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Haircuts for boys 6-7 years old

For many children of school and adolescence, hairstyle is an indispensable element of the external image, thanks to which the child shows his potential and personality. Parents in this case should not put pressure on the boy, imposing their opinion, but only guide and suggest how to choose a haircut. The main selection criteria are according to the type of face and the nature of the hair in the child.

The shape of the faces of all people is different, and with the help of a hairstyle you can hide some of its shortcomings and features. If you choose the wrong haircut, it can play a cruel joke, emphasizing flaws in appearance. In this regard, specialists and hairdressers advise to consider what types of haircuts are intended for each type of face of a boy, after which, based on this knowledge, choose a hairstyle, based on the wishes of the child.

Face shape selection

The fashion industry is teeming with variety and freedom of choice, which makes it difficult to choose a fashionable and stylish hairstyle for a boy of school or teenage age. And to narrow the search, hairdressers advise to pay attention primarily to the shape of the boy’s face, for which certain types of haircuts and hairstyles are specially designed.


An oval face is most often found among people, so most haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for it. It can be haircuts for boys without bangs or with bangs, short, medium and long haircuts, voluminous or neat styling hairstyles. Hairdressers advise paying more attention to the structure of the hair, as the oval face blends perfectly with all hairstyles.


The round face is characterized by widened cheekbones or the presence of excessive volume in the cheeks. Using the right haircut, you can hide this feature in the appearance of the boy so that the face takes on a more oval shape. In the haircuts, vertical lines should be present, it is better to cut the hair of medium length. Although many types of haircuts with asymmetry are also not bad for a round face shape.


In this case, a high forehead shape and an expanded chin will be a feature of the boy’s appearance. Too masculine facial features with a large head need to be softened with a hairstyle, for this stylists advise choosing haircuts with bangs and an asymmetric arrangement of hair. The area near the ears is slightly opened, and the bangs are combed to the side. You just need to comb it back or wear a straight straight bang.


This face shape is characterized by a wide line of the forehead and cheekbones, but a narrow chin. To balance facial lines, hide these features, hairdressers are advised to give preference to short haircut models with a bang. The basic rule for boys with this face shape is a complete rejection of a direct parting in the hair, it is better to adhere to the asymmetry and the absence of clear lines in the haircut.


People often call this shape of the face diamond, and only correctly selected types of hairstyles will allow you to hide its features - a narrow line of the forehead and chin, extended cheekbones and hollows on the temples. You need to choose hairstyles that can add volume to the chin and smooth the line of the cheekbones. It is necessary to refuse long haircuts that comb back, as well as those that mean volume in the center of the head or a straight part. The most important weapon is a slanting bang, which extends the forehead line.


In this case, bangs will help shorten the shape of the face, as well as a magnificent crown with a concentration of hair length. Due to the voluminous crown, the absence of the temporal region, oblique or even straight bangs, you can maximize bring the elongated face to a standard oval shape. Parting is better to do a little sideways and adhere to asymmetry, so as not to stretch your face even more. Straight and smooth hair should also be avoided, as they emphasize the size of the face.

Thus, each face shape that is inherent in all people allows you to correctly emphasize beautiful facial features, but at the same time hide some flaws and flaws. This criterion should be fundamental in choosing haircuts and hairstyles, even if we are talking about a little boy.

Children's haircuts for boys by color and nature of hair

The shade of hair, their structure and volume - this is another group of criteria that determines the choice in favor of a particular haircut and hairstyle for the boy. There are haircuts that look harmoniously and stylishly on dark hair, and there are those that transform the image of a fair-haired boy more profitably. In addition, if some hairstyles are suitable for smooth and voluminous hair, then others will look effective only on curly curly curls.

On fair hair

Most often, parents are interested in what haircuts to choose for blond boys, since preschool and school age are accompanied by a period of light soft hair. Many of these boys can become darker in hair color before adolescence and adulthood, and only a few of them remain blondes. The main advantage of fair hair is the ability to grow volumetric and long haircut variations.

On fair hair, you can pick up absolutely all types of haircuts. An exception will be only those options in which a minimum short length is assumed and hair - design, a shaved parting. On blond hair, the gradation of minimum hair lengths, patterns and all kinds of curly hair cuts will be barely noticeable and not as spectacular as on dark hair. Ideal haircuts for boys of blondes - grunge, hat, short flight of stairs, square, British or Canadian.

To the dark

Dark hair, unlike light shades, will not always look advantageous with long types of haircuts, overloading the external image of the boy. Stylists advise paying attention to short haircuts, graduation and a multi-level method of haircuts, as dark bright strands will enhance the effect of texture models of hairstyles. It can be haircuts with a voluminous crown, with a slanting stylish bangs or torn strands.

For dark-haired boys, it is worth paying attention to short haircut models, such as boxing and half-boxing, in which transitions of hair lengths will be pronounced. You can complement the image with the help of a curly hair-style cut - design. Medium haircut models are also acceptable, especially if different hair lengths are implied. The most ideal examples of haircuts for such hair are boxing and semi-boxing, lightning, British, Caesar.

For coarse hair

Haircuts for boys with coarse hair should be primarily undemanding for styling, since this type of hair is naughty and obstinate in care, in addition, they do not hold for a given volume and shape for a short time. Most often, hairdressers and stylists recommend choosing short haircut options that are convenient and practical in grooming for school and teenage boys with stiff hair.

The two most common methods for cutting coarse hair are cascade and texture cutting in layers. Such well-known models of haircuts, such as bob and square, are contraindicated, since they require constant and most accurate styling. Also, do not make a haircut with shortened temples and a long length at the crown, as coarse hair will create an untidy appearance. The most ideal options are a hedgehog and a platform, a Canadian and a half box.

For thin soft hair

If the boy’s hair is thin and soft in structure, stylists advise careful approach to choosing haircuts. In this case, the goal is the same - giving a larger volume, which is achieved by graduating hair lengths. Texture, multi-level haircuts can be short or medium length, but options such as bob and other similar models on thin hair will look liquid and dull.

The most suitable haircut models for boys with soft and thin strands are classic polka, sports half-boxing, short and daring boxing, short haircut “cloves”. But options for haircuts with elongated bangs are best avoided by owners of thin hair, like haircuts with an forehead overhanging forehead. You can also consider a short interpretation of the bob haircut, as it perfectly gives the hair volume, but needs to be styled.

Hairstyles for boys with two tops: photo

Many boys with two tops on their heads find it difficult to choose haircuts, just like their parents, as this feature can hamper many hairstyle options. Most often, the choice falls on short haircut options (boxing and half-boxing, for example), as this allows you to hide the flaw and avoid sticking strands in the crown area. Medium lengths drop categorically, as they will not keep their shape. But long haircuts are possible if the hair lends itself to styling or can be collected in a ponytail.

People say that people born with two heads are special and often gifted. Therefore, it is worth explaining to the child that this is not a defect in his appearance, but rather, a special feature of the manifestation of his personality.

Haircuts for lop-eared: photos

Hairdressers and stylists pay special attention to a haircut for lop-eared boys, since for many children in school and adolescence this feature becomes the cause of complexes and self-doubt. The easiest option to hide the protruding ears is to make a long haircut for the boy, like a square or an extended version of a bob. In this case, the locks, starting from the bangs and up to the back of the head, will fall and hide the shape of the ears. You can also balance the shape of the ears with a haircut, like a hat, when a large amount of hair is on the top of the head.


Each child is individual in face shape, hair type and structure, external data and interests. When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider all these criteria, and most importantly, the desires and lifestyle of the boy himself. A haircut will make it possible to smooth out some hard facial features, correct asymmetries, and give the boy's appearance more attractiveness. In addition, she will help the child feel confident and courageous in the team.

Simple options

Today there is a wide variety of simple hairstyles for boys 6-7 years old.

  • "Boxing". In this case, all the strands are cut as short as possible. This option is suitable for all types of hair except curly.

  • "Half Box". In this case, a simulated bang is made. Whiskey and the back of the head just cut short. In this case, there is no limit on the length of the crown.

  • Gavrosh. This hairstyle implies the presence of long hair located on the back of the head. Strands on the temples and on the top of the head are made short. The most profitable such styling looks on curly and thin hair.

  • "Hedgehog". Hair is laid up. And all the locks are cut short.

  • "Pot". This form involves evenly cut slightly elongated hair with a straight bang. Whiskey can be shaved a bit. Auricles are most often made open.

  • "Four of a kind." It is performed only on elongated hair and requires constant thorough care. The hair on the back of the head, crown and temples is left long. Most often they create bangs. Make her straight.

  • "Canadian". The bangs and hair located on the crown are cut to 4-5 centimeters. The strands on the back of the head and temples are cut as short as possible. There are options for curly hair. In the upper part, curls are made lush and large, but they do not curl at the temples and the back of the head, so that the hairstyle retains its shape for a long time.

  • Laying to one side. In this case, the whiskey is shaved with a machine, and the hair on the back of the head is made as short as possible. The remaining hair is combed along the side parting on one side and varnished.

  • "Area". The hair on the temples and on the back of the head is cut short. The strands on the parietal part are left longer, and they form a flat surface, called the "platform".

  • "Scallop". To make such a hairstyle, in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, the hair is combed in two partings, in a similar way, and a “comb” is created. On the occipital part and on the sides, the strands are shortened

  • A classic hairstyle for curly hair. Curls are made short only in the lateral parts. In the middle section they are left as long as possible.

  • "The hat". She is also done on curly curls. They are evenly trimmed to medium length. You can either leave the fringe straight, or simply remove it and leave your forehead open.

Stylish hairstyles

Today, stylists offer various options for model cool hairstyles for boys 6-7 years old.

  • "Skater" haircut. To create such a fashionable hairstyle, the hair on the sides is evenly cut short. In the middle of the head, the strands are left of different lengths, while creating slight negligence.

  • "Surfer" haircut. Such a hairstyle involves elongated wavy hair. The bangs are made oblique.

  • Pointy strands. This hairstyle is done on elongated hair. Each strand is slightly trimmed in different lengths. This haircut is fixed using a special baby hair product.

  • "Bean". This styling is suitable for owners of thick hair. All strands are made slightly elongated. The bangs are given a long straight shape.

  • "Caesar". Strands are sheared to a length of not more than 4-5 centimeters and combed forward. The bangs are either made straight or completely removed. Create a haircut using a special styling gel.

  • "Page". The bangs are made straight and maximally magnificent and voluminous. The remaining hair is also left slightly elongated. Their length should be the same.

  • "Iroquois". Such a bold hairstyle involves short hair styling on the sides, in the middle part, longer locks are laid up with the help of varnish and gel.

  • "Pompadour" by the waves. In this case, both the bangs and the rest of the hair are laid with gel and varnish up. Then all the hair in the form of a wave is combed back a little. You can shave whiskey and cut the back of the head briefly.

  • A haircut in the form of extraordinary symmetry. Whiskey and nape are shaved with a typewriter. The remaining longer strands are combed along the side parting.

  • Anderkat. The side parts are completely shaved with a machine. Often a tool makes various drawings on the head. The rest of the hair is combed back and varnished.

  • Hairstyle with bangs raised. The bangs are slightly lifted up at a slight angle and sprayed with varnish so that it can hold for a long time. The remaining strands are cut to a few centimeters.

  • Asymmetrical haircut with jagged ends. On the sides of the strand sheared as short as possible. In the middle, make a smooth transition from short hair to longer up.

  • Stylized hairstyle. Long bangs are laid in different directions. The remaining short hair can be lightly styled with varnish or gel.

  • "Tomboy." The strands are cut in different lengths (but not more than 7 centimeters). They are laid up without bangs. The hairstyle is asymmetrical.

  • Beach style hairstyle. Both hair and bangs should be completely straight. Moreover, their length should be up to the ear. The ends can be trimmed a little so that they slightly differ in length. The bangs are combed to the side.

  • Laying with a shaved nape. The hair on the temples is made short. The occipital part is immediately shaved. The strands located on the top of the head should be of medium length. They are carefully combed back. Bangs, as a rule, do not.

  • "Graduated" styling. Most often it is done on medium hair. The bangs are combed to the side, and the rest of the curls are forward.The resulting haircut is fixed with a hair spray.

  • "Grunge". This hairstyle is created in the same way as "Bob". But at the same time make a different type of bangs. She should cover her entire forehead. She combed to the side. This should be done with styling sprays.

Selection rules

Before you make the right type of haircut for a boy of 6-7 years old, you should pay attention to some things.

When choosing a hairstyle, consider the type of hair. If they are too thin, then it is worth giving preference to styling with asymmetry and strands of different lengths, as they can give a significant amount.

For thin hair, you should choose haircuts designed for short strands. After all, too long curls of this type will look ugly and will not be able to make styling more magnificent and voluminous. If the child has too tight hair, then options with short curls that do not require special complicated care will do. Such hairstyles include “Hedgehog”, “Boxing”, “Half Box”.

If the child has rather thick curls, then you can give preference to elongated haircuts. They will look voluminous and neat.

Excellent in this case will look and straight bangs. If the boy has curly hair, then in this case, too complex original styling should be avoided. After all, on such curls, light free hairstyles look most advantageous, which will look great with almost any length of the strand.

When choosing a haircut, it is worth considering the shape of the face.

If the face is round, then you should abandon the bangs, too thick hairstyles. In this case, you can use styling with multilevel curls and options with a large volume on the top, because they are able to visually stretch the face. If the face is oval, then you should refuse smooth styling with a direct parting. Greater expressiveness to this type can give asymmetric haircuts and multi-layer bangs.

It is more difficult to choose the right hairstyle for a square face shape. Haircuts with volume on the crown, combed back hair slightly lengthen the face. Straight bangs, too short styling can visually expand it. In this case, it is better to make a long oblique bang.

For a face of a triangular or rhomboid shape, lush and voluminous hairstyles are the best option. For an elongated or rectangular type, it is best to choose styling with a straight bang that completely covers the forehead. This will allow you to slightly shorten the face, make it proportional.

The heart shape is similar to a triangular. But she is distinguished by wider cheekbones and a sharper chin. For this person, the best options will be “Canada”, haircuts with bangs and comb back or to the side, “Undercut”.

Remember that hairstyles made on long hair require constant care. Too elongated ringlets can interfere with boys in everyday life, so not everyone will do. If you want to shave your whiskey or side parts, then first you are advised to first check your scalp. After all, using a shaving machine can harm her and cause irritation.

Beautiful examples

For boys 6-7 years old, a hairstyle with a side parting from thick strands of different lengths is perfect. At the same time, both sides are either shaved with a machine, or simply sheared as short as possible.

A good option would be a straight and slightly elongated hairstyle with open ears. In this case, you can also make a straight bang of large length, which would completely cover the forehead.

An interesting option is an elongated haircut with a slanting bang. Moreover, all the strands can be made of different lengths, including bangs. Auricles are best left open. This styling is able to give a visual volume to the hair.

A haircut with short hair on the sides is considered original. The strands located on the back of the head make it a little longer. In this case, the bangs can be slightly lifted up with gel or varnish and combed to the side a little.

Do not forget that after you have done the haircut, you should spray your hair with special fixative products that will not harm your child. Otherwise, irritation may appear on the scalp.

A short video with examples of fashionable haircuts for boys is presented below.

Watch the video: 3 Simple & Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair. MyMissAnand (February 2020).

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