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Why there is a weak potency and how to treat it

Normal potency for males is quite important. With a weak erection, uncertainty appears, fear of sex, psychological complexes are formed. It is not recommended to engage in self-restoration of potency. With improper treatment, a man can become impotent at all.

Types of Disorder

The release of testosterone leads to a nervous reaction, which contributes to irritation of the tissues of the penis. As a result, blood circulation increases and excessively much blood enters the penis. It fills all the cavities of the male penis, which causes an erection. The penis is maintained in this state by special valves. Excitation is accompanied by the release of hormones and sperm.

If changes occur at any of the above stages, then male weakness is observed. Potency disorders can be of several types:

  • an erection is very short,
  • no ejaculation
  • during sex, excitement disappears,
  • insufficient fullness of the penis with blood.

All of these cases are accompanied by psychological problems. The man is concerned about the lethargy of the penis, the disappearance of interest in sex and the inability to complete the act. This further provokes a weakening of potency.

The first signs of the disease are a rare erection, ejaculation at the beginning of sex or after a quick end. During sexual intercourse, the potency partially or completely suddenly disappears. Sperm release does not occur.


The causes of potency problems in 30 years are conditionally divided into two groups. The physiological ones are:

  • infectious diseases,
  • pelvic inflammation
  • hormonal disruptions
  • taking certain medications
  • malfunctioning of the central nervous system,
  • bad habits,
  • prostate diseases
  • inflammation of the urethra,
  • pelvic abnormalities (for example, curvature of the penis),
  • diabetes,
  • member damage.

The psychological causes of low potency include:

  • Depression
  • chronic fatigue,
  • stress, apathy,
  • failure syndrome (fear of intimacy).

The reason for the weak potency is sometimes the lack of regular sex. This causes a malfunction in the work of the reproductive system, the work of the cardiovascular and nervous is disrupted. A weak erection sometimes develops due to long cycling. Here the arteries are pinched, through which blood is delivered to the penis.

If potency is lost, this can happen against the background of gum disease. At this time, immunity is greatly weakened, which provokes heart pathology. Blood flow is disturbed. Arteries narrow in diameter, and blood enters in small quantities.

The reason why male dignity is poor is the use of drugs. For example, even simple seemingly marijuana greatly reduces the amount of testosterone in the blood. Poor erection also occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle. The causes of weak potency in men sometimes become a combination of several unfavorable factors at the same time. A weak erection is often the result of a serious illness.

Signs of decreased potency

Clear signs that potency is waning are:

  • a man ceases to have a desire for sex,
  • he is not interested in a woman
  • there is no erection during foreplay and in the morning,
  • erection weakens during intercourse.

All this means that you should go for a consultation with a specialist.

How to treat weak potency

Those who are faced with a weakening of male strength asks themselves the question of how to treat poor potency. This problem should be taken seriously. If you don’t know which doctor to contact with poor potency, then the answer will be multifaceted. It all depends on the cause of the disease, but first you need to go to the andrologist. This specialist conducts an examination and examines the patient, depending on the factor that affected potency, a specialist consultation may be prescribed. Such as a psychologist, sex therapist, urologist, proctologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist and even a nutritionist.

Low potency in 30 years, can occur for various reasons, the treatment methods are similar in all cases.

Balanced diet

Any doctor will first recommend a diet for the patient. In order not to deteriorate potency, you need to ensure that the food is balanced. You need to use:

  • lean meat and fish,
  • dairy and lactic acid products,
  • fruits and vegetables,
  • nuts
  • honey,
  • seafood,
  • eggs
  • greens,
  • cereals.

Weakening potency in men also arises from a lack of vitamins of groups B, E, A. They are found in strawberries and strawberries, garlic and onions, bananas, oranges, grapefruits, apricots, pomegranates, nuts and tomatoes.

Excluded from the diet should be alcoholic drinks of energy, convenience foods, spicy and fatty foods. Many men do not control themselves, and then ask why they have poor potency.

In addition to poor-quality food, a man can consume a large amount of it, which contributes to the rapid weight gain, obesity. This also leads to a weakening of male strength. You should monitor your diet, do not overeat, eat often, but in small portions.

Avoid Conflicts

A weakened potency at 30, may be for a psychological reason. In this case, a consultation with a psychologist and sex therapist is mandatory. It is necessary to exclude all stressful situations, worry less, take everything calmly. Very often, those men who have problems in the family and constant quarrels with their wife suffer. And if malfunctions at work are added to this, then the result is obvious - a decrease in potency.

Various sedatives or antidepressants can be prescribed by a specialist.

Perhaps you should talk with your soulmate, explain to her the whole situation. It is often recommended that you go to an appointment with a therapist and a sex therapist. This will enable a woman to reconsider her attitude to a man, change and help her husband mentally solve this problem.

Active lifestyle

You have a bad erection and you don’t know what to do? More traffic!

If you lead an inactive lifestyle and do not know what to do if potency has become weaker, then you just need to become a more active person. You need to play sports and move more, then you will not only improve sexual health, but also strengthen immunity in general.

Comfortable underwear

Go through your wardrobe. First remove all tight laundry. Leave underwear that does not constrict the genitals. It is important to wear panties made of natural materials.

Remove all skinny jeans and trousers. Such clothes worsen the flow of blood to the penis, this may cause male weakness.

Massage therapy with low potency

Sometimes doctors attribute a course of special massage. If it is not possible to systematically visit the massage room, then it is advisable to master this technique yourself. You can do self-massage or train a partner in this matter.

Such treatment of poor potency can give good results if you do massage regularly.

Symptoms of Potency Disorder

The first signs that potency begins to fall:

  • desire and arousal are present, but it takes longer than usual to reach the required level of erection
  • an erection occurs on time, but is unstable,
  • groundless premature ejaculation.

It is important to differentiate organic impairment of potency from psychogenic. In the first case, the cause may be a serious illness.

From the age of 30, men begin to decrease testosterone production by about 1-2% annually. It should be noted that in some cases the pace of approaching andropause is accelerated, so the probability of its first manifestations, even at an early age, should not be discounted.

It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor to check the level of hormones if, along with a deterioration in potency, the following symptoms are present:

  • fatigue, depression,
  • bouts of heart palpitations, increased pressure,
  • excessive sweating
  • dry skin, thinning of the hair in the groin and armpits,
  • decrease in seminal fluid pressure during ejaculation,
  • bone aches, decreased muscle strength and endurance,
  • unreasonable weight gain.

Drug treatment of low potency

Sometimes a doctor may resort to treatment with drugs. Such drugs with low potency in men are able to normalize blood flow, improve erection.

These include:

These drugs stimulate an erection. Assigned to men who have a weak erection or weakened male strength. Before use, be sure to consult your doctor.

Even with low potency, do not despair. It is necessary to start treatment in a timely manner and not let everything drift, as temporary dysfunction can develop into a disease.

Treatment of low potency in men will take some time, but the result will definitely be positive.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Young youths often ignore calls for a healthy lifestyle, not noticing how they gradually create conditions for the development of chronic diseases, including impotence. A serious threat to reproductive function is smoking, which destroys the cardiovascular system and inhibits the work of the testicles.

Nicotine has a negative effect on potency on both sides at once:

  • reduces the throughput of blood vessels, interfering with the normal blood supply of the cavernous bodies of the penis when excited,
  • inhibits the synthesis of testosterone, disrupts the structure and motility of sperm. In smokers, the nicotine content in semen is 2 times higher than in blood. In addition, the body is actively accumulating cadmium and lead. The vasoconstrictive effect of nicotine leads to oxygen starvation of the testicles and atrophy of the Leydig cells that produce testosterone in them.

The greatest damage to the potency of young men is caused by beer due to the high content of phytoestrogens. Female type obesity is not only a loss of a normal physical form, but also a sign of an imbalance in the endocrine system: male hormones go into the minority, as female hormones are constantly synthesized by adipose tissue and come from outside.

Helps reduce potency unbalanced and irrational nutrition. Refined foods and trans fats have virtually no biological value for the body, but they actively provoke vascular atherosclerosis. Lipid spots and strips on the walls of the blood lines are observed even in preterm children. By the age of 30, the scale of the defeat becomes threatening. With poor quality of blood supply to the penis, a confident erection is impossible.

Constant sitting in an office chair or in an auto chair leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which affects the prostate and testicles. The prostate gland not only produces protein, which makes up a significant proportion of the volume of the ejaculate, but also fights pathogenic bacteria. Lack of normal blood flow and tissue nutrition leads to the development of inflammation, which can spread to the kidneys. The nerve endings responsible for the quality of the erection pass through the prostate, therefore the state of the gland directly affects potency.

Some men “disperse blood” with intensive exercises in the gym. It is important to consider that prolonged endurance cardio training leads to a decrease in testosterone levels and provokes the release of stress hormone - cortisol. Those seeking to gain muscle mass often use steroids in courses. These substances provoke a decrease in the synthesis of testosterone, replacing it with synthetic hormone. After discontinuation of drugs, a lack of androgens arises, which leads to sexual impotence.

Folk remedies for the treatment of weak potency

For those who do not recognize medical treatment, there are "grandmother" recipes that were used in ancient times. If a man’s potency has weakened, traditional medicine will tell you what to do and how to increase it.

What to do with a bad potency in a man? It is necessary to act immediately.

Such tools can help:

  1. honey with carrot juice
  2. Radiola extract
  3. St. John's wort infusions and decoctions,
  4. infusion of calamus root,
  5. honey with walnuts,
  6. infusion of herbs
  7. mummy with milk
  8. decoction of hop cones,
  9. garlic with onions,
  10. honey with ginger and nettle infusion.

All these folk remedies with low potency are very effective if you start using them immediately and regularly. A bad potency at 40 years old, regardless of the reason, can be cured, the same applies to men and 30 and 50 years old.

Honey with carrot juice will increase potency and normalize the work of other organs, enrich the body with vitamins. To do this, take 200 ml of fresh carrot juice, add a tablespoon of natural honey and two drops of olive oil. This composition is advisable to eat on an empty stomach in the morning.
Radiola Extract they drink twice a day, 7-8 drops. But before using this medication, you should consult a doctor and pay attention to side effects and contraindications.
If the potency has decreased, and you do not know what to do, then do St. John's wort broth. This herb contains male hormones. Use should be 20 ml 3-4 times a day, before meals.
Poor potency at 50 years old and at any other age will cure calamus root. To prepare, take the root of the plant and vodka, in the proportions of 1 to 5, insist 24 hours. After that, they drink half a teaspoon, three times a day, before eating.
Low potency in men, regardless of the causes of its occurrence, will raise composition of honey and walnuts. To do this, take a glass of chopped walnuts and mix it with the same amount of bee honey. After meals, three times a day you need to eat 1 tablespoon of this composition. After drinking milk, which should be warm. It will take about a month to be treated with this medicine.

What to do if a man has a weak potency, and all of the above ingredients are not? Use the proven method. Take dill, cilantro and parsley. A tablespoon of herbs is poured with 500 ml of boiling water. After the infusion has cooled and infused, you need to drink it before meals, 150 ml, twice a day.
Treatment of impaired potency in men of 55 years old must necessarily take place under the supervision of a doctor. But milk and mummy will be able to cope with the problem even at that age. 0.2 grams of mumiyo is bred in a small amount of water (2.5–5 ml). You need to drink milk. Take in the morning before meals and in the evening.
Good results decoction of hop cones. In 300 ml of water we put 2 tablespoons of chopped cones. It is drunk three times a week for two months.
If you are a lover of thrills, want to improve your health and gain masculine strength, then make the following mixture. Mix pulp of garlic and onion (1 to 2), eat before meals, twice a day.
If you still do not know what to do with a weakened potency, then take chopped ginger root and nettle leaves. Pour boiling water over them and let them brew. After that, add a small amount of honey to the infusion. Take 100 g once a day.

If you have low potency, and you still have not determined its causes, treatment with folk remedies will be just the way.Choose the most suitable, but do not forget to consult a doctor.

What to do if potency is weakened? It is necessary not to delay, urgently go to the andrologist. This specialist will conduct an examination and find out why a man has a weak potency. He will prescribe treatment, which will include a review of the patient’s diet and lifestyle. If traditional medicine is not able to help, then you will have to resort to medications.


Good potency is a reliable indicator of men's health in general. This means that the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems work smoothly.

The timeliness of the onset and the degree of hardness of an erection largely depends on the speed and quality of translation of nerve impulses coming from the brain and spinal cord to the penis and the corresponding muscles. If one of the organs is damaged due to illness or injury, neurogenic impotence occurs. Main reasons:

  • injuries, tumors and surgical interventions on the brain and spinal cord,
  • syringomyelia,
  • encephalitis,
  • cerebrovascular pathology,
  • hernia of the lumbosacral spine,
  • multiple sclerosis.

Vascular pathology

Good potency implies a complete and stable erection. The quality of the blood supply to the penis directly depends on the condition of the veins and arteries. Major vascular pathology, provoking problems with potency:

  1. Deposition of calcium salts on the walls and valves of blood vessels.
  2. Pathological contraction of the muscles of the vascular walls due to intoxication, stress, impaired nervous regulation, caffeine abuse, physical inactivity.
  3. Atherosclerosis is a narrowing of the vascular bed due to cholesterol deposits.

Prerequisites for the development of the above diseases often are bad habits - smoking and alcoholism. When nicotine is inhaled, the vessels dilate for a short time, then spasm simultaneously with an increase in pressure. Tobacco smoke toxins affect the inner lining of blood vessels, disrupt fat metabolism, stick together platelets, thicken blood, and worsen nerve conduction. These factors provoke problems not only with potency, but also with health in general.

Alcohol can contribute to vasodilation and relaxation of the nervous system. There is even a theory that drinkers do not have atherosclerosis, since ethyl alcohol dissolves fats. However, for this, you will have to drink it in such an amount that the positive effect of vascular cleansing is offset by the development of fatty degeneration of the liver and heart, as well as a high risk of hemorrhage in the brain. Liver intoxication also leads to a disruption in estrogen metabolism - the amount of female hormone increases, as its decay slows down.

The spermatogenic epithelium composed of Sertoli cells, which are connected by the mechanism of local regulation with Leydig cells, is very sensitive to alcohol and tobacco toxins. With regular use of alcohol, the synthesis of testosterone and sperm production is reduced. Alcohol also disrupts the interaction between nerve cells, which adversely affects potency and libido in general (more information about the effect of alcohol on male potency).

The cause of an unstable erection can be a venous leak - when the vein that removes blood from the penis is not compressed enough by the filled cavernous bodies. Sex drive and arousal during sex are not reduced. The cause of venous dysfunction is the aforementioned factors.

The vascular origin of problems with potency can be confirmed by additional symptoms: numbness, tingling in certain areas of the skin, pallor, periodic dizziness, high blood pressure.


According to order statistics 33% of potency problems occur in type 2 diabetes. This disease is diagnosed in every second man among those who consult doctors for sexual disorders.

Diabetes has a negative effect on potency in several directions at once:

  • Violation of patency of blood vessels due to thickening of their walls, microthrombosis, endothelial hypertrophy,
  • Nerve damage. Nerve tissue is extremely sensitive to circulatory disorders. As a result, the cells die, and their regeneration does not occur due to metabolic failures caused by diabetes. Both the peripheral (spinal cord) and the autonomic nervous system can be affected,
  • Decreased testosterone levels.

Along with impaired potency, one of the first symptoms of diabetes is periodic tingling in the legs, numbness of some areas, soreness in the places of passage of nerve trunks.

Hormonal pathology

Potency problems can occur in men with thyroid dysfunction. An excess of its hormones leads to an increase in the level of testosterone-binding globulins and estradiol. As a result, female hormone begins to prevail, which leads to problems with potency, increased nervousness. Thyroid insufficiency leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes, which is manifested by a decrease in sex drive, a deterioration in erection, joint pain, and excess weight. The lack of adequate therapy for this pathology in adolescents leads to impaired potency in adulthood.

One of the common causes of potency problems is decreased testosterone amid increased estrogen levels. The most common provocative factor is excess weight, and just one "beer" belly. Abdominal fat cells actively synthesize aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. At the same time, the level of proteins that inactivate the male sex hormone increases.

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Sex problems often occur in men who regularly lack sleep. If there is less than 7-8 hours of sleep, testosterone may decrease by 2 times.

Poor potency - a natural phenomenon in bodybuilders ("pitching") after discontinuation of steroid drugstaken to gain muscle mass and increase stamina. When synthetic testosterone enters the body, production of one’s own slows down or completely stops (can be seen by a decrease in testicle size). While the man is "on the course", with his potency everything is in order. After the cancellation, it is often necessary to take measures to restore it.

Neurogenic pathology

An erection is provided by the interaction of psychogenic and reflex factors. A sexual impulse is formed in the cerebral cortex under the influence of imagination or external pathogens, then it is transmitted to the lumbar spinal region, from where it goes directly to the penis - the mechanism of psychogenic erection. During physical stimulation, the impulse is transmitted in a different direction - from the point of exposure (erogenous zone) to the sexual centers of the spinal cord. So there is a reflex erection. That is, eif a man is not aroused without physical stimulation, then the reason may be a violation of the pituitary-hypothalamic system of the brain. If, when exposed to erogenous zones, an erection is weak and unstable, then a lesion of the lumbar spinal cord is likely.

A sharp decrease in potency may be caused by pinching in the back. Bundles of nerve endings depart from each vertebra, the compression of which by hernias or due to injuries leads to disruption of the functioning of the corresponding area of ​​innervation. For potency, 2-4 segments of the sacral department are responsible. Damage to the spinal cord at this level will also lead to erectile dysfunction. In men who often masturbate or have sex, depletion of the lumbar reproductive centers may occur.that will inevitably cause potency problems.

Other physiological causes of decreased potency

Incomplete erection can be caused by damage to the structure of the cavernous bodies of the penis: scarring due to inflammation caused by infections, intracavernous injections, injuries, Peyronie's disease.

Pain during intercourse is possible with prostate or call up. Prolonged inflammation of the prostate leads to atrophy of its tissues and a decrease in the level of testosterone in a bioactive form.

Some medications have a detrimental effect on potency, for example:

  1. Tricyclic antidepressants.
  2. Antiandrogen hormones.
  3. Drugs to relieve pressure.
Popular drugs for lowering blood pressure

Some herbs, although slightly, can lower potency: oregano, peppermint or curly mint, licorice root.

Surgery in the pelvic area (especially transurethral) often causes erectile dysfunction. A temporary violation of potency almost always occurs after instrumental transurethral studies.

Psychological reasons

Psychological problems can lead to a decrease in potency at any age. Most often, two factors provoke a violation:

  • Prolonged depressionin which a man loses his taste for life and the desire to do something at all. The reason for this condition is often loss of work and failure to find a new one,
  • Chronic stress caused by unresolved issues in your personal life or at work. In such a situation, the level of stress hormones is constantly increased, libido is automatically reduced.

A sharp decrease in potency can occur after a strong nervous shock or insult from a partner. Depending on the further development of events, sexual dysfunction may be temporary or develop into a chronic form.

Potency problems at different ages

For each age category of men, one can distinguish a characteristic set of reasons for the deterioration of potency:

  • 18-20 years old: excessive excitement, anxiety syndrome. At an early age, the psyche is especially mobile due to hormonal changes (more about problems with potency in young people),
  • 30-40 years old: congestive processes, vascular problems beginning, chronic stress, prostatitis,
  • 50-60 years old: age-related decrease in testosterone, diabetes mellitus, chronic prostatitis, atherosclerosis, taking medications.

When diagnosing, the age of the patient is an important factor in identifying the range of possible causes of problems with potency.


If potency disorders have become systematic, then should contact a urologist or andrologist (other doctors on male issues). Initially, it is important to exclude physical pathologies, for which a number of studies are carried out:

  1. Blood test for hormones, sugar level.
  2. Biomaterial collection for STD detection.
  3. Dopplerography of the vessels of the penis and pelvis.
  4. Determining the quality of member innervation.

According to the results of the survey and preliminary analyzes, the doctor prescribes treatment or directs the patient to specialized specialists - a neurologist, endocrinologist, psychologist.


In almost all cases of potency disorders, PDE-5 inhibitors are effective. (for example, "Viagra"). These drugs in a short time cause a significant increase in erection, which helps to overcome psychological barriers, improves the functioning of blood vessels, helps to restore the shape of cavernous bodies, the return of normal sexual reflexes. Self-administration of tablets is fraught with serious side effects.

With endocrine disorders, hormonal drugs are prescribednormalizing testosterone levels. It can be either stimulators of the production of one's own hormone (for example, for treating athletes after steroids), or hormone replacement therapy (most often used for men after 50 years).

Potency problems caused by vascular spasms are resolved by taking myotropic antispasmodic drugs. In some cases, normalizing the functioning of blood vessels helps the course technique of Impaz (homeopathic remedy). Alpha-adrenergic blockers (Yohimbine, Fentanyl) contribute to the expansion of arteries.

Dietary supplements and nutrition

The dietary supplement market is oversaturated with various means to increase potency. It is better to give preference to preparations containing proven components, the effectiveness of which was investigated and was confirmed (we reviewed them in this article). These include:

  • Ikariin (goryanka),
  • Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris),
  • Eurycoma longifolia
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins E, C, A, Group B,
  • Zinc, selenium, magnesium.

The activity of these components is aimed at accelerating blood flow, cleansing and expansion of blood vessels, improving nerve conduction, stabilizing hormonal levels. Zinc is able to suppress aromatase activity, therefore it is especially useful for overweight men and those who take aromatic preparations of testosterone.

The effect of taking supplements may be reduced due to bad habits. In most cases, to improve potency, simply stop smoking and drink regularly.

Supplements will work more efficiently if the diet is properly balanced. Sweet carbonated drinks, fast food, trans-fat confectionery should be excluded. The body needs much more quality protein and fiber.

Physical activity

Physical form has a direct effect on potency. A passive lifestyle is not only a decreased muscle tone, but also the development of stagnant processes in the pelvic area.Exercise at the gym and regular exercise with moderate weights - An effective way to improve potency by increasing blood flow and stimulating testosterone production. The most effective are regular squats, which can be performed at home (more information about exercises to enhance potency).

The easiest workout option is Kegel exercisesthat you can do anywhere. Strengthening intimate muscles will not only enhance potency and control ejaculation, but also serve as a prevention of prostatitis.

If the potency has weakened due to psychological problems, then they can be solved either by introspection and training, or by contacting a therapist. In chronic stress, quality physical relaxation is important. Good options are bath, acupuncture, swimming, massage.

Prevention of problems with potency

The most effective and affordable measure to prevent potency disorders is vascular care: smoking cessation, regular physical activity, intake vitamins. It is more difficult to deal with stress and depression (however, you can learn to work with them). You can try light antidepressants on herbs. Ginseng tincture helps to tone up.

To avoid the development of serious diseases It’s useful to donate blood for sugar and hormones once every six months. If you suspect urological pathologies, you should immediately consult a doctor, without waiting for their transition to the chronic stage.

Table of normal indicators of hormone tests in men

Potency Products

The cause of weak potency at 50 years old is not always age-related changes. Erection is influenced by bad habits, stress. What to do if there are problems with potency? It is recommended to include in your diet a number of products that contribute to the stabilization of potency:

  • nuts
  • honey,
  • seafood,
  • steamed meat and fish,
  • various greens
  • dairy products.

Since the causes of decreased potency are sometimes overweight, nutritionists recommend a diet without including too high-calorie, fried and spicy foods. It is necessary to minimize the amount of consumed flour products and sugar. It is useful to abandon beer and carbonated drinks, they contribute to weight gain.

Weak erection therapy

What to do if not worth a member? You need not to waste time and consult a urologist. He will conduct a diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem. Treatment is not required in all cases. Sometimes you need to get rid of bad habits and put your nerves in order. According to statistics, in 60% of cases, potency disappears due to nervous stress, self-doubt, so sometimes you need to undergo a course of therapy with a psychologist. A man needs to believe in himself, his strength and the problem will disappear by itself.

Treatment of low potency is usually complex. Of the medicines, drugs based on sildenafil or tadalafil are prescribed. They contribute to the normalization of blood circulation and improve "masculine strength." If overweight is the cause of the weakened potency, then a nutritionist should be consulted. Diagnosis of the cause and treatment of sluggish potency in the initial stage is best. If stress or overwork became the fault of low potency, just take a vacation.

Restore an erection helps massage. However, a single session does not help - the procedure must be carried out regularly. If the causes of weak potency are psychological in nature, you need to contact a sex therapist. The potency is well influenced by physical activity. This is especially shown for men with a sedentary lifestyle, who have sedentary work.

Symptoms in young men of poor erection may appear due to tight tight underwear. It constricts the penis, impaired blood circulation. There is no treatment required. To restore an erection, it is enough to start wearing more loose underwear made from natural fabrics, better than cotton.

At the first signs of impotence, the cause of the disease is clarified. If necessary, erectile preparations are prescribed that improve, normalize blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, sedatives. At the same time, it is necessary to do a set of special exercises.

From physiotherapy, the vacuum-constrictor method is used. The procedure is done with a special cylinder, which is put on the penis. This contributes to its blood supply.

The second method is shock wave. During the procedure, sound waves of different frequencies are used. As a result, blood circulation improves, metabolic processes normalize, and tissues become denser. Weak erectile dysfunction is enhanced to normal.

Surgery is the most extreme way to regain potency. However, unfortunately, sometimes only radical measures can help.

Potency Prevention

Prevention of erectile function is very important. This can prevent the development of impotence. It is necessary to wear loose underwear made from natural fabrics.

In order not to weaken the potency, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad habits. It is necessary to eat properly, on the table should be present all the vitamins necessary for the body (the best vitamin complexes for men). To avoid male impotence you need to get enough sleep. Nervous exhaustion and fatigue are poorly reflected in potency.

Men should be checked by a urologist at least once a year. Even at a young age and in the absence of signs of genital disease. As a preventive measure, it is necessary to play sports, move more, periodically take baths with medicinal herbs and sea salt.

You can’t drink pills for male impotence without consulting a doctor and establishing the exact cause of the disease. Impotence can signal a serious illness, such as prostatitis. To establish the causes of male impotence, diagnosis is necessary. In the initial stages, the disease is easily treated, so you should not delay a visit to the urologist, time is very important.

The restoration of potency is a rather lengthy process. There can be many reasons for a weak erection. Often, to restore “masculine power”, it is enough to change the way of life, remove the provoking factors or just have a good rest - and treatment is not required. It is recommended once a year (at least) to go on vacation. It is much easier to prevent male impotence in advance than to restore it later.

The main causes of weakening potency

Weak potency in men is due to a decrease in libido. Libido - sexual desire, passion, physical attraction. If the level of desire falls, the sexual opportunity decreases. Of course, this phenomenon may be temporary. Everyone, even the strongest and healthiest man, can misfire. It's quite normal. After all, no one is safe from physical and mental overwork, stressful situations. But, if weak potency is observed for a long time, constantly, there is a problem. So, the physiological and psychological causes of weak potency are distinguished.

Physiological reasons

Such reasons should include any concomitant diseases. Potency is weakening against the background of the presence of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. So, balanitis, urethritis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis can provoke a temporary decrease in erection. These diseases require immediate treatment. Otherwise, complications may occur in the form of impotence, male infertility. Therefore, with a weakening of potency for a long time, a man needs to contact a doctor urologist for help.

Among other diseases that provoke a weak potency in men, one can distinguish the following:

  • Diabetes,
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • Atherosclerosis,
  • Hormonal disbalance,
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Injuries to the back, spine, spinal cord,
  • Congenital pathologies of the development of genital organs,
  • The inflammatory process of the genitourinary system,
  • Malnutrition
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle,
  • Prostatitis.

Very often, diseases of the cardiovascular system develop with age. With poor condition of the vessels, their blockage, their narrowing occurs. Under such conditions, blood ceases to flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis during arousal. In this case, the erection will be weak or absent. To find out the root cause, you need to consult a doctor. Only after this can an effective treatment be started.

Psychological factors

Weak potency at a young age very often develops due to an unstable psycho-emotional background. On the state of the psyche work, stress lays its mark. It is with regular stressful situations that the level of libido decreases, and accordingly the potency. Such phenomena are temporary, and when the root cause is eliminated, full potency is restored again. So, among psychological factors, we can distinguish the following:

  • Depression,
  • Insomnia,
  • Overwork,
  • Excessive mental and physical stress,
  • Unsuccessful first sexual experience,
  • Failure Syndrome
  • Headache,
  • Dissatisfaction with the sexual partner.

What to do?

Weak potency, what to do in this case? There are many ways to increase and restore normal potency in men. Initially, consult a doctor. Having identified the main cause of the pathology, the doctor will be able to prescribe the correct, effective treatment. It is worth remembering that any problem is solvable, and it is not worth falling over the ear. This will only aggravate the situation. As a rule, when potency is weakened, taking serious medications to stimulate an erection is not required. The doctor will conservatively eliminate the inflammation, resume the hormonal background, rid the genitourinary system of the infection. After eliminating the root cause, potency will resume by itself.

Representatives of both traditional and traditional medicine can advise taking alternative drugs. Among the herbs that increase potency are popular:

Herbs can be brewed in the form of tea, and consumed throughout the day. In any pharmacy there is an opportunity to purchase alcohol tincture of ginseng. The drug is intended specifically to improve potency. It is necessary to take 20-25 drops twice a day for a month. In this case, the work of the central nervous system will improve. So, sleep is normalized, stress resistance will increase. Therefore, ginseng tincture will help eliminate the psychological factor.


For male power, nutritional quality plays an important role. Many products can both enhance and inhibit sexual capabilities. You can restore the hormonal background, increase the libido level with the help of foods rich in vitamins B, E, zinc, selenium, iron, potassium and calcium. Therefore, the daily diet of a young person should consist of such food:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • Citrus,
  • Garlic,
  • Chives
  • Parsley, basil,
  • Sour cream,
  • Dietary meats
  • Chicken eggs,
  • Seafood,
  • Nuts
  • Honey.

Zinc and selenium contribute to the active production of the male sex hormone testosterone. Iron improves blood condition. Potassium strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them flexible and passable. Therefore, healthy food is the key to male sexual activity. It is worth excluding fatty, fried, smoked, highly salty and sweet foods. Any alcohol is also prohibited.

Movement is the key to strong potency

To restore and maintain a full-fledged male power, it is very important to lead an active lifestyle. Sports activities normalize blood pressure, restore blood flow in the pelvic organs, eliminate inflammation, and contribute to the active synthesis of testosterone. In addition, regular moderate exercise in the gym is great after a hard day's work. So, sleep is getting better, the work of the whole nervous system. For men, the most mobile sports are very useful: running, swimming, football, basketball. In general, weak potency is very common, and quickly, effectively cured. You just need to follow all the recommendations of a specialist, and observe a healthy lifestyle.

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