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Anti Snoring

According to statistics, at least 30% of people on the planet cannot get rid of snoring. Of course, most of the "snoring" people are men.

People perceive snoring as a physical feature of the human body, they do not even realize that sometimes this phenomenon can cause a person a lot of inconvenience and trouble.

Doctors have found that people who suffer from snoring are prone to developing diseases associated with the cardiovascular system.

The effectiveness of snoring devices

Mostly, the factors that influence the development of snoring are these diseases:

  • diseases associated with an increase in adenoids,
  • birth defects of the respiratory tract,
  • nose curvature,
  • enlarged tonsils.

Newspapers and television are full of obsessive offers. They advertise from spray to bracelets, and all these methods, they say, are effective.

Let's see if advertising is worth believing?

Adhesive patches and strips

The lion's share of all the remedies for this ailment in the Russian market are patches and all kinds of nasal strips. According to the manufacturer, these funds are most effective in combating snoring.

What is the effect of snoring on these devices and why does the problem disappear after using them?

The patches are impregnated with a special composition, which includes essential oils that help relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa.

The strip stickers are designed to slightly raise and extend the wings of the nose.. This helps to pass more air flow.

Yes, these funds really help to overcome the disease, but only if it is associated with swelling of the mucosa.


Until 2012, anti-snoring devices such as magnetic clips, which appeared on the Russian pharmaceutical market in 2009, were popular.

Clip manufacturers assured customers that when using their devices, they would be able to forget about their problem for several years, and possibly forever.

However, it is worth noting that the clips, like patches, cope with problems associated only with swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Currently, these clips are in less demand.

Mouthguards and tongue holders

There is also a mass of oral (intraoral) devices against snoring. These snoring devices come in two types:

  1. Devices that hold the tongue and do not let it sink in the form of nipples.
  2. Mouthguards that change the position of the lower jaw.

When using these anti-snoring devices, the person’s airways expand, resulting in more air entering them.

These devices are effective, but they have two significant drawbacks:

  • too high a price
  • discomfort from a foreign body in the oral cavity.


There are also bracelets for snoring. It is important to know that these bracelets do not cure the problem, but only control the processes of your sleep. And when you snore, the bracelet will wake you with vibration.

The price of such gadgets from snoring is very high, so they are not very popular in Russia.

Orthopedic pillows

The latest innovation in the fight against snoring are specialized orthopedic pillows.

This device helps a person to take the correct position during sleep. An ordinary pillow can not cope with this task. Thanks to the AntiHrap pillow, a person in a dream is in a comfortable position, his tongue does not sink, so the air freely enters the respiratory tract.

Using this anti-snoring device will provide you with:

  • saturation of the skin with oxygen,
  • relaxation of the muscle group of the cervical spine,
  • lower back pressure
  • improved blood circulation.

In advanced cases, you can purchase a CPAP sleep device. More details about this device are described in this article.

In what cases will the effect be?

The effectiveness of all of the above devices will only be manifested if the following factors are the causes of your snoring:

  • acute respiratory viral diseases,
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract,
  • swelling of the nose.

In other cases, the effect of such devices for treating snoring will be practically zero. And you may need surgery.

Varieties of devices for snoring

Existing anti-snoring devices can be divided into four types:

    Intraoral or oral.

These devices are placed directly in the person’s mouth and regulate the position of the jaws or hold the tongue. Nasal bridge patches.

These patches are attached to the nose and help with inflammation of the mucous surface of the respiratory tract. Bracelets and watches AntiHrap.

These devices control the processes of the human body during sleep. And if you snore, the device will wake you up. Pillows and rollers.

These devices allow a person to be in a comfortable position during sleep.


Since snoring is a fairly widespread male problem, since ancient times, people have been thinking about how to cure it. There were no usual medicines for us then, and traditional medicine came to the rescue.

There are a lot of folk recipes for treating this problem.

  • A great way to combat snoring can be the use of cabbage juice. The recipe is extremely simple: cabbage leaves need to be thoroughly washed, chopped and squeezed one glass of juice. Add one teaspoon of honey to it. The course of administration is designed for a month, you need to take the drug at bedtime every day,
  • Another effective tool in the treatment of this disease is sea buckthorn drops. In a pharmacy you need to buy sea buckthorn oil. Shortly before going to bed, you need to rinse the nasal cavity with warm water and instill three to four drops of oil in each nostril. The course of treatment is also designed for one month,
  • for gargling, you can use a decoction of oak bark and calendula flowers. To prepare the broth, you need to pour a couple of tablespoons of calendula flowers and the same amount of crushed oak bark with one liter of boiling water, let it brew for several hours. The tool should be used every time after a meal and 10-15 minutes before bedtime.

In the treatment of snoring, a special exercise that strengthens the muscles of the nasopharynx and expands the airways can help.

To charge, you must:

  1. Stick out your tongue as low as possible and draw out a long “e” sound. Then remove your tongue and close your mouth. Repeat the exercise 25 times.
  2. With the chin you need to touch the chest and drive your head in different directions. Repeat for two to three minutes.
  3. Say all the vowels several times, articulating and tensing the muscles of the cervical region as much as possible.

Oven-baked carrots can be used to treat snoring. One carrot can be eaten one hour before a meal. You can also make healthy and tasty caviar from baked carrots.

The recipe is extremely simple. You will need one baked carrot, one onion and 50 grams of olive oil. Finely chop the onion and fry in a pan with the addition of oil, then grate the carrots there and mix. You can add salt and pepper to taste.

It will be useful to gargle with one tablespoon of olive oil daily half an hour before bedtime.


Many men are very worried about night snoring. A person suffering from this problem should remember that successful treatment of snoring requires examination by a specialist doctor. There are many reasons for this problem. The causes of snoring are studied by an otolaryngologist and somnologist. Depending on the cause of the disease, it becomes clear to the specialist how to treat snoring.

What are the devices for snoring

Scientists are constantly developing some new products to prevent snoring in a dream. The task of specialists is to create the most effective, safe, easy-to-manage devices that will be available to the bulk of the population. So on the market appeared:

  • mouthguards
  • clips,
  • stickers on the nose,
  • ring for snoring
  • CPAP therapy device,
  • nipples, dressings, clothespins, bracelets.

The variety and functionality of products make one admire the genius of their creators.

The use of cap allows you to return the natural position to the respiratory tract. The lower jaw is slightly advanced, securely fixed by the device, which leads to maximum disclosure of the soft tissue of the oral cavity, through which air flow is directed during breathing. In a dream, a person breathes freely with both his mouth and nose.

The peculiarity of the mouthguard is that the product is made of a certain material that can take the form of the oral cavity, the bite of an individual. The design of the product allows you to remain invisible in the oral cavity, it cannot be swallowed in a dream, since the fixation is reliable. Lightness and small size allow you to take a mouth guard with you, for this even a special case is provided.


A very common apparatus for snoring is a clip, a kind of nose clip. Ideally eliminates cork snoring. The material from which the product is made is silicone, so the weight of the clip is small about 25 grams, the dimensions are small, there is a case for storage. Additionally, some products are equipped with a magnet.

The device is quite simple to use, ideal for nostrils. To attach a nose clip for the night, it is enough to inhale the air and open the nostrils as wide as possible, fix the clip, stuffing it into the nasal cavity.

Such nose clips are considered the most basic devices. It is believed that they can fix the problem partially, and with prolonged use completely. Doctors recommend the use of clips for colds, when the nose is stuffy, allergies, sinusitis and many diseases of the ENT organs. In addition, it is enough to hold the clip in your nose only for a while, it is not necessary to sleep with it. In any case, snoring will not appear at night.

Stickers on the nose

Pharmacies often offer snoring stickers. Products are good for prolonged nasal congestion. Such devices stick on the nose and they are quite enough for a few nights, because just like that, they can not be torn off. The manufacturer immediately sells 10-20 pieces, in original boxes - packaging. The color and shape of the products may be different, so almost no stripes can be seen on the nose.

Snore ring

It is hard to believe, but modern scientists have invented the so-called "ring of snoring." The product is put on the little finger and inserted into the nose. The ring expands the nasal passages, which contributes to the unhindered exit and entry of air. Moreover, the use of the ring allows you to breathe through your nose, and not just your mouth.

CPAP therapy device

In a hospital, devices for the so-called CPAP therapy are often used. You can use them at home, if the doctor advises you on the choice, the necessary settings. Buying such "units", and even more so using it yourself is strictly prohibited. The main function of the device is the treatment of severe apnea, the elimination of snoring.

How effective are snoring devices

Doctors advise using devices to eliminate snoring, but at the same time argue that such products can not be considered as a means to neutralize the phenomenon. Yes, when used, for a certain period after, certain “little things” help, but do not cure the pathology that provokes snoring.

In any case, additional correct medical treatment is required to eliminate symptoms, physiotherapeutic methods, all kinds of gymnastic exercises that contribute to the normalization of the functionality of the pharynx, larynx, and tongue. But, unless such devices will help with abnormal changes in organs, after a serious injury, no, in this case only surgical intervention can completely eliminate night snoring. In addition, with obstructive apnea, these devices are also ineffective.

However, all this does not underestimate their high functionality, it only indicates that snoring is a serious matter, you need to look for and eliminate the causes, but for now, in order to alleviate the patient’s condition, it is necessary to use devices that reduce the risk of snoring.

Where and how much can you buy them

The main place for the sale of such goods is considered a network of pharmacies. Depending on the quality and cost of the product, something very simple can be found even in the provincial town itself. Those who want to try something more perfect on themselves, which are not yet available on the market for free, are waiting for the corresponding online stores specializing in the sale of such goods. Typically, such sites interact directly with the manufacturer of the original products, although the risk of acquiring a fake remains when buying a device in a pharmacy.

The cost of devices against snoring can be different, it starts to vary from forty rubles. So, ordinary mouthguards, clips, clothespins can be bought for only 40 rubles, in a simple pharmacy. Stickers stripes on the nose can cost about 1,500 rubles. The ring from snoring is also not so expensive - 50 rubles. But the mouthguards, in price, can reach up to 5,000 rubles, although on the manufacturer’s websites, taking into account the discount, you can buy the right product for 2,500 rubles.


Mikhail 56 years old, Moscow
I learned about the mouthguards from my friend, who had been using this little thing for a long time and was satisfied. Ordered on some site, immediately surprised the material, ease of use. The product can be stored in a special case, after sleeping enough to rinse and all. I understood how to use it right away after reading the instructions. I went to bed, attached it and after a while, I already forgot that there is something in the mouth - no discomfort. The review was written to thank the creators and manufacturers of the mouthpiece. The thing really needed, with its acquisition I began to get enough sleep, became less annoyed. I bought such a product for my brother, who once said about annoying snoring that keeps the whole family awake.

Tatyana, 27 years old, Tomsk
The first time I saw the mouthguards at my dad, he even praised them, but they quickly became worthless, because he bought them "anywhere." Since he liked them so much, he bought it on the Internet, ordered it on the manufacturer’s website, and at the same time took it to her husband. Dad was delighted, the husband at first refused, but after talking with doctors about the dangers of night snoring, he agreed to experiment, as he said, for a week. The month of use is already ending, the husband forgot about the contract. He feels better, gets enough sleep and sometimes hints that I snore and do not let him sleep.

Tamara, 43 years old, Moscow
The husband snored unbearably at night. I always tried to fall asleep early, because after him I couldn’t fall asleep. They bought sprays, drops, the result is not long. A friend advised me to buy stickers for snoring, and my husband is now sleeping like a baby. ”

When deciding to try some kind of device for snoring, do not rush into the choice. Such products have a lot of contraindications associated with the individual characteristics of a person. Consult with a specialist, and then buy.

Causes of the problem

Snoring in children and adults results from respiratory failure. In the case of sagging soft tissues of the pharynx, a mild form of snoring is diagnosed.In the process of sleep, the flow of air makes them touch each other and vibrate, which leads to the appearance of a characteristic sound.

But the causes of snoring can be completely different:

  • Individual features of the anatomical structure of the body - too long palatine uvula, narrow nasal passages, other features inherited.
  • Various injuries, bone fractures, damage to the tissues of the nose.
  • Various diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which contribute to the deterioration of air intake due to an increase in the lymphadenoid apparatus.
  • Weight gain - accumulated fat is deposited in the neck, which significantly impairs breathing.
  • Addiction to bad habits - frequent drinking of alcohol and smoking, which helps to relax the muscles of the larynx.
Alcohol abuse and smoking can trigger snoring

During a person’s night sleep, the muscular tissues of the larynx and pharynx relax as much as possible, and any intake of an air stream can provoke vibration of the walls of the larynx. This becomes the main cause of snoring in humans.

Prolonged air retention can lead to the development of such an unpleasant phenomenon as hypoxia - it is it that causes a violation of the full functioning of the brain, violates the process of oxygen supply to the most important internal organs and systems.

Snoring devices

Snoring can have the most adverse effects on the human body. Fortunately, the modern pharmacological field offers many devices and devices for treating snoring. The most effective and popular are the so-called CPAP devices.

CPAP is a device for treating snoring, which operates on the principle of a kind of compressor, consisting of a special mask that is worn on the nose and tubes. This device from snoring delivers filtered air directly to the respiratory canals.

Due to its special structure, the device against snoring prevents the closure of soft tissues of the nasopharynx by maintaining a stable, constant air flow, the person’s breathing does not interrupt, remaining smooth and calm.

A simple and convenient device from snoring ensures the flow of filtered and heated air flow into the lungs in accordance with the parameters set on the control panel of the device.

Such devices are very simple and easy to use, they work completely silently. Anti-snoring devices are manufactured by various pharmacological companies, so they may vary in color, size and technical specifications. In addition, some models may additionally be equipped with a moisturizing function of the nasopharynx.

CPAP is the most effective and popular anti-snoring device that helps solve this unpleasant problem, normalize blood pressure, saturate the bloodstream with oxygen and get enough sleep.

Who is suitable for CPAP devices

CPAP therapy devices are considered one of the most effective and effective ways to combat snoring. To date, such devices are considered the only alternative to surgery, they are safe for health and easy to use.

When is the use of CPAP therapy most effective?

  • In the case of uncomplicated snoring provoked by medication, smoking or stressful situations.
  • With a deformation of the nose of a congenital or acquired nature, which makes it difficult to normal, full breathing.
  • In the case of obstructive apnea, severe, moderate or mild.
  • In the presence of various diseases of the respiratory system, lungs.

It is believed that the maximum positive result can be obtained using CPAP therapy in case of severe apnea. With this form, every accidental respiratory arrest in a person can be the last and lead to death.

This device for snoring is extremely useful for diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as problems with blood pressure.

CPAP is recommended to be used in cases where a person has contraindications for surgical intervention.

Most popular devices for snoring

To date, pharmacological companies offer a wide selection of various devices and devices for improving breathing during sleep. All devices differ in technical characteristics and functional equipment.

Resmed - popular snoring device, which is considered the leading leader among devices in this category. Resmed is produced by an Australian pharmaceutical company that operates in the high price segment.

CPAP device Resmed

The main advantages of this unit from snoring include:

  1. Stylish, elegant design.
  2. Compact and ergonomic.
  3. Touch control panel with which the required temperature and air flow pressure are set.
  4. The oxygen supply system is regulated automatically.
  5. The device is equipped with special sensors that record the basic parameters of respiration during sleep - this allows you to effectively control the treatment process.

Several Resmed models are on sale, which can have a minimum set of functions or are additionally equipped with special treatment programs. The average cost of such a device, depending on the modification, can range from 55,000 to 110,000 rubles.

Prisma - A large pharmaceutical company from Germany, which produces several modifications of anti-snoring devices. Thanks to the touch control panel and special sensors, the device can be programmed in accordance with the breathing cycle, the moments of respiratory arrest.

CPAP device Prisma

The device automatically takes into account a person’s posture during sleep and many other important nuances. Depending on the accepted posture, the apparatus changes the temperature, intensity and pressure of the air flow.

Devices of the Prisma brand, like Resmed, can only be purchased by reservation. The cost varies between 100,000 - 125,000 rubles.

Somnobalance - German devices for the fight against snoring, which are classified as luxury. Stylish, concise design and compactness attracts attention - the weight of the device does not exceed 1.6 kg. Differ in high efficiency, safety and the maximum usability. It operates completely silently, it is necessary to connect to the mains.

CPAP device Somnobalance

The device is equipped with a humidification function, automatically selects the pressure level and air supply temperature. Oxygen is passed through two filter systems and only after intensive purification it enters the human body.

Depending on the functional equipment, Somnobalance devices can cost from 55,000 rubles.

Alternative devices

As can be concluded from all of the above, CPAP devices are, of course, very efficient and convenient, but the cost of such a device is extremely high. But do not despair. The modern pharmacological market offers a host of other devices that help combat such an unpleasant phenomenon as snoring. They are less efficient than CPAP devices, but attract attention with quite affordable cost.

Extra Lore

Extra Lore - A special device that visually resembles a baby's dummy. It is inserted into the oral cavity during sleep. Extra-Lore acts directly on the anatomical causes of snoring - it stimulates the muscle tissue of the root of the tongue. This prevents their possible relaxation, as a result of which snoring does not occur. This is a highly efficient device, the cost of which does not exceed 850 rubles. The only drawback is that a person will have to get used to a foreign object in his mouth for some time.

Snore clip

Clip - A widely publicized product that is also considered quite effective. It has the shape of a clip, made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone, located on the nasal septum. At the tips of the product are miniature magnets, which have an active effect on certain points in the nose. The price of the clip is from 200 to 500 rubles.

Bracelet against snoring

Bracelet against snoring - An innovative product that, according to many users, effectively fights the night problem. The bracelet is worn on the wrist during sleep, it actively affects certain nerve endings on the arm. The activity and level of pulses from the device can be adjusted independently. The price of the bracelet is 600-1500 rubles.

Bracelet "Snore Stopper"

Devices created against snoring can be made in the form of a bracelet. They are really convenient, since they are firmly fixed on the hand and do not cause discomfort to a person. The principle of operation is the effect of electrical impulses on the human body. All devices are equipped with special sensors that pick up the sounds of snoring.

Feeling an electronic impulse, a person, without waking up, will immediately change his body position. As a rule, to cross from back to side is enough to get rid of snoring. Bracelet "Snore Stopper" is completely safe and does not harm a person. Therefore, anyone can safely use it.


There are inexpensive anti-night snoring devices that help with nasal breathing problems. These include Brizright strips and Dr. Snore patches. The principle of action is as follows: the tool is fixed so that the wings of the nose are raised. Thanks to this, the patient begins to breathe normally and does not suffer from snoring.

One of the advantages of strips is the inexpensive price. On average, ten pieces can be purchased for 200-300 rubles.

Extra Lore

A special device Extra-Lore is considered quite effective. It is placed in the oral cavity and causes the tip of the tongue to rest against one of the parts. Due to this, muscle tone increases. The language itself ceases to sink and does not interfere with breathing.

Extra-ENT against snoring can not be used by people with the following ailments:

  • epilepsy
  • serious ailments of the cardiovascular system,
  • acute infections
  • bronchial asthma.

Some patients do not immediately get used to this device. However, after a while it ceases to interfere and has the desired effect. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

How devices work

What is the device for snoring, and how should it be used in order to achieve a stable treatment result in a short time? Although special devices are not considered high-speed, since it is possible to see the benefit from them only 3-5 weeks after use, any device for treatment is considered effective.

After all, the body needs to get used to a special device, as a result of which a person will develop a reflex or improve muscle tone of the larynx. As numerous reviews show, the devices, when used correctly and regularly, completely eliminate the problem - the main thing is to follow the instructions for use, which describes all the rules for using the device.

Although each device for snoring has certain features, their operation and purpose for human health is the same - the complete elimination of an obstruction in the throat or nasopharyngeal cavity, which prevents air from entering the respiratory system normally.

It is known that such an obstacle often appears as a result of a decrease in muscle tone, as a result of which the tissues sag, and when air penetrates, they begin to emit an unpleasant vibration - it is called snoring.

Additional causes that cause the appearance of an ailment that special devices can cure include:

  • fleshy tongue
  • overhanging fabrics in the sky
  • strongly closed between the mucous membranes of the mouth,
  • narrow nostrils
  • curvature of the septum of the nose.

Devices that can relieve a person of snoring increase the lumen of the nasopharynx or expand the nostrils, thereby improving air patency. Also, some devices, for example, intraoral, fix the tissues of the sky, preventing them from sagging and cause unpleasant night sounds.

If the patient uses the device daily, for 1 month he will be able to restore the normal position of the palatine muscles, as well as eliminate the manifestations of apnea.

Of course, the device is not always able to completely cure this pathology. For example, if it appeared due to a disease of the nasopharynx or throat, it is necessary to completely eliminate the disease - only in this case it will be possible to completely get rid of the unpleasant night phenomenon.

The device against snoring is usually used until the disease is eliminated during the time of drug treatment, as well as to alleviate the night sleep of relatives of the snore. If snoring appeared as a result of human physiology or anatomy, and special devices did not have a positive result of treatment, as well as drug therapy, the patient will need surgery:

  • excision of the tissues of the sky,
  • adenoid removal
  • restoration of the normal position of the nasal septum.

However, if according to the health indications the patient cannot be given surgical treatment, anti-snoring devices are considered the only way to reduce unpleasant night sounds, which will allow for a healthy night's rest.

Currently, there are 3 types of devices for treating snoring, namely:

  • intraoral
  • electronic pulse
  • nasal.

To understand what is better to choose a remedy for treating snoring, you need to find out the cause of its occurrence - it is after this that you will be able to choose the most safe and effective remedy. Therefore, before using the devices, it is advisable to visit a doctor so that he examines the patient, as well as assesses his general state of health.

The most famous devices are:

Each of them represents a specific device for the mouth, nose or wrist, which can completely cure night snoring (especially devices will be effective if the patient knows the cause of this ailment).

CPAP therapy

One of the most effective devices against snoring is considered to be a device for CPAP therapy. This device creates airway pressure, which quickly spreads the walls of the pharynx during sleep. Thanks to this, a person receives a sufficient amount of oxygen and stops snoring.

Among the advantages of this drug against ronchopathy, it is possible to note the ability to specify settings that are suitable for a particular patient. Their selection should be done by a doctor.

It is worth noting that this device has a high price. At least it can be purchased for 7,000 rubles, but the cost reaches up to 40,000 rubles. However, CPAP therapy is effective, as it helps even in advanced cases. In the fight against snoring, this device will be indispensable and will completely solve the problem.

What are intraoral devices?

The simplest and most effective intraoral device that can be purchased at the pharmacy is a special silicone mouthpiece that is inserted into the oral cavity and takes the form of a jaw.

It is created in such a way that with proper donning, the lower jaw extends slightly forward - this leads to an expansion of the larynx and easier breathing. In appearance, the device resembles a cast of the human jaw, however, for the mouthpiece to work effectively, it is required to create it individually.

Mouthguards are made of natural and hypoallergenic silicone or a special thermoplastic material. The second type of cap is more expensive (its price is 2-3 times more than silicone), but they are much more effective and more convenient.

During heating, the thermoplastic product becomes soft, which helps to adopt the correct position of the jaw. However, this device may be inconvenient for many people, so they need to use silicone devices.

There is also another type of intraoral device, which is able to maintain the tissues of the sky in a normal state, as well as create a reflex lowering of the base of the tongue, which allows the mouthpiece to increase the lumen of the respiratory system.

The design of such a device resembles a baby's dummy, endowed with several convex bases. Their principle of work is to give the soft tissues of the mouth the correct position. Breathing when using the nipples is through the nose. To choose a convenient and reliable device, it is recommended to read the rating of such devices.

When the intraoral tabs help completely overcome night snoring:

  • in case of an underdeveloped lower jaw,
  • with backward jaw
  • with sagging tissues of the sky or throat,
  • with too thick a tongue,
  • in the treatment of mild apnea.

But to use such devices as a complex therapy for overweight, difficulties with nasal breathing, as well as in the development of serious pathologies that cause snoring, it is not worth it (especially sinusitis), otherwise a person will not suffocate during sleep, as a result which breath can stop.

Nose gear

A review of snoring devices that are worn on the nose has worked quite well in the modern world. Such devices include, for example, stickers on the nose (or rather, on its wings).

In order for the device to give a positive result of treatment, it is required to carefully read the instructions for use before using the stickers, because proper use will help to quickly relieve the person from snoring.

How to use stickers:

  • first of all, thoroughly clean the surface of the nose, then dry it and completely degrease it,
  • remove the special protective film from the sticker, behind which the sticky surface is hidden,
  • stick the patch on the side of the nostrils, which is called the wings (you can’t stick the devices on the nose),
  • after placing the sticker on the nose, fix it with your fingers and press it to the nose for a couple of minutes.

The device helps to overcome snoring throughout the night. It is not worth it to sharply tear it off in the morning, since the sticker is removed from the face with water.

After reading the list of stickers against snoring, it is necessary to note when they can be used by a person to get rid of the problem:

  • overgrown adenoids,
  • sagging tissues of the sky,
  • nasal congestion,
  • expansion of the nasal passages, if their narrowing occurred due to the course of the disease,
  • tonsil enlargement,
  • severe swelling of the nasal cavity.

Also, for the nose in the fight against snoring, you can use the clip anti-snoring or extra-lore. This is a small-looking device that attaches to the nose, while gently and painlessly clamping special points on it. Thanks to this clip, it is possible to facilitate the patient’s breathing, reduce inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity, and also positively affect the quality of sleep.

Sometimes there are special magnets in the balls of such clips - in this case, acupressure during night sleep is combined with magnetotherapy, and the special points located in the nose acquire stimulation.

It is especially important to use anti-snoring clip during nasal congestion, which appears due to the course of chronic runny nose. In this case, its action will be aimed at eliminating congestion and facilitating breathing. Do not use stop snoring for the nose during the curvature of the nasal septum and other causes of the disease caused by human anatomy.

Pulse or electronic bracelet

A special electronic device, which is mounted on the wrist, looks quite attractive, since it looks similar to a wristwatch. Inside the special device is a small microphone equipped with a sound analyzer that effectively recognizes snoring.

If a person starts snoring during a night's rest, such a microphone picks up sound and sends mild electrical impulses - this helps a person to wake up or roll over to the other side. Thanks to this action, the problem quickly disappears. In the event that it becomes more intense, the strength of the electric pulse increases.

Special anti-snoring watches are great for people who suffer from night apnea (temporary respiratory arrest). In this case, the impulses will constantly force a person to wake up, which means that apnea will disturb him much less often.

Attention! A bracelet against snoring will not help completely get rid of this unpleasant night phenomenon, since it does not affect the cause of its occurrence.

In addition to getting rid of snoring, the device also eliminates the following symptoms:

  • excessive irritability
  • frequent fatigue
  • bruising in the morning
  • constant pain in the head
  • impaired attention and concentration,
  • decreased performance.

Although this device is considered effective, when using it, you should also look for other ways to combat snoring, since the bracelet does not affect the cause of its appearance, which means that it will not work out completely.

Digital and electronic watches with a case are sold, thanks to which it is possible to extend the life of the bracelet. You can buy it at any pharmacy without a doctor’s testimony.

How it works

Each device against snoring has its own characteristics, but their purpose is the same - to remove the obstacle that arises in the way of air passing through the upper sections of the respiratory system. Such an obstacle may be:

  • overhanging palatine tissue
  • closed mucous throats,
  • too narrow nasal passages
  • fleshy tongue
  • bent nasal septum.

A device for snoring expands the nasal passages or the lumen of the nasopharynx, allowing free passage of air through them, or fixes the palatine tissue, preventing them from dropping too much and vibrating.

Of course, a device for treating snoring does not solve the problem radically. It allows you and your loved ones to have a restful sleep until other methods of treatment give tangible results, or if a surgical operation that relieves snoring is not performed: removal of adenoids, correction of the nasal septum, excision of the palatine tissues.

But in those situations where conservative treatment does not help, and surgical intervention is impossible for medical reasons or simply meaningless, various devices for snoring may be the only way to somehow improve the situation and ensure a long comfortable sleep.

Adaptations from snoring are of several types: nasal, intraoral and electron-pulse.

Which of them will be most effective depends primarily on the main cause of snoring, therefore, before purchasing, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will help to establish them. Sometimes, for this, you even have to undergo a diagnostic examination.

Causes of snoring

A completely healthy person enjoys sleep without snoring. Even if he is practically inaudible, it is still necessary to consult a doctor and prevent further complication of the disease. Next, we will consider the possible causes of snoring, and what it is associated with.

Snoring is a disease due to obstruction of the upper respiratory tract and respiratory failure. With this factor, the natural inflow and outflow of air is disrupted, and as a result, ronchopathy occurs. On average, 3 out of 10 men suffer from it.

Consider other signs of snoring.

  • Impaired nasal breathing. It occurs due to polyps, curvature of the septum of the nose, tonsils and hypertrophy of the palatine tongue.
  • Inflammatory disease of the throat and nose. For example, tonsillitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis.
  • Body aging. The elasticity of the pharynx tissue after 45 years begins to decline. Tissues narrow and stick together, thereby leading to respiratory arrest.
  • Antidepressants and sleeping pills. They relax the muscles, including the walls of the larynx, inevitably leading you to snoring.
  • Overweight. The first degree of obesity precedes snoring 8-10 times. The second and third degrees of obesity most often turn into a chronic form of snoring and cause apnea.
  • Alcohol and smoking. These bad habits adversely affect the walls of the larynx, relaxing them during sleep. In a state of extreme intoxication, the human brain does not respond to breath holdings, therefore, even death in a dream from snoring, in combination with alcohol, is possible.

Intraoral devices

The simplest and most common intraoral device is a silicone jaw tab that resembles a boxing mouthguard in shape. It is designed so that the lower jaw extends slightly forward when bitten. As a result, the lumen of the larynx expands and breathing is facilitated.

Such mouthguards are made of silicone or thermoplastic material. Thermoplastic are more expensive, but they are much more convenient, since they allow you to choose the position of fixation of the jaw. When heated, the material becomes soft, the device is inserted into the mouth and bites with the lower jaw extended forward. After cooling, the cap becomes stiff. Silicone only fixes the jaw in a pre-selected position, which for some can be very uncomfortable.

There is another type of intraoral tab that supports the palatine tissue and causes reflex lowering of the back of the tongue. The design of this model is developed on the basis of a conventional baby nipple. It has several convex surfaces, giving the soft tissues in the oral cavity the desired position. Breathing is through the nose.

Intraoral tabs work well with mild forms of apnea, in people with an underdeveloped or backward jaw, strongly sagging soft tissues, and a large tongue.

Their use is ineffective in case of difficulty in nasal breathing (especially with chronic sinusitis and polyps), too much overweight and serious pathologies that cause snoring.

What is the danger of snoring?

Snoring varies in three degrees of severity.

  • Easy. Overeating at night, increased fatigue or an uncomfortable posture causes snoring in almost every person at night. To get rid of it, you just need to exclude the above factors. Do not eat at night, rest more, and go to bed in a comfortable position. It does not have serious consequences, but it is worthwhile to be treated with some drugs in the form of tablets and ointments or folk remedies.
  • Medium. As a result of various diseases, ronchopathy occurs. A person sleeps restlessly, with constant awakenings, and in the morning he has a feeling of lack of sleep and headache. It requires urgent intervention of medicines, various devices and ointments against puffiness, and soon. It threatens with a transition to the 3rd degree of severity of snoring.
  • Chronic Nightly snoring with increased volume, constant, uncontrolled awakenings, severe headaches and lack of sleep become a familiar way of life for a person. He practically does not control himself and can fall asleep while driving, and even while eating. Increased risk of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Such ailments are possible: cerebral stroke, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, heartburn, shortness of breath and problems with potency.

Rating TOP 5 effective devices

We present the 5 best devices in the fight against snoring in detecting mild to moderate degrees. This list includes:

Let's consider in more detail presented asso

  • Slipex,
  • Sonight
  • Extra Lohr,
  • Pillar palatal implant,
  • Anti-snoring.


This tool is in the form of a spray. The device is based on the components of peppermint extract and gaulteria. By their properties, these substances relieve swelling, nasopharyngeal cramps, soften and soothe the mucous membrane. The drug is equipped with a light, analgesic effect and is used in the first stage of snoring. Also great for colds and sore throats.

Compositionwater-glycerin solution, peppermint, gaulteria, equaliptol, methyl salicylate
Snoring degree1-2
Instructions for useapply topically to the back of the larynx and tongue

Price: from 250 to 350 rubles.


  • Gently cleans the airways
  • calms and softens the mucous membrane,
  • The result is visible immediately after application.


Means helps during not strong snoring. It immediately becomes easier to breathe, and you can sleep in any position, and not exclusively on your side. I stopped waking up from my own snoring, and I get better sleep. Thanks.


Cap made of synthetics perfectly adapts to the shape of the correct bite. It is easily attached in the mouth, excluding loss or breakage. It serves as a salvation from snoring, preventing the adhesion of the walls of the larynx, providing free breathing without heaviness and constant awakenings.

Snoring degree1-2
Instructions for usesuperimposed on teeth

Cost: from 4380 to 4600 p.


  • clings to teeth
  • relieves the airways from clumping the larynx,
  • precedes a calm and sound sleep,
  • helps after 3-4 nights.


  • will only help those with the right bite,
  • addictive.

My husband did not agree to a mouth guard for a long time, talked about inconvenience and so on. As a result, I persuaded and tried. 2 nights he fell asleep for a long time, did not immediately get used to the adaptation on his teeth. On the 3rd night, the situation returned to normal, snoring stopped, and my husband got used to it a bit. It works well, we are satisfied.

Extra Lore

A device made of durable polymer material. Outwardly acquires similarities with a baby pacifier, but the quality can be envied by analogues. The verified design ideally fixes the device in the mouth, where there is a small retainer between the lips and teeth, and a special spoon adjoins the tongue. This device prevents the subsidence of the sky and expands the throat during breathing.

Snoring degree1-2
Instructions for usefixed between teeth and lips
Contraindicationsdoesn't have

Price: from 790 to 820 rubles.


  • It doesn’t require long addiction,
  • conveniently located in the mouth,
  • relieves of snoring after 2-3 nights.


The device perfectly helped her husband. The first night was unsuccessful, due to an unusual design in the mouth, then it became easier to fall asleep. The main thing is the cessation of snoring and a healthy sleep for both my husband and mine. Thanks.

Pillar palatal implant

A device made with a special tab of polymer threads, easily attached to a soft palate. This device is installed with the help of a doctor, under local anesthesia. Ideally copes with snoring, preventing tongue sticking and effectively strengthens the walls and muscles of the sky. After getting rid of snoring, the structure must be removed in the outpatient clinic.

ContraindicationsPhase 3 snoring, obesity, tonsils, retrognathia
Snoring degree2 stage
Instructions for useplacement between teeth

Price tag: from 4300 to 6000 p.


  • prevents weakening of the walls of the larynx,
  • prevents larynx sinking,
  • relieves snoring for 4-5 nights.


  • established exclusively with anesthesia.

A good helper in the fight against snoring! I woke up many times before at night, headaches appeared, and it came to depression. After installing this device, the snoring was removed as if by hand. It does not interfere in everyday life, on the contrary, I feel cheerful in the morning and getting rid of severe headaches. I advise!


The device is a silicone nasal clip. A small jumper with balls at the ends is inserted into the nostrils for the whole night. In special cases, it is used for a long time if the patient suffers from moderate severity of snoring. The device improves breathing, resists the deterioration of the elasticity of the tissues of the larynx. Using the device, the result is noticeable after several nights of use.

Snoring degree1-2
Instructions for useinserted into the nostrils
Contraindications3 severity of snoring, curvature of the nasal septum

Price: from 800 to 1200 rubles.


  • resists sinking throats,
  • does not allow to lose the elasticity of the tissues of the larynx,
  • makes breathing freer and cleaner.


The device is not bad, it pleased a couple of days from the start of use. The husband got used to him literally in one night. Talking about freedom of breathing, he began to get enough sleep at night and no longer bothers a headache. I also sleep soundly and do not regret this acquisition. Thanks.

Other ways to get rid of snoring

In addition to the above tools, there are many other ways to get rid of this ailment. And here are some of them.

      • Brine. Helps to get rid of nasal congestion and swelling of the mucous membranes. When you breathe through your nose, not your mouth, you will not snore accordingly.
      • Nettle tea. Let it stand under the lid for 10-15 minutes and drink before bedtime. Over time, obvious snuffing will become noticeable.
      • Balm of olive oil and rue. Mix a glass of oil with 50 grams of rue, let the mixture infuse for 2 weeks, then strain and apply on the wings of the nose and neck every night. Keep balm balances in a dry, dark place. An effective remedy with a noticeable result in a week.
      • Sage. Ideal for the treatment of airways, including snoring. Pour boiling water over five leaves of the plant, let it brew for 10 minutes, strain and drink tea before bedtime.

Nasal devices

Simple, but at the same time, a very effective cure for snoring were stickers on the wings of the nose, "Breeze Wright." They must be used correctly, so carefully read the instructions before applying:

  1. Before applying the strips, the skin must be thoroughly washed, dried and degreased.
  2. Remove a thin protective film from the surface of the product covering the adhesive surface.
  3. Stick the patch on the wings of the nose, and not on the narrow part of the nose bridge.
  4. After gluing, it is necessary to fix the strip with your fingers and hold it for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Strips cannot be torn off by force, they are removed from wet skin when washing or in the shower.

Such strips will not help with severe swelling or nasal congestion, with enlarged tonsils, overgrown adenoids and sagging palatal tissues. They only slightly expand the nasal passages, facilitating breathing through the nose. The patch of another manufacturer “Doctor Snore” works in a similar way. These funds differ only in cost.

On the principles of reflexology, another device for snoring has been developed - the clip "Anti-snoring". It is a silicone device that is fixed on the nose, gently clamping acupuncture points. Due to the long-term effect, the internal reserves of the body are turned on, breathing is facilitated, inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes are reduced.

Small magnets are mounted in the clips, so acupressure is combined with magnetotherapy and biologically active points receive additional stimulation.

Especially useful is the use of the Anti-Snoring clip in chronic respiratory diseases with constant nasal congestion. The clip will not help with the curvature of the nasal septum and other anatomical causes of snoring.

Electronic alarm clock

An electronic device from snoring, which looks completely harmless in appearance and resembles a stylish wristwatch. But this device is equipped with a miniature built-in microphone and an electronic sound analyzer that is capable of recognizing snoring. As soon as a person starts snoring, the device sends a weak discharge of current, which causes the sleeping person to wake up. If snoring is repeated, the current strength increases.

Such a device is ideally suited for those suffering from severe forms of apnea, when prolonged respiratory arrest can threaten the patient's life. But there is a negative side - it does not solve the problem of snoring itself, but only makes the sleeping person wake up and change his body position.

Therefore, with prolonged use, a person may develop the same symptoms that accompany OSAS (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome):

  • regular headaches
  • difficulty concentrating,
  • increased irritability
  • morning weakness
  • chronic fatigue,
  • decreased performance.

The next stage is cardiovascular disease and nervous disorders that flow into chronic diseases and prolonged depression.

Undoubtedly, an electronic pulse alarm is a very convenient device that you can take with you on a business trip to sleep in a transport or hotel, without creating problems for others. But in parallel with its application, it is necessary to look for other ways to get rid of snoring.

Alternative solutions

Only with the help of devices from snoring, even the most expensive and effective, the problem can not be solved. Snoring should be treated, and before that try to find out its real causes, which can also be: severe fatigue, nightly drinking alcohol or sleeping pills, air pollution, uncomfortable body position and allergic reactions. Sometimes, only by eliminating external stimuli, you can quickly regain normal sleep.

But more often the causes of snoring are various pathologies that really require the right treatment or surgery:

  • polyps and other neoplasms,
  • overgrown adenoids,
  • greatly enlarged tonsils,
  • elongated palatine tongue,
  • chronic sinusitis and rhinitis.

In some cases, you cannot do without the help of a surgeon, and then you have to resort to laser treatment methods for snoring. But only a doctor can give an opinion on their need after a preliminary examination.

If the problem can be solved conservatively, modern complex preparations will become good helpers. For example, a snore spray “Snorex”, which is a completely natural remedy with excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It contains propolis extract, as well as peppermint and sage essential oils. The drug helps to get rid of snoring, provoked by increased adenoids or chronic respiratory diseases.

Unfortunately, Snorex is not suitable for people who are allergic to beekeeping products. But for them, another spray would be a good choice - Asonor, made on the basis of a glycerin solution. It perfectly softens and moisturizes the mucous membranes, contains components that restore firmness and elasticity to soft tissues. The drug is harmless, can be used for a long time.

Those who still prefer all-natural remedies can recommend MySleepGood - a spray based on a combination of essential oils: lemon, mint, lemon balm and sage. The drug has good anti-inflammatory properties, relieves swelling, facilitates breathing, restores the structure of soft tissues.

Excellent results in the fight against snoring are given by breathing exercises. Properly selected exercises will quickly return the tone to the smooth muscles of the larynx and elasticity to the palatine tissues.

An additional bonus will be an increased vital capacity of the lungs, a refreshed complexion, a deeper sleep and a strengthened immune system. But to obtain such results, breathing exercises must be practiced daily for at least a month.

If you cannot cope with the problem of snoring on your own, then you cannot limit yourself to using snoring devices only. A visit to the doctor and joint efforts to find the causes of snoring and ways of their final elimination are necessary.

Remember that snoring is not a harmless phenomenon, over time it can become a real threat to your health and even life.

Patches and stickers

Patches and stickers (overlays) can help get rid of snoring in a dream. The former are not intended for the treatment of apnea and are usually used to get rid of nasal congestion, which is provoked by a cold or allergies. Indications for their use should be considered asphyxiation in a dream, headaches after waking up, rhinitis and obstruction of passages in the nasopharynx.

Such patches can not always be used. Contraindications are skin diseases, children's age (up to five years), the presence of an allergic reaction to latex. The advantage of the patches is the relief of nasal breathing and ease of use. At the same time, the patch is likely to peel off during the night, which will result in the resumption of snoring.

Stickers, for example, Breathe Right, are convenient in terms of operation, they are not addictive, but also do not deal with problems that provoke snoring. The advantages of linings are affordability, the possibility of increasing oxygen flow. If you refuse to use them, snoring returns again.

Snoring pillow

The use of pillows for snoring allows a person to get rid of this annoying problem, as well as improve their health. On the modern market, products from various materials (cotton, latex, polyester, technogel and others) are presented, almost each of which has the effect of "remembering", that is, the most convenient position is fixed. Depending on the specific material, the price can range from 700 to 3,000 or more rubles.

Given the effect of pillows on the body, you can count on the following effect:

  • compliance with the correct position during sleep, which reduces the load on the neck muscles, as well as on the spinal column,
  • improvement of blood flow to the area of ​​the brain, as well as to the heart,
  • saturation of the skin with oxygen,
  • micromassage of the face and cervical spine.

However, the main effect on human health remains the possibility of getting rid of snoring, if its causes are not chronic diseases or, for example, bad habits. Thus, pillows really help to cope with apnea, but only if it is a positional phenomenon, but not a disease with more serious causes.

Sipap therapy

Sipap therapy is a non-invasive and non-medical treatment for snoring. The principle of operation of this system is simple: in the upper respiratory tract a metered pressure is created by air, which supports the nasopharynx and soft palate tissue in a certain position. Due to this, they do not subside, which is the prevention of sleep apnea and snoring. The presence of digital panels on the device facilitates its management.

Indications for the use of sipap therapy and devices from Resmed are:

  • obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, in which not only the usual degree of activity decreases, but even the brain can be disturbed,
  • arterial hypertension
  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • endocrine disorders, the presence of obesity.

Contraindications to the use of such a mask are chronic ophthalmic and ENT diseases, severe heart failure, a tendency to nosebleed. The same applies to operations on the brain, organs of the sternum and mediastinum, as well as arterial hypotension.

The advantages of such therapy should be considered the possibility of carrying out at home, the normalization of sleep, the return of vigor and activity to a person. At the same time, this device for getting rid of snoring cannot boast of a cumulative effect, that is, after the completion of the course, snoring and breathing problems in a dream will return.

Which device to choose

It is recommended to choose one or another device for snoring based on the following criteria: convenience in terms of use, effectiveness, the need to use on an ongoing basis, as well as price. Given that each of the presented devices is not a medicine, their use should be constant.

The most affordable are patches and stickers for snoring, as well as clips. So, the Breathe Right patch costs from 300 to 600 rubles, depending on the number of pieces in the package: 10 or 30. Pay attention to the fact that:

  • mouthguards for snoring are in about the same price range, but depending on the material of manufacture can cost significantly more - from 3000 rubles. and more,
  • a pillow for snoring also costs from 3000-3500 rubles. and more: the choice of material, product dimensions should be carried out separately and the cost largely depends on these criteria,
  • devices for sipap therapy are much more expensive - from 20,000 rubles. (minimum).
When choosing between specific products, it is advisable to focus not on cost, but on ease of use and perceived effectiveness. Optimal in this case are devices such as mouth guards, clips, and pillows for snoring. They do not affect the development of pain, do not need special care, and therefore are the choice of many people with a similar problem. With more serious problems in the work of the lungs, you can pay attention to sipap therapy.

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