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Gift ideas or what to give a woman 60 years old if she has everything

A birthday is considered a very important event in the life of every woman. This is especially important if a woman celebrates her sixtieth birthday.

To please a woman, it is important to know her tastes.

At the same time, the present should be chosen carefully so that it does not offend the hero of the day, hinting at age.

That is why all the ideas for a gift for 60 years for a woman who has everything, it is important to think ahead.

Next, we consider in detail what can be presented to a woman for 60 years who has everything.

DIY Gift Ideas

60 years is a pretty serious date. On such a date, you can give a present made by yourself only if you can make it perfectly.

What kind of a gift for a woman for 60 years with her own hands can be presented?

    Oil painting.

If you are not an artist, then it will be difficult to write such a picture well. But it can be made to order from the artist. Crochet accessory.

It can be either a napkin or an element of clothing.

For example, you can crochet a skirt or blouse. Handmade postcard.

Now it’s quite difficult to find a card made in good quality.

So do-it-yourself postcard will always come in handy.

But this present can serve, rather, as an addition to the main one.

Still, you should not give a postcard as an independent gift. The shawl that you knitted yourself.

A shawl is perfect for an aged woman, emphasizing her dignity.

Particularly interesting options are crocheted brooches.

Do not give other bead jewelry, they are more suitable for women of young age.

Try to make such a decoration that successfully emphasizes age, but at the same time, does not touch the birthday girl. Collage.

To make a collage, you will need a photo frame, a glue gun and cereals.

You can also use beans, dried peas, dried lemon slices, sugar.

Using this technique, you can create a unique picture in a photo frame.

  • DIY box. This is a pretty elegant present for a woman at that age.
  • See in the video below what other DIY gifts you can make:

    Cool presents

    • Crown.

    60 years is the royal age.

    You can start the celebration of the anniversary with the coronation of the birthday girl.

    This will require a throne. You will also need to build a series of “subjects”, include solemn music and put a crown on the birthday girl’s head.

    You can give her a scepter and a power, The Pravda newspaper, published exactly on the birthday of the birthday girl.

    Such a present will help to recall the events of past years.

    But do not make it the main and only.

    Better if it will be an addition to other gifts,

  • unusual wall clock. They will help the birthday girl to decorate the interior and make it more fun. Now the choice of such watches is large enough, you can choose the most special.
  • What to give a woman for 60 years, if she has everything?

    1. If a woman is a believer, you can give her an exclusive icon.

    The birthday girl will like the icon of the guardian angel.

    Such an icon will protect a woman from all adversities, as well as help in endeavors.

  • Favorite toilet water. To do this, you need to know the preferences of the birthday girl.
  • Certificate for the purchase of cosmetics.

    Cosmetics do not happen much even in old age.

    Therefore, such a certificate is ideal for any woman.

    Attention! But it’s not worth giving the makeup itself. At this age, women need tightening creams and other age-related cosmetics.

    If you give just makeup, it can offend the birthday girl.

    If you give age-appropriate cosmetics, this may serve as a hint that her age-related skin problems are noticeable to everyone. That is why it is better to give a certificate for the purchase of cosmetics, rather than cosmetics itself. A set of high-end tea.

    Tasty tea does not happen much.

    Tea is the perfect birthday present. Journey. If a woman was not in some place, but really dreams about it, you can give her a trip to this place.

    Attention! When choosing such a presentation, it is worth focusing on the woman’s health status, it is important to understand whether she can afford such a trip or not to take risks.

    Original gifts

    For the anniversary, you can also pick up an original surprise. Here is a list of original gifts for 60 years to a woman who will be delighted with almost any hero of the day:

      Japanese kindergarten.

    This is a garden of stones and sand.

    You don’t have to look after him, but you can have a great time composing the pebbles in a certain order,

  • painting with sand. Such a picture is capable of creating ever new landscapes. Landscapes are not repeated. In addition, you can watch the sand pouring,
  • lamp with oil.

    Previously, such lamps were in use.

    Now they are almost forgotten.

    However, such a lamp can still be bought.

    It will serve as an interesting enough gift for a jubilee,

  • salt lamp. The lamp, located in a large piece of salt, will also become an original gift for the anniversary. Moreover, its shape will be unique,
  • certificate for individual dress tailoring.

    Dress is never superfluous.

    And aged people still remember the Soviet deficit.

    Therefore, such a dress will be quite an original gift for the birthday girl,

  • balloon flight.
  • Important! When choosing such a presentation, consider facts such as the state of health of the birthday girl and her fears. Perhaps she is afraid of heights. She may also have problems with pressure and heart. If she is afraid of heights and / or has health problems, it is better not to risk it and not give her such a surprise.

    TOP 10 original gifts for women and men that will please anyone:


    Above, we considered what to give to a woman for 60 years, who has everything. Choosing a present for such an anniversary is not easy.

    However, you can find original and interesting gifts. When choosing a presentation, you should focus on the tastes of the birthday girl. It is important to give exactly what she will be happy with.

    Watch the video: 5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women (February 2020).

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