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Anatomy of a Tashka: what you need to know about the design of a classic razor

According to the principle of loading the blade, the T-shaped razors are divided into two types: conventional and mechanical. The usual ones are those whose parts are unscrewed or snapped off, the mechanical ones are butterfly razors. Each of these designs has its own characteristics.

Most of the machines on the market are unscrewed. Thus, they are disassembled into parts - two (“cover” + the base of the head and the handle, which make up a single part, the so-called twist), three (handle + 2 parts of the head) or more (for example, road razors consist of four parts, t -shaped razor Erbe with two blades). In general, this is a very simple and durable construction, in which, however, there is a weak point - the screw. If you spin the razor with excessive force, the thread can be torn off (of course, this does not happen very often). Also, when replacing the blade, there is always a risk of cutting yourself, when you unwind your head and pick up the blade, you need to be careful.

Merkur Progress is divided into two parts, Muehle R103 - into three, Erbe with two blades - into four

The heads of some screw razors, which are produced by one company, can be used interchangeably - and this is their significant plus. These include, for example, Merkur and Muehle machines. Muehle even sells heads separately, if you have a t-cabinet from this manufacturer, and you want to try another one, there is no need to buy a full razor - just buy one head only, it will stand on the handle of the existing machine.

On the Muehle R103 razor, a “head” from the usual R89 is screwed. The standard head with an open cut lies nearby

To machines, the “cover” of which is snapped off with a little effort on the end of the head, includes Merkur Futur. The “lid” is held in place by a fairly simple but reliable clamp. Changing the blade in such a razor is somewhat easier and safer than in a screw.

“Lid” Merkur Futur in the open state

Machines with a butterfly mechanism cannot be disassembled. You need to turn the handle, and the “cover”, consisting of two plates, will open (the analogy with Lepidoptera is obvious). Such a design makes it possible to change blades very quickly and easily, in the process you do not touch your head and it is almost impossible to cut yourself.

On the other hand, a large number of components makes mechanical razors less durable compared to conventional ones. Also, the “butterfly” due to the tight assembly is quickly clogged with hair, and it is necessary to rinse it, opening the “head” slightly.

Butterfly T-shaped: what is it and what do they eat with?

It's no secret that everything newfangled is the forgotten old, including shaving accessories for men, as well as popularity on the beard and mustache. T-shaped razors were used by men many years ago, but so far most of the male population prefers to use this type of razor. These razors are notable for their heavy weight, metal body and sharp blades.

The Butterfly T-shaped machine is the same razor, but it has a double-sided blade and a unique head configuration, which is much more convenient to assemble and disassemble. Accordingly, the demand for such shaving accessories is only increasing. In this regard, numerous manufacturers offer different versions of the butterfly machine, and men need only make the right choice.

What does the feature of such a machine look like and what?

The Butterfly T Shaver is a true shaving revolution for men around the world. If before you had to constantly spend a lot of money on expensive multi-blade cartridges to update razors, as well as get distracted by extraneous marketing rods from manufacturers, such as rotating heads, vibration and other ideas, today there is a butterfly razor with an affordable working mechanism.

Externally, the T-shaped razor “Butterfly” is a metal razor consisting of three parts, a head, interchangeable blades and a handle. The head implies a double-sided blade, as well as the opening flaps of the upper panel to remove the “feathers”. On the handle immediately below the head is a ring that needs to be twisted to open the flaps, as well as to adjust the angle of inclination of the blades with respect to the skin of the face.

Features of the T-shaped razor "Butterfly" are as follows:

  • Twist-To-Open system for opening the razor head to change the “feathers”. That is, rotation and opening are meant, the top plate of the lid is opened by two wings when rotating with a ring, which is located on the razor handle.
  • If you change the degree of clamping of the blade with a ring within 1-6 positions, you can thereby adjust the design to individual requirements, namely the angle of inclination of the blades. Thus, a man will be able to establish the degree of aggressiveness of the machine, taking into account his skills and experience in operating the machine.
  • For such a tool, you can pick up any “feathers” of a standard size, there may be different suppliers, manufacturers and varying degrees of sharpness.

The T-shaped razor is made, as a rule, of stainless steel and other types of strong and durable metal. The handle at the machine will be textured so that during shaving the machine does not slip out of hands and holds firmly. The more weight the machine has, the closer the blade will be to the face skin, respectively, the hairs will be cut to zero.

Ease of care or safety?

The Butterfly machine differs from other types of T-shaped razors in the top loading of “feathers” if replacement is required. And if the rest of the models require absolute analysis on the component parts - head, handle, blades, then in the case of a butterfly the machine will not need to be disassembled, just scroll the ring on the handle and replace the “feathers” in the openings of the top cover. Accordingly, Butterfly is an easy-to-care type of shaving tool.

The weakness of this tool is the fact that extreme care must be taken when replacing feathers. Experts believe that the mechanism for opening the leaves makes the tool vulnerable to impacts, the leaf can be hooked and bent in the opposite direction, thereby breaking the head of the machine. Otherwise, no problems with the butterfly can arise in principle.

With regards to safety, manufacturers separately note this parameter of the razor, as the configuration of the head implies maximum protection against blades. But thanks to ring torsion, you can not only open the flaps of the machine head, but also adjust the angle of inclination of the blades with respect to the skin of the face. Accordingly, each man can select the degree of aggressiveness of the instrument according to his skills. Therefore, the T-shaped razor "Butterfly" is both ease of care and a sufficient level of safety.

Popular manufacturers

If the classic T-shaped machine means maximum safety of shaving, then Butterfly can be both safe and aggressive depending on the setting of the angle of inclination. Due to such a unique function, such razor models have become especially popular, so many manufacturers of razor accessories began to make butterflies.

The top list of the best butterfly razors in the history of T-shaped machines includes the following brands and models from global brands of razor accessories:

  1. Parker 92r - The best choice for lovers of comfortable shaving and the ability to independently adjust their aggressiveness. The model balances between sophisticated design, versatility and value. Installing the “feathers” is simple, as is the actual use of the tool. The razor has a long handle for greater comfort, textured black handle design allows you to firmly hold it in your hands. There are several more butterfly models from Parker - 96R, 76R, 87R, 16R, 17R and 99R.
  2. Feather popular - a machine with a direct cut and a closed type of comb allows the most safe use of the device for its intended purpose. We are talking about a light-weight soft razor with a nickel-plated metal head and polymer alloys in other details. The razor is also famous for its optimal price. The embossed handle helps hold it firmly while shaving.
  3. ROCKWELL MODEL T - Another well-known brand from America, Rockwell Razors, presents the classic version of the butterfly, which is supposed to have a Twist-To-Open blade change system. The razor has 6 levels of aggressiveness for a different range of buyers from beginners to professionals. The handle is made of brass with a serrated coating to prevent slipping in the hands.
  4. Merkur vision - The German brand also offers a butterfly machine model. The design provides for the adjustment of the degree of aggressiveness, that is, a man can determine for himself at what angle the blade will work.
  5. Razor BARBURYS “Butterfly” - The Belgian company also produced machine tools with the Butterfly model. The machine features an ultra sharp blade, as well as an acceptable weight for a solid and confident shave. When twisting the handle, you can open the butterfly mechanism and easily change the blades.
  6. Timor - Butterfly shaving machine from a German manufacturer, which produces professional cutting and shaving tools. The butterfly mechanism allows you to easily and quickly change blades without disassembling the machine itself. Such a tool promises a soft and safe shave, but does not always cope with hard bristles.
  7. Astra 501 - The cheapest version of the T-shaped butterfly machine from Gillette, which is completely made of plastic, except for the top panel flaps on the head. There is no urgent need to maintain and control the angle of inclination, since the machine perfectly copes with safe soft shaving, no matter how the man holds it in his hand. The only drawback is its low weight, because of which many men want to press it during shaving, which is forbidden.
  8. Baili BD179 - Another Chinese version of the butterfly machine at a low price and reasonable quality. The chrome-plated body promises long-term service, and the Butterfly system does not require complete disassembly of the blade change tool. The razor is packed in a plastic case with a mirror inside and one interchangeable blade. An additional advantage of the machine is the presence of a comb for orienting the hairs during shaving.
  9. Pearl Is an American manufacturer of classic razors that offers two butterfly models, namely the Pearl SBF-11 Twist Butterfly and the Pearl SBF-11G Twist Butterfly. Both options are made of ZAMAK-3 zinc alloy (head) and brass (handle). In the first case, the handle is coated with chrome plating, in the second - chrome plating and golden / black anodizing. Such a device for depilation will be an indicator of the status of a man.
  10. Weishi 9306-fl - A Chinese T-shaped butterfly-shaped machine that also easily opens the sash of the upper head cover for changing blades. The manufacturer offers two modifications of such machines, in which only the handles differ, or rather their length. The machine implies a soft shave, you can pick up blades from other manufacturers, but in a standard size.

All the proposed options for T-shaped butterflies differ in price, manufacturing materials, degree of aggressiveness, service life and quality. The undoubted leaders in demand are brands such as Parker, Merkur, Feather and Rockwell.

T-machine design

A classic safety razor consists of a handle and a head. A pen is sometimes called a foot. The head of the machine consists of a plate and a cover.

Classic safety razor: 1 - handle or foot, 2 - plate, 3 - cover

The most common are three- and two-piece t-shaped machines. In the three-piece handle, plate and cover can be separated from each other during disassembly. The most famous example of a three-piece razor is Muhle R89.

Three-piece razor: cover, plate and handle are separated from each other

In two-part machines, the plate is structurally combined with the handle, and the lid is fixed with a screw in the lower part of the handle. An example of a two-piece machine is Muhle R41 Twist.

Muhle R41 Twist - a classic two-piece machine

There are also butterfly-type machines. For razors of this type, the handle, lid and plate are not removable. To install the blade with a screw, a lid is opened, which consists of two wings. One of the most famous butterfly type machines is Feather Popular.

Feather Popular - A Popular Butterfly Shaver


The Butterfly razor is ideal for beginners in shaving with T-shaving machines. It can provide both the most safe and the most aggressive high-quality shaving. The ease of use and change of blades, as well as the ability to manually adjust the angle of inclination of the blades make butterflies the most popular products among other models and modifications.

Head Type: Closed and Open

The first models of t-shaped machines had an open type of head. This can be seen by looking at the drawings of the inventor of the safety razor, Mr. Gillette.

Inventor Gillette invented a razor with a comb

Open head machines are considered efficient and aggressive. Plates of machine tools of this type have a comb that removes foam well and also helps to shave even very long bristles.

Apart stands the famous machine Muhle R41. This is an open head razor. But instead of a comb, she has teeth. Because of this, the head of the R41 is sometimes referred not to open comb, but to tooth comb machines.

Muhle R41 - open head tooth comb machine

Machines with an open head are more often used by men who shave every two or three days. They prefer to grow long bristles, which are convenient to cut with a more efficient and aggressive machine.

Closed-head machines appeared later. The bottom plate of these razors has a continuous guard that reduces trauma when the skin comes in contact with the blade. For removal of foam on the guard there are special notches. A classic example of a machine with a closed head is Muhle R89.

Closed comb razors are considered more comfortable and softer than open comb razors. They are more often preferred by men who shave daily or every other day.

Straight and oblique cut

Machines with a direct cut appeared first. They are found most often. For example, Muhle R89 and R41 are direct cut razors. Machines of this type remove bristles with a chopping-cutting movement. In this case, the force vector forms an angle of 90 ° with respect to the hair.

Oblique cutters were offered 11 years later than direct cut razors. Inventor Thomas Wilde decided to use the guillotine principle to increase the efficiency of razors. To do this, he proposed the design of the machine, in which the blade is mounted on an oblique. Hence the name Kosorez.

Oblique cutter example - Alpha Ecliptic slant

In slates or skew cutters, the blade removes the bristles with a shearing movement. In this case, the force vector is directed to the hair at an angle, which varies depending on the design of the head and the specific model of the machine.

The slants implement the guillotine principle: cut at an angle or oblique cut

In the future, the design of the slants was improved due to the strong curvature of the head. A crooked head twists the blade. Because of this, the properties of the cutting edge change. This increases the efficiency of the machine, makes it more aggressive.

Kosoreza come with an open and closed head. An example of an open head machine is the Phoenix bakelite slant. An example of a machine with a closed head is Merkur 37c.

Machines with straight and oblique cuts are difficult to compare. They are neither better nor worse than each other. When choosing a connoisseur, they are guided by their own preferences and even feelings. The fact is that razors with a straight and oblique cut feel differently on the skin.

Gap, span and blade overhang

These are the most important characteristics of T-shaped razors, on which the effectiveness and comfort of shaving depends.

Gap or gap - the distance between the blade and the head plate. Span - the distance from the edge of the blade to the edge of the plate. Departure - the distance from the edge of the blade to the imaginary line that connects the lid and plate of the head.

Safety razor: 1 - gap, 2 - span, 3 - departure

The aggression of the machine, the effectiveness and comfort of shaving is influenced by all three parameters: gap, span and offset. Moreover, aggression also depends on the type of guard, the weight of the machine and the manner of shaving.

This is not to say that the effectiveness and comfort of a razor is more dependent on a single factor, for example, on a gap or departure. Nevertheless, it is possible to derive patterns:

  • The larger the gap, span and overhang, the more effective and aggressive the razor.
  • The smaller these parameters, the more comfortable the machine.

Aggression Shavers

Adjustable machines are popular due to the ability to customize the device in accordance with the preferences of the owner, the features of the skin and the length of the bristles. In fact, the owner receives several razors: from soft for daily shaving to aggressive for shaving long bristles.

There are two ways to regulate aggression. The first is mechanical. Using the position control, the owner selects one of the predefined shaving modes. In fact, the mechanism changes the geometry of the head, as a result of which the gap, span and overhang change. One of the most popular aggression control machines is Merkur Progress.

Merkur Progress - a popular machine with regulation of aggression

The second way to regulate aggression is removable plates. A vivid example is the Rockwell 6C and 6S T-machines. In fact, these are six different razors in one. Three double-sided plates provide different levels of aggressiveness, which allows each man to find a suitable shaving regime.

The Rockwell razor is essentially six machines in one.

About the handles of classic machines

The handle or foot of a T-shaped razor affects the efficiency and comfort of shaving. But writing in detail about the pen device does not make sense for two reasons. The first - the pen should be considered only in conjunction with the head. The same leg can work differently with one or another head.

The second - every man should choose a razor and pen for himself. It is more convenient for one person to shave a machine with a heavy and thick leg. Another prefers a short handle with a knob at the end. The third will like a thin and long leg and so on.

When choosing a pen, be guided by the following points:

  • The “native” leg of a razor is usually better than a third-party handle. When using a “foreign” handle, the balance of the machine can change, which affects shaving efficiency and comfort.
  • Convenience of form. Here you need to hold the machine in your hands and even test it.
  • The presence of a notch. It is needed so as not to drop the machine during use.
  • Physical parameters: length, diameter, weight. They also need to be selected taking into account personal preferences.

Some connoisseurs prefer to shave with the so-called "Frankenstein": prefabricated machines, the head and handle of which are produced by different companies. But still, self-respecting manufacturers calculate the parameters of razors taking into account the geometry of the head and the physical parameters of the handle.

Razor handles can have different shapes.

T-Shaver Material

This parameter affects the practical characteristics of the machines. For example, it is convenient to carry a light machine made of plastic or bakelite with you on a business trip or take it on a camping trip. A steel razor is usually heavier than an alloy machine, which must be considered when shaving. Details of the main materials for the manufacture of machine tools below.

Plastic razors

Plastic razors have several advantages and disadvantages. They are very light, so plastic "teshki" - a good camping option. They are also usually cheap, which is also a very important advantage.

The light weight of plastic machines affects shaving performance. To shave a light machine, you have to push it. In men with a predisposition, this can cause hair growth and irritation.

An important drawback of plastic machines is the instability of the mold. Under the influence of high temperature, for example, in very hot water or even under direct sunlight, they can be deformed. Therefore, plastic machines cannot be disinfected by boiling.

Bakelite T-shaped machines stand apart. Bakelite is a very strong and lightweight material. It is used even for the production of weapons. At the same time, bakelite is as light as ordinary plastic. Therefore, if you need a lightweight camping machine, prefer bakelite products. Famous Bakelite Machine - Phoenix Open Comb Slant.


These are metal razors made by injection molding. Razors are made from different alloys:

  • Silumin. These are low-grade products that are easily deformed and broken.
  • Brass. This alloy is suitable for the manufacture of quality machines. An example is Italian Fatip razors.
  • ZAMAC or an alloy of zinc with aluminum. This alloy also makes excellent machines. An example is Muhle R89 and R41.

Razors made of brass and ZAMAC are quite strong and durable. This is true under one condition: applying a high-quality anti-corrosion coating. From the protective layer depends on how long the razor will serve you. Therefore, buy razors made of alloys only from trusted manufacturers.

Fatip razors are made of brass and coated with anti-corrosion coating

NB! Alloy razors with anti-corrosion coating need careful handling. They can not be cleaned with abrasive substances, scratched, dropped from a high height. Mechanical influences can damage the coating, and this sooner or later will lead to corrosion of the machine.

Steel Machines

These are premium segment T-shavers. Usually they are heavier than machine tools made of alloys, which must be taken into account when shaving. Otherwise, the shaving characteristics of steel and alloy machines do not differ.

Steel "teshki" are considered more durable in comparison with razors made of alloys. A joke walks on profile forums: if an alloy machine, with a careful attitude, lasts your whole life, then a steel razor will last for several lives.

Some connoisseurs find steel machines more aesthetic than alloy razors. This is a controversial statement, since an uninitiated person is unlikely to distinguish an alloy razor from a steel razor by eye.

Steel "teshes" have a drawback: they are usually much more expensive than razors made of alloys. An example of a machine with a steel character is Muhle Rocca.

Muhle Rocca - steel t-shaped machine

How to choose a good shaving tool?

On sale a wide selection of T-shaped machines. They successfully combine stylish design, beauty and reliability. Shaving devices have been used for several decades. For this reason, money is saved. These are ritual instruments that are preferred by connoisseurs of quality and comfort.

How to choose a T-shaped machine if razors are very similar to each other? It only seems so. There are differences between them that we will consider.

High-performance razors are few in the industry. These include:

These are companies whose products deserve the close attention of consumers. After buying a quality shaving tool for men, there are no questions. This is a justified phenomenon, because manufacturers think through everything to the smallest detail: the center of gravity, balancing the head and handles.

Also, good T-shaped machines are manufactured under the trademarks ikon, Tradere, Feather. There are several new projects on the market, but they are not very popular. Therefore, we will not consider them.

Of course, you can take a chance and buy a safety razor for up to $ 20. This is a lottery. Maybe you're lucky.

What is a T-shaped machine? This device consists of three or two parts. There are also non-separable tools. They use a butterfly lock system.

Classic 3 and 2 parts

Razors in two and three parts - with proper use, the machines serve for a long time. They can be combined with different heads. The main disadvantage is the long preparation of the tool for working condition,

Razor lock system

Butterfly is a lock system that is reliable and easy to use. The blade loads quickly and easily. The disadvantages include the lack of the possibility of a combination of different heads. There is a myth that a razor with such a lock system is short-lived. This is an unconfirmed rumor. If a man does not hammer nails with a machine, a shaving tool will last for more than a dozen years.

Closed comb

In a straight-cut razor, the blade is completely protected by the guard and does not go beyond it. This design protects against cuts, shaving is soft, Closed comb machines are best suited for beginners and for everyday use.

Among the "closed" machines, a special niche is occupied by razors with adjustable angle of attack. Examples of such models are Merkur Futur and Progress. By turning the ring or handle, the razor changes the angle of the blade relative to the guard, thereby regulating the aggressiveness of shaving from the softest to the most evil.

Open comb

In Open comb machines, the blade extends beyond the guard, which has the form of a rake (hence the name “comb”). With the help of teeth, the machine picks up and separates the hairs (even if the bristles are plentiful and thick), thereby ensuring good gliding and contact with the surface of the skin, this design prevents hair pulling out, which often even cassette razors sin.

The misconception that an open-cut machine is more aggressive than a closed-cut machine, and that open comb is ideal only for men who shave no more than two to three times a week. “Open” razors are universal, and if we are not talking about a very aggressive R41 from Muehle, then they can be shaved every day.

In more detail about the difference between the comb and the closed cut, we will write in one of the following posts.

From left to right: open comb, closed comb and slanting

Slant bar

Kosorez is the most interesting machine of all safety razors. This is definitely not an option for beginners, here even an experienced user will be at first confused, and only with time will be able to adapt to the unusual shape of the head. As the saying goes, "and experience is the son of difficult mistakes."

“Slant”, contrary to the general opinion of its “malice”, is an average machine tool and the main factor that affects the ability to cut itself is the asymmetric shape of its head.

The blade in the “slant” is twisted and acts according to the guillotine principle, when the cutting edge acts on the hair as the machine moves. Shaving with such a machine should be the same as with the usual "classic", an additional angle is not required. But the blade cuts the hair as close to the root as possible, and the result is very clean in fewer passes. Difficulties may arise with cleansing the mustache zone and leveling the whiskers, but the skill will quickly come after a few workouts.

This is clearly seen in the diagram:

  1. Departure of the blade - this indicator means the distance between the head of the machine and the edge of the blade,
  2. The gap is a parameter that determines the aggressiveness of a T-shaped razor. This is the gap between the blade support. The greater the distance, the more dangerous the razor,
  3. Span - refers to the distance between the edge of the guard and the blade,
  4. Head base - this part protects the face from cuts.

How to determine the degree of aggressiveness of the razor?

Blade overhang is a fundamental parameter. But there are other criteria that you need to pay attention to:

  • Weight of the “head” of the T-shaped razor,
  • Handle length is an important parameter. The machine with a short handle is maneuverable.

If the razor has a long and heavy handle, a man can adjust the angle between the skin and the blade.

On sale are various models of T-shaped machines. Alternatively, you can prefer a razor with a function to adjust the angle of the blade. This is a great choice, because the machines serve for a long time and never fail. Their disadvantages are the high cost and complex cleaning process.

In any case, what you shave is up to you. Choose a T-shaped machine from a huge range and use it for many years. Have a nice shave!

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