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On which finger to wear a signet or ring for men and women

The ring for women acts as a decoration and an object of pride, but men perceive different types of rings as a symbol of wealth and status. Especially if we talk about the ring, which is customarily called a signet. If you dig a little deeper into history, you can find out the amazing fact that it was men who first began to wear rings. Therefore, the question on which finger the signet of a man is carried is more than relevant today.

The ring can be made in different styles and types, the main thing is that the male version was restrained, strict, without unnecessary details and gloss. In addition, stylists and other specialists advise responsible approach to choosing a finger, on which you need to wear a ring and other types of rings. Otherwise, you can become famous surrounded by the owner of bad taste and lack of taste.

Types of Men's Rings

To determine on which finger to wear a ring to a man, it is necessary first of all to indicate his appearance and shape. Today, the choice of men's rings is not as diverse as jewelry for the beautiful half of society, but, nevertheless, jewelers advise not to confuse several common types. Namely:

  1. Wedding ring. This is the most popular men's jewelry worn by all married men. According to Slavic traditions, a ring is worn only on the ring finger of the right hand, in other countries other rules are permissible. The ring is most often made in the form of a simple rim on a finger of gold without additional decorating elements.
  2. Signet. Most often, men today, not by virtue of duties, but by their own will adorn their hands with a signet. Initially, such a ring was really used as a seal, as it depicted the coat of arms and other symbols of the state. Modern models adorn simple patterns, ornaments or stones; according to the rules, it is better to wear a signet on the little finger or ring finger of the right hand.
  3. Rings. Many men are thinking about which finger they wear the ring on, who prefer to demonstrate their worth and image in this way. Most often, the ring is made in the form of a massive wide ring with one or more stones, and you need to wear it according to the rules of etiquette on your index finger. Rings with stones, such as opal, quartz, turquoise or amethyst, look elegant and aristocratic.

In addition to the listed types of rings, among men today there are those who prefer to wear the iconic rings of certain subcultures. These jewelry presuppose individual design and symbolism, in addition, the rules for wearing them are determined by this trend. Today, jewelers separately offer paired rings to men who have a soulmate in a single design and execution.

What did the seals symbolize in the old days?

Initially, the rules and patterns on which hand men should wear one ring or another. For example, prints were first used not as decorations, but to leave print in the necessary documents. The ring had to be made with a certain engraving depicting the coat of arms, banner and other designating symbols. As such, the rule on which finger the signet should be worn several centuries ago was not.

In ancient Rome, prints were worn mainly on the little finger, and only honorable noble figures. Although a lot depended on conventions, estates and other traditions. For example, some especially important men in society put a signet on their index finger. There were also such nationalities in which the ring acted as a symbol, that the man was the head of a noble family.

On which fingers are the seals and rings of a man

Although there are no special rules on this subject, there are still recommendations. For example, in the business world, you can wear a gold ring on the ring finger of your left hand - this will emphasize the wealth of the owner and his position. But it’s better not to put the accessory on the index finger, it’s a bad manners and can be perceived as a tendency to aggressive behavior. We recommend that a man wear a signet on his middle finger, this option is considered the most universal.

Photo of a male signet on the middle finger

Wearing a ring on a man’s thumb is not recommended, unless, of course, he is an artist. Just such a choice immediately attracts attention and rarely approaches the everyday style. In addition, a ring that is too large and catchy will most likely hint at the lack of taste of its owner. But then again - if you like, and you are ready for increased attention, nothing should stop you.

Men's prints on the little finger of the right hand are a fairly common occurrence. This tradition dates back to ancient times, when rings were worn with a certain meaning.

Marlene Dietrich, Johnny Depp, Prince Charles. Elvis Presley and many other famous and influential people prefer to wear rings and large prints on the right little finger. Such people show their fortitude, mind and desire to achieve their goals.

Photo of male ring on little finger

The meaning of the rings on the fingers of a man:

  1. Thumb. Research in psychology says that the ring on the thumb of a man is not very positive. The owner of the ring wants to stand out in every possible way, to assert himself and to show his significance. Sometimes this choice indicates excessive aggressiveness.
  2. Pointing. According to the observations of esotericists, born leaders put a ring on the index finger. Men who prefer the ring on the index finger are proud, powerful, and this jewelry only enhances these qualities. The ring of the representative of the stronger sex on the left hand symbolized megalomania, and on the right - judiciousness.
  3. The middle finger is best for rings and rings of any size. As a rule, prudent, responsible and calm men wear rings on this hand. Esotericists believe that the ring on the middle finger helps develop calm and wisdom.
  4. Nameless. Traditionally, wedding rings are put on this finger of the right hand. Signs or rings on this finger are worn by connoisseurs of beauty and art.
  5. Little finger. The ring on the little finger of the right hand in a man speaks of a creative person who wants to stand out from the crowd. It was believed that so conquerors of female hearts and players wear jewelry.

On which finger to wear a ring to a woman

Women at all times loved jewelry and simply beautiful jewelry, especially rings and rings. After all, it was possible to determine the marital status and material condition of the owner from them.

Photo of women's rings

The meaning of the rings on the fingers of a woman:

  1. The thumb ring is most often chosen by adventurers who by all means strive to stand out from the crowd, they love fun and adventure. Purposeful or assertive personalities dare to wear a ring on this finger.
  2. The ring on the index finger is much more common. He is chosen by powerful and freedom-loving women, accustomed to command.
  3. If a girl wears jewelry on her middle finger, then most likely she is a dreamy person, somewhat romantic and vulnerable. Those who choose this method of wearing a ring are accommodating, kind and non-conflict.
  4. Ring finger. We are accustomed to the fact that the ring on this right finger indicates marriage.
  5. A home girl who dreams of getting married and living happily ever after is given a ring on her left hand on her ring finger. As a rule, such girls are non-conflict, soft and have a good sense of humor.
  6. The ring on the little finger indicates creativity.

On which hand should a man wear a ring?

There is no clear answer to this question. The only thing worth considering is the difference between the right and left hand in terms of psychology. It is generally accepted that the right hand reflects the physical condition of a person, while the left hand is a mirror of character, worldview and relationships with others. However, all of the above applies to righties.

What is the difference between a ring and a signet

A ring is a massive ring with a precious stone and minerals, often refers to status jewelry and it is proper for a man to wear rings with a stone upstairs.

The difference between the ring and the signet

The signet is a kind of ring without stone, but with printed inscriptions or images. It is often symbolic and is worn face down, it looks quite overall and is a masculine decoration. The sign is worn on the little finger or ring finger.

Meaning and meaning.

Let us dwell on each finger of a male hand:

  • Thumb. Today, not everyone is capable of such a bold decision. Meanwhile, in North America, this tradition was very common among strong and confident men. For many cultures, a massive thumb ring is a symbol of wealth and power. According to psychologists, in order to choose this solution, a man must have a desire for self-affirmation and sexual activity.

  • Forefinger. Until a certain time, the right to wear a ring on this finger belonged only to men who reached a certain position in society. That is why signets are most often worn on this finger. A characteristic tradition for many clubs, communities and fraternities, making it easy to recognize their members. The ring on the index finger of the male hand is a symbol of power and leadership or the desire for such. Designers note that the index finger, and hence the ring on it, is in the center of attention of others. At the same time, do not forget that such a location of the jewelry makes it vulnerable to contact with various objects.
  • Middle finger. It would seem that the ideal position for the male ring is because it looks like a center of balance and is visually perceived very harmoniously. However, on this finger, representatives of the male half of humanity wear rings less often. Perhaps one of the reasons next to the index finger, already decorated with a massive signet. According to psychologists, the ring on the middle finger can be seen in calm, balanced men, capable of fulfilling the role of a reliable business partner and a good family man. All of the above is automatically canceled if, in addition to the middle one, all the other fingers attract attention with numerous decorations.
  • Ring finger. Many men are frightened by the decoration on this finger, because traditionally this is a wedding place. And for all countries and peoples. The only difference is that in the traditions of Orthodoxy, as well as in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland, the symbol of eternal love and devotion is worn on the right hand, while a married American, Englishman or German has his left hand ringed. With a divorce, they switch to the same finger of the opposite hand. In the case of widowhood, a man has the right to leave the engagement ring in place as a symbol of lost love, or simply refuse to wear it, since from the point of view of the legal and according to all church canons, marriage is considered to be over. Stylists consider the only permitted option from the point of view of strict rules of good taste to wear a ring on the middle finger with only an engagement ring. If a man who is not tied by family ties puts an ornament on his ring finger, psychologists recognize him as a love of luxury and sophistication.
  • Little finger. In the 70s of the last century, the ring on the little finger of the right hand emphasized the owner’s unconventional sexual orientation. Then, for a long enough time, the ringed little finger served as a sign of a representative of an organized criminal group. This idea was formed largely due to the efforts of Hollywood heroes. Psychologists attribute to the holder of such jewelry insight and intelligence, the ability to creative decisions.

How to choose the right ring

First you need to decide on the metal and design. Beautiful rings for men are usually:

  • Ceramic rings. This is a very light material, it is almost not felt on the hand. Well suited for a gift to a young man.
  • Tungsten carbide rings. It is very hard and material, it is impossible to break or scratch it.
  • Titanium signets feature a beautiful silver-matte hue.
  • Precious metals. This includes silver, gold and platinum products.

If your chosen one loves watches or other rings, then the color of the metal of his new jewelry should be in harmony with those that already exist. As an example, if the bracelet is made of silver, then the ring should be chosen from the same material.

Photo of a male ring

A large expensive ring should not be given to a very young guy; on his arm he will not look quite appropriate. Take a look at other, easier options.

It is important that the ring matches the style. For example, a ring with a skull will be appropriate for a goth or a rocker, but not a lover of the classical style.

Rules for how to wear rings to a man

When choosing and wearing jewelry, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. "Better less, but better." The number of people worn at the same time should be limited. If there are more than three, thoughts arise about the imperfection of the sense of style and taste of the owner of the jewelry.
  2. The unity of color. Whatever modern stylists say about the possibility of wearing different metals at the same time, it is preferable for a man that the metal of his rings is in harmony with the wristwatch.
  3. Balanced placement of jewelry. If a man puts on more than two rings, the best solution would be to disperse them on two hands and still not cross the line of three jewelry. A watch can be balanced by a bracelet on the wrist of the other hand.

Attention! Great A.S. It is no coincidence that Pushkin said: “You can be a real person and think about the beauty of nails.” Wearing rings makes increased demands on the condition of men's hands!

Which hand to wear the ring

For the most part, there are no strict rules for wearing rings. Engagement and wedding rings are an exception, as there are many specific cultural traditions, each of which requires you to wear them in your own way. Therefore, putting on the ring do not worry about the rule of the left and right hand, since in most cases it is not. If there is a difference on which hand to wear it, then you will be warned about this in advance.

In some cultures, it is customary to wear a wedding ring on the right hand, in others - on the left

However, you can decide on which hand to wear the ring based on how you feel comfortable. The right hand is usually seen as a “physical” hand - active, dominant, which performs most of the gestures and actions. The left is considered a “mental” hand representing your character and beliefs. This of course applies to right-handed people, for left-handed people the opposite is true.

In the end, we are now talking about some very abstract concepts - do not be afraid to go your own way and do as you like.

Culture & History

The ring on the little finger has few cultural connotations. For this reason, rings that are worn for self-expression are often worn on this finger. But there is one feature of the ring on the little finger, as it is most often associated with belonging to organized crime. Mafia members wear rings on their little fingers and cinema has made this well known (long live the godfather!)

In some parts of Europe, a printed ring was put on the little finger, which symbolized the family and its status.


The ring for the little finger is smaller and, as a result, cheaper. So if you do not have so many savings, then for sure your choice will fall on such a decoration. In addition, despite its size, the ring on the little finger will attract attention no less than on any other finger.

Ring on the ring finger

Culture & History

This finger is traditionally reserved for a wedding or wedding ring. Depending on the culture and religion of the owner, the engagement ring is worn either on the right or on the left hand. For example, men who marry in the Orthodox Church will wear their wedding ring on their right hand, as will men from Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland, and Bulgaria.


Since most men prefer to choose engagement rings easier, if you wear something more conspicuous and bright, it is unlikely to be mistaken for engagement. For example, an engagement ring with small diamonds in a circle can be either a decoration or an engagement ring.

Ring on the middle finger

Culture & History

The person who wears a ring on this finger prefers convenience and style. Surprisingly, very few people wear rings on their middle fingers. This is probably due to the fact that you need a much larger ring on this finger, which will entail additional costs. This is probably the most “male” finger for the ring, since no one will take it for an engagement ring (not to mention how stylish you can “send” people thanks to it).


For this finger, it’s best to pick a simple ring of dark or gray material. If you intend to purchase a stone jewelry, do not let the stone protrude far from the ring. This rule applies to all male rings, but especially those that are worn on the middle finger.

Rule number 1: each ring sends a signal

He served in the Naval Academy, airborne troops or flight school? A ring with the symbols of these establishments will show your connection with some of the greatest soldiers of history, sailors, pilots and marines.

Remember this when putting on the ring.

Want to show your greatness? In some parts of the world, large gold rings with precious stones indicate a person with considerable wealth.

Looking for a life partner or just want to have fun? Wedding rings play an important role and say how far things can go with this attractive stranger you just met.

And do not doubt that people pay attention to rings. They may be silent, but they have already scanned your hands within a few seconds after the meeting and made up an opinion about you. Therefore, be careful about what messages you send to others.

Rule number 2: Be sure

How confident are you of the extra rings on your hands? Do not put on a ring in society until you are sure and get used to it. It is best to wear a new ring first at home until you get used to its weight and sensations. Then start wearing it with people you trust and see how they react. Get used to their comments before you start wearing the jewelry in public.

In addition, find out the history of the ring, if it is, then be prepared to answer questions about it. Is this a heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation? Is this the ring you bought during your summer vacation in Europe and it reminds you of this trip? Regardless of the story, your ring has the potential to be a great conversation starter.

Rule number 3: Keep the rings proportional with your hands

If you have big hands, you can wear big rings. Men with smaller arms should balance proportions by donning smaller rings.

Similarly, if you have thin fingers, stick to compact and thin rings, and wider rings are preferred for men with full fingers.

Rule No. 5: Unity of Metals

There are no strict rules for the combination of metals, however, in order to simplify life, it is better to pay attention to the choice of one material.

It’s best if the metal of your jewelry is the same or at least combined

Most men prefer silver or gold. If you do not have such preferences, then make a choice, starting from the shade of your skin. Wear silver if you have a cool tone. For reference: your skin has a cool tone if blue veins are clearly visible on your hand. Wear gold if you have a warmer skin tone. In this case, your veins will not be very noticeable.

I personally really like it when the rings correspond to accessories: metal on a belt buckle, on a watch strap and metal rings - in one tone.


Millennium rings symbolized power, wealth, belonging to a noble family or an elite club. Rings were worn by kings, emperors, kings, dictators, as well as ordinary commoners. The ring is an accessory with a long history and individual symbolism.

This guide covers the basics of ring culture, but today we’ve learned the most The male ring should reflect your style, your social status and sense of taste. If it seems to you that wearing 2-3 rings your individual style will be on top - go for it!

A bit about status and signet

Kings and emperors decorated their hands with rings, and this was considered an indicator of wealth and high status. An engraved ring still serves as a seal for the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The movie "Inferno" shows the moment of the death of the Pope and how the signet is destroyed. Pass this symbol of power to no one.

Members of the same club may have a status seal. It can be a sports club, a student fraternity, and any organization. Such rings are the same for all members of the group. Most often, they are worn on the little finger or middle finger.

If the man does not belong to the group, then the ring must be chosen by color, metal and style according to etiquette.

For example, a gold chain on the neck will not be combined with a ring of any white metal, whether silver or platinum. In this case, the signet must certainly be gold. The same goes for cufflinks, bracelets and other accessories.

The stones in the ring. If you have chosen a huge ring with a bright red stone, and even in openwork trim, then calmly expect trouble. Unless, of course, you are a singer, actor, artist or representative of Bohemia, or your brothers are romals.

The stones in the ring should be modest. If you buy a diamond ring, then it can be small stones that make up the geometric pattern.

Most often you can find men's rings with black stone. It can be either semi-precious stones - onyx, agate, obsidian, or precious - diamond, black pearl or opal. Gemstones are inserted into gold or platinum, semiprecious stones serve as a decoration for a silver signet.

The most popular ring for the last decades is a ring with onyx. Such rings can be worn by men under a suit, under jeans, as a stylish accessory under a tailcoat. According to astrologers, onyx gives the owner strength and decisiveness.

Historical facts

A man’s ring has never been considered a simple decoration. In ancient Egypt, he attributed the properties of a protective amulet. Such a decoration was able to protect the owner from the evil eye and damage. During the reign of kings, the signet was a symbol of power, with its help letters were sealed, stamps were placed on documents. And the coat of arms depicted on the ring showed that a person belongs to a noble family.

For a long time no one writes paper letters, much less waxed envelopes. But nevertheless, you can find generic signets that are inherited from generation to generation. An example of this is the Queen of Great Britain and her family, the Pope and others. However, you can meet people who do not belong to high society, but still wear such accessories.

Types of Men's Jewelry

Modern men do not have as many choices as women. But still there are several types of male rings:

  1. Wedding ring. This jewelry is considered one of the most popular, since all married men wear it. According to Slavic custom, it is placed on the right hand. But in some countries, different traditions for the testimony of marriage.
  2. Signet ring. This ring is preferred mainly by wealthy people, accustomed to show their wealth. But not everyone knows which finger they wear the ring on. According to the rules of etiquette, his place on the index finger.
  3. Signet. Previously, such a ring was worn to show their status, but now in most cases, men decorate their brushes with such an accessory solely of their own free will.

Equal rings made especially for lovers or couples are becoming increasingly popular. All such accessories are individually designed and may have special symbols.

Ring value

According to experts, the fate of a person is determined not by the ring, but by the finger on which it is worn. Therefore, before choosing this or that jewelry, it is worthwhile to find out not only on which hand the signet of a man is worn, but also other important nuances. The importance of the fingers is especially important:

  1. Thumb. Psychologists say that only self-confident people who want to show their worth with their whole nature can wear accessories on this finger. Decoration on the thumb can sometimes talk about the excessive aggressiveness of its owner.
  2. Pointing. The ring on this finger indicates the leadership qualities of a person. After all, it is no coincidence that all kings, kings, princes and great generals bore the signet on the index finger. This is evidenced by portraits in history books. Men who prefer this particular option are proud, courageous and confident personalities. Moreover, the ring on the left hand speaks of megalomania, and on the right - judiciousness.
  3. Average. This option is considered the most versatile and can suit almost any man. People who choose the middle finger for wearing jewelry prefer stability and comfort in everything, and are also distinguished by their prudence and philosophical mentality. In addition, this may mean that a person honors the memory of their ancestors, since it was customary to wear family values ​​on the middle finger. And in ancient times it was believed that metal jewelry strengthens masculine power. Now there is an opinion that the accessory increases vitality and energy.
  4. Nameless. The wedding ring was and remains the main decoration of this finger, but this does not mean that other types of accessories are unacceptable here. Rings on this finger are people with a creative beginning - artists, musicians, artists, photographers and all those who love beauty.
  5. Little finger. Creative, creative, and sophisticated people prefer to wear a signet on their little fingers. But the ring on this finger can talk about a person’s selfishness and his attraction to gambling. Such men are cunning and resourceful, but these traits do not prevent them from achieving great success in business.

Most men usually do not think about which hand to wear accessories on, and rarely take into account the meaning of the fingers. But in any case, many still listen to the rules of etiquette before putting on a signet.

Opinions of Astrologers

Even in the XXI century, it is worth listening to the opinion of astrologers, whose advice may slightly differ from the generally accepted rules of etiquette. In their opinion, in order to choose the right finger for the ring, necessarily take into account the nature of men:

  1. Energetic and emotional people, to restrain their temperament and flashes of aggression, must wear a signet of yellow or red gold on their thumb.
  2. A man who has low self-esteem should give preference to a platinum or white gold signet. And you need to wear such an ornament on the index.
  3. On average, astrologers advise to wear generic signets, this will help attract good luck and deal with problems and difficulties.
  4. Those men who are in search should choose jewelry for the ring finger of their left hand.
  5. The little finger is worth paying attention to men related to politics and business. A gold ring or signet with a stone selected according to the zodiac sign will help in communicating with people.

Not everyone knows on which hand the man’s ring is worn, but if you weigh the opinions of psychologists, astrologers and etiquette, you can even find out the person’s character in the ring.

Rules for choosing a signet

Do not forget that in addition to the opinions of experts, you also need to be able to choose the right ring. There are certain rules that should not be neglected:

  1. The ring should be selected depending on the style of the person, because not all accessories are equally appropriate in the business style and in everyday life.
  2. The color of the metal should be the same as other accessories. For example, if a man already has a silver bracelet on his hand, then the ring should be made of silver.
  3. The size and appearance of the stone is also of great importance. After all, if the stone is too large, then in everyday life wearing such a ring will not be very comfortable.

Of course, you should consider where and when the ring will be worn, because there are places and events where you need to adhere to a certain dress code. It is undesirable to neglect the recommendations of etiquette, but they should not be blindly trusted either, in addition, it will be useful to listen to common sense and your own taste.

Thumb ring

Historically, a thumb ring has been worn to demonstrate wealth or power. Sultans or sheikhs usually wore rings on their thumbs. These rings are much larger and wider, which perfectly reflects the material situation and status of the owner.

Nowadays, the ring on the thumb usually indicates persistence of personality, showing that the man is purposeful and confident. What can be a great accessory for your style.

Index finger ring

Nowadays, few people wear a ring on the index finger, since it is very inconvenient, because we use this finger more often than others.

But 200 years ago, a ring on the index finger indicated a certain status of a person, or his belonging to society.

Even now, some educational institutions and conservative companies have maintained this tradition. Some foreign institutes give their graduates rings that are usually worn on the index finger of the right hand to indicate their belonging to this educational institution.

A brief perspective on the history of the signet ring

A ring or signet is a type of ring decorated with a coat of arms, personal initials or certain symbols. Initially, it was worn on the little finger by representatives of the nobility, used to seal letters with wax or sealing wax. The first rules for wearing expensive men's jewelry with engraving were introduced by the French. Here is some of them.

  1. The signet should have been worn on the little finger of the left hand, but donning the ring finger was acceptable.
  2. The engraved part of the decoration with the pattern should have been directed upward to the nail.
  3. Any representative of the clan, except for the head, was obliged to wear a ring only on the ring finger of his left hand.
  4. Engraving was allowed to be placed both inward and outward of the palm.

In ancient times, only the kings, commanders, and representatives of the higher clergy wore the symbol of power with the symbols of the family. The coat of arms was engraved on the surface of such a ring.Decoration by inheritance was transferred to the head of the clan or church, attributing to it magical properties. Nowadays, men don’t really think about which finger to wear the ring on; there are practically no restrictions. However, some traditions are still better observed.

What finger are they wearing?

Those representatives of a strong half of humanity who decide to choose a wrist jewelry for themselves for the first time want to know on which finger a man’s ring is worn. There are no clear traditions of choice, but there are traditions. So, married more often put a signet on the ring finger, symbolizing fidelity to family ties. Christians wear a ring on their right hand, and Catholics more often on their left.

In modern society, a strong opinion has been established that a massive golden ring on a hand determines the status and position of its owner. Jewelry for men is rarely supplemented with precious stones or glass, more often it is decorated with patterns, engraving, prints, volumetric drawings or inscriptions.

Popular men's jewelry options are made in a simple, concise style, but there are also design samples for representatives of creative professions, outrageous stars and lovers of prison (thieves) themes. Depending on the sign and you should choose which finger to wear the ring.


This finger in ancient times was considered a symbol of male sexual power. It is inconvenient to wear a ring on it, but the attention of others to an unusual accessory will be provided in full. The thumb ring even has its own name - “napalok”. It is believed that the owner of such a signet wants to assert itself, to show its significance, brutality. However, for many men, the attack is a kind of talisman, protecting from troubles, portending luck in men's affairs and bed.

It's important to know. Traditionally, the ring on the thumb symbolizes wealth, power, ambition and influence, so on the arm of a pimply teenager such a jewelry will look ridiculous and ridiculous.


The ring on the index finger was originally worn by members of a particular order, fraternity or clan. Today, palmists believe that the "pointing finger" symbolizes leadership, authority and authority, and jewelry emphasizes, strengthens these character traits. Business etiquette does not allow to decorate this finger with a ring. It is believed that the signet hints at megalomania, exorbitant pride and arrogance.


This finger is the most versatile and comfortable to wear massive ring. Most often, he is put on old family jewelry with a century of history. According to tradition, judicious, reliable and confident men choose such jewelry. Palmists also believe that putting a ring on the middle finger, you can restore peace of mind, bring internal forces to balance.


This finger has always been considered responsible for heart affairs, designed to wear a wedding ring on his right hand after marriage. People of art and creative professions also love to wear rings, giving their choice to large silver items and accessories with precious stones. Putting wealth or a designer miracle on display should, in their opinion, symbolize beauty, status, attitude to a certain elite.

Ring on the middle finger

If you have a family ring, which is very dear to you, then it is the place on the middle finger, if you want to show the importance of communication with ancestors.

Now this ring is a symbol of balance and poise. But the big gem on this ring will report the owner's narcissism.

Little finger

Extraordinary and creative men often put a ring on their little fingers, distinguishing themselves from the crowd. Fans of gambling, love flirting are also noted in this choice. In palmistry, the little finger is responsible for intelligence, the ability to convince others, and oratory. That is why some businessmen, politicians and diplomats choose this finger to wear a gold signet.

It's important to know. Do not wear too wide or heavy jewelry on the short and thin little finger - the contrast will be too noticeable. It is better to choose a neat ring engraved in platinum, white gold or silver.

Summing up, it can be noted - there are very few individual unspoken rules for wearing a man’s ring on his hand. Each man has the right to decide for himself which finger to wear the ring. The main thing is to choose an accessory in the same style with clothes, to know the measure and not to boast of your wealth or position in society.

Ring on the ring finger

This ring symbolizes marital status. Married Orthodox men wear a ring on their left hand, Catholics on their right. The ring finger was once considered an inextricable artery that leads directly to the heart, creating a direct connection with it to show affection between a man and a woman.

But if you wear this ring on the opposite hand (Orthodox on the right, Catholics on the left), then it will mean that you are a widower, or divorced.

Friends, share your opinion! Which rings do you prefer? What fingers do you wear them on and what do you want to show with these? Does the ring make the image of a man more stylish?

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How to wear: on which hand and finger?

Today, the rules for wearing rings for men have changed slightly, and many do not have an inherent responsibility in this matter. Although many stylists are still advised to pay attention to the choice of finger, as some ring models require observance of etiquette. In addition, there are separate interpretations about the fingers on which rings can be worn by men, from psychology and esoterics.

Most often a man puts a signet on his ring finger, despite the fact that this is by no means an indicator of marriage ties. Psychologists and esotericists do not recommend putting a sign on this finger, as this may block free men from searching for the second half. If this is a ring or engagement ring, then on the contrary it should be worn on the ring finger, which is the energy channel to the heart.

What does wearing a ring on different fingers mean?

As mentioned earlier, psychologists and esotericists can tell a lot about a man by the type of hand and finger they wear. Yes, and the person himself at a subconscious level determines where to wear the ring individually. On the ring finger are men who are engaged or engaged to a woman, demonstrating their employment. If we talk about the little finger, it is decorated with a ring of creative personalities.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a silver ring or a gold one, on the index finger it says about its owner that a man is decisive, strong-willed, brave, proud by nature. Also, such men often strive for power, and in occultism they even advise shy people who are not confident in themselves to wear a signet on the index finger. The middle finger is a universal option, but esotericists advise wearing it heirlooms that protect the genus.


Each man is free to choose independently which rings to wear and how to wear this or that jewelry. In turn, stylists, psychologists and representatives of occult movements are ready to share tips and recommendations on which fingers men can wear rings to develop in themselves only the best qualities, and also emphasize their image and status. The signet is suitable for both the index finger and ring finger, and many creative people wear a ring on their little fingers.

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