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Pick a beard for your face

The choice of a successful beard depends on a number of factors: hair density, skin condition, general physique, lifestyle, but the determining one is the shape of the face. Numerous options for different types have a common characteristic: each of them can harmoniously complement the appearance, the main thing is to correctly orient yourself in the variety, paying attention to individual characteristics.

For each type

There are five main types of male faces with pronounced features. Having determined your type, you can move on to choosing a beard.

For advice, contact a professional stylist or barber-master, or you can analyze the form yourself.

If visual determination of the type is difficult, make simple measurements. Transfer a grid of four lines onto paper:

  1. Three horizontal - the width of the jaw, cheekbones and forehead,
  2. Vertical is the distance between the hairline and the chin, i.e. height.

Having connected the key points of the segments on paper, you will get reliable outlines. Match them with one of the proposed types and pick a beard.


For men with this type, it is recommended to add clear lines and visual angularity. This technique will allow you to visually get closer to the ideal form - an oval, vertically stretch and slightly narrow your broad face.

The beard is optimal along the entire mandibular contour from the temples, however, be careful about whiskers - their excessive volume or untimely trimming will make the face even wider, and the beard itself will look untidy. If the guy nevertheless wears whiskers, he should cut them once a couple of days.

The design of the bristles on the cheekbones is allowed, the Goatee looks good on this form and the sparse beard of a laconic form on the chin, affectionately called the "goat".

“Islets” on the chin of various lengths and shapes belong to the category of visually stretching ones: in combination with decorated mustaches they will add noble features to the image. For example, the temperamental "French fork" - with an emphasis on romantic touches.

The broad face can be adjusted by applying a high haircut with a clear parting on one side, the image will turn out to be fashionable and harmonious.

Feel free to experiment and change your mood with the shape of a beard for an oval face: whiskers will give the thin solidity, dense vegetation - brutal features, even the playful "Salvador" tendrils will look appropriate on an oblong face. This geometric shape is the most harmonious, the style can be complemented with fashionable haircuts on short and long hair.


The defining features of this type are emphasized male features and bright brutality. Balancing the square type can be a uniform beard in the form of medium length or light unshaven when the bristles are formed on the entire lower part, including the mustache and tanks. An excessively thick beard will make the image repulsive and coarse.

Rounded shapes — haircuts without sharp “step” transitions, a soft transition in the contour — will help to model a geometrically correct shape for the “square” type.

You can focus on the chin - a narrow anchor with a perfectly shaved contour. This technique will not only “smooth out” the sharp perpendicular of the jaw, but also slightly stretch the shape. A haircut that leaves the forehead open will complement the image, be sure to timely select the extra bristles to maintain a neat outline of the composition.


This type is initially attractive and aristocratic, the concept of a successful beard is one that will soften the lower corners of the rectangle.

You can choose beards of short and medium lengths, emphasize the cheekbones with whiskers and complement the mustache, a great option - “Duck Tail”, which visually balances the proportions.

The main ban applies to “pulling” options, including a rare beard under the lower lip with a shaved face. This texture inorganically lengthens the rectangular type.

Pay attention to high haircuts with smooth styling such as “half box” or shaved temples, and take care of the beard daily - natural cosmetic oils, wash using an air conditioner.


This type of beard requires a beard that optically balances the top and bottom.

The common shape for men by the type of face is a “straight triangle” - “Goatee”, it compensates for the sharp difference between the width of the forehead and the width on the line of the chin, but requires a systematic correction of the contours so that the image does not look sloppy and neglected.

Also, remove excess bristles on the cheeks and in the cheekbones, otherwise it will disharmonize the proportions and the intended composition.

A favorable combination of thick, diagonally trimmed mustache of medium density with a slight elongation of the bristles in the chin area also harmonize this type. Courageous mustache and beard will not be combined with sideburns, it is necessary either to completely eliminate them or to shorten them as much as possible.

If the face has the appearance of an inverted triangle, the so-called "heart-shaped" shape, then the lower part must be visually weighted: thick whiskers with a thick beard are relevant, massive vegetation from one ear to the other.

For example, the “Garibaldi” form with styled and styled hair along the entire length of the jaw. Complete the image with such a hairstyle so that the hair covers the neck a little.

With pronounced cheekbones, leave a neat mustache and a small island on the chin on a triangular face. So it will look graceful and fresh.


Owners of this form are equally suitable for two diametrically opposite options: a massive Bandholz-style design and a classic thin strip of laconic format bristles, for example, a “screen”.

Both options compensate for the predominant length of the face over its width due to pronounced lines and a clear contouring and competent displacement of visual accents. It is important to remember that the voluminous forms of "boulanger" type beards require careful care, otherwise a sloppy image of a lumberjack with hairs sticking out in different directions is guaranteed.

All the same Mexican beard and “Zappa” laconicly underline a pointed chin, and a well-groomed stubble will create the opposite effect - the wedge-shaped face will look painfully thin.

Massive types of long beards and mustaches cannot be worn with excessively short hair, and even more so with a bald head, such an asymmetry in the overall composition will be striking and create a general repulsive impression and unnecessary associations with the dashing nineties.

Who will never beard

Bulky beards are contraindicated for men of short stature, the overall image will look ridiculous and be associated with the Irish leprechaun. It is worth sticking to a smooth face and concise haircut.

Refrain from wearing a beard of any shape should those men who become the owner of a small face with all parts closely spaced to each other: a low forehead, a small distance between the cheekbones, a short chin. A beard such a slender face visually unbalance.

Rare hair may be another reason for failure: due to genetic or individual characteristics, bristles can be rare or grow slowly.

The peculiarity is due to the low level of testosterone in the man’s body, hormonal levels can be adjusted only under the supervision of a doctor, independent attempts without a complex of tests can negatively affect health. In this case, to grow and form a stylish haircut beard and mustache is not possible.

A smooth-shaven face may be a requirement of the company in which the man works. In addition to a strict dress code and the presence of a number of branded accessories, facial hair can be both allowed and absolutely prohibited.

Such an imputation exists in the military, where compliance with personal hygiene standards occurs in the field, ignoring these rules can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences. Aviation also requires pilots to shave smoothly - in case of emergency, the pilot must wear an oxygen mask, and a stylish attribute will interfere with this quickly, which can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences.

Representatives of some oil and gas producing professions are also prohibited from wearing a beard according to the company's charter. In case of sudden ignition at the development site or well, the risk of getting severe forms of burns due to instant ignition of the hairline increases.

Some faiths and religious groups prohibit the wearing of a beard: a representative of Jehovah's Witnesses, who ignores the ban on a smooth-shaven face, is deprived of a number of formal advantages and some promotions. To the servants of the Catholic Church exactly the same requirement is imposed - a clean face without any hint of vegetation.

A complete ban on wearing touched some athletes: wrestlers a priori have a smooth face to avoid traumatic manipulations by the enemy. The World Boxing Association forbids novice athletes to wear a brutal attribute, but professional boxers are not required to do so.

It is strictly forbidden to wear a stylish bearded accessory to lazy guys and sluts who do not know how or do not want to monitor their appearance and are not ready to devote time to grooming and keeping fit. The disregarding attitude will be immediately apparent - the repulsive disorder will make it clear to others that a man has little interest in principle.

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