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The most popular men's toilet water: world brands in one bottle

It is almost impossible to imagine a business, stylish, modern man who does not have his favorite perfume in his arsenal. Attractive aroma speaks not only of self-esteem, but also of the ability to show one’s qualities. He can add confidence, charm and charm. And women, how do they emotionally react to a noble perfume? Modern men's eau de toilette with its diversity allows you to choose an individual smell, is able to understand the mood and inspire.

Naturally, the same fragrance will not be suitable for all occasions. For this reason, a man’s collection should have at least three types of perfume. Be sure that they will be able to emphasize the uniqueness and the brightest aspects of the individual personality. The rating of the most refined toilet water includes 7 flavors that emphasize and distinguish men from the crowd.

We choose aroma according to preferences

Men's toilet water is the most common gift that is not so easy to pick up. But how to avoid mistakes when choosing a fragrance to please a friend or loved one?

Men can appreciate the appearance of the bottle, but more importantly, what is inside and so that it fits the image. To do this, you will have to work hard to satisfy requests. If you know a man well, you will be able to determine the characteristics of your character, his lifestyle, and also what your spirits he likes best. With such knowledge, you can safely go to the store:

  1. For a business man, preference is focus, endurance and ambitiousness. In this case, woody shades, herbal with the addition of notes of cedar, sandalwood, are suitable aromas.
  2. This type of men, like "macho", includes people with a wayward character, moderately strict and ready to go on exploits. This type of perfume is suitable for those who have essential oils, patchouli, as well as ambergris.
  3. For a creative person, unpredictable and mysterious, warm aromas with unusual shades are characteristic. To surprise such people it is necessary to give preference to spicy notes, subtle oriental motifs from which a “bohemian” smell emanates.
  4. For athletic men, an energetic and at the same time restrained perfume is needed. They love to be at their best, so the best fragrance for them is a perfume with a fresh, delicate citrus and sea scent.
  5. For gentlemen, gallant men, a classic style of aroma, which contains a persistent and calm woody bouquet with the addition of notes of musk and ambergris, will be suitable.

But no one will argue that the scent of a man's perfume should be liked by his companion, because she often has to be around.

Woody notes

In a similar aroma, components dominate: notes of vetiver and the smell of the forest. They are very widely used for a subgroup: sandalwood, patchouli, as well as cedar and pine. But, to create a perfume, it is not enough just to combine a variety of chords. For this reason, perfume with woody notes matches both the attractive image and the aroma of pencil shavings. Great skill is required to select the appropriate option, because woody notes are both subtle and aggressive.

Aromatic notes

These aromas are based on the smells of lavender, tonka and oak with the addition of other ingredients that are different from each other. Top notes are citrus fruits, basil, followed by softly expressing notes of sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver. The delicate cardamom, which gradually turns into the base of velvet containing amber, oak, and tonka beans, retains the intrigue.

Fresh scents

Men's fragrances are based on essential oils that dissolve in alcohol. The percentage of oils allows you to create different odors. Many men like fresh, alluring lightness and independence perfumes. They can turn your head, give a boost of energy, give a feeling of freedom like a sea breeze. Its palette includes notes of lime, mandarin, freesia, cedar, violet, nutmeg. The freshness of citrus fruits with the expressive smell of a flower bouquet gradually turns into a heady chord of spices. Muscat sensuality and woody noble notes complete this ensemble.

Oriental flavors

These fragrances have a century of history. We can boldly declare that it is from them that the perfumery story begins. It was the east that was famous for its incense. Therefore, the class of this particular perfume is spicy, witchcraft and intoxicating. It is sweet, it expresses the chords of vanilla, musk, ambergris, as well as exotic flowers and spices. Such perfumes are characterized by warmth and animalism. Notes are used in very small quantities. Male oriental fragrance is a mystery, a riddle, a temptation, they are memorable, but less vivid compared to women's options.

How to choose the right fragrance?

Like fashion, perfume has its own peculiarities and it must be selected for the style of clothing and lifestyle. For example, there are smells that fully manifest themselves only in winter, and it is advisable to use others only in summer.

Specialists divide perfumes into the main types suitable for the stronger sex:

  1. Vacation. When choosing a cologne in the summer, it is important to remember that it not only disappears from the skin, but also the hot weather strengthens it. For this reason, heavy, woody or musky aromas that give off a strong odor should not be used. It is recommended to pick up a fresh, light, as well as not too sharp perfume with notes of sea, greenery, light citrus.
  2. Doing sports. Such a fragrance should keep you in good shape, give energy and performance. Usually this smell is spicy, peppery with notes of citrus, forming a long, energetic tone and giving a burst of energy.
  3. Date. You should not buy a sharp aroma for this case. A great option is the smell of vanilla and musk - these are natural ingredients. Vetiver oil is added to keep the smell longer.
  4. Work. This choice is quite complicated, requiring attention. Those flavors that are chosen for an evening walk are not suitable for work. In this case, you need to pick up a light citrus aroma, which will not interfere with freely breathing air to everyone present.

Classically perfume, it as clothes is not suitable for all occasions. He survived almost every fashion quirk. But, before acquiring it is important to know some rules and subtleties:

  • before shopping at home do not use your usual perfume so that it does not mix with a new one,
  • do not spray it on yourself, use special strips on which to apply the aroma, and only after a few minutes listen to the smell,
  • any perfume has three stages: concentrated (first impressions), revealing (weaker smell) and residual (lasting several hours),
  • after inhaling several aromas, the scent becomes dull, it is recommended to smell the coffee beans and after 5 minutes you can continue the selection.

The most popular fragrances (description)

The holder of the popular fragrance will not be able to actually ascend into the sky to join the flying crane wrench. But, the feeling after its application brings a sense of flight, joy and admiration. The question often arises, which is the most popular eau de toilette for men? Below are descriptions of perfumes, which are the most common.

Chanel egoiste platinum

This fragrance emphasizes success and elegance in the owner, expresses strict conservatism, behind which the sexual connotation is veiled. The main characteristic is freshness, energy, which ascribe to the owner's involvement in the world of haute couture.

First, the composition opens with notes of lavender, pleasant rosemary and orange leaves. Internal aromas reveal Caucasian sage and geranium. It ends with a shade of wood moss, frankincense, cedar and vetiver, giving them sophistication and unusual lightness.

Houbigant fougere royale

This is the most popular eau de toilette for men., whose name means "royal fern". She appeared thanks to perfumer Jean Park. The use of coumarin, reminiscent of the smell of mowed hay, was the beginning in the creation of perfumes. The combination of these aromas is in tune with notes of oak moss, geranium, and of course exotic bergamot. In the initial notes you can hear field chamomile, the smell of lavender, green notes that are mixed with cloves, cinnamon, a delicate rose and fragrant lilacs. Woody tones - this is a high point reflecting the smell of clary sage, patchouli, as well as ambergris and tonka bean. Gives an aroma of mystery, helps to look decent.

Armani "Acqua Di Gio"

It is a standard style of men's perfume, the popularity rating of which exceeds all others. This is one of the best-selling fragrances that conveys summer sunlight and adds romance. The perfume is elegant, fresh, endowed with attractiveness and charm, characterized by juicy notes of flowers and fruits.

Citrus bouquet with rosemary and bright bergamot add sweetness to the fruit. The train continues with notes of salty sea waves mixed with a bright floral set: freesia, fragrant jasmine and cyclamen. The chords are completed by soft, warm, thanks to the presence of musk, patchouli, ambergris and cedar with moss. This composition gives the man aristocracy, sophistication and elegance.

L`Eau par Kenzo

A perfume masterpiece, the popular men's fragrances of the talented Olivier Cresp include this fragrance. This is a class of aromatic, watery odors in which the main notes are green pepper, yuzu, and in the heart lotus and green chords, and in conclusion, green pepper appears. This perfume has an average durability, as well as an average intensity train. A positive property is the fact that you can use it at any time of the year, also for people of different ages. But, only in the evening.

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

Classic fragrance, fashionable men's toilet water, designed for the modern strong half. It intertwines traditional tastes with a modern arrangement.

Perfume has an original smell in oriental wood tones, which are skillfully intertwined, and sound harmonious, purely gentlemanly. Hints of exquisite leather, agar wood are revealed, an accent of oriental wood and spices is heard. Heart notes of saffron, frankincense, cardamom. The final note is patchouli, as well as the oud tree.

Hugo Extreme by Hugo Boss

An extraordinary aroma, the call of nature, where the energy of the conquering peaks, as well as the conqueror of the female heart, is hidden. The composition has an expressive note of ripe green apple. Heart notes reveal a fougere accord of bitter geranium, sage and a delicate aroma of lavender. The base notes of white cedar and fir balm provide a melody of intrigue and sensual charm. It sounds seductive, and alluringly reflecting the entire perfume composition.

LACOSTE Essential

Has its own secret, the most popular men's fragrance of Lacoste Essential toilet water. It combines the most harmonious beautiful aromas that are placed in one bottle with the image of a crocodile. The perfume is inherent in the combination of aromatic and woody shades, lightness, freshness, which emphasizes the freedom of the owner. The initial notes are: lemon, mandarin, tomato leaves, as well as grapes and bergamot. The notes of "heart" are rose, spices, black pepper and floral. In conclusion, a train of chocolate, musk, cedar, sandalwood and ambergris opens.


There are still brands that appeared recently, but managed to find their favorites. These include the fragrance Bleu De Chanel. Its fresh, impudent, penetrating and persistent smell makes it truly masculine. In it, notes of citrus, Sicilian mandarin, a little shaded by vetiver are heard. Warm woody tone gives freshness, and ambergris adds velvety.

Gentlemen Only Intense, Givenchy is a family with notes of patchouli, suede and honey. The version is sensual, sexy, opening with notes of green mandarin, black pepper with the addition of the aroma of birch leaves. The owner has the features of an elegant man with natural charm.

Short conclusion as a conclusion from the author

Not only clothes shape the style, but also perfumes. It is only very important to assemble an individual set that will be able to reflect your own style. The choice should be approached very wisely, since not every flavor is appropriate for all cases. The choice of perfume is a real art that a man comprehends over the years. You need to analyze your image, find strong character traits in yourself and then make a choice.

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