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Men's lipstick: choose and learn how to use

Paste is the most versatile styling product. On wet hair, it creates a haze and medium fixation, and on dry hair it is ideal for chaotic textured hairstyles. For easy, durable styling of medium length, use a hairdryer. If you apply the paste on the roots of long hair, get a fairly strong fixation.

Secret weapon

This hybrid of clay and wax can tame even the most naughty hair, adding silky dullness and texture to it, as the first component, and strong shaping fixation, like the second. On dry hair, a little means is applied to obtain a textured, matte hairstyle, and on wet hair - to give it shine.

Types of Lipsticks

For the first time, men's fondant for hair appeared in the period of the 18th-19th centuries, while barbers made all sorts of hair fixers with their own hands. Already by the beginning of the 20th century, simplified versions of sweets began to appear, which consisted of petroleum jelly and beeswax. Since then, all the classic and strict men's haircuts, requiring "sleek" impeccable hair in men - all this was the merit of fudge hair.

Today, lipstick for hair has again become a relevant and sought-after product, especially for bearded men and barbers. There are lipsticks in the main component into two groups - oil and water lipsticks. You need to choose according to criteria such as the structure and length of the hair of a man, as well as what effect is expected from the use of such a cosmetic product. In addition, lipsticks are divided into soft, medium and hard in structure. Hard sweets are more often used for complex styling options.

Why do I need men's lipstick for hair styling?

Lipstick for styling men’s hair is a waxy product that has a greasy consistency. It makes the hair obedient, slightly moisturizes, but at the same time does not leave a greasy shine on them. There are many varieties of lipstick for styling hair, they have a different composition that gives one or another version of the shine.

Lipstick for hair is used only if the man wears a long haircut, and wants to style his hair daily exactly as he needs. The big advantages of male lipstick is that it:

  • Doesn't stick hair
  • Does not leave a greasy shine,
  • Does not contribute to delamination.

Men's lipstick is applied to both dark hair and light hair, in all cases the effect will be amazing.

Important! The tool is strictly not recommended for owners of oily hair, because this can further aggravate the situation and not give the desired effect.

Selection rules

Due to the fact that in the modern market of cosmetics for men, hair styling fudges are presented in a huge assortment, many men do not know how to choose lipstick for hair to ensure their haircut perfect styling. For beginners in matters of using fudge, experts advise using soft and medium-strength types of lipsticks, since they are easier to use for their intended purpose.

For thick and long hair, it is better to choose a fondant with a strong degree of fixation. Styling can be matte or glossy, it all depends on the desires of the man and the type of haircut. For a matte shade of hair, stylists advise using water-based lipsticks, but oily products will provide a glossy luxurious shine and shine to the hair.

General rules for styling with lipstick

Lipstick for hair is a tool for styling hair of any length, including men's styling. With proper use, you can achieve the desired fixation for a long time without using additional cosmetic products. To get the desired result, you need to remember the basic rules of hair styling, which will allow you to make a comfortable and presentable men's hairstyle, beautifully lay your bangs and remove the sides on the hair.

Consider the basic rules of hair styling:

  • First you need to rinse your hair with shampoos, then dry them well.
  • Lipstick needs to be warmed with a hairdryer so that it warms up a little and is well smeared through the hair.
  • Then a small amount of lipstick is applied to the hair, so as to ensure a good styling. It is formed mainly by hands, laying each hair, which should take the perfect look.

The first minutes after applying the lipstick on the hair, styling can be modeled according to personal wishes, change the density of hair, their length. The main thing is to learn how to use lipstick correctly, choose the right brand, consistency and amount of application for yourself.

Do not assume that the more lipstick on the hair, the longer the effect will remain. With such a consistency, you need to be extremely careful, because an excessive amount of lipstick will make your hair greasy, not well-groomed and not neat, which will ruin the overall picture of the image.

Mode of application

Another important question that many men ask is how to use fondant for hair to style hair styling? In general, the instructions for using such a cosmetic product are similar to the rules for using hair waxes. You can apply fondant to hair of any length and structure, following several steps:

  1. Styling should be done only after the man is fully dressed. The fact is that the product is very easily soiled and may not dry out completely, therefore, experts advise finalizing styling. If it is a solid form of lipstick, it is preheated, for example, in a microwave.
  2. Before using the product, the hair must be washed and dried. Only on clean hair will fondant look spectacular and stylish. In addition, with the help of a hairdryer and the right direction of air, you can already arrange the correct styling of the haircut. Some varieties of lipsticks for hair need to be applied already to wet hair, this must be taken into account when using the product.
  3. You need to take fudge the size of no more than a pea with your finger, then warm it up with your palms of your hands. It is better to take the product with a minimum amount, adding during the formation of styling.
  4. You need to apply fudge along the entire length and density of the hair, conducting finger massage movements from the hair roots to their ends. It is better to apply first from the roots, moving to the ends of the hair so that the fudge does not dry ahead of time. After that, using a comb, the hair is once again fixed in the correct location, if necessary, the hair cut part is aligned. If the product is frozen ahead of time, you can use a hairdryer and hot air.
  5. Before going to bed, the fondant must be washed off the hairso as not to stain bedding. Experts note that hard varieties of lipsticks are quite difficult to wash off things.

When using sweets for men's styling, it is important to be extremely careful, since a sticky, drying substance can stain any objects and fabric. Also, a man needs to stock up with high-quality shampoo, which will cope with the task of washing off fudge from the hair.

Styling short hair with lipstick

Men's lipstick for hair is intended not only for long hair, but also for short. If there is a desire or need to make a beautiful styling, remove sticking hair, smooth hair, use just such a man's lipstick.

Experts say that such lipsticks look perfect on short “naughty” hair, allow you to correct any imperfections, make the hairstyle beautiful and stylish. The main thing is to apply lipstick correctly, apply only to clean, dry hair, evenly distributing throughout the area.

The most popular brands of fudge hair

High-quality fudge for men's hair is easy to use, an excellent degree of fixation and the ability to keep the shape of the hairstyle even in non-weather conditions. Experts have compiled their top-rating of the best brands of men's cosmetics, offering sweets for hair styling. It includes the following brands:

Water-based Manly Crystal Pomade with an average degree of fixation, respectively, lipstick is suitable for hair of short and medium length and degree of density. The product has a light caramel flavor and guarantees hair elasticity for the whole day.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade with a pleasant texture and aroma, water-based lipstick with a high degree of fixation for medium and long hair. This product is recommended for owners of dry hair, as it gives the hair a natural shine and volume.

The stereotype that lipstick makes hair slim and greasy has long been dispelled by the experience of millions of men, as well as successful brands of men's cosmetics for hair care. The products mentioned earlier are another indicator that lipstick for men's hairstyles will be an excellent alternative to varnishes and gels.


Men's lipstick for hair will become an indispensable assistant for a man who wears a model creative haircut that needs constant styling and fixation. It is only important to choose the right basis for the product and the degree of fixation so that the hairstyle always looks fresh, attractive and flawless. And products from global brands such as Manly Crystal Pomade and Uppercut Deluxe Pomade will help achieve such results in a matter of minutes.

Hairstyle undercut

Anderkat haircut requires special attention during styling, because it involves the presence of many varieties. There is laying back, "hedgehog", sideways. To carry out such styling, it is necessary to use a special lipstick, which will allow you to experiment in every way.

Most often, styling for such hairstyles is carried out in beauty salons by the hands of specialists, because it is not always possible at home to get the desired result the first time. Such styling will emphasize the style and image of a business man, emphasize his merits, and give greater grooming.

Need to know! To hair was always beautifully styled and had a presentable appearance, it is not enough just to regularly use lipstick for styling. Here you still need to take care of the presence of high-quality shampoo that will not provoke fluffy hair.

Where is better to buy lipstick for hair?

Every man who needs to use it can buy lipstick for hair. The cost is minimal and affordable, which is why you can buy this product at any time and put your hair in order. The price of each product is individual, consider all the features in the table. It is best to buy on the official websites of the manufacturer, or in a professional cosmetics store, avoiding certain fakes.

Lipstick for hairPrice
The bluebeards revenge700 rubles
JS Sloane, Layrite400 rubles
Mr Natty, Apothecary87600 rubles
American crew700 rubles
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade700 rubles
Manly crystal pomade650 rubles
Bone crusher600 rubles

When choosing hair cosmetics, you should pay attention to these brands, especially since their cost is the most affordable for every person.

About what lipstick for hair is and how to use it correctly, see the video:

How to style medium length hair with lipstick?

At home, it is very easy to style your hair, no matter how long it is. It is enough to distribute the lipstick on the hair, give it the right condition, lay it as it should, and wait a few minutes. Lipstick quickly finds the right state, helps to create a beautiful hairstyle, well-groomed appearance.

Bit of theory

The oldest male remedy gained distribution in the 18-19 centuries. In barbers, ointments based on bear fat and lard were used. The form was created for one or two, and you will not find fault with the brilliance. But washing hair from fat was problematic. This did not frighten men, since it was believed that the ointment enhances the growth of hair.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Hair styling changes the structure of the hair under the influence of temperature, special appliances and cosmetics. There are two types of hair styling: daily and long-term.

The twentieth century has given new technologies to all spheres of human life. The use of wax and petroleum jelly allowed to bring the production of lipsticks to an industrial level. Google pictures of stars of 20-30 years - hair is laid hair to hair. “Sleek” hairstyles are gaining unprecedented popularity. Not without the participation of cinema, the first brands appeared: Murray, the Royal Crown, Georgia Brown.

The middle of the last century takes lipstick to a different level. Young people create hairstyles that become a symbol of subcultures. For example, grisers. A distinctive feature was the "pompadour" and "jelly roll" hairstyles. Young people redid motorcycles, cars and listened to rockabilly. Gaining popularity, rock and roll makes lipsticks used by idols super popular. The bosses of cosmetic companies offered Presley any conditions, if only he would use their products.

ATTENTION! The styling method depends on the lifestyle and preferred style. The main rule - the hairstyle should be suitable for the type of face. An important component is the men's dress code. An employee of a serious company or a bank is not allowed youthful relaxed hair styles.

The seventies bring new music, clothes and hairstyles. The popularity of lipsticks is disappearing - long hair does not require tight fixation. In the course of gels and varnishes. Oblivion lasted to zero. It was then that the fashion for everything vintage appeared. Grandfather’s clothes 🙂 and photographs were taken from the chests, which made it possible to create interesting images. The development of the barbershop industry has allowed the use of new technologies on a professional basis.

Men's lipstick

Means can be divided into two types: base oil and base water.

  • The advantages of water-based lipsticks are the lack of oily sheen, ease of removal and a natural look. The tool does not weigh down the hair, but to create complex hairstyles, choose a strong hold. Weak and medium will not keep the creative design.
  • The oil base gives the lipstick the properties of a wax. Such funds hold any shape on thick or curly hair. Gloss is stronger than water based products.

When choosing lipstick, pay attention to hardness. Beginners are advised to buy soft and medium products. Solid lipsticks require warming up and quick use. The first two types are enough to stretch in the hands.

IMPORTANT! The choice of type of fixation depends on the structure of the hair. Strong and super strong compounds can harm thin thin hair. Do not get hung up on lipsticks. Perhaps the best choice is wax for styling.

How to style your hair with lipstick

  • Make styling dressed. Pulling a sweater, turtleneck or t-shirt will be problematic - you will remember both your hair and your thing.
  • It is better to apply the product on clean hair. Apply the lipstick in small parts, about a pea.
  • We rub the product in the palms and distribute it through the hair. Do not forget about the back of the head. If the funds were not enough, we take another “pea”. Do not try to use a lot of lipstick, the excess is removed difficult.
  • If the hair was a little wet, blow dry it. Then apply a portion of lipstick - the finishing touch.

INTERESTING. Styling products are associated with complex hairstyles. Men believe that a daily haircut does not require fixation. This is not entirely true. A small portion of lipstick for easy fixation will give your hair style elegance and completeness. The tool can be used on short hair and medium length hairstyles.

Lipstick for hair styling

Put aside stereotypes! Forget about “stamps” and use a universal styling tool. Not only the second half will appreciate the hairstyle as from a barbershop 🙂 Catching interested female looks on the street is nice.The right tool and a little practice - and you're on top. By the way, about the female image of the ideal man read HERE. Good luck

Lipstick History

Most often, lipstick for hair is associated with the era of rock and roll of the 1950s in the United States and Western Europe. Young style icons of the time used it to create new revolutionary hairstyles, and young people, following them, expressed their rebellious impulses in this way. Such haircuts as “pompadour”, “flat top”, “duck-tail” were possible to do only with the help of radiant lipstick. The trend continued in the 60s, and lipstick became an everyday product for styling.

During the first half of the 20th century, in addition to hair oil and briolin - the precursor of lipstick - there were no other means for men's styling. It was with the invention of brioli in 1900 that the shining, neatly styled classic hairstyles of such stars of the time as Rudolph Valentino, Ramon Novarro, Carey Grant, became truly iconic and popular through the use of this inexpensive styling tool.

But the ancestors of lipstick have been used before. In the 18th century, similar means were available only to the upper strata of society and were considered quite exclusive. The term “lipstick” itself comes from the French word “pommade”, which is an adaptation of the Italian “pomo” (apple) and the Latin “pomum” (fruit). Initially, this substance was a kind of ointment obtained from apples, animal fats and herbs, and used for cosmetic purposes.

How to choose a lipstick

Having decided to try lipstick, start with soft or medium-soft varieties - they are easy to apply on the hair and they will help to figure out the use of this tool without unnecessary suffering.

The thicker and longer the hair, the stronger the fixation should be on the lipstick that you are going to get. "Finish" - the final type of hair after applying styling products - can be matte (for lipsticks on a water basis) or glossy, shiny (for lipsticks on a wax-fat basis). The first is more versatile, and the second is better for complex styling of long hair.

Lipstick is fundamentally different from such a mass product as hair gel and requires some accuracy. Compared to gel, lipstick is only needed in a small amount, but it stays on the hair for a long time.


In general, the method of applying lipstick is very similar to that of waxes, which we wrote about earlier. This product is intended for styling hair of any length, including long, that is, for the haircuts already mentioned above (“pompadour”, etc.).

Step 1. Before applying lipstick, make sure that you are fully dressed.

  • This tool is very easy to transfer to clothing - some lipsticks do not completely dry out, so it is best to do the last styling.
  • There are solid lipsticks that must be heated with a hairdryer or in warm water (but not in the microwave!) Before use.

Step 2. Wash and dry your hair.

  • Before applying the product to the hair, they must be washed well.
  • After this, the hair must be dried with a hairdryer, forming the desired shape for future styling with a stream of air.
  • Some water-based lipsticks can be applied to wet hair (and this is their difference from waxes), but this will be discussed later.

Step 3. The amount of lipstick - a little more than a pea.

  • Lipstick soft or medium-soft consistency must be typed on the nail or finger, and then warm up, rubbing a small amount (the size of a little more than a pea) on the palms.
  • Always start with a minimum amount - you can always add more, but not vice versa.

Step 4. Putting funds on the hair.

  • Now you can start applying lipstick: you need to do this immediately throughout the hair volumes, passing through the locks with your fingers from the roots to the ends, as if massaging the hair (as you do with shampoo when washing your hair).
  • Pre-apply lipstick on the surface of the hair is not worth it, as many of them quickly harden.
  • After putting your hair in the desired shape, go through it with a comb, forming a neat style, and, if necessary, making a parting.
  • When using solid fondant, it can begin to harden even before you finish styling. In this case, use a hairdryer to slightly warm the hair and the already applied product.

Step 5. Before going to bed, the lipstick must be washed off the hair, otherwise, it will cover your bedding, especially hard lipsticks - removing them can be quite problematic.

Disadvantages of Hard Lipsticks

Be careful with hard lipsticks and brioli - it's a sticky substance, and it can be difficult to remove from your wife's surfaces or hair dryers if you accidentally smear it.

Some especially “hardcore” varieties of lipsticks and brioli can be difficult to wash off from the hair. It will take more than one pass with a good shampoo to get rid of such lipstick on the hair. The use of such lipsticks can nullify all the positive aspects of this styling product.

And taking into account these negative, but important points, let us consider a little more in detail a pair of lipsticks that are easy to use and devoid of the disadvantages described above.

Manly crystal pomade

Before applying Manly Crystal Pomade, it is recommended to dry your hair with a hairdryer, forming their shape in such a way that your hair styling should look like. At the same time, the hair can be left a little wet - the lipstick is made on a water basis and allows such use.

But the best option for using Manly Crystal Pomade would be to apply it in two approaches. Apply the product for the first time on wet hair, and then blow dry it with a hairdryer. Now you can apply the lipstick once again on dry hair, thus achieving a more stable fixation.

Manly Crystal Pomade is very easy to apply, has a medium but very stable fixation and is best suited for medium to long hair or shorter. Lipstick is suitable for hairstyles with various bouffants, "torn" strands and others. Applying it on hair of this length, you will achieve a very natural look. After applying to the hair, it is not superfluous to use a comb, thus forming the final neat style of your hairstyle.

Lipstick will suit connoisseurs of a matte “finish”, and also give a minimal natural shine. After application to the hair up to medium length, the lipstick adequately fixes them for the whole day - the hair remains elastic, does not stick together, and during the day, styling can be adjusted. Manly lipstick is packed in a stylish glass jar with an aluminum lid and is not ashamed to take it to work to correct or even change the styling during the day. To do this, it is enough to slightly moisten the palm of your hand with water, moisten her hair and adjust the hair style with a comb, and if necessary add a small amount of the product. The smell of lipstick is soft and unobtrusive, like caramel.

Of the features of this product - it is unlikely to be suitable for longer hair and styling with high tufts, "pompadour", as the degree of fixation will noticeably drop. The product does not make hair oily and is easily washed off with a regular shampoo.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Unlike the previous product, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade has a different consistency, similar to a jam with a pleasant smell reminiscent of coconut and vanilla, as well as a much stronger fixation, which makes it possible to use it on medium or long hair. It is perfect for more complex styling, for example, "side desks" (with parting). Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is made in Australia and has a water base.

Lipstick is applied to pre-dried hair and applied in combination with a comb. It is easily warmed up in the palms and is also simply applied to the hair. The “finish” of the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is not without its natural luster. Also, this lipstick will be an excellent choice for the owner of dry hair.

To the features of this tool, we would include a very quick drying, so do not yawn when working with a comb and styling hair. Also, unlike the Manly product, after using this lipstick, you will not be able to change or adjust the styling during the day, which is offset by a really persistent fixation.

Using this lipstick, you can achieve the formal style of a businessman or a smooth "gangster" style. It is washed off easily by the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, despite its firm hold.


Lipstick can be a really great way to style your hair and achieve original and cool styles. The natural ingredients that make up many of them are also good for hair and scalp.

However, do not forget to flush this product before bed so that your bedding does not suffer. When writing an article, we tried to draw your attention to all the important aspects of the application and the advantages of hair lipsticks, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a styling product.

A bit of history

Lipstick is one of the oldest hair styling products used in the 18th-19th centuries. The barbers of those times made special ointments from bear fat and pork lard, which gave the hairstyle a shape and shine, and at the same time and, as was believed in those days, contributed to the growth and health of hair.

At the beginning of the 20th century, lipsticks appeared on the basis of more accessible materials - beeswax and petroleum jelly. In the 1920s, the production of styling products gained industrial scale, and their popularity continued to grow. It was lipsticks that were used for the “sleek” hairstyles that were popular in those days and hair-to-hair styling — just remember the photos of movie stars of the 1920s and 1930s, such as Cary Grant or Gary Cooper. Then the first popular brands of hair lipsticks appeared, for example, Murray’s, Royal Crown Hair Dressing, Sweet Georgia Brown, Lucky Tiger.

In the 30s, lipstick was the main styling tool: Cary Grant's classic haircut

In the 40s, mostly short hair and haircuts stylized as military (for example, “flattop”) were in fashion, but the youth of the 50s made the reminiscent styling one of the main symbols of their new style. It was then that the culture of grisers was born (from the English grease - “briolin”): these guys listened to rockabilly music, customized cars and motorcycles and wore high hair styles “pompadour”, “jelly roll” and others. The images of rock and roll stars contributed to the popularity of complex styling. Fans tried to find out the brands of hair lipsticks that their idols used and bought the same ones: for example, it is believed that Johnny Cash was styling hair with the Royal Crown Men's Pomade, while all the major manufacturers of styling products fought for Elvis Presley’s attention: Black & White, Royal Crown, Dixie Peach, Lovers Moon, Slick Black, Murray's, Sweet Georgia Brown, etc.

Elvis Presley hairstyles have been a source of inspiration for more than half a century

In the 70-80s, lipsticks for hair lost their popularity. Long hair came into fashion, and the most popular styling products were new products in the cosmetics industry - gel and hair spray.

Lipsticks were in oblivion until the 2000s, when the napolyniny hairstyles became a thing of the past quite firmly and were no longer associated with boring styling of dads and grandfathers, but with a cool vintage style. Nowadays, we are witnessing a new wave of popularity for a variety of men's hairstyles, the revival of barbershops and professional hair cosmetics. Today there are many brands of lipsticks, and modern technology allows you to control the degree of gloss and fixation of hairstyles.

How to use lipstick for hair

Firstly, before using lipstick for hair, it is better to dress completely, because if you try to put something over your head immediately after styling, the product may not yet completely dry and make marks on the fabric.

Finger Lipstick

Dry your hair with a hairdryer, giving your hands the shape of a future hairstyle. You can leave your hair slightly wet, and completely dry after applying the product. Take a little lipstick, a ball the size of a little more than a pea, rub it in the palms of your hands, and then carefully rub it through the hair, not forgetting the back of the head. If the lipstick is over, take a little more money, but never take a lot right away: removing the excess of this product from the hairstyle is not so easy.

If you left your hair wet, then dry it with a hair dryer, and then apply a little more lipstick and give the finishing touches to the styling.

Lipstick for popular styling

Often, lipstick for hair is associated exclusively with complex or too sleek styling, but this is not so. A small amount of this product will help to shape a wide variety of haircuts: short hair, medium length hair, anderkat haircut and many others. Here are some good examples of using lipstick for popular styling.

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