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The right men's hairstyles and haircuts for an oval face

Men pay no less attention to their appearance than women. If a woman can change her image with skillful make-up and a chic hairdo, then for a man there is one option - a spectacular haircut. The oval shape of the face is considered to be impeccable for creating a male hairstyle and an inexhaustible field for the flight of fantasy of a skilled master.

General recommendations when creating haircuts for an oval type of face

How to cut a man with an oval face? The main feature of the oval face is clearly defined cheekbones. When choosing a hairstyle, a skilled master can balance this feature with such stylistic techniques:

  • from the massive cheekbones the average length of the hair on the temples will distract
  • a small bang that hides the hairline can mask a low forehead,
  • a short haircut without clear bright edging in the neck and temples - the perfect solution for an oval shape,
  • volumetric styling on the crown of the head will allow you to get a creative and fashionable hairstyle and hide massive cheekbones.

When choosing a haircut, attention should be paid not only to the texture of the hair and the length of the future hairstyle, but also to the shape of the nose. For men with a long nose, a lush haircut with a voluminous voluminous bangs is suitable.

This hairstyle will help harmonize your profile.
Avoid haircuts with very long thick bangs. They strongly round the face. But the balanced proportions of the face allow you to experiment with a variety of hairstyles in length and width. The only thing they pay attention to is the individual appearance and lifestyle of a man. For example, “athletic” hairstyle and sloppy styling are well suited for young sports guys. And for guys with an oval face, we recommend paying attention to a haircut cap. It fits any style. You can watch the video of the haircut cap here.

For a man of mature years, a haircut is chosen more stringent.

A good stylist can always advantageously emphasize all the advantages and skillfully hide possible imperfections in appearance.

Face oval and hairstyle: how to choose a competent hairstyle for men with an oval face

Representatives of the strong half of humanity with an oval face shape usually have pronounced cheekbones, this specificity should be taken into account when choosing a hairstyle for yourself. Attention should be paid to the density, as well as the type of hair, the height of the forehead and even the shape of the nose. A good master hairdresser can visually balance the features of your face with a properly selected haircut.

How to determine the shape of the face

The easiest way to determine the shape of the face is by eye. To evaluate a person correctly, you must follow simple rules:

  • Remove hair if it is long.
  • Use natural light.
  • Use a large mirror (not only the face, but also the shoulders should be visible).
  • Clothing should open the face, neck and upper chest.

But in cases where the usual assessment of the shape of the face is difficult, you can use the measuring method. It consists in measuring the length from the forehead to the chin and from the base of the nose to the chin. The first value should be divided by 3, after which the resulting numbers are compared:

  • If they are equal, then this is an oval or heart-shaped type of face.
  • In the case when the first number turned out to be more than the second, the face is round or diamond shaped.
  • If the second number is greater than the first, the face is elongated or square.

In addition to the described methods, there are other, more accurate and complex versions of the calculated definition of the shape of the face. When a person prefers to choose his own hairstyle, a rough estimate of the shape is quite suitable.

For medium hair length

Strands of medium length advantageously surround the face and ideally hide some imperfections in appearance. It can be full cheeks or strongly protruding ears. On medium hair, stylists can create many stylish and interesting hairstyles.

Bob square - a simple and successful variation of hairstyles for romantics and aristocrats. On medium hair, you can make a straight, asymmetric and curly caret. A small beard will add a bit of brutality to the male image, and this attracts the attention of many ladies.

Appearance flaws

An oval face is considered a standard, so choosing a hairstyle for him will not be difficult. Both classic boxing and a bold informal mohawk will do. It all depends on the preferences of the man and his occupation. But sometimes there is a need to mask some flaws in appearance.

How can this be done, tricks:

  • If the cheekbones are too massive, then in order to divert attention from this part of the face, make an average length of whiskey.
  • If the cheekbones, although very noticeable, but beautifully shaped, a volume haircut will look great.
  • If the oval face is long, it is better to make a short haircut without a border and a clear geometry. Also, abrupt length transitions at the nape and temples should be avoided.
  • A low forehead will make the bangs and voluminous hairstyle more harmonious.
  • With a long nose, a voluminous haircut with a rather thick bang will look good.
  • With a heavy massive chin, it is better to choose not short haircuts, but medium-long hair. Moreover, it is important that the length ends below or above the chin, but not at the same level, otherwise its massiveness will only visually aggravate.
  • Protruding ears, as well as round cheeks will help hide haircuts that involve medium-length hair. In addition, styling options and various hairstyles on regrown hair can be done much more. But such a hairstyle will look good only if a man has healthy hair by nature and there is no predisposition to baldness.

If an excellent master hairdresser comes across, then he will be able to balance imperfect facial features with a hairstyle, make the man's appearance more harmonious, open, and the image more stylish.

On the video, male hairstyles for an oval face:

Features of the oval shape of the face

Men, like the fair sex, want to look great and make a good impression. But here are fewer means to correct the shortcomings presented by nature - men have a good haircut and styling, while a woman can use makeup and jewelry. The oval shape of the face is considered ideal and allows you to choose a large number of different hairstyles.

The shape of the face, resembling an egg, while the forehead is slightly wider and the chin narrows, is called oval. When choosing a haircut, it is also necessary to take into account facial features, the shape of the nose, eyes, lips.

How to correct possible flaws of an oval face:

  • hide a low forehead will help a small bangs and thick hair,
  • voluminous hairstyle and bangs will distract attention from a long nose,
  • a long face is balanced by a short haircut without a sharp transition on the back of the head and temples,
  • with massive cheekbones, it is preferable to leave a whiskey of medium length. Also worth paying attention to voluminous haircuts.

Features of the oval face

The main feature - bright features and outstanding cheekbones, which add to the owner of masculinity and strength. To soften the features and make the masculine look elegant and stylish, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional stylist.

There are many stylistic techniques that will help visually mask the physiological characteristics of the face and make it proportional. It’s important not only to choose a suitable haircut, on an oval face, it is necessary to consider at the same time whether it will suit your lifestyle and clothes.


The oval shape of the face is the most successful type of appearance, which is easiest to choose a haircut. In life, there are very few people who have perfect facial features. Almost every man has his own individual characteristics, which must be emphasized or hidden using a hairstyle. The most common disadvantages of this type of person are the following:

  • low forehead
  • heavy chin area
  • elongated nose
  • convex cheekbones,
  • oblong facial features.

Ways to adjust them:

  • massive cheekbones require mid-length temples,
  • volume cheekbones of the correct form can be emphasized with a volume haircut,
  • elongated facial features look spectacular with short hairstyles that do not have edging and straight lines, you should also avoid a sharp drop in the length of curls,
  • the lowered area of ​​the forehead can be hidden behind an elongated bang and a lush haircut,
  • asymmetric elongated nose can be harmoniously supplemented by volumetric strands and massive bangs,
  • in the presence of a massive and heavier chin, it is better to leave the average length of hair, the bottom line of which should pass above or below it,
  • protruding auricles and puffy cheeks can be hidden behind locks of medium length, which must be healthy and not have signs of alopecia and seborrhea.

How to hide the flaws of an oval face:

  • massive cheekbones - so that they are not so striking, you should make the whiskey of medium length. For representatives with clearly defined cheekbones, a voluminous haircut is suitable,
  • long face - short haircuts are suitable without clear edging, as well as sharp transitions of the length of the hair in the back of the head and temples,
  • low forehead - will hide a small bangs and thick hair,
  • long nose - you need a fluffy hairstyle with voluminous bangs.

Of course, these stylistic tricks can mask possible flaws on a man’s face, however, before experimenting with different hairstyles, pay attention to your lifestyle. After all, it is unacceptable for, for example, a civil servant to come to work with an asymmetric ragged hairstyle. It is better for business people to pay attention to the classic options for haircuts, where symmetry is clearly traced and there is some severity in the image.For athletes and students, on the contrary, there is where to “go for a walk”, they can decide on sloppy styling and a fashionable hairstyle of the “torn” type. Creative people can be allowed to let their hair down on their shoulders; proper styling will give them mystery and romance in their image.

What to avoid in choosing hairstyles

The main points that should be taken into account concern not only men's hairstyles for an oval face shape, but also the selection of haircuts in general.

  • Choose the option that will be in harmony with the overall image. The hairstyle should complement the overall picture, and not look separately from it.
  • Remember that your appearance is largely determined by the environment. Beautiful, but sophisticated haircuts will require an extremely careful approach to hair care and styling, which is not available to everyone. Therefore, when choosing, focus on the compliance of the hairstyle with the lifestyle.
  • Do not forget also about the attitude of society to the appearance of a person. The times when any deviation from the generally recognized haircut standards were considered bad form have already passed, but some options still cause rejection.

Also remember that the final result is affected not only by the length, but also by the structure of the hair. That is why when a man makes a complete copy of the hairstyle of a model or celebrity, his hairstyle is still different from the original.


Hairstyle "Creative" is distinguished by elongated hair at the nape and "torn" strands on the sides. Guys with a bright personality are advised to take a closer look at the Iroquois. Watch a video of how Iroquois is made available on our website. All the secrets of creating a creative image and the subtleties of styling are indicated in our video.

The combination of these techniques very successfully emphasizes the oval shape of the face and distracts attention from a large heavy chin.

Fashionable haircuts for oval face shape

"Canada" is the choice of modern men who follow fashion. Her feature is voluminous bangs and fairly long hair at the nape, smoothly turning into short. The temple is cut short. It is advisable to maintain a smooth transition length, so that there are no abrupt transitions and steps.

"British" is similar to the previous haircut. On the parietal zone, the hair is left long, but the nape and temples are shaved. The bangs are not shortened, but combed back or to the side.

This haircut is universal and suitable for almost everyone. Stylists also recommend making a side part.

Anderkat is a haircut that will be appropriate both in the office and in the gym. The back of the head and temples are shaved, and the hair remains long on the parietal area, and there is no smooth transition. In order to make the haircut look neat and beautiful, it will be necessary to style it using styling products.

Boxing and semi-boxing. The difference between them is that in the second case, the parietal zone remains longer. There are many options for these haircuts, but they are all suitable for oval face shape.

When choosing a haircut, take into account the structure of the hair. Boxing is suitable for men with thick, even hair, but the half-box looks good on any strands, even curly ones.

Men with an oval face shape will suit many different haircuts. If in doubt, you should turn to a good stylist, and photos of hairstyles will help determine.


Some useful points that will help you choose the right hairstyle for a man with an oval face shape:

  • Be sure to consider the type of activity when choosing a hairstyle option. Some professional areas have rather traditional views on the appearance of people employed in this area of ​​activity. So, for example, a man in the civil service can hardly come to work with a youth pigtail or a perky mohawk. Therefore, for most men, a win-win option is a classic hairstyle. But creative personalities leading a bohemian lifestyle can afford to be creative and imaginative by experimenting with their hair in plenty. Reasonable shocking in a creative environment is welcome.
  • For an oval face, haircuts having a shortened crown are suitable. In this case, the occipital region is left of medium length, the hair is cut with a ladder or a cascade, sometimes in the form of a square. The crown is short. Similar hairstyles are especially good for men with large features.
  • Consider the density of hair. If there is a tendency to baldness or just sparse hair, then it is better to prefer short haircut options than medium length and, especially, long hair.
  • If the oval face is elongated, then it is better to choose simple minimalist hairstyles, without clear transitions, sharp borders and borders. Long bangs in this case are also not needed.

What names of men's haircuts exist is indicated here in the article.

But here's how creative men's haircuts look for short hair, you can see here in the article.

How men's haircuts look without middle bangs can be seen here: https://opricheske.com/strizhki/na-srednie-volosy/bez-chelki.html

But how men's hairstyles look sideways and how to properly do such hairstyles is indicated here in the article.


To create the perfect look, taking into account all the features of the face, stylists can use a huge number of men's hairstyles. Experts recommend paying attention to the following list of haircuts.

  • Creative The presence of lateral torn forms, an elongated nape, asymmetry in the entire head. The scope is the creation of youth images and the adjustment of persons with rude features.

  • Bob The presence of medium curls running all over the head.This haircut has a universal purpose and can be used both for a classic look and for a sporty one.

  • Asymmetric square. The presence of bangs of irregular shape. The combination with a beautiful beard makes the image more brutal and courageous.

Short hairstyles, which have a number of advantages, are especially popular with the stronger sex:

  • the need for a minimum amount of time to care,
  • ease of installation
  • spectacular and stylish appearance,
  • harmonious combination with any way
  • lack of discomfort in the summer.

The main models of men's short haircuts for an oval face.

  • Boxing. A universal model that implies several stylistic trends. The main difference between these options is the shape of the edging, which can have the correct bends or be asymmetric. To create the image, experts use not only scissors, but also a typewriter. This haircut may have a bang, but categorically does not suit the owners of curly hairstyles.

  • The half box. A stylish haircut, which has common features with boxing, but implies the presence on the top of the hair with a length of up to 10 cm. A voluminous crown implies the possibility of creating different styles.

The disadvantage is the need for daily styling and frequent washing of the head, frequent adjustments.

  • Area. A haircut, which consists of a short zone of the temples and a platform on the top of the head. This image can only afford owners of thick and coarse hair. This haircut can not be used by owners of curly and soft curls.

  • Tomboy. A hairstyle that has asymmetrical or even ends. In it, both short and long bangs are permissible.

  • Bean. Youth hairstyle, a feature of which is long strands, falling in the forehead and temples, and the lack of volume on the crown.

  • Undercut - A complex, but very effective model, which implies the presence of short hair in the temples and long curls on the crown. A distinctive feature is the lack of a smooth transition. Disadvantages - the inability to create on curly hair, the need for daily care and styling. Advantages - a harmonious combination with any image, the ability to create various styling options.

  • Hedgehog. Hairstyle with a very short nape and longer hair at the crown, which is chosen by young and active men. A distinctive feature is the presence of soft, smooth and smooth transitions. This model draws oval shapes and emphasizes their relief. When creating an image, you can not only mash strands, but also highlight them.

  • Iroquois. A haircut that is most suitable for an informal look. A distinctive feature is shaved whiskey and the presence of a strip of long hair running from the forehead to the back of the head. To create an effective image, the comb of hair must be laid with fixing agents or painted in various colors.

Owners of curly hair and an oval shape of the face should use a special type of haircut - a cascade, as well as thinning strands.

The most common hairstyles and haircuts for men with an oval face

Despite the peculiarity of the form, for an oval face there are many options for haircuts, both of the classical type and with some creativity and originality.

If you have healthy hair that grows fast, and there is no tendency (genetic, for example) to baldness, maybe you should pay attention to medium length hairstyles. They are better than other options are able to hide the imperfections of appearance: protruding ears or round cheeks. Moreover, it is easier for the master to create an interesting image for men with an oval type of face on slightly elongated hair than on short options.

Successful examples of haircuts under the oval of the face are "creative" and "bob". Of course, such variations of hairstyles are not suitable for everyone, but for many. Direct "caret" can be afforded even by businessmen and people who have serious work. Add to the image a small beard or curly “square” (asymmetrical), and the image looks completely different, brutality appears, or something.

"Creative" has torn strands of sloppy styling on each side and elongated hair on the back of the head. This type of haircut is well suited for young men and people with large facial features, because it can distract attention from a large chin and favorably emphasize the ideal shape of the profile.

Men's classic short haircuts are considered universal, since they are suitable for men of absolutely all age categories. Many actors prefer this particular option of hairstyles, as they successfully combine with clothes of any style.

Top 10 haircuts for an oval face

Owners of this type of person can be as free as possible, as literally everything suits them, whatever they choose. The most popular men's hairstyles for an oval face are boxing, semi-boxing, a hedgehog, a square, various variations of haircuts with bangs. In recent years, such original options as the British and Canadian, as well as Caesar, have gained popularity.

Also, men realized that the underker is suitable not only for guys from a certain layer of urban residents, but also for ordinary people who do not seek to constantly monitor fashion.

Consider in more detail each of the popular men's haircuts for an oval face - both short and longer.

Boxing and semi-boxing

Boxing and semi-boxing are often worn by military personnel and athletes. The only difference between them is that in the second case, the parietal hairline remains elongated.

The technique of boxing haircuts can be different, but all its variations are ideally combined with an oval face. The haircut lines run through all the prominent sections of the head, and the exact borders underline the necessary shape. Sometimes a wizard can make an edging asymmetric or curved. Bangs in this case is not provided.

If boxing looks better on men with even thick hair, then for a half-box haircut, the structure of the hairline does not matter. With curly locks, the male appearance acquires a certain charm. At the crown of the strand can be left up to 8 cm in length. This hairstyle requires more thorough care, its constant updating and styling so that it does not look messy.

How to choose?

Change of style is a responsible event that forms not only the mood of a person, but also the opinion of others around him. The choice of a new image depends on the following parameters:

  • occupation,
  • hair density
  • the presence of problematic hair areas,
  • individual features of the structure of the face.

Before you go to the hairdresser for a new image, you need to focus on the following parameters of the selected hairstyle.

  • The presence and absence of bangs. Models with long curls in the forehead require more attention and regular length adjustments.
  • Planned hair length. Long strands are more demanding in care.
  • The presence of smooth or asymmetric lines that will directly affect the style of a man.

For owners of an elongated shape of the face, experts recommend using a bang in the image, which will help to create a proportional balance and visually reduce the length of the face. Despite the initial simplicity and carelessness of the lines, this option will require time and effort to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the haircut.

Business people with a busy schedule should give preference to classic models that remain always relevant and do not require a lot of time for care. This image is suitable for both young guys and respectable businessmen.

Holders of the correct facial features and medium full cheeks can opt for elongated models that are especially suitable for young romantic people. Choosing this model, you need to understand that long hair requires constant care and washing. It is unacceptable to go out with greasy and dirty strands.

The subtleties of men wearing long hair:

  • the obligatory combination of long hair with bangs, which can be of various lengths and shapes,
  • hair styling in light wavy curls,
  • applying light curls to create volume on straight hair,
  • creating a spectacular image using highlighting and coloring,
  • to give the right and neat shape to stiff and naughty strands, it is imperative to mill the ends.

In recent years, elongated haircuts, which have a small volume, are in special demand. To achieve this effect, hairdressers thin out all long strands.

In order to hide a high forehead, many hairdressers recommend using a graduated bang, which can hide the frontal bone as much as possible. This technique can be used not only on straight hair, but also on curly hair.

If you have a high forehead, you should avoid long tails and braids, which will create additional unnecessary height.

Almost all men's haircuts for an oval face harmoniously look not only on adult men, but also on babies and adolescents who want to be like their fathers.

You can supplement almost all hairstyles with an interesting and unusual geometric pattern, which will make the image unique and individual. Owners of short hairstyles can afford graphic images of various shapes and sizes, but with long curls you will have to limit yourself to only small patterns near the temples. Specialists use special scissors and razors to create images.

The main disadvantage of the shaved patterns is the rapid disappearance of the pattern and the need for frequent repetition of the procedure.

The world of modern fashion is very diverse and diverse. Stylists and designers are constantly working on the search for new ideas and the creation of unique images. A few years ago, representatives of the weaker sex were visitors to beauty salons, but in recent years this trend has changed dramatically. Modern guys pay no less attention to their appearance than girls. To create a stylish image that would become a reflection of the inner world of a man, it is not enough to choose the right clothes, you must correctly choose the type of hairstyle. The shape of the haircut should correspond not only to the way of life, but also to the shape of the face. The largest selection of haircuts are holders of an oval face shape. Despite this trend, the individual habits of each individual have a direct effect on the hairstyle model.

On how to choose a hairstyle for an oval face, see the next video.

Interesting men's haircuts for an oval face

The oval face gives a great opportunity to its owners to experiment with the choice of hairstyles, because many hairstyles go to men with this form.

Any person wants to somehow stand out from the gray crowd, a good haircut helps a lot with this. Most often, people choose short hairstyles for themselves, because it is easier with them.

Half box

The half box is suitable for different types of hair. On the top of the head there are elongated locks, and on the temples and the back of the head they are very short. Popular with men who serve in the army. It was from the army that she came into ordinary life. You can watch the video tutorial of the classic haircut here.

Boxing hairstyle has a large number of options. A great choice for an oval male face. The edging going through the most convex areas of the head emphasizes the ideal proportionality of its shape. The edging can be curved at the back of the head or asymmetric. The edging line allows stylists to experiment with hairstyle.

To create an eccentric image, stylists can lay their hair on the back of their head with a ponytail, individual locks or coils.

In this popular haircut, the short length at the back of the head smoothly and beautifully transfers to rather long strands on the bangs. The hedgehog will successfully emphasize the beautiful relief of the oval face, it is favorably rounded. The strands are heavily milled. If you ruffle them a little, an image of an active energetic man is created. The practicality of a haircut made it popular with athletes and men who lead an active lifestyle. Stylish hedgehog can be beautifully laid. Young guys gel their hair on their temples, which they lay on their side or comb up. It turns out a creative version of the hairstyle.


The Canadian blends perfectly with the style of a modern dandy. Its main difference is voluminous bangs and long hair in the parietal zone, which smoothly shortens to the occipital zone. Temporal zones are also shorter.

If you think about which hairstyle is suitable for an oval face, then the Canadian will be the perfect choice.


Anderkat is the hairstyle most suitable for a business style. In it, the long parietal part is combined with very short hair on the back of the head and temples. In the hairstyle there is no smooth transition from a short part to long hair. For a man with an oval type of face, this haircut is perfect.

The only significant disadvantage of hairstyles is the need for regular styling with mousses or gels. Styling approaches can also be different: for owners of round cheeks, it is preferable to remove the bangs to the side, whereas if there are no such cheeks, then it is allowed to comb the hair back.

The advantages of short haircuts:

  • easy to care
  • ease of installation
  • comfortable and stylish
  • it’s not hot with them in the summer.

You can see examples of the most fashionable short hairstyles for an oval face in the photo, and a little lower in the photo we will consider the most popular and interesting haircuts, as well as the most fashionable versions of styling for short hair.


Iroquois will help to be in the spotlight for a young guy with a rebellious nature.

The main element of the haircut is the comb, which passes through the very center of the head.

Very often, the comb is painted in a bright shade. The classic version of the haircut provides an even strand in the center of the head and shaving all the other strands. For the desired effect, the hair is combed and fixed with varnish. In other types of haircuts, it is permissible to leave the locks on the sides.

Studded mohawk is one of the varieties of the classic version of this haircut.

The master separates a tuft of hair from the main strand in the center and sprinkles it with varnish. It turns out a kind of spike. Then, all other hair is treated in the same manner.

The original emphasis on youth styling of the Iroquois is the brightness of the lines. Bright colors are applied to the hairstyle with a spray can with a special tint varnish. You can paint the tips in one bright tone or paint the strands alternately with different colors of varnish.


British is a kind of Canadian. They look a little alike. It is performed on medium hair, while in the parietal zone, the strands remain long, and the nape and temples are removed quite shortly. In no case should the bangs be shortened, but gently combed back or laid on its side.

Some stylists may recommend wearing a British with a parting. Thus, owners of an oval face will add a twist to their manly style. Another advantage of the British woman is that she suits all men and looks at each of them individually and inimitably.


This hairstyle has longer hair than a boxing or semi-boxing haircut. There is also a bang, which can be varied as desired: make it torn or asymmetric.

Suitable for a man with a high forehead. Also its advantages are that it can be stacked in many different ways.

To whom the shaved drawing is suitable

An unusual interesting highlight of men's short haircuts is a shaved pattern on the head. In such a spicy haircut, a skilled stylist will be able to realize all the dreams of a man and bring to life the most simple hairstyle with an unusual element! You can make a drawing all over your head. But most often men prefer to confine themselves to ornaments on their temples or on the back of their head. Patterns are usually shaved with a razor. You can choose strict geometric lines or compositions from extravagant curls for your drawing. But the drawing does not last long. Hair grows back - and it begins to disappear. Therefore, the hairstyle will have to be regularly refreshed or wait a month until the hair grows.

Curly square

It is also called asymmetric. Looks great with a small beard, gives brutal touches to the appearance, suits most men.

If you do not want to be creative, then traditional hairstyles come to the rescue. The classic is good in that this version of the hairstyle is suitable for a man with any type of appearance, always looks stylish and appropriate. This is a win-win option, although some may seem rather boring.

How to cut a classic

Model classic men's haircuts will always be popular. A sidecut in the classic style is suitable for both a teenager and a business man. The classic is the use of neat natural haircut options, complemented by bangs. Hairstyles are in harmony with any clothes, and for an oval face are considered a very good choice. You can view photos of men's classic haircuts here.

Long Haircuts

Men often want to look courageous and solid. For the owner of a thin face with an elongated shaft shape, it is important to choose the right haircut in order to exclude the appearance of an exhausted, tired look. For an oval head, haircuts of medium length hair with an elongated bang are ideal.

This form has been used only in women's haircuts for a very long time, but now stylists have urgently begun to offer it to thin pair with an elongated face. The only limitation is age. Bob is recommended only to young men, then it is appropriate and looks spectacular.

For a neat shape, the structure of the hair is not important. Bob looks great on curly and even hair. A characteristic feature of the bob haircut is a hair cap with a smooth transition. Curly curls add lightness and sexuality to the image. There are many varieties of this haircut, so the stylist in the beauty salon will help to determine the right choice.

The advantages of a short haircut

Most men still choose a short haircut, regardless of the shape of their faces. And this is not surprising. First of all, a short men's haircut is a tribute to tradition, but besides this, it has many more advantages:

  • Short hair requires minimal care.
  • Just fit. An average man just needs to comb or smooth his hair - and he is ready to go.
  • Short men's haircuts can be very stylish, but at the same time simple.
  • In the summer, a short haircut will help a man not to feel the influence of the hot sun so much.

Fashion hairstyles with bangs for guys with a wide forehead

These haircuts, especially asymmetrical, are very popular. Smooth elongated bangs, slightly covering the eye, give a special effect to the hairstyle. For each day, you should choose a haircut with a straight bang, which reaches the eyes, but does not close them. The most convenient option is a straight bang to the middle of the forehead. Highlighting bangs introduces a special modern style into the male image.

The main features of the hairstyle are long voluminous strands on the back of the head and a slightly messy environment of the face with locks that are taken from the bangs and temples. At the top, the bob is not made voluminous, this is the difference between hairstyles and the female version.

This haircut is perfect for young guys.

She creates a fresh image of a rebel with a touch of negligence.


Features of the technique:

  • There are several techniques for making such a haircut, which differ in the way they are edged. The edging can be either asymmetric or with a bend at the back of the head.
  • In order to properly carry out the boxing haircut, you will have to use not only scissors, but also a machine with a nozzle from 1 to 4 mm.
  • Boxing haircuts do not usually mean bangs. However, if a man has a strong desire to acquire it, then the bangs can be made very short.
  • Boxing is not suitable for curly or curly hair.
  • A great advantage of this haircut is its easy care. In the morning, it is enough just to comb the hair, and no further manipulations are needed. How to do half-boxing with bangs, you can understand by reading the contents of the article.

Men's haircut "tomboy" for a tall guy

Creative haircut Tomboy does not tolerate clear contours and patterns. There are asymmetric and “ragged” hair ends, ultra-short or long bangs and much more. For hairdressers, the creation of such a haircut is considered an excellent field for a fantasy flight and for each man his own best option can be offered.

Haircuts with bangs

Men's hairstyles for an oval face of an elongated shape must have a bang. This small nuance will visually reduce the long shape of the face, aligning its proportions. Not every young person wants to spend a lot of time caring for their haircut, but such forms will require some attention. You can pay attention to the “gavrosh” form, which at first glance looks careless, but in order to maintain it and look stylish you will have to make some efforts.

Today, at the peak of popularity, there is a straight, even bang, which slightly covers the eyebrows. And do not be afraid of such experiments, in certain cases they are more than justified.

Classic style

Classic has always been popular and today does not lose its position. Clear geometric lines and accurate edging are the main features of the classical forms. Haircuts in this direction are suitable for both young boys and men in age. Often the strands are separated by a side parting and neatly stacked. Classical forms do not tolerate disheveledness. But if a man falls into the hands of a skilled hairdresser, then caring for such a haircut will take a minimum of time. You only need to correct the edging once a month and remove the overgrown tips.


One of the simple utilitarian haircuts. Includes elongated front and shorter sides and nape. The hair is stacked in the forward direction. Caring for such a hairstyle is extremely simple and does not require special expenses. The front part can be slightly shaped to create a slight sloppy effect. Men with an oval or elongated face can make the front part even longer than those whose face tends to be more round. When laying, you can use both special tools, and do without them.

A caret is a haircut for longer hair. For her, not only the shape of the face is important, but also the hair itself. The best thing in a square will be straight or slightly wavy hair, but not too curly. Long strands visually narrow the forehead and make the cheekbones less wide, which gives a more oval shape, even to those who have a type closer to round.

It is best if the density of the hair allows you to constantly maintain the volume of such a hairstyle. The volume of the caret is extremely important, since the hair should not look “sleek”. If necessary, the master can calibrate to make the hairstyle lighter and more airy.

Short top hairstyles matching the oval shape of the face

In this hairstyle suitable for an oval face, the strands on the back of the head are made quite long. Volumetric shortened hair on the top of the head can hide the not very attractive shape of the head.

The lush crown also helps soften very large facial features.

But if everything is perfect - a haircut will successfully emphasize an impeccable masculine image. The occipital area is cut in a cascade, ladder or under a square.

Men's haircuts for long hair

Any extended haircuts require the most careful care. If the face is not too thin, but of a neat oval shape, then you can try such a solution. You should understand in advance that long hair should always be clean and neatly styled. Stylists recommend using haircuts with long hair for purely romantic young men.

This year, light volumetric curls, which look original, have come into fashion. To refine the elongated haircut and give it a neat shape, you can well profile the tips.

Such a hairstyle will be an important addition to the image of a man with a fine mental organization. But to create an elongated haircut, you will naturally need to have a thick lush hair. It is not recommended to grow hair if its density leaves much to be desired, because it does not work out to style it beautifully.

Haircuts for curly and wavy strands of medium length

The most fashionable trend in creating hairstyles is clear graphic lines. With a significant shortening of the hair at the bottom and top, an attractive diamond-shaped styling is obtained. As a result, hair in the temporal zone has the largest volume. The spherical shape of a man’s hair also looks good. In addition, the Canadian haircut looks great on wavy hair.

A good option for curly naughty hair is to cut the cascade with steps and thinning the strands.

Men with an oval face can be envied kindly. As you can see in the photo, they are suitable for many variations of haircuts for any length of hair. A good master will help you choose the most successful option. The only thing they pay attention to is the distinctive features of appearance.

Photo of men's hairstyles for an elongated and oval face

Very popular today are short men's haircuts for an oval elongated face. Most often, this is a traditional classic form with bangs. But if you want to create something special and trust the creative hairstylist, then be prepared for the fact that complex form requires appropriate care and regular styling. Such a procedure can take up to half an hour of personal time every morning to maintain volume on the crown and styling the bangs. It is important to understand that for a lush volume it is absolutely not necessary to have thick hair by nature. New styling products are able to raise hair at the roots, fix them and even make thin locks stronger and thicker.

We present to your attention photographs of men's haircuts that are suitable for owners of the most enviable face shape.

For men with a standard oblong face shape, there are no cardinal restrictions on the choice of hairstyle. There are recommendations that it is advisable to listen to, not only to look stylish, but to be able to adjust the appearance and show the best sides, hiding flaws. In the selection process, be guided by the opinion of the stylist and your own sense of style. Only in this case the result will exceed all expectations!

Hairstyle of a hedgehog for men with a round head shape - description and photo

  • This hairstyle involves short hair at the back of the head, while the bangs should be of medium length.
  • Sudden transitions, like the undercard, should not be. All lines are soft and smooth, smooth.
  • A hedgehog is perfect for an elongated oval face, rounds and harmonizes it visually, emphasizes the relief.
  • The technique implies a strong thinning of the strands, a slight highlighting will also look great.
  • Hedgehog is ideal for people leading an active lifestyle, athletes. But how the hedgehog is made, so that to achieve the maximum effect, is described in detail here in the article.

Before haircut

Before you decide on a change in appearance, decide for yourself a few important points, and then go competently to the male master. What are these moments:

  • Will your hairstyle have bangs. If you do not want to bother with styling, then it is better to completely abandon the bangs. Otherwise, even a medium-sized bangs will have to be regularly updated, cut, and somehow messed with it.
  • Determine the length of hair for yourself. The longer the hair, the more care it takes for itself and vice versa.
  • The cut will be symmetrical or not. The oval face accepts both options, but here it is important to take into account the type of activity. Creative asymmetry rarely comes up with a classic look.

On the video, male haircuts for an oval face:

In conclusion, we note that it is not so difficult for a man with an oval face shape to choose the right hairstyle. We reviewed the most popular. And which of them to stop is up to you. Consider all the initial data and boldly go to the salon to the master - armed with the knowledge from our article and with the help of the skilled hands of the master, you, of course, can get the most suitable and emphasizing the dignity of the hairstyle.

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