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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Men's coats and trench coats

Traditional clothing for young men is a coat. It fits perfectly into the urban and business styles, gives everyone, without exception, a noble look. Modern models do not have a classic cut - youth styles and unusual solutions have come to the fore.

Let us dwell on the features of choosing a suitable coat model for a young man and give examples of the most stylish bows.

When it gets cold and damp outside, you have to wear warmer clothes. During this period, a winter coat is useful - it will not only protect against the approaching cold, but also emphasize the style and status of its owner. Most often, such products are sewn of wool or cashmere.

Young people usually prefer a coat of medium length to the knees, in such clothes it is convenient to move around, sit and get up, and also get out of the car.

The youth men's winter coat looks stylish and at the same time reliably protects legs, neck and hips from the cold wind and frost.

Spring models are thinner, they do not have liners. Usually they are sewn shortened and supplemented with a hood, which will be excellent protection from strong winds and spring rain.

Several techniques are used to sew a youth coat. The most common are single-breasted and double-breasted models.

Single breasted is a classic style. This is a universal option that fits almost any clothing and allows a young man to look stylish, but at the same time natural.

Double-breasted is often called the army - It ideally sits on brave and brutal young men. This style cannot be called a classic, it allows you to embody the most daring ideas and bring a touch of audacity and creativity to the image.

Most in demand are several models.

  • Duffle coat. This coat is also called a “marine jacket”, it has a shortened cut and a hood, therefore it visually resembles a jacket, allowing you to abandon the hat. Such clothes combine elegance and informal style.

Most often, with the help of such clothes, men create bows in the fusion style, combining elements that are incompatible at first glance.

  • Trench coat. For many young people, this style is associated with a cloak, but the model became so popular that many eminent designers insulated it and began to sew from more dense fabrics - wool or leather. Trench coat will be the best choice for confident, charismatic and at the same time few outrageous men.

Trench gives the stronger sex some sophistication and softens brutality - all this makes them irresistible in the eyes of women.

  • Pea jackets and overcoats. Military-style coats are popular with men of all ages, only adults prefer elongated models, while young ones choose shortened options that are up to the middle of the thigh.

Simple and concise styles are suitable for young men, and buttons or patch pockets of contrasting shades make a highlight in their image.

Fashion trends

Recent fashion shows showed that the vast majority of designers prefer the unisex style when creating a youth coat. A characteristic feature of this trend is the lack of sexuality. Such products have a free cut, which does not emphasize the figure. It is believed that unisex looks harmoniously in both men's and women's wardrobe.

However, beauty industry experts recommend that young people look at another, no less relevant style - oversize. Dimensionless coats are baggy, sewn in neutral colors. This style brings a touch of masculinity and charisma to the image.

Of course, in the last season, designers could not ignore fur lovers - today for young men a wide selection of models with the addition of fur elements is offered, and the fur can have different lengths and different shades. Such a youth coat will look harmoniously in the autumn-winter period, will become an indispensable wardrobe item for walks in the cold season.

Today, many models are produced with a sheepskin lining, fur collars and decor from pieces of fur, such coats are harmoniously combined with the youth casual style.

Coloring and prints

Men's youth fashion, in comparison with women’s, offers much fewer options for the tint palette - young men increasingly prefer a laconic color scheme, this allows them to impress business and serious young people. Coats of black, gray, brown and beige colors are especially popular.

Black color harmoniously looks with almost any product present in the men's wardrobe. This is a practical color that perfectly emphasizes all the advantages of the figure of a young man and hides her flaws.

Gray coats look more elegant, they are optimal for wearing on special occasions, romantic dates or a business meeting.

Brown coat - style classic, such things are practical, because they effectively hide any pollution.

Young fashionistas prefer beige colors, however, for such models it is necessary to carefully select all the other elements of the wardrobe in order to create a stylish and at the same time relevant bow.

In the coming season designers offer a lot of interesting textures and prints for a youth coat. So, in the latest collections there are monochrome products with catchy animalistic drawings and oriental prints. Such products did not leave indifferent even the most demanding mods and received approval from most critics.

Fashion industry experts argue that the bright palette adds a little extravagance and eccentricity to the image of a young man.

What to wear?

The youth coat fits harmoniously into any bow and often becomes the favorite clothing of men up to 30 years old who prefer a modern, yet restrained look.

A black coat can be combined with classic trousers and a jacket. However, it can look harmoniously with a set of jeans and sweaters - the choice of the ensemble depends on the desired image.

It is important to remember that the clothes that you put on under such a coat should be sustained in the same color without any prints. Black is combined with any shades, but it looks best with clothes in beige and pastel colors.

Compared to black, a gray coat looks less formal, so these models can be combined with jeans, cargo, as well as low shoes, berets and sneakers.

For any coat, you can choose a scarf that will complement the elegant look and bring a twist to the chosen style.

The choice of headgear directly depends on the style that you plan to adhere to. In particular, in a classic look, the choice can be made in favor of a hat or cap, and there are no restrictions on the everyday look.

Beautiful bows

There are a variety of varieties of youth coats for men. Some prefer classic models: they can be soft or dense, have the most unusual prints and decorative finishes - the choice here is limited only by your own taste and preferences.

Most modern young men choose non-standard solutions that make clothes more effective and comfortable to wear. With the help of such products, you can embody a variety of styles - from casual to sports.

How to choose a men's coat?

The choice of model depends on the following criteria:

  • The figures, height and preferences of men. Based on these parameters, you can determine the size of the coat and its style - “under the belt” or straight.
  • Lifestyle. If you prefer long walks, then a double breasted coat is a great choice - a solid elongated model. Lovers of an active lifestyle and owners of a sculpted physique are advised to pay attention to the single-breasted model.

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Youth coat: elegant, bold, pretentious!

In the Smartcasuals online store you can buy a men's coat inexpensively, made in a modern style. We bring to your attention the following types of it:

  • Pea jacket. Such a coat looks slightly pretentious and bold. In addition, it is also elegant. This is a good contrasting combination that suits confident young guys. Pea jacket fits both in casual style and casual, and in classics, perfectly complementing strict suits.
  • Coat with a stand-up collar. Such a coat not only looks stylish and youthful, but also protects the neck from cold. We offer you this model in restrained but always relevant colors that will be appropriate in a business and more informal style.
  • Overcoat. This is another fashionable men's youth coat. Such a model will add brutality and masculinity. Moreover, the short coats presented in our assortment look trendy. Therefore, buying them is a great way to emphasize your personality and independence.
  • Coat with asymmetric flange. This model is universal in that it is equally well suited for both everyday and classic looks. Oblique side will add to your bow a slight shade of audacity that will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex.

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Types of coats for men and boys

Each model has features in appearance:

  • Duffclot is a three-quarter single-breasted model with a straight silhouette and a hood. A distinctive feature is the long buttons that fasten in a loop.
  • Pea jacket is a double-breasted product with a large collar and large lapels.
  • An overcoat - this type has a considerable length, a fold is folded on the back and is held by a strap.
  • Crombie is a classic single-breasted model with a secret fastener.
  • Chesterfield - a classic look, with two pockets on the sides and one chest.
  • Carpet - sewn from a special fabric into a distinctive oblique hem, along the lower edge and bottom of the sleeves with four decorative seams.
  • Polo - usually beige, with two sides and pockets on both sides.
  • Raglan - the sleeve of such a model with the whole product is one.
  • Loren - sewn from a thick woolen fabric with a pile.

Fashion jumpers. Original urban look sweaters

Fashion for men's coats has been confidently holding its position for more than a decade, because coats for men, as, in principle, for women, are one of the most successful elements of outerwear that can be embedded in everyday looks and become part of the elegant image of a stylish representative of a strong gender.

If you are an admirer of modern styles, you like a classic, or you are conservative in your stylistic beliefs, you are sure to be interested in men's coats 2020, which so convincingly prevail today among the trends of demi-season and warm clothing for going out.

It is not strange that men's coats 2020 are today positioned not only as a classic wardrobe element, ideal in combination with a trouser suit and office clothes.

To date, a coat for men easily complements fashionable street bows, looks perfect with jeans and sweatpants, and can be combined with both strict-looking shoes and rude boots and sports shoe trends.

Due to the variety of styles that men's coats have today, every man will be able to choose the perfect option for himself, regardless of age and stylistic stereotypes.

Stylists unanimously say that men's coats should be present in the wardrobe of every well-groomed man along with jackets and sheepskin coats.

Fortunately, today there is a huge range of possibilities with which to wear men's coats, so when buying a coat for men, be sure that this outfit will certainly not be gathering dust in your closet, complementing your bows wherever you go.

Fashion for men's coats 2020. What you should know about the latest coat for men

Looking through fashion trends for men, you can identify several characteristic signs of modern coat styles.

First of all, men's coats should be looked after for themselves, evaluating the modern features of styles, which today are distinguished by freedom of cut and a variety of textures.

Fashionable men's coats look great in their favorite autumn and winter palettes, in particular basic shades, namely black, beige, dark and light gray, all shades of brown.

Following fashion trends on men's catwalks, men's coats of white, caramel, orange, lilac, red, grass, and Marsal appeared.

Of course, manufacturers do not stop there, presenting coats for men not only in mono-design, but also in stunning models where men's coats acquire a checkered ornament, are decorated with vertical stripes along the entire length of the outfit, and even a predatory color, which was not so long ago for a man’s wardrobe considered risky.

You will undoubtedly be able to see fashionable men's coats with pop art pattern on the faces of world fashion centers, where fashionistas do not deny themselves the pleasure of looking shocking and slightly defiant.

It would seem that more recently, men's fashion was more boring. Today everything has changed. Along with masculinity, more refined, elegant silhouettes were introduced into the masculine style, which will look gorgeous on figures who monitor their physique and forms of the stronger sex.

Also, men's coats of free cut in the style of oversize, which has not left fashion catwalks for several seasons, transforming both female and male silhouettes, are also not far behind in popularity.

Our photo collection contains a variety of men's coats 2020, which we selected as examples which coats for men to choose and what to wear men's coats with, so if you are looking for trendy outerwear, read and see more ...

Classic double-breasted men's coat 2020

Each autumn-winter and demi-season has its own original outerwear styles.

In the coming cold weather, we advise you to pay attention to the classic double-breasted coat, decorated with two rows of buttons.

Similar coats for men can be sewn, both in loose fit and fitted - depending on the focus of the model.

It is characteristic that double-breasted men's coats are most often made in the basic shades of the palette in order to easily combine this model with the whole range of things for a business man’s wardrobe.

Double-breasted men's coats with a voluminous collar made of wool, cashmere, tweed look very expensive and impressive, easily complementing the office and casual style.

Men's oversized coats 2020

Men's coats in the oversize style are completely non-trivial, which implies medium or maxi length with well-defined loose tailoring, which at first glance seems a little too big for its owner.

Often these men's oversized coats are decorated with interesting variations of patch pockets, discreet fittings, because the emphasis in this style is made on an unusual cut.

The color scheme of oversized men’s coats is the most diverse. Overseas models, which are made in the demi-season version, are distinguished by lighter fabrics, although they are decorated with a lining.

In winter, men's oversized coats demonstrate impeccable variations created from wool, cashmere, tweed, mixed combinations.

Bright men's coat 2020

Many men will never allow themselves bright coat options for men. But in vain!

Fashion designers made men's looks incredibly spectacular, pushing bold bright styles of coats for men in rich and outstanding colors onto the heels.

Undoubtedly, men relying on a strict business style are unlikely to wear red, olive, pink, orange, purple coats, and fashionable women with unconventional thinking and understanding of fashion will very much appreciate bright coats for men and their impressive content in the men's set.

This outfit is amazingly harmonious with the fashionable styles of street style, fusion, grunge, avant-garde, sport chic, therefore, you can combine this type of men's coat with different styles that represent these areas.

Men's coats 2020 and fashion ornamentalism

Each year, new collections of clothes are presented on the catwalks, where you can also find men's coats in newfangled versions.

Among the leading trends of outerwear, the coveted position of the most relevant and desired styles is occupied by many coats with prints, images, and inscriptions that are loved by many.

In the first place, no doubt, men's coats with different types of cells, in particular a wide, small, colored cage, chess.

Original look men's coats with print goose foot, herringbone, delight and coat for men in the spirit of animalism, with an oriental and abstract pattern.

It is nice that men's coats with a pattern can be both elegant and very effective and eccentric.

Winter men's coat down jackets 2020

With the advent of cold weather, both men and women strive to warm themselves as much as possible.

Undoubtedly, men's down jackets coats made in midi and maxi version with high-quality raincoat or quilted fabric will help.

Such winter coats for men will warm you as much as possible in the most severe frosts, as they have a good lining, for which a thick insulation is used.

Coat models for men in the style of a down jacket can have a wide collar, a voluminous hood, different types of fittings, be silhouette or oversized, differ in characteristic wide firmware along the entire length in the form of stripes, cells, Christmas trees.

Fashionable leather, suede, velvet textures coats for men 2020

And again, leather, suede, velveteen in trend! In 2020, fashionistas will be able to appreciate men's leather coats, as well as materials such as suede and velveteen.

The favorites for fashion shows are men's coats of patent leather and matte leather, elegant styles of coats for men from suede in a laconic cut, velveteen models that look very colorful in a man’s wardrobe, especially in rich colors.

It's nice that there are original models of coats for men in combined versions, which, for example, combine leather and fur, suede and wool, etc.

Not only medium-length men's coats from these materials are presented, but also shortened trendy men's coats made of leather, suede, velveteen with patch pockets, different types of collars.

2020 universal beige coat for all occasions

The beige color is rightfully considered one of the most important colors of the coming season, so looking at beige men's coats, you certainly will like traditional beige models with lapels, oversized coats for men beige, as well as a three-quarter length single-breasted coat with the famous name duffle coat.

Minimalist beige men's coats with a neat shoulder line to the knee look cool, winter versions of beige coats for men made of wool, tweed, cashmere, twisted leather with fur lining, as well as quilted men's coats of beige color.

Of course, many men will also appreciate a short coat in shades of beige spectrum, which will suit both a trouser suit and ripped jeans.

Winter men's coats 2020 with fur elements

An indisputable favorite of the winter period will be winter men's coats with fur 2020 with fur trim collar, which looks very expensive.

It is nice that the fur trim is removed, allowing you to turn the winter coat into a demi-season.

With fur, both midi coat options for men and beautiful models just below the hip are presented.

Designers presented winter men's coats with fur in all kinds of colors, straight cut, as well as in style in silhouette, which perfectly complements the image of a business man.

Separately, it is worth designating men's fur coats with sheepskin fur lining, as well as coats for men, which are made of short fur length just below the knee.

Military style coat for men 2020

And again, the military theme in men's outerwear. Stylish military styles of coats for men continue to conquer the catwalks, proving that many years ago, invented styles can be safely worn in 2020.

Men's military coats favor the green, blue, gray, black palette, complex cut, impressive elements of military style that adorn the men's coat with lapels, pagons, a belt, rivets and other components.

Military coats are presented in a short version, which resembles a uniform, or elongated - similar to a pea jacket.

Fancy coats for men 2020

There is no doubt that the designers presented in the collections of coats for men and completely unusual solutions.

These include complex asymmetric examples, cape style, as well as men's coats decorated with drawings and abstractions for the most extravagant representatives of the stronger sex.

Extraordinary novelties can also be found with floral elements that decorate the sleeves, or the entire outfit, provided that the floral elements are discreet.

As you can see from the presented trends, the fashion for coats for men 2020 is actively developing, changing and improving, so every man will be able to find a coat for himself to his liking.

Features of youth style (styles, colors)

There are different methods for sewing a men's coat. Common are several types:

  1. Men's youth coat single breasted, which is never-fading classic, a universal option that looks harmonious and stylish. Suitable for almost any clothing, worn as buttoned or unbuttoned, the look from this does not cease to be natural.
  2. Double breasted product called army. Suitable for young courageous people who can combine stylish things with each other. You cannot call this style a classic, but thanks to it you can realize various interesting ideas.
  3. Duffloctt, in another way a "marine jacket" - This product, a shortened cut with a hood, is more suitable for sportswear. Intended for informal wear.

Menswear compared with women has fewer color options. Most often, preference is given to traditional colors, which conquer their restraint and make it possible to impress a business person.

  1. Black color fits perfectly with almost all products that are in the wardrobe. It is practical, while making it become slim, hides the flaws of its owner.
  2. Grey colour It looks very elegant. It is suitable for wearing on special occasions.
  3. Brown color, is a classic, practical, as it visually hides the dirt that gets on the floor.
  4. Beige color his mods prefer. But, it is necessary to carefully select the elements of the wardrobe to it, so that the created image is stylish as well as appropriate.

Winter long coat

It is better if the winter coat reaches the ankle level in length. Most often, just such a style is worn by stately gentlemen, who are over 50. The younger generation prefer knee length to make it convenient to move, sit down, get out of the car.

The long coat perfectly retains heat, protects the neck and legs from the wind. But, be that as it may, the choice of style and length of the coat is a matter of taste. It is important that it is suitable for the type, and you should look beautiful in it. The big role is played by the choice of material from which the clothes are made, the right size and how the clothes themselves sit on the wearer.

Spring images

Spring coat allows the stronger floor to look stately, elegant. Especially if the nobility of the cut is maintained, warm, comfortable fabrics and of course a stylish finish are selected. A young man is masterfully distinguished from the crowd if he is wearing a coat with a classic collar with lapels, patchwork sleeves, and a modern finish.

Duffle-coat is a great solution for everyday meetings. Large buttons look beautiful, hinges hinged - these elements make the product original.

Before you go to the store to purchase a coat, you need to consider some points:

  • where do you plan to go in it: office or business event,
  • coloring: dark colors are suitable for the working ensemble, and others for everyday life,
  • additional elements: choice of fasteners, buttons, zipper, you can combine them depending on preferences.


There are different styles of coats, as well as demi-season, winter ones. I tailor classic items, or are sewn in the latest fashion, which can only be worn in a certain place or every day. Thick or soft fabrics, amazing finishes, fasteners and zippers - all this is chosen to your taste.

Modern designers often use innovative solutions to make clothes comfortable and beautiful. Agree, everyone wants to look stylish, feel confident. If this was said to you, then you have become the owner of the most successful acquisition.

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