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How beautiful it is to apologize to the offended girl

Why does a person who has offended someone pick up words of apology with such difficulty? And where to find these words? A little psychology and knowledge of the rules of communication will help earn forgiveness and restore good relations.

Common mistakes

There are three common mistakes.

First mistake - to beg forgiveness at all costs. You can forgive, but you will lose the most important thing - her respect. The girl will not respect the one who causes pity and sympathy.

Never use:

  • pleas for forgiveness
  • any attempts to arouse self-pity,
  • complaints about difficulties in their fate,
  • phrases like “I do not deserve you”, “My action is not forgivable”, “I am so unlucky in fate” ...

Remember! Under no circumstances should you be humiliated in front of a girl.

Second mistake - find the culprit. By shifting responsibility to other people or circumstances, you will demonstrate to the girl that you are dependent on circumstances, unable to manage your own life and control your behavior.

No matter what you do, what insult you do, never use excuses:

  • “I was drunk ...” (“my friends got me drunk ...”),
  • "I was detained at a meeting ...",
  • “I couldn’t get rid of ...”,
  • “I had to take him ...”,
  • "A friend advised me ...",
  • "Friends persuaded to come in ..."

Third mistake - ask for forgiveness by SMS or send some verses in a message on social networks. You need to apologize only in person. No SMS, no poems, no grandiloquent, beautiful phrases - you need to speak looking into her eyes in your own words, the simpler the better.

What you need to say. How to choose the right words

An effective behavior strategy is to apologize, preserving your dignity and not losing the respect of the girl. Reliable and serious relations are based only on mutual respect; without it, relations have no future.

If you want to be forgiven, follow these guidelines:

  • look in the eyes and address by name - this allows you to inspire confidence in subsequent words,
  • admit your guilt: “I made a mistake ...,
  • say that you understand the feelings of the offended person: “I understand how painful / insulting / annoying / unpleasant you were when I did / said / acted ...”
  • apologize: “Please forgive me for”,
  • promise not to repeat the mistake.

Last point - This is a promise to oneself, first of all. It is important to keep this promise, for it will not be possible to earn forgiveness again.

The answer to the question of whether to ask for forgiveness in private or in the company of friends depends on the circumstances of the quarrel. If a quarrel has occurred with witnesses, then let these same people witness the request for forgiveness and reconciliation. It is impossible, having offended everyone, after apologizing in private!

A good gift will help you forgive

Flowers presented as a sign of a request for reconciliation are a prerequisite.

Great idea - a small gift. Make sure that he:

  • selected with love and care,
  • have a symbolic meaning.

Such gifts include all paired figurines or figures: pigeons, hares, dogs. Another gift option is figurines symbolizing a repentant offender (sad teddy bear).

Tickets to the theater, concert or disco will help demonstrate your serious intentions. A bright emotional event will add new colors.

An expensive gift will be associated with the desire to pay off for the blame. But elegant jewelry, chosen with taste and love, women of all ages at all times perceived favorably.

Beautiful ways to apologize

The girl will definitely appreciate the time, effort and money invested in the preparation. Therefore, one beautiful, non-standard act can sometimes outweigh a thousand words.
Here are a few most original ways apologize:

  • Apology Video. In this video, you can also ask your mutual friends to play. This will give credibility to your request.
  • Collage. Friends need help here too. Ask them to take pictures with posters: “You have to forgive him”, “Come back, he won’t be like that anymore”, etc. From these photos you can make a great collage in photoshop. Remember to center yourself. The picture can be sent to the girl by mail, or printed and hang where she sees it,
  • Inscription on the pavement under her windows. Pretty commonplace, but still effective.
  • Ask to pass apology letter, a completely unexpected person, for example, a teacher who came to give a lecture.

None of these methods cancels a personal apology.

If the quarrel still led to a breakup, what should I do? The answer is by reference.

To ask for forgiveness from a girl who was inadvertently offended is a noble gesture, requiring not only recognition of her wrongdoing, but also efforts to overcome herself. And if a drop of diligence and creativity is added here, then you can be calm: relations will be restored.

Why is the girl offended

The guy can not always understand why the beloved is offended by him, what exactly provoked her such emotions. Sometimes this behavior of the chosen one is perceived as a way of flirting or a means of blackmail. Over time, the guy will understand in which situations the offense is real, and in which not.

You must be aware that you can injure a young person with an unsuccessful joke or a rude word. You need to understand that male humor is not always perceived by women. It is important to learn how to recognize the behavior of your chosen one, to see what is in her heart, to notice offense in a timely manner, so that it is easier to understand what exactly influenced such a condition of the girl.

The most common reasons that cause a young lady to “pout her lips” include:

  • the guy accidentally called the girl by the name of another woman, in particular his ex,
  • looked appraisingly at the girlfriend of his girlfriend or another representative of the beautiful half of humanity,
  • rude to her beloved when she called to work - at that moment there was a strong rush,
  • the guy joked stupidly, hitting the girl for a living.

Preparatory stage

  1. Any action of a person must be balanced, carefully thought out.
  2. Before asking for forgiveness, you need to consider an action plan.
  3. If you decide to apologize with words, you need to think about what names will be appropriate in this situation, make sure that they become convincing, emotional enough, not hysterical, there will be no obscene words.
  4. You need to remember such words as “sorry”, “sorry”. Offended young lady will definitely wait for something like that.
  5. Before you make an appointment, you also need to think through the answers to possible questions. A girl may be interested in:
  • Do you know the reason for the misconduct
  • what exactly allowed you to behave like that,
  • how in the future you plan to avoid such behavior.


  1. Talk sincerely, be calm.
  2. Control the tone of your conversation, intonation and choose the right words.
  3. Start a conversation with the phrase "can I talk to you."
  4. To ask what exactly offended her, if you are not aware of the reason.
  5. Try to put yourself in her place and realize that this act really hurt the girl.
  6. To promise that from now on this will not happen again, you will do your best to prevent this from happening.
  7. If the situation is favorable, smile and kiss your partner.

If a guy knows how to approach his chosen one in order to achieve her location again, he is very lucky. It’s more difficult when the girl’s feelings just cooled, if resentment is a way to bring the separation closer. In such a situation, the young man will think how to apologize, and the girl will look for an excuse to take offense more.

If the couple, in principle, does not think about parting, then after the request to forgive, it is necessary:

  • try to talk heart to heart, even if the girl is trying to push out the door,
  • you need to explain the purpose of your coming,
  • if she wants to express her claims and throw a tantrum, there’s no need to interfere,
  • it’s important to clearly explain the reasons for your act, to wait for the girl to react,
  • no need to interrupt the young lady, let her speak out about all the painful.

If you plead guilty

If you offended your beloved and admit that you did wrong.

  1. Come to the girl with a guilty face.
  2. Ask to talk.
  3. Immediately say that you are to blame.
  4. Try to explain why you did just that.
  5. Sincerely ask for forgiveness.
  6. Point out that you acknowledge that you were wrong, undertake not to do so anymore.
  7. Be sure to indicate how much you value your relationship.
  8. Try to hold the girl by the arms or hug her.

Possible mistakes

  1. If you are planning a meeting with the young lady in order to reconcile, but at the same time there is some kind of event that unbalances you, then it is better to postpone the date. Otherwise, the quarrel only worsen.
  2. If the girl is not yet ready to see you, is very offended, then you do not need to follow her, be too intrusive, often call. Let her stay alone for some time, no need to remind her of herself, annoy even more.
  3. If the girl first calls or somehow hints that she is ready to communicate, there is no need to withstand a pause. It is better to immediately contact, offer to meet and go for a walk.
  4. Immediately upon conciliation it is unacceptable to insist on sex. At such a moment, the girl will be moved, it is not necessary to vulgarize everything. An exception if the beloved begins to act itself.

Apology Examples

How exactly to ask for forgiveness will directly depend on what happened. I bring to your attention four examples of apologies.

  1. Forgive me, I understand that I have offended you very much by my act. I will not justify my behavior. I understand that this is impossible. Please remember how well we had a good time together. Is it because of my rash action that I need to cross out everything?
  2. Forgive me for what I did. These actions were based on natural instincts. I want you to understand that I do not need anyone other than you. I looked in the direction of your girlfriend only out of curiosity. I love you, the rest of the girls do not exist for me.
  3. Sorry for being rude. At that moment I was very busy and could not give you due attention. To a greater extent, you fell under a hot hand. I acknowledge that such behavior is unacceptable. I shouldn't have offended you. I am ashamed that I could not control my emotions. I promise that I will start working on myself so that this does not happen again.
  4. Sorry for the inappropriate joke. I did not think at all that it might turn out to be unpleasant for you. From now on I will not commit such rash acts. Please forgive me.

1. Calm down and take a short break

You must understand that in the power of emotions it is impossible to conduct a constructive conversation. If at least one of you has experienced serious stress after a quarrel, you should take a short pause, collect your thoughts and calm down a bit to be ready to adequately analyze the situation.

Do not immediately rush to her knees and beg for mercy after you have done something unpleasant. Give yourself and the girl time to solve all the problems in an adult way.

2. Understand what you were wrong

It is common for all of us to justify our mistakes by shifting the blame onto another person. Therefore, before apologizing to your girlfriend, make sure that you will not say: "You, of course, excuse me, but I think that I am not guilty of anything." Even if you are really not guilty of anything (which is unlikely), this approach will be obviously losing.

In order to sound sincere and receive well-deserved forgiveness, you need to comprehend everything that you have done. Try not to lie to yourself and identify the real reason for your quarrel.

In the process of so-called self-digging, you can come to unexpected conclusions that will lead you to the identification of all errors and readiness for repentance.

3. Choose a place and method for apology

Now you just have to understand where you will apologize to your girlfriend in order to take the first step to restore your relationship.

If you live together with her and in any case you will see each other, make sure that nothing will distract you. If you understand that this is hardly possible, invite her to some cafe to talk in private.

If you and the girl live at a distance, and she does not want to see you, you will have to resort to another form of communication, for example, apologize to her in SMS or in VK. Here completely different rules will act, unlike live communication, and we will tell you about them a little lower.

How to apologize to a girl if you are very offended

So, in this paragraph we will tell you exactly how to pronounce what should melt her heart. The main thing here is not to look for bright and beautiful quotes on the Internet, but to speak in your own words and be as honest as possible in front of her and yourself.

Here is an example action algorithm that you must adhere to if you have come face to face:

start with the words that you fully admit your guilt and understand the full burden of the deed,

try to explain your actions, and this will surely be counted towards you. If you are at a loss to find a justification for your actions, try digging a little deeper and say, for example, that you were rude to her because of not quite the right upbringing in childhood and not the best example of communication in the family, but also because of the current toxic environment, the influence of which leveling is not quite possible,

now say simple words of forgiveness that should sound honest and sincere,

after that, inform your girlfriend that you are aware of the mistake and therefore you are never going to repeat it again,

do not forget to say that you value your relationship and value it very much, so I’m ready to do everything possible so as not to upset her anymore,

if you see that your girlfriend has gradually softened, try to touch her hand lightly, and if you notice that she does not mind, try to gently hug her.

Looks easy, right? However, remember that the girl will not necessarily silently listen to your explanations.

Listen to your girlfriend’s position

As you already understood, it is unlikely that your apologies will constitute one big sentimental monologue. It is possible that at some point your girlfriend will want to express her opinion about what happened, and in this case her reaction will most likely develop in two possible scenarios.

First scenario (desired) - you still manage to beg forgiveness, and she will feel comfortable, forgive you and begin to talk about her feelings and anxious attitude towards you. Do not interrupt her and listen to the end.

Second scenario (more likely) - you will have to answer for the insult inflicted on her, obediently bowing his head and listening to everything that you deserve. There will be strict criticism and accusations that you will have to take with courage, in no case breaking into a similar tone. If suddenly you allow yourself to confront it, it means that you lost and failed the task. Your apologies are unlikely to be accepted, so you have to start all over again. However, if you stood it with dignity, your girlfriend can soften and, most likely, will forgive you.

How to apologize to a girl remotely

If for some reason you can’t chat live, then they can help you: a phone and its number, a profile on social networks, paper, a pen, an envelope and a person who could give her all this.There are a lot of ways to apologize in absentia, it all depends solely on your willingness and creativity.

Naturally, no one has canceled classic messages online with the same words that you would have said at a meeting. The advantage of this format is that you have time to think before sending it all, as well as the opportunity to attach your joint photo or favorite song.

But if you think that this will not bring the desired effect, you can take a more serious step and record an apology video for her by sending her in a personal message or, even cooler, posting it on Instagram or on YouTube. Here you can experiment as you like - to sing a song, read poetry, sensually dance alone with her photo, show some cute trick, come to the open microphone and speak with a stand-up, in which you apologize to her, and much more.

In addition, there is always the option of handwriting a letter to her on a piece of paper (or several sheets of paper), sealing it in a beautiful envelope, buying her a small gift that she will appreciate, and sending it all by courier to her place of work or home. People do this so often, believe me.

If you feel that you are very guilty, all methods will be good. The main thing is to do it all with maximum dedication and honesty, because pretense is very easy to notice.

Last tip

If you think that the girl was offended just like that, and you are not to blame for anything, try to analyze this situation in more detail by looking at it not only from your side.

Sometimes guys mistakenly think that girls make scandals and moods from scratch for the sake of. fun, because it should be a kind of shake-up for a relationship or a way to make a man more complaisant.

But, by and large, the guys just see the situation one-sidedly and selfishly, without thinking about the fact that in some moments they can really go too far.

Tip: Never draw hasty conclusions or make impulsive decisions. Always put yourself in the place of a girl - this is the surest way to understand her feelings.

By the way, we even have a special 8-point checklist that will allow you to understand how selfish you are in a relationship. Well, ready to find out the whole truth about yourself?

- For those who did not understand what, in fact, was the matter ...

I would like to start with this, because often the representative of the stronger sex does not understand female logic.

First of all, you need to analyze the reason for the quarrel, to understand what was the impetus for her resentment:

  1. Often men think that girls are just acting up in this way, they want to “restrain” their chosen one. However, this is far from always the case. Yes, there are people who should be awarded the Oscar for the best dramatic role, but a sincere girl will not allow herself to do this, because she values ​​the feelings and emotions of her boyfriend.
  2. The girl’s resentment is often based on her vulnerability: she did not expect you to do so or say such words. To which often men answer: "There is nothing like that!" But no, her eyes and behavior speak differently. In this case, in a conciliatory conversation with the girl, do not begin to "pull the blanket over yourself", they say, "You, of course, forgive me, but I am essentially not to blame for anything ...". On this, a good conversation will stop immediately.

In order to understand and be understood, you need to:

  • prepare to speak sincerely
  • calm down
  • be prepared to control your words and tone in the conversation,
  • start a conversation with the words: “I would like to talk with you” or something like that,
  • ask a question about what specifically offended her,
  • try to understand that for her it’s really serious,
  • if you don’t understand, just reconcile
  • explain that you didn’t see anything bad in it and didn’t want to hurt her,
  • promise that you will try so that this does not happen again,
  • smile and kiss your beloved.

If the girl does not make contact, give her a little time to calm down. Say that you will wait until she is ready for a peaceful dialogue. This will impress her and make her “slow down”.

How to apologize

There are several effective ways to apologize to a girl. First of all, this is a face-to-face conversation. If a girl refuses to date, go to tricks, ask for help from mutual friends, write SMS, give gifts and arrange surprises. Consider some good methods to melt the heart of your beloved, to receive forgiveness.

How to return a beloved girl, if very offended?

Many men during disputes and domestic quarrels may not notice the fact that the girl was offended. In fact, only a loving and attentive man knows how the offended girl behaves, and also in what ways and ways you can ask her for forgiveness, having established harmony in the relationship.

The sensitivity of women from the point of view of psychology is explained by a subtle psyche, as a result of which any careless word can hurt.

Sincere remorse

For an apology, you need to meet with a girl and talk. The most important thing is to plead guilty. Do not invent beautiful words, listen to the heart. Hoping that a woman will silently accept an apology from a guy is not worth it. The offended girl has a lot of complaints about her beloved, and she will certainly express them. At this moment, it is better to be silent or make excuses without pressure, so as not to provoke another quarrel. In addition to verbal apologies, you can use other original methods to beg forgiveness.

- For those who plead guilty

In a situation where your guilt is obvious, and you have already realized it, you need to act a little differently:

  • Put on the guilty face
  • come with a request to talk
  • then start with the fact that you fully admit guilt, but be prepared that this is not enough,
  • if you can explain your act (roughly speaking, tell what made you do this: childhood injuries, upbringing, environment, the influence of friends, etc.), be sure to do it - this will be a big bonus for you,
  • ask for forgiveness, but only sincerely, from the heart,
  • tell me that the most important thing is that you have already realized your mistake, therefore you are ready not to commit it anymore,
  • mention how important your relationship is to you,
  • try to hug her or hold her hand.

When you conduct such a conversation and talk about what motivated you to do so, speak with the intonation of the guilty person. Remember how you made excuses to your mom or dad in your childhood: with compassionate intonation and guilt in your voice. Do not think that it will humiliate your manhood - for her it will look like your open soul. And for a girl there is nothing nicer than that.

Note! After you have received forgiveness and embraced your beloved, do not begin to hint at sex with movements or words! Most likely, now she is moved and touched. Do not vulgarize this moment! Of course, if she herself did not start acting first!

What to say and how?

First of all, a man needs to understand what happened between the partners, as a result of which the girl was offended. If the man does not admit guilt, no subsequent actions and apologies will be effective, even if forgiveness the situation may be repeated. Apologize in the recognition of guilt should be as follows:

  • a man needs to try on a guilty face, verbally showing regret,
  • then you need to go up to the girl and ask for the opportunity to speak frankly with her,
  • now the man must say that he fully admits guilt and can emphasize in what moments he was mistaken,
  • if unpleasant actions were supported by something, you can try to explain your behavior,
  • after that you can ask for forgiveness, but as sincerely and sincerely as possible,
  • it can be emphasized that the man realized and understood the guilt, because of which he would no longer allow such blunders,
  • you can position a girl with words about feelings and how important a man’s relationship with her is,
  • during a conversation and confession, you can hold the girl's hand, and in the end try to hug.

It is especially important to monitor your intonation, on which the emotional message of speech depends. Many men oppose such behavior, considering it not manly, although in fact, any girl considers guilty pleas and perceives a guilty voice as an indicator of the openness of the soul. If after reconciliation tactile contact is possible, it’s important not to vulgarize the touching moment with hints of intimacy.

Reconciliation in VK

You can beautifully apologize on social networks, and you can ask the girl for forgiveness in various ways.

  1. Leave graffiti with words of forgiveness on her wall. Support it with a heart or a kiss. A sad face will also be appropriate.
  2. You can choose music or video clips that contain words about forgiveness. And send a selection to the girl on the wall. It’s better to pre-listen to the songs from beginning to end, so that it doesn’t happen that some phrase will make your chosen one more angry or upset.
  3. You can send your favorite collage from your joint photos, namely pictures of happy moments in your life. So the girl will see what she can lose. It would also be worthwhile to add words about an apology, maybe a music track, especially one that symbolizes the beginning of your relationship.
  4. The guy can make a video in which he will ask the girl for forgiveness and say how much he loves her. Send such a video to the VKontakte wall.

What phrases should I refuse?

You can learn about how to return the offended girl and apologize to her from the many advice of psychologists. In them, you can get information about how you can’t behave so as not to offend her even more. Namely:

  • a man needs to understand why he wants to apologize and how important his relationship with the chosen one is,
  • don't apologize for everything in order to finish the showdown and please the girl,
  • even if there are no guarantees of reconciliation, a man should only care about conveying his feelings to the girl,
  • apologize is only necessary for those misconducts where his fault is really present,
  • no need to put pressure on the girl, maybe it will take her more time to cope with the insult,
  • apologies should be sincere without waiting for responses,
  • it’s forbidden to use ultimatums in the dialogue, this will only aggravate the situation,
  • apologizing is important on time, as belated remorse may not fix the situation.

If a man does not know exactly what offended the girl, as well as how to get in touch with her, you can use the help of her friends. No need to put pressure on her, encroach on personal space and rush to a decision, as some girls, due to excessive emotionality, need more time to forget their insults and soberly assess the situation.

Gift song

Sing a serenade under the window or record the video on your phone. If you don’t know how to sing at all, you can read the verse and dance with a photograph of your beloved. You’ll get a touching video, after watching which, any offense will go away.

Watch the video where the guy shot a clip for his beloved girl, in which he sang a song and asked her for forgiveness. Pay attention to the reaction of his girlfriend, she is moved to tears by such a confession.

In a letter

Sometimes it’s very difficult for a guy to step over himself and say “sorry” to a girl. In such situations, a handwritten message will help apologize correctly. It could be:

  • a note attached to a mirror or left on the table on the refrigerator,
  • social network message,
  • Email sent
  • romantic option - a regular paper letter left in the mailbox,
  • to her home you can send a courier with a bouquet of flowers, in which there will be a note with an apology.


In order to understand what to do, if you have worked hard, you need to listen to the following recommendations.

  1. No need to tell everyone that the girl was offended. People can defend the young lady. And some individuals can tell about this very girl, slightly turning your story. Which will further aggravate the current situation.
  2. The guy should analyze his actions, determine the cause of the offense, think carefully about how he will apologize.
  3. You need to be sincere, let the girl see a real desire to establish a relationship.
  4. It’s better to apologize in words. You need to speak in a calm and confident voice, be able to control your emotions.
  5. If you still don’t understand what exactly influenced the girl’s insult, then it’s better to apologize anyway. It will be good if later it turns out to clarify exactly what act upset her. This is important to continue to prevent such mistakes.
  6. Apologizing is necessary in person. It is better to appoint her in the afternoon, having correctly guessed the time so that the girl was free.
  7. The guy should start his conversation with the phrase "I realized that I did wrong ..." or "I would like to apologize ...", or "I am very guilty of you ...".
  8. Along with apologies, you can present a small gift, something symbolic or made by yourself.
  9. It is important to discuss what happened, to consider how to behave in the future.
  10. No need to give up, even if the girl pushes you away, does not allow you to apologize. Perhaps she was just very offended. She needs time to cool.

Now you know how to apologize to the girl who was offended. Remember that the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are very vulnerable. Think over your every action and word so as not to hurt your beloved. If the girl is already offended, then do not delay with an apology. Accelerate reconciliation if the young lady is really dear to you and there is no desire to lose her.

Other ways to apologize

There are also many alternative and creative ways to return a hurt girl and ask her for forgiveness for her actions or words. You can resort to their help after the man verbally or in writing apologized. Namely:

  1. Social network letter. To amaze the girl with her perseverance, you can attach graffiti or a joint photo to her wall in VK, adding music that is associated with dating and spending time together.
  2. Public apology. To show that for the sake of her forgiveness a man is ready for anything, apologizing to her friends or relatives, at work or school. And you can organize a flash mob, involving a large number of people.
  3. Gift. You can leave a toy, a bouquet of flowers and sweets near the door of her house, at work or school, backing up the present with an apologizing note.
  4. Creativity. You can write a song and apologize, record a video and share it on a social network. You can also make a collection of songs that she loves most, and then send it via the Internet.
  5. Poem any girl touches his own composition, it can be recorded in audio format, write a letter or write on a social network.

A great idea would be to create a collage of joint photos, which will capture the happiest relationship in their life. For the collage you can choose a suitable track on the subject, where the words of apology will sound. You can also send the girl images with animals that have a sad expression on their faces and a signature like “How can I feel bad without your hungry eyes, Dasha” and so on.

Little surprise

Act outside the box! This will also help trigger a positive reaction.

What comes up as a surprise:

  • soft toy,
  • flowers
  • candy,
  • her favorite chocolate bar, etc.

Where to throw:

  • in a purse
  • under the door
  • to the workplace
  • can be transferred with another person (girlfriend, classmate, classmate, colleague, etc.).

It is advisable to attach here a note with a sincere request for forgiveness.
If this method does not help you make peace, then it will definitely start to melt the heart of your beloved, which is already considered a huge step!

About how to behave after a quarrel, read the article.

How to apologize to mom? The answer is here.

How to restore confidence in a relationship?

If you can apologize to a girl verbally, then you will have to return confidence by actions. You can act in this direction according to several rules and advice from psychologists, namely:

  • you don’t need to make promises, you just need to realize them without words in life with your own actions,
  • no need to look for meetings if the girl moves away, she will be informed about positive changes by mutual friends and acquaintances,
  • sincerity and a desire to change for the better will not go unnoticed.

The best way to regain trust is not only promises, but also self-control over actions and words, intentions and thoughts. It is possible to earn respect and trust only after some time, it is important not to be persistent and rush the girl.


You can offend a girl even with a word because of the weakness and subtlety of the female psyche. Many men do not even notice how much they can hurt their beloved, and after apologies and promises the format of the relationship does not change. All this will sooner or later lead to repeated situations and breakup. Therefore, psychologists teach men not only how to correctly apologize, but also how to restore confidence and harmony in relationships.

Gifts, surprises

Write short notes with compliments, leave soft toys, flowers, sweets under the door of your beloved's house. Please attach apologetic letters to the gifts. Your goal is to provoke positive emotions so that the joy of surprises gradually displaces resentment and anger from the soul.

Video: How beautifully apologize to a girl

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If you really offended

In order to apologize to the girl and melt her heart, if I’ve worked hard, I need to try very hard. The main thing is not to utter pompous words, not to promise to be “good” all subsequent life. Speak from the heart, in your own words, honestly in front of your girlfriend and yourself.

The algorithm of actions may be as follows:

  1. Admit your guilt.
    Explain why the jamb was allowed, that you are fully aware of the inadmissibility of this. Do not look for the reason for the misconduct in the girl, dig deeper: lack of education, a bad example of friends and so on.
  2. Sorry in simple words.
    Speak honestly and honestly, shortly.
  3. Promise your beloved that you will try not to repeat mistakes.
    Surely, the girl will not believe right away. The guy’s task is to convince her of the sincerity of the words spoken.
  4. If the girl insists on breaking up and does not forgive, say that you really value the relationship with her.
    Promise that you will make any sacrifice, to keep a couple, to achieve trust and forgiveness.
  5. Use tactile contact.
    When the girl softens a little, take her hand, hold her by the shoulders.
  6. Do not push your beloved, do not demand an answer right away.
    It takes a girl time to cool down, forgive a strong resentment.


Of course, asking for forgiveness from your girlfriend is best in person. But the insult can be so strong that a woman will try to avoid meeting with a guy. Then SMS and correspondence in VK, in other social networks remain the only way to achieve an apology.

In social networks

Correctly apologizing to a girl on Vkontakte is very simple. Write a beautiful message, a verse, give a virtual gift, add teary emoticons to your correspondence. For example, here are some sample apology texts:

  • It’s a pity that you don’t see my tears. You love me, you must feel at a distance how I suffer. Do not torture me, please forgive me soon.
  • What a fool I am! How could I lie to you so meanly. My soul, heart is devoted to you, and only to you. I love you. For the sake of our feelings, please forgive.
  • I know that you want to tear me to rude words and deeds. Tired of my behavior, after quarrels it hurts you a lot. But I can’t let you go without forgiveness. I'm sorry. If you can. Please answer.
  • Offending you is an unforgivable mistake. I don’t know what happened, probably the day was hard. I could not restrain myself, undeservedly poured accumulated negativity on you, offended by suspicions. Believe that this will not happen again. I won’t tire of apologizing until you forgive the offense.
  • Beloved, I sincerely apologize for the lies and treason. Like you, howling in pain. If you do not excuse me, you will not accept me, my life will pass in vain.
  • I am so sorry that we had a fight. It all happened so unexpectedly! Yes, I was rude to you, offended. I admit my mistakes. Sorry, please do not hold evil. I promise to improve, to be the most affectionate and gentle. I love you. I will not fall asleep without answering a letter.

If there is no way to meet your beloved or you are at a distance from each other, you can beautifully and originally apologize to a girl in SMS by phone:

  • Hello, love. Read my message, please, to the end. I know what is to blame, I want to apologize. I didn’t want to lie to you, but at that moment I thought it would be better. This was the biggest mistake. I know that you are angry, do not want to forgive the insult. But I beg you to give our love another chance. I will do my best not to repeat such mistakes anymore. I love you, waiting for an answer.
  • Forgive me. I should not have flirted with your girlfriend, I didn’t think that this act would offend you so much. The quarrel made me think about our relationship. I realized that I could not live without your smile, hugs. I feel really bad without you. Let's not quarrel, I'm sorry.
  • My soul, you are the most important thing in life for me. I am wrong. Say what you need to do to be forgiven.
  • I know that forgiving treason is very difficult. I punish myself for this misconduct myself daily. I understand that I hit you hard, the pain can not be measured. I really hope that time will heal the wounds, and I will do everything to help you forget everything forever. I promise that this will never happen again.
  • I didn’t sleep tonight. Do not be angry with me, I am a monster that did this to you. I beg your pardon, all jealousy is to blame. I very love you.
  • You haven't talked to me for a week now. It seems to me that the world has collapsed. If you leave forever, I won’t survive. Sorry, sorry if you can. Believe that I will never lie to you again.
  • Let's make it up, please. Let's defeat the grudge together. I am ready for any punishment.
  • Sorry, my dear. Damn me, I still don’t understand why I did this. I will correct, honestly. And please help me. Sorry, please.

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