time on it, which means that she is dear to you - this is the main thing in relations with adolescents.

    A presentation made independently will be pleasant to receive from a girlfriend, sister or a young man.

    List of best ideas:

    • Box with sweets. Inexpensive but nice gift for sister or best friend. You can make a small box with your own hands and fill it with sweets - kinder, packages with marmalade bears, beloved birthday sweets.
    • Knitted gift. Granddaughter on her 14th birthday can give a warm knitted item - a scarf, mittens, hat, sweater or bathrobe. The girl will be very happy with the cute thing made by the hands of her beloved grandmother.
    • Funny and original cup. A good gift for a sister, girlfriend or classmate who will cheer you up and come in handy at home. You can buy a simple white mug, decorate it with funny stickers or draw an original image with acrylics.
    • Pencil case do it yourself. If you want to please the birthday girl, give her an unusual pencil case. You can stitch such a thing with your own hands - for this you need a fabric, a zipper, as well as a needle and thread. You can decorate the pencil case with stickers, flowers or pictures drawn with paints on the fabric.


    By age 14, girls grow up. Many have learned to appreciate the practicality of gifts.

    What can a girl give for her 14th birthday if she is extremely practical:

      manicure set - the girl is already watching her nails, will be delighted with a quality set for nail care,

  • linens - you can pick up linen with flowers, an unusual ornament, animals, an original oriental pattern,
  • mineral makeup kit - these cosmetics are ideal for teenagers, because they do not contain chemistry,
  • flash drive - girls will especially like the design option,
  • bath towel or bathrobe - you can order things with embroidery (for example, embroider the name or initials of the birthday girl).
  • From parents TOP 20 ideas

    It is easiest for parents to choose a gift for their daughter, the way they are presented with everything I want, and they know their child like nobody else: his nature, hobbies, style of dress.

    1. Money. To fulfill a dream with your own child, for example, buying a cool backpack.
    2. Gadgets: phone, tablet, player, smartwatch, camera, e-book.
    3. Body care equipment: hair dryer, styler, curling iron, tongs.
    4. Jewelry: earrings, bracelet, ring, chain, pendant.
    5. Travel: a trip abroad or to a neighboring city.
    6. Brand clothing.
    7. Game console.
    8. Gyro scooter.
    9. Bike.
    10. A set of quality cosmetics.
    11. Ticket for a concert of your favorite band.
    12. Pet
    13. A trip to the beauty salon.
    14. Subscription to visit the gym, pool, yoga courses, dance or a gift certificate for a trip to your favorite store.
    15. Perfume or toilet water.
    16. Photoshoot by a professional photographer.
    17. Passing an interesting quest or visiting a paintball.
    18. Dressing table.
    19. Set for manicure and pedicure.
    20. Hobby-related gifts: drawing supplies, soap making kit, musical instrument or equipment.

    Sporting goods

    Another top ten for the physical development of the birthday girl. Perhaps she has already shown herself in some kind of sport and is making progress in this field. But the gift ideas that we have proposed will not be needed for big sports, but rather for entertainment and keeping fit.

    1. Bike. I need a teenage bike. Lightweight with a wide and soft seat and low frame. Of course, a “girlish” design with bright colors and nice tuning is important, if for a girl a bicycle is just a means of transportation, and not a serious exercise. Skates. If there is a skating rink near the birthday girl’s house (winter or indoor summer), then skates will be a good gift. Little white ones, with strong fixation on the legs and lungs - in general, for amateur beginners, if she is not seriously engaged in figure skating. A protective helmet with accessories. All extreme speed-related sports (such as rollers or bicycles) require reliable protection in the form of a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.With such protection it will be safe to ride, and the girl does not paint the scratches on her knees. Basketball basket with a ball. A ring with a net (basket) can be hung in the courtyard of your own house or in the girl’s room somewhere above the door. A great option to frolic alone or in a team with friends. Step platform for fitness. This is such a footrest with an adjustable level of height. With her, a girl can even do fitness or aerobics at home to her favorite music. The platform is made of plastic with a raised anti-slip surface. Hoop. A great exercise machine for the waist. If the girl is not going to seriously engage in rhythmic gymnastics, but just wants to lose weight (or keep herself in shape), then you can take a light plastic hula-hoop with prefabricated parts as a gift.

    Fashion Ideas

    Choosing clothes or accessories for a teenager is a very difficult task, because fashion does not stand still, moreover, a particular girl may have individual preferences. It is safe to say that a girl will not refuse a fashionable thing, nor a busy accessory, for example, an umbrella with a print, a handbag or a backpack, a scarf or sunglasses, but she still must choose such things herself. Therefore, it would be better to give her a shopping trip to the store with a predetermined amount, within which she can choose her favorite things.

    With jewelry, everything is somewhat simpler - it is difficult to find a girl who would not be happy with beautiful earrings or a ring, but don’t give too expensive jewelry, because at this age children are very mobile and distracted, expensive jewelry can break, get lost. It is better to choose jewelry that will exactly match the style of the fashionista.

    It is important to remember that massive, heavy jewelry is not suitable for a teenager, it is better to give preference to thin, elegant bracelets, chains and earrings.

    Cosmetics is also one of the gifts that teenagers desire. Many girls at the age of 14 already begin to use decorative cosmetics, but without an accurate knowledge of the preferences of the young beauty, she should not choose shades, lipstick and mascara. It is better to give preference to leaving cosmetics for teenagers, avoiding a direct hint of acne and other "delights" of the puberty period.

    Almost any girl will be pleased with the gift dryer, curling iron, and ironing. But such gifts are best presented in a set with heat-protective hair products, as well as with clear recommendations that frequent thermal exposure destroys hair.

    Also, a teenager at the age of 14 can give his own manicure set.

    Jewelry & Accessories

    As in the case of clothes, accessories and jewelry will be a wonderful gift for a girl for fourteen, the main thing is to choose them according to all the rules:

    1. Parents or close relatives can give jewelry to a teenager. Others should refrain from buying such presents.
    2. Inexpensive earrings, rings and other jewelry can be safely presented by all guests.
    3. When choosing accessories and jewelry, you should make sure in advance that the girl wears such items.
    4. According to the ethics of presenting gifts, young people are not recommended to give massive items decorated with stones. A suitable choice would be an elegant silver ring, miniature earrings, a pendant on a chain.

    Speaking about the choice of accessories for a gift, good options include:

    1. bags, backpacks,
    2. umbrellas with an interesting pattern,
    3. sunglasses,
    4. hairpins and other hair ornaments (if the girl is the owner of lush hair).

    The advantage of buying accessories and jewelry is that the risk of miscalculating with size and color is minimal. This distinguishes this gift from shoes and clothes.

    Tips: How to choose a gift for a teenage girl for 14 years

    Not every adult can independently choose a gift for a teenager, even if it is a parent who knows his child well.

    Some tips to help you choose the best birthday gift for a 14 year old girl:

    1. A hobby thing is a great gift option for a teenager. The birthday girl will understand that you are interested in her life and hobbies, and the money given to buy a gift will not be spent just like that. The girl will use your gift often and with sincere pleasure.
    2. The presentation should be relevant. The interests and hobbies of modern adolescents change very often, this should also be considered when buying a birthday present. If a girl liked dancing several years ago, this does not mean that now she continues to get involved in dancing.
    3. You should not buy the first bright and shiny little thing that comes across - not all girls of 14 years old like these surprises. If you don’t know the birthday girl, you should talk with her close associates (parents, sisters or brothers, friends) - maybe they will tell you what to give the girl for her birthday.
    4. Calculate your capabilities and budget. Remember that an expensive gift is not a guarantee of success. Sometimes it’s better to buy an inexpensive, but really useful thing or make a present with your own hands.
    5. Is it worth giving a 14-year-old teenager money? At this age, the girl is already independent, she learns to handle money and will be glad if you show that you trust her. If you think that it’s too early for the girl to manage the money herself, you can give her a bank card with a certain amount on it.
    6. At the age of 14, the girl is looking for herself - she is determined with hobbies and hobbies, shows interest in a particular profession. You can encourage this and make a gift that will help the birthday girl choose her life path, but do not get carried away and do not indulge every whim.

    Cheap Gift Ideas

    The cost of the presentation is not as important as attention to the birthday girl. Girlfriends and just acquaintances can give an inexpensive thing that will be remembered and liked by the girl.

    What to give a girl in 14 years with a limited budget:

  • original notebook
  • bunch of balloons (you can write your own congratulations on them),
  • cute trinkets - figurines, caskets, handmade toys,
  • unusual photo frame or tree with small frames,
  • stylish accessory - scarf, shawl, case for glasses,
  • decorative candles
  • case for phone,
  • funny toothbrush holder.
  • From relatives - top 10

    As a rule, relatives try to give practical gifts, but do not go too far and give girls kitchen utensils and household appliances. To make the gift pleasant and bring joy, it must correspond to the age and interests of the girl. Pay attention to the following options:

    1. A soft plaid that will warm you in the cold.
    2. Bedding with a stylish pattern.
    3. Devices for body and hair care: hair dryer, ironing, curling iron and other hair styling devices.
    4. Lamp.
    5. EBook.
    6. Subscription to one of the music streaming services.
    7. Rollers or skates.
    8. Chilis - sneakers with a built-in roller, easily transforming into ordinary shoes.
    9. Gift card in the store where goods are sold that correspond to the interests of the girl.
    10. Portable audio - good headphones, player, portable speaker.

    Who gives: important or not

    In fact, it will be a pleasure to receive a present regardless of the identity of the donor. Regarding the choice of a gift for a teenage girl, there is only one important nuance that should be considered. This is the degree of intimacy of the relationship. In other words, if you are a second cousin of my father’s line, who last came when the birthday girl was one year old, then beautiful lingerie will lead the young lady into confusion, and her parents, most likely, into bewilderment.There is another side to the coin: the encyclopedia for girls from the godmother, with whom she sees each week, and also flies to rest twice a year, will be an offensive symbol of unwillingness to bother with a worthy gift. And speech, as you understand, is not only in the material side of the issue. Thus, no matter who the birthday girl is, the chosen gift should be thoughtful and appropriate.

    If the budget is limited

    If the budget for a gift is limited, do not worry - even inexpensive gifts are amazing, especially if they are made with their own hands. You can bake a girl a box of cookies with predictions, sew or tie a very interesting phone case, you can give a handmade box for various girlish secrets and little things. Bouquets made of chocolates and wrapping paper, homemade hair clips from beads, leather, bracelets, headbands lovingly decorated with your skillful hands look very interesting and solemn.

    From inexpensive gifts, you should pay attention to the name mug from which the girl will be able to drink tea or cocoa in the morning, as well as the “smart” keychain, which whistles on a conditional signal and allows her mistress to quickly find the keyring where this keychain is attached.

    In the next video, examples of gifts for a girl of 14 years are waiting for you.

    Impression Gifts

    These are pleasant and unexpected surprises. Such gifts cannot be taken with you. They can only remain in memory or on a flash drive in the form of photos, videos and audio recordings. And the donor only needs to get a certificate for a gift-impression.

    1. Quest. Before buying a certificate, consult with the organizers - which genre quest is suitable for teenagers. The main thing is that he should not be too scary, such as "Saws", or too childish. We need some middle ground. Flying in a wind tunnel. Certificate to "take your breath away"! If the birthday girl likes extreme and thrills, then the gift will simply delight her! This is just a few minutes of simulating free fall - as with a parachute from an airplane, only completely safe! Yes, and under the strict guidance of an experienced instructor. Event tickets. What is closer to the girl? Rock star concert? 3D or 5D movies? Or maybe she would like to go to the theater, ballet or museum for the first time? Yes easily! Just do not buy one ticket as a gift, one will be bored. Present at least two so that she has someone to share the impression with. Rock climbing. If the city has a climbing wall with high steep stands, and the birthday girl has long dreamed of visiting it, then it's time to get a certificate as a gift. This is a fascinating and extreme leisure. Dance master class. Samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, waltz, tango or oriental belly dance. What will be more interesting for the girl for that lesson and take a certificate. The gift will be very useful, because she will determine for herself whether it is worth trying further herself in this direction. Master class in a theater studio. Also a very interesting lesson in acting, which will help to reveal the talent of the artist in the girl. Professionals will help to overcome shyness on the stage, teach to speak and move beautifully. And maybe in the future she will have a great career as an actress, who knows ?!

    Cosmetic Gift Sets - Top 5 List

    Cosmetics takes a leading place in the ranking of gifts for girls 14 years old. However, before presenting such a useful present, you should discuss this idea in advance with the parents of the birthday girl. Not every teenager is allowed to use lipstick, mascara or lip gloss. Meanwhile, cosmetics for complex care can be given safely. From suitable cosmetic products you can choose:

    1. gel or foam for washing,
    2. Body Scrub,
    3. shower gel,
    4. body cream, gel or souffle,
    5. fragrant bath foam,
    6. hair products (there may be shampoo, balm, mask, oil for restoration),
    7. styling products (gel, hair foam, mousse).

    A good gift can be a small box with a souffle for the body or other means, originally packed and decorated with a bow.

    As a more voluminous and expensive presentation, you can give a girl a few birthday products of the same brand. A small basket with a bow will help to style them stylishly.

    When choosing a brand, you should pay attention to the TOP-5 manufacturers. When compiling the rating, product quality, assortment, price segment and the availability of a line of funds for adolescents were taken into account:

    What is better not to give the girl a birthday for 14 years

    Transitional age is a difficult time in everyone’s life. During this period, the girl needs warmth and care more than ever, she worries about her appearance and sharply reacts to criticism.

    Certain gifts can upset or offend a girl, even if you didn’t want to.

    List of unsuccessful gifts for a girl of 14 years:

    1. Clothing and personal items. Adults do not always have a good idea of ​​what things are popular with the new generation, what clothes suit the girl and what she likes to wear. Therefore, you should refuse to buy outerwear, dresses and jeans, and especially underwear. A girl should choose such things herself or with the help of her mother.
    2. Gifts with a hint. Girls at age 14 are vulnerable and emotional. A birthday girl may be upset if you give her a thing that hints at some imperfection. For example, full girls should not give scales or the book "How to cope with excess weight." If the girl has skin problems, refrain from acne makeup.
    3. Gifts designed to fix the girl. For example, her character or interests. If a girl is not fond of science and even dislikes her, the encyclopedia presented by you devoted to chemistry or physics will not change the situation. A girl who listens to heavy music will throw a set of CDs of a modern pop singer onto the far shelf. Do not try to fix the teenager - this will only spoil the mood of the birthday girl.
    4. A pet. Before giving such a gift, be sure to consult the parents of the birthday girl, even if the girl herself is ready to look after a small pet. Alternatively, you can give a hamster, a chinchilla or an aquarium with fish - these animals do not require special care.
    5. Poor-quality cosmetics. At the age of 14, the girl actively cares for her skin, she likes to paint and try on new images. Do not give her low-quality and cheap cosmetics, choose products from reliable, trusted companies - you can read reviews to find them. This will help not to spoil young and prone to damage skin.

    For intellectual

    What to give a girl for a birthday at 14 years old if she is an intellectual:

    1. Think about books right away. However, you need to take into account the tastes of the birthday girl and first find out from the parents if the girl has such a book in the library.
    2. EBook - the girl herself downloads publications of interest to her.

  • Smart Magazine Subscription - it can be non-fiction or fiction.
  • Museum Tickets (You can also subscribe if the girl often visits some museum).
  • Puzzles - A set of puzzles, several variations of the rubik's cube are perfect.
  • Table games - checkers, chess will appeal to the young intellectual.
  • From a girlfriend - 10 cool options

    A friend should also not have difficulties with choosing a gift for the birthday girl, the only problem may be the limited budget, but even with a small amount, you can make a good gift:

    1. Accessories for the phone: covers, bumpers, headphones.
    2. Makeup kit.
    3. Antistress toy.
    4. Bijouterie.
    5. Flash drive of an interesting form.
    6. Printed pajamas.
    7. Movie tickets.
    8. Named sweets - chocolate, sweets, cookies.
    9. Poster with your favorite star.
    10. Sketchbook.

    DIY gifts

    It is always nice if the gift is made by the donor with his own hand and at the same time neatly and with skill.Therefore, we offer one more dozen gift ideas. Perhaps among them you will find exactly what you can do on your own for the joy of the birthday girl.

    1. Cake "14 years old." It is best to make such a cake from biscuit cakes. After all, guests will come to the holiday, and everyone loves the biscuit. The most important thing is the decoration of the cake, where the number "14" must be present. And you need to decorate the cake with the same number of candles.
    2. Leather cover for passport. Yes, the girl is 14 years old - it’s time to get her first passport. It can be sewn from soft textile or leather. The main thing is that the product as a result is beautiful and reliable. Well, those who are friends with scrapbooking will be able to make a real masterpiece.
    3. Knitted fur headphones. Needleworkers, pick up yarn, knitting needles or a hook and get to work. And you also need a bezel and thick wire to strengthen the frame. This product in itself looks stylish in the cold season. And it can also be made functional by mounting small headphones in the “ears”.
    4. Stitched snood from knitwear. Patterns are very important for sewing - they can be easily found on the Internet especially for the size of the birthday. If you will make snood of monophonic coloring, then for beauty you can sew some beautiful applique, as well as jewelry from beads or rhinestones.
    5. Crocheted summer hat. Girls like to be trendy. Here is such a summer hat (preferably without fields) - a squeak of fashion for today's youth. If the birthday girl has long straight hair, then she will be very suitable for her.
    6. Craft from chocolates. What can be made of narrow chocolate bars in wrappers? Improvised cakes, miniature boats, trains, pens, hearts, houses. The girl herself can take a photograph for memory and, of course, then eat it.
    7. Bouquet of sweets. And here is another sweet gift option - a bouquet of flowers with a candy center in the center of the bud. Corrugated paper petals will reliably hide the candy itself, which will give you a surprise. And the bouquet itself can be supplemented with bright fruit decorations - tangerines on skewers, for example.
    8. Mug decorated with polymer clay. The picture is bright and voluminous. Such a gift keeps the warmth of the hands of the master outside the mug and the warmth of the drink inside. In general, such a mug looks very beautiful and unique, because you certainly can’t find another such one, even similar, in the store.
    9. Hair ornaments. If the master has golden hands, then for the gift you can make an exquisite decoration, almost like a bride’s. In general, there are a lot of master classes on this topic. And the products themselves are enough for a change: rims, hairpins with various fixation, elastic bands, hairpins and invisibility.
    10. Decorative pillow. It can serve as interior decoration in the corner of the sofa. It can also be used for its intended purpose. Therefore, not only the outer shell is important in the gift, but also what this pillow is filled with. It is advisable to fill it with a synthetic winterizer or holofiber.

    That's all! We hope you find in our selection that you can give your girl for 14 years. Do not forget about the beautiful packaging and warm wishes when you congratulate her. Thanks for reading.

    Modern gadgets

    Adults may have different views on such birthday presents for their 14th birthday, but for teenagers, gadgets are on the list of best presents. At the same time, you should not assume that the choice is limited only by the phone and tablet:

    1. Smartphone. Most often, such a gift is given to a teenager by parents or family members, since when buying you need to take into account the wishes of the birthday girl.
    2. The tablet. Such a device can be used as a computer, so it is useful for study, games and entertainment.
    3. A laptop. The most practical purchase, however, requires large financial costs.
    4. EBook. Such a present is suitable for young ladies who love to read.
    5. Game console. Not only boys, but also girls enjoy spending free time playing.There is no better gift for them than the PlayStation or Xbox.


    The most valuable thing that you can give a teenage girl for 14 years is emotions and a good mood.

    Be sure to take into account the nature and tastes of the birthday girl when choosing a gift, use your imagination and the birthday girl will be grateful to you, and the gift you presented will delight her for a long time.

    From a guy - top 7 ideas

    Win-win gift options for your girlfriend will be:

    1. A large plush toy or a bouquet of toys.
    2. Bouquet of flowers.
    3. A box with her favorite goodies.
    4. Joint photo shoot.
    5. Cosmetic stuff: nail polish, hand cream, lip gloss, essential oils and other useful little things.
    6. An original keychain in the shape of a cute little animal or a pendant like an engraved token.
    7. Organizer for jewelry.

    For sports and outdoor activities

    Sports equipment and goods for outdoor activities are in great demand. If the girl is actively involved in sports, a suitable purchase would be:

    1. home exercise machine
    2. subscription to the hall if the teenager wants to try a new direction of dancing or take a course of self-defense.

    There are several universal gifts for a 14 year old girl. They will be appreciated even by girls who shy away from physical activity. Among them:

    1. bike,
    2. gyro scooter
    3. skateboard,
    4. skates,
    5. roller skates (with them you definitely need to get protection).

    For a creative person

    Such a girl lives with inspiration, loves to create, she always has a hobby.

    Gift should be based on her hobby:

      Artists should give a set of brushes, paints, an easel, literature on drawing,

  • girls who make music can be presented with a case for their instrument, CDs with music of their favorite artists,
  • girls who never part with the camera will be delighted with its accessories, photography courses.
  • Important! If the birthday girl only wants to do some kind of creativity, then she should give her training courses in her favorite art (drawing, vocals, dancing).

    From friends top 15

    Ideas for inexpensive gifts from friends:

    1. Case for phone,
    2. Original notebook
    3. Air balloons,
    4. Stylish accessory: glasses case, scarf, cool cover for passport,
    5. Statuette,
    6. Puzzles
    7. Table games,
    8. Diary with a lock
    9. Mug, plate or print T-shirt,
    10. Original photo frame,
    11. Funny flash drive
    12. Interactive toy,
    13. Poster of your favorite band, artist or actor,
    14. Cosmetic bag
    15. The book (taking into account the interests of the birthday girl).

    Interesting gifts for home and interior

    Girls at this age are happy to design personal space. The main thing when choosing a gift is to focus on attractiveness first and only then on the practical component of the product. If the birthday girl already has her own room, this can completely solve the question of what to give a girl at 14:

    1. Desk lamp. This item can be not only useful, but also beautiful. The designer lamp is unlikely to leave the teenager indifferent.
    2. Soft rug near the bed. Floor carpets do not have to be overall. A small rug with a soft pile and an original pattern is sure to find its place in the girl's room.
    3. Pillows with a fashionable pillowcase. Textile manufacturers are ready to offer dozens of stylish pillow options. Each of them is able to bring a touch of originality to the interior.
    4. Projector starry sky. The bright lights of the stars on the ceiling in the bedroom is the most romantic and wonderful thing that you can think of for interior design.

    IT Revolutionary Gifts - Top 11

    Get a gadget for your birthday is the most desired gift for modern teens. Consider the possible options:

    1. In the first place is a mobile phone. Having a cool smartphone at your disposal is the dream of any teenager.
    2. A tablet is a great assistant for learning and having fun.
    3. A laptop is a practical gift needed for any student to learn. The small size of the laptop will allow you to take it with you to class.
    4. Accessories to the above devices - it can be a case or stand for a tablet, for a phone, a bag for a laptop.
    5. An e-book is a whole library in a small device.
    6. Selfie stick. Is there at least one 14-year-old girl who does not take a selfie? It is unlikely that there will be one. A monopod will make it easier for a girl to take a beautiful photo.
    7. For music lovers, a wonderful gift will be headphones: wired or wireless, here already consider the wishes of the birthday girl.
    8. An MP3 player will also be a good present for a lover of listening to music.
    9. Annual or monthly subscription to one of the music services: Apple Music, Google Play Music, Yandex.Music, Spotify and others.
    10. A portable battery is a practical gift for girls who spend a lot of time outside the home.
    11. A smart watch or bracelet is not just a stylish accessory that allows you to keep track of time, but also monitor your health.

    Inappropriate presents

    To begin with, we note that the “fit-not fit” gradation is purely conditional, because, as already noted, it all depends on the degree of intimacy with the girl. Nevertheless, there are a couple of points that require special attention, since such gifts can simply upset the birthday girl.

    1. Homewear: nightgowns, bathrobes. These things are needed, of course. But not for a birthday. And not from friends. Although if it will be cool pajamas with sheep, then why not.
    2. Gifts for correcting imperfections. At the age of 14, literally all the young ladies experience the age of the ugly duckling. And it really makes them worry. So a book about the effective fight against excess weight or a set of cosmetics for oily skin with abundant rashes will do nothing but develop the complex.
    3. Abstruse books. If a girl is seriously interested in science, loves to read, analyze and compare different approaches to a particular issue, then be sure to give smart books! But if in this way you hope to attach a cheerful, sociable, restless jumper to science, then give up your attempts. At least on my birthday.

    Do not try to make a fan of scientific literature out of a frivolous, temperamental person

    Original and unusual gifts

    A good gift does not have to be useful. Teenagers are not yet able to perceive the world in the form in which adults perceive it. The most expensive and beloved present for the girl will be one that can cause vivid emotions. To bring joy to a young lady, you should choose non-trivial cool surprises for a teenager:

    1. Bouquet of toys. An armful of teddy bears, kittens or hares in a bright crispy wrapper will cause at least a pleasant surprise.
    2. Balloons. Helium-colored balloons are loved not only by children, but also by adults, so you can safely give them to a girl on her 14th birthday.
    3. Bag or T-shirt with photo printing. For a good result, you need only a suitable image for the occasion.

    Original gifts to a teenage girl top 6

    An original gift implies unusualness and impressions for a long period of time. Good options would be:

    1. T-shirt, sweatshirt, mug or bag with photo printing.
    2. Chocolate card.
    3. Portrait.
    4. Aura photograph.
    5. Balloon flight will bring a lot of new sensations and unforgettable experiences,
    6. This amigurumi toy is a cute little toy.

    TOP 5 toys for a 14 year old girl

    More often than not, the idea of ​​toys is swept away immediately. The main argument in favor of this decision is becoming a child. Meanwhile, a suitable toy can be found even for a 14-year-old girl, it only needs to be selected correctly:

    1. Stuffed Toys. Do not forget that at this age the girl remains dreamy and tender.Green hares and blue dogs will have to be abandoned, but a big realistic bear will surely appeal.
    2. Table games. It can be "Jenga", "Monopoly" or other card games that can be played with family or friends.
    3. Puzzles Dozens of other equally interesting toys are ready to take over the baton of the Rubik's Cube.
    4. Dance mat. Such a present can give hours of fun and physical training.

    Top 10 Useful Gifts

    A useful gift has a wide scope for choice.

    1. It can be a styling device: hair dryer, iron, tongs.
    2. A wonderful gift will be a manicure set, in addition, modern girls are very passionate about nail design, so you can give a set of gel varnishes.
    3. If the girl has her own room or at least her own corner, you can give: a table lamp - an indispensable thing for the student, a bedding set with an interesting, youthful pattern, a cozy plaid, an alarm clock with a designer look.
    4. For young housewives will be useful: a kitchen apron, a book with recipes, baking tins, devices for cooking various goodies - a waffle iron, donut maker, ice cream maker and other devices for making desserts.
    5. Birthday is a great occasion to present clothes or shoes that your daughter wants, which you can’t buy on a normal day because of the high price.
    6. Leather bag or backpack - a quality product is expensive, but will last much longer.
    7. An umbrella with an interesting pattern is the most necessary thing for going to school or walking in rainy weather.
    8. Sunglasses are a good protection for young eyes from the bright sun.
    9. A set of cosmetics for comprehensive body care.
    10. Gadgets that can be helpers in successful studies: laptop, tablet and smartphone.

    Impressions and emotions - 10 exciting options

    A birthday present for 14 years old must certainly cause emotions, so it is not necessary to be limited to physical objects. Original, effective and unforgettable will be one of these presentations:

    1. Balloon flight. The teenager had not experienced more exciting impressions, so such a holiday will be remembered for a long time.
    2. Paid photo shoot in nature or in the studio. Professional photographs are the dream of every young fashionista and an original gift.
    3. Certificate for completing the quest with friends. Such entertainment over the past few years has gained wide popularity. Joint testing gives a lot of emotions.
    4. Trip to the camp. For sociable teenagers, such a gift means an entertaining journey, communication with peers and outdoor recreation.
    5. Ticket for the concert of your favorite artist.
    6. Master class, taking into account the hobbies of girls. This could be a lesson in drawing, making cakes, and many other activities.
    7. Horse ride. It should be paid in advance.
    8. Paintball with friends.
    9. Flash mob Under this catchy name lies the joint execution of actions by a large number of people. A dance or a favorite song performed by all friends will give the girl a firework of emotions.
    10. A trip to the beauty salon. A young lady will definitely appreciate the opportunity to do a professional manicure or spa treatment.


    Many believe that this is a gift "without a soul." But if the family of the birthday girl treats such gifts positively, and the young lady herself dreams of an expensive purchase that she would not want to trust anyone, then a few bills will be a very welcome present. And if it’s inconvenient to give money to you, you can find an alternative way: present a certificate to a clothing, jewelry or cosmetics store. True, some teenagers are embarrassed to go shopping for such things themselves. But there is a way out: arrange joint shopping. Only one condition: treat any choice of a companion with respect and patience.

    In order for the gift to play with additional colors, it must be originally presented. Money can be put in a piggy bank, wallet or make a flower out of banknotes.And always, a balloon will come to the rescue, in which a valuable present is placed.

    Simple, universal ideas for every budget.

    With universal gift options for a 14-year-old girl who is already growing up by this age, she attaches great importance to her appearance.

    Cosmetics is one of the most sought after categories. In this case, as a gift are possible:

    • cosmetics for face care (gel or foam for washing, cream or scrub suitable for skin type),
    • body care products (shower gel, mousse, body cream after a shower),
    • hair care products (shampoo, balm, conditioner, mask, oils),
    • for styling hair (varnish, wax, gel, mousse and others),
    • for a bath (bath foam, bombs, essential oils, salt),
    • Eau de toilette - it is important to choose the right smell and it is better to take the original.

    All kinds of accessories, such as:

    • bag or backpack,
    • umbrella with a beautiful print,
    • Sunglasses.

    Clothes and accessories

    Teenage fashion is developing much faster and, so to speak, sharper. So for an adult it is quite difficult to stay in trend. That is why when choosing a gift from the category clothes or shoes you need to know very clearly what exactly the young lady is dreaming of. Up to the style and color, not to mention the size. The girl will be pleased to receive as a gift:

      sneakers, convers or slip-ons,

    Original, not fake, converse - a welcome gift for younger fashionistas

    Fashion on the mantle appeared after the release of the Harry Potter series

    Books for teenagers

    Such a birthday present should be chosen only if the child is interested in reading. A suitable option would be:

    1. a book reflecting the interests of a student - publishers offer entertaining books about dinosaurs, fashionable hairstyles, original dishes and many other things,
    2. romance novels - girls aged 14-15 have a special interest in such works (you should choose a book taking into account the age category),
    3. "Harry Potter" gift collection or other options in the same vein.


    This is the most popular gift group (after electronic toys). Regarding decorative cosmetics, it is worth consulting with the mother of the birthday girl: maybe the parent will be against such a presentation. But cosmetics for face and body care will not cause questions. There are many options:

    • Cleansing Foam
    • skin type scrub
    • shower gel,
    • body cream after a shower,
    • styling products (hair foam, varnish, wax, gel),
    • hair care products (mask, shampoo, balm, oil, etc.),
    • bath foam,
    • toilet water (it is very important to choose the right smell here, that is, cheap fakes are rejected right away - it’s better to choose not too hyped, which means expensive, brand, but original).

    You can give decorative cosmetics only with the permission of the mother, because not all young ladies at such a young age are allowed to use these funds

    What to give from parents - TOP 20 ideas

    The advantages of parents when buying a presentation for their daughter’s fourteenth birthday is that they know well their hobbies and tastes. Moreover, the choice is limited only by the budget and the imagination of the donor. Particular attention should be paid to the following gifts:

    1. Gadgets (phone or tablet).
    2. Gold earrings (pendant, pendant).
    3. Journey. The route and duration should be chosen taking into account the allocated amount. Not only family vacations abroad are suitable, but also a trip to a neighboring city. The main thing is that this trip is filled with pleasant memories.

  • Clothing (in this case, it is better to choose the original brand).
  • Gyro scooter.
  • Game console.
  • A set of decorative cosmetics (it is always better to start using cosmetics with the submission of a mother or older sister).
  • Quality headphones. Such a purchase can be appreciated by music lovers.
  • A concert ticket for a popular band.
  • Money.
  • Certificate.This idea is similar to giving money, but in this case, parents will know what the finances were spent on.
  • Visit to a beauty salon.
  • Pet. Such a gift for a girl from parents is suitable only for adolescents who themselves took the initiative. A live gift can be a puppy, kitten, hamster, parrot, fish.
  • Stylish pajamas with a trendy print. This gift received from parents will not cause awkwardness. In this case, a set of soft fabric in the best way hints about warm feelings.
  • Visit to a quest room or paintball.
  • Perfume or toilet water.
  • Selfie stick (monopod).
  • Gift of interest. This can be a set of stencils and stamps for embossing, a picture for painting by numbers, a set for decoupage.
  • Photoshoot by a professional photographer.
  • Visit to the entertainment center.
  • Useful fixtures

    At the age of 14, girls are especially unhappy with their appearance, so that straight hair frizz with frenzy, and curly with the same emotions straighten. More mature women know how important it is that electrical appliances are of good quality with the right coating, otherwise there is a risk of losing hair. Please note that it would be nice to supplement such a gift with a good thermal protective agent. So think about buying:

    Another useful present is a manicure set. At age 14, it’s time to stop using my mother’s.

    If you decide to purchase a manicure set, then saving on a gift is not worth it, because the tools should be of high quality and easy to use

    Modern girls are very passionate about nail design. And the possibilities of gel polishes open up amazing opportunities for creating masterpieces on the nails. But for drying such coatings you need a special lamp. Of course, such a lady will hardly refuse such a gift. And at any age.

    Modern girls pay much attention to the nail aesthetics

    If you are close enough with the girl, then you can give her an epilator. In adolescence, the issue of getting rid of unwanted hair is especially acute due to hormonal changes in the body.

    Gift from a friend - 10 cool options

    The best friends and friends of the birthday girl should also not have problems with what to give the girl on the birthday day, because who but they should know all the preferences and tastes of the birthday girl. The only problem may be a limited amount. However, even with a small budget, a friend can choose an original present:

    1. Movie tickets. Lovers of large screens will definitely appreciate this idea. It should be remembered: you need to give not 1, but 2 tickets. The birthday girl herself must choose with whom to go to the session.
    2. Jewelry.
    3. Accessories It is best to purchase a certificate. After the birthday, you can go along with the birthday girl to choose fashionable glasses or other stylish little things.
    4. Phone accessories. Covers, stylish bumpers, headphones - all this will be a wonderful and useful present.
    5. The original flash drive.
    6. Decorative cosmetics.
    7. A poster with a photo of the birthday girl processed in the editor.
    8. Handmade gifts.
    9. Set for needlework.
    10. Antistress. Toys mnimushki gained incredible popularity among adolescents.

    Hobby Gifts

    If the birthday girl loves to help her mom prepare food, present her with:

    • apron with a cool pattern,
    • cookbook with original recipes,
    • baking set, etc.

    For needlewomen, it is important to choose what is right for this type of creativity:

    • embroidery kit (it can be whole pictures),
    • kit for sewing soft toys (for example, felt or Tilda toys),
    • patterns for beadwork,
    • necessary materials for soap making,
    • professional machine for lumigurumi, etc.

    If a girl likes to weave from rubber bands, then a professional machine tool will be very useful to her

    Does the little lady like to sing or play musical instruments? Then give:

    A good present for a young singer

    For dancing girls a great gift would be:

    • a new pair of dance shoes (this purchase should be either with a birthday girl, or with her mom / trainer, so as not to make a mistake with the size and shape),
    • a good tracksuit or its details (shirt, shorts, etc.),
    • convenient and stylish hair clip for hair, etc.

    Many girls are happy to photograph their girlfriends on the phone, tablet. If this is not just a tribute to fashion, but a hobby, then you can present a birthday camera or a good lens. Just keep in mind that these are pretty expensive gifts.

    It is impossible not to say about the replenishment of the collection for girls who are seriously engaged in the search for new exhibits. Young women of 14 years old usually collect old dolls, keys, stamps, etc.

    What to give a girl for a birthday of 14 years from a guy?

    A guy invited to a birthday should pay special attention to a gift for a teenage girl. Win-win options for a girl’s gift from a guy include:

    1. bouquet of flowers,
    2. a bunch of toys
    3. a set of sweets and other goodies,
    4. helium balloons
    5. certificate for the purchase of jewelry or cosmetics,
    6. movie tickets,
    7. Stuffed Toys.

    What to give a girl at 14 years old for the New Year?

    There are no big differences in gifts for the New Year and there is no name day. The only inappropriate present for the New Year holidays may be a bouquet of flowers. Otherwise, the choice of gift ideas depends on the financial capabilities of the donor and the hobbies of the teenager:

    1. At this time, you can and should give boxes of chocolates and baskets of sweets. A great gift (or addition to it) will be a box of macaroons dessert.
    2. Toys This winter holiday is associated with fairy tales and childhood, so toys are suitable for gifts even for teenagers 13-15 years old. However, you should choose a present carefully.
    3. Gadgets Phone, laptop and other devices can be safely presented for 14 years, New Year and any other holiday.
    4. Clothing. A warm soft sweater, new trendy uggs, knitted leggings, snood - for a girl there will certainly be a suitable wardrobe item.
    5. Entertainment. On the eve of the New Year holidays, many concerts and other events for which tickets can be purchased are held.
    6. Table games. This is a good way to spend long winter evenings with family or friends.
    7. Skis, skates, snowboard for sports enthusiasts.
    8. Traveling for the winter holidays. If finances allow, a family trip is one of the best ideas for what to present for the New Year.

    For the artist:

    • sketchbook
    • sketchbook table,
    • tablet for watercolor
    • pencil case for art supplies,
    • a set of quality brushes,
    • Graphics tablet,
    • stainless steel system,
    • paint wallet - a bright purse in the form of watercolor paints will be a pleasant gift for a young artist,
    • umbrella coloring, changing its color under the influence of moisture,
    • 3D pen for creating three-dimensional drawings.

    Gizmos for the interior

    Young ladies already have their own taste not only in clothing, but also in the design of the environment. And if the girl has her own room, then there is enough space for imagination. Birthday is a great occasion to add fuel to the fire of design thought.

    1. Table lamp.
    2. Projector starry sky. By the way, this is not only a device for reflecting the projection of the night sky on the ceiling, but also an alarm clock with the ability to select a melody.
    3. Cushions Plush tigers, bears, stars, a pillow with photo printing of your favorite artist / actor, a pillow in the shape of lips, etc. - will surely find their place in the room.

    TOP unsuccessful gift ideas for teenage girls

    There are categories of gifts that a girl should not give for her birthday:

    1. Soap and deodorant. This may be regarded as a hint of an unpleasant odor.
    2. Books. If a young lady is not keen on reading, then giving such a thing is not worth it.
    3. Underwear.
    4. Things that can hint at external flaws. So, chubby girls can’t buy sporting goods for a holiday. This can cause numerous teenager complexes. The exception is girls who are fond of sports.

    After all of the above, hardly anyone had any questions about what to give a girl at the age of 14. In addition, all of the above options are just a small part of the ideas for choosing the best gift for a young lady.


    Of course, this is not about a Barbie doll - it is unlikely that this gift will be relevant for a 14-year-old beauty - she does not need competitors, especially plastic ones. But the birthday girl is unlikely to refuse some trend toys. Nowadays, antistress toys are especially popular, but the classic versions of relevance do not lose.

    1. Plush Toys. There are few girls who are indifferent to huge bears with a heart in their paws, who also sing a sweet little song, if you pat the clubfoot by the ear.
    2. Spinner. It turns out that you can twist the spinner in several ways, and mastering some of them is not an easy task.
    3. Grabber. A ball with handles, giving a light and sound signal to the player, who must intercept him by the luminous handles.
    4. The predictor ball. This is a sphere with an image of an eight on one side and a screen on the other. To get an answer to an exciting question, you need to shake the toy - the answer will appear on the screen, and its interpretation can be found in the instructions for the ball.
    5. Puzzles Teenagers of both sexes are happy to collect the Rubik's cube found in the bins of mom's or dad's drawers. But there are more modern versions of this toy - wooden puzzles of various shapes. The principle is the same: the details must be assembled in a certain order into one figure.

    Separately, it should be said about the games. First of all, these are desktop options: “Monopoly”, scrabble, walkers, etc. But with less enthusiasm the girl will take “Twister” as well.

    DIY souvenirs

    If you have the same or similar handmade hobbies with the birthday girl (that is, she will understand and appreciate how much effort you spent), making the girl an original gift will not be difficult. It could be:

    • lumigurumi phone case,
    • volumetric origami figure,
    • quilling painting,
    • casket with decoupage, etc.

    Hand made gifts are especially liked by those young ladies who already know a lot about the value of exclusive items.


    If the little animal did not appear in the birthday girl's house earlier, then there probably were reasons for this. So it is better to consult with your parents so that there is no unpleasant situation when a living gift is out of place. But in the case of the consent of relatives and, of course, the desire to receive such a gift from the young lady, you can present:

    • hamster (does not require special care),
    • aquarium with fish (preferably bright and not too small),
    • chinchilla
    • decorative pig or rabbit,
    • a parrot
    • a kitten
    • puppy.

    In adolescence, adolescents are in dire need of love and understanding - the qualities that animals give to people

    Emotion as a gift

    Difficult to choose from a mass of options? Or does the girl have everything? Then come to the rescue ... positive emotions. You can provide them in many ways.

    1. Certificate for a photo shoot in beautiful places of the city or in nature. In the age of social networks and constant selfies, such a gift will become a real sensation among girlfriends.
    2. A trip to the summer camp. If a young lady likes to communicate with her peers, loves traveling, then such a trip will appeal to her. Especially if the camp is at sea.

    A trip to the camp is not only a way to improve your health, but also a meeting with new friends

    Watch the video: 100 Gift Ideas for Girls! . Christmas and Birthday. Gift Guide for Teen Girls. Courtney Graben (February 2020).

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