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Men's three-piece suit: classic and other options

A suit is an essential attribute of a successful man. But even if you can afford to go to work in jeans, still make sure that your wardrobe has at least one high-quality suit. Today we will tell you what types of men's suits exist and how to choose the right one.

It only at first glance it seems that all men's suits are similar. Some people can only distinguish a coat from a tuxedo. However, men's suits differ in purpose (solemn event, business event or for every day), and in model (single-breasted, double-breasted and three-piece suit), as well as in cut (English, Italian, American and others).

Types of costumes by model

So, the most obvious division of men's suits is by model.

  1. Single breasted - One of the most popular and convenient types of jackets, which is preferred by 80% of men.
    Distinctive features : has a number of buttons on one side and loops on the other.
    pros : versatile model, suitable for almost everyone, conveniently unfasten and fasten.
  2. Double breasted - a less common model, looks more strict. It is recommended to wear just such a suit at formal events, and it should be fastened with all the buttons.
    Distinctive features : has two rows of buttons, and the floors go far enough at each other.
    pros : Suitable for thin, tall men.
  3. Three piece suit - A classic men's suit, which appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and became the embodiment of genuine taste.
    Distinctive features : consists of trousers, a single-breasted jacket and a vest, sewn from one fabric.
    pros : according to etiquette, in a three-piece suit it is permissible to take off a jacket without asking permission.

The fact that this or that model is suitable for your figure does not mean that you should have one single suit for all occasions.

1. Formal or formal suits

Such suits include a business card, dress coat and tuxedo.

Business card - A type of men's half-suit suit, especially popular as casual wear in the 19th century. After the First World War, such costumes are usually worn only in exceptional cases (at weddings, funerals, ceremonies).

  • It has sides that taper downwards, forming a conical neckline.
  • It is clasped on one button.
  • Back length below the knees.
  • It is worn with striped trousers, a white shirt with a bow-collar, a vest and black boots.

The tuxedo - the so-called "club" jacket (before it was worn for informal friendly meetings or conversations with business partners). Today he is put on for protocol events after five in the evening, according to the black tie dress code.

  • A black jacket with an open chest (a white jacket is also acceptable - in cases where outer clothing is not required on the street).
  • It has long satin or silk lapels.
  • It can be single-breasted and double-breasted, on one or three buttons.
  • They are worn with black trousers, a snow-white shirt with a bow-collar, a bow-tie or a plastron.
  • Necessarily complemented by a scarf in the breast pocket and sash (instead of a sash, let’s say a vest).

Tailcoat - ceremonial evening costume, which is usually worn at ceremonial and official events according to a strict protocol (according to the “white tie” dress code).

  • Short in front, behind has long narrow halyards (they are also called “dovetail”). It is worn with a snow-white shirt, a starched white vest, a white bow tie, tied by hand, and black patent-leather shoes.
  • Trousers are narrow, have a high belt and double silk stripes on the sides, worn without a belt.
  • It is also completed with a white scarf in a breast pocket and white gloves.

2. Informal suits

Usually suits for an informal atmosphere or for every day do not differ in strict rules. They can be sewn from different fabrics, different colors and have various stylish additions. It is these costumes that arose as opposed to a strict dress code, they emphasize individuality, but at the same time allow you to look elegant.

Among informal suits distinguish:

  • Casual - Suitable for walks, meetings with friends, informal communication, family parties and informal weekend activities. It is worn without a tie and with the shirt collar open. The jacket and trousers can be made of different fabrics.
  • Fashion item - these are the so-called “one season” costumes. They are sewn from fabrics non-traditional for men's suits (for example, cotton, linen, silk), they are characterized by some carelessness, sometimes they may look slightly wrinkled. Suitable for parties and for every day.

The story of the appearance of the costume three

The three-piece costume dates back to the nineteenth century. At that time, instead of a jacket, men wore a tailcoat or frock coat, and instead of pants, they wore trousers. The only element that has not changed is the vest. Although this costume suffered some changes, it remained a symbol of men's style.

As early as the 18th century, men began to attach special importance to their appearance. They believed that not only girls should have beautiful outfits, but men were obliged to use clothes to emphasize their style and status. In 1789, the French Revolution helped make some adjustments to men's fashion. Men began to wear clothing that was preferred by aristocrats. It was then that costumes became part of the wardrobe of an ordinary Cretan.

Over time, men's style has changed a bit and became similar to modern. Strong sex began to wear more loose models. Dark flowers were preferred because they looked practical and democratic. Interestingly, every year, women began to dress freely and independently, and this further encouraged men to wear strict and restrained suits.


A man who wears the same suit at various events violates all the rules of etiquette. To prevent this from happening, you need to know all the varieties of costumes. Costumes are classified by:

There are three models of this clothing. A single-breasted suit is preferred by most men. It is very comfortable and fits almost any man. A double-breasted suit looks very strict and representative. It is fastened with all the buttons and worn by thin and tall men.

Classic three-piece suit. This model has existed a long time ago. It consists of trousers, a jacket and a vest. All of them are sewn from one fabric. The advantage of this model is that a man can take off his jacket without violating etiquette.

Men's suits also differ in purpose. For formal and special occasions wear certain types. There are also informal and business suits.

For what cases is it suitable?

For each event separately you need to choose the appropriate costume. We will consider several events where you need to wear a certain type of costume.

For special occasions should choose business cards, dress coats or tuxedos. The business card is distinguished by the fact that its jacket reaches the knees at the back, and its sides narrow to the bottom. It must be fastened with only one button. Without fail, a business card is worn with a vest, bow-tie and white shirt.

A tuxedo is put on for evening protocol events. He is also worn with a white shirt, bow-tie and vest. It is only black or white. Tailcoat is also an evening outfit for special occasions. The jacket is shortened at the front, and at the back he pulls out his knees.

For informal events, the following models are suitable:

  • Casual wear to parties or to work.
  • For everyday everyday life, the Fashion item is suitable.

For business meetings, suits of different sewing should be worn, for example, American, Italian, German, European, French, etc.

How to wear?

Three suits any man, regardless of his figure. So that he looks beautiful on him, you need to behave at the proper level. Since such a suit was worn by aristocrats, a man should conform to this style.

The stronger sex is better to buy a triple of beige, blue, gray or brown. Give preference to those costumes that are sewn from tweed and flannel, as they are very tight and look decent.

Combination of colors and material

You should always remember not only how to wear a suit, but also harmoniously combine colors and materials. It is important to combine the color of the suit, shirt and tie. Remember that a tie should always be different from a shirt and combined with a suit.

It is very good to combine different colors with a flannel suit with a cage pattern. Under such a vest, you can wear trousers, jeans and an informal shirt. Pants from this three go well with a pullover, plain shirt and jumper. As for the jacket, it can be worn with chinos or jeans.

Fashion look

This year, not only costumes, but also jackets are very popular. Men are very fond of combining this element of clothing with trousers or classic jeans. To look stylish and fashionable, a strong floor must learn to combine colors and clothes.

How to choose a suit?

We considered that the three-piece suit is very popular. In modern fashion, each element is combined with different clothes. So that the male image does not look ridiculous, you need to not only choose the right suit for the appropriate event, but also buy things in size.

It is important to remember your shortcomings in the figure. The jacket and trousers not only decorate the man, but also hide his defects. Jacket length, chest volume, shoulder width, etc. should be selected so that they correspond to all parameters of the stronger sex.

Classic suit

A suit is an indispensable attribute of a business person, giving rigor and respectability to the image of a man. Mostly it is worn by office workers, people holding senior positions. And if not every day, then at least put on negotiations, official events.

In reputable offices, where the appearance of employees is given increased attention, certain requirements are imposed on the suit. In particular, it should be made of the fabric of the same color and texture, it can only be worn with discreet shirts and ties.

If liberties in matters of style are allowed, then you can combine, say, plain trousers with a checkered jacket, complement the suit with an extraordinary color shirt or a bright tie, put a sweater under the jacket over the shirt. In this case, you get a less formal, so-called, urban casual style.

The formal version of the classic costume can be worn at a wedding, banquet, corporate party, when going out, for example, to the theater. But in no case at a protocol social event, where, according to the dress code, it is simply not permissible to appear without a suit of a special cut.

There are two main varieties of costumes:

  1. "Two" - consist only of a jacket and trousers.
  2. "Three" - the above kit is complemented by a vest.

In everyday life, two-piece suits are most often found. Three-piece suits look more elegant, so they are more suitable for formal events and holidays. They are convenient in that they allow you to create a variety of looks (“bows,” that is, images) by combining individual parts of the costume with things in the wardrobe. For example, a vest from the “three” can be combined with a suit of a different color or worn only with a shirt, without a jacket.

The tuxedo

A tuxedo is an elite costume that should be worn in especially solemn occasions. It will be appropriate in the theater, opera, at a wedding (grooms, witnesses and guests of the festival increasingly began to wear tuxedos, because they look more elegant and advantageous than ordinary costumes).

Distinctive features of a tuxedo:

  1. A special cut with two elongated lapels leaves the chest open.
  2. Lapels are sewn only of glossy fabrics - silk or satin.
  3. The jacket can be bundled with traditional trousers, however, trousers with stripes sewn from the same fabric as the lapels are a classic option.

Dress code for special occasions

Not to be mistaken in choosing a costume, a special mark on the invitation will help you.

So, if the white tie is written in the lower right corner (translated as a white tie, corresponds to a formal dress code), then guests should be in tailcoats (remember, they only wear white butterflies on important events). As a rule, these are receptions at dignitaries, balls, awards - “Oscar”, “Nobel Prize” and others.

The tuxedo is put on for solemn, but less formal events, if the invitation has the inscription “black tie” (a black tie indicates a semi-formal dress code).

If, on the invitation card, there are no special instructions about the uniform, you can come in a two-piece suit or three-piece suit. At the same time, keep in mind that in the daytime and in warm weather, suits of light colors or sets of a light jacket and dark trousers are preferable.

English costume

The most popular option is the traditional classic costume, whose homeland is England. The set of the English men's suit consists of a single-breasted jacket, one-color vest, mainly gray, dark blue or black colors and trousers. There are three buttons on the jacket, small lapels, and four buttons on the sleeves.

Jackets of the English "triples" are equipped with shoulder pads, emphasizing the impeccable condition of the silhouette. Models are distinguished by a narrower cut with a raised waist, which makes them slimmer. A slot is provided at the back so that there are no violations of strict lines, and two side slots allow you to keep your hand in your pants pocket, but at the same time without disturbing the shape and sophistication of the jacket.

The double-breasted jacket is sewn according to the same strict design and has from four to six buttons arranged in two parallel rows.

An English business suit can be a “two” or “three” with a vest. The trousers of such a three-piece suit are fitted and have a high fit, while lapels are not popular in this version.

The suit is ideal for men who prefer a classic and strict style. Thanks to the perfect cut, it sits perfectly on the figure even when moving.

Italian three-piece suit

The Italians prefer strict and non-shouting suits with a single-breasted slotless jacket with slightly raised shoulders and straight trousers. Sometimes designers deviate a little from the usual traditions and model double-breasted styles, but the silhouette line is always left perfectly flat.

The Italian "troika" is extravagant and created for those men who stand out for their originality and grace. A distinctive feature of the costume is lightness, freedom, elegance.

The single-breasted style has extended and raised shoulders, three buttons and two slots. Lapels are sharp, welt pockets. The double-breasted jacket has an adjacent silhouette line, narrow shoulders, a high location of buttons and a small volume of the chest line.

The Italians choose the fabric for tailoring very carefully. High quality, sophistication and richness of texture are the main criteria when choosing a material for a product. Italian costumes, with strict straight features and the absence of other excesses, are suitable for both slender men and overweight men. Perfect fit can easily hide the flaws of any figure.

American Three Piece Suit

The set is suitable for men who prefer comfort.Loose fit does not constrain movement, but at the same time it looks official. In single-breasted jackets there are no shoulder pads, there is no clear prescription on the number of buttons, and for convenience there is a slot at the back. The length of the jacket of the American three-piece suit is much shorter than the English male model. The double-breasted style has two lapels, a finishing button under the waist and a wide gap between the remaining buttons.

Thanks to the spacious cut, this option suits full men and provides them with comfort when moving. But there is no refinement and refinement in it, and such a model is more suitable for everyday life, but not for a business meeting or negotiations.

European men's suit

The style of the kit is distinguished by decorativeness, sophistication, mannerism and fragility. He does not tolerate straight lines, so they are smoothly curved. The jacket has a high armhole, emphasizes the width of the shoulders and the length covering the buttocks by five to seven centimeters. Therefore, this model suits slender men of high stature.

In a double-breasted cut, there are from two to six buttons. If the row consists of six buttons, then the clasp is a fan and is low, extending the upper part of the figure. This type of jacket fastens exactly in the middle, and the lower button does not fasten, which emphasizes the waist. Double-breasted models are not recommended for men with a big belly, as in them they will feel constrained and not comfortable.

The single-breasted model retains the shape of the trapezoid and has a low fastener, usually with two buttons. Three buttons are located on the sleeve, the location of the pockets is horizontal.

A bit of history

The history of men's suits begins in time immemorial, although a model that is more or less similar to the modern version of clothing appeared only in the nineteenth century. Then the men's suit consisted of a frock coat or dress coat, long trousers and a compulsory vest. After some time, instead of a pantalon, they began to wear trousers, and a frock coat gave way to a classic jacket.

Until the end of the eighteenth century, men's suits were very bright and expressive. However, the gentlemen of that time were not limited to bright clothes, they also actively used powder and blush, decorated their faces with flies and used special pads to make the body look more muscular.

Significant changes in the men's wardrobe made the French revolution. The magnificent costumes of the aristocrats were replaced by rather simple clothes, which the commoners used to be content with. A discreet bourgeois dress code came into fashion. The men's suit becomes strict, it does not use catchy decor, and fabrics are chosen in dark colors.

Such clothes correspond to the peculiarities of life, because the era of industrialization was coming and energetic business people who needed practical and comfortable clothes became successful.

An interesting fact: the freer and bolder women’s fashion became, the more rigor and conservatism appeared in men's suits. Such austerity in men's fashion lasted until the early 60s of the twentieth century. This time was dubbed the “peacock revolution”, as bright colors entered the men's fashion. This was due to the emergence of various youth subcultures. However, youth fashion did not have a significant impact on the classics, which are always in fashion.

Today, the classic men's three-piece suit has not lost its relevance.

Today, these clothes fit perfectly into the business style. In addition, a suit with a vest is the best choice of clothing for special occasions.

German costume

German models are slightly baggy and volume compared to Italian and European, but they look comfortable due to their free cut. The sleeve is spacious, and the armhole is wide and deep. Fabrics for sewing are used only expensive woolen, so the products do not crumple, serve for years and maintain excellent shape.

French three-piece suit

French models are graceful and elegant. The product is a little shorter and more fitted than European and English. A single-breasted jacket has a rounded shoulder line, a volume along the chest line and a narrowed line of the hips, a double-breasted jacket has wide lapels and a finishing button under the waist.

French slightly shortened jackets are more suitable for men with short stature, as they visually lengthen the figure.

Classic style

Superiority in the classical style is given to the English costume, but the Italian "troika", sustained in strict lines, also does not break out of generally accepted rules. The classic model is the status of a man. The set includes a jacket and trousers made in the same style. Also included in the kit: shirt, tie, vest, belt.

A single-breasted jacket has two or three buttons, and the lower one always remains unfastened, a small chest pocket and two welt pockets. Buttons on the sleeves are required - from three to four, and the last of them can be left unfastened. The classic length of the model is buttocks covered by several centimeters.

On the trousers in front there should be vertical, even, ironed folds.

For sewing the classic version, only natural wool that allows air to pass through is used. The thickness of the fabric thread is different - using a thin thread, the product becomes lighter and more convenient. High-quality products are made from very thin threads.

The classic set can be worn for negotiations, ceremonial and official events, for work.

The most conservative and strict color of the classic "troika" is black, but it is suitable mainly for special occasions, and not for business negotiations and meetings. A black suit can be worn at the theater, at work, and at public events. Universal is a dark blue color, which is also ideal for business communications. The trio of gray color gives rigor and formality, almost all colors are combined with this shade. He is neutral, calm and does not attract attention. Brown is considered informal and unofficial - suitable for daily wear, but not for business meetings.

The classic style combines the severity of style, the minimum number of details, a calm, discreet tone and lack of experimentation.

Wedding suit for the groom

A wedding is a solemn, exciting and memorable event that needs to be taken seriously and deliberately. For such an event, a three-piece suit is ideal for the groom, because these clothes are conservative, but at the same time festive. The main factors for choosing a wedding dress for the groom:

  • The elements that make up the outfit
  • Quality of costume fabric,
  • Accessories

The costume should consist of three essential elements: a jacket, trousers and a vest. The material for the elements is selected in one color. In a classic style, a white shirt will suit the costume, which will emphasize the style of the vest with a jacket and shade the bride’s style favorably.

The collar of a shirt should not protrude beyond the edges of the suit, and the length of its sleeve should be one or two centimeters shorter than the sleeve of the shirt. The quality of the shirt should match the quality of the costume. You need to purchase it in advance, as it should be tried on with a wedding jacket.

When choosing a costume for a wedding, you need to pay special attention to the material. It is recommended to buy a shirt from natural fabric so that the groom does not feel discomfort at a temperature difference at the ceremony. When choosing fabric for a suit, it is necessary to pay attention to the percentage of synthetics contained in it. Its content should be zero or minimal.

Equally important addition to the wedding "troika" are correctly and tastefully selected accessories that attract everyone's attention. Classic suits combine different colors of ties. Emphasize the individuality of cufflinks, scarves and watches.

The main criteria when choosing a men's three-piece suit are convenience, freedom of movement and comfort. The costume should not be tight or slightly loose. A custom-made product is considered special, as it fits perfectly on the figure and is able to hide any flaws.

3. Business suits

Business suits generally vary in tailoring. Here you can highlight English, Italian, American costumes, as well as European, German and French. Perhaps worth mentioning separately.

English - Suitable for fans of strict classical style. It sits ideally on slender men, but for men of large complexion it is better to choose something else. Features:

  • Both two and three are popular.
  • The jacket can be single-breasted and double-breasted.
  • It has small shoulder pads, which are usually beveled.
  • The waist is marked and slightly understated.
  • Behind - two slots.
  • Pockets are a bit slanted, with lapels, and over a side pocket there can be one more small, for a trifle.

Italian - a very elegant suit, tailored strictly to the figure. Suitable for men of any complexion.

  • The jacket is traditionally single-breasted with three buttons and two slots (but it can be double-breasted with narrow shoulders, tight-fitting).
  • Shoulders slightly widened and raised.
  • Straight pants.

American - very convenient and comfortable. Suitable for full men. However, it is better not to wear it at strictly formal events; it is more relevant for informal business meetings.

  • Has no shoulder pads.
  • It is almost not fitted (fits only on the hips).
  • Shorter than a European costume.
  • The jacket can be single-breasted (with two or three buttons and a central slot) and double-breasted (with trim buttons located at a great distance and deep lapels).

European - became popular in the 80s of the last century. This is a slightly modified and simplified model of a classic costume. It suits mainly only tall men with a good figure, not recommended full.

  • Elongated jacket (5-7 cm below the buttocks), extended shoulders.
  • Loose pants.
  • The jacket can be single-breasted and double-breasted without cuts.
  • There is also a modified version that is suitable for men of short stature: with narrow trousers, a fitted jacket, with welt pockets without valves.

Deutsch - sewn from a special fabric that does not crease and retains its original shape. It has a free cut, spacious sleeves, slightly baggy. In a real German costume, the buttons on the sleeves are unfastened, the loops are cut and sewn by hand after purchasing the costume - this is expensive and prestigious.

French - suitable for short men. Shortened jacket, voluminous chest, narrowed hips, shoulders rounded. It looks very elegant and elegant.

Even having figured out the classification, a man often cannot answer the question of which particular suit is suitable for him for certain cases. In order not to sort out the possible options by trial and error, which hits both the wallet and the image, contact the atelier store, where you will be offered a choice of several models of suits that match your figure and wishes.

Men's suit is the main component of a successful image, it is an indicator of your status, respectability and prestige, therefore it is better not to save on a business and official suit. The perfect suit is carefully tailored in shape, but does not constrain movements.

Why should you buy a three-piece suit?

Even if a strict dress code is not accepted at your work, a three-piece suit is useful for attending various events. Do not worry that in a couple of years the model will go out of fashion, the classics are always relevant, so you do not have to regret the wasted money.

Why is it worth choosing the “troika”? The fact is that the vest visually makes a man slim and tall. This is a particularly good choice for short men, as well as for those who do not have an Apollo figure.

Another advantage of the “troika” is that in an informal setting you can take off your jacket, left in a shirt and vest. Such a set of clothes looks stylish, in addition, the visual effect of “drawing” the figure is preserved.

If you can tailor a suit to order from a good tailor, you should do it. A true master can make clothes to hide as much as possible all the flaws of the figure. It’s more difficult to buy a ready-made model that ideally “sits” on your figure, for this you will have to take the time to carefully try it on.

Popular “triples” models

Despite the conservatism of men's fashion, the classic three-piece suit is presented in several models. Consider what a classic suit should choose a modern fashionista.

English style

The English style is famous for its elegance and conservatism. The costume is sewn of thick heavy fabric, and the choice of colors is very limited. You can choose a model in black, gray or navy blue. Moreover, the gray version is considered informal.

A jacket in such a suit is fitted, it can be a double-breasted version, but nevertheless, a single-breasted model is more common. The model necessarily has shoulder pads that create the perfect silhouette.

Another mandatory element is the slots on the back of the jacket, the presence of these parts will allow you to maintain a perfect silhouette when moving, the jacket will not bully and puff.

Classic trousers with medium leg width and high rise. But the vest is presented in two options - closed and open. In the first version, there is a small neckline that only slightly opens the tie. The open vest has a deep cut

Italian style

Italians are believed to be temperamental and explosive, but the Italian style of the costume is quite strict and restrained. The jacket of such a suit is narrowed, it tightly fits the figure. The clasp can have two options, although single-breasted is more common. The trousers of the suit are straight, slightly narrowed.

Italians pay much attention to the quality of the fabric, it should be of the highest quality, with a rich texture and sophisticated appearance.

The Italian costume is perfect for tall and slender guys. If the figure is far from ideal, then this style will not work.

American style

The difference between the costume of this style is free cut, so the costumes are very comfortable to wear. The jacket has a straight silhouette, there are no shoulder pads, so the jacket follows the natural line of the shoulder. To provide greater freedom of movement, the jacket has one slot. Another characteristic detail is the low cut armhole.

Pants also have an increased width of the legs, they are slightly collected at the waist, they do not have folds at the waist.


Of course, the most popular version of the material is wool. But you need to know how to choose the right wool suit, as the materials may differ in properties. Natural wool is a strong material, resistant to the formation of creases, in addition, it passes air well.

The best options for costume fabrics are designated Super ... S, and, in place of the ellipsis is a figure. The number indicates the length of the thread (in kilometers), which can be obtained from one kilogram of wool. It is clear that the larger the number, the less thick the threads that were used to produce the material. Thus, fabric marked Super 100 S will be much denser and stronger than Super 220 S.

The most universal choice is costume wool with the designation Super 150 S; a costume made of this material is suitable for both summer and winter.

In fact, tweed is also wool, but the fabric is produced using a special technology, it has a loose structure and a small pile. Today, tweed is called a fabric that has a rough texture and a special color scheme.Classic tweed is made in black, brown, gray and dark green colors.

The tweed suit does not fit into the strict business dress code, however, clothes of classic style are sewn from this fabric. For a tweed suit, you can choose a knitted vest, since the tweed model will be too thick.

For summer, you can choose a linen suit three. This fabric is lightweight, it is breathable, so it will not be hot in a suit even at high air temperatures. But the fabric has one feature - it wrinkles strongly. Therefore, after half an hour the costume will lose its presentable appearance and will look very rumpled.

Therefore, three-piece suits made of linen are models for relaxation, for business events and special receptions these clothes are not suitable.

Cotton fabrics

Suits made of cotton fabrics are clothing for informal images. Cotton also creases, but not as much as linen. A costume made of their cotton will last a lot of time, but this clothing is not suitable for special occasions. In addition, a cotton suit is an option for the warm season of the year.


A three-piece suit made of velvet is a non-trivial option. Such a suit looks luxurious, but it is not suitable for business events. But a velvet suit can be made for a wedding or for another special occasion.

Blended fabrics

In the modern world, mixed fabrics are often used, in the manufacture of which natural fibers (for example, wool or linen) are mixed with synthetics. There are also fabric options made from two types of natural fibers. For example, wool / linen or cashmere / silk.

Blended fabrics are quite comfortable, as they retain the basic properties of the fibers that prevail in the mixture. For example, for everyday wear, it is quite possible to choose suits in which 55% of the wool, and the remaining 45% are additives.

Synthetic additives increase the wear resistance of the coat. And elastic additives (for example, lycra) relieves woolen things from the property of stretching on their knees and elbows.

But suits from 100% synthetics should not be purchased, such clothes look unpresentable, in addition, they quickly become covered with spools.

What color should a three-piece suit be? The answer to this question depends on the purpose of the model. For everyday work looks, you can choose a gray or blue suit. The dark tones of these colors look very strict. But a light gray or light blue suit is perfect for the summer.

A dark brown suit is a good choice. Such a model is suitable even for celebrations, but only if it takes place in the daytime. For an evening out, you need a black suit.

But the white three-piece suit, although it looks elegant, is not suitable for events with a strict dress code. But then you can choose a snow-white suit for a wedding or, for example, for a graduation party.

The classic style allows only two print options - striped or checked. Moreover, the picture should not be too catchy. The strip should be thin, and the most acceptable cell options are Glenchek and Prince of Wales.

Wedding option

Three-piece suit is a worthy choice of clothes for a wedding celebration. This version of the costume is suitable for invited guests, and for the groom. But for a newlywed, a three-piece wedding suit can be complemented not with a jacket, but with a tuxedo. This option looks especially solemn.

What is the difference between a tuxedo and a jacket? First, a neckline. In a tuxedo, it is large and round, and in a jacket it is wedge-shaped and less deep. Secondly, the shape and design of the lapels.

There are two options for a tuxedo - a schalke collar and a turn-down collar with pointed elongated tips. In addition, the tuxedo collar is trimmed with silk. Sometimes satin or velvet is used to trim the collar.

Tuxedos in a classic version are sewn from black fabric, but for a wedding celebration you can choose the color option. For example, a tuxedo may be purple with a black silk collar.

Tuxedo trousers are chosen classic, their difference is the presence of stripes from the fabric that trimmed the tuxedo collar. They have a straight, slightly narrower cut.

The tuxedo vest is not necessarily sewn from the same fabric as the trousers and the tuxedo itself. As a rule, the vest is white to match the shirt. You can also choose a vest to match the tie. Moreover, keep in mind that a three-piece suit with a tuxedo does not need an ordinary tie, but a bow tie.

The tuxedo vest is supposed to choose an open one; it should not hide an elegant snow-white shirt. The formal vest has lapels; they must be from the same fabric as the tuxedo.

Three-piece suit with a vest is not complemented by a sash or belt. It is believed that a tuxedo with pointed lapels should be worn with a vest, and the option with a shawl collar is complemented by a wide sash belt.

How to choose a three-piece suit

It is very important to choose the right three-piece suit. A quality thing is not cheap, so you should carefully consider the choice so that the money is not wasted.

Here are some helpful suggestions.:

  • The main selection criterion should be the purpose of the suit. So, for the solemn event, you can choose the option with a tuxedo, and for everyday wear a classic suit is ideal.
  • Choose a model that suits your body type. Full men do not suit the English or Italian style, they are more suited to an American costume.

  • The color of the suit must be appropriate for its purpose. The universal choice is a black suit, but if you plan to wear a model for work, you should prefer the gray and dark blue version.

Number of buttons

A classic jacket can have 1-4 buttons. Let's figure out which option is better.

One button on a jacket is stylish and modern. However, keep in mind that this version of the suit only looks good on tall men, as it visually reduces height.

For the model, the button is sewn at the waist level, and the lower this part is, the shorter the legs will appear. Therefore, a jacket with one button is worth buying for men with a height of at least 178 cm.

The two-button model is the most popular, as it stretches the silhouette and narrows the waist. In addition, such a model harmoniously combines elements of classic and modern.

A three-button jacket is the most traditional; it is chosen by men with conservative tastes. Such a suit perfectly suits low, as it visually increases growth.

Four-button jackets are currently out of date, so they can be found very rarely.


The classic-style jacket has one or two cuts on the back, only the American-style model does not have this detail.

Which model to choose? The most convenient option is considered with two slots. But this is a matter of taste, choose what you like.

The slots must also be on the sleeves, here they are fastened with buttons. On cheap costumes, one can often see imitation of slots when there is no cut on the sleeves, but buttons are sewn to create a decorative effect.


The jacket lapels are the part that is most influenced by fashion. The width and shape of the lapels is changing, but there are also classic options that remain relevant at all times.

The most common option is a serrated collar, in which there is a right angle between the collar and the lapel. This version of the collar can be seen on jackets of any style.

A pointed lapel is a variant of the collar that can be seen not only on tuxedos, but also on jackets. A rounded lapel or schalke collar is found mainly on tuxedos.

The width of the lapels should be 7-10 cm, these are average values ​​that will always remain in fashion.


It is very important to choose the right length of the jacket. The classic version is chosen as follows: the model is put on, buttoned and hands are lowered at the seams. At the same time, the floors of the jacket should reach the level of the base of the thumb.

Tall men can choose an elongated jacket, the floors of which reach the level of the second joint of the fingers. But if the growth is small, then it is better to give preference to slightly shortened models.

The length of the sleeve should be such that the cuffs of the shirt protrude from the sleeve by about 1.5 cm. Avoid options in which the sleeves are long and cover the palms. But too short sleeves will not fit, the image will turn out to be “orphaned”.


When choosing this element of the costume, they pay little attention, and in vain. An unsuitable vest can ruin the impression of the whole costume.

A short vest is an extremely bad choice. This element of the suit should completely cover the trouser belt. Stylists believe that it is better to choose a vest that is a bit long than one that is too short. If a shirt is visible from under the vest, then this model must be immediately put aside.

Choose a vest with a back cut from the same material as the front. In cheaper suits, the back of the vest can be cut out of lining silk.

If you buy just such a model, then you will have to wear a suit only with a jacket. If the vest is completely cut out of suit fabric, then it will be possible to wear a set consisting of trousers, a shirt and a vest.


Despite the fact that classic pants are worn with a belt, you need to choose a model so that it is not too loose at the waist. The trouser belt should fit snugly enough to the body. But pants should not be too tight on the body.

An important point is the length of the trousers. In a classic suit, the legs should slightly cover the upper part of the heel of the shoes, and in the front of the leg should form one fold. If the trousers are gathered accordion, then you need to shorten them a little.

How to wear a three-piece suit?

Three-piece suit must be worn correctly. The vest is worn fastened with all buttons except the bottom. Do not fasten the bottom at all. The same rule should be applied to the jacket. If he has more than one button, then he is worn without fastening the lower button. You can also wear a jacket without fastening to show off your vest.


In addition, to the costume you need to choose the right accessories. This is, first of all, a shirt or a classic shirt. The most universal option is a white shirt, it can be worn with a suit of any color.


But the tie can pick up a contrast. It is permissible to use accessories in bright colors, models with all kinds of patterns and drawings. But if there is an event with a strict dress code, you will have to choose a more stringent version of the tie.


In addition, accessories such as a good watch, a silk silk scarf, cufflinks, and a tie clip can become successful additions to a classic three-piece suit. All these additions must be of good quality, since the use of cheap accessories greatly simplifies the image, depriving it of status.

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