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Can I go to school with a beard

The situation is such, my eldest son is a student of 11th grade ... the beard + whiskers a la Pushkin in miniature (he started shaving at the age of 13) ..
And now I rested that I won’t shave ... the teachers are shocked, the director is generally furious ... threatened with expulsion ...
I understand that it is hardly possible to expel precisely because of the beard .. But it is in her power to create conditions for self-deduction or poor progress .. Moreover, my son is far from excellent students ...
I haven’t seen the charter of the school yet, but as a class teacher it says that there isn’t any kind of beard, it’s kind of »• look clean and tidy, comply with the requirements of school and personal hygiene, take care of the conformity of your clothes and appearance to a strict business style» ...
Girls, your opinion is how to solve this situevina without "bloodshed".

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We have all the boys in the class walking with a beard. Teachers sometimes joked kindly at them, but nothing more. My husband has the same beard as your son walks with her from school, they didn’t say anything against him either. I think that you need to take the charter of the school and read it. If not a word about the beard, then live on quietly. The son is taking care of her and himself for sure. So the problem at school was made out of nothing, just to get to the bottom

I do not like schools where everyone should be under one comb. I studied in 3 schools, the first and second, all clamped, in the third, all were individuals, could enter into discussion with teachers, and not stupidly sit and be silent (I mean discussion in a positive sense, the ability to express one’s opinion) ... So here is the third school was a lyceum, where students spoke fluent English, and not London is the capital ...
In general, even though jeans were forbidden to us, many of my classmates with whom she grew up went with a beard ... This is an individuality.
In general, I would not have to force my son to shave, if in the rest he looks decent

And I think that in school this is not appropriate ...

I also don’t see a problem in the beard. We also had a classmate with a beard in our school, quite thick. The director also arose, but there was no further “talk”. We graduated from all school and everything is ok. I think that they just pinned on a child and that’s it. With the same success, you can pester girls with conversations about an unwashed head ... Do they not look neat and clean? So? So…

Just scary to imagine, just a beard and a beard.

don’t be offended, I’m just not a lot of shocked that the 11th grader has a beard, that right at school they demand shaving ...

maybe really too much? How to ask to wash off makeup for heavily made-up girls?
or dress up miniskirts.

for me in 15 years a beard is too much. And not only at school

In our class, the boy wore a beard like an iron man now and there was nothing ... True, once he was not allowed because of the orange batch file.
In our schools, I have not yet encountered problems with this. The main thing is to be neat, and not Santa Claus

I can’t find a similar picture on the internet to see the subject of conversation ...
(more precisely, I’m downloading, but something else is loading) ..

The rest of the son looks decent for the school .. he even agreed to a plain shirt (there is no uniform as such .. just a “business style”) ... neat ...

It's just that the director, too, can follow the principle and “talk” with teachers. And increased attention will be provided ... and with "average" performance, this can easily go for the worse ...

Sock, in grade 11

Rhino, in 11 cells for many 18 years

Nosorozhka, I accidentally + clicked, but I do not agree with you

The child wants to stand out ... well, what's so bad about that? Let it be better than wearing dreadlocks, tunnels and all other paraphernalia, or attracting attention through hooliganism. I don’t understand how a neat beard can defile an educational institution. Maybe you need to talk with the director and find out the reason for such an ardent discontent.

He's almost 17 ... a beard, see 4sam of hair ... but due to the fact that curls, it does not look long .. but thick and dark ...

Let him be ill))) any vegetation on a man’s face is a sign of self-affirmation, such as “I am a man, not a boy”, compensation in a youthful environment. I myself am against beards and mustaches, but you can’t get anywhere from them. They cannot expel you because of the beard, of course, if it is neat and trimmed. If the hair length is more than 2 cm - this is no longer a beard, it will be obliged to cut it. Besides the psychological internal factor of self-affirmation, it can still be a trend of youth fashion, many rappers now look like mujahideen in baseball caps, or whatever they are called these baseball caps with rectangular visors ...

Talk with the director, convince that the boy does not come into confrontation with them, but asserts himself in the team and, like a man, shows signs of masculinity, tries to please his peers. Say that longer than 2 cm will not let him grow it yourself! In general, only you yourself can reduce the passions at school ...

Does not smoke, does not drink, does not fight, etc. I know, in any case ... that’s not the “school headache”
Can really skip classes ..

Zhuzhik, then you explain to your son, he can rest (I would have done so), but then he will have to study a little better to get the same grades as now!
I had a conflict with a math teacher, she constantly spread rot because I also stood out, so I went to a tutor and then I was better at math! And I really enjoyed it! And after school she told everyone that I’m her favorite student

Oh girls, I’ll write out your clever thoughts (I’m empty) and I will communicate with the director ...
It’s just for me personally than to fan the conflict, it’s easier not to allow it ... I would shave (the new one would grow)

Zhuzhik, well, if the son agrees to shave without any problems, then let him go, but if this is his principled position, then you probably need to help him defend it

YaD1988, so categorically does not agree ... this is the problem ..

The position of teachers

The first is to consider the position of educators as one of the parties to the conflict. Of course, it is impossible to rely solely on the personal opinion of each teacher, since the assessment of the appearance of the student should be more objective. Therefore, we consider the legal, moral and psychological aspects.

Can I go to school with a beard

Can I go to school with a beard? To find the answer, you need to turn to history, consider the subtleties of wearing this typically male accessory from ancient times.

In Russia, plentiful bristles were honorable. All peasants, boyars, civil servants, always wore this accessory. Only after the accession of Peter I did change begin: this type of vegetation became an object of taxation, oppression, all kinds of persecution. A little later, such sharp measures were somewhat mitigated, democracy appeared, allowing people to decide for themselves what their appearance would be.

Today, the following features of wearing bristles are noted:

  1. Work: there are local regulations (the so-called "dress code") that determine the order of the appearance of employees. It contains rules regarding clothing, haircuts, the need for shaving, and the presence or absence of tattoos. When attending an interview, some people who do not fit the accepted parameters will be eliminated.
  2. Power state structures: military personnel, police, the Ministry of Emergencies, all employees of such organizations can not wear the vegetation covering the chin. This restriction is associated with safety standards and personal hygiene. However, some posts may have a mustache. In the army, all employees of the army necessarily shave their mustache and beard.
  3. School: despite the lack of legitimacy to force schoolchildren to have a shaving procedure, the wearing of copious vegetation is not welcome.

The right to wear a beard at school

Can I wear a beard at school? This question has gained great popularity today, adolescents show off their chin, plentifully covered with bristles.

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, every citizen of the country is free to have such an appearance that he likes. This issue regarding minors is decided by their parents.

Not all teachers approve of the appearance of a bearded student. Most teachers are in adulthood, have an established opinion, their own idea of ​​the students, their appearance.

Teens are keen to show that they have grown. It is the growing stubble that seems to them that argument that they present to their environment, proving their maturity, independence.

There are no specific regulations regarding the wearing of vegetation by students of educational institutions. Some institutions have local regulatory acts that describe the appearance of students.

According to the widespread opinion of the leadership of educational institutions, a beard among high school students is a sign:

  • untidiness,
  • non-compliance with requirements for general appearance,
  • relaxation
  • conniving attitude to the educational process.

Each educational institution is governed by a pedagogical council. Here decisions are made according to the basics of the institution. If the council decides to prohibit high school students from carrying abundant vegetation, then it is not subject to discussion or change. All students must adhere to the requirements set by the council.

Most often, the pedagogical council determines the basis for the appearance of students:

  • form
  • hair length (mainly among boys, for girls any is allowed),
  • other features of appearance.

Any student should have a look that will set him up for a productive study, work.

  • wear sneakers
  • sports clothes
  • let go of long hair
  • insert piercing into different parts of the body,
  • wear overgrown stubble.

Only by such strict control is it possible to organize and observe such discipline necessary for an educational institution.

What to do if the teacher said to shave

Today, a bearded eleventh grader does not surprise anyone. This kind of student contributes to the decomposition of norms of behavior among other adolescents. Some may decide that allowing bristles is permission to wear sneakers or piercings.

Sometimes situations happen when a student comes with a beard, and the teacher makes him shave. With this act, a teenager tries to determine the boundaries of what is permitted.

One conversation with the teacher is enough so that the student no longer makes efforts to grow a beard.

Why are teachers, directors so worried about the presence of bristles in the wards? Each employee finds himself under the yoke of verification from higher education authorities. Nobody wants to be reprimanded because of the inappropriate type of students. The leadership of schools and other educational institutions by all means supports the observance by students of the established order of relative appearance.

The popularity of beards among young people

Young people started walking with a beard recently. At one time, wearing abundant bristles was popular, then disappeared in order to occupy the peaks of youth love again.

Why do young people prefer to grow a beard:

  • look like adults
  • increase your own masculinity,
  • give the appearance of brutality,
  • to relate to one or another subculture,
  • hide acne, often covering teenage skin,
  • be in fashion,
  • to attract the attention of the opposite sex,
  • imitate their own idols from the world of cinema, music.

Young people actively grow their hair, but not everyone has this process going smoothly. How to accelerate the growth process of bristles?

  1. To lead a healthy lifestyle, without drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes.
  2. Go in for sports so that the body produces enough testosterone (the hormone responsible for the growth of hair covering the face).
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  4. Maintain a proper diet: eat fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, legumes.
  5. Refuse fast food, sugary sodas.
  6. Lubricate the skin with vegetable oils (castor, burdock), making massage movements. This approach will help stimulate local blood circulation, which awakens the bulbs from sleep.
  7. Treat acne in a timely manner so that even without stubble, your face looks attractive.

Modern fashion allows you to choose your own style for each young man, with or without bristles. Inside the school walls, the routine that is installed there should be observed. It must be remembered that very little time will pass when a young man will be able to decorate his own face, body at his own discretion, without focusing on any rules.

1. The law of the Russian Federation

However, the use of this argument is inappropriate. If we talk about the laws of Russia, it should be noted that the regulation of the appearance of both men and women cannot be found. There are certain exceptions, but they are clearly spelled out in the relevant documents.

For example, in the ranks of servicemen, wearing facial hair is allowed only in the form of a mustache, which is fixed in writing. The same applies to issues such as photographs on documents. The rules clearly state that a citizen should not have dark glasses, scarves, hats and other details that hide his appearance. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

2. School charter

Now let us recall the main document that governs the appearance of students, namely, the school charter. It may contain a detailed portrait of a student of this institution. Including, it is not forbidden to stipulate such a detail as a mustache, beard, piercing, hair color. However, this practice is inherent in a more specific institution that is not publicly available.

In particular, these may be specialized schools, admission to which is held on a competitive basis, and training costs money. In ordinary average secondary schools, such details are usually not specified. If in doubt, you can read the detailed text of the document on the site or ask for one copy from any teacher.

The moral and psychological aspect

On the other hand, when a teacher asks a student for a service, it is difficult to refuse. Firstly, this is a person who in the eyes of a teenager is endowed with a certain power and has influence on others. Secondly, not all families listen to the opinion of the child, so the teacher’s voice, which is opposed, can lead to problems and quarrels with parents.

At the same time, taking the side of the teacher, it can be noted that the beard is more often perceived as a symbol of growing up and rebellious spirit. The appearance of a man with a beard does not fit with the image of the student, which causes dissonance, because getting an education involves diligence, which can be achieved, including obedience.

Student position

The student’s position is also multispectral. It mixes:

  • psychological aspect - the formation of a teenager as a person, upholding personal boundaries,
  • emotional side of the issue - the desire to be not like everyone else, stand out and be remembered,
  • legal issue - how legitimate it is to force a person to shave his beard, including if it turns into psychological harassment, which will lead to negative consequences,
  • aesthetic perception - Young men in their teens want to appear older than their years.

1. The psychological side of the issue

She, according to psychologists, most strongly affects the decision of the teenager. In the puberty, in addition to hormones, a growing man is led by a desire to demonstrate his strength, both moral and physical.In addition, quite a serious competition for the attention of girls often arises among peers.

Important! Aggressive the behavior is normal for the age of 16-18 years, because the hair on the face indicates hormonal changes, the occurrence of the first conscious sexual desires.

Therefore, to win the right to wear a beard on the face sometimes becomes fundamental. And since rational thinking is turned off at this moment, the challenge methods are not always adequate.

2. The emotional side

On the other hand, it is possible that a teenager shows aggression and a desire to achieve his goal exclusively from a position of youthful maximalism. A full-time psychologist will help to find out the motives, but subject to a sufficient level of trust, established communication with a specific child. Sometimes the first outbursts of protest can be resolved without an external struggle.

3. Legal aspect

Another vote in favor of leaving a beard. After all, as mentioned above, the teacher can not provide any legal justification to make him change his appearance or its details. This should be clearly understood by both sides of the conflict.

At the same time, if such a decision is submitted for consideration by the pedagogical council, they can make amendments to the charter, and parents must oblige the child to shave his beard. As a measure, expulsion from an educational institution can be applied, however, it is necessary that the legal representative of the child must participate in the council.

Important! An exception is if the school charter contains a clause about facial hair.

4. Aesthetic perception

Not all facial hair looks appropriate and well-groomed. Sometimes, demanding to shave off the first hair, teachers are more likely to care about the image of a teenager. In case the appearance loses significantly from the overgrown stubble, it is worthwhile to carefully talk to the teenager, explaining that this detail does not suit everyone.

Parent Position

Regardless of how the communication with the teenager is built, parents can be both on the side of the school, and on the side of the child. Psychologists still recommend acting from the last place, since it is more profitable. If you try to talk in a friendly and peaceful manner, you may be able to understand the motives of choice and struggle, as well as learn the levers that will help change the situation.

Important! The teenager must understand the responsibility for the decision made, so tell us in detail about the details of the discussion, arguments, let your parents feel tired of this oppression.

Legal point of view

In addition to the decision of the teacher council or the rules prescribed in the charter of the educational institution, there are no restrictions on students. Even a recommendation regarding the style of clothing, provided that the school uniform is not approved, is only advice that you can not follow.


So, it was found out that teachers have no legal rights to make shave their beard. Parents should still try to take the side of the child in order to understand how to get out of the conflict more gently. And the student and teachers should show restraint. Then, perhaps, the question of whether it is possible to go to school with a beard will no longer arise.

Can I go to school with a beard?

This question has become very popular, as many children want to grow facial hair. To understand whether it is possible to wear a beard at school, you need to turn to the country's Constitution.

According to this regulatory document, all facial hair can be worn without exception. Parents must watch for minor children, so they decide what their child will look like.

However, teachers do not approve when students wear such an accessory. Such categoricality is due to the fact that adolescents who have such a peculiarity of appearance disrespect teachers and consider themselves independent.

Some schools are not allowed to wear a beard. This ban is spelled out in the statute of the institution.

Teens and beard

Since young guys do not really know how and love to take care of themselves, their beard does not look neat and funny. In order for such an accessory to look beautiful, it must fit the person.

It is important for teenagers not to forget that now it’s fashionable not just to grow stubble, it should be in perfect shape and constantly groomed. If the student has acne, then any facial hair will look ugly.

Watch the video: Grow a Beard in High School. Clayton Cook (February 2020).

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