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How long should men's jeans be?

Hello dear readers of the blog about men's style. Today I would like to discuss an extremely important topic for any man - the correct length of trousers. Unsuccessfully trimmed bottom can ruin the most elegant outfit. But if you did everything right, picked the appropriate length in the store or shortened the tailor’s trousers exactly as necessary, the reward will be comfort and convenience, as well as self-confidence.

Men's trousers length

Men's fashion is quite conservative and not prone to major changes for years and even decades. However, from time to time we may observe bursts on a quiet surface of the water. We regularly deal with experiments with the size of lapels of jackets, collars of shirts, the width and length of men's trousers. In general, the man’s clothes remain unchanged and everything returns to normal.

Therefore, my first example correct trouser length will relate to traditional cut:

As we see, the length in this case is such that one fold is formed in front, and the trousers end in the back between the upper edge of the heel and the middle of the backdrop. In my opinion, this is ideal for the classic dress code: the toe does not open when walking and in general the look is quite strict. If your pants do not have cuffs, then most often they are on sale with a margin in length so that you have the opportunity to fit them to your height. In this case (in the absence of cuffs) it is worth cutting off the trouser leg slightly at an angle: the front is slightly shorter - the rear is longer. This is necessary so that in the front part there are not too many folds. As in the following photo:

Take in the studio those shoes with which you are going to wear trousers. When trying on a tailor, make sure that the waist of the trousers is in place, and only then determine the optimal length.

I would like to draw special attention to another very attractive option - relevant in our 2013 year.

This is the so-called “European” (or “Mid-Atlantic”) length. However, in the American continent in our time this is not less common.

The bottom barely reaches the shoe, if there is a lacing - it is completely open. This method is suitable for both official style and smart casual. The only condition is that the pants must be or slightly narrowed (which is not uncommon, but rather the rule nowadays), or greatly narrowed.

Its main advantage is that the shoes are fully visible. Of course, this is a winning option if you are the owner of a beautiful expensive stylish shoes.

Men's jeans length

As for the more casual garment of the basic men's wardrobe - jeans, I would recommend a small accordion at the bottom (here we mean either slim (narrow) or straight (more about the types and the correct size of jeans):

Remember these simple tips, choose a length that would fully meet your image and personal preferences. And success in building your own unique style!

The correct length of men's jeans

Very often, men pay great attention to branded things in a suitable color and size, and the last thing they think about length.

Naturally, too long legs can be hemmed, but from a practical point of view it is better not to do this. Often the style of such trousers does not tolerate even minimal interventions.

Classic models

You need to spend some personal time to get the perfect jeans in width at the waist and in the length of the legs.

Ideally, they should meet the following parameters:

  1. At the junction of the trouser leg with shoes, a small accordion should form, the fold of which should not be thicker than 2-3 cm. If the excess fabric is longer, the appearance will become ridiculous at least
  2. The back of the leg should cover half the heel of the shoes. Shoes should never be completely covered. The fabric should be at least a centimeter from the floor.

With a twist

In this case, the length of the rolls and the legs themselves depends on the following factors:

  • from the growth of a guy
  • from the time of year
  • from the color of jeans
  • from the height of the shoes.

The lower the guy’s height, the narrower the width should already be. With a dense dark fabric of the pants, you should not do more than two upheavals with a cuff width of 4-6 cm. Light, light jeans can also be tucked up three times, but the cuffs should not be wider than 3 cm. The style itself requires a slight negligence, so the shape of the upholstery should not be clear . If a leg is visible between the cuff and the shoe (especially true in the summer), then the socks do not wear.

Combination with shoes

We have already figured out what should be the length of jeans for men, and now let's talk about the combination of certain models with shoes. A classic jeans fit perfectly with oxfords and loafers in dark brown or wine.

Rolled jeans look good with low shoes (sneakers, moccasins). The color scheme is selected based on the color of the legs. Tackles will look ridiculous if they are worn with off-season shoes. This model of jeans also fits well with winter boots.

Skinny jeans look good with low shoes, cowboy boots or the same sneakers or loafers. The main condition is that the leg is not too massive.

Why is it important how long jeans are

If you always paid the least attention to the length parameter when choosing jeans, we hasten to upset you - almost always you chose them incorrectly. It is also not worth relying on the fact that an excessively long product can be shortened. The fact is that each jeans model has its own proportions, which, when shortened, are somewhat distorted, which already leads to a violation of the proportions of the wearer's silhouette.

In addition, the shortening procedure, carried out in “artisanal” conditions, often ends up not at all with the result that the owner of the trousers expected, and as a result, instead of perfectly fitting jeans, he gets the so-called 7/8 trousers.

Length standards

There are 2 generally accepted standards regarding the size of men's jeans trousers: classic and mid-athletic. In the case of the "classic" when viewed from the front, the leg forms exactly one fold, slightly hiding the lacing of the sneakers or shoes, and the back of the leg is between the middle line of the back of the shoe and the beginning of its heel.

If we talk about the “average athletic” standard, which recently came to our country from Europe, it is more relevant than ever for modern fashionable images. According to him, the trouser-leg in front should not touch the lacing of shoes, and at the back should hardly reach the shoe. In general, the “mid-athletic” standard implies wearing shorter trousers.

Reference! Most fashion designers argue that the “mid-athletic” standard has been specifically designed to focus more on men's luxury shoes.

The final choice of compliance with one or another standard depends on the personal preferences of the man: the classic is suitable for conservatives, and the new standard for “creative” ones.

How to take into account the length when choosing a style

Jeans style and length are 2 parameters that are directly dependent on each other, and it is unacceptable not to consider at least one of them when choosing trousers. Today, fashion experts distinguish only 3 main types of styles for men's trousers:

Straight classic denim pants - like a little black dress for a lady: they should be in every man’s wardrobe. It is difficult to find a more versatile jeans model than classic indigo denim pants.

Despite the name, the cut of such models implies a slight narrowing to the lower part, which is especially good for men with pronounced musculature of the legs: the outlines of muscles visible even under the dense fabric will give the image of brutality and masculinity. It is better to choose straight trousers in length, relying only on the classical standard: if you stay on the model a little shorter, it will seem that you are a little “grown” from the product (this effect will be especially noticeable in a sitting position).

As for skinny models, their cut implies a more tight fit of the hips. This is a more youthful style, popular among adolescents and people with lean physique. Skinny models, which have recently become popular, include skinny, which has also narrowed the lower part of trousers.

Reference! Fashion designers categorically do not recommend wearing skinny models with classic shoes.

When choosing the length for skinny jeans, it is recommended to be guided by the "average athletic" standard. By the way, about "athletics": if you have problems with being overweight, it is better to abandon skinny pants in favor of classic ones.

If we talk about “flush” models, which at one mention make you think of rebellious sixties, today, alas, they are virtually completely out of fashion and are popular only at theme parties and at inveterate “vintages”. The length for them should definitely be selected according to the shoes, not based on any of the above standards: fashion rules require that flared pants actually completely cover the shoes, and not reach the ground by just one centimeter.

About gates

The recent widespread tendency to tuck jeans when worn has become the subject of fierce debate in the fashion world and simply on the Internet. Some tucked-in trousers are incredibly annoying, and someone is not averse to shining with a stylish "chip." If you are one of the latter, here are some useful rules for you:

  • the cuff of the gate should be wider, the higher your height,
  • in the winter season it’s better to preserve your health - remember that the fashion for twists took its roots in much warmer than severe Russian latitudes,
  • slight carelessness in the form of a cuff (lack of a clearly calibrated form) is uncritical and even desirable,
  • socks with tucked up jeans should not be worn if the yard is in a warm season.

Now you know what the length of jeans should be and even how to tuck them if you suddenly want to add flauntiness and youth style to the image.

What to consider when choosing a length

Usually, choosing jeans, the buyer thinks about the style, price, brand, carefully selects the shade. The length of attention is paid the least, considering that it is always possible to shorten the product.

However, experts call this approach fundamentally wrong. After all, each model has certain proportions, and the shortening operation (which is still often done incorrectly) distorts these parameters, which causes disturbances in the contours of the silhouette and can give an absurd appearance. For a person who is not indifferent to his appearance, the correct length of the trousers is important.

It is worth noting that men's fashion is characterized by greater conservatism than women's. There are two approaches to the length of the trousers:

  • classic standard - it implies that there should be a length such that the front leg forms one fold, hiding the lacing of the shoe, and the rear edge is between the beginning of the heel and the midline of the back of the shoes,
  • “Mid-Atlantic” standard - having emerged in Europe, it has spread quite widely in the world and is relevant today for the fashion traditions of the New World. It implies a slightly shorter length at which the trouser leg does not hide the lacing of the shoe in front, and barely reaches the shoe at the back. This style allows you to demonstrate your expensive stylish shoes. But he requires skinny trousers, otherwise it will look ridiculous.

Today both of these standards are relevant, the first is considered more conservative, and the second is more fashionable. All recommendations apply to regular jeans. The selection of rolled up models is carried out according to other rules, so it should be considered separately.

Ideal length tailored to the model

Fashion for men is less likely to cause fundamental changes in the style of wardrobe items. Periodically, new trends arise, new models appear. Today, in a variety of denim pants, three main models can be distinguished. Their features and length requirements also differ. We will analyze these features in more detail.

Classic straight

This is an ageless classic that never loses relevance. This model is easy to recognize: the legs, starting from the hips, have straight lines and a slight narrowing at the bottom. The widespread use of the model was ensured by its good fit, regardless of the type of figure. This fit is especially suitable for athletic men, owners of embossed leg muscles.

Choosing the length for this model, it is worth stopping at the classic standard. Otherwise, it will seem that the legs are short and too open legs (especially if you sit down). The option is combined with any shoe, suitable for all seasons.

When modeling such trousers, they sometimes resort to a little trick: the bottom line of the leg cut is not made straight, but with a slight slope from front to back. Then the back leg will close exactly as much of the back as necessary, and the front will not form an untidy "accordion", but will give exactly one beautiful fold.


This cut involves a tight fit of the hips. From the bottom the legs can be straight, or they can fit the calves tightly (type “skinny”). This style is popular among young people and is perfect for people with a thin physique. However, narrowed cuts can emphasize the flaws of the figure. Therefore, for obese men, it is not recommended.

With regard to determining the length of skinny jeans for men, they often resort to the "Mid-Atlantic" standard. An important point: designers do not recommend the addition of very narrow trousers and classic shoes, and the office dress code does not allow such a combination.

Models with trousers extending below the knees were very popular at the dawn of rock and roll and are associated with the "rebellious 60s." Today they are rare in men's fashion, but it's a pity, because this is a very interesting stylistic decision. It shows well the advantages of the figure and hides the disadvantages.

The length of jeans for men style flared is selected by shoes. Neither classical nor "European" manners are applicable here, it is necessary that the legs almost completely hide the shoes, but at the same time do not interfere with the movement. As a compromise between fashion and convenience, you can stop at a length that covers half the heel and does not reach the floor by 1 cm.

How to tuck

A special fashion trend for men these days is tucked up jeans. Here, society was divided into categorical supporters and implacable opponents. But millions of young people in an effort to look stylish already wear pants that way. Therefore, we find out how to properly tuck jeans.

For starters - a few general points:

  • the dimensions of the turn are determined based on growth. The taller the man, the wider the cuffs should be,
  • Do not forget that the fashion for the tucked-up edge of the legs was born in a much warmer climate. Do not experiment in the cold season,
  • the style implies some negligence, so do not strive for a clear geometric shape of the cuff,
  • wearing socks is considered in the context of the total length of the legs and the time of year. If the street is warm, there is a gap between the upper edge of the shoe and the lower edge of the cuff; don’t wear socks.

Running tackle can be different. The specific option depends on the type of material and its shade. For example, dark tight jeans rarely tuck more than 2 times. The width of the cuff is 4-6 cm, depending on the height. The light summer model can also be turned up three times, but it is not recommended to make the tackle wider than 3 cm.

An important question: with what shoes to wear tucked up pants? If the combination is unsuccessful, the tackle may not look stylish, but ridiculous. Usually they choose not too high shoes for sports or "street" style (sneakers, sneakers, moccasins). With classic shoes, it's better to wear something else.

Common mistakes

Unfortunately, it happens that the length of men's jeans in the store seems optimal, but at home it turns out that the legs are too short or vice versa too long. Such an undesirable effect is a direct result of selection errors. Let us dwell on them in more detail:

  • do not choose trousers (or order sewing trouser legs in an atelier) without shoes. When buying things in the summer, they try on shoes with flat soles. And in the fall, when jeans are put on together with high-heeled shoes, it turns out that the legs are short. To avoid such a misunderstanding, take a pair of shoes with which you will often wear denim pants with you to a store or atelier.
  • It’s worth checking how the model will behave during movement. Sit deep several times and see how high the leg section is. He should not open a bone on his leg (when choosing a classic model). It is also worth trying to sit on a chair or bend your leg strongly. In this case, the jeans should not open the toe,
  • it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of denim and the presence of synthetic fibers in the fabric. If their content is large, there is a risk that the model will sit down after washing and become smaller. High-quality fabric with a high cotton content almost does not sit.

Given these rules, it is much easier to choose jeans of suitable length. As a last tip, it should be said that fashion trends and recommendations of stylists can still not be considered as an indisputable truth. The final measure will be your own sense of style, then the choice will be flawless!

What affects the correct length of trousers (shoes, style, physique)?

Perhaps someone had to deal with such a problem when in the store it seemed that the thing looked perfect, but you came home and realized that the purchase was unsuccessful.

In order not to spend extra money and not clutter up the wardrobe with useless things, you need to clearly know some rules of choice. For high and medium height can recommend:

  • Skinny jeans with flat shoes.
  • Lowered trousers (low rise) visually reduce long legs. The same rule applies to products with lapels or models with a shortened length.
  • Color pick up dark, in contrast with a light top.
  • Flared jeans.
  • Models with wide lapels and massive shoes.

Attention! Ideal jeans should sit a bit loose. If the fabric is able to stretch 2 cm in the hips or there is such a margin, then the model sits perfectly on the figure.

Low people prefer to wear:

  • Straight models, slightly narrowed down with a heel, as well as boyfriends (for slender girls).
  • High waist pants.
  • Products of dark colors, but not black. For example, brown, gray, etc.
  • Small lapels.

Future purchases may be affected by current style trends.

Jeans for men

Creating the perfect denim look in men, it is necessary to correlate the cut and the length of the pants. A plus of the modern world is the ability to correct mistakes in any atelier, after acquiring trousers of the wrong length. However, it is worth deciding on the size while in the store, in order to avoid further incidents with knee displacement and improper fit of the cut of the calf muscles.

You should understand the main parameters taken into account when choosing pants:

  1. It is necessary to measure the length from the inner thigh (perineum) to the foot (ankle). This parameter is indicated by the letter L - (Lenght), and sometimes you can notice a different designation - Inseam.
  2. Under the value of the Latin letter W, you can determine the waist circumference.

It is worth noting that all the symbols on the jeans indicate the size in inches and to convert the length to centimeters, you need to multiply the inch by 2.54.

Classic style denim pants

It is necessary to spend a lot of time, and to understand how long jeans should be men's classic style, sitting perfectly in the width and length of the leg. In determining the correct model, you should find out a number of parameters:

  1. Pants should be slightly longer than the leg itself, so that an optimal fold is formed in the junction of the leg with the shoe, not exceeding 3 cm in thickness. It is important that the length of the fabric is not greater than this value, otherwise, the view will become ridiculous.
  2. When examining jeans from behind, the lower part should cover half the heel, it depends on how to choose shoes with the right length. You can not completely hide the sole, the selected shoes, the minimum distance of the trouser leg from the floor is 1 cm.

With a classic cut of jeans pants, in addition to length standards, there are various styles of wearing jeans, which depend on the preference and different styles of the image. Species differ markedly from each other, especially in comparison with the photo.

Skinny style

After the fashion spread to a narrow cut of jeans products for men, the question arose of what is the correct jeans length for this style.

  1. Most often, this style is selected for sports shoes - sneakers or sneakers, then the edge of the trousers should end at the top of the shoe, at the level of the ankle, and the lacing should remain open.
  2. In no case do not pull narrow primers on the shoes, they should fit the leg, not the shoes.
  3. Pants, like skinny, it is permissible to choose a little longer than the usual size, to form a small fold.
  4. When wearing a similar model, it is worth abandoning massive shoes.

When choosing skinny jeans, you should check them in motion - jeans should not expose a bone when bending your legs.

Hem pants

Once, the unscrewing of the legs was a practical necessity, but now, on the contrary, the trend of fashion trends. People arbitrarily purchase jeans in order to tuck them in the future. It's about personal preferences and tastes.

It is worth paying attention to an important detail that fabric that has not undergone the sanitation procedure will give considerable shrinkage, up to 10%, which will affect the length of the product. Therefore, when purchasing jeans with a twist, you need to pay attention to the percentage of stretching.

Often, pants with a zipper are made of sanded denim, which minimizes shrinkage of the fabric. Otherwise, you should choose a jeans length longer than necessary.

Jeans for women

For women, one can say that everything is much simpler, due to the variety of styles and the available options for the length of the trousers, however, this complicates, because not everyone knows how to choose the right jeans. And, some 2 cm, can play an important role in completing the female image. The length of jeans for women can both highlight advantages and expose flaws.

Choose the right one

As mentioned above, the invariable rule of how long women's jeans should be depends on the bottom of the leg. The freer the edge, the longer the pants:

  1. If the width of the lower edge is up to 27 cm, the pants are called flared, the style covers the heel, but the fabric does not touch the floor, and reaches the middle of the heel. Such a cut, using shoes with heels, will add growth and give the female figure harmony, reducing extra centimeters from the hip area.
  2. With the width of the lower edge of 23 - 25 cm, trousers are meant as straight classic, with a length of 3 cm shorter than the previous ones. If flared jeans are allowed to reach the floor, then the fabric of female straight models does not go below the middle of the heel, even if the shoes are flat.
  3. Jeans with 20 cm in width should slightly expose the ankle, but pay attention to the leg circumference in this place. If the ankle is too thin, the trousers are selected longer, or with a narrow cut, otherwise, in contrast to the leg, the narrowed pants will turn into classic ones. This rule also applies to boyfriend jeans, which have a twist, but not too wide, which can visually shorten the length of the legs.
  4. Pants with a lower edge width exceeding 27 cm should touch the floor, but not drag along it.

Right Turn

Like men's jeans, women are also allowed to tuck. It looks stylish and meets fashion criteria. Jeans are not suitable for any fit.

    The style and color of the product affect the width of the lapel. Dark-colored jeans and narrowed to the bottom are combined with a cuff width of up to 6 cm. For light jeans with a free edge, it is better to reduce the width of the lapel to 4 cm. Tight-cut pants do not tuck more than two times. The cuff of the gateway is ironed, which gives the image accuracy. Boat shoes or moccasins are suitable for tucked up jeans. It is worth refusing to tuck flared pants, this indicates a lack of taste.

It is important, when choosing a heel, give preference to a narrow turn in one layer. The wider the cuffs on the bottom of the jeans, the lower the heel.

Fashionable trends among youth

Every year, fashion designers offer new looks for men and women. This season will be popular combination of soft and discreet colors, skinny and at the same time wide jeans. The following directions are accepted in fashion:

  • skinny pants for both sexes
  • women's flared jeans and pipes,
  • the presence of scuffs and decorations on the product (embroidery, ornaments, stripes, patches),
  • high and low landing
  • lapels.

The combination of denim top and bottom is back. It will not be considered bad form to wear jeans together with a jacket, shirt or jacket of the same material.

Women's jeans length

Classic cut.

Classic is always in demand due to its versatility. They suit everyone regardless of height and shape of the product owner. This is known to both designers and manufacturers. Such a cut is characterized by straight lines, can be narrowed down. Such products should cover half the heel.


The length of this style should be selected for shoes. If the fair sex spends most of the time in heels, then jeans should cover him or the sole completely. If you combine flared with flat shoes, then the leg should reach the floor.

Skinny jeans (skinny).

Despite the features of the female body, such models can reach the ankle or completely cover the heel.

Men's jeans. What should be the length?

Men, like women, should also choose the correct jeans length. Excessively long trousers add sloppy appearance. The surrounding people get the impression that a person bought the last pair of trousers in a hurry at a sale, not even trying them on.

Too short trousers shorten the legs and give the image of a boy in short trousers, looking like a poor guy from a neighboring lane. The length of men's jeans depends mainly on the style of the product.

The length of the classic models

Things have a straight cut or slight narrowing to the bottom. There are several indications that jeans of this type are of ideal length:

  • in front of the shoe there should be one fold (maximum 3 cm in height),
  • the boot should be covered at the back, the edge of the leg should not touch the floor,
  • the distance from the bottom of the jeans to the sole or heel should be about 2 cm.

Important! When choosing jeans trousers, it is also necessary to take into account the width and their fit. The product should not be fastened with force and restrict movement.

Skinny Jeans Length

Skinny denim pants are often found on modern fashionistas. They perfectly emphasize the outlines of the male figure, but also do not fit it. For the right choice, the following rules should be considered:

  • if sneakers or sneakers are matched to the jeans, they should end where the shoes start or be slightly below this level, about the ankle,
  • tight jeans cannot be pulled on shoes, they should fit the leg,
  • this type of clothing is allowed to be worn with small folds below or in a tucked-up position,
  • skinny jeans cannot be combined with tall and massive shoes.

For reference! In order not to make a mistake with the choice, always try on jeans with shoes with which you are going to wear them.

Tucking up jeans

Boys and girls tuck jeans. Such a sock is considered not only fashionable, but also a practical solution. Female models, bought specifically for the heel, look ugly if you wear them with flat shoes. A small lapel and jeans turn into a completely different model, which perfectly emphasizes the figure and hides the flaws.

The same goes for men. Guys make lapels to appear taller or shorter.

How to tuck jeans?

There are several ways to tuck legs. The product is wrapped one, two, three or four times:

  • For classic models, one-time tucking from 2.5 cm to 4.5 cm is appropriate. Wide cuffs are usually done on men's jeans.
  • Double cuffs have a height of not more than 2 cm.
  • For a three-layer tucking, the jeans are first folded 6 cm. Then the resulting cuffs are 3 cm high, folded two more times 2 cm.
  • An average bend is obtained if you fold the leg 4 cm four times.
  • A thin lapel is performed when turning the trouser leg 1 cm three or four times.

Attention! It is not advisable to experiment with lapels in the cold season. Hypothermia of the lower legs can trigger a cold or joint disease in the future.

What shoes to wear tucked jeans with?

In order for the shoes to be combined with the folding, it is necessary to learn the rule that high folds look good with large shoes. Small-height lapels are appropriate with light footwear, for example, with sneakers, sneakers, summer shoes.

If the folding on a product of medium size (no more than 4 cm), then it will fit any type of shoe.

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