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Hedgehog haircut - how to make a man’s short hairstyle

The twentieth century was marked by a change in social status and the growing importance of women in society. Now it is not only the wife and parishioner in the church. A successful business lady, an active participant in public life, a mother and just an amazing beauty - these are modern women. Now they can get a job that they used to consider exclusively male, put on a man’s outfit, and nothing prevents them from making a haircut, emphasizing their energy, will and inner strength - a hedgehog.

As for men, the hedgehog is a traditional haircut, demonstrating a strong-willed disposition and fighting spirit, it is not for nothing that the military wear it more often than others and represent other courageous professions.

The hedgehog has become a truly universal unisex haircut. Of course, the men's haircut on women looks a little different than on the representatives of the stronger sex, but the principle of implementation remains the same.

What is a haircut - a photo of a male short hairstyle Hedgehog

The appearance of this is fully reflected in her haircut name: the sticking out strands are very reminiscent of a bristled hedgehog. Girls with such a hairstyle look confident, sexy, daring and very attractive, unless, of course, they made the right choice in favor of a hedgehog. A haircut for a guy a hedgehog has long become a symbol of strength and conciseness; more recently, it has become known as the hairstyle of Ronaldo. In the photo - haircut hedgehog:

A traditional hedgehog is a men's haircut for short hair, it is characterized by a smooth transition of length from short at the temples to elongated locks at the crown. A classic hedgehog does not involve sites. But everywhere there is a place for diversity, and even such a familiar haircut for a man allows for options of the same length across the head, or reduction in bangs. The fringe itself can range from simple elongated in men to asymmetric, dyed, or oblique in women.

It is easy to lay, just 5 minutes and a suitable styling tool.

Features of haircut "hedgehog"

No experienced hairdresser can tell the exact date of origin of this popular haircut, but many of them agree that the type of short-haired guy became relevant around the middle of the last century. But there are more ancient versions of the origin of this haircut, one of them dates back to the times of the Egyptian golden era. Since the climate there is difficult, drought and sweltering heat all year round, men cut their hair very short and decorated their heads with colored wigs only on holidays.

Later, this haircut fell in love with Yale students who came with such an original hairstyle to rowing competitions. The short and athletic haircut attracted not only students, but also the teacher, and soon they began to get their haircuts. A later version of the origin of the "hedgehog" - the military wore such a hairstyle, since it did not interfere during the battle. Each of these versions has its own right to exist, but, most likely, this brutal haircut in the style of minimalism was in demand among many males at all times. She does not lose her popularity today, remaining the most popular among young men and middle-aged men.

Before you ask the hairdresser to cut your hair “like a hedgehog”, you should take a closer look at this hairstyle. Despite its simplicity and minimal hair length, it has several options, each of which is preferred for different types of faces.

Who will suit

This haircut is unisex, although most often it is presented as a teenage haircut for a boy. A man or a woman can make a choice in favor of a hedgehog, but it is worth observing some rules, otherwise short hair and an open face will emphasize all possible flaws in appearance. Strongly unsuitable haircut for boys 2 years.

On the video hedgehog male haircut:

  • The hair should be thick and stiff, otherwise the hairstyle will not keep its shape.
  • The shape of the face is oval or triangular. But if a chubby girl wants such a haircut, then it must be supplemented with bangs. For guys with a round face, you can increase the length on the crown of the head and reduce it on the temples, and for an excessively long face, on the contrary, you can shorten the sticking strands.
  • Average height, for girls no more than 170, and for boys 180 cm.
  • It is advisable to have clear and regular facial features.
  • A hedgehog is suitable for slender and thin young ladies, but for guys who do not reach the average weight, it is worth abandoning it. The hedgehog is contraindicated to full representatives of both sexes - it will reproach excess weight.
  • This haircut does not hide anything, because a short neck, significant anatomical irregularities of the skull and frank angularities are unacceptable.
  • With such a haircut, only hair and no ears can stick out.
  • A massive and prominent lower jaw or chin also does not fit with a hedgehog

Large facial features alone are not a contraindication to a hedgehog, but it should be thick and voluminous.

Men who want to further emphasize masculinity can be complemented with a hedgehog with unshaven, but only if it is not a narrow face, it will become completely thin.

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What kind of men suits

The style of this haircut is difficult to describe in one word, but it is more athletic than official, youth, strict, but at the same time a little informal. She, of course, in most cases is preferred by young guys, but she will look great both for a schoolboy, a student, and an office employee. This haircut does not fit too restrained both in clothes and in man’s behavior; it is intended for creative and courageous young people who are not afraid to attract the attention of others.

“Hedgehog” will undoubtedly give the appearance of masculinity, self-confidence, attractiveness and masculine charisma, but at the same time it is not suitable for everyone. Choosing this hairstyle, it is worth recalling the "golden" rule of hairdressers: the shorter the hair, the less they are able to hide facial imperfections.

When choosing this short haircut, it’s worthwhile to begin with assessing whether you have the correct skull shape, symmetrical facial features, and whether the profile needs to be adjusted.

Typically, stylists advise a “hedgehog” haircut for men with a round face type, since this face shape does not need correction and looks good with any hairstyle. Please note that if your face is of the correct shape, but at the same time quite full, with rounded cheeks, then you should refuse the “hedgehog”. "Hedgehog" is also not the best option for a very thin, too elongated face, since for such a profile you need hairstyles that can visually make it more round.

Who is cutting a hedgehog

Men's haircut classic hedgehog is popular with schoolchildren, students and just young people. It will suit an active creative person who loves sports and speed and is not afraid to attract attention. Such a haircut makes a man more brutal and charismatic. But too short hair, which is typical for hairstyles a hedgehog, beaver, boxing, emphasize all the shortcomings. Therefore, professional hairdressers recommend this haircut for men with an oval type of face and very high cheekbones. Due to the haircut, she looks good on thick and coarse hair.

Varieties of "Hedgehog"

In general, the classic version of the male hedgehog involves the use of a clipper with the same length of the nozzle or the use of scissors in tandem with a comb. The hair after the work of the master should be of the same length and density, covering evenly the entire circumference of the head. For men of different ages and outlooks on life, hairdressers and stylists offer two options for cutting a hedgehog - short, for medium hair length.

What a haircut looks like: options

The classic variation is performed using a machine with the same nozzle length or scissors along with a comb. Hair after cutting should be even, evenly covering the entire surface of the head. There are three types of such hairstyles:

  1. Short hedgehog
    This is ideal for people with a sporty physique and with symmetrical facial features. This haircut with a short length of strands is comfortable to wear, does not require special care and daily styling. She emphasizes the natural beauty, strength, masculinity and sexuality of a man.
  2. Elongated hedgehog
    This type of haircut is suitable for those representatives of the stronger sex who want to look brutal and irresistible. Long strands in the form of thorns will correct the imperfections in the appearance or proportions of the skull. It differs in that it requires constant care and fixation, but it looks bright and extraordinary.
  3. "Hedgehog" for boys
    This is an option for mothers who have a desire to style their son's hair every day. The hairstyle looks beneficial on the baby's head, and the baby will be different from his peers.

Men of older age are more likely to have a shorter version, while young and confident young men who are ready for bold experiments should prefer a creative elongated form.

How to cut hair with a hedgehog

Before starting a haircut, the hairdresser should inspect the head and notice the anatomical features. It is fashionable to round a flattened nape with elongated strands, and hide irregularities, varying the length by several millimeters. The length of the male hedgehog reaches 4 cm, for female haircuts, of course, it is longer.

Cutting a hedgehog is fashionable with scissors or a clipper.

  • The washed mass of hair is separated by a horizontal parting, then the side and temporal lobes are separated by parting.
  • Cut hair in the frontoparietal region, cutting the hair to the fingers. Shearing in this part is done with scissors and a comb. In this case, you must take into account possible irregularities in the surface of the head.
  • The strands are separated parallel to the first control and sheared one after another, and the parietal region.
  • the occipital part can be cut with a machine or scissors. To do this, a comb is introduced at a 40-degree angle, and then sheared against hair growth.
  • When cutting with a machine, it is conducted against hair growth, starting from the back of the head. As you move, the top increases the angle between the nozzle and head.
  • To obtain an oval result, strands of different zones are distinguished and cut perpendicularly to the same length of cuts.
  • It remains to profile and lay. For all its simplicity, the hedgehog can be laid in several ways.

On the video how to cut a hedgehog:

The traditional sticking option is done using gel or mousse for styling and various distribution of locks. Girls additionally lay bangs based on her appearance and her desire. But in this case, the tousled version looks good, but if you tediously cover your high forehead, you can make a slanting bang.

Hedgehog is recommended:

  1. For straight, stiff and fairly thick hair.
  2. For men of strong, preferably athletic build.
  3. For short guys, the optimal height is up to 175 cm.
  4. Suitable for the representative of the stronger sex, which has the correct facial features.
  5. Best of all, the haircut will look on the owners of an oval type of face.
  6. This haircut was created for those who have a uniform skull shape, without flaws.

This haircut goes well with a beard or even a slight unshaven face, such a tandem will add the appearance of masculinity and brutality. But it is worth remembering that it is better for guys with a narrow face to refuse a beard.


If a man prefers an active and moving lifestyle, hedgehog trimming in a shortened version is ideal. It would seem that not every man will decide to completely abandon hair, so a shortened hedgehog is an ideal solution. Hair is cut using a machine with one nozzle, leaving 3-6 cm of hair. Such a haircut is suitable for owners of hard hair, since they must acquire a protruding fluffy appearance.

Hedgehog recommended

Men's classic hedgehog hairstyle will be the perfect solution for those who have a perfect shape skull. This haircut emphasizes all the flaws of the head, because of which the hairstyle can look asymmetrical and ugly. It is more suitable for low people with a strong athletic build. But at the same time, a man should not have strong defects in appearance. That is, it is ideal for young people with the right facial features. All others when forming a hedgehog need to choose the right length of hair on the temples and crown.

Who suits the hedgehog hairstyle

A hedgehog haircut is considered universal, but not for all types. In the selection process, you should focus on the shape of the skull, the symmetry of facial features, clothing style and the scope of human activity.

A haircut is perfect:

  • For people with straight strands and a stiff and dense hair structure.
  • Owners of an even skull.
  • Guys strong or athletic build.
  • People who have an oval, slightly pointed, facial type.
  • Chubby men with a beard or light unshaven.
  • A person with the right proportions of appearance.

Hedgehog is better not to do:

  • Holders of wide cheekbones, puffy cheeks, protruding auricles, massive jaw.
  • Tall guys with a long face.
  • Older men, the optimal age is up to 35 years.
  • Men with irregular and uneven proportions of the face or with a short neck.
  • Young men with an endomorphic or ectomorphic body type.

These are general tips to help you make the right choice. A professional hairdresser or stylist is able to skillfully smooth out the imperfections of the skull in the process of creating a short Hedgehog hairstyle. The disproportionate form is corrected with the help of the hair volume in the missing places.
Chubby type is recommended to increase the mass of hair in the parietal zone of the head, then smoothly reduce the strands to zero on the sides. This method will make your face visually slim, it is suitable for short, obese guys.
Those who naturally have soft, thin curls should prefer a different style. And the owners of hard curls can safely make a "hedgehog", the thorns will stick out even without styling.

Hedgehog for girls - how to make

For an evening dress, a smoothly combed and gelled hedgehog is perfect. It is complemented by beautiful earrings, then all attention is riveted to the eyes. Such styling will not work for girls with an excessively high forehead. At the same time, it will not be possible to hide a single flaw, therefore you need to be completely self-confident.

For a change, you can add volume to the crown of the pile and fix it. The image will be more romantic and tender.

Young girls, and after them the guys appreciated the highlighted hedgehog. He looks creative and energetic, emphasizing the active position of a person. But what short haircuts for thin hair without styling are most popular among women, you can find out from the article.

On the video haircut hedgehog for girls:

Many guys habitually make a hedgehog without thinking about the fact that it makes their image more courageous and harmonious. Hollywood stars choose it, and for some it just became a business card.In this form, the favorites of the girls Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Patinson went on the red carpet.

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If a confident, irresistible girl who wants to look bold and sexy appeals to the hairdresser, he may well suggest she make a hedgehog, even Natalie Portman appeared in the title role in the short film “V means Vendetta”.

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It is better to refuse from a "hedgehog":

  1. Fat men, fat or, conversely, very thin.
  2. This haircut is not recommended for very tall guys.
  3. It is worth abandoning it for those who have an irregular shape of the head or a short neck.
  4. Not recommended for older men, the optimal age for the "hedgehog" is up to 35 years.
  5. It is better to abandon it to the owner of wide cheekbones, puffy cheeks, protruding or large ears, a very massive jaw.

It’s better to refuse a hedgehog

Hedgehog hairstyle does not look good on fat or very thin guys with a disproportionately large head. A haircut can look ugly on tall young people and those who have an irregular head shape or too full neck. It is better to refuse it to young people with a massive jaw, large ears, puffy cheeks or wide cheekbones. Also, some stylists argue that such a hairstyle is appropriate only at a young age and does not recommend it to men over 35 years old, but this statement is debatable.


If a man is prone to creative manifestations, he is not ready to give up hairstyles and optimal hair length, you can try on a haircut of an elongated hedgehog. But you need to understand that medium-length hair will need constant styling.

The hair is cut again with the same length all over the circumference of the head. Then, with the help of styling tools, hair is stuck in sticking out “needles” in different directions, causing a creative mess.

Advantages and disadvantages of hedgehog hairstyles


  1. A male haircut under a hedgehog is easy to care for, styling curls will take no more than five minutes.
  2. Short locks do not creep into the eyes.
  3. It looks fresh and modern.
  4. The best option for athletes - the head is open, does not sweat, the hair does not distract from the game, and the hair remains clean longer.
  5. It is unique in that it is able to transform, complemented by a bang or volume.
  6. Easy to implement - a novice hairdresser can handle such a hairstyle.
  7. Universal - goes to owners of both straight and wavy hair.


  1. Monotonous styling.
  2. It quickly loses shape, therefore it needs constant adjustment.
  3. Not suitable for thin and soft strands.
  4. Strongly opens the face and skull, indicating flaws.
  5. The traditional look of a male hairstyle is considered a hedgehog military, gives a strict look, therefore not intended for people with expressive features.


Despite the fact that this haircut is quite concise, and, at first glance, it does not have much room for experimentation, but in fact, a skilled hairdresser can even with the help of such a short hairstyle hide imperfections in appearance. How to do it? A disproportionate face or irregular shape of the skull can be corrected by increasing the volume of hair in a certain part of the head. The task of this technique is simple: to externally balance the occipital and frontal parts of the head.

Receptions for adjusting the face shape:

  • for men with a round face, it is worthwhile to increase the volume of hair in the Temech zone and rather smoothly bring the hair “to nothing” on the side of the head. Thanks to this technique, the face will become visually thinner. In addition, now men's hairstyles with shaved temples are at the peak of popularity,
  • if the guy’s face is long, then the sticking strands should not be long, a short “hedgehog” will help to visually round the face,
  • the owner of a thin face and hollow cheeks should leave as little hair as possible in the occipital part of the head, and on the sides, on the contrary, lengthen the locks a little.

Face shape and haircut

Hedgehog goes to young people with an oval face shape. They can experiment with different varieties of this hairstyle. If a man has a square face shape, then a classic hedgehog with short hair on the sides and a small bang will suit him. For chubby young people, an asymmetric hairstyle and artistic mess in its upper part are suitable. Also, with a round face, a hairstyle of 4 pixies 4 is appropriate, which will introduce a certain boyhood into the image. But it is better to avoid such a haircut for the stronger sex with thin features.

Home technology

Before starting the procedure for creating a haircut for a hedgehog, it is necessary to prepare tools for haircuts: hairdressing scissors, a comb with small teeth, a hair clipper or razor, scissors for thinning. When all the equipment is assembled, you can start.

Features hedgehog haircuts

Hedgehog is one of the most popular haircuts. At the same time, the length of the strands reaches no more than 5 cm, sometimes a small bang is left. Young people who choose this haircut get their hair cut every month. This allows you to maintain the shape of the hairstyle. Otherwise, the cut hair will grow back, and the hedgehog cut will not look like a star in the photo, even with daily hair care. The haircut is oval. From short strands at the temples there is a smooth transition to longer ones at the crown.

Care Features

Hairstyle hedgehog does not require special tricks and styling rules, in this case a man is given complete freedom of choice. But most often, stylists and hairdressers offer the following options for styling men's hedgehog hairstyles:

  1. Everyday styling. After washing, a small amount of fixative is applied to medium-length hair. Then, using a brush and a hair dryer, create a tousled hair shape, imitating a creative mess.
  2. Smooth styling. A small amount of gel is applied to the hair, after which the hedgehog is combed to the side, forming a smoother version of the hairstyle. This form of a hedgehog is ideally suited for a classic strict style.
  3. Creative styling. An overgrown hairstyle of a hedgehog can look spectacular and even shocking if you make a small comb on the dry hair with a comb with thick teeth. A crest is formed on the top of the head, after which the hairspray is sprayed on the hair for fixation.

A short hedgehog is less demanding to care for, just wash your hair as it gets dirty and dry it in a free state. If a man has thin and thin hair, no hedgehog options will look spectacular and stylish, so you should pay attention to other models of hairstyles.

How to make a haircut?

To make a man a “hedgehog”, you need to stock up on a very small arsenal of hairdressing tools, which include straight scissors, thinning shears, a hair clipper, comb, and clamps for fixing.

Creating a male haircut type "hedgehog" is carried out according to an algorithm consisting of several stages.

  • Wash your hair or simply wet it with water. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  • Create a horizontal parting to divide the entire mass of hair into the occipital and parietal areas.
  • Using a pair of vertical partings, separate the lateral and temporal sections, fixing the hair with clips.
  • First of all, hair is cut in the frontoparietal zone. They are removed by the required number of centimeters, while measuring the desired length with the fingers.
  • The length of hair throughout the parietal area is aligned along the first strand.
  • The nape of the neck is cut short with a hair clipper or comb. If you want to choose the last method, then you need to put the comb over the mass of hair with the teeth up, placing it at an angle of 40 degrees. Trimming itself is carried out against the growth of hair.
  • If you are using a hair clipper, then start cutting hair from the very bottom of the nape upward against hair growth. To increase the length when moving the machine, gradually increase the distance between the blades and the head.
  • To maintain the oval shape of the haircut, round its contour in the front of the head. To create a smooth transition, select strands from different zones and cut them perpendicular to the head, making the length of the slices equal.
  • Thin out the parietal site.

Next, dry the hair with a hairdryer, while directing the comb all the strands up.

Watch the “hedgehog” haircut master class in the next video.

How to lay?

Hair styling such as a “hedgehog” for the stronger sex in most cases is not a difficult process. Owners of obedient hair is quite enough just to wash their hair and dry their hair with a hairdryer, directing a stream of air from the bottom up.

The technology for standard haircut styling “hedgehog” is as follows.

  • First, wash your hair.
  • Next, a moisturizer is applied to fix them. As it can be such compounds as mousse or gel.
  • Application of funds is carried out in the direction from the forehead. In this case, the application should be chaotic, directing the strands up at a certain angle.

For official occasions, a smooth styling may be more appropriate, which is done by applying a small amount of a fixing agent such as gel on the hair and then smoothing it to the side, so that the “spines” do not look so bold. According to the same principle, after applying the gel, the hair can be combed back.

You can also make a creative styling with a comb. It should be with teeth often spaced. With the help of such a comb, dry hair is combed on the top of the head, as if making a tuft, and then the result is fixed with varnish.

In a beaver haircut, in most cases, bangs are laid directly. However, you can make a more non-standard option, leaving the hair in front more elongated, and combing them when styling slightly sideways and up.

Beautiful examples

If you can’t decide which kind of hairstyle to choose for your image, Pay attention to interesting examples of such a male haircut.

  • An elongated option in combination with highlighting or other dyeing will give the hair additional texture and make the image more stylish.

  • If you want to make the image more eye-catching, then the crest can be made all over the top of the head, while slightly laying the side strands carelessly.

  • The ultra-short version looks really fashionable, you can even see it on models on world catwalks.

  • If you have a beard, then a neat “hedgehog” of moderate length can truly beautify your look.

  • You can cut the bang line so that when styling, the hedgehog hairstyle follows a strict straight line, giving your image a great personality.

  • An even more unique option is a “hedgehog” haircut with shaving of certain areas of the head according to individual requirements.

You can not only give the whole hairstyle an interesting shape, but even make drawings on a certain part of the head due to the shorter cutting of some sections against the background of the total length.

  • Even slight negligence in styling on top of your head can make your look attractive with such a haircut.

  • The occipital and temporal parts can be cut according to the principle of contrasting length with the parietal. In this case, even a horizontal line is often shaved on the hair.

  • The hair in the upper part of the head during styling is sometimes purposefully directed slightly in different directions. It does not look careless, but rather adds zest to the image.

  • Having done parting on the sides, it is possible to lay the upper part in the form of large strokes directed upwards.

  • For a formal event or office setting, a “hedgehog” of short length is perfect, the bangs of which are laid forward.

  • At the same time, a long version, laid out like a mohawk, is perfect for an informal atmosphere.

  • The texture of this length can be further emphasized when creating a vertical styling with a gel.

  • If you are a fan of unusual options, then one of them is to create the same length of strands both on the parietal site and on the back of the head. But such an option must necessarily correspond to the image as a whole.

  • Young people who are not afraid to shock others can even decide on color dyeing in combination with a haircut like a hedgehog.

Thus, the male haircut type "hedgehog" does not lose its popularity from year to year. It suits the bulk of representatives of the strong half of humanity and will be appropriate for various occasions. Emphasizing the masculinity of a young man, this hairstyle will not at the same time deprive his image of style and conciseness. Thanks to this method of hair cutting, you will not only be able to ease your personal care procedures, but will also look great and organic in any way, attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

Haircut execution algorithm:

  1. The hair should be washed and dried. Naughty hair needs to be washed with balsam.
  2. Comb thoroughly.
  3. Make an even horizontal parting in the center of the head at the crown, dividing the hair into two equal zones: the occipital and parietal.
  4. To lower two additional vertical partings which will separate a temporal part from lateral.
  5. Fasten selected areas of hair with clips.
  6. To cut the strands from the frontal parietal region using the method of cutting on the fingers: alternately choosing curls and shortening them by 1-2 cm. The cut must be done strictly at the place where the hair is bent by fingers.
  7. The closest strand is recommended to be separated parallel to the control (first) and cut to the same length. In this way, all subsequent curls in the crown of the head are cut.
  8. Cut off the back of the head with a machine, directing the nozzle against hair growth. When moving up, the length should be gradually extended, and the angle of inclination between the head and the nozzle should increase. This method will create a smooth transition.
  9. Gently round the shape of the haircut, dividing the sections of the hair into different zones and cut them so that the scissors are perpendicular to the head.

A short male haircut Hedgehog is simple in execution, created using a machine with one nozzle, so you can do it yourself. To do this, select the desired length and walk along the surface of the head. If the man has a round face shape, then the size of the strands in the temple area should be reduced. A type with an elongated face is recommended to choose an option with sharp spikes. It is better for lean guys to shorten the locks on the back of the head and leave the length on the top of the head and temples.

General description

Hairstyle "Hedgehog", or "Beaver", became fashionable in the early 20th century. These short haircuts have become iconic in over a hundred years. Initially used by student athletes at Yale University, then by the military. So gradually gained popularity among civilians.

Men appreciated the practicality, versatility of the model, the ability to look tidy regardless of circumstances. The name was fixed due to its characteristic shape, short-cropped hair sticking out like the needles of a hedgehog.

Young men and mature men got their hair cut, their hairstyle gives confidence and brutality to the image today. Athletes, politicians, doctors, businessmen, students choose creative professions. One of the few haircuts that has not lost popularity for decades, elongated models are regularly replaced, and the neat “Hedgehog” is still not losing ground.

The actual hairstyle suggests the length of the strands is not more than 5 cm, the haircut has an oval shape. It features a smooth transition from short strands of temples to longer ones on the crown and crown of the head. A small bang may be present, the hair has a somewhat disheveled shape.

Attention! It is performed on hard, thick hair, and it is difficult to give a characteristic shape to soft, thin curls. It is possible to cut and curly, curly under the condition of a fairly dense stem structure. Otherwise, the hair will fall apart, forming a parting, it is unlikely to create a recognizable shape.


  • this hairstyle is unique in that it suits men with both straight and wavy hair,
  • short hair does not cause inconvenience either at work or at home, does not distract from important matters, does not creep into the eyes,
  • this is the best option for professional athletes, the head does not sweat, and the hair remains clean for a long time,
  • it’s easy to take care of, if styling is required, it’s simple, you can do it in a couple of minutes,
  • you can diversify even such a restrained haircut with elongated strands, a lush crown or bangs,
  • It looks very lively, fresh, courageous and dynamic,
  • easy to implement, even a novice master can handle it.


  • like any very short haircut, it has few styling options, your hairstyle will be the same on the tennis court, and at an important meeting,
  • requires frequent adjustments, as it quickly loses shape,
  • will look unattractive on thin and too soft hair,
  • in most cases, "exposes" all the defects of the skull and face,
  • To some extent, this haircut can be called faceless, so it is preferable for men with bright features.

Can I cut my hair myself

“Hedgehog” is one of the few haircuts that you can do yourself. To do this, it is enough to purchase a clipper with various nozzles. To do this, you need to select the desired length, make a haircut under one nozzle. It is convenient to adjust at home, updating the form as the hair grows.

In the cabin, the cost will depend on the model chosen and the complexity of the work, soft, curly hair requires more effort. The pricing of a hairdresser is also influenced by the qualifications of the master, on average varying from 500 to 1000 rubles.

Tools for doing:

  • classic hairdressing scissors,
  • clipper,
  • crest,
  • spray gun.

Execution technique

Haircut “hedgehog” requires clarity of actions from the master, leisurelyness and jewelry care. The haircut method can be called "strand by strand" first along the horizontal, and then along the vertical parting.

How correct your “hedgehog” will be depends not only on the shape of your head and hair structure, but also on the exact actions of the master. In order for the edge to turn out to be of an even oval shape with the same hair length, the hairdresser must be careful, so do not rush or distract him.

Haircutting Tools:

  • standard hairdresser scissors,
  • small comb
  • thinning scissors,
  • hair clipper.

When all the tools are cooked, it remains to put on alert only the hair. As with any haircut, you need to wash and dry the hair. If the hair is very naughty, curly, puffing in different directions, then you can use balm.

Hair styling options and secrets

“Hedgehog” for short hair does not require styling or even combing. A simple, practical hairstyle looks stylish, modern. Even slight unshavenness gives masculinity to the image. Universal hairstyle suitable for young and mature men with the right features. It is performed on thick and sparse strands, thanks to the short length it is easy to hide the absence of a lush mop. Such options create the image of macho, are successful in women.

A “hedgehog” on medium length can be done on straight, curly hair. The hairstyle requires styling, you can use gel, wax, modeling clay. The desired direction is easily given with a comb or adjusted by hand. The option is suitable not only for guys with the correct oval, it is recommended for owners of a round, square face. The direction of the strands up visually lengthens the forehead, creates the correct shape. The hairstyle is combined with various directions, business, casual style.

"Hedgehog" on long hair requires regular styling. It is advisable to perform on thick, hard strands so that the hairstyle holds the volume. Stylish styling suits creative people who want to express themselves through image experimentation. Hair will have to be laid not only in the parietal part, but also behind, on the back of the head. Based on the haircut, you can make creative or elegant options, choosing the right model for a particular event.

Tip. It is recommended to choose a hairstyle for young men up to 40 years old, slim, athletic with the right features.

How to do - step by step instructions

  1. Clean and dry locks must be combed thoroughly.
  2. At the top, it is worth making a horizontal even parting, dividing the hair into two parts: the parietal and the occipital.
  3. The next step is to make two partings horizontally, they should separate the temporal zones of the head. These side locks should be stabbed with clamps.
  4. Then the hair is cut in the frontoparietal region of the head, for this the method of cutting on the fingers is used. The hairdresser alternately selects individual locks, and shortens each by 1-2 cm. The hair cut is carried out at the place of the fingers.
  5. The next lock should be separated parallel to the first and cut it by the same centimeters. This haircut technique is used for all hair in the parietal part of the head.
  6. The nape of the head is cut with the help of the machine as short as possible. It is more difficult to cut this zone without a machine: the comb is put under the hair at an angle of 40 degrees, while its teeth should look up. In this case, you need to cut it against hair growth.
  7. If a machine is used, then the nozzle should be directed against hair growth. Moving from the nape up to the crown, it is worth gradually increasing the length of the locks, for this it is enough to change the angle of inclination of the nozzle.
  8. The finished haircut should resemble a smooth oval without protruding parts, so the front contour is rounded off. This needs to be done as smoothly as possible so that the transition line is invisible, for this it is necessary to select the locks in different zones and cut them perpendicular to the head.
  9. And the final step is the filtration of the parietal zone.

For the most daring young men who want to wear extremely short hair, but at the same time want to stand out from the crowd, we can recommend a slightly noticeable highlighting of hair. No one talks about the bright blond on a dark background, with such a hairstyle you will look like a zebra. But if your hair is dark brown, then individual small locks of chocolate shade will add a haircut to creativity.

Pros and cons

Millions of men have already appreciated the practicality and versatility of hairstyles. A lot of stylists advise customers a stylish haircut. But still it is worth learning about all the features of the model, to evaluate its advantages, disadvantages.


  • convenient model is comfortable in all weather conditions,
  • you can do it yourself, without even having the skills of a professional hairdresser,
  • It looks stylish and modern, meets the latest fashion trends,
  • visually makes you younger, decorates different types of appearance,
  • It is combined with the main stylistic directions, suitable for the image of a businessman, athlete, actor, student.


  • not recommended for anatomical features of the skull,
  • not suitable for men with pronounced external features too thin, full, with disproportionate facial features,
  • hairstyle requires frequent correction,
  • there are few options for styling, the hairstyle always looks almost the same,
  • the classic haircut gives a facelessness to the image, there is no individuality of self-expression.

Hair styling and care

This hairstyle is one of the easiest to care for. Hairstyling is easy. Owners of hard hair can be laid without special fixing means. It is enough to wash your hair well and dry it with a hairdryer. Men with soft or dry hair after shampooing can do a little comb, fix everything with gel or mousse, and then also dry well by sending a stream of air from the bottom up. But it’s best to ask the hairdresser to experiment with styling after completing the haircut to see the best solution for your hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of cutting a hedgehog

This hairstyle is good in that it can be styled every day in 5 minutes. It is quite simple and does not require special styling skills. Owners of hard hair may not even dry their heads after washing: they themselves will fall into place. A classic hedgehog is not suitable for everyone, but you can correctly choose the length of the strands for a certain face shape. Stylists do just that: first they select the appropriate version of the hairstyle, and then they begin to cut their hair. The hairdresser should be able to style the hair in different ways, because for different types of faces there are different options for this hairstyle.

Star examples

Justin Bieber known for frequent changes of haircuts, and in his collection was observed haircut "Hedgehog" for short and medium length.

David Beckham one of the most stylish athletes, his hairstyles are quickly becoming popular. The player is a brutal short haircut, and at the beginning of his career he wore a longer version.

Justin Timberlake A great example of a successful short haircut on curly hair. Today, the singer prefers more elegant models.

Famous Hollywood Smoothie Bradley Cooper uses various variations of haircut "Hedgehog".

Tatum Channing refutes the opinion of stylists that a short haircut does not go to tall men.

Johnny Depp in adolescence and adulthood, he uses different versions of the classic hairstyle, his images are, as always, shocking and elegant.

Should I do a haircut at home?

In fact, the simplest haircut in home use is a short hedgehog, because to create such a haircut you need a machine with one nozzle. A man just needs to choose the right hair length, and then walk the machine around the entire circumference of the head. The advantage of the hedgehog is that throughout the head, the hair is left the same length, which is possible for any man without hairdressing skills.

If a man has a round face shape, stylists still advise to slightly reduce the length of hair in the temples. Due to this, the face is somewhat visually stretched, adjusting the excess volume in the cheeks. But for a long face shape, a thick hedgehog with protruding locks is an ideal solution, since the volume of the haircut will correct the shape of the face. For a thin face without cheeks, it is better to leave the hedgehog long in the region of the crown and temples, and slightly shorten to the back of the head.

Photo gallery

To assess the attractiveness and spontaneity of cutting a hedgehog, just view the photo.


The male hedgehog haircut has several advantages - it suits men with straight and wavy hair, will not cause inconvenience at work or in sports, the hedgehog does not require difficulties in care and styling, it looks fashionable and fresh. In addition, any man can independently make such a haircut using a machine. The disadvantages include a small list of installation options, as well as the frequent need for length correction.

Which hedgehog is suitable for men

Although the male haircut is a hedgehog quite versatile in relation to the face shape and type of man, but still there are some recommendations and contraindications:

  • Ideally, any variation of "Hedgehog" looks on the "right" people, who have a noble face of oval or slightly pointed shape and a straight skull without any noticeable defects and imperfections.
  • Almost all the rest “Hedgehog” is also suitable, only it is important to choose the correct length of the “spines” on the top of the head and temples:
  • People with a skinny, angular and elongated face are better off choosing a not too short haircut option, since the elongated option will hide all imperfections and smooth out facial features, softening and rounding corners.
  • The same applies to owners of uneven skulls having any defects on the scalp - only a long “Hedgehog” will do.
  • People who are overweight and short in stature are recommended to make their whiskey shorter, and the crown more magnificent - this will help visually stretch their face and add height to the whole figure.
  • "Hedgehog" is contraindicated only to people who fit the category of "Too" - too full or thin, tall or low. On such men, a haircut will look ridiculous, although everything is purely individual and there are exceptions to the rules.
  • The easiest male haircut hedgehog is created on stiff hair, in which the impromptu "spines" stick out by themselves and do not require additional styling.
  • For owners of too soft and curly hair it is better to choose a different haircut, otherwise they will face painful daily styling with a huge amount of fixing means.

Men's haircut hedgehog: technology execution

There are two main methods, their essence is the same, but in one case, the haircut is performed with scissors, and in the other with an electric machine. Both options are shown in the presented videos. Let's consider one of them in more detail.

Before starting a haircut, you should carefully study its execution scheme.

    First you need to wash your hair or moisturize your hair. Then process the occipital part, cutting hair with scissors or a machine very shortly. By adjusting the angle of the blades, make a smooth transition between short and long hair. In the same way, treat the temporal zones and the areas behind the ears. Use scissors to edit the transition between the upper and lower sectors of the haircut. Starting from the back of the head and moving forward, use straight scissors to cut the hair on the top of the head to the desired length (maximum 4 centimeters). Lastly, cut the bangs, comb the hair, directing it upward and remove the remaining hairs. Dry your hair and do styling, directing the locks up and forming “spines” from them.

Hedgehog for boys

“Hedgehog” looks great on a child’s head and is suitable for those mothers who are not too lazy to do styling for their boys. But if the mother decides to cut her son like that, then the little man will always be favorably different from his peers and will definitely win the attention of all the girls.

Styling haircut hedgehog

Putting a haircut hedgehog is not difficult. The technology is as follows:

    Wash your hair. Squeeze a small amount of fixing agent (gel or mousse) onto your hands. Apply to wet hair with chaotic movements, moving from the forehead and pulling the strands up so that protruding "spines" are obtained.

For men who have stiff hair, initially growing at an angle to the head and puffing, it is enough to simply wash and dry them with a hairdryer, directing a stream of air from the bottom up (from the face towards the ceiling).

Thus, a male haircut hedgehog is able to decorate almost any representative of the stronger sex. She does not care about both gray hair and advanced years, since it serves as a peculiar reflection of the inner world of a man - a victor in life.

Hair Styling & Care

To choose a specific type of styling for this haircut, let's remember what it looks like: short locks that stick up strictly up in shape resemble the needles of the same animal. The standard version of such a haircut is chosen by men who are restrained, more adult, for them the hairstyle is far from the most striking appearance. If we consider a youth hairstyle for a guy, then the classic version can be supplemented with original details:

  • Long straight bangs
  • Oblique graduated bangs
  • Lush crown
  • Shaved whiskey
  • Patterns at the temples, etc.

Short hair, as you know, does not require special care, so this haircut is very unpretentious. It is enough for a man to wash his hair as it gets dirty, use moisturizing balms as necessary, and visit the hairdresser on time to correct the hairstyle.

Laying a “hedgehog” will also not cause problems and will not take much time.

Before you start styling a haircut, you must choose the right styling tool. It is enough for a man to have only one fixing agent, it can be gel, varnish, mousse or foam. How to choose? The softer the hair, the stronger the fixation; if the hair is stiff and takes the desired “hedgehog” shape itself, then a light foam is enough to model the hairstyle

  • classic: squeeze a little mousse or male wax for styling hair on your palm, spread it over your hand, run your fingers into the hair. Separate the locks with your fingers, sweeping from the roots to the ends of the hair.

  • original style: on the top of the head it is necessary to make a small pile so that the hair here looks as voluminous as possible. This styling can be implemented on an elongated version of this haircut.
  • smooth "hedgehog": it is necessary to apply foam directly to the hair and comb it back.

Long hair styling: step-by-step instructions for creating hairstyles

See more examples of neat children's hairstyles for boys here.

Swift hedgehog: step by step instructions

You can trim a classic hedgehog yourself, for this you need:

  • Ask a person to sit straight, looking straight ahead.
  • Be sure to choose the correct hedgehog shape for a particular type of face.
  • Comb dry clean hair.
  • Make a straight part on the crown, separating the parietal part from the occipital.
  • Make side partings, separating the temporal strands and stabbing them with clamps.
  • Cut the hair of the parietal region to the desired length, choosing individual strands.
  • Cut the neck as short as possible with the machine, directing the nozzle against hair growth.
  • Round the front contour.
  • Make a thinning of the parietal zone.

Tools for haircuts

The correct design of the hedgehog depends not only on the type of hair and professionalism of the hairdresser, but also on the quality of the haircut tools. If the budget allows, it is better to choose professional tools, otherwise you can restrict yourself to Chinese counterparts. The hairdresser will need simple and thinning scissors, a small comb, an electric hair clipper and a hairdryer, in order to style her hair later with styling tools. A hairdryer and a machine can be bought on the Internet to save money.

Varieties of a Hedgehog

Hairstyle hedgehog has a lot of varieties, but the differences between them are difficult to catch for lay people. Haircuts on short hair do not differ in particular variability, so most often their individual style is expressed in an unusual styling. These hairstyles can be divided into classic, sports and creative. Classic and sports haircut is for the stronger sex at almost any age, and a sticking hedgehog is more appropriate for young men and teenagers than for mature men.

Classic version

The classic haircut hedgehog is a hairstyle, which is characterized by smooth transitions from the temporal to the parietal part of the head. A man’s hair should be medium, short, but not long. The maximum allowable hair length is 5 cm, but it differs in the parietal and temporal parts. Owners of a round head shape can leave the same hair length on all parts of the head. At the same time, there are no even areas on the head. Visually, the hairstyle really resembles the hedgehog that released the needles.

Creative option

Young people may like an unusual haircut, in which hair is very puffed. She looks impressive and stylish. To create it, the hairdresser neatly cuts the hair, strand by strand forming a creative haircut. Most often, this hairstyle is done with bangs. The strands on the top and bangs are authentic, and the whiskey is sheared with an electric machine. At the same time, it seems that the hair from the crown goes into bangs and sticks out in different directions, emphasizing the extravagance of the image of the owner of the hairstyle.

With shaved temples

A short hedgehog with shaved temples is ideal for short young people with an ideal face and skull shape. It emphasizes high cheekbones and makes the image more brutal and sporty. Also, this hairstyle is suitable for chubby chunky men. The haircut is characterized by an abundance of hair on the occipital part of the head and its practically absence in the temporal zone. Today, short men's hairstyles are in trend, so a young man who chooses such a haircut will look not only beautiful, but also stylish.

A hedgehog with or without bangs is popular with movie and pop stars, so this hairstyle can be seen not only on male models, but also on representatives of show business. But beautiful hairstyles go not only to the stars, but also to the most ordinary men. A stylish haircut gives the image of a guy the necessary completeness and seriousness, and makes a mature man younger and more athletic. But before visiting the hairdresser, you need to look at various photos of modern hairstyles in order to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Hedgehog is the easiest haircut on short hair. It suits almost all men, you just need to choose the appropriate length of the strands. Hedgehog usually smoothly repeats the contours of the head, and existing defects can be hidden with the help of hair length differences. He goes to both young boys and men of mature age. Thanks to the unusual design, this haircut allows you to hide the gray hair that appeared early on the temples. Today, this hairstyle is in trend and is popular not only among ordinary men, but also among show business stars.

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So, we told you about the laconic and practical haircut "hedgehog", which can give courage and brutality to any man. Remember that it does not suit those who have an oval face and a skull shape that is far from ideal. This is the best option for stocky men of short and medium height with an oval face and regular features.

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