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Fashionable men's coats spring 2018, stylish styles, photo of new products, trends from the catwalks

Among the many varieties of men's coats, it is not so easy to choose your option. But in order to always remain stylish and confident, you should carefully study the fashion trends of each season. It will be possible to choose a men's coat in spring 2018 without problems if you carefully monitor the latest updates in the fashion industry and the areas of activity of famous stylists.

Since the spring season is in full swing, the relevance of the question, which stylish men's coat to purchase, is significantly increasing. Each representative of the stronger sex, who takes care of himself and tries to attract the attention of others with an original appearance, must give an answer to this question.

Coat is a stylish attribute of men's wardrobe

If a man’s wardrobe has a coat, then he can safely proceed to create an interesting and relevant image. This item of outerwear is perfect for business style, complement a sports or casual look. Depending on the style of the thing, it can be combined with different clothes, shoes, accessories. A properly selected coat in size will emphasize the merits of a man and hide all the flaws of the figure, which is very important for many.

The coat will protect from wind and rain, warm in cold weather, will make the image as stylish and original as possible. By choosing the right model, a man can become a real icon of style.

Stylish men's coats spring 2018, fashionable balmakaan style, minimalism trends

Classic men's balmakaans in the new spring 2018 collections can be very strict or rather bright colors characteristic of the urban style. The length also varies from mid-thigh to mid-calf.

A stylish shortened model can be seen in the photo of the Heresis collection. Made of Italian wool of premium quality Loro Piana, it has a natural sheen and velvety texture. The luxury of the material is emphasized by decorative stitching along the edge. This is a status outerwear, ideal for respectable men.

Models are presented in the most relevant black and blue colors, which behave perfectly in combination with other things. A straight fit makes these spring coats suitable for any type of figure.

The Ovadia & Sons collection features a minimalistic balmacaan of bright eggplant hue that will appeal to young people. A sleek design with a lowered shoulder line, a dull shirt collar and four buttons allows you to combine the product with printed and bright things in complimentary shades.

The checkerboard optical print is used in the Ovadia & Sons fashion show. It is made in black and white and adorns a minimalistic balmakaan. The design of the product is classic, knee-length. However, the democratic nature of the selected print makes it easy to wear it with jeans and sneakers.

Men's coats spring 2018 buy a fitted silhouette, fashion trends of a constructive cut, geometric prints

In the Alexander McQueen show, fitted silhouettes are created. Constructive cut allows you to combine various textures and materials. Designers work in a single color palette, preserving monochrome - a fashionable trend in the spring season of 2018.

The large and small cells of the “Prince of Wales” combine and fit well into the fitted fit of the male crimson. All details fade into the background, leaving the main space for fashionable geometry. The buttons are covered with a support bar, and pockets are hidden by a checkered pattern. The authors of the collection recommend choosing trousers in tone, preferably with the same print.

The stylish long trench coat from Alexander McQueen is made with raglan sleeves, making the shoulder line softer. A large collar, shoulder straps and large patch pockets are fashionable accented elements. The vertical inserts that make the figure more taut are made of checkered "vichy" fabric of the same shade.

Coat autumn - 2018: men's variations on the theme of free style

The men's coat in 2018 is quite original, not only in cut, but also in colors. If before, very often on men it was possible to see a coat in restrained shades, then today representatives of the stronger sex boldly flaunt the street in catchy-colored items. Even in designer collections, a rich palette predominates to a greater extent than a black, gray and beige palette. Many coats are complemented by various elements that serve as a real decoration.

Trends in materials for men's clothing

The most popular fabrics of the new season are velvet and velor. Designers decided to add softness to stern men.

Despite the fact that these fabrics are very cozy, warm and pleasant, men do not really like them. Let's look at how much this trend will take root. As for the rest of outerwear, it can be described in one word - voluminous. Oversize causes different emotions in men. Someone loves him, someone does not like him at all.

Among the presented outerwear there are parks, down jackets, leather jackets and coats. The maximum recommended length is to the knee. Choose the right style for yourself.

There are more and more designers, but the trends dictated by him are very limited. Despite the framework of fashion, they invariably present their new ideas and solutions, in some things there is more creativity, in some less. This is done so that the choice is both for lovers of innovative ideas and for conservatives.


What fabrics are used to sew outer clothing. Now we will tell you everything.

  • Drap is a soft woolen fabric that has several layers of weave. Drap products are warm, pleasant to the touch. It keeps its coat well and wrinkles a little.
  • Tweed is a coarser fabric, has its own pattern: speck or herringbone. It all depends on the weave. Thick fabric. A tweed item will last more than one season.

  • Cashmere refers to woolen fabrics. The coat is lightweight and durable. Among the shortcomings: in often bent places, for example on the sleeves, spools may appear.

Fashion prints

The cell remains at the peak of popularity. It is hard to imagine that she could be lost from men's wardrobes. This print, this season, is most actively used in classic clothes.

Pants relevant for this season are here.

What jackets for men will be fashionable in the fall-winter season 2019-2020, we will tell in our article.

And so dear men, we present a photo gallery of men's sweaters here.

The strip also did not disappear, but it is much smaller. Most often it is thin. Another favorite men's print is camouflage. It is popular both in the familiar version and in the stylized version. Color combinations are predominantly classic or with spots close in tone to the main color.


Outerwear manufacturers offer different options. A short coat looks good with any pants. The only exception is sportswear. A short coat can be worn at any age. Young men emphasize the status of a business man. Men who have already crossed the bar “for” throw off their running age.

A long coat looks good on men whose height is above average. It is always warmer in it than in a short coat. A man in a long coat always looks more solid and attractive to the fair sex.

Actual colors

Success in choosing an outfit is ensured, if at the same time you choose the right color palette. In this cold season, such shades will be relevant:

This soft shade fits perfectly into the autumn colors and gives a noble look to everything along. As a rule, this shade goes hand in hand with leather goods, velveteen and some accessories.

This pastel shade will be the perfect base color for your image. Turtlenecks, pullovers, sweaters and jackets of a lilac-misty shade will look harmonious, provided that the outfit is diluted with items of clothing of a deeper tone.

  • Indigo

Indigo color goes well with orange and gray, so fashion designers recommend not to ignore this rule and select objects and accessories in the outfit, guided by this principle. This shade can tell a lot about its owner, for example, as experts say, men who prefer this color are always patient, successful and self-confident. As a rule, the color of indigo prevails in everyday, strict clothes.

Features demi-season coat

All men's coats autumn-spring are perfectly insulated, but not as much as winter models. Unlike a heavy down jacket or winter jacket, demi-season clothing does not interfere with movements and completely keeps the body warm without visually increasing the volume of the figure.

Coats fall-spring are perfectly combined with both classic suits and jeans or sweaters. So such clothes are an ideal option for those who want to look stylish in any situation.

Fashionable men's coats spring 2018 O-shaped silhouette, bright trends, youth styles, photos of current images

Narrowed to the bottom O-shaped silhouettes came from modern women's collections, as well as oversize style. They are very relevant among the younger generation, but do not exclude sufficiently restrained images.

In his collection, Raf Simons creates models with cropped sleeves, stand-up collars and deep inside pockets. The length to the knees allows you to more clearly identify the O-silhouette. The color of the model can be either bright, for example, scarlet, or more muffled - dark blue.

The o-shaped silhouette is recreated in a leather trench coat. To do this, Raf Simons uses a voluminous oversize cut and lowers the shoulder line, emphasizing this with hanging shoulder straps. All original details of the trench coat remain in place except for the belt. The model successfully fits into the military style.


Men's coats of a classic cut are presented in restrained colors. The collections are dominated by blue, turquoise, cobalt, traditional black. Topical in the cold season of 2020 will be double-breasted readington and single-breasted Crombi. Models are complemented by an English collar, smooth shelves, graphic cut. The latest designer news has kept monochrome, large wooden buttons, inside pockets. The trend is volume textures, bookled wool, cashmere, tweed.

A modern men's tracksuit should be easy to wear, not restrict movements, allow the skin to breathe and deflect fumes, more about it in our article.

Fashionable men's shirts 2019-2020 right here.

The jacket will be able to simultaneously warm and complete the image, more about him here.

In a classic cut there is a laconicism characteristic of this style. The coat sits perfectly on the male figure and makes its owner slimmer and more attractive. In a fashionable classic model, you can look presentable and stylish.

Men’s Club as a sign of quality!

We offer designer clothes from Japan and South Korea at affordable prices. The assortment contains many models made in different colors, sizes and designs. For example, you can order a coat with one or two sides, with a strap, a hood or without them.

All demi-season coats sold by our company are of high quality, and these are not empty words! Since the manufacture of such clothes takes place in small batches (15-20 pieces), we make sure that each product is made perfectly. You can be sure that all the elements are firmly sewn to each other, and the fabric is free from defects.

All fall-spring coats are sewn by hand, so they have a great design, a perfect fit and excellent protection from cold air and wind. For their manufacture, natural wool, cloth, velor and drap-velor are used.

If you decide to purchase a demi-season men's coat in our online store, then you made the right choice! Contact by phone +7 (495) 970-37-90 or visit our boutiques in Moscow at the following addresses: Kholodilny Lane, Building 3 (Roll Hall Shopping Center), Pavilion 71 and Dmitrovskoye Shosse 89 (Shopping Center XL), Pavilion A10.

Classic men's coats spring 2018 with prints, baroque and gothic trends, photo of new products

The new Balmain spring collection features stylish coats with a classic silhouette in an achromatic palette. A mix of black and white allows you to create original geometric patterns with optical effects.

A fashionable baroque pattern adorns a laconic cut model with a Schalke collar. The verticals of the print visually narrow and extend the silhouette. The brilliant texture of the material gives this product a touch of luxury.

A more youthful model is represented by the style of a crombi. Designers of the French brand Balmain stylize the print pattern for the components of the American flag: stripes and stars. And lacing is drawn on the sleeves, which adds a modern grunge tint to the image.

Thanks to the Gothic print, the men's poncho coat looks especially exquisite. In its cut, this model resembles a very elongated sweater. The volume of the traditional style of the poncho is missing here, only oversize elements that are fashionable in the spring of 2018 are guessed: a smooth shoulder line, elongated sleeves. Designers propose to wear such outerwear with classic things, for example, on a shirt with a tie.

Coat - Polo

The upcoming fall will remain relevant minimalism, which modern men like so much. It is in this fashionable style that most polo coat models are made. The designers of Hugo Boss in their latest collection presented a very interesting strict cut with a lowered armhole, which creates a smooth shoulder line. Fashionable coat add removable fur hoods. Models are sewn without unnecessary additional details and go well with classic men's clothing. Fashion designers have offered interesting democratic novelties up to the middle of the thigh. As a heater, natural dense materials were chosen.

Polo models - an option for businessmen and office fashion. They are great for daily use and feature good functionality. A stylish addition to this coat will be leather gloves or knitted mitts.

Stylish men's coats spring 2018 in a youth style, photos of the best new products, modern trends

The classic elegance of the coat and the details of the stylish bomber jacket were able to be combined by designers in the spring season of 2018. They create products in an achromatic color palette from different texture fabrics.

In the N. Hoolywood collection you can see a model made on the basis of a bomber jacket and a varsity university jacket (letterman). The lowered shoulder line makes it very relevant. And on the chest there is a brand emblem. Knitwear and wool are a very harmonious duet of materials.

A similar model can be with geometric stripes. They pass along the shoulder seams, along the fastener and along the bottom. The image can be supplemented with things in shades of gray, preferably with geometric prints.

At Wooyoungmi, the lightweight jacket look coat is made of ivory cotton. It is complemented by patch pockets and an English collar. A knitted elastic collar is sewn into the upper part of the turn-down collar. This allows you to make the product less formal, which is also emphasized in rolled up cuffs.

The bold aesthetics of the Y-3 brand made it possible to create an elongated version of the bomber, presented as a coat. Its length reaches the knees, and the main knitted details are elongated. Therefore, harmony is maintained. Such outerwear for spring is ideal in a duet with casual things, for example, with a jumper and breeches.


New items have an interesting and unusual cut. Creative styles look expressive and attract attention. The collections contain models with bright decorative elements, functional buttons that protect the bars from the wind. Coats stand out in saturated colors against the rest of the winter monotony.

In the rulers you can find red, turquoise, blue, black, brown dufflecats. Bright fasteners and decorative loops noticeably transform such a coat and make it unusually stylish. For lovers of calmer options, fashion designers offer brown coats. Models go well with any shoes and trousers. Skinny pants and sneakers will do. In this outfit, any representative of the stronger sex will certainly look bright and unforgettable.

How to choose and buy fashionable men's coats spring 2018 in the online store

Designers recommend choosing styles in a classic style: crombie, trench coats, balmacans of restrained colors. Trendy models with modern details are perfect for everyday urban casuals. Achromatic colors will make outerwear easy to match.

In the online store BuyLux you can buy:

  • men's coats spring 2018 from wool and cashmere,
  • stylish Cromby semi-fitted silhouette,
  • short cut balmacaans of a straight cut,
  • youth duffle coats and pea jackets.

Fur coats

A practical solution for warming the body in cold weather will be a fashionable fur coat. As a heater for male models, fashion designers chose a brown sheepskin. The new collections feature elegant coats of medium length. Designers tried to avoid very sharp contrasts in the colors. Many styles have shortened sleeves, fur hoods, functional fittings. Designers once again preferred minimalism. Pardessus are distinguished by neat English collars, the presence of a windproof bar, and the absence of unnecessary details.

Such a thing will reliably protect the body in any cold winter weather. The coats are very warm and practical. They look varied, stylish and relevant, so many men will like it.

How to choose ?

You should not run to the store if the following points are not defined:

  • Where are you going to go in it? Events can be very different. Office work involves business dresscode. So, you need a classic coat. For everyday meetings, a beautiful duffle coat is suitable.
  • Color selection. Again, we consider two facts: dark colors: black, blue, brown, choose the work suit. Other colors are suitable for everyday meetings. Here you can give preference to fashionable color trends or your favorite color.
  • The choice of fasteners will also not be amiss. Buttons or lightning are a matter of taste for every man. Today, designers combine both. It all depends entirely on your preferences. Buttons are also not a bad option.

70s retro

Prada designers presented a retro collection on the world catwalks, in which all the trends of the seventies are observed. Many models are sewn of velvet, wool, tweed and velveteen and reflect retro trends. Expressive matter looks unusual and stylish on a man. She does not cause an unpleasant impression, ennobles the modern fashionista and makes him a real dandy. Things look harmonious and without unnecessary pathos.

Different models

Youth options for everyday use are made in the styles of oversize and casual. Distinctive features of these models are multi-layer and multifactorial. A warm quilted coat is connected to a shortened sheepskin coat, which makes the item look unusual and versatile. Designers decided to play on the contrast of the materials used and, I must say, the designers did it well. Coats look extraordinary and trendy.

Boho style

Actual in the new season will be the style of "boho", wine and brick shades, checkered print, winning effects and details. When choosing a fashionable men's coat, you should pay attention to the functionality and practicality of the model. Retro novelties are made of luxurious dense materials, which will be ideal for the fall. In the rulers, you can also find warmed models.

Wraps replace coats

Women have long appreciated the comfort of sets with the participation of all kinds of options for wraps, now the turn has come to men. Do not worry, there is no place for blouses with ruffles! Designers offer more manly options.

Bright and warm wraps from Giorgio Armani - a comfortable and practical solution for every day

Burberry Cape Coat is for bold youth sets.

The podium was flooded with poncho, cape coats and the likeness of knitted cardigans without fasteners. The assortment is quite diverse. But now a reasonable question arises for men about how and with what to combine it? We recommend providing these things with the role of a catchy accent in the look, combining them mainly with classic clothing styles in plain and restrained colors.

What to wear?

Classic shoes are suitable for the coat: that is, the one that men are used to wearing with suits and traditional trousers. Oxfords, derby, brogues, men's shoes. Ankle boots are suitable for cool. Gloves will not prevent a cool autumn day.

What do eminent designers offer?

Calvin Klein men's coats feature clean lines and sleek designs. And again, no surprises - white, beige, black, length below the knee.

Outerwear for men from the Dior Homme collection departs from the laconicism of generally accepted fashion, presenting a fresh look at the possibilities of men's wardrobe. On the podium, we saw men's capes, sleeveless coats, vinyl models, expressive military style.

The men's collection of the Italian brand looks impressive, so the coats shown on the catwalk will only fit confident men. Models that looked like bathrobes and an officer-style coat with gold buttons with floral prints looked especially catchy. For the winter, Dolce & Gabbana offers warmth with long men's down jackets.

Fashionable men's coat - 2018: designer proposals

This season, fashion designers offer original new men's coats, which not only look unusual in length, but also use printed fabrics, which is more typical for women's clothing. It is especially unusual for a man to see a flower coat, but, nevertheless, such options are presented on the catwalks in 2018. The strip on the men's coat, which is quite pronounced, is also very impressive.

Men's coats 2019-2020. Colors and fabrics

We are not going to amaze you with the fact that men's coats 2019-2020 will be amazed by some unusual innovations, because most often men's coats adhere to more traditions than innovations.

Nevertheless, men's coats 2019-2020 have something to please, surprise, impress in a particular look in classic, street, informal designs.

Not all the strengths of this world will allow you to choose men's coats for yourself, because this outfit will be more effective than the same jackets, down jackets, sheepskin coats.

Men's coats news will be very restrained in terms of color palettes. Designers will offer men's coats in black, gray, blue, coffee, brown, beige, purple, green, yellow, khaki.

Men's coats of white, red, bright orange execution will surprise with exclusivity, which will allow the outrageous representatives of the male gender.

Men's coats 2019-2020 were announced in short length, medium options and a spectacular maxi, which for men is very shocking and exclusive.

Trendy men's coats are made from the best coat fabrics, in particular wool, tweed, velveteen, leather, denim, suede, raincoat, cashmere, drape, which are most successful in the category of coats for men.

Men's coat: photo - 2018 of the most current offers in black

The coat of the classic style in black is laconic. The familiar product sits wonderfully on the figure of a man and makes the silhouette visually slimmer, which attracts the views of the opposite sex. With the help of a fashionable coat, a man can create presentable and stylish images. But still, for most men, the most popular product for fall or winter is a coat in a minimalist style. The black coat of 2018 is mainly made in this direction.

Men's coats 2019-2020. Trending news and models

Men's coats, as a rule, are performed in classic silhouettes, laconic cut elements, with straight lines, notes of minimalism.

In the trend are men's coats duffle coat, crombi, military uniforms and pea jackets, stylish odor coats, a coat with a belt.

Representatives of the stronger sex with great pleasure will wear fashionable men's coats 2019-2020 in a double-breasted version, with two rows of buttons, in short and medium models with patch pockets, lapels.

Note that spectacular medium and shortened leather coats will be popular, which is very shocking and impressive.

In addition to their models made completely of their skin, men's coats with leather inserts are relevant, which have become a favorite for many lucky people.

Quilted men's coats down jackets will take their place in the men's wardrobe, which is most successful for the cold winter period, since they are insulated with special synthetic insulation.

Lightweight men's trench coats will be a godsend for men during the fall. It is noteworthy that such styles gravitate towards a military style with characteristic variations of cut for this direction.

Extraordinary capes will also be introduced into men's coats, resuming the havlok's paltry direction for elegant men.

Cool winter images

Fashionable winter men's classic jackets and coats have become just a real decoration of the cold season. Representatives of the stronger sex surprised with their images, which were so original and interesting that it was impossible to take their eyes off.

The male representatives successfully combined coats and jackets, coats and sweatshirts with jeans or classic pants. In addition, the guys put on light vests under their coats, wore a dark top with a light bottom, or vice versa. Fashionable macho was something to surprise others in winter.

Modern classic fashion: men's coat in the photo 2018

Many designers use a cut technique with a lowered armhole, which creates smooth lines in the area of ​​strong, masculine shoulders. Many designers use a cut technique with a lowered armhole, which creates smooth lines in the area of ​​strong, masculine shoulders. Most products are made by designers with the absence of any additional elements. It is this nuance that allows men to wear a coat with many things from the wardrobe. The most talking models of men's coats include polo style. Such options are ideal for business images for every day due to its functionality.

Extraordinary men's coats 2019-2020 with innovative design approaches

Men's coats and general trends of prints will also affect loudly declared themselves in women's fashion.

The classic men's coat in a single-color cut will complement the very stylish plaid coat for men with a cage of different sizes and colors.

Men's coats with animal print is also a novelty, which, like female models, will amaze everyone around with the shocking and extraordinary sense of style of its owner.

No less shocking are men's coats with pop art drawings that young and active guys will allow themselves to do.

Men's coats 2019-2020 with fur inserts on the collar and hood look expensive, which can be easily removed if necessary.

Also, men's coats in the style of oversize are not out of date, which again will become a godsend for young guys who love to wear jeans, sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, sweatshirts.

Unexpected men's coats in the style of sport-chic, which will also be of interest to those who gravitate to sports and street destinations.

Fashion trends spring-autumn 2018

Fashion trends this year pleasantly surprise. Outerwear not only in classic shades, but also in swamp, olive, mustard color, has become relevant. Designers offered mods single-breasted and double-breasted cut models, things of different lengths became relevant. This season, a handsome men's pea coat will be at the peak of fashion, and this happens for the following reasons:

  • the thing of this style will fit perfectly on any man,
  • This option is universal, therefore it will complement any image,
  • A pea jacket is perfect for casual, sports or business style.

Long coats will be a real hit of this season, because they have already won just a huge audience of fans.

The real trend of the new fashion season can be considered men's coats in a small cage, which looks very interesting and original. Classic models will also be fashionable. The fabric that should be preferred is velvet and velor. The length of the coat to the middle of the knee, decorated with patch pockets, appliqués and various stripes, will be fashionable. Also, the trend of spring is camouflage, so coloring in this spirit will be very relevant. In terms of colors, it is better to choose caramel, lilac shades or indigo color.

Men's coats of winter 2018: restrained and expressive models

Men's coat options for the winter season look very impressive. The warm fabric used to create the fashionable upper product retains body heat. Winter men's coats made of thick wool are very widely and varied in collections. Even there are a number of puffy men's coats that are made originally. Such exaggerated models will certainly be appreciated by youth representatives. The main trend of winter men's coats is a loose fit. Under such outerwear you can easily pry off a warm sweater and feel warm and comfortable enough on a frosty day.

Top brands

A designer men's coat is a thing that will never go out of style. True, an elite coat costs a lot, but the ability to look stylish and confident requires some investment. The best coat brands, try to release the most stylish clothes and it looks just great.

Among the fashion brands whose outerwear will be relevant this season, the following should be noted:

  1. Reiss
  2. Charles Tyrwhitt.
  3. Suitsupply.
  4. Thomas Pink.
  5. Jaeger and Marks & Spencer.

The modern men's coat of these brands will successfully complement the wardrobe of each representative of the stronger sex.

Stylist Tips

A good men's coat cannot be very cheap. So that a man can choose exactly his option, stylists recommend that he do the following:

  • to study the popular trends of the autumn-winter season,
  • get ahead of what size of the product is needed,
  • choose a model, taking into account the features of your figure,
  • check all product quality parameters.

Expensive coats can be worn in the cold season or in spring for plowing. A cool coat will go well with classic costumes, regular sweaters and jeans and other elements of clothing. The main thing to remember is that this thing is a fundamental part of the wardrobe, which must be complemented with successful things and shades.

The best images with a coat for men 2019-2020




A men's coat can be called an indispensable thing in every wardrobe. With its help, you can create interesting and relevant images. Given the trends of this fashion season and choosing the right style, you can create just a chic look. It does not matter at all whether the coat will be part of an everyday or holiday bow, it always looks relevant.

This season the classics will not go out of fashion, but this does not mean that the collections will not be supplemented by more original and bright models. The main thing here is to correctly determine the style and length so that the image is truly relevant and unique.

Unisex Coat for Men

In the era of widespread tolerance, designers at the Paris Fashion Week preferred unisex clothing, and some were not even afraid to show even more imagination by showing the world androgynous things, that is, suitable for both sexes at the same time. Men are advised to choose elongated over-size coats in warm, pleasant colors with a straightforward print or ornament or in completely plain colors.

Layering and asymmetry

This is not the first season that layering in clothes is held at the top of the fashionable Olympus in both women's and men's wardrobe. Wearing a jacket over a cloak or a short-sleeved shirt on a warm sweater, the young man will not seem strange, but rather fashionable and modern. Stylish this fall and winter will be a coat “as if from someone else’s shoulder”, made using a special patchwork technique called a patchwork. It is a mixture of material in one thing. That is, a coat can be both satin and velveteen, leather and velvet, woolen and suede. Versace fashion house surpassed everyone in texture and asymmetry this season, demonstrating the incredibly bright and motley men's clothing of intricate styles, combining denim and bright oriental prints.

Men's coats 2018: trends in sports coats

A men's coat in a sports style is very interesting and unusual in 2018. Such models look quite expressively. In many collections of world brands there are coats in a sports style, which, like the classic options, are made in the style of minimalism. The color scheme of the coat allows you to create the most unusual combinations of clothes, from sports shorts to stylish jeans. The line of sports coats includes products of various colors.

Fur solution

For lovers of fur, the good news is that you can buy a fur coat not only to your wife, but also to your beloved. Experts advise not to adhere to the classical canons when choosing it - here you can give preference to both a long bright fur coat of flashy flowers and a more relaxed model that combines different types of fur.

If a fur coat seems too bold, then you can choose a fur coat. This option is ideal for harsh winters. Fashion experts advise to consider models with sheepskin insulation. Coats with a fur collar look very interesting, intelligent and stylish. And most importantly - they protect the head, neck and ears from frost.

Fur coats can be cashmere or draped, as well as elongated straight jackets.

Military style

Military is also relevant in the upcoming fall-winter season. Coats of various marshy and green / blue / black shades with sewn-in accessories in the form of epaulets, brooches, orders, a huge number of large buttons or buttons, and other elements of warlike themes are another timeless trend. Also, the military is a high gate that will look spectacular both in the raised and in the lowered form. The print that most men love is camouflage. You can choose raincoats and coats both in standard camouflage and stylized colors. Military style gives brutality, masculinity and personality to the representative of the stronger sex.


Minimalistic outerwear is at the peak of popularity along with military and vibrant asymmetric models. It is minimalism that is the favorite fashion solution of a huge number of men. Fashionable minimalist style - polo coat to or just below the knee. The Hugo Boss brand has presented a wide selection of such coats this season. Their distinctive feature is a very strict cut with a lowered armhole, creating a smooth shoulder line. The colors are restrained: warm shades of brown, gray and black. You can also give preference to outerwear of such a silhouette in a cage, but without unnecessary elements and accessories.

How to choose the perfect coat in accordance with fashion trends 2018-19

Natural color scheme. It is worth giving preference to warm and calm shades, diluting them with catchy accessories, or choosing a coat with a moderately bright print.

Texture. The palm today is given to outerwear from textured material.

Layering. The motto of the season autumn-winter 2018-19 is the more layers in clothes, the better. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Unisex. Clothing that looks equally successful and attractive on both men and women. No fitted silhouette, sexuality and deliberate rigor. Overseas coat of baggy style, neutral colors for the second season are at the peak of popularity in the field of fashion.

Military. Textured coats in officer style or camouflage raincoats are a good reason to stand out from the crowd. Also, plus military - conciseness and comfort. Models in this style are usually famous for their practicality.

Strictness and classic. Modern classics also provide a huge number of options for choosing the right model. Polo coats will be especially relevant in the fall and winter of 2018-2019.

Extra long zip coat - the novelty of the 2019 season. Knitted models with zippers instead of buttons will become a real highlight, replacing the stretched knitted long cardigans.

Fashionable materials for men coats autumn-winter 2017-2018

Fashionable coat materials in this cold season will be: cashmere, tweed, velor, velvet. Velor and velvet, although a novelty of the season, have not yet earned popularity in wide circles. Many men believe that such soft materials do not add brutality to them and are more suitable for women's wardrobe.

Classic Cotton Check Coat 2017-2018 Join Life Winter wool coat 2017-2018 from Zara

The length of the men's coat can be any, but in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, it is preferable that it reaches a maximum to the middle of the knee.

Fashionable color of the autumn and winter coat in the season 2017-2018

Correctly selected color of outerwear is a guarantee of a good masculine image. In the fashion of 2018, a coat of caramel, gray, foggy purple and indigo.

Purple coat in the fashion of the season autumn-winter 2017-2018 Gray men's coat of the season fall 2017, spring 2018 from Zara Stylish dark blue coat autumn-winter 2017-2018 from Zara

You should definitely choose a fashionable men's hat autumn-winter 2017-2018 and fashionable men's jeans autumn-winter 2017-2018 to create a unique and fashionable men's bow in 2018 for this type of outerwear. A cage is appropriate for men's coats of a classic cut. Camouflage print is suitable for more free models.

Men's coat 2018 made of genuine leather

Men's leather coat is a great fall option. Not only is it practical for such a rainy season, but it is also very stylish. Mostly designers offer a black leather coat for men, but they have not forgotten the shocking personalities either. For such men, leather products in red are available. A leather coat for men will serve well in the fall and early spring, and the novelties of 2018 look very modern, creative, extraordinary.

Men's coat 2018: how to buy cheaper, but not lose on quality

Of course, no one says that in order to buy a fashionable coat in 2018, you need to go straight to world shows in Milan or other cities in which they are held. Not every businessman can afford such a luxury. An average man just needs to visit a couple of fashion boutiques with men's clothing that is relevant this season. Among the proposed series of men's coats in the store, you can definitely pick up something. Residents of the periphery have a bit more difficulty buying a coat, as fashion stores are not always present in such remote corners. Very often, men go shopping for clothing markets, where an assortment of coats is presented, which is most likely sewn by unknown brands. However, I want to note that the quality of such coats is sometimes not inferior to branded ones.

The collection of men's coats in 2018 includes not only classics with a traditional design, but also shocking options. Any man can choose the top product based on his stylistic preferences. New items in 2018 include not only practicality, functionality, but also style. Many options for men's coats are able to emphasize the created image in a certain style. They can be perfectly combined both with a classic suit and with ripped jeans.

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