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Street style of clothing for guys. The basis of modern men's fashion.

More recently, fashion assumed strict observance of certain rules in clothes, otherwise you might be considered a “gray mouse” or a pretentiously dressed eccentric.

But today the street style of clothing is becoming more and more popular, which literally captured the whole world with its simplicity combined with originality and showiness. Needless to say, today not only ordinary people, but also world celebrities choose this trend in fashion in their everyday and even creative lives.

History of street style

But at some point, young people began to appear on the streets of such megalopolises as Paris, New York and Tokyo, who broke all stereotypes - they were dressed not at all according to the canons of the usual fashion. They combined completely seemingly incompatible things, but at the same time looked very original (for example, a combination of a large T-shirt with an unusual print and a long skirt). So the street style popular today was born.

According to some sources, street fashion first began to appear on the streets of Japanese cities in the 1980s, while another theory says that manifestations of this style originated thirty years earlier in England. Today, Street Style clothing has become popular all over the world. Such images began to appear on the streets of cities of the post-Soviet space quite recently - just a couple of years ago, young people appreciated such combinations and trends. It is important to note that this style, unlike many others, is loved by girls and young people, it is suitable for all ages from young to old. And this is his special charm.

Street style features

An exceptional feature of street style is the absence of any rules. The dominant principle of creating outfits in a street style is convenience - it is important not only to attract the attention of others in your incomparable manner, but to dress in comfortable clothes that will help to show your personality. The main things in this style are jeans and pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts, sweatshirts.

Street-style clothing is a casual style. These are images that are used every day, combining convenience and spectacular extravagance. When compiling street style look, it is important to adhere to the following principles:

  • 1. Convenience. Extremely comfortable clothing models are selected that will allow you to feel confident throughout the day.
  • 2. Self-expression. This is an important part of the female and male street style. Now everyone has the right to dress as his personal taste requires, and not just the trends offered by fashion magazines. T-shirts or sweatshirts with prints devoted to a variety of topics are often used for self-expression.
  • 3. Effectiveness. Despite the fact that when compiling a female or male street style outfit, it is not at all necessary to use branded and luxury items that have a high cost, it is necessary to make sure that the resulting image looks spectacular. This style involves the separation from the "gray mass" with the help of original combinations, unusual things. But street style does not like pretentiousness. Therefore, it is enough to add youth or palace to your original t-shirt to look really cool.

All these features of style have become fundamental - a person can express himself, look beautiful and stylish, while feeling completely comfortable.

Key Trends Street Style

Stylish street styles are not built just like that. There are a number of certain trends that help fans of this style look really original and fashionable, and not be absurd. In the wardrobe of a connoisseur of this style there can be a variety of things - skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and jeans, T-shirts and much more. To understand what a straight style bow is and to dress correctly, you need to take into account some important trends in this style:

There are absolutely no restrictions on the color scheme of clothes, shoes or accessories in this style. Much more important is their original combination. However, black color and its shades are considered especially harmonious for street styles, as they are absolutely universal. But it is not supposed to use exclusively dark things, but to add a bright accent, which can be either tiny (in the form of an accessory or a print on a T-shirt), or very large (a cardigan or a coat of a juicy color). Bright color T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatshirts, skirts, sweaters and hats juicy paint the streets at any time of the year, thanks to the connoisseurs of street style.

Solid boring things are a thing of the distant past - today various T-shirts, skirts, pants and T-shirts are especially appreciated by Thrasher, Palace, Sputnik and other things of skate brands. What it will be is not important, since street fashion gives complete freedom of choice of images for clothes. You can choose bright pineapples or discreet flowers, a logo of a famous brand or a picture dedicated to your favorite actor to design your skirt - any option looks appropriate and original.

Stylish bows of street style make it possible to use a variety of shoes. For girls, these are mainly low-speed shoes - various ballet shoes, gladiator sandals, sneakers and boots. But the heel also does not go completely into the background - in some images it can add amazing femininity or dilute too crude combinations, adding elegance. Street style for men involves the use of non-classic types of shoes, sneakers, loafers and other popular models of shoes. It is worth noting that often the shoes are the brightest accent, especially if the whole outfit is dark - in this case, saturated rich colors are chosen.

Using accessories is crucial in street style. It can be bracelets, scarves, sunglasses and various hats from a baseball cap to a hat. Harmoniously selected such details will make the image complete and unique. The main rule of using such details is minimalism, you should not use many accessories at once, since they can overload the image.

Men's street style - the history of the style

Street style or street style, according to stylists, is recognized as the most promising, because it allows a man to show originality, extraordinary and stand out from the crowd. It is these characteristic features that distinguish street style from other fashion trends. Fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan are not complete without street style collections.

Street style originated in an era of great change - after the end of the Second World War, when life gradually revived and this was reflected in all spheres of life. In the 50s of the last century, the film “Savage” was released on the screens with great success with the magnificent Marlon Brando in the title role.

His image - an independent, confident biker - shaped the attitude towards fashion among the younger generation. The post-war revival, the fascination with informal clothes and motorcycles - these are the main factors that influenced the appearance of street style.

Progressive youth, aimed at self-education and achieving high goals, demonstrated their intentions in clothing. The desire to look stylish, elegant, no doubt, was reflected in the wardrobe - skinny pants appeared, jackets of a laconic, restrained design, narrow ties.

Interesting fact! The most striking representatives of the street style of the middle of the last century are the British group “The Beatles”.

A generation of people born in the post-war years openly expressed their thoughts, were not afraid to criticize politicians and take an active part in rallies. The rebellious spirit was fully manifested in the clothes - things made in the style of minimalism gradually disappeared from the wardrobes, and instead, bright hippy things of a free cut appeared.

Of particular value was the beauty of the body and fortitude. Sports clubs, electronic music, discos became popular. Clothing combined functionality, practicality and comfort. During this period, technologies for the production of fabrics were actively developed, artificial textile - elastic, bright, durable, gained great popularity.

Street style is a reliable basis of modern men's fashion. Street style is a unique direction, combining the characteristic features of such areas as casual, punk, grunge, vintage. To create an impeccable image in the style of street style, it is important to be able to combine things of different styles, but similar in spirit. This is a subtle art that can be learned.

How to combine street-style clothes?

When designing outfits in street style 2020, the main rule is a sense of proportion. This style direction can easily be called mixed, as it is possible to combine both sports and classic things in one look. For example, a combination of long or maxi midi skirts with elongated sweatshirts or even sweatshirts is popular among women of fashion. Also, skirts and dresses are often worn with sneakers.

Girls can even choose men's clothing elements for their outfit - the combination of a voluminous shirt or sweatshirt with tight jeans looks not only original, but also elegant. Plus, it's just incredibly convenient.

In men, a combination of several styles in one can consist, for example, in using a shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers at the same time. T-shirts and sweatshirts in combination with various types of shorts and jeans are especially popular among men.

Street clothing 2017 - bright trends

A modern man is a multifaceted personality - elegant, brutal, metrosexual, intellectual, athlete. Supporting such a complex image, men pay special attention to the choice and combination of clothes. After all, an attractive appearance helps to create the image of a successful person who can solve any problems.

Street Style 2020. What is fashionable today?

Each season, Street Style opens up new facets - these are new wardrobe elements, fashionable combinations and the use of many accessories.

In the spring-summer 2020 season, boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans, which must be present in the wardrobe, are especially popular. They can be monophonic, have a variety of prints scuffed - to the taste of a fashionista. Also in fashion this season, capri pants and leggings, lace tops and print models, various non-classic jackets (for girls, large “men's” sizes are preferred), sneakers, sneakers, jeans and linen dresses, as well as tractor-soled shoes.

Autumn and winter 2020 in a street style are original combinations in restrained and comfortable images. In these seasons, the use in the images of voluminous coats and cardigans of various colors and textures, high boots, leather jackets and fur coats, high-waisted trousers, and cropped sweaters is welcome. The images can be complemented by not too voluminous scarves, bags of an unusual shape and nontrivial hats.

Current trends of winter men's street fashion 2017

1. Fur.

Warmth and comfort in winter will be provided by traditional sheepskin coats with a zipper and a coat with a fur collar. A distinctive feature of outerwear is a free cut that does not restrict movement. Luxuriously and boldly look models, where against the background of dark fabric the fur of a contrasting shade brightly looks.

2. Jacket puffer.

This model is an ideal solution for men living in regions with difficult climatic conditions. Puffer is a unique model that warms and looks incredibly stylish even in severe frosts. It is enough to supplement the jacket with a pair of good shoes, a voluminous scarf and your image will surely arouse admiration and will not seem "hackneyed".

A few recommendations for choosing a puffer jacket:

  • if you choose a jacket of black or gray color, pick up bright accessories for it,
  • pay attention to models with an original print or a spectacular design (asymmetric pockets, quilted textiles),
  • the optimal length of the jacket is 5-10 cm below the buttocks.

3. The park.

If you prefer practicality in clothing, pay attention to the park. It is not surprising that the park is considered the most popular clothing for several seasons. At first glance, the jacket seems simple, straightforward, but with the skillful use of accessories, it can turn into a vivid detail of the everyday look.

The park blends perfectly with:

  • jeans
  • sweatshirts
  • simple knit sweaters.

A jacket can be combined with simple-fitting things; you should not combine it with a business suit. Stylists recommend choosing a park with a minimal set of decor. The accent can be wooden, large buttons or a fur trim on the hood. The image will complement and shade bright accessories - a scarf, hat, briefcase, gloves.

4. Massive scarves.

This item will remain relevant throughout the winter. The most relevant models are cashmere or wool, decorated with a large print. For such an image, sports shoes - insulated sneakers - will become an original addition.

5. Gloves.

This season is rightfully considered the era of the reign of gloves. This means that not a single street-style look can do without a pair of gloves. When creating an image in the style of street style, gloves are used as a balancer, add elegance, restraint, a certain conservatism. If it is a question of winter weather, choose gloves insulated with fur made of genuine leather. In all other cases, models made of wool or knitwear are quite suitable.

What to combine with?

When choosing clothes, the stronger sex must not forget about poise. Many do not understand this style, as it allows you to combine classic and sportswear.

For example, a man can combine a stylish shirt with sneakers and ripped jeans. They also like to combine shorts and jeans with t-shirts or sweatshirts. A classic jacket is perfect for jeans and a bright T-shirt.

You must have ties, tight trousers, bright and unusual shirts, jackets, hats, stylish and athletic shoes in your street wardrobe. The image can be emphasized with bright colors. Men like to wear jeans of different colors.

You can decorate your image with belts, spikes or unusual headdresses. Abrasions on clothes or sewn different pieces of fabric or leather are also very welcome.

Shorts and jacket

Shortened costume options are not suitable for everyone. At first glance, this combination seems rather strange. But if it suits you, you get the image of a vacationer on the Mediterranean. If the shorts cover the knees, the bow will be associated with a safari. Especially if the clothes are sand or beige.

It is important that the skin is at least a little tanned, otherwise the clothes will merge with it, losing expression.

Current trends of summer men's street fashion

Trousers of light shades can hardly be called a novelty, but thanks to the narrowed cut, this model in the wardrobe acquires a special chic and some extravagance. Undoubtedly, light pants will become a bright trend of the future summer season.

In Milan, they appreciated a narrowed, shortened model of white linen trousers. If the white color seems too geeky for you, pick up the pants in ivory or light cream. Trousers are perfectly combined with a shirt of a simple cut and a light jacket. For a casual look, a denim jacket and a pair of loafers are suitable.

2. Light suit in neutral colors.

An obvious favorite of the current season is the gray color scheme (granite, tin, slate shades), a small cell.No less popular are shades of ivory, cream and sky blue tones.

3. Hats and panama.

When it comes to hot, summer weather, an important element of the image is a hat that protects from the scorching sun. This season, felt hats and hats made of felt in bright shades of classic design are popular.

4. Double-breasted jackets and blazers.

Today, men are losing interest in costumes and prefer to wear its parts separately, combining things, creating original images. A jacket and blazer are a flexible, versatile wardrobe item.

The color scheme is quite diverse - from light blue hues to rich, red colors. The choice of a specific color depends on the purpose of the clothing and the place of use. Out of competition, an image with a plain, light jacket and trousers with a pattern.

5. Denim jacket.

On a denim jacket, stakes are so fashionable at home as Tom Ford and Prada. This thing has already begun to be forgotten, but designers are actively using it in modern men's images. Why a denim jacket? The fact is that the model symbolizes the rebellious spirit, the dashingness of the past era. Stylists predict that in spring, numerous denim models will flood store shelves.

At the same time, designers use different shades of denim, fancy accessories, the addition of contrasting fabrics. As for the combinational capabilities of a denim jacket, they are limitless and as a proof of this are numerous images that are shown on the catwalks of fashion shows. Denim is combined with chinos and sneakers - this is a classic look. A more original solution is a combination with a traditional shirt, cropped trousers and light monks.

This season, there are more interesting, non-standard models of sneakers than ever. Designers use a variety of colors, patterns, finishes. Undoubtedly, classic white and black sneakers do not lose their relevance, but, according to fashion designers, very little time will pass and bright, athletic shoes will become no less popular along with oxfords and chelsea boots.

Where to wear?

No wonder street style has such a name. It is preferable to wear it only on the street or at parties. Such an image can be had while walking or jogging in the morning.

For formal events, street fashion will not be appropriate. Also, it can not be carried to work, to an educational institution or for an interview. Street style loves only the street.

T-shirt with dress pants

As interest in sports grows, t-shirts are becoming popular. They embody the street style and emphasize the figure.

A good option for the look is a light t-shirt with a classic neckline and dark trousers. You can complement the look with stylish watches and sunglasses. It is important that things, especially a T-shirt, be sized. Pants can be slightly narrowed to the bottom, and the T-shirt is moderately tight.

Men's street fashion on the world catwalks

Modern men's fashion along with women's fashion is always sensitive to all the bright events. This is confirmed by recent shows in Paris, London and Milan. In many collections, there are disturbing notes, camouflage motifs, and vintage elements. However, some details of the men's wardrobe unite all the collections of world fashion houses.

1. Massive coarse scarves.

The brightest, most remarkable detail in the collections of Roberto Cavalli and Carven. They suggest wearing scarves with a floor length, this allows you to visually stretch the silhouette and draw attention to the created image. In cold weather, such a long scarf can be wrapped around the neck, protecting itself from frost, but in this case the jacket or coat should be voluminous in order to maintain proportions.

2. An elongated silhouette.

A new passion for designers is an elongated silhouette. To achieve this visual effect, not only long scarves help, but also elongated coats and slightly narrowed trousers.

Street-style clothing for guys cannot do without hats, which this season are experiencing a triumphant return not only to fashion catwalks. As stylists note, a classic headdress has every chance of appearing in the wardrobes of many men.

Volumetric thing is indispensable for cold weather. In addition to comfort and practicality, it gives a feeling of warmth, and the whole image takes on a slightly carefree appearance.

Want to give your image a touch of nostalgia and romance? Pay attention to the original style of the coat, which was very successfully borrowed from the history of fashion, but remains relevant today.

Popular punk motifs - leather inserts, straps, rivets - are returning to men's fashion.

7. Massive shoes.

Rough shoes are relevant no less than sneakers. The best combination is boots with trousers of an even cut.

8. Trousers of a wide cut.

Today, skinny and cropped trousers go into the shadows, they are replaced by free models. This style in many ways resembles trousers of the beginning of the last century.

Especially popular models of shiny leather in bright colors - red and blue.

10. A bold color palette.

Designers offer men to boldly experiment and combine in their images not only traditional shades for a man’s wardrobe - black, brown, mustard, burgundy, but also pink, rich yellow.

Share the material on social networks, because street fashion is stylish, comfortable and practical. Street style is versatile and, most likely, will linger on the catwalks for a long time.

Street style at different times of the year

At different times of the year, the street style does not change, jeans always remain the main clothing. T-shirts and sweaters can only change. Let's pay attention to each season of the year.

In winter, a man can wear a coat with fur or sheepskin coats. A loose fit outerwear is a hallmark of street style. Sometimes the fur can be a contrasting color and separate from the coat. You can also wear puffer jackets and a parka. You can decorate your look with massive scarves and leather gloves.

T-shirt and suit

Many designers favor the combination of t-shirts and suits. In this way, you can demonstrate not only the diversity of your wardrobe, but also the lack of a boss controlling the dress code of subordinates.

Experts advise choosing suits of a neutral color and without an elaborate cut. Then they will fit under t-shirts of different colors.

The most win-win combination is a white T-shirt and a gray suit. But do not stop there. Experiment with different options for t-shirts - in a cage, in a strip. Most importantly, they should not be too baggy and short.


In the spring you do not always understand how to dress. In early spring, you can wear a warm jacket and jeans. Street style allows you to wear voluminous jackets of an unusual color. Sweaters will still be needed. In late spring, you can already get light and loose things. You can wear denim jackets.

In summer, the strong sex can wear white tight-fitting trousers. Also linen pants of different colors are also welcome. You can wear hats and panama hats during this hot season. Guys love to wear loose T-shirts or T-shirts. A denim jacket can emphasize the look. Of course, in the summer you can not do without sneakers - this is the main type of shoes for street style.

Jacket and jeans

Many people consider this combination inappropriate and have no idea how to put on a formal jacket and informal jeans. But if you combine both garments correctly, you get a pretty good result.

Give preference to a monochrome jacket without fanciful elements. Choose classic jeans, you can slightly narrowed to the bottom, without an abundance of details and torn knees.

You can complement the bow with a polo or a shirt with unbuttoned top buttons. As shoes, derby or sneakers are suitable.


In autumn, men can wear light jackets or loose sweatshirts. Sweatpants or jeans will also come in handy. Until the cold season comes, you can still wear summer jackets and T-shirts for them. However, when the rainy autumn begins, then you can think about raincoats and boots.

Suit and sneakers

If you are unable to pick up such a duet, then the image will remind the seller who shod the sneakers to unload the boxes.

Choose suits of muffled, better dark tones, without an intricate design. Sneakers should be of high quality, leather with minimal decor or without it.

Shoes are best shod without socks, and cuffs are made to look slightly out of the jacket to emphasize the informal style.

Is hooligan style considered street?

The bully style of clothing is slightly different from the street, although they have many similarities. The first style does not contain a combination of completely different styles, for example, it does not have notes of an official image. The main goal pursued by the rebels is to declare their freedom and go against society. Hooligan-style jewelry is spikes, chains, and more.

Street style, he is a little different. It allows a man to feel comfortable and stylish. This style can be vibrant and attractive. Street boys can wear hats. However, the similarity of these styles is that they do not obey the rules and allow the stronger sex to decide for themselves how to combine clothes.

Base pants and trench coat, long jacket or coat

Outside the office walls, such a combination is appropriate. But when choosing it, harmony and moderation are also important.
Designers recommend combining basic warm pants with a woolen sweater and a woolen coat. The bow will be not only stylish, but also practical, especially in bad weather.

They wear cashmere sweaters and sweatshirts with a trench coat or long jacket, and gray jeans, moderately tight trousers, and even knitted sweat pants are suitable for the bottom.

Street style appeal

The street image allows a person to assert themselves and find their image. These guys can look bright and very original. In fact, combining different styles and looking beautiful is not so simple. Even loose clothing should suit a guy. The stronger sex must take into account the characteristics of their growth and physique. It is important to remember that street style can look different. The main thing that you should not forget is that the clothes should be neat and fashionable.

Outerwear, shirt and tie

To diversify the usual and boring combinations of clothes for working in the office, you can experiment with colors, textures, design. You can also experiment with options for outerwear.

Instead of a business coat or jacket, put on a leather jacket or bomber jacket. A bolder version of the top is a denim jacket. Such a bow should be without rich, vibrant tones and intricate design. You can complement the style with a tie with a texture. There are no strict rules for a shirt - it can be both office and informal.

Jacket and vest

This is not about a three-piece suit, but about an ordinary vest, which is combined with a jacket.

With a normal suit, a vest is put on top of a jacket. In this case, things should not be flashy colors and expressive contrasts. A jacket is best chosen unstructured. If the vest is thin and not too long, you can put it on under a jacket.

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