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Itchy member head

Balanoposthitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases of the genital area in uncircumcised men.

In most cases, balanoposthitis is caused by non-specific flora (streptococci, Escherichia coli, anaerobic cocci). The risk of developing balanoposthitis increases with:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart accompanied by edema,
  • with regular use of various chemical irritants (detergents, lubricants).

Contribute to the onset of the disease individual characteristics of the structure of the genital organs (long narrow foreskin, phimosis), non-compliance with hygiene rules.

Catarrhal balanoposthitis

Acute catarrhal (simple) balanoposthitis begins suddenly with a sensation of intense itching, then hyperemia and edema increase in the affected area. The skin of the head and foreskin is macerated. In this case, surface erosion of various sizes with scraps of epithelium at the edges is formed. Due to the purulent discharge, the inflamed surface is covered with a dirty white coating.

In the absence of proper treatment, lack of hygiene, severe concomitant diseases, the acute form of the disease becomes chronic. In chronic balanoposthitis, patients are concerned about discomfort, itching, a slight burning sensation in the area of ​​the head of the penis. Small cracks and sores appear on the skin of the foreskin. A prolonged course of balanoposthitis leads to phimosis, sexual dysfunction. The disease is often complicated by urethritis and paraphimosis.

Candidiasis balanoposthitis

Another common cause of balanoposthitis is fungi of the genus Candida. Recently, the role of sexual transmission of candidiasis has significantly increased. This is due to the widespread use of antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives in women.

Itching with candida balanoposthitis is moderate. The glans penis is covered with a whitish bloom, which is easily removed and reveals an eroded surface of bright red color. Around the external opening of the urethra, edema and hyperemia are noted, but there are no signs of urethritis. Due to the thickening of the foreskin, exposure of the head is difficult. Perhaps the appearance of small cracks along the edge of the prepuce sac. In chronic inflammation, fissures gradually heal, which is why secondary cicatricial narrowing of the foreskin develops and persistent phimosis forms.

The causative agents of STIs rarely act as a direct etiological factor. However, chronic genital infections contribute to a decrease in local immunity and lead to the activation of opportunistic microorganisms. Therefore, with the development of a patient balanoposthitis, an examination for STIs is mandatory.

What to do first

The appearance of itching on the glans penis can catch a man suddenly, there may be no possibility of an instant visit to a specialist’s office. To provide emergency assistance to the genitals, to alleviate their own suffering, you need to do the following:

  • Wash genitals with soap and water. Alkaline environment kills pathological microorganisms, stops their growth. The procedure will relieve itching almost immediately. You can resort to it 3 times a day.
  • Stop sex life during therapy. Even if a woman is not a source of the disease, sexual contact can still cause discomfort.
  • Pay due attention to personal hygiene, change underwear daily. Preference should be given to cowards made of natural fabric.
  • It is impossible to prevent hypothermia of the penis, overheating.The cause of itching may be excessive sweating.
  • Pants should be worn loose so as not to irritate even more the skin of the penis.
  • Exclude fatty, spicy, fried foods from the diet, refuse coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol.

Sometimes already these actions are enough to get rid of an unpleasant itch in a few days. However, such a quick recovery does not mean that the visit to the urologist is canceled.

Chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis

Chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis have a similar clinical picture, and are most often manifested by inflammation in the urethra, and itching disturbs the urethra and in the area of ​​its external opening.

In addition to itching, patients note discomfort, burning during urination, pain during intercourse, mild mucous discharge, redness and swelling of the urethral sponges.


Gonorrhea urethritis is more severe.

Marked itching and burning in the urethra, painful urination, frequent sudden urge to urinate, pain in the perineum with irradiation into the rectum, profuse purulent discharge.

With subacute and chronic course of the disease, clinical manifestations are less pronounced.

The cause of itching

Irritation of the head of the penis, the appearance of itching provoke external, internal factors. In the first case, it is necessary to look for provocateurs in clothing, personal hygiene products, and temperature conditions. Internal factors are divided into 2 groups - infectious, non-infectious.

In addition, with a decrease in immunity, conditionally pathogenic microorganisms that are constantly present in the body can be activated. When exposed to some adverse factors, weakening of the body's defenses, their reproduction is accelerated. In women, this situation occurs much more often. Specialists call the pathology candidiasis, and the people are thrush.

Genital herpes

Herpetic infection is characterized by intense "burning" itching, which appears at the very beginning of the disease and is one of the first symptoms. After a few hours, small red spots form on the head of the penis and foreskin, and in their place multiple bubbles form with transparent contents, sometimes merging with each other. After opening the vesicles, small sores remain, which, when dried, become crusted. Along with genital damage, patients note a general condition disorder: weakness, weakness, fever, headaches and muscle pains. With the spread of the disease to the urethra, discomfort, pain and burning during urination appear. Herpetic balanoposthitis accompanied by the appearance of multiple vesicles, after opening which form extensive painful erosive surfaces. After their healing, pigmented areas remain for a long time. Often, a herpetic infection occurs atypically or in an erased form, while small cracks or spots are formed on the genital mucosa, accompanied by mild itching. The absence of typical vesicular rashes significantly complicates the diagnosis of the disease.

A characteristic feature of genital herpes is a relapsing course. For the treatment of herpes infection, highly specific antiviral drugs are prescribed, but their use does not completely remove the virus from the body, but only reduces the severity of the manifestations and shortens the duration of the exacerbation.

Non-infectious causes of itching

Unpleasant sensations appear due to the multiplication of pathogenic microflora or an allergic reaction.

  • Non-observance of personal hygiene. Pay attention to your genitals daily before bedtime. Water procedures are carried out using clean water, or with the addition of detergent.An unwashed penis accumulates the remains of urine, makes it possible for pathogenic microorganisms to develop. On the second day, irritation, plaque, unpleasant odor, itching appear.
  • Allergy. Synthetic underwear, detergent, shower gel, bleach water may turn out to be a provocateur. Itching is one of the very first signs of an allergy. In parallel, there is swelling, redness, and a small rash.

  • Mechanical damage. It occurs during intercourse if the partner's vagina is not sufficiently moistened. In this case, itching appears the next day. But the provocateurs are microorganisms that have fallen into small cracks in the skin. A man who neglects the rules of personal hygiene is at risk of itching.
  • Nervous stress. Prolonged nervous tension, severe stress causes not only itching, but also deprives the genital organ of normal functioning. The whole danger of itching on nerve soil lies in the fact that constant scratching, tearing along the head with underwear, causes even more irritation, trauma, allowing pathogenic microorganisms to penetrate.
  • Antibiotics. Reception of antifungal, antibacterial drugs leads to the destruction of beneficial microflora, the risk of candidiasis increases. The intestines and genitals suffer from manifestations of thrush. The first sign is itching, burning. Over the course of several reaps, an acidic odor develops, and even later, problems with urination.
  • Intestinal dysbiosis. Men are known for their addiction to spicy dishes, fatty, fried, salty. But it is precisely this “wrong” habit that causes disruption of the digestive system and intestinal dysbiosis. In the absence of qualified treatment, candidiasis passes to the genitals.
  • Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages cause allergic reactions, candidiasis, circulatory disorders. Against this background, itching appears.
  • Parasites. Itching on the head of the penis along with red spots, a small rash can cause infection with pubic lice, scabies mites. It is necessary to carefully examine the lesion sites, as well as pubic hair.
  • Overheating, freezing. The situation makes the sebaceous glands work intensively. Excessive sweating creates favorable conditions for the multiplication of bacteria and fungi.
  • Genital Thrush. The development of the disease is possible with weakened immunity. Contributes to this process unprotected intercourse, nervous stress, physical overwork, hormonal failure.

To determine the cause of non-infectious origin, it is necessary to analyze the events of the past days during the week. If the cause is established, it is necessary to eliminate the action of the provocateur, proceed to eliminate the symptoms.

Papillomavirus infection

Papillomavirus infection is manifested by various types of growths in the anogenital region. Itching most often occurs in the presence of warts, which are small, solid, gray nodules. Warts can be single or multiple, localized in the area of ​​the coronary grooves of the penis, on the outer leaf of the foreskin, body of the penis, scrotum.

In case of Bowenoid papulosis, rashes on the glans penis look like brown or brown papules with lichenification elements. Subjectively, this form of the disease is manifested by itching and soreness during intercourse.

Currently, drugs for etiotropic therapy do not exist, therefore, treatment is reduced to the destruction of growths, for this chemical, physical, cytotoxic, surgical methods are used.

Infectious causes

Genital itching is one of the initial symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. The disease does not disappear on its own, so you need to immediately go to a specialist.At the initial stage of the disease, getting rid of it is much easier. But in addition to sexually transmitted diseases, there are a number of others that require a slightly different treatment.

  • Herpes. The herpes virus affects most of humanity. Infection occurs through sexual contact, remains in the body all my life. The virus is contained in the blood, appears periodically during the period of weakening of the body's defenses. An exacerbation is characterized by the presence of transparent vesicles around the glans penis. After a few days, the neoplasms burst, red swelling with severe itching forms in their places.
  • Balanoposthitis. Inflammation of the head of the penis appears in adult men, adolescents, boys. Pathogens are pathogens - streptococci, staphylococci, Escherichia coli, fungi. Pathology develops against the background of a weakened immune system, as a complication after transferred viral, infectious, sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms appear suddenly. Along with itching, there is an unpleasant odor, discharge, rashes, cracks.

  • Inguinal epidermophytosis. Appears due to the multiplication of fungi. Pathogenic microorganisms are able to concentrate under the armpits, in the groin. Typical symptoms are redness of the head of the penis, spots.

The head of the penis can scratch in the presence of atopic dermatitis, lupus, psoriasis. If unpleasant sensations do not go away after taking emergency measures, tend to intensify, you need to urgently go to a specialist.


Scabies can be suspected if itching bothers several family members at the same time. Scabies is an extremely contagious parasitic disease that affects people regardless of gender, age, or socioeconomic status.

The causative agent is a small, almost invisible to the naked eye tick - scabies itch. Infection occurs through contact, including sexual intercourse, with a sick person, as well as when using infected household items.

The most severe skin itch is the main one, and with erased forms it is the only symptom of the disease. Itching often begins to bother even before the rash occurs, intensifies in the evening and at night, after going to bed. The head of the penis is a favorite localization of scabies. Rashes on the genitals look like small red or brown nodules. In addition to the genitals, itching and characteristic changes on the skin are localized in the interdigital folds of the hands, on the wrists, on the sides of the fingers, on the extensor surfaces of the forearms, elbow joints, on the front wall of the axillary hollows, the anterolateral parts of the abdomen, around the navel and nipples, along the inner surface of the thighs and lower legs, on the buttocks. Paired or scattered point rashes in the form of nodules or bubbles and dashed gray or brown lines, ranging in size from 2 mm to 1 cm (scabies) are noted on the skin. On the buttocks and hips, rashes resembling hives often appear.

Constant scratching contributes to secondary infection with the development of pyoderma. In such cases, the clinical picture of scabies changes dramatically, which greatly complicates the diagnosis.


Severe itching of the glans penis amid pronounced inflammatory changes with a polymorphic rash is a characteristic manifestation of eczema. As with scabies, itching intensifies in the evening and at night.

Acute forms of true eczema often begin with the scrotum, then spreading to the penis. The disease begins suddenly, accompanied by severe itching. The skin becomes bright red, swollen. Subsequently, against the background of hyperemia, bubble rashes and weeping appear. Bubbles gradually open, forming small erosions, which, when dried, become crusted. After resolving the rash, peeling of the skin persists for some time.Along with the healing processes, the appearance of new rashes that repeat the described process is noted.

As the disease is chronic, weeping decreases, the infiltration of the affected area increases, and then lichenification occurs. The skin becomes thickened, with a pronounced pattern, cracks in the places of natural folds, sometimes with pigmentation.

In some cases, the process has a chronic course from the very beginning.

With pruriginous eczema, itching is paroxysmal. This form of the disease has a chronic course and is manifested by small papulovesicles on a solid base. Rashes do not open and do not form erosion and crust.

In some cases, one patient has foci of acute and chronic eczema on different parts of the skin.

Eczema usually worsens in the winter, and in the summer there is an improvement.

How to cure thrush

Candidiasis in men appears much less often than in women. In most cases, it proceeds covertly. When obvious symptoms appear, medications are used in the form of tablets, ointments, and folk remedies.

  • To stop the multiplication of pathogenic microflora, antifungal tablets - Futsis, Pimafucin, Clotrimazole can eliminate unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes 1 tablet is enough to get rid of thrush.
  • Means of external use in the form of a gel, cream, ointment are used for 5-10 days. Apply a thin layer after a preliminary wash procedure. Effective remedies - Triderm, Candide, Exoderil, Terbizil.
  • The best folk remedy for thrush is a solution of soda, salt with the addition of iodine. In 1 liter of water add 1 teaspoon of soda, salt, bring to a boil. Turn off, drip iodine - 10 drops. A washing procedure is carried out several times a day.

Sometimes the source of thrush is a pregnant wife. Her candidiasis develops against a background of hormonal failure. To prevent mutual infection, it is necessary to undergo treatment at the same time.

Toxic-allergic dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis most often develops as a side effect of drugs (antibiotics, sulfonamides, chloramphenicol, some vaccines), especially after prolonged use. The second place among the causes of toxidermia is food allergy.

The disease is manifested by the formation of red spots on the genitals, on the oral mucosa, occasionally throughout the body. After a few days, the spots become brown. Bubbles form in the center of some of them. The rash is accompanied by mild itching, burning, tension and soreness in the affected areas. After stopping the use of drugs, rashes are resolved on their own within 7-10 days. With the repeated use of these medicines, rashes necessarily appear in the same places, and additionally in new areas.

Contact dermatitis

Itching and burning on the glans penis may be a reaction to condom use. An allergy to latex is manifested by dryness, burning, peeling of the skin. Similar reactions occur on the hands when using rubber gloves, in contact with other things that contain latex.

In addition, itching of the head of the penis after intercourse can occur if a woman uses spermicides or vaginal hormonal rings, as well as with increased acidity of the vagina.

Psychogenic itching

Psychogenic itching in men is most often associated with depression, anxiety, develops against the background of prostatitis, sexual dysfunction. At the same time, there are no rashes on the skin of the genital organs, except for scratching and other secondary changes. Itching is constant, worse in stressful situations, but sleep does not disturb.

Why a member itches

Please note that a prerequisite for itching can also be external irritants - hypothermia, overheating, germs, chemicals.

Sometimes itching can occur from the action of potent drugs for external use.

Itching is also caused by a malfunction of internal organs such as blood diseases (anemia, bleeding, lymphogranulomatosis), hepatitis, kidney disease, endocrine system disorders, and cancer.

Often a prerequisite for itching are psychogenic causes: nervous disorders, stress, depression, severe unrest.

Sensation when the head of the penis is very itchy, accompanied by other signs, may be the result of an allergy. I must say that if it is contact dermatitis along with itching, the following features can also be noticed:

  • redness in the head area, swelling of the penis,
  • other manifestations.

The most common causes of itching on the penis

We want to reassure men, not always the cause of discomfort lies in a serious illness. Most often, itching of the genital organ can cause the following factors:

  • Wearing tight or synthetic underwear.
  • Stressful situations.
  • Neglect of personal hygiene.
  • Temperature effects on the genital organ (hypothermia or overheating).
  • An allergy to detergents or the use of potent medicines.
  • Improper nutrition (lack of protein and fiber in the diet, daily use of junk food, alcohol).
  • Mechanical damage. An insufficient amount of lubricant in a partner during unprotected intercourse leads to irritation, red spots and tingling appear on the skin.

Usually, itching of the head and foreskin passes immediately after eliminating the cause of the unpleasant symptom. Specialized treatment, in this case, is not required.

How to treat penis itching

It is also possible that with mild forms of thrush in men, local treatment (suppositories, ointments) is enough for men, with more complex forms of the disease, pharmaceutical preparations are taken inside, which affect the whole body.

In any case, it should be remembered that non-observance of personal hygiene, promiscuous sex without protective equipment can lead to severe itching of the genitals.

Places of origin

An itchy sensation can develop in several places of the penis: on the skin, on the head, inside the organ. Most often it is the intolerable itching of the head of the penis.

But this does not mean that other localizations of the opposite sensation are much less common. And in general this symptom is quite characteristic for many diseases the genital area of ​​a man. to contents ↑

Reasons for itching the head of the penis

Currently, many men are familiar with such an unbearable sensation when the head of the penis itches.

To completely get rid of this delicate problem, first of all, it is possible by finding out why itching arose. The reasons for this, as a rule, can be a huge number.

They can be manifested both in the simplest versions, among which neglect of the basic rules of personal hygiene, as well as more serious ones.

Signs and manifestations of itching

An unpleasant sensation in men, when itching of the head of the penis is present, as a rule, occurs along with other signs. Why is the male genital organ affected so often, science is not fully aware. Similar discomfort also occurs with such manifestations:

  • pathological condition
  • the development of allergic reactions, for example, contact dermatitis,
  • redness,
  • swelling.

A disappointing fact is that such a lesion usually affects not only the head itself. In addition, conditions that are infectious in nature play a large role.

These are manifestations such as herpes, fungi, condylomas and diseases of a bacterial nature. In addition to itching, various types of rashes, vesicles, spots and so on can also be observed. It is not uncommon to plaque and pain, which are constantly worried about the genitals.

They are the main consequences of unprotected intercourse in the recent past.

Inside, in the penis

Itching inside the penis occurs slightly less than other options, and is more often associated with infection with a sexually transmitted infection. Often, this is exactly this type of symptomatology of the pathology that is combined with burning sensations and even pain inside the penis.

If you have itching in the urethra, we recommend watching this video:

The presence of insects

If the head of the penis itches, it is possible that this is the result of insects (scabies mites and pubic lice, which often disturb the genitals). In this case, a similar kind of itching should be observed on the other parts of the body.

In addition, such manifestations of itching in men can be the consequences of failure to maintain optimal hygiene in the genitals. If there is an itch in the area of ​​the glans penis, or the whole organ itches, it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist (dermatovenerologist).

In this case, combing the affected area is strictly prohibited, since this can aggravate this condition and bring in an additional infection.

In the case when the genitals itch for several days, and at the same time all the rules of intimate hygiene are observed, then it is worth paying special attention to this problem.

In addition, if there are various rashes, any irritations, redness in this area or unpleasant discharge, you need to go to a specialist for his doctor's help and competent advice.

With its help, you can accurately determine why this kind of itching occurs.

Poor linen and poor hygiene

One of the most common reasons why the male genital organ itches is low-quality underwear made of synthetics.

Such materials are not able to absorb sweat, so the process of reproduction of microbes begins on the penis and in various places near it.

Therefore, if a person has an itch in the penis, then first of all he needs to pay attention to the labels of his underwear. Only natural tissues should be preferred so as not to injure such an important organ and foreskin.

When a man carefully monitors the laundry, leads a clean lifestyle and complies with all the requirements of intimate hygiene, but, nevertheless, he has symptoms of itching, the cause may be neuroses that have sex.

Here, a rather important point is not to ignore the various symptoms that appear in many men, which may indicate the occurrence of very serious diseases.

These diseases, if there is no timely appropriate course of treatment, can give quite serious complications, sometimes even leading to incurable infertility and impotence.

Therefore, it becomes extremely clear the question of why you should not delay the trip to the doctor if such symptoms appear.

Emotional background

Very often, itching of the head and other ailments in this area appear due to various emotional disorders. So, for example, there are men who are afraid to look not quite wealthy in front of women.

Due to this, they avoid the occurrence of sexual intercourse and are gradually protected from the fair sex, and then, as a result, become isolated in themselves.

Such common experiences over time can lead to various unpleasant disorders, including pruritus of the penis and other characteristic diseases and diseases to which the foreskin is subject.

Main reasons

Experts believe that the most common and common reasons that cause the head of the penis of a man to scratch are the manifestation of herpes, candidiasis, pediculosis, fungi, various infections, scabies, trichomoniasis and others.

When the head is scratched from the inside, all appropriate tests should be done, which the doctor will prescribe.

Indeed, why is the head of the penis scratched, an urgent question that only an experienced and qualified specialist can give a clear answer to, because the genital organ of a man is a rather complex and important component of the human body.

Itching of the head in men causes

A condition in which the head itches, an unpleasant odor, a white coating, various discharge and other uncharacteristic symptoms appear, makes any man who is not indifferent to his health worry.

Many mistakenly believe that itching and other concomitant symptoms indicate the presence of infectious and inflammatory processes. However, it is not. If the head itches, but no acne, secretions, etc. no, diseases can be absolutely nothing to do with.

Diagnosis of itching of the penis

Before taking any measures to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, you must first contact a urologist or venereologist. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination and find an effective method of treatment for you.

Diagnosis of the patient is as follows:

  1. A qualified specialist collects an anamnesis (information about the well-being and symptoms of the patient).
  2. If the history is not enough, the attending physician will prescribe the necessary tests.
  3. Based on the patient's testimony and test results, the most effective course of treatment is compiled. If you have intolerance to any substances, be sure to inform your doctor.

What factors affect the head?

One of the most common causes of itching is low-grade synthetic underwear. The materials from which it is made do not absorb sweat. As a result, microbes begin to multiply on the penis and adjacent “territories”. And if you have itchy head of a member, first of all pay attention to the label of your underpants.

Prefer natural fabrics. If after replacing the underwear you still have the head of the penis itching, see a doctor. He will conduct the necessary examinations, be able to understand why the head began to itch, and decide what to do if the itching does not go away. In no case do not start to treat anything without prior approval from your doctor.

Itching inevitably occurs in those men who do not follow the rules of intimate hygiene. Doctors recommend washing the penis at least 2 times a day.

In this case, you can not use ordinary soap and various aggressive gels. The penis must be washed using special gentle means for intimate hygiene. Change your laundry daily.

Dirty underwear and poor personal hygiene are very common causes of itching.

If a man regularly changes his underwear and bathes, but his head of the penis is itching, the reason may lie in neuroses that have sex. Solving such problems is necessary under the supervision of a specialist.

The doctor will analyze the situation and tell you how to treat existing problems. It is very important not to ignore the warning symptoms.

They can indicate the presence of very serious diseases, which, in the absence of appropriate treatment, can cause serious complications, including incurable infertility and impotence.

Often, itching and other ailments occur against the background of emotional disturbances. For example, some men are afraid to seem insolvent in front of their partners. Because of this, they begin to avoid sexual intercourse, gradually shielding themselves from women and locking themselves. All these experiences over time can lead to various disorders, including itching of the penis.

If the penis begins to itch after sexual contact, then the reasons are not always associated with sexually transmitted infections.

Although the presence of such is also recommended to be periodically examined.

In some situations, the increased acidity of the woman’s vaginal environment or her use of birth control, which are introduced into the vagina, can also lead to itching of the penis.

Pets can also cause itching. Upon contact with them, fleas or ticks can pass onto a person.

They will bite the body, which is why characteristic sensations will appear. If the penis began to itch precisely after contact with the animal, then it should never be combed, because it can only increase irritation. You need to see a doctor and take his prescribed medications.

Quite often, the cause of itching is sexually transmitted and inflammatory diseases. Particularly at risk of contracting such diseases are people who have unprotected and erratic sexual relations. Most of these diseases develop according to a similar pattern. It all starts with the appearance of itching, the head may slightly redden or become covered with acne.

Over time, the head begins to itch stronger and stronger, irritation passes to the entire organ, other symptoms appear (for example, in the case of thrush this is a white coating), discharge may be present. In such situations, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sexually transmitted diseases can lead to the development of very serious complications, including incurable infertility and complete impotence.

What infections cause itching?

As noted, itching, redness, burning, etc. can be signs of a variety of infections. The most common of these are the following:

  1. Candidiasis. This disease develops not only after contact with an infected partner. Sometimes the symptoms of thrush appear in men with weakened immune systems who did not have intimacy with an infected woman. The disease begins to develop against the background of too active propagation of fungi, which are normally representatives of the microflora of a person and do not cause any harm to his body. Although thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease, it proceeds similarly to the latter. If treatment is not taken in time, the itching will gradually turn into severe pain, sexual intercourse will become impossible and more serious complications will develop.
  2. The cause of itching can be genital herpes. This virus is transmitted during sexual contact, while any, not just vaginal. In the first few days after infection, the disease manifests itself in the form of itching of the head and the entire penis, then the temperature begins to rise, the person feels an acute general malaise, a rash appears. The virus is very contagious. It is transmitted not only from partner to partner, but also from a pregnant woman to an unborn child. In newborns, herpes, as a rule, leads to death, and in sexually mature men - to persistent neurological disorders.
  3. Pruritus is one of the symptoms of staph infection. Simultaneously with itching, small abscesses appear on the head of the penis. Streptococcal infection also causes the head to itch. In addition to itching, quite large purulent ulcers appear on the head.
  4. The genitals can begin to itch when infected with gardnerellosis. It is accompanied by an unpleasant "fishy" smell.
  5. Itching is also one of the signs of gonorrhea. With this disease, the urethra is affected. Purulent discharge begins to come out of it, urination becomes more frequent.

Various parasites and skin infections lead to the appearance of itching: pediculosis, epidermophytosis, etc. These diseases can be “acquired” not only during sex, but also, for example, when visiting a bathhouse or using other people's personal items such as towels, washcloths, etc. .

Often different diseases have similar symptoms, so if your head begins to itch, it is better not to waste time and immediately consult a doctor.A qualified specialist will prescribe the optimal and most effective treatment. Uncontrolled attempts to get rid of itching often give complications.


Depending on the cause of the itching sensations, medications are selected for the patient. If the glans penis is scratched due to synthetic underwear, temperature effects, etc., then specialized treatment is not required. In this case, it is enough to simply eliminate the cause of the discomfort. Within 3-7 days, the itching should completely disappear.

But what if the man itches the head of the penis due to sexually transmitted diseases? Then, to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to use special drugs.

Dermatitis as a cause of itching of the head

The penis may also begin to itch due to common dermatitis. This disease is characterized by redness of the skin, itching and further swelling of the head. Bubbles with transparent contents may appear. The bubbles burst, leaving behind painful patches of skin.

Dermatitis can appear after contact with artificial tissues and various chemicals. Therefore, you need to abandon synthetic underwear, use only high-quality powders for washing, rinse thoroughly after washing and change it every day.

For the successful treatment of dermatitis, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the cause of its appearance. After establishing the cause, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory or antihistamines. It is forbidden to start treatment without a doctor’s prescription.

What if the head begins to itch?

Above, only the most common causes were considered, due to which itching may appear in such an intimate place. In case you have similar symptoms, in no case do not self-medicate. Try to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Tell him what is bothering you. Provide the specialist with complete information about the possible causes of itching.

Tell us about what underwear you wore, what detergents you used, whether you used unusual food, alcohol or drugs the day before, had unprotected sex, etc.

If necessary, the doctor will prescribe additional tests that will allow you to get a complete picture of what is happening. Currently, there are many drugs that can effectively deal with a wide variety of ailments, but you can start using any of them exclusively as directed by your doctor.

What to do if the head is terribly itchy in men?

Itching of intimate organs certainly causes anxiety in a man. Immediately there is a suspicion of contracting a serious infection transmitted through sexual contact. But if the head of the penis itches, it does not always mean the presence of a disease. Perhaps the whole thing is untidiness or allergies.

Causes of discomfort

Non-infectious causes include:

  1. neglect of personal hygiene leads to the accumulation in the foreskin of secretions (sperm, smegma, sweat) - an ideal breeding ground for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. Genitals must be washed with soap twice a day, thoroughly cleaning the areas under the foreskin,
  2. an allergic reaction in the form of irritation develops after prolonged use of medications, the use of shower gel, soap, and laundry detergent. Itching and redness appear when wearing synthetic underwear that prevents skin breathing. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to identify the irritant and avoid contact with it,
  3. deficiency of vitamins and minerals, poor nutrition,
  4. overheating or hypothermia,
  5. increased production of smegma (during puberty or hormonal disruptions),
  6. stress and emotional overload entail a deterioration in the blood supply to the body and metabolic disorders,
  7. mechanical damage, injury. Especially often, itching or burning occurs due to insufficient excitement of a woman during sex and dry vagina,
  8. psoriasis is an autoimmune pathology characterized by the presence of itchy spots, prone to fusion, not only on the body or in the head, but also on the penis. Also on the skin are plaques that rise above the surface, covered with scales,
  9. oncology often begins with itching and an inconspicuous rash on the head. In the later stages, pain, purulent ulceration, erosion, discharge with putrid odor appear.

If the head of the penis is very itchy for 5-6 days, or symptoms such as pain, pain in the lower abdomen, rash, spots, peeling join, then you can not hesitate to go to the doctor. Most likely, such signs indicate the onset of an infectious disease.

Ureaplasmosis and Mycoplasmosis

These venereal pathologies are characterized by itching of the head of the penis, burning during urination, periodic pain in the inguinal zone, not too abundant discharge of a transparent or white color. With the appearance of pain in the scrotum, there is a risk of damage to the testes by microorganisms. Discomfort is especially pronounced during intercourse.


One of the reasons why the head and foreskin itch is the herpes simplex virus of the second type. The causative agent is transmitted sexually and is introduced into the body through microscopic cracks in the skin and mucous membranes. Often the infection is asymptomatic, and a person becomes the owner of the virus for life.

But infection can be accompanied by redness of the head, severe itching, after which rashes necessarily appear - small watery vesicles with cloudy contents. After a few days, they spontaneously open, then crust over and disappear. The healing process of ulcers is rather painful.

Periodically, when the immune system weakens, relapses occur, accompanied by less severe symptoms than with the initial infection. Unpleasant sensations can last from 2 to 26 days, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the man’s body.


Itching and redness of the penis signals the presence of inflammation, which may be caused by balanitis. Symptoms of the disease are swelling of the head, burning, fever, general discomfort, headaches. Pathology develops in both adult men and young boys or adolescents under the influence of adverse factors:

  • non-compliance with hygiene standards,
  • decrease in the body's defenses,
  • endocrine and autoimmune diseases,
  • infections (trichomoniasis, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis),
  • phimosis.

Very often, the disease is ignored, as there is a tendency to spontaneously subside all the symptoms. New exacerbations can provoke a decrease in immunity or the activation of more serious pathologies.


The cause of itching in the genital area in men can be pubic lice living in the hair and feeding on the host’s blood.

Sources of insects are people, but you can catch nits in a bathhouse, pool, sauna, gym or on the beach.

You should carefully examine the intimate area for the presence of nits attached to the hairs, bites in the form of red papules, as well as adult individuals, the sizes of which can reach 3-5 mm.

In most cases, the problem of pruritus does not pose a threat to the reproductive health of men. But at the same time it is an occasion to visit a specialist - a urologist or venereologist. And until an accurate diagnosis is made, it is advisable to avoid sexual contact and monitor body hygiene.

What to do if the head of the penis is very itchy?

This symptom is common in men quite often. It is very unpleasant and causes a lot of problems to the patient.

In addition, it rarely acts as an independent manifestation and is usually combined with other signs of a certain pathology.

A person loses peace, it becomes difficult for him to cope with everyday duties, and his health is much worse. In this case, you must immediately contact a urologist.

When a man’s head of the penis itches, both natural causes and a pathogenic factor can act on his body. Often, itching manifests itself quite suddenly and immediately becomes a source of rather pronounced unpleasant sensations.


When the cause of the development of itching is a disease, it often manifests itself as a result of the development of sexually transmitted infections. Then, in addition to the main symptom, redness of the mucous membrane, pain during urination, pain inside the urethra are most often observed. These symptoms require immediate medical attention to avoid the development of complications.

Sometimes the head of the penis itches in men with a sharp decrease in immunity, which causes candidiasis, namely, infection with a fungus. It is also most often possible to catch it after unprotected sexual contact. But sometimes the reason is visiting dubious toilets, wearing someone else's underwear, or taking antibiotics for a long time.

Then the pathology manifests itself in a vastly itchy area, whitish discharge, the presence of spots of various colors and shapes, which over time exfoliate from the skin. No less often, itching of the head of the penis in men causes urethritis, characterized by a pronounced inflammatory process.

It is transmitted both through intimate contact, and this also occurs due to the influence of adverse factors. Its most common manifestations are:

One of the most dangerous manifestations of such signs is the human papillomavirus.

As a rule, they become infected with unprotected intimate contact, the use of public toilets, as well as domestic interaction with objects of a sick person.

The infection is characterized by severe itching of the glans penis, swelling of its surface, vesicle rash, general weakness of the patient, and hyperthermia.

Diagnosis and treatment

Therefore, in the case when the head of the penis itches, it is impossible to neglect such a symptom in any case. Do not try to make a diagnosis yourself or use alternative methods for treatment. Urgently consult a specialist.

This is especially important because in this case not only the patient himself is at risk, but also his sexual partner. In order to make a differential diagnosis, a clinical blood test, a general analysis of urine, urethral discharge with a determination of sensitivity to antibiotics, etc. are used.

If a specific pathology is identified, a course of treatment is usually required:

  • antiviral drugs
  • antibacterial substances
  • antimycotic drugs
  • disinfectant solutions
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • immunostimulants
  • antiallergic drugs, etc.

If any infections are detected, the regular partner should also be examined by a gynecologist. It is worth doing research even if the woman does not experience any unpleasant sensations.

Some diseases have an incubation period, while others in their beginning do not show anything.

Therefore, lost time can turn into a transition of pathology into a chronic form, which will be much more difficult to get rid of.

What to do if the head and foreskin itch?

If a man periodically itches his head and foreskin, this is not a big deal, but if you accept a chronic process, there is a high probability of developing fungal or sexually transmitted diseases.

Not only can severe itching in the penis cause a lot of discomfort, there is also a great risk of infection for loved ones (especially sexual partners).

A dermatovenerologist must be consulted if the itching does not go away within 3-5 days, and the accompanying symptoms are added to it in the form of rashes on the head or foreskin.

Possible diseases

It’s worth reassuring right away that if a man’s head and foreskin itch several times a month, then this is absolutely normal. If the itching is regular and is aggravated by additional symptoms, then there is a likelihood of the following diseases:

  1. Candidiasis. One of the main and unpleasant symptoms of male thrush is severe itching of the glans penis, which continues even at night. However, this is far from the only symptom and in most cases it is accompanied by redness, an unpleasant odor, a white curd coating and red spots on the head. The skin along the entire length of the penis is overdried, cracks may appear. There are cases when all of the listed symptoms disappeared spontaneously, and the patient considered himself recovered. In such cases, the disease becomes chronic and the slightest provocation (lack of hygiene or unprotected intercourse) can provoke a relapse. Over time, itching can spread to the perianal region.
  2. Contact dermatitis. Very common, especially for men who prefer synthetic underwear. It can manifest as severe itching of the head and small pimples. In rare cases, there is swelling and pain. The reason can be covered both in synthetic underpants and in a condom or its lubrication. Even the washing powder that remains on the laundry after rinsing can provoke an allergic reaction.
  3. Venereal diseases. Almost all sexually transmitted diseases are accompanied by redness, discharge and subjective sensations. For example, gonorrhea always manifests itself in the form of pain during urination, discharge from the urethra (especially in the morning) and intolerable itching of the head and foreskin of the penis. But chlamydia is not always accompanied by pronounced symptoms and there are many cases when the acute process (usually lasting 1-2 weeks and accompanied by the fact that the head itches and scanty transparent discharge from the urethra is observed) subsided and the person was sure that he was completely healthy, he lived as if nothing had happened.

Even genital herpes can cause the head of the penis to be very itchy in men. But, there are characteristic signs - watery vesicles localized in the groin and on the genitals.

What to do if the head of the penis itches (itching in the perineum in men)

Let medicine say as much as you like, what is most important for a person is the head, a real man will never agree with this. For a representative of the strong half of humanity, the greatest fear lies in his manhood, more precisely, in the most base interpretation of this concept.

If a headache, if meningitis has developed - nothing, a man will endure and courageously overcome. But if itching of the glans penis occurs, at least panic occurs. Hundreds of thoughts rush through the brain, a thousand possible reasons are moved in order to discard any of them and blissfully hope that everything will pass. But there are not so many reasons.

Causes of the phenomenon

To begin with briefly about the feeling itself. Itching is a specific sensation. It can not be called absolutely unpleasant. But it does not add to the quality of life.

Itching develops from irritation of specific receptors located on the entire surface of the human body. Irritation of these nerve endings is possible only if the effect on the body is weak enough.

Otherwise, completely different sensations arise.For example, a touch of a light feather. Well, or the reproduction of microorganisms, as in our case.

The main reason why the penis itches is precisely the process of vital activity of microflora - pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microbes. The body of any animal from early childhood is inhabited by all kinds of bacteria, and this is absolutely normal.

Some scientists generally put forward theories according to the type: "not man is the crown of creation, but bacteria living in man." They are right or wrong, but the fact remains: bacteria live in our bodies, being in fragile equilibrium with them. The body's defenses are enough only to prevent their uncontrolled growth.

However, protective forces must be constantly maintained - for example, to conduct a hygienic toilet. The head of the penis is covered with foreskin, creating a pocket that cannot be cleaned naturally. Consequently, a man must wash all unnecessary from there himself.

Of course, in the washing process only the substrate for the nutrition of microorganisms is removed, and not themselves, so the procedures should be repeated regularly.

In addition to this banal reason, another one is also possible: the reproduction of obligate-pathogenic (necessarily pathogenic) microbes that cause the so-called sexually transmitted diseases.

Unlike their opportunistic classmates, these microbes are not permanent residents of the human body, but are transmitted from one person to another during unprotected sex - that is, during sex.

And if the penis itches, and the man remembers that he recently enjoyed with a new girl for him, especially if the sexual act was without a condom, you should turn to the appropriate specialists, and not hope that everything will pass by itself.

So, there are only two reasons for this concern:

  • Non-observance of personal hygiene and, as a consequence, the development of non-specific infections,
  • The development of sexually transmitted diseases.

Guide to action

Indeed, it’s too late to drink Borjomi ... For starters, after realizing the fact that he “sinned”, you need to see a doctor. And, preferably, not to a therapist - they have enough of their own worries, but knowledge in the desired patient area is not enough.

“Amorous” diseases are handled by a dermatovenerologist. Such doctors work in skin and venereologic dispensaries (KVD). You can’t count on free, but health is more important. The patient should prepare for a trip to the police department.

No special preparation is required, it is enough to hold a regular toilet of the penis.

A dermatovenerologist will prescribe several examinations, such as blood sampling to determine possible pathogens, a smear from the head of the penis and urethra. The causative agents of the infection will not necessarily be detected in the blood: their appearance in the blood only means that the development of the disease has gone quite far, and the treatment will be longer than it could be.

Thus, the entire diagnosis is reduced to:

  1. Gathering complaints (she, in this case, one - the head of the penis itches), anamnesis (how long ago the symptom appeared and with what the patient can relate it).
  2. I will examine for redness of the head, sores and other changes in the inguinal region (the smell is also characteristic of these infections, however, the diagnosis is not based on them, so again - before going to the doctor you should wash yourself).
  3. Laboratory studies - smears from the mucous membranes and a blood test to determine the causative agents of the infection, if any, will be detected.


It happens that the patient decides not to do anything and not go to the doctor. Unfortunately, this scenario is too common to be silent about.

At first the patient wonders why the penis is itching, then decides that most likely he just forgot to wash it yesterday, then days or weeks of very active washing of “manhood” follow, which does not bring relief, in most cases, then it hurts urinate: the infection does not sit in one place, it rises through the urethra into the bladder, into the kidneys.

Erectile function disappears, the temperature rises (the infection has already penetrated the blood). And only at this stage the man decides that it is time to consult a doctor. However, this decision is also not always made.

Often, the patient decides to be treated at home, resorting to a magical remedy - paracetamol, which effectively relieves fever, but in addition does not have any therapeutic effects.

In this most deplorable variant, the patient is taken to an infectious diseases hospital with sepsis (blood poisoning), in a semi- or completely unconscious state.

Of course, in this case, the itching of the head of the penis excites the doctors, and the sufferer himself is least likely to save his life. Fortunately, if the patient does not die (and they simply do not allow him to do this), everything goes almost without a trace. Practically - because the patient has acquired a number of useful habits that he should have acquired much earlier, as well as infertility - in 70-80% of cases.


But there is only one conclusion - to observe intimate hygiene (like any other), to use condoms during sex, to avoid a large number of sexual contacts with different people is much easier than to convulsively drive a query into the search engine: “itching and redness of the head, treatment”, experience ten "Reliable" folk recipes and acquire infertility at an early age. If the trouble nevertheless happened, you should not wait - it is better to consult a doctor immediately. Itching in the perineum in men is not such a rare problem to be shy that you may be misunderstood.

Probable diseases

If the penis began to itch, this should be taken as carefully as possible, because it may indicate a serious illness:

  1. Candidiasis. Along with itchy sensations, pain occurs during urination, a whitish coating appears on the head, and sometimes swelling develops. A stench comes from a member. In some cases, an infectious lesion is transmitted through sexual contact from an infected partner. The main reasons for the appearance of doctors include systematic stress, prolonged use of antibiotics, weakening of the immune system and obesity.
  2. Balanitis. The inflammatory process first affects the head of the penis. If he reaches the foreskin, balanoposthitis is diagnosed. The disease can occur in both children and adult men. The main reason is insufficient personal hygiene: urine and smegma accumulate in the folds of the penis. These substances create optimal conditions for the development of pathogenic organisms. In young children, the tip of the penis sometimes swells, causing pain, delayed bladder emptying, and a general increase in body temperature.
  3. The genital form of herpes. Malicious bacteria are transmitted during sexual intercourse or to the baby from the mother during pregnancy. Provoking factors include hypothermia, stress, alcohol abuse and infectious diseases.
  4. Pubic pediculosis. An uncomfortable sensation is caused by an increase in the lice population in the inguinal region. Parasitic insects can be found in public saunas and during sexual contact. It is possible to diagnose pediculosis by snow-white larvae on the hair in the groin.
  5. Urethritis. The cause of pain and itching is the inflammatory process in the urinary tract. The disease may be accompanied by pustular discharge, regular urination. A man has acute pain during an erection. Chronic urethritis has less severe symptoms, but in a neglected form, this pathology poses a very serious threat, as it can easily cause infertility, prostatitis and vesiculitis.

To select an adequate and effective therapy, you need to identify the exact cause of the appearance of itching in the groin. For this purpose, it is better to consult a doctor and undergo all necessary examinations.

What diseases can occur?

Itching can occur periodically, in some cases its occurrence is not associated with infections, sometimes the reason is non-compliance with hygiene rules. Symptom may be associated with an allergic reaction to hygiene productsas well as drugs and medicines.

Itching can also be caused by wearing synthetic underwear., sometimes the cause may be mental disorders, neurosis, stressful situations.

Non-communicable causes also include diabetes, leukemia, pyelonephritis, cancer.

Itching can also occur with increased acidity of the vaginal lubricant in the partner, metabolic disorders caused by the increased content of certain substances in the body (bile acids, sugar, etc.).

Such an imbalance provokes irritation of the nerve endings and causes itching. The cause of itching can also be the intensive production of smegma, as well as cancerous tumors, since the proliferation of malignant neoplasms makes it difficult to care.

The infectious nature of itching is diagnosed in the presence of fungal microorganisms, viruses, bacteria. The treatment of infectious diseases requires immediate medical attention, despite the fact that one capsule is required to treat certain pathologies, self-medication is not recommended.

Characteristic of itching depending on the disease

Itchy skin and burning of the head become stronger after urination, the disease develops due to phimosis, injuries, insufficient hygiene, and can be a complication after trichomoniasis, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea.

Itching occurs after sexual contact, in advanced cases, the pathology is accompanied by burning, trauma, minor abrasions, the disease is most often asymptomatic, the severity increases as a result of weakening of the body's defenses, after antibiotic therapy.

It is accompanied by itching, burning, the skin and mucous membrane is covered with small watery vesicles, from the moment of infection to the onset of clinical manifestations, 1-26 days pass.

Itching is accompanied by large ulcers with pus.

Burning in the canal, abundant discharge of pus, frequent urination.

In the presence of itching inside the head, the likelihood of chlamydia, viral infections, ureoplasmosis, mycoplasmosis is high.

The cause of itching can also be insect bites (scabies mites, pubic lice), bite sites are easily detected by visual inspection. You can get infected through sexual contact, as well as through bedding, personal hygiene items.

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Disease Symptoms and Diagnosis

The main symptom is pruritus, which may be accompanied by other signs, and when the first symptoms appear, seek medical attention right away.

At the initial stage, the doctor consults with the patient, during which circumstances are established, to determine the tactics of treatment, the doctor makes a smear from the urethra, and then makes a diagnosis.

If signs of sexually transmitted diseases are detected, the patient is sent to a venereologist who will prescribe effective medications for therapy.

It should also be borne in mind that in some cases, partner treatment may be required to avoid reinfection.


With itching of the penis, it is very important to refrain from combing, this can aggravate the situation and provoke the spread of infection. The consequences depend on the cause of the itching, in some cases they can be very serious, especially if the symptom is caused by sexually transmitted diseases.


The choice of medications depends on the specific disease, for the duration of treatment, sexual contact should be abandoned.

Medication includes:

  • enhanced genital hygiene using disinfectant solutions,
  • antibacterial treatment,
  • the use of antifungal medications (if the cause of itching is a fungus),
  • antiviral agents (if the causative agent is a virus),
  • hormone therapy (for allergic dermatitis, inflammation),
  • taking antibiotics
  • reception of immunomodulators,
  • multivitaminis therapy with high calcium content.

Surgical treatment in this case is not provided.

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When itching occurs in the first place should pay attention to intimate hygieneIt is recommended to take a shower more often, the water temperature should be comfortable. The procedure is required after sexual contact, sometimes to eliminate itching it is enough to replace the detergent, which has an aggressive effect on the skin.

Synthetic fibers must not be present in underwear.

To prevent itching, it is recommended to follow the rules of hygiene, salty, fried and spicy foods should be avoided, cigarettes and alcohol should be excluded. When entering into sexual contact, it is recommended to use contraception.

An important role is played by an active lifestyle and physical activity.. In addition, it is recommended to timely treat chronic diseases, the treatment of which requires taking antibiotics. Particular care must be taken by pet owners, regular treatment of animal hair from ticks and fleas is recommended.


Penis itching - This is a fairly common problem that patients of reproductive age have to face. Uncomfortable sensations in the inguinal region disrupt well-being, adversely affect mental balance.

It must be borne in mind that itching after intercourse requires immediate medical examination, the cause may be a fungal disease or an infectious process, which requires appropriate treatment. Only a specialist can make a diagnosis, only he will help a man to feel healthy and confident again.

With thrush

When there is white plaque on the head, the probable diagnosis is thrush, or as it is called in the medical field, candidiasis.

Unpleasant symptoms often appear after sex with an infected partner and most pronounced during weak immunity, that is, during illness, after hypothermia or prolonged treatment with antibiotics. However, in a person with strong immunity, the disease can be asymptomatic for a long time.

The white coating will have a curdled appearance, and if the pathology is not treated for a long time, such a clinical picture will be supplemented by burning, the appearance of microtrauma and abrasions on the head of the penis.

It is also important to consider that the first signal about the pathology may not be plaque, but itching and redness of the head of the penis.

With balanitis

Immediately it is worth pointing out that balanitis is among the infectious and inflammatory diseases, and is more often associated with fungal infection. In this case, symptoms such as itching, redness of the head of the penis develop.

The cause of the formation of the pathology can be a trauma to the penis, phimosis, as well as insufficient personal hygiene. Also, with balanitis, a burning sensation appears, which intensifies when a man addresses a small need.

With herpes

Herpetic infection often causes itching in the head of the penis. Herpes virus enters the body through sexual contact and stays in it for life.

The disease cannot be completely cured, but symptomatic therapy greatly simplifies the life of the patient.

A rash and itching appears on the penis, while the rashes look like watery vesicles, a burning sensation and soreness of the head of the penis are also possible.

With pediculosis

Pediculosis, namely phthiriasis, is characteristic of men and caused by pubic lice.

Initially, presumably a month after infection, the man feels a terrible and unbearable itch on the skin of the penis and pubis, especially tormenting at night.

Later, the clinic expands, and bluish little spots appear - traces of bites from lice. Also combs appear that are created, consciously or accidentally - in a dream. These combs are accompanied by redness and soreness.

Drug treatment

Itching Diseases

DiseasesItching characteristic
Candidiasis (thrush)
Streptococcal infection
StaphylococcusItching is accompanied by small abscesses.
GardnerellosisItching and smell of rotten fish.
It is worth noting that both partners should take medications for candidiasis. Treatment of the disease is carried out by antifungal ointments:

  • Terbinafine. The average price of the product is 100 rubles. It is applied to clean and dry skin of the penis 1-2 times a day. It is advisable in the evening to apply the product on the affected area and wrap it with gauze. Duration of treatment: 5 to 14 days.

  • Nystatin. This ointment is widely used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of skin diseases. It is applied to the affected area twice a day: morning and evening. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease (usually lasts no more than two weeks).

  • Ketoconazole. The ointment is applied to the genitals once a day. If the patient feels severe itching and burning in the penis, then ketoconazole can be used twice a day. Side effects from the use of the drug are rare.

As an additional therapy, you can use traditional medicine.

Therapy of the disease consists in the use of an antiseptic solution for personal hygiene (Miramistin, Furacilin, etc.). Also, the patient is prescribed antibiotics.

At the time of treatment, it is recommended to eat right and completely abandon bad habits (alcohol, tobacco products). This will help speed up the healing process.

Itching in the head of the penis in a man caused by genital herpes is recommended to be treated with the following drugs:

  • Cream "Acyc". The tool helps to completely eliminate the disease in less than one week. It is applied to clean and dry skin of the penis 5 times a day.
  • Ointment "Viferon". The drug is applied to the affected area 3-4 times a day. Side effects from the use of ointment were not observed.

Additionally, you can take a complex of vitamins to increase immunity.

Urethritis therapy requires a thorough examination of the patient. The following measures are included in the diagnosis of the disease: analysis of urine and composition of the contents of the urethra, blood donation, urethroscopy. Only then can the medicine be selected.

Typically, the following agents are used to treat inflammation of the urethra:

  • antibiotics
  • anti-inflammatory and antihistamines,
  • vitamin complex (optional).

The duration of treatment depends on the type and severity of the disease. On average, it takes two to ten days to eliminate burning and itching in the genitals.

Treatment for parasites is often carried out at home. The patient should shave all the hair in the inguinal zone. The infection site is thoroughly washed and a lice remedy is applied (Nittifor, Knicks, Parasidosis, Pedilin, Paranit). In accordance with the instructions on the packaging, you need to withstand the time and rinse off the drug. Additionally, the premises are disinfected, and laundry is washed at a high temperature. The patient is recommended sexual rest, compliance with personal hygiene. After a week and a half, the course is repeated.

Insect bite

In general, an insect bite in itself is very unpleasant, but the bites of scabies mites or pubic lice are especially critical, because the itching on the skin of the penis lasts much longer than the bite itself.

Parasites can be transmitted after visiting public places, such as a pool, bathhouse or sauna, as well as with the general use of bed linen and a towel with a sick person. Transmission of insects from sexual partners is also possible, or even after household contact with a pet.


Often, discomfort is caused not by pathological processes in the body and not by a violation of hygiene standards, but by neuroses. This symptom in general is often manifested in any emotional disorders and frequent stresses, so its appearance in an intimate place is absolutely not surprising, especially if there are no other signs of the disease besides persistent itching.

The problem does not necessarily affect the entire penis, but, for example, only the head. This often happens when men have complexes and fear of being an unsuccessful sexual partner.


Quite a frequent etiology is precisely non-observance of intimate hygiene.

Moreover, an important role in the appearance of the symptom is played not only by the insufficiently frequent care of the penis, but also the use of any aggressive detergents and shower gels during water procedures.

A rare change in underwear can also be a big hygiene problem.

We recommend watching the video about the causes of itching of the penis:

What to do and who to contact

When the first signs of pathology appear a man should visit a urologist and a dermatovenerologist.

These two specialists will be able to correctly establish the diagnosis and choose the most suitable treatment for the patient.


The treatment of itching in the inguinal region is selected taking into account the causes of its occurrence:

  1. With candidiasis, both sexual partners should be treated. In this case, special antifungal ointments can be used, for example, Ketoconazole, Nystatin, Terbinafine.
  2. If a man is diagnosed with balanoposthitis, he can be washed with antiseptic solutions - Miramistin and Furatsillina. Antibiotics are prescribed for oral administration. This approach reduces the risk of subsequent infection.
  3. For the treatment of herpes, ointments of antiviral actions (Acyc, Vifero) are prescribed. In addition, it is necessary to use vitamin complexes, which will strengthen the immune system.
  4. In the treatment of urethritis, antihistamines, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs are used. In addition, mineral and vitamin complexes are used. In any case, the medication should be selected by the attending doctor, first determine the type of pathogenic organism.
  5. When diagnosing a pubic form of pediculosis, therapy can be done on your own. To begin with, the groin must be thoroughly shaved, then rinse the skin and treat it with a special antiparasitic drug. It can be Paranit, Nittifor, Nyx or Parasidosis. It is also necessary to decontaminate clothing, bedding and underpants. The course of treatment should be repeated after 1.5 weeks to eliminate new individuals that hatched from eggs.

Folk ways

To eliminate itching in the penis zone, you can use folk recipes. The most effective and popular of them:

  1. Mix with each other 0.5 l of water and 2 tbsp. l soda. Rinse the penis with the mixture in the morning and evening.
  2. In 2 parts of olive oil, you need to add 1 part of the crushed leaves of calendula. After this, the medicinal mixture should be insisted for 2-3 days. Ready means you need to process the skin no more than 1-2 times a day.
  3. To alleviate the condition, you can use freshly squeezed aloe juice. For this, the product is squeezed out of the leaves of the plant and treated with the skin until the discomfort is completely relieved.

Using folk remedies, it must be borne in mind that they only get rid of negative symptoms in the form of itching and burning, but do not have any effect on the cause of the problem, so they are best used as additional measures.

The main treatment is selected with the participation of a urologist and taking into account the characteristics of the patient's body, contraindications and the nature of the pathology.

Preventative measures

To avoid discomfort in the groin area, You must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Wear only loose underwear that is made exclusively from natural materials.
  2. It is forbidden to sit on cold benches and borders for a long time. In the cold season, under trousers you need to wear insulated pants.
  3. Protective equipment must be used during every sexual contact. At the same time, it is undesirable to interact with unfamiliar partners.
  4. Every day you need to take a bath or shower, thoroughly washing the genitals. To care for the intimate area there are special products that not only effectively remove pollution, but also eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, every six months to a year, it is necessary to undergo preventive examinations by a urologist. Only timely diagnosis of the problem gives a chance for a quick and painless cure.

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