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Caution, machine tool or T-razor: which is right for you?

In the arsenal of modern men should be the main items and cosmetics for shaving bristles or modeling a beard and mustache. Among them may be a T-shaped shaving machine - a type of safety razor with a long service life and perfect shaving of the bristles to the very root. In terms of demand and use, t-shaped razors are leaders today.

A T-shaped machine is such a tool for shaving bristles on the face, which involves a head with interchangeable blade cassettes. This allows you to use the tool for a long time, providing yourself with a quality shave with minimal risk of injuries and cuts. For the first time, such a shaving device was invented by the manufacturer of shaving accessories and cosmetics Gillette back in 1901.

Varieties of T-Shapes

Known for almost all men, the men's t-shaped shaving machine, from 1901 to the present day, has gone through many modifications and changes, but it has retained its form and principle of operation.

Manufacturers of razor accessories today offer many varieties of such a machine, and classic men's t-shaped shaving machines for men involve the use of a standard blade, which is sold with a razor.

Open (closed) comb

The most secure shaving with the t-shaped machine can be achieved with a closed comb of a razor, which is marked with a “Closed comb” mark. This machine design system implies safe blades, therefore, this type of machine can be used by young men and beginners in the specifics of shaving with this type of machine. To choose machines with this kind of blades is better for those men who shave a couple of times a week. The disadvantage of such a machine is that the blades do poorly with hard bristles and do not always provide maximum bristle clearance.

Another thing is shaving with an open comb comb, this type of razor will be labeled “Open comb”. Experts advise this option to experienced men who can easily and easily use their skills to shave with a t-shaving machine. The advantage of such an instrument is maximum cleansing of the skin from the stubble and keratinized layer, minus - the risks of injury are higher than that of the closed view.

There is also a combination model - the “Open / Closed comb” safety razor, t-shaped, which can adjust whether the opening of the ridge closes according to the needs of the man. The machine has a complex structure, as a result of which improper handling of the machine leads to its clogging, failure.

Twisted (fixed) head

With a twisted head, the shaving machine is suitable for perfectly experienced men in matters of depilation with such a tool. The twisted head of such a machine deftly moves along the skin, rotating as the hair grows. Thanks to this, the removal of hairs takes much less time and effort, and the hairs are cut at the right angle. But at the same time, many experts call such blades for a t-shaped razor and head dangerous for the degree of injury.

If you use machines with a straight fixed head, a man can safely remove excess hairs on his face with his own hand to adjust the angle of cutting hairs and the direction of the blades. The disadvantage of such a machine is the fact that a straight head is not able to remove all hairs at once with one movement, like a twisted head. An undoubted advantage is the lower risks of cuts and abrasions.


In turn, a classic shaving machine suggests the possibility of removing its upper part. It is difficult to change an ordinary t-shaped machine; for this, a man needs to take the blades on the non-sharp side and insert them into the head of the machine. Such a machine involves two main parts - the head with blades and the lower part, which should be attached to the handle of the machine. Less common are ordinary machines with 3 parts, namely two head plates and a handle.


The reusable metal look of the Butterfly machine or the butterfly is more in demand than conventional classic options. The butterfly system involves the mechanical folding of the head of the machine for changing blades. Experts consider the butterfly the most convenient machine for home use, just a few circular movements with the handle and the machine will open like butterfly wings in flight.


In this case, three criteria affect the degree of aggressiveness of the machine - the blade exit at the machine, guard and span. But most often we are talking about the departure of the blade, namely the distance between the edge of the blade and the tangent to the shaving head. Accordingly, the degree of protection against skin injuries is implied, and the greater this distance, the more dangerous the depilation procedure will be. The optimum angle between the blade and the tangent to the shaving head should be within 30 degrees.


The soft appearance of the machine differs from the aggressive one in that it involves the hand-made adjustment of the angle of the blades. Accordingly, with such a tool, all indicators of aggressiveness will be minimized, whence the name of the machine comes up - soft. A soft, safe machine is usually a German razor that provides a comfortable and pleasant shave of the bristles.

Features in choosing

Due to such a variety of species, men do not know how to choose a razor-shaped razor according to personal preferences and needs. The main selection criterion should be the experience of a man and his practice in operating such a device. For beginners and young men, manufacturers offer many variations of safe machines with an ideal and original design, but still at least a minimal experience in handling such a machine should be.

For beginners, you need to choose a machine according to the following parameters:

  • the comb must be a closed or combined type of device,
  • straight head machine
  • mechanical type machines,
  • lightweight machine options.

The criteria of aggressiveness should be directly proportional to the practice and experience of a man in using a t-shaped machine. Detailed recommendations and tips on how to choose a machine with the optimal degree of aggressiveness can be obtained from the seller. The heavier the machine head will be in weight, the more extreme the shaving will be. The same can be said about the length of the handle, the shorter it is, the more dangerous the procedure will be.

How to choose a blade?

You can choose the best blades for t-shaped razors by such indicators as aggressiveness, sharpness and durability. But the cost of the blades does not at all determine their quality and the above characteristics. Specialists advise paying attention to the manufacturer and the country where such components are manufactured. Secondary factors, such as water hardness, cosmetics, etc., also affect the quality of shaving with blades.

Blades must be selected according to the type of facial skin, for example, for sensitive skin, blades with minimal indicators of aggressiveness are suitable. For other men, such blades will not work, as they can not cope with the stiff and thick hairs of a beard and mustache. Therefore, the personal experience and preferences of men should also be important criteria for choosing blades.

Differences of machine tools, which one to choose?

To choose the best option for a t-shaped machine for comfortable shaving of a beard and mustache, a man needs to get acquainted with the main advantages and weaknesses of each type of machine for a start. Not the last role in choosing a machine will be played by the differences between them, namely:

  1. Degree of aggressiveness and risk of injury. For beginners and inexperienced men, it is better to choose safe types of razors, and experienced and skilled men can use dangerous options that can more easily and quickly cope with tasks.
  2. Handle material. The highest quality and most durable in service are machines with a stainless steel handle that will be heavy in weight. A high-quality handle will be ergonomic, with corrugations on the surface to prevent slipping in the hand, convenient shape and length.
  3. Comfort disassembly and head assembly - comb, blades and cover. All parts should be easy to open, as well as firmly fastened and sit securely on the handle, as this affects the degree of safety of shaving.
  4. Manufacturer. To date, the rating of the best m-type razors is headed by the German Muehle razor, although in many criteria and characteristics it is not inferior to the Russian-made ideal shaving machine IDEAL, which has been on the first place in the sales market for more than 20 years.

It is worth paying attention to the type of machine, namely the variant of the ridge in the machine - inclined, straight, closed or open, rotating or fixed. The cheapest and most convenient type of telescopic machine is the Open / Closed comb model, which is universal according to the needs and skills of any man.

Why are German machines considered the best in the world?

The leaders in demand and quality of T-shaped machines are German manufacturers such as Muehle, Merkur Solingen, Wilkinson and Timor. This is due to the fact that the German razor is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, respectively, such machines will be strong and durable in service life. The ratings of experts are led by the R89 Muhle model from Germany with an original design and high quality indicators. Prices for t-shaped machines from Germany from leading manufacturers vary from 1,500 to 30,000 rubles.

Proper maintenance and operation

In fact, shaving with a t-shaped machine is not very different from the procedure with disposable, cheap machines. For shaving, it is only important to ensure fat-free clean skin, as well as not elastic and hard hair, beard and mustache. You need to wash your face with soap and warm water. Next, shaving cream is applied, which reduces the elasticity of the bristles with its alkaline composition.

The machine is adjusted, after which it is moved over the applied foam at an optimal angle between the blades and hairs - 30 degrees. It is very important not to overdo it with shaving, so as not to damage the integrity of the skin. After the passage with a machine, it is washed off in water from the foam, and cream is again applied to the skin with a brush. In the end, you need to wash your face, examine it for a complete absence of hairs. After dry skin, an after shave is applied.

Caring for a razor involves disassembling the machine for parts, washing each of them individually, as well as drying the machine in natural conditions or with a paper towel. It is necessary to assemble the machine dry, after its t-shaped razor is stored in a special case or visited in a stand. The room must be dry and ventilated. If the machine is not used for a long time, it is better to cover the metal with wax or special oil to protect it from rust.


The most popular in terms of demand and quality, the t-shaped razors are made in Germany. Experts advise connoisseurs of classics and high-end designer items to pay attention to brands such as Wilkinson, Gillette, Mule and Timor. Among Russian manufacturers, the leader is Marshall, Rapira and Rubin. Decent specialists consider the Japanese brand Feather Popular and Weishi from China.


The fear shaves smoothly and copes with the toughest bristles. The blade is in direct contact with the skin and cuts the hair under the root, so if you run your hand over your face, you won’t feel the rest of the bristles, like after shaving with a machine. And if your stubble is too stubborn, shave in two or three passes: by hair growth, against growth and at an angle of 90 degrees. Done!

Dangerous razor is easy to use when you get used to it. This is especially true for shavetki - razors with a removable blade. They are easy to care for: just throw the blade away when it becomes dull. No need to sharpen or edit.

A monolithic razor requires more attention, but you do not have to spend money on blades. And if shawetka is modern, then a monolithic apprehension is an ageless classic.

Finally, shaving cautiously is pleasant. Yes, when you get used to it, you will even wait for the stubble to grow.


It’s not the first time to shave, or even the second. We'll have to learn how to hold it properly, and then shave so as not to cut ourselves.

If you chose a monolithic dangerous razor, you need to sharpen and edit it. You will learn to edit yourself on a special belt, and it is better to give the razor to the master for sharpening. Thus, you will regularly have to pay for the work of the master. But cosmically smooth shaving is worth it, right?

The price of a good shavetka starts from 1,5 thousand rubles. You need to take her blades - an average of 3 thousand rubles for a package of 100 pieces, which will last you for ages.

A monolithic dangerous razor costs from 7 thousand rubles to infinity. There are cheaper options, but if you seriously decided to switch to a dangerous shave, we recommend you immediately get a quality tool.

The most expensive fears are with handles made of rare wood or stone, they can cost 30 thousand rubles. But if you are not an esthete or a collector, we advise you to take a razor for 10-15 thousand rubles.

To correct the apprehension, you will need a special belt. It costs 4-6 thousand rubles, if made of good skin.

For sharpening the razor from the master you will give 700-1000 rubles.

A dangerous razor suits you if.

  • You have stiff, unruly stubble that other razors do not take.
  • You perceive shaving as a pleasant ritual and you are ready to spend on it for half an hour at the initial stage and 7-10 minutes later.
  • You love the classics and want to join the traditions that many generations of men have followed.
  • You want to feel the drive of a perfectly sharp blade touching your skin.

A T-shaped razor is right for you if ...

  • You have stiff bristles and problem skin; after shaving, ingrown hair and redness appear.
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of shaving with a machine tool, but you are not yet ready to go to the apprehension.
  • You want to achieve a perfectly smooth shave without giving up the familiar shape and fit your razor in your hand.

A shaving machine is right for you if ...

  • You have normal skin and not very stiff bristles, you usually do not suffer from cuts and rashes after shaving.
  • You travel a lot or are often not at home, so you prefer the quickest and easiest shave.
  • You are not ready to waste time learning how to use a caution or T-shaped razor.
  • You already use the machine and everything suits you.

We hope our article will help you choose a cool razor!

Remember: the first impression cannot be made twice. Be irresistible!

Disposable Shaving Machines

Everyone knows about the low cost of this option. And it is she who attracts consumers. Of the most famous and most popular manufacturers of disposable shaving machines, Bic, Gillette and Schick remain. That's who today are the main participants in the duel for the wallet of the mass buyer.

Disposable machines compare favorably with competitors in their low price


Like razors with replaceable cartridges, disposable machines have one or more blades, which allows you to carefully cut off the hairs on the face. But they have a number of advantages that distinguish them from competitors. These benefits include:

  • Price. Needless to say, you are unlikely to find anything cheaper!
  • Availability. Disposable razors are easy to find, as they are sold even in a newspaper stall or small store around the corner.
  • Number. For a relatively small price, you get a package consisting of several machines at once.
  • Ease of use. These razors will become a pleasant companion at home, on a business trip or trip.Especially if you are going on a trip where excess baggage is not welcome. For example, you have to walk on a mountain climb with a backpack behind you, stay at a campsite or take part in a regatta on a yacht that involves long ocean crossings. A plastic shaving machine here will be the optimal solution, because it is light and will definitely not freeze even at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius.

It is strange, and why do not manufacturers use the last advantage in advertising their products? But the jokes aside! After all, disposable machines, unfortunately, have disadvantages.


  1. Such machines are quickly dull. Accordingly, the packaging is not enough for a short time, which forces us to constantly buy a new one. This is where you think about money, as well as the existence of real benefits from the use of disposable machines.
  2. The quality of steel and blade cover is low. Do not forget that this is a one-time item! Only a few can use such machines, since in some men shaving with them causes irritation or other skin problems.
  3. The light weight of such a razor should also be attributed to its shortcomings. After all, he forces a man to put more pressure on the machine. This is necessary to achieve a better grip on the skin when shaving, and, accordingly, a better result. But such efforts, again, can lead to the appearance of irritation, acne and dryness.

Cartridge shaving machines

This is the most popular option that most of the male population of the planet uses. In addition to the company Gillette, famous for its advertising, other famous manufacturers also produce similar products:

    MUEHLE is one of the world's leading brands in the production of high-quality shaving accessories.


  • Bolin Webb is a manufacturer of cutting-edge shaving machines designed in the style of classic English cars.
  • D. R. Harris is a famous company with more than 200 years of brand history. And is also the supplier of the English royal court.
  • The Italian company S.Quire offers razors with a modern, sometimes extraordinary design.
  • Other.
  • Shaving machines with replaceable cartridges can have different designs and colors


    • Men are attracted by the practicality of such machines and a high-quality result. They are easy to use, allow you to carefully shave off the bristles. Replaceable cartridges are equipped with several parallel blades at once, as well as special strips with grease that reduce the risk of irritation, and rubber bands lift the hairs. All this allows you to make shaving more thorough. The duration of the process itself takes on average about 10 minutes.
    • The blades of the machines are made of better quality than in disposable counterparts, steel and have a special coating. This provides them with a better glide on the skin and, accordingly, a softer shave.
    • Ergonomics. Such machines are equipped with a convenient, non-slip handle and a floating head. The latter is able to repeat the curves of the face during shaving, which allows to achieve a better result.
    • Machine tools with replaceable cartridges are easily accessible, because they can be found in any supermarket.
    • Without changing the cartridge, shaving remains effective for 3-4 procedures.
    • A huge selection of available models that differ in the number of blades, some design features of the head or handle. This allows you to purchase the most suitable option for the needs of a particular customer.
    • Cost. Manufacturers produce models aimed at consumers with a variety of wallet sizes. The price of machines ranges from several hundred rubles to tens of thousands. Therefore, both ordinary citizens and very respectable businessmen enjoy using this type of machine tools with pleasure. Each in its price category, of course.
    Floating head and non-slip handle attract customer interest in interchangeable cartridge shaving machines


    1. Depending on the density of growth of the bristles and the structure of the hair (soft or hard, thin or thick) for a thorough shave, sometimes it is necessary to make several passes with a razor. And it can cause irritation on sensitive skin. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase an additional after shave.
    2. It is possible the ingrowth of individual hairs. Although this disadvantage is much less common than when shaving with a disposable machine.

    Classic T Shaving Machines

    This is a safety razor with a double-sided blade, the popularity of which has grown sharply in the past few years. Especially among those seeking to create an individual stylish image of men. T-shaped machines are safe and easy to use with certain skills.

    Classic T-shaped machines provide the best shaving quality (open comb on the left, closed comb in the middle, slant bar on the right)


    • The use of a T-shaped machine provides the most high-quality result, in comparison with the analogues considered above. The fact is that during the procedure, the skin of the face is steamed, and the hairs are lifted. Accordingly, the blade cuts them more carefully at the root itself. As a result, we have a really smooth-shaven face worthy of a monarch or a true gentleman.
    • Due to the features of the procedure with the participation of the classic T-shaped machine, shaving requires a much smaller number of passes with a blade along the bristles on the face. And this favorably affects the condition of the skin, significantly reducing the risk of skin irritation, as well as the manifestation of the effect of ingrown hair.
    • A variety of classic T-shaped machines allows you to choose the best model for a particular man. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the aesthetic component of the razor you like, but also the density and stiffness of the bristles, as well as the individual preferences of the buyer. There are 3 types of machines: with open (Open comb), closed (Closed comb), oblique cut (Slant bar). The first of them easily copes with thick or stiff bristles. The second is very common and popular, easy to use, and is also a great option for beginners. A slanting machine provides the cleanest possible shave. As for the aggressiveness of one type or another, it depends on the specific model of a particular manufacturer.
    Interchangeable blades are all that you will need to change regularly when using a T-shaped machine
    • Real money saving. You ask: “How?” The fact is that you only once spend a certain amount on the purchase of a shaving machine. Then all your subsequent expenses are only the cost of buying spare blades. And they have an incredibly low price. Thus, your machine pays off after a few months of use. Can it be compared with the constant cost of acquiring new packages of disposable analogues or replacement cartridges?


    The classic T-shaped razor has several drawbacks. But they are not so significant, compared with the shortcomings of competitors.

    • The process takes a little longer than shaving with a replaceable cartridge. But in this case, we should remember the final result, because it is impeccable! And here, of course, the advantage is on the side of the T-shaped brother.
    • Shaving with this machine requires certain skills. But there is nothing complicated, you can quickly learn this if you wish.


    Of course, there is no single answer to the question of which shaving machines are better. And this is quite natural. Indeed, one bristle is quite rare and soft, the other suffers from the fact that the hard vegetation on the face breaks through a few hours after shaving. In addition, many have sensitive skin to external aggressive factors. Therefore, for a particular man, there is an ideal option! Which is selected taking into account such criteria as: the practicality, convenience and cost of the care accessory, the time spent shaving, the quality of the final result, the material of the blades, the presence of a moisturizing strip or some other features. Here everyone decides what is most valuable and important for him.

    What razors do you use and why? Share your opinion, it is really interesting to us!

    The reason for the popularity of t-shaped machines

    Among the huge variety of shaving accessories, modern men increasingly prefer the classics.

    Shaving t-shaped machines for men, whose rating remains consistently high under any fashionable trends, are attractive thanks to:

    • high quality of the procedure - the skin after it is soft and smooth,
    • cost-effective replacement of components - replacing a blade is much easier than a cartridge,
    • reliability and simplicity of design,
    • ease of use.

    In addition to practical advantages, the product is also attractive because it retains a purely masculine spirit, so the popularity of t-shaped accessories is out of fashion.

    An important advantage of the classic machine, in comparison with products made of silicone and plastic, is that the blade is suitable for any model. At the same time, ordinary machines have their own unique shape and cassettes for them need to be selected strictly individually.

    The main types of t-shaped machines

    More recently, the T-shaped razor included a head where the blade was mounted, handles with a holder and a fixing cover. The entire structure was extremely easy to assemble, simple to maintain, and each owner could easily cope with the replacement of the blade. Modern models have sophisticated designs and improved functionality, so they are not as simple as their ancestors.

    The classification of t-shaped machines is based on the type of comb:

    1. Closed comb is a great choice for beginners as it is safe,
    2. Open comb (open) - provides perfect smoothness of the skin, but it is better to use it in the presence of a certain dexterity,
    3. Open / Closed (combined) is a good compromise between the quality of the procedure and safety, the only problem is that not all brands release it,
    4. Slant bar (oblique) - suitable only for men experienced in this activity, since the blade provides a dangerous angle.

    Also, these products can be divided into two types according to the type of construction: one of them consists of two parts, and the other of three. The first consists of two parts of the top cover, in which the blade is hidden, and legs with a holder. The second holder is a separate part, so the machine consists of 3 components. Also, a separate place is occupied by models with the type of butterfly lock - their mount for the blade is not removable.

    How to choose a quality t-shaped machine

    Shaving is a procedure that charges a man with confidence and positive for the whole day. Of course, if it is made with a high-quality razor, otherwise you can ruin your day at the very beginning. To choose a good machine, it is not enough to study the rating of the best T-shaped razors, you need to determine your needs and expectations regarding the smoothness of skin shaving, important characteristics, and ideas about comfort.

    When choosing, you must pay attention to the following properties and characteristics:

    • the material from which the head and handle are made is better if it is stainless steel, thanks to it the product will last for more than one year,
    • handle comfort - ergonomic shape implies the presence of corrugation and rubber inserts, which ensures reliable hand grip,
    • simplicity of design - how convenient and easy it is to change the blade,
    • brand - the acquisition of a machine from a well-known manufacturer, who values ​​his reputation, serves as a guarantee of its quality and high performance,
    • cost is far from the main factor, since a high-quality t-shaped machine fully pays for itself with a long service life.

    You can purchase high-quality T-shaped machines from German brands in our online store. But first, we suggest studying the rating of men's T-shaped shaving machines, which will help determine the features and advantages of many popular and lesser-known models for the wide consumer.

    TOP t-shaving machines - how to choose the best

    Consider the most popular - time-tested modern models:

    Model nameFeaturesFeatures and BenefitsWho is suitable forAdditional properties
    T-shaver MUEHLE TRADITIONAL open combSafety razor with an open combProvides perfect shaving thanks to the aggressive angle between the blades and the skin surfaceFor professionalsErgonomically shaped handle made of high quality synthetic resin. The body is made of metal protected by chrome
    The machine T-shaped for shaving of MERKUR chromeplatedClosed crestProvides a gentle, safe shaveFor newbiesMade of high quality chrome steel, the handle is heavy and massive - nice to hold in your hand
    The machine T-shaped for shaving of MERKUR satin, foldingClosed crestProvides a gentle, safe shaveFor travelersThe model is collapsible, consists of three parts, the package includes a case made of leather, there is a separate pocket for the blade
    T-Shaving Machine Merkur 42CClosed crestEnsures a gentle, safe shaveFor newbiesMade of quality German steel. Handle with ornament provides secure grip, chrome plated
    Shaving Machine Razorock German 37 DE Slant RazorTwisted combProvides effective shavingFor newbiesThree-link razor, comb twists in two directions
    MUEHLE ROCCA T-Shaver, steel, black accentClosed crestEnsures a smooth shaveFor newbiesThe handle with a corrugated pattern and a matte surface is pleasant to the touch - provides a reliable grip
    Shaving Machine Rockwell 2C White ChromeClosed crestAdapts to skin type and bristle length, guarantees a comfortable shaveIdeal budget option for beginnersIdeal budget option for beginners
    T-shaving razor WEISHI 9306-FClosed crestProvides a comfortable and safe shaveSuitable for beginners and people with soft bristlesThe handle is long with a good pattern. The blade mounting mechanism is a “butterfly”
    SCIMITAR T-Shaver The Bluebeards RevengeClosed crestShaves softly and cleanly, removes the toughest stubbleSuitable for those with experienceThe model is chrome plated, the handle is long, without knurling
    T-Shaving Machine Edwin Jagger DE89811BLClosed crestGentle and gentle shaveSuitable for beginnersOctagonal pen

    Having studied the TOP t-shaped razors, everyone can choose the best option for themselves. Using this type of machine is somewhat different from normal. However, having trained a little, each representative of the stronger sex will be able to master it and come to a perfectly even and smooth shave, which will delight you with an excellent result and mood for the whole day.

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