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Oligospermia in men - symptoms and treatment

Conception problems that occur in every fifth couple when planning a child - often in male pathologies. One of them is oligospermia, a condition in which the rate of secreted ejaculate is reduced. In medicine, this concept is usually closely associated with another term - oligozoospermia, when the amount of secreted sperm and active sperm in it is reduced.

How many sperm are needed for fertilization

  • After getting into the vagina after ejaculation, already after three minutes, almost half of the sperm dies in its acidic environment. The remaining ones rush to the cervix, where another 90% of them are stuck in cervical mucus. The uterus itself does not reach more than a hundred "tadpoles", but they are already weakened and slowed down, so they continue the path to the egg cell of one.
  • Only one sperm is needed for fertilization. However, in 1 milliliter of seminal fluid there are about 20 million “live breeders”, without whose participation that single tadpole will not reach the egg, since the main parameter is not the quantity but the sperm motility.
  • It turns out that the lower the activity of sperm, the less their number will reach the uterus, the less likely that a woman will become pregnant. Therefore, when diagnosing infertility, doctors take into account this important parameter of male health.

Causes of Oligospermia

Hearing the word oligospermia, what is it and how to treat, not every man knows. The disease is quite common.

The Ministry of Health of Russia clarifies that 55% of the causes of infertility in couples occur in this disease.

The main criterion affecting the diagnosis is a small amount of sperm, its unsatisfactory quality.

In most cases, with such pathological problems with the ejaculate, conception is impossible with the natural process of copulation.

Doctors at the reception explain more precisely oligospermia, which means. They indicate an insufficient amount of sperm volume, which reduces the number of healthy spermatozoa that can ultimately fertilize the female egg.

The medical term for the disease appeared among urologists when two words merged: "oligo" means a decrease, and "sperm" refers to the germ cells of men.

After the above explanations, every young guy and a mature man understands oligospermia, what is it: an unpleasant disease that can deprive an heir.

Doctors single out several reasons that cause oligospermia in an apparently healthy partner. Some are easily removable, disappear without a trace when changing lifestyle, strengthening health in natural ways.

Oligospermia due to overweight in men

Other factors are considered more insidious; they are not always treatable in a specialized institution.

If oligospermia is diagnosed, is it possible to become pregnant, says the doctor who examined after the full course of therapy.

The biased causes of oligospermia in men include:

  1. constant compression of the testicles caused by wearing linen of inappropriate size,
  2. excess weight,
  3. avitominosis,
  4. lack of sleep
  5. addiction to smoking, drug use, alcohol,
  6. periodic overheating of the penis and testicles (when taking a hot bath, in the bath),
  7. increased nervousness, depression,
  8. unbalanced diet, when the diet lacks protein, zinc (diet, fasting, fasting).

If the disease is caused by oligospermia from this list, then it will be possible to cope with the disease quickly enough, sometimes on its own.

You have to change your lifestyle, purchase high-quality proportionate underwear, adjust nutrition.

Oligospermia due to varicocele disease

However, the causes of the pathology are often more serious (objective):

  • problems in the work of the vas deferens (varicocele),
  • insufficient testosterone production,
  • genetic disorders
  • drug intoxication,
  • sexually transmitted diseases present or transferred earlier,
  • congenital malformations
  • received high dose of radiation:
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (orchitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, renal failure),
  • injuries of the organs of the scrotum (spermatic cord, testicles, appendages).

Sometimes the cause of oligospermia in men is the lack of sexual activity, too frequent erratic sexual intercourse.

The degree of development of oligoseptemia

It is not possible to visually determine the presence of oligospermia in a man. It does not manifest itself in any way, painful sensations, does not cause discomfort.

However, doctors are considering 4 stages of the development of pathology. The classification is conditional on the number of healthy motile sperm in 1 ml of ejaculate.

WHO, characterizing the disease, indicates that 1 ml of sperm should contain at least 20 million moving sperm. However

The Ministry of Health did not accept these figures and proposed other norms, regarding which it is possible to judge the sexual capabilities of the partner.

In the presence of 60 to 150 million sperm per 1 ml with the conception, there are no problems. A decrease in quantity leads to a decrease in sperm quality.

First degree

If 50-60 million active sperm were found in the ejaculate, the diagnosis is grade 1 oligospermia. Pathology is easily treatable; no drugs are needed.

It is enough to review, adjust nutrition, normalize sex life, remove harmful factors and pregnancy from the spouse will immediately occur.

Diagnosis of the disease

Couples who learn about the diagnosis of oligospermia are asked if they can get pregnant at the doctor's first joint visit to a specialist.

First, you must undergo a mandatory diagnosis in order to assess the severity of the pathology.

Almost 80% of patients after the correct course of treatment become healthy, which allows the couple to conceive a child.

Ultrasound may be recommended for the patient to identify pathologies of the genitourinary system.

Diagnosis of oligospermia using ultrasound of the testicles

The kidneys, testicles, and prostate are examined.


The main laboratory test for a man who decided to check the quality of sperm is a spermogram. The analysis is carried out on any day.

According to the results, it is possible to determine the number of spermatozoa present in the collected fluid, sperm quality by color, density and volume, the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the genetic material.

Special room for ejaculate delivery

Before visiting the clinic, you must follow the simple recommendations:

  1. refrain from ejaculation for 4 days,
  2. do not drink alcohol,
  3. exclude medication
  4. on the previous day do not visit the sauna, bath, refuse a hot bath.

Sperm is obtained by masturbation, its study is carried out under a microscope for the first 20 minutes after receipt. A man passes several tests so that the doctor can assess the dynamics of recovery.

Pathology treatment

If oligospermia is detected, the doctor will tell you how to treat it after receiving the results of the tests, identifying the existing causes.

The main task is to increase the amount of ejaculate and sperm in it to the right amount.

Upon reaching the required number, the chances of an early pregnancy of the spouse increase.

In the absence of dynamics, you will have to go to reproductive centers, where they will offer to conduct IVF using ICSI or insemination.


Oligospermia passes without symptoms. No functions are violated, and men are not even aware of the problem.

The only sign is the inability of the partner to become pregnant with regular sexual intercourse throughout the year without contraception. In this case, it is imperative to consult a specialist and conduct all necessary studies, both for a man and a woman.

Healthy lifestyle

When a disease is detected, oligospermia is not prescribed if a degree 1 disease is detected.

Men are usually advised to pay attention to lifestyle. You should start with a daily diet.

Useful products must be present on the table:

  • nuts
  • black caviar,
  • corn,
  • onion,
  • seafood, fish,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • cheeses
  • milk.

It is advisable to reduce the diet or remove coffee, convenience foods, fatty, floury foods, fast foods. Strong alcohol will have to be excluded completely.

Proper nutrition to improve sperm quality

Quality wines containing beneficial substances are not forbidden to drink occasionally in small quantities. More likely to restore the quality and quantity of sperm when you quit smoking.

Strengthening immunity, stabilizing the general condition helps taking vitamin complexes. When choosing a drug, it is advisable to give preference to where vitamins E, A, B, C, folic acid, zinc are present.

It is recommended to make life active. More walks, sports, jogging, morning exercises, gym visits are good for any man. Training with a barbell, horse riding, jumping over a goat will have to be temporarily stopped.


If oligospermia is detected, treatment with drugs is selected individually. With a viral, bacterial nature, medications are prescribed:

  1. increase the production of gonadotropins, reduce the amount of tarragon Clomid, Clomiphene,
  2. increases testosterone testogenone,
  3. contribute to the restoration of reproductive function Spematon (BAA), Chorionic gonadotropin.

Rarely the use of medications alone leads to positive results. More often, the detected oligospermia treatment requires a comprehensive.

Testogenone for the treatment of oligospermia

Surgical intervention is necessarily prescribed for the detection of varicocele. After the restoration of the work of the seminiferous tubules, the amount of ejaculate increases.


Deciding to become a dad, a man must consider age-related opportunities. Doctors do not hide: over the years, the quantity and quality of sperm has been declining.

It is worth rushing to get offspring up to 50 or putting healthy sperm in the cryobank, so that at an advanced age you don’t run into offices with a young wife, do not find out oligospermia, what is it.


Having examined the word oligospermia in terms, you can find out the peculiarity of this disease. The first part "oligo" means a decrease in numbers, and the second - sperm, sperm. We can say that in male sperm, the concentration of sperm contained in the ejaculate (seminal fluid) decreased.

Oligospermia often becomes a major factor in male infertility. For a positive result of the fertilization of the egg, the seminal fluid must contain at least 40 million live and well-motivated sperm. In order to accommodate such a number of sperm, the semen volume should not be less than 1.5 ml (some laboratories increase this indicator to 2 ml.).

Sometimes patients are at a loss. Why is a woman unable to get pregnant at low rates, when one viable sperm is enough to fertilize an egg? The problem is the acidic environment of the vagina, which negatively affects the gum. Most of them simply die, and those that remain become inactive. For this reason, the seminal fluid should be in the body of a woman in sufficient quantity so that at least one individual has a chance to reach the egg.

There are frequent cases when, according to the spermogram, oligospermia is accompanied by other deviations. This can be azoospermia (low sperm motility), as well as teratospermia (pathology in the structure of sperm). Such deviations further reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Causes and stages of the disease

The disease is divided into 3 degrees depending on the amount of seminal fluid.

Degree of diseaseThe amount of seminal fluidSperm count
oligospermia of 1 degree1,5 ml15 million per 1 ml.
oligospermia 2 degrees1 ml10 million per 1 ml.
oligospermia 3 degrees0.5 mlLess than 5 million

Oligospermia in men can form for many reasons. All of them can be divided into 2 groups. The first arise due to the wrong lifestyle and do not require special treatment. It will be enough to change your lifestyle. Other causes of the formation of pathology are associated with general health and will require appropriate treatment.

Reasons you can fix by changing your lifestyle:

  1. Proper nutrition. This refers not only to the use of a sufficient norm of protein, vitamins and various trace elements. Irregular food intake can also affect sperm volume (or the number of sperm themselves). If a man consumed a sufficient amount of all the elements, but did it once a day, the situation will not be saved.
  2. Deteriorating fertility in men who are overweight.
  3. The presence of bad habits. The formation of oligospermia or other similar diseases associated with infertility increases several times if a man abuses alcohol and tobacco.
  4. The amount of sperm produced or the viability of sperm is greatly affected by improperly selected underwear. When wearing tight underwear, blood circulation in the pelvis is disturbed, and when wearing synthetic underwear creates a greenhouse effect.
  5. Frequent stressful situations cause many diseases. Oligospermia is no exception.

Ejaculate volumes may decrease temporarily. The cause of this phenomenon may be overheating, which was formed after taking a hot bath or bath.

Important: The volume of seminal fluid and the concentration of sperm are negatively affected by prolonged abstinence, as well as frequent sex.

Health reasons for oligospermia that call for appropriate treatment:

  1. Violations of the endocrine system, which are accompanied by a malfunction of the hormonal background and testosterone deficiency.
  2. Possible congenital abnormalities.
  3. The presence of extragenital infections, as well as sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Possible pathologies in the venous system (an example is the presence of varicocele).
  5. Received genital injuries.
  6. Various inflammatory processes in the testicles, appendages, prostate gland or urethra.

Important: Very rarely, but there are cases when the cause of the decrease in the volume of seminal fluid remains undetermined.

Oligospermia treatment

It is important for men to remember that with a diagnosis of oligospermia, treatment can take a long time, and also require not only medication, but also lifestyle correction.

It is important to devote more time to sports and change the diet in the direction of healthy lifestyle, the only way to overcome the disease.

In detail about the disease

Oligospermia in men is a condition indicating a meager amount of sperm secreted during ejaculation, but in which the concentration of sperm remains within normal limits.

This index is determined in the laboratory using a calibrated pipette. In reproductive age, the norm of fluid volume is 3–6 ml per ejaculation. The result of a spermogram can be influenced by sexual incontinence before the delivery of the ejaculate for analysis, as well as impaired reproductive function. The composition of seminal fluid in 2/4 consists of seminal vesicles and 1/4 of the fluid of the prostate gland. A characteristic decrease in the amount is regarded as dysfunction and pathology of organs and systems associated with them.
This type of pathology is difficult to detect without medical diagnosis, since there is no accompanying symptomatology, and for a long time it goes unnoticed, confidently progressing. Reducing the amount of seed does not affect sexual activity, erection. The disease is detected mainly at the long stage of married life, which does not lead to a planned pregnancy and is a real shock for a woman and a man.

How is the treatment going?

There are many methods of treating oligospermia. Which one to choose for effective treatment is chosen by the doctor, having studied the medical history, but the prerequisites for choosing any method will be changes in nutrition and lifestyle. Methods

  • restorative therapy
  • hormone therapy
  • in the case of an infection, an antibacterial course may be prescribed,
  • corrective technique
  • at the middle stage of the disease, physiotherapy can be used (treatment with a magnet, pressure chamber or laser)

But the most effective method in the fight against oligospermia is surgical intervention. Most often, an operation is prescribed after an unsuccessful conservative treatment. The largest percentage (about 40%) of patients who require surgery are men with varicocele problems in the spermatic cord region. According to the results of a successful operation, the sperm count increases in 30% of cases. The indicator with a successful conception ranges from 15%.

Interesting: In some cases, patients agree to undergo hirudotherapy. This new method is based on the use of leeches.

Vasoepididyimanastomosis is one of the most effective operations in the treatment of oligospermia. The reason for its implementation may be a decrease in the number of sperm, which is associated with various diseases of the epididymis. The whole essence of this operation is to remove the vas deferens and then replace it with an implant.

Power Features

In the diet of men must be present meat products, seafood, legumes and nuts. Diversify the intake of fruits from vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These can be bananas, avocados, spinach, broccoli and pumpkin.

Products containing vitamin C will help improve sperm quality. These include bell peppers, currants and citrus fruits. For the male body, trace elements such as selenium and zinc are also important. Zinc can be replenished with egg yolk, oysters and legumes. But selenium is found in sea fish, yellow rice and broccoli.

But it is worthwhile to understand that even the most proper nutrition will not help to solve the problem if a man has diseases in the genital area that are inflammatory in nature.

General information

Treatment of oligospermia is based on the identified cause of the disease and the severity of the pathology. The main task is to eliminate the factor that caused the decrease in the number of sperm in the seminal fluid. For treatment, a set of measures is provided, including taking medications, vitamins, as well as a diet and recommendations for physical activity.

The conservative method is used in most cases, however, grade 4 or oligospermia caused by pathology of the veins requires surgical intervention. During the surgery, the area that impedes the passage of seminal fluid is eliminated. According to statistics, the procedure successfully copes even with the advanced stage of the disease.

With hormonal causes of oligospermia, the emphasis in treatment is on restoring the ratio of hormones. Oral tablets or testosterone injections are prescribed.

The possibility of becoming pregnant with oligospermia in reproductive ways

Modern methods of fertilization of the egg help solve problems with conception in a wide variety of diseases. Oligospermia is not an exception. With this disease, the situation can be resolved in a reproductive way by three methods.

  1. The ICSI method allows fertilization by introducing a sperm directly inside the egg.
  2. During insemination, the sperm is placed in the uterine cavity.
  3. In the most severe cases, the IVF method will help.

For oligospermia of the first degree, a method with intrauterine injections is well suited. Such fertilization attempts are usually carried out 4. If all of them were inconclusive, they switch to IVF or ICSI fertilization.

How to prevent a disease

Any disease will be easier to prevent than subsequently cured. A large percentage of patients could avoid the development of oligospermia if they followed all preventive measures, which consist of 2 main groups.

The first group is a healthy lifestyle:

  • full and healthy sleep (daytime sleep cannot replace night sleep),
  • playing sports (this may be minor physical activity),
  • eliminate bad habits (meaning alcohol dependence and smoking),
  • Whenever possible, avoid situations that lead to stress and mental disorders,
  • sex should be regular, but moderate.

The second group is nutrition. The products that are necessary for a healthy diet have already been described above. This list will show which products the body will receive this or that vitamin or microelement,

  • protein - fish, meat, nuts and legumes,
  • Vitamin C - tomatoes, bell peppers and citrus fruits,
  • vitamin E - nuts and olive oil,
  • antioxidants - broccoli, carrots, spinach and pumpkin,
  • selenium - broccoli and garlic,
  • zinc - chicken yolk, mushrooms and legumes.

In addition to the usual products, you can add to the diet several infusions that are used in traditional medicine to treat oligospermia.


Carrots with milk. To prepare the infusion, you need 200 ml of boiled and cooled milk, as well as Art. a spoonful of grated carrots. Insist insist about half an hour and drink before bedtime. One course is 2 weeks.

Rhodiola roots infused with vodka. For infusion, you need 20 g of dried plant roots and 200 ml of vodka. The mixture is insisted for 2 weeks in a dark place, and then they drink a teaspoon / 3 times a day.

What is the prognosis for oligospermia

The main question that couples care about is: “Is oligospermia treated?” It is quite possible to cure the disease, but most often it is a long process that constantly needs to be monitored by analyzes, taking medications and proper nutrition. Unfortunately, many couples come too late. Therefore, the treatment process for oligospermia is delayed. To increase the chances of a quick conception, a man needs to make a spermogram as early as possible.


The basis for the treatment of oligospermia is medication. Medicines are selected taking into account the causes of the disease, the presence of concomitant diseases and the general condition of the man.

The main groups of drugs:

  • Antibiotics. They are aimed at treating infections in the male body,
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They stop inflammation and reduce painful symptoms,
  • Antiviral agents. Struggle with disorders caused by viral activity,
  • Antioxidants. They remove toxins and toxic substances from the body,
  • Vitamin complexes. With oligospermia, it is necessary that the patient receive sufficient amounts of B vitamins, tocopherol, ascorbic acid selenium and zinc,
  • Supplements. Complex herbal remedies containing compounds useful for the reproductive function,

With an ailment caused by a hormonal imbalance, it is recommended:

  • Drugs that increase testosterone levels. Enanthate, Propionate,
  • Antiestrogenic drugs. Tamoxifen, Clomiphene.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies in the fight against oligospermia is an auxiliary method that allows you to speed up the process of restoring reproductive function and further strengthen the body. Before you start using the "grandfather" methods, it is important to discuss with the doctor the feasibility of this approach.

Prescriptions for drugs that accelerate the treatment of oligospermia and effectively cope with the cause of the disease:

  • Syrup of rose hips. Prepare sugar syrup from 700 g of sugar and a liter of preheated water. Composition pour red rosehip petals in a volume of 1 cup, add 3 g of citric acid to a boil. Drink 15 ml three times a day,
  • Infusion of sage. It will take 10 g of fresh leaves of the plant. Pour boiling water over them and leave for 30 minutes. The reception schedule is similar.
  • Tincture of periwinkle. Place 7 tablespoons of dry leaves in a glass container and pour 0.5 liters of high-quality vodka. Leave for 10 days, placed in a bright room. Take a teaspoon 3 times a day,
  • Baked onions. Bake or boil the onion. Eat 100 g before meals in the morning and evening,
  • Carrot milk. Grate a tablespoon of carrots and pour 2/3 cup of warmed milk. A portion to drink half an hour before bedtime,
  • Cognac cocktail. 200 ml of cognac mixed with the same amount of honey. Add the juice of 4 lemons and 3 egg yolks. Stir well. Take once a day for ½ tablespoon,
  • Elderberry tea. Pour 2 tablespoons of elderberry flowers in 500 ml of boiling water and leave for half an hour in a steam bath. Strain, add honey, drink throughout the day,
  • Decoction of the daffodil root. Grind the raw materials, pour a tablespoon of 300 ml of freshly boiled water. Half an hour to heat in a water bath. Cool, filter through cheesecloth, drink 50 ml before breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  • Therapeutic baths. Shown in autumn and winter. In a warm bath, you must add the infusion of plantain. The latter is prepared as follows: grind 50 g of dried leaves, put in a liter of boiling water and leave for 40 minutes. After filtering. The duration of the procedure is no more than a quarter of an hour.

Beekeeping products are effective for restoring the quality of ejaculate. Naturopaths recommend chewing 3 g of bread every day or dissolving a teaspoon of royal jelly (on an empty stomach).

Physical exercise

Since physical overload is one of the causes of oligospermia, exercise should be moderate. However, completely abandoning the load and moving to a sedentary lifestyle is strongly discouraged. Low physical activity causes congestion in the pelvis, which negatively affects the health of men, erectile function and fertility.

It is recommended as an addition to treatment to do exercises every morning for 15 minutes. 2-3 times a week, it’s useful to attend a pool or yoga class. It is also important to set aside time for walks. At this time, the body is saturated with oxygen, and walking improves blood circulation and metabolic processes.

The effect of oligospermia on pregnancy

Oligospermia does not exclude the possibility of conception in the first and second degree. The third stage leaves almost no chance of becoming parents, although fertilization cases have been reported. At the advanced stage, a natural pregnancy is impossible.

However, even with stage 4 oligospermia, a man can become a father thanks to modern reproductive technologies. IVF is possible in the presence of viable sperm. To carry out the procedure, biomaterial with which the egg is fertilized is taken by means of a puncture.

Can it be cured?

Oligospermia is treatable. If conservative therapy has failed, surgery will help.

It is impossible to cure a disease when it is caused by the following reasons:

  • Lack of testicles,
  • Underdeveloped testicles
  • The presence of genetic mutations.

If oligospermia is caused by these factors, treatment is not prescribed. In addition to the inability to become a father, a man, as a rule, does not experience any discomfort and can continue to live a normal life.


According to the reviews of men, many of them after passing treatment successfully conceived a child. Users of forums and portals confirm that in the course of therapy they had to not only drink medicines, but also seriously reconsider their lifestyle.

After switching to the principles of healthy eating, introducing sports activities into the schedule and strictly following medical recommendations, the majority managed to cope with the causes of the disease and become young parents.

Fertilization chances

It is possible to determine such a disease with the help of special studies. For this, doctors are studying a spermogram. In the presence of oligospermia, it is possible to identify with a high level of accuracy that the patient has a reduced sperm count. Sometimes in men with this disease, the cells are very mobile, so it is likely to conceive a child. For example, according to statistics, even in sick men there is a chance to conceive a child during the year, this figure is about 10%.

Clostilbegit in oligospermia

This medicine was first synthesized in 1956. Initially, it was used to prevent unwanted conception. But since 1967, they began to give patients in order to remove anovulatory infertility.

This drug has a non-steroidal structure and has the ability to stimulate ovulation. When treating men, it is used if the hormonal level is changed. According to statistics, this drug effectively removes oligospermia. As a result there is the possibility of conception.

According to doctors, oligospermia can be called one of the main reasons why male infertility appears. It leads to the production of too little sperm. Making such a diagnosis is stressful for most men. Understanding that a man does not have the ability to conceive a child significantly undermines his self-esteem and sense of wealth.

To diagnose this disease, you must always consult a doctor. This helps to eliminate the likelihood of other diseases that can also cause infertility. In the most severe cases, genetic testing may be required.

What factors affect fertility?

  1. Emotional and physical shocks, shock stresses disrupt the hormonal background in humans. As a result, sperm composition is disrupted.
  2. Initial physical impairment leads to defects in the reproductive system.
  3. The harmful effects of radiation, ecology and other external factors. For example, work with toxic substances, the use of drugs and various potent drugs.
  4. Damage to the reproductive system in men can be in the case of physical exertion and even cycling.
  5. Long “smoking experience” and age after 40 years can lead to a decrease in the functions responsible for sperm production.
  6. Irregular, improper nutrition, as well as the use of dirty water for drinking and cooking.
  7. Bacterial and other genital diseases that lead to inflammation.
  8. Starvation, staying in unsuitable conditions for living, past illnesses and operations weaken the body and adversely affect the ability to conceive.

Doctors note that the number of sperm at different times in a person's life may vary. This is influenced by serious reasons, and the usual change in weather and climate conditions.

Before performing surgical treatment, an accurate diagnosis should be made and the general condition of the patient should be taken into account. In this case, it is necessary to assess the level of health risk in order to determine the appropriateness of the therapy. If the state of health is weakened, then more gentle alternative methods of treatment should be used.

What is the diagnosis of vesiculitis? What traditional and traditional medicine are used for this disease? Learn about this, as well as ways to prevent and treat vesiculitis.

What threatens the lack of treatment for a short bridle? What is the danger of this phenomenon and how to prevent the consequences will learn on this page.

Factors causing temporary oligospermia

  • long abstinence from intimacy with a woman,
  • frequent intercourse,
  • malnutrition (lack of vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium, overweight, insufficient protein in the body),
  • stress or depression
  • sleep disturbance,
  • the presence of bad habits (smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages),
  • wearing tight underwear
  • ARVI, ARI,
  • overheating or hypothermia.

Can I get pregnant?

The volume of seminal fluid is very important for conception, despite the fact that only one male germ cell is enough for fertilization. The fact is that the high acidity of the vagina adversely affects the viability of sperm, in such an environment they die or become inactive. To suppress an acidic environment, a sufficient amount of seminal fluid is necessary.

It is possible to conceive a child if the sperm volume is 1-2 ml, but the percentage of probability is greatly reduced. With a volume of less than 1 ml, it is almost impossible to conceive a child naturally.


Traditional medicine methods can only help in the initial stage. And can only be an addition to the main therapy, be sure to consult a doctor!

  1. Daily intake of boiled or baked onions.
  2. Tincture of a mixture of aloe, walnuts, dried fruits and honey.
  3. Sperm quality improves carrot juice with warm milk.


Key preventative measures include:

  • elimination of bad habits,
  • normalization of sleep patterns,
  • good nutrition, including foods rich in protein, zinc selenium and vitamins C, E,
  • the exclusion of excess body weight (adipose tissue contributes to the formation of female hormones in the body and prevents the formation of testosterone),
  • regular sexual life, but without excessive sexual intercourse,
  • playing sports
  • stress elimination
  • Exclusion of excessive physical activity.

If oligospermia is suspected, you should immediately consult a doctor. Do not self-medicate.

Infertility in couples

According to statistics The cause of infertility in the family is the husband’s disease in approximately 50% of cases. According to the laws of physiology, only 1 sperm can be required for fertilization. But in the struggle for the probability of getting into the cervix, millions are normal. Men with oligospermia have a chance to conceive a child, but the general unsatisfactory state of health of the future father will badly affect the health of the planned child.

That's why Before planning children in the family, it is necessary not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to be examined in a timely manner to identify possible hidden diseases. Modern diagnostics not only improves the health of the father, but also improves the quality of sexual life. And even in the absence of obvious symptoms, a preventive examination should be performed approximately once a year.

In 95% of cases, oligospermia can be cured.. In the treatment of oligospermia, timely diagnosis is of primary importance. In this case, in combination with drug therapy, a positive result can be guaranteed in a short time.

Degrees of Oligozoospermia

Sperm rates per 1 ml were revised several times. Previously, the result was considered optimal at 60 million per ml, but in recent decades, the concentration has been steadily declining even in healthy men. In connection with such a steady trend, the norms were revised. According to the latest WHO recommendations oligozoospermia is conventionally divided into several degrees (the number of germ cells per 1 ml is the probability of conception):

  1. Concentration up to 15 million - the probability of conception is up to 30%. The safest degree at which fertilization problems usually do not occur.
  2. Up to 10 million - 10-15%.
  3. From 5 to 7 million - from 2 to 3%.
  4. Up to 3 million - the probability of natural conception tends to zero.

The earlier oligozoospermia is detected, the easier it is to correct.

Diagnosis and treatment

A doctor (andrologist or urologist) prescribes further examination based on the results of the spermogram. Diagnostic methods for oligozoospermia:

  1. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
  2. Blood test for hormones and infections.
  3. Bakseeding and PCR analysis of scraping from the urethra, prostatic juice, ejaculate (more about sowing semen).

If there is a suspicion of a violation of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis, an MRI diagnosis is prescribed.

Many clinics with oligozoospermia of the 3-4 degree are immediately referred to IVF (artificial insemination), but the experience of their former patients shows that the situation can be corrected without this expensive procedure. A treatment option for men with a sperm concentration of less than 3 million, of which only 40% are active:

  1. Amino acids L-arginine (2 tablets) and L-carnitine (1 tablet) twice a day.
  2. "Riboxinum" on a tablet once a day.
  3. Pantogematogen 2 tablets twice a day.
  4. Beekeeping products: in the morning a tablespoon of beef (bee pollen), a capsule of royal jelly.
  5. Capsules "Tykveol" one three times a day.
  6. Vitamin C 1000 mg once daily.
  7. Selenium per tablet per day.
  8. "Zinkteral" on a tablet three times a day.
  9. Supplement "Speman" 2 tablets three times a day.
Speman is a complex drug of natural origin, demanded in the treatment of male problems (enlarged prostate, impaired sperm formation). The price of the drug is from 350 rubles.

The entire course takes 2 months. At its end, the number of sperm increases to 20 million per ml.

Another treatment option for oligozoospermia, designed for a four-month course:

  • Vitamin C 200 mg three times a day,
  • Vitamin E 100 units three times a day,
  • Bio-selenium and zinc (there is a complex preparation, but you can buy the elements individually) per tablet per day,
  • Coenzyme Q10 10 mg three times a day,
  • 50 mg L-carnitine thrice daily
  • "Magnesan", folic acid, "Tykveol" per tablet daily.

It is possible to increase the number of sperm cells in oligozoospermia with the help of plant dietary supplements "Tribulus", "Tribestan", "". Sessions of hirudotherapy (leeches), taking medications based on bee products (effective biostimulants): Apilak, drone homogenate, and perga help a lot.

It is important to abandon bad habits, balance a diet, exercise in order to avoid stagnant processes in the pelvic area. All these measures will only help if oligozoospermia is not caused by infections. In this case, first a course of antibiotic treatment is required, then restoration of normal spermatogenesis for several months, and only then a control spermogram is passed.

Surgical methods are used to detect varicocele (at a pronounced stage), tumors, impaired patency of the seminal canals.

Oligozoospermia and pregnancy

With oligozoospermia of 1 and 2 degrees, couples usually do not experience problems with natural conceptionif there are no other pathologies of germ cells: reduced mobility, poor morphology. Theoretically, only one sperm is enough for fertilization - it is important that it reaches the egg and can penetrate into it.

With oligozoospermia of the 2nd and 3rd degree, you can resort to insemination - the introduction of sperm directly into the uterus during the period of ovulation (the time the egg leaves the ovary) or into the ovary itself. This is a gentle method that does not require such serious hormonal stimulation as IVF. Problems arise if ovulation is absent. In such cases, women are prescribed “Clomiphene” to stimulate it.

If the sperm count is critically small, in vitro fertilization remains. Viable germ cells are extracted from a sperm sample, and in a pinch, directly from the testicles by taking part of their tissue (biopsy) or puncture. The embryo forms in a test tube, then sits in the uterus.

If there are problems with sperm motility or structure, then the ICSI method is used - the artificial introduction of a viable (in the opinion of the reproductologist) male gamete into the egg. There are also more accurate methods - IMSI, PIXI. In the first case, the introduction of the sperm is performed under a multiple increase, in the second - with additional preliminary diagnostics for genetic abnormalities and the usefulness of the internal structure.

The main causes of the disease

The fact that oligospermia is known to men suffering from such diseases:

  • varicocele - a condition in which varicose veins in the testicles lead to a violation of the outflow of fluid from the testes, a pathology develops, popularly defined as “dropsy”,
  • infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted
  • ejaculation dysfunction.

Oligospermia can cause the following reasons:

  • traumatic injuries of the pelvic organs,
  • benign neoplasms,
  • cancerous tumors
  • transferred surgical interventions.

The list of phenomena that affect ejaculation, as a result, the ability to conceive a child, includes taking medications:

  • beta blockers
  • antibiotics
  • means to lower blood pressure.

In addition to factors that disrupt the reproductive system, include:

  • hormonal imbalance caused by diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism),
  • poisoning with toxins or salts of heavy metals,
  • overheating of the pelvic organs due to wearing the wrong underwear or harmful working conditions,
  • taking alcoholic beverages, drugs,
  • overweight
  • stress, mental strain.

The number of sperm depends on the heredity and age of the man.

Diagnosis of the disease

The determination of pathology is carried out by one method - the delivery of spermogram. After ejaculation, the laboratory assistant examines the volume of the ejaculate and the number of live and healthy sperm suitable for fertilization.

Even if the first analysis did not show the best results, this can not mean that men are sick. Health assessment must be carried out twice, with a break of several weeks or months, and with careful preparation:

  • complete abstinence during the week before the examination,
  • refusal to visit the baths, saunas,
  • excluding alcoholic beverages, cigarettes three days before analysis.

In order for the clinical response to accurately reflect the patient’s health picture, he must notify the laboratory assistant about all the medicines he takes constantly.

Degrees of Oligospermia

The disease has 4 degrees, the definition of which depends on the correlation (ratio) of the concentration of viable sperm in the volume of fluid released.

Causes of the development of pathology in men

Among the causes of the development of the disease, it is necessary to identify factors that are easily and difficult to respond to drug therapy. Easily removable causes, that is, without the use of medications, are related to the first block. With hypovitaminosis, an unbalanced diet, the body receives an insufficient amount of protein elements that play an important role in the production of sperm in the testes. To support the stable process of spermatogenesis, you need to take a spectrum of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
A negative effect on spermatogenesis is the abuse of bad habits (alcohol, smoking). The physiological actions of the body, such as stress, overheating, fatigue, and poor sleep affect sperm quality.

It's important to know! The result of the spermogram to establish the causes of the appearance of oligospermia in the male is informative after 4-day abstinence.

If onanism or frequent sexual intercourse, as well as excessive abstinence, influenced the delivery of the analysis, then this is a functional oligospermia. Doctors recommend taking the preparation of the retest seriously.
Inflammatory processes can cause a temporary manifestation of oligospermia, but, on the other hand, the neglected form causes a number of pathological complications.
Statistical studies have shown that the disease develops while working in harmful enterprises, as well as due to the gain in excess body weight.
In addition to the above easily removable causes of oligospermia provoking, it is necessary to consider severe forms of manifestation:

  • orchoepididymitis (inflammatory process of the testicles and their appendages),
  • testicular inflammation,
  • violation of the integrity and functions of the penis,
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • chronic and acute form of prostatitis.

    Stages of the disease

    Oligospermia of the 1st, 2nd degree contains from 1 to 60 million spermatozoa per 1 ml of seminal fluid. Grade 3 oligospermia in the male contains 1–40 million sperm in 1 ml of ejaculate. The presence of sperm in 4 degrees is from 5 to 20 million.
    For proper fertilization of the egg, at least half of the spouse's ejaculate must enter the vagina. In this case, the allocated semen should be in a volume of not less than 1.5 ml. The fertilization process according to statistics becomes positive only in 5% of families with a diagnosis of oligospermia. But you should not assume that you cannot get pregnant with such a diagnosis, because there have been cases when the number of sperm in the ejaculate is small, and the woman managed to get pregnant.

    Disease treatment

    Since there are no symptoms of oligospermia, with the exception of signs and syndromes caused by provoking pathologies, men begin to be treated quite late.

    It is not possible to cure a pathology quickly, except when its causes are an incorrect lifestyle or the use of potent medicines.

    In other situations, the fight against concomitant disease provocateurs will be required.

    Drug therapy

    The choice of drugs depends on the causes of the pathology, the stage of its development.

    • First, the doctor will treat provocative diseases for which you may need to take antibiotics, anti-inflammatory or hormonal drugs, reduce the patient’s weight or remove the neoplasm.

    The direct treatment of oligospermia will be carried out by drugs whose action is aimed at increasing the volume of sperm or the number of sperm in it.

    This may be a means to:

    • enhancing testosterone synthesis: a reduced level of male androgen affects the quality and quantity of sperm - Propionate, Enanatate,
    • decrease in estrogen: an increased rate of female hormone also negatively affects the parameters of seminal fluid - Clomid, Clomiphene, Klostilbegit.

    An important role in the treatment of the disease is played by vitamin-mineral complexes or dietary supplements. In the latter, micro and macro elements necessary for the body are supplemented with plant, animal extracts and amino acids. The advantage of dietary supplements is their naturalness, almost complete absence of contraindications, but this is not a reason to take them without the consent of a doctor. The list of the most effective drugs for oligospermia includes:


    If there are signs of varicocele or other diseases associated with the passage of fluids through the spermatic cord, which caused oligospermia, only surgeons can help.

    During the operation, the area that prevents the outflow is removed, the condition quickly normalizes. In 90% of cases, such interventions are minimally invasive and are not associated with serious complications.

    Unconventional methods

    Traditional medicine also knows many recipes for improving the quality of seminal fluid. They are easy to find on online forums. The rules and the duration of their admission, patient reviews about their effectiveness, and photos of rare ingredients are also written there.

    Most of them are based on medicinal herbs, bee products are also useful.The list of the most effective drugs includes:

    • infusions: walnuts, sage, periwinkle, anise, plantain,
    • syrup of rosehip petals or a decoction of its fruits,
    • rosehip broth,
    • honey, royal jelly, bee bread
    • baked onions.

    Alternative recipes are also subject to agreement with the attending physician; they cannot be a complete substitute for medical or surgical therapy. Their reception is long, the results come only after a few weeks.


    The main thing in the fight against infertility is the rejection of bad habits. Smoking, abuse of any alcoholic beverages and taking narcotic substances “kill” sperm and reduce the chances of conception.

    You need to start playing sports: even minor loads will positively affect a man’s health. An alternative to training in the gym will be:

    • swimming,
    • cycling,
    • walks in the open air,
    • skiing,
    • walking on the stairs
    • refusal to use public transport.

    Diagnosis of oligospermia

    ads-pc-1 First of all, a man should seek the advice of an andrologist. The doctor will ask about various intimate questions that should be honestly answered (quality of sexual life, number of partners, duration of an act, the beginning of a sexual life, and so on). After the analysis is appointed spermogram.
    What it is? This is by far the most informative method for diagnosing pathologies. Having determined morphological disorders, the urologist prescribes an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, the study of hormones. It is also necessary to exclude STDs - sexually transmitted diseases. The presence of gonorrhea, chlamydia and so on causes a number of barriers to the spread of sperm in the female reproductive system.

    Treatment and effective methods

    Therapy directly depends on the factors caused. The individual composition of medicines and techniques is selected after examining the patient. The presence of an infectious process should be comprehensively cleaned with antibacterial drugs. Hormonal abnormalities require additional treatment with hormonal agents. It is necessary to change the lifestyle and composition of food. It is recommended to eat foods rich in protein: seafood, meat, mushrooms, legumes. It is necessary to increase the consumption of food of plant origin, as it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
    Products containing vitamin C improve sperm quality: currants, broccoli, bell peppers. The composition of the necessary trace elements (selenium, zinc) can be obtained in fatty fish, yellow rice, egg yolks, legumes.

    In most cases, treatment of oligospermia gives positive results. The presence of chronic forms of prostatitis and orchitis require constant support for oligospermia with the treatment of the fortified type.

    Oligospermia is caused by unhealthy human activity, therefore, minimal reproductive disorders can be tried to cure with folk remedies.
    The amount of ejaculate well increases onions in boiled or baked form. You must eat 100 grams of product per day for at least one month.
    Milk drink with juice of grated fresh carrots. It is necessary to separate the carrot juice from the base and combine 2 tbsp. l juice with 100 ml of boiled milk. Insist the resulting mixture for about an hour and take before bedtime. The course of treatment is 14 days.

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