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Elite Men's Premium Umbrellas: An Overview

It would seem that for a man an umbrella? A common accessory that is used only as a means of shelter from the rain? No, this is far from the case. There are men's premium umbrellas that differ in quality and tell others about the high status of the owner.

Men often do not pay much attention to the quality of the umbrella, and in vain. Stylish branded thing will make you feel comfortable and confident. Finding and purchasing luxury umbrellas is not difficult today. Let's look at the difference between premium and conventional models, and also dwell in more detail on the umbrellas of the most popular world brands.

What is the difference between an ordinary and an elite umbrella?

The difference is noticeable at first sight when comparing a conventional inexpensive umbrella with a high-end model. All knitting needles and connecting parts in a quality umbrella will be made of metal, while in a cheap copy there are plastic components that quickly fail.

The pen also plays an important role. In a good quality umbrella, it will be made of wood or bone.

World brands

Probably everyone knows the proverb "avaricious pays twice." So these words can be applied to those men who buy cheap umbrellas. In order to always feel at height it is better to surround yourself with high-quality accessories that have managed to prove themselves from the best side.


The stylistic direction of TM Gianfranco Ferre is rightly called "architecture in the fashion world." They produce only high-quality umbrellas for men, which are characterized by multifunctionality, ease of use, durability and practicality. They will help to complement the glamorous image of a vibrant modern fashionista.


Umbrellas Airton issued with the filing of the famous English company Zest. She is relatively young, but has already managed to occupy a certain niche in the market and get her audience of buyers. The main distinguishing feature of all male models of Airton umbrellas is the ideal price-quality ratio. For a relatively small amount, you can purchase a high-quality stylish accessory with a Teflon-coated dome. At the same time, designers and constructors rely not only on high quality, but also on a stylish design, which is updated for each season.

Mario talarico

These expensive umbrellas will be appreciated by important persons or real aesthetes, handmade fans. The difference of this Italian manufacturer is that all models of umbrellas are made at the factory in Naples manually using only high-quality fittings and the most high-quality materials. Fabrics for making the dome are made to order, and wood handles with bone or mother of pearl finish.

How to choose an umbrella: some valuable tips

  1. Folding or awkward? A cane (some consider this model non-compact) or a folding model? What's better? Here, of course, it all depends on personal preferences and frequency of use. In the case of a cane, everything is simple: when closing such a model, the spokes are attached to the base, the design itself does not add up.

Due to the simplicity of the design, it is these types of umbrellas that are considered the most durable and reliable, but at the same time they are quite bulky and do not change in size. But folding umbrellas are very compact, comfortable, differ in a variety of designs and colors, which is due to the high demand for such products. Which option to choose is a matter of taste.

Type of addition. Speaking of folding models, one cannot but take into account the mechanism of their addition. There are three: mechanics, automatic and full automatic. The first option is reliable, durable, manual closing / opening of the umbrella is required (the risk of breakage is minimal).

The semiautomatic device is perhaps the most demanded: the design opens by pressing a button, it will have to be folded manually. Are there any disadvantages? This is how to look. Fans of mechanics may find it not so reliable, and lovers of automation - semi-functional. Frame - the foundation of the umbrella, without which it will be simply useless.

This parameter must be considered. Modern options are equipped with knitting needles made of carbon fiber, metal alloys, steel, aluminum. All but the last are considered durable. But, if you need the most lightweight products, aluminum is your option. Knitting needles.

Knitting needles must hold the umbrella dome securely, so strength is their main characteristic. But this is not the only one. The number of knitting needles is also important to consider. This number ranges from 5 to 36, but 8-10 are commonly used. This is the optimum amount for a rugged, windproof construction. Everything that is “higher” is a matter of taste and financial possibilities.

Dome material. The durability of the product as a whole directly depends on how durable and moisture resistant the dome material will be. So, nylon is the most inexpensive and least practical option. Polyester - durable, fairly dense, moisture resistant.

Satin / jacquard - they are distinguished by their luxurious appearance, but, initially not intended for frequent exposure to moisture, they will not last as long as polyester (even if covered with special moisture-repellent impregnation). Pongee - a blend of polyester and cotton - is a new generation of material. Pleasant to the touch, dries quickly after rain, has an unusual silk look.

Rating of the best manufacturers of umbrellas

The famous French brand specializes in the production of shoes and accessories for men and women. accessories include, of course, an umbrella.

The main distinguishing feature of Balenciaga rain products is a strict business style. Only high-quality fabric is used in the production, a stylish design is selected.

All models are characterized by increased strength, but it is difficult to call them light.

  • classic design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • reliable opening system
  • price-quality ratio.


The Italian brand was originally created as a small family factory. More than half a century after its founding, the brand still adheres to the original principle of operation: no competition with a cheap Asian brand. And this means that the corporate identity of the Pasotti product is elitism.

Each year, the brand produces a limited number of products, each of which is an example of a perfect umbrella. Any model is distinguished by sophisticated style, structural strength, restrained colors (even women), durability.

By the way, the models are strictly separated by season, so you need to choose carefully.

  • Exquisite design
  • frame strength
  • original decor of the handle (Swarovski crystals),
  • handmade.


The brand specializes exclusively in the manufacture of umbrellas. Products differ not only in a variety of colors and design features, but also have one original feature, thanks to which the Blunt umbrella is very easy to recognize: the rounded parts of the dome (almost at the tips of the knitting needles).

In the same place, the product is reinforced with additional fabric to prevent rubbing. Unusual shape, bright decor, transparent dome - the Blunt brand will help to stand out in the crowd.

Models of all series have a radial dome tension system, which allows to achieve excellent aerodynamic effect - even in extreme conditions provides reliable protection against rain / snow.

  • robust construction
  • stylish design (including case),
  • brevity of details,
  • a wide range of models
  • comfortable handle (anti-slip effect),
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Happy rain

The company is one of the largest suppliers of umbrellas in 25 European countries. The brand is gradually gaining worldwide fame. By the way, the attention of the company's customers is also stylish bags: Happy Rain specializes in the production of leather goods, which will be an excellent addition to the umbrella.

Available are models not only for adults, but also for small customers of the company.

Connoisseurs of walks together can enjoy spring / summer rain under one umbrella (a collection of walking products for two), and for any particularly rainy days with gusts of wind, any model from the Rainy Days series will be invaluable.

  • ease of construction
  • universal design
  • convenient opening mechanism,
  • quality of components.

The famous British brand, enjoying well-deserved popularity around the world. The manufacturer of umbrellas uses exclusively modern and durable materials: satin, polyvinyl, polyester.

Among most models, the brand is dominated by fully automatic ones. Frame / knitting needles made of aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood.

For lovers of special strength and lightness, the collection of brand umbrellas includes light models with a small weight and more powerful designs - with a reinforced frame.

  • the presence of pocket, car models,
  • original drawing, coloring,
  • comfortable handle
  • durable material
  • anti-wind system.


The British manufacturer of umbrellas has been pleased with the consistently high quality of its products for over half a century, which reliably protects from the weather. Brand products are highly valued not only in their homeland, but also around the world.

The company offers more than 100 models of umbrellas for every taste and color. In the collection you can find neat small items for children, models for two, powerful designs in 4-5 additions.

Canes deserve special attention: lovers of unusual designs will like models with a double dome, double knitting needles, etc.

  • the presence of lightweight / reinforced structures,
  • transparent umbrellas
  • models for two
  • anti-wind system,
  • steel rod.
  • complaints about the fragility of the design.


The Austrian manufacturer of umbrellas is considered one of the best in Europe, delighting consumers with ultra-reliable, incredibly durable products that perfectly protect against wind and rain.

The company pays great attention not only to the design of models, but also their functionality, so you can choose a suitable umbrella for any season of the year. Men are presented in a classic range, all models have a deep dome.

Women's and children's amaze with a variety of bright colors and stylish accessories. Semi-automatic models prevail in the rain collection.

  • stylish design,
  • brevity of details,
  • anti-wind system,
  • flexible knitting needles (do not break from the wind).
  • There are no lightweight and compact models.


Umbrellas of the Flioraj brand are created in a cozy art studio with the participation of experienced Italian fashion designers. A distinctive feature of all brand umbrellas is an individually designed design.

The dome of the products is treated with special Teflon impregnation, which not only protects against rain, but also allows you to permanently preserve the brightness of the fabric and pattern. The company likes to combine in one model incompatible, it would seem, materials (for example, satin and pongee).

In the collection you can choose models with the original design, made in the form of a hexagon with a slightly elongated “back” part: this will help to reliably protect the back from treacherous drops of rain.

  • exclusive design
  • Teflon impregnation
  • frame - anodized steel,
  • original design
  • rubberized or anti-slip handle.
  • complaints about the fragility of the spokes.

The company specializes in the production of original umbrellas of unusual design, made in a stylish, sleek design. Among the majority of models, monochrome color and bright patterns prevail.

The special shape of the dome provides reliable protection of the eyes from the bright sun, leaving a comfortable view, and the “back” part of the umbrella perfectly protects the back from getting wet under heavy rain. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to gale (!).

For connoisseurs of aesthetics in everything, Senz offers unusual models from the Van Gogh series dedicated to the work of the great post-impressionist: they are distinguished by an unusual design that embodies the artist's paintings.

  • compactness of models,
  • ergonomic design
  • products capable of withstanding severe thunderstorms,
  • anti-wind system.

How to choose an elite class umbrella?

Before buying, it is worthwhile to inspect the accessory well, and not rely solely on its price. It is necessary to take into account the strength, weight of the umbrella and the size of the dome. A good quality men's umbrella should be durable, comfortable and effective.

If you always drive your own car, you can afford to buy an umbrella cane, which, despite its large size, fits easily in the trunk. Those who travel on foot should pay attention to compact models. However, umbrellas with solid knitting needles are more durable.


The umbrella can be removed to the closet only in winter, and the rest of the time it simply has to be at hand. It is desirable that this be a reliable and high-quality accessory of high class, and not cheap consumer goods. An elite umbrella is not just a shelter from rain and wind, but an exclusive branded accessory that will help a man demonstrate the presence of great taste to others!


The Prize brand is designed for the category of consumers for whom an umbrella is just shelter from the rain. Affordable prices and an optimal set of options will suit those who expect only practicality and functionality.

The manufacturer of umbrellas uses fairly inexpensive materials in the manufacture of products - this is important to consider. The lineup is pretty standard. Nevertheless, you can pick up both everyday options and original mini, lightweight designs.

Would you like to get an inexpensive umbrella-cane with a reliable design and a convenient handle? A model from the Prize brand is the best option.

  • convenient and simple models,
  • affordable price
  • reliable steel frame
  • anti-slip handle.

Three elephants

The only representative of the East in our ranking and what else. The Japanese company is quite capable of competing with other umbrella manufacturers.

The brand has earned an honorable place in our ranking of the best due to its impeccable centuries-old reputation built on the consistently high quality of products, original design of models and surprisingly affordable prices for the luxury category.

Exquisite colors, unusual fabric finishes (including manually), excellent automatic models are what the brand can boast of.

  • anti-wind system,
  • anti-slip handle,
  • copyright collections
  • the use of complex materials (jacquard, heat-treated polyester - “wet” effect).


The company has been manufacturing umbrellas for many years, not only in high quality, but also in their original design. In addition, almost all models of Trust umbrellas have patented structural elements (a pusher mechanism, a transforming handle, an intermediate opening, etc.).

All components of the construction are characterized by a high level of reliability and are very convenient to use. Reinforced models are available, consisting of 10 and even 16 knitting needles, as well as designs in 5 additions. Men's umbrellas are presented in classic colors using massive comfortable handles in the design. Women's umbrellas amaze with a variety of colors and patterns.

There are many cane umbrellas made in a stylish design, as well as a rainbow umbrella with a reinforced dome (12 spokes).

  • enlarged dome
  • compactness of models,
  • easy options
  • transparent models
  • design stability to strong gusts of wind,
  • classic design with modern elements.
  • sudden opening in the design of the "automatic".

Stylish men's umbrellas - perfection in details

Still in ancient times, people wore a "roof" over their heads.The place and time of occurrence of the first umbrellas is difficult to determine, experts examined Babylon, as well as the countries of the East. But if you look, you can see that the umbrellas were known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were made of bamboo and palm. A little later, an umbrella could identify a rich person or not, an umbrella was considered an exquisite thing. The Chinese emperor had four-tiered umbrellas, they could hardly be carried away.

The first umbrella was invented by Jones Hanway in 1756, fish bones then appeared instead of knitting needles. Such an invention weighed almost four and a half kilograms. In the mid-nineteenth century, S. Fox made an umbrella with metal knitting needles, and they still serve people today.

Men's umbrellas look almost the same, the only thing they differ in is their design. The classic and most common is the black color of the umbrella. If it is made in a different color scheme, then it is considered extravagant and unusual.

There are a great many umbrellas. In order to make a choice, you need to understand the types and features of this type of accessories.

  1. Mechanical type. Such umbrella models open and close manually. A striking representative is the umbrella cane. Strength, reliability and durability can rightfully be considered an advantage of this type of umbrellas.
  2. Semiautomatic device. Such umbrellas add up to two or three additions. They are comfortable for carrying in small suitcases. Ease of opening, a decent price category, compactness - all these are the advantages of this type.
  3. Machine. The mechanism of such an umbrella model works instantly, you just have to press the button.
  4. Dual automatic. Speed ​​and ease of use will help you easily cope with the opening of the umbrella.

When you decide to buy a branded umbrella, the first thing you pay attention to is the price of the product. It may not always be low, but the quality of the umbrella will correspond to the set high figure.

A variety of colors and design solutions will also surprise you. A fashion accessory is suitable not only for business men, but also for those whose image is more free.

The last one is an original and very convenient folding version of the umbrella of the famous Gianfranko Ferre fashion house.

For the manufacture of the dome of such umbrellas, the best and highest quality materials are used: polyester and quick-drying satin. Large dome sizes protect you from heavy rains. The spokes are made of fiberglass, which gives the structure the greatest strength and reliability. Aluminum alloys are also used, but such umbrellas do not always last long.

A male umbrella with a small dome and a full automatic mechanism easily folds up and unfolds at the moment you need, fits perfectly in your hand and bags. The length of the folded umbrella is only 22 cm, the number of additions is -4.

If you want to stand out among others with an unusual umbrella, then Ferre manufacturers have taken care of this. They have a beautiful umbrella-cane, which is decorated with lightning. With such an umbrella you will be stylish and fashionable.

In order not to waste time and money on the purchase of umbrellas when they fail in a strong wind, it is better to buy one, but a good one. A light, interesting umbrella manufactured by Senz is an excellent option to protect yourself from the storm and gusty winds. A specially equipped dome will protect your back from raindrops and give comfort under an umbrella.

The Fulton compact umbrella is a great option for those who like to travel with small suitcases, which easily fit this accessory.

Choosing an umbrella from the Airton brand you provide yourself with reliable quality and decent protection. An original umbrella-cane with a large double dome will give you outdoor comfort with strong winds and rain, and a cheerful striped coloring will cheer up not only you but also those around you, adding brightness and good mood on a cloudy day.

For those who do not like to carry umbrellas of impressive size, a surprisingly light and beautiful umbrella manufacturer Zest is suitable. Such an umbrella is placed in a special case and will not cause you any inconvenience if you take it with you.

The Zest men's folding umbrella is perfect for car enthusiasts. It can be placed in the car with the help of a special cover, which is easily fixed in any place convenient for you. The built-in flashlight will help to detect an umbrella in the dark.

Each man creates for himself a certain image, whether business or everyday. To look incomparable, you need to consider all the little things and pay attention to details. An umbrella can be considered an important element, because it is it that complements your style, and here you cannot miss the choice.

Colors are different:

  • classic black
  • brown,
  • original blue
  • green into the cell,
  • beige,
  • bright burgundy for originals,
  • Gray.

Among a large selection of colors, there are umbrellas with interesting inscriptions and minor accessories that do not spoil the appearance of the umbrella, but add piquancy.

In the manufacture of umbrellas, the following materials can be used:

  • The most common material is considered to be polyester - it does not allow water to pass, holding it on the surface of the umbrella. In order that the material does not fade and does not wear out quickly, Teflon spraying is used. There is also rubberized polyester, which is durable and reliable.
  • In addition to polyester, pongee fabric is used. It is able to retain and repel moisture using a dense structure.
  • The nylon coating is the softest and most flexible, but it is not always reliable, because it can deform and resize depending on the temperature.
  • Twill is a soft fabric with shine that adds more beauty. When protecting from rain, nuances may occur.
  • Satin and silk umbrellas act as festive decorations, they complement the image of the bride and groom charm.
  • An umbrella is considered expensive, which is made of leather or contains leather inserts.

When choosing an umbrella, you need to study the composition of this product, because it depends on it the reliability and quality of the accessory.

Simple rules when choosing a male umbrella:

  • we study the dome material,
  • carefully select the size
  • pay attention to the number of knitting needles, optimal -8,
  • the type of folding umbrella is important,
  • the quality and material of the pen, its appearance,
  • Compare the fastening of the dome to the rod,
  • do not take umbrellas that are too cheap
  • check product quality.

Japanese three elephant umbrellas are among the most popular in the market. Umbrellas in a cage are considered to be interesting and fashionable, the colors of which can be different, it all depends on the style of the buyer. The handle made in the form of a hook is made of leather, which gives additional sophistication to the product.

The Austrian brand of umbrellas this season presents accessories with bright prints made in the form of drawings. The enlarged dome will make it possible to feel protected and calm during rain and winds. The material is high quality and reliable. The type of mechanism is a semiautomatic device.

The black "presidential" umbrella has become a real hit this season. It is made specifically for those men who are accustomed to comfort in the rainy season. The handle of the product is made of wood, the dome is made of high quality dense material. This umbrella meets all the requirements of stylish buyers.

One of the popular European brands. Distinctive features are price, personality and design. An umbrella with an octagonal octagon shape is considered fashionable and quite chic, it allows you to hide from rain and bad weather. It is very compact and easily folds into a small design.

Italian designers have pleased us this season with extravagant, sophisticated and attractive models of umbrellas. The men's umbrella machine of this brand is distinguished by quality and design.

German quality and impeccable style - these are the qualities of a premium men's umbrella. It is made specifically for business and charming men.

Umbrellas of this brand are brought to us from China. Only these are not those things of inadequate quality, but truly worthy and excellent. An umbrella selling this city is considered a bestseller in St. Petersburg.

Men's umbrellas must be correctly selected for clothes, so as not to look silly and ridiculous. For example, a black umbrella goes well with an elongated coat and stylish men's shoes. A business suit is also suitable. Regular trousers and summer loafers are possible in combination with an umbrella, the main thing is to choose the right color.

Men are great connoisseurs of beauty and style. They also look attractive and interesting in their own way. The ability to present oneself to the public is a worthy quality of any man. If you wear hats, then an umbrella cane will suit you, which will complement your business style. A long or short cloak in combination with an umbrella cane will also add extraordinary and splendor to you.

Tight jeans, a jacket in addition with an umbrella will look simple, but very funny. If instead of jeans, ordinary pants without bright details are worn, the image will be more fresh and stylish.

Men's umbrellas are a worthy thing that not only protects from wind and rain, but is also an important accessory in your wardrobe. An umbrella says a lot: from quality, appearance and value, conclusions can be drawn about the status of its owner. Umbrellas come in different colors, different styles and designs. It is important to choose and buy the right and necessary umbrella; it will decorate you and your image.

10 best umbrellas

So that the rain does not take you by surprise, you always need to have an umbrella with you - in spring and autumn, so for sure. In this article, we have collected ten of the best umbrellas for children and adults, motorists and couples in love who prefer to walk.

  1. Women
  2. Men's
  3. Baby
  4. Custom umbrellas

KNIRPS X1 - the most compact and lightest umbrella

A large family of women's umbrellas from a German manufacturer combines practicality and fashionable design that has earned international recognition along with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The developers of the series made sure that their umbrellas were not only beautiful, but could fit in a handbag. And this is at a very decent width of the dome of 94 cm.

  • A huge number of bright colors and fashionable prints - now there are more than 35, not counting individual limited editions,
  • Flexible knitting needles do not break with gusts of wind up to 40 km / h,
  • Teflon-impregnated awning is not afraid of either water or dirt,
  • The kit comes with a convenient case, completely closed with a zipper, plus a traditional case, thanks to which you can safely put even a wet umbrella in your bag,
  • A loop with a fixed clip is provided on the case - with it, the umbrella can be easily fastened to the handle of the bag or the straps of the backpack,
  • The weight of the umbrella does not exceed 230 grams (covers provide another 50 g),
  • When folded, the length of the umbrella is only 17.5 cm,
  • The manufacturer gives a 2 year warranty on their products.

  • The mechanical folding system is inconvenient if your hands are busy.

FULTON L754 - automatic cane for owners of lush hairstyles

At first glance, the family of umbrellas from the English manufacturer attracts attention with the unusual color of the tent. From above it is an unremarkable black dome, but from the inside it is literally strewn with hundreds of bright colors, colorful inhabitants of the deep sea or a contrasting geometric print. Such umbrellas perfectly cheer up

  • A two-layer dome with knitting needles inside - such an umbrella will not cling to a hat or hair,
  • Pleasant to the touch and non-slip soft-touch coating on the hook handle
  • Strong steel frame with individual elements made of the same durable fiberglass,
  • Like all "canes", it is characterized by wind resistance, that is, it does not turn inside out at the slightest impulse,
  • Easy to close without extra effort.

  • Heavy (483 grams)
  • Diameter of a dome, small for an umbrella cane, is 92 cm.

Three elephants 114B - popular umbrellas at an affordable price

A new collection of automatic folding umbrellas from a popular Japanese company will delight in the original design, where floral designs successfully combine with a geometric print. The series includes 6 models of different colors with domes made of satin treated with water-repellent impregnation - one of the most expensive and beautiful materials for the manufacture of umbrellas.

  • The increased diameter of an awning (104 cm),
  • A full automatic machine, that is, an umbrella independently not only unfolds, but also folds,
  • The spring system "Antiveter", which returns the spokes to their normal position and does not allow them to break,
  • High tensile fabric
  • The rubberized handle which does not slip out of a palm,
  • Convenient case with a zipper,
  • Affordable cost 1800-2000 rubles.

  • The steel frame increased the weight of the umbrella to 420 grams.

DOPPLER DOP740963dsz - large umbrella cane

The classic male "cane" differs from female models in the large diameter of the dome - in this model it reaches 112 cm across. The awning has a traditional black color, it opens automatically with a simple click of a button, but you need to close the umbrella manually.

  • Lightweight but durable fiberglass knitting needles,
  • Protection against damage "Antiveter",
  • Convex dome that protects against oblique rain,
  • Strong tent fabric (polyester),
  • Anti-slip coating on the hook.

  • The aluminum rod does not allow the use of an umbrella as a real cane - under load it simply bends.

Men's umbrella MOSCHINO Topless - fully automatic

A practical accessory from the Italian fashion brand has an automatic folding / unfolding system, which means that it will be easy to control even if one of your hands is occupied by a phone or a briefcase. The umbrella is available in several non-standard, but quite appropriate colors, reminiscent of the restrained patterns of costume fabrics.

  • Large 120 cm dome
  • Dense and durable polyester awning fabric with water-repellent impregnation,
  • Luxurious eco-leather handle
  • There is an anti-wind system to protect the knitting needles,
  • The manufacturer's declared service life is 5 years.

  • The rather big price is 6500-7000 rubles.

ZEST 21581 - umbrella coloring for creative kids

An original children's umbrella for 3-6 years old kids is not only reliable protection against rain, but also entertainment. On his dome are painted toys and funny animals, which a child can paint by himself with the markers that come with the kit.

The series includes models with domes of different sizes - from miniature 77-centimeter to quite decent small umbrellas 88 cm in diameter.

  • A simple and safe mechanical folding / unfolding system, which the child can handle without assistance,
  • Lightweight aluminum frame, which reduces the weight of the umbrella to 280 grams,
  • Convenient hook handle
  • The presence of protective caps at the ends of metal spokes,
  • The white awning is ideal for protecting not only from rain, but also from the sun,
  • Wear resistant fabric dome
  • The kit includes a color sample for coloring pictures, although the kid is free to show imagination,
  • Low cost in the range of 900-1300 rubles.

  • Felt-tip pens are quite resistant, so changing the color of a painted umbrella is unlikely to succeed.

CATH KIDSTON Funbrella - fun transparent umbrella

The umbrella made of transparent polyvinyl is addressed to children aged 3 to 8 years and is decorated with vivid pictures throughout the dome. The disclosure system here is completely mechanical. The diameter of the dome is small, but taking into account its height is sufficient for a child - 65 cm.

  • Dozens of different patterns - for boys and girls,
  • A domed dome covers the child’s head and shoulders from rain,
  • The spokes, although they don’t stick out in different directions, are still covered with protective caps,
  • Shockproof plastic on the handle and tip,
  • The manufacturer prudently applied a thin coating to the umbrella, preventing the bonding of a smooth awning.

  • At first, a chemical smell emanates from the umbrella, but this is a feature of all transparent models.

BUGATTI Big Boss - a sturdy umbrella for two

A huge umbrella-cane with a dome diameter of 131 cm is ideal for romantic walks in the rain together with your half. However, its size and weight suggest that it is the man who must wear the accessory. We have this model presented in three colors - black, navy blue and checkered gray. The folding system is completely mechanical, that is, you need to open and close the umbrella manually.

  • The reliable 16-spoke framework supporting any wind,
  • Durable polyester dome with Teflon impregnation, giving it water and dirt repellent properties,
  • The spokes are made of fiberglass - as strong as steel, but lighter material,
  • The hook on the handle is made of natural wood (chestnut) with a protective varnish coating.

  • A rather big weight of almost 700 grams.

OUTSIDE Auto-2 - umbrella-changeling

Antizont is a relatively new, but very convenient design, which only last year began to gain popularity. So in front of us is one of the few models of "umbrella on the contrary." It is distinguished from classical canes by the reverse opening system, where the knitting needles are located with their ends up. Such a simple solution allowed the Outside umbrella to acquire a number of unique properties.

  • When closing, the dry side of the umbrella is on the outside, which means you will not wet your clothes in the transport or office,
  • A durable two-layer awning, inside of which the needles are hidden,
  • C-shaped handle is more practical than classic hooks and allows you to carry an umbrella on your elbow, freeing both hands,
  • It’s convenient to close when boarding the car or entering the bus,
  • The reverse design virtually eliminates the breakdown of the umbrella in high winds,
  • 8 colors to choose from from bright youth to dark, restrained shades,
  • The diameter of the dome increased to 108 cm,
  • The pongee on the tent does not wipe with time, and it dries faster than other fabrics.

  • Semi-automatic design, requiring closing the umbrella, holding it with both hands at once.

SENZ - a real anti-storm umbrella

An umbrella of an unusual asymmetric shape is suitable for those who live in areas with very strong winds (countryside, on the coast). It was created specifically to withstand the onslaught of the storm and, according to the creators, does not break even with a 10-point hurricane that uproots trees. It will not be possible to verify in practice, but the fact that the umbrella behaves with dignity in a strong wind is true.

  • Over 60 design options
  • There are models with mechanics, an automatic folding system and almost classic canes,
  • All series are tested for strength in a wind tunnel at an air flow rate of 80-100 km / h,
  • Strong and thick knitting needles that do not bend even with strong winds,
  • The asymmetric dome better covers the back from the rain, and the shortened front part of the tent does not interfere with the view,
  • The fabric provides decent UV protection (SPF 50+),
  • Wide caps are provided at the ends of the needles,
  • Two year warranty.

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Men's brand umbrellas - secrets of choice

Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention not only to the appearance of the accessory, but also to its practicality. In order not to have to compromise between the first and the last, pay attention to men's brand umbrellas. They perfectly combine both of these qualities. In addition, you can easily vary your style depending on the occasion and mood, just choosing the right one.

The best world brands

If you decide to buy a men's branded umbrella, then the price may scare you first. But it should be remembered that branded accessories are made only from high quality materials. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of color schemes and interesting designs invented by popular fashion designers. So, get acquainted with the best manufacturers of branded umbrellas:

Elite accessories from these brands will suit both lovers of business style and casual. The first is to pay attention to the umbrella cane in restrained tones (usually gray, blue or black), for a more relaxed image, you can look at the original and bright folding options.

Upscale Ferre Umbrellas

Gianfranko Ferre is an elite fashion house whose name on the accessory undoubtedly confirms the refined taste of its owner.

Umbrellas from the world famous Italian fashion house are distinguished by their exquisite appearance and high quality. No wonder the founder of this house, Gianfranco Ferre, received the nickname of an architect in the fashion world.

The line of umbrellas fell to the fashion designer as well as possible - they could be made structural and with ideal shapes.

Ferre House produces luxury folding and parasol canes. For the manufacture of domes, exclusively high-strength materials are used: polyester or special quick-drying satin.

In addition, umbrellas boast impressive size domes - you don’t have to worry that at least one drop will fall on you. The spokes of Ferre umbrellas are made of fiberglass, which gives them extra reliability.

Sometimes aluminum alloys are used for the manufacture of knitting needles - this technology makes the accessory almost weightless, though less durable.

Despite the rather high cost (about $ 100), an accessory of the Ferre brand has already managed to win many fans throughout Europe.

This is easily explained by the fact that the umbrella of this manufacturer will never go out of fashion, and will give your look additional chic for many years.

Just beware of fakes (cheaper options are produced in Asian countries) - make sure that Italy is the birthplace of the umbrella.

Brand umbrella designs

Umbrella manufacturing technologies are constantly being improved: there are many different designs. Depending on your lifestyle, manufacturers offer:

  • An umbrella cane is the most elegant option with a robust design. Usually, in such an umbrella there are no knees, respectively, and there is nothing to loosen. And the length of the leg allows you to use knitting needles without joints, which will create a tight and regular dome. The only negative is the inability to hide the umbrella if the weather clears up. Although a stylish and beautiful umbrella perfectly complements your look in any weather.
  • Folding umbrella - here I would immediately like to note the convenience of this option. Although the umbrella cannot boast the same elegance as a cane. In addition, folding umbrellas are less durable. The design of the spokes, containing many joints and knees, makes it more fragile. Of the pluses is the opportunity to purchase automatic opening-closing systems. And when the weather changes, you can safely remove the accessory in your pocket or bag.

Both options in a large assortment are presented in the collections of the brands GFFerre (Italy) and Airton (Great Britain). Each buyer can easily choose the option he likes.

Brand Umbrella Care

When deciding to buy an expensive and high-quality accessory, do not forget to properly care for it. Otherwise, the zones can very quickly lose their functionality and attractiveness.

  • Never dry an umbrella near heating appliances. Otherwise, get a deformed dome and nothing more.
  • Only half open the umbrella and hang it on a hook or doorknob. This will take a little longer, but the umbrella will be better preserved.
  • Dry the cover thoroughly before hiding the umbrella in it.
  • If you notice minor contamination on the fabric, you can clean them yourself. It is enough just to wipe the stain with a cleaner for delicate fabrics and rinse with running water.

Performing these simple manipulations, you can keep your favorite umbrella in proper form for many, many years.

What to look for when buying

When buying an umbrella, think about the color scheme of your wardrobe and figure out how the umbrella can complement this. First of all, rely on your taste preferences and desires - do not chase the fashion thoughtlessly.

Even the most relevant male accessory today will not bring you any benefit, covered with dust on the mezzanine. And if the priority for you is the durability of the umbrella, then it is better to purchase a cane with a mechanical system. He, for sure, will last longer than a triple-quadruple umbrella.

The dome must support at least eight spokes (metal or fiberglass).

When opening the system should not jam or creak - be sure to check this several times. Among the leaders in the production of solid umbrellas are Italy, Great Britain, Japan, and Austria. But because of their popularity, such umbrellas are often faked - make sure that there is a logo on almost every part of it.

And one more thing: a good umbrella cannot cost too little. If you buy a GFFerre or Airton in a subway passage for $ 5-10, be prepared for quick and frequent breakdowns of the spokes and burnout of the dome.

The perfect gift for any occasion

A branded men's umbrella can be a great gift to a friend, colleague or loved one. This accessory will become an indispensable thing in cloudy weather and will remind you of a donor for many years.

Moreover, you should not worry about the relevance of the gift - rains in our climate are very frequent guests. A branded thing will never go out of style and any image will fit the floor. The only advice: pay attention to more restrained colors with an average number of knitting needles (8-10 pieces).

So you do not put a humble person in an awkward position too fanciful gift.

To date, the range of stylish and attractive umbrellas from well-known manufacturers is simply huge. Even the most sophisticated buyer will be able to choose the right option that will make it elegant and fashionable.

Brand umbrellas are characterized by the highest quality materials of the dome and knitting needles. This allows them to maintain a luxurious appearance for a very long time.

So why not take the great opportunity to complement your look with a stylish and necessary thing, whose homeland is romantic Italy or aristocratic Great Britain?

4 best umbrellas - Top 2019 user reviews

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Relevance: August 2019

The impulse for creating the umbrella was not the rain, but the sun. It was it that made people invent various canopies and shelters. It is not known who first came up with an umbrella that resembles a modern accessory with its design. The only thing that can be argued - the first models appeared in Egypt and China, even before our era. An umbrella protecting from rain was created in 1750 when D. Hanway replaced the usual water-repellent fabric.

Today it is difficult to imagine our life without an umbrella. No one will go outside in rainy weather without this accessory. Manufacturers offer models of various shapes, styles, colors. There are umbrellas for women, men, and children. They differ in design (mechanical, semi-automatic, automatic), the shape of the dome and the material from which it is made.

We have compiled a list of the best umbrellas based on expert reviews and reviews from real customers. Our recommendations will help you make the best choice for your requirements and desires. There are many competitors in the accessories industry, but we have selected the best manufacturers and recommend paying special attention to them:


Men's Women's Unisex Automatic Walking Sticks With anti-wind system * Prices are valid at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Automatic / Women's / Men's / With anti-wind system / Canes / Unisex

  • The original model with an unusual design will reliably protect from rain even with a heavy wind (up to 100km / h)
  • The unique shape of the dome, created by the needles of different lengths, makes it possible to find the optimal position for the umbrella during rain
  • The frame and knitting needles are made of high-quality aluminum, which guarantees high strength and moderate weight (440g) of the model
  • The ends of the spokes are protected by special plastic caps, so they do not break through the fabric of the umbrella and have an aesthetic appearance
  • The mechanism of the umbrella is a semiautomatic device. To open it, just pull down the massive plastic handle. This method provides the most comfortable use.

Automatic / Women's / Men's / Unisex

  • Universal umbrella suitable for both men and women. The main emphasis is not on appearance, but on the quality of parts
  • The body material is impregnated with a water-repellent composition - drops are not absorbed into the fabric, but flow down it. After the rain, just shake off the umbrella and it will become dry
  • The addition mechanism works quickly and silently. The dome folds at the touch of a button
  • The knitting needles are made of durable plastic, they do not rust, do not burden the structure and have good bending resistance. The sharp ends are covered with metal balls - it is both safe and gives originality to the design
  • Product quality is tested in laboratory conditions. The umbrella is guaranteed to withstand 1000 open / close cycles without changes

Automatic / Men's / With anti-wind system

  • A quality umbrella from a famous Austrian brand will be a great addition to a business image. Strict design and classic print make it universal and all-weather
  • The spokes are designed to withstand the sharp gusts of the headwind and return to their original position. To do this, springs are attached to the bending points, increasing the structural strength
  • The dome material is polyester. It does not crease, repels water and has the ability to "remember" the shape, that is, it does not form folds and creases
  • The umbrella opens and closes in one motion, the automatic mechanism works easily and silently
  • Under a large dome with a diameter of 130 cm, it is easy to hide from rain even for two adults

Show all goods in category “Men's” Automatic / Women's / With anti-wind system

  • Bright stylish umbrella from the Italian manufacturer reliably protects from rain. Teflon impregnation of the fabric makes it moisture resistant. The picture remains clear and saturated for many years, and the material itself can withstand heavy loads.
  • The knitting needles are made of fiberglass - a lightweight durable plastic reinforced with fiberglass. They do not give in to corrosion, withstand sharp gusts of wind and provide rigidity to the entire structure
  • The umbrella dome is 116 cm in diameter. This is enough to reliably shelter from rain on all sides
  • A three-stage folding mechanism allows you to quickly open the umbrella. When folded, the accessory is compact and fits easily in a handbag
  • The handle made of dense rubberized material fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip. Buttons on the front side allow you to open / close the umbrella in a second

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