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Fashionable men's jackets fall-winter 2018-2019 photo

In 2018, fashionable jackets for men have changed a bit. Thanks to a variety of models, men can choose the option that suits him personally. Depending on the style of the jacket, you should choose the right clothes.

Today we’ll talk about what styles of jackets are popular this year. How to combine different styles. What colors and materials are popular. We will see several models of this clothing.

Fashionable styles and combinations with clothes

Thanks to the huge variety of men's jackets, every man can choose the right model. Fashion trends allow a man to wear a jacket with classic pants, jeans or shorts.

Fashionable jackets of 2018 come in sports, club, classic, casual, fitted, knitted, summer and with patches on the elbows. This year, preference should be given to double-breasted jackets.

Color and material

Jackets for men this season are sewn from such fabrics:

If you know which men's jackets are in fashion now, then it’s worth looking at the photos of male models. Especially popular are the models in the cage. At the same time, a variety of colors are combined. Also burgundy color will also be appropriate. It can be combined with both classic and informal clothing.

Brand and designer men's jackets

Brand or designer jackets are always distinguished by their luxury. Such models are worn only by stylish men. Of course, only high-quality and expensive fabric is used for sewing such jackets. The strong floor that wears such jackets always keeps an eye on every element of their clothes.

Youth and club option

Youth or club jackets are distinguished by the fact that they are fitted. Often they are made single-breasted and short. Such models can be worn with jeans or trousers. Club options are very bright, so a man needs to be able to combine colors.

Such models fit tightly to the body, so if a guy put on a shirt or t-shirt underneath, it should not be loose or very thick. Under such a jacket it is better to wear skinny pants.

Original and unusual jackets

Among the entire collection of jackets, fashion designers came up with unusual jackets. They can be with floristry or animalistic. Such original models should be worn only by those guys who can combine such a jacket with other clothes.

As a rule, this style is worn by creative guys or those who belong to some kind of trend. Beautiful jackets are worn with plain clothes so that the image does not look sloppy.

Stylish photos 2018

Even the best jackets can look ugly if combined incorrectly with clothing. On the Internet there are many photos of ready-made images that will help a man choose the right style. The combination of colors is of great importance, so it is important to be able to select the colors of all clothes.

How to wear a jacket?

A man needs not only to choose a beautiful jacket and combine it with clothes, it must be worn correctly. For example, when choosing a jacket size, pay attention to the length of the sleeve and the volume of the chest. It is also important to know how to fasten buttons. Try not to mix clothes of different styles, and if you do, then do not break the basic rules for combining the image.

Single Breasted Blazers

Jackets with one row of buttons are the most practical. This is just the case when one clothes can be worn for a walk, and in a bar, and for work. The main thing is to choose models from discreet matte fabric. Avoid lurex, shine and bright finishes. To create a casual outfit, you can choose a jacket with bright or printed lapels. Remember, rolled up sleeves always visually increase biceps, which means that it is worth approaching such a fashionable chip wisely. By the way, single-breasted jackets are good at adjusting the figure, slim and may well hide a small tummy.

Double Breasted Blazers

With the practicality of double-breasted models, things are a little more complicated. Firstly, it is advisable to wear them buttoned up. Jackets with two rows of buttons initially served as military and student uniforms, which means they were not supposed to be left unbuttoned, and they did not look strict in that case. Secondly, double-breasted jackets emphasize the flaws. They secrete a stomach and hide the waist. Despite these shortcomings, this element of the wardrobe still remains one of the most popular. In addition, with sufficient density of the fabric, it can be used as a light short coat.

Plaid Jackets

These products are aristocratic, traditional, elegant, with a determination. If all these qualities are to your taste, then we will assume that you have found each other and it was for you that we made a selection of jackets in a cage for a more accurate determination of the trend.

Looking through the photos from the collections, pay attention to the fashionable nuances in colors and the print configuration.

Overseas models

When viewing men's collections for the fall-winter 2018-2019 season, it is hard not to notice the abundance of wide and free models of jackets. It is worth noting that they were not designed for a warm, dressed sweater, but simply fall under the trend for all weightless, lightweight and non-binding movements. Designers position such jackets not only as casual clothes, but also as a thing that can be worn for work or going out. Not sure if such an element of the wardrobe will take root among fashionistas, but men with an imperfect figure or those who are crushed by a very narrow classic will definitely like it.

Models with sewn pockets

First of all, one can say about such a jacket: it is both strict and casual, has a straight cut style and at the same time rounded cut elements made of high quality material, but its edges are not finished. That is why, despite their conservatism, such models will bring enough chic and personality to a men's wardrobe.


In addition to classic costume fabrics, designers used other options in their collections. So a leather jacket returned from oblivion. Strict models in combination with classic trousers and dark straight jeans, discreet monophonic sweaters and shirts look great. The love of fashion designers for velvet has also shown itself. Of the latter, not only jackets are created, but also whole suits. The latter look somewhat unexpected, but, we think, men who lead a public lifestyle can easily find use for them.

Color schemes

Apparently, fashionable Gurus are fed up with classic blue and black shades. For this reason, they diluted their collections with men's jackets in the colors of bottle glass, Marsala, camel hair and mustard. Among designers, the cell and strip are popular. The latter is very common in autumn collections and usually represents light lines that stand out strongly against the main background. Pay attention to jackets with contrasting color or different material inserts. It can be lapels, collars, lapels, pockets. Interesting prints are also relevant.

Fashionable trends

The influence of street style with elements of classics is truly impressive and inspire fashion designers. By the end of summer, fashion is changing, and attention is shifting to individual elements.

  • Patches. Without breaking established trends, interest is shown in strict options with leather patches on the elbows. Oval and round shape with various figures and additional inserts are allowed. This is especially true for the spring collection of jackets 2017, see photo. Instead of leather, suede and dense materials are also used. A mandatory requirement for patches is a combination of color with pocket lines,

  • Prints. By the middle of the year, abstraction is gaining relevance, as well as geometric shapes of various variations. Prints of this kind on fashionable jackets of 2017 are allowed only in gray-blue or pale purple,

  • The next popular element is the logos of famous brands, fashion houses. Original newspaper or “print” versions are gaining relevance. Thus, the demand remains behind the seal of a well-known alcoholic brand, namely, Jack Daniel’s drink.

Rules for wearing men's jackets

Simple recommendations for wearing men's jackets.

  • The 2019 men's jacket certainly should not hang, but it should not be too tight. You should give preference to a slightly fitted style,
  • A jacket with trousers should emphasize a figure: shoulder to shoulder. The length of the blazer should be 4-5 centimeters below the belt,
  • The classic version is always combined with a tie, regardless of occasion, event,
  • When choosing a vest for a jacket, you should pay attention to the presence of pockets symmetrical to each other. They will add elegance, elegance, emphasize the presence of taste. The length of the vest should also be below the waist by 4 centimeters. The cutout can be any. The main thing is to choose the right jacket style, shirts and tie shape,
  • Strict differentiation of styles and the correct selection of trousers to them,
  • A neat combination of jackets with t-shirts, shirts,
  • It is recommended to dilute the daily look with various accessories, for example, a scarf,
  • Layered clothing comes into fashion. Under the jacket you can wear a shirt, a warm vest,
  • Do not forget about the rules of buttoning buttons. Stylish natural shoes will help to create the final image.

The main trends of 2018

Among the variety of jacket models, there are several trends that are relevant in 2018. Particularly popular patch pockets, timeless classic decors and styles, as well as custom cutouts. In addition, velvet, velor and leather jackets, oversized models, duplicated and shortened jackets are especially in fashion now. A variety of prints are relevant as a decorative finish: from cells and stripes to ethnic patterns. Let's take a closer look at each of these trends.

Jacket pockets

Jackets with patch pockets can be harmoniously combined with both classic and everyday items. Such models in most cases are supplemented with roundings on the floors. Most often, the sections of these jackets are not processed to give the product a slightly sloppy look. With the help of such models, you can create a truly memorable and unique image.

Jackets in the classical style have a slightly fitted silhouette, thereby emphasizing the advantages of the male figure. Each representative of the stronger sex will be able to choose for themselves a suitable version of the jacket, focusing on the material and color scheme. The jackets in black, gray and blue are still in trend. Moreover, they can be both monophonic and with restrained prints, which will allow you to combine them with everyday clothes.

Original cuts on jackets

This year, designers offer unusual cut elements. Creative forms of collars and necklines, which are non-standard for formal wear, are especially popular. They allow you to make the jacket stylish and less formal.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets do not go out of fashion for many years. And all because they are not only practical, but also give courage to their owner. In addition, leather jackets add respectability to the stronger sex, thereby demonstrating their high status. When choosing these clothes, give preference to straight or fitted models. As for the decor on the jacket, then in this case it is optional. After all, the skin itself looks original, and so it does not need additional jewelry.

Holders of sophisticated taste have always preferred three-piece suits, which, by the way, have long been recognized as one of the most successful classic solutions. However, this year, designers decided to experiment with them. As a result, two-piece suits became fashionable, in which jackets and vests are made of one fabric. Moreover, trousers may not coincide with them, not only in material, but also in color. The design idea here is to make the image not as strict and official as in the case of a three-piece suit. Any trousers will suit as the bottom: from jeans to leather models.

Velvet and velor jackets

Velvet and velor jackets are a special category of jackets that cannot be called universal. Of course, such things cannot be worn for important negotiations, as well as for work in the office, where a strict dress code is provided. But to go to the theater or to a festive event in a velvet or velor jacket is quite acceptable. To create a harmonious image, you must carefully select the color and texture of this clothing. The jacket should be combined with trousers. And you can effectively complement the bow with a sweater or knitted vest.

By the way, velor and velvet jackets, like two-piece suits, are a reference to the retro style. At fashion shows, it was demonstrated that it is permissible to add eclecticism when creating images. Models from Versace and Cavalli in velor and velvet jackets and at the same time in sports shoes took to the podium. To some, this may seem like a bold decision. However, critics noted that such a strange combination looks quite harmonious.

In 2018, a shortened jacket became very relevant. It can be made of any materials: velor, denim, leather, suede, etc. But you need to remember that cropped jackets are not suitable for every man. Their owner must have a slim figure. In addition, you should carefully select the color and style of the trousers for them. By the way, cropped jackets are a great solution for a military style.

In addition to shortened jackets, shapeless oversize models are also in fashion. Note that they give the male figure extra volume. In addition, a representative of the stronger sex should have a toned physique. Otherwise, an oversized jacket can exacerbate the existing flaws of the figure. Combining such an original volumetric model is best with skinny pants.

Single and double breasted jackets

Single-breasted jackets remain the most popular and practical. Their distinguishing feature is one row of buttons. Especially fashionable are matte jackets of restrained colors. To create a more festive look, you can choose models that have a print on the lapels. It is important to note that single-breasted jackets are perfect for any physique, as they allow you to adjust the figure, hiding its flaws.

As for double-breasted jackets (with two rows of buttons), they are also very relevant this season, but still lose to their single-breasted counterparts. In 2018, designers presented many original models. If you decide to purchase a double-breasted jacket, then do not forget that it should be worn only when buttoned.

Color schemes of jackets and patterns on them

Now in fashion not only the classic shades of jackets, but also the cell. This pattern has been demonstrated by many fashion houses. Ethnic-style ornaments and stripes are also very popular. As for the colors, in addition to black, gray and blue, the designers offer the colors of Marsala and bottle glass, as well as mustard and yellow-beige. The cell and strip in such color schemes will look especially impressive. In addition, jackets with contrasting cuffs, lapels and other various inserts are relevant.

Before you start choosing a jacket for yourself, decide first of all for what purpose you need it. This approach will allow you to buy clothes that will not only occupy a place in the wardrobe, but also bring joy from frequent wear.

Fashion trends in men's jackets fall winter 2018

The fabric for sewing a quality jacket is used purely woolen. But by many manufacturers ordinary fabrics are issued as elite. Be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the product and the sensations when you touch it with your hand. It is acceptable to mix jacket fabric with silk, cashmere or linen materials. For socks every day in the fall winter 2018 season, it is best to choose a jacket from a mixed fabric, where the wool and cashmere are equally divided. The presence of a small amount of synthetics in the form of lycra, elastane or polyester is acceptable. Then the shape of the tissue on the elbows will remain the same, but you won’t have to worry about the wrinkled look. But the high content of synthetics is the lack of free air flow and, as a result, the deterioration of well-being towards the end of the day.

Latest fashion and style articles

The main colors of the fall winter 2018 season are black, dark blue and gray. Unofficially allowed brown and even green tones. However, the main thing remains blue. The ideal is dark blue, not memorable. These classic jackets can be worn often, and only change stylish shirts with ties. The best business option is a dark blue jacket and a snow-white shirt, but a blue shirt is also acceptable. The jacket is less formal gray. It is believed that he has openness and friendliness. But these jackets are not always able to look expensive. This is the destiny of black models. And gray jackets are good with peach, purple shirts.

Men's jackets nude fall winter 2018

This option allows you to create a wide variety of bows for stylish and modern men. The beige top combines wonderfully with navy or black trousers, and a white T-shirt or plaid shirt is put on under a jacket. The image in the autumn winter 2018 season can be refreshed by seasoning it with a pinch of additional elements in the form of a hat, butterfly or a plain scarf. A white jacket is worn under jeans using light and dark shades of denim. For those who are not afraid of bold decisions, designers recommend combining a white blazer with burgundy or purple trousers, and complementing the image with a tie in the color of trousers, you definitely will not go unnoticed among others. In the autumn period, light jackets look very stylish and harmonious with jeans or white shorts and sneakers of dark colors.

Men's jackets made of soft materials autumn winter 2018

Soft materials - velveteen, velvet, fleece, suede, are not only pleasant to the touch, but also a sign of good taste in the autumn winter 2018 season. Velveteen has a muffled shine, it does not have flashy shades, so in a velvet jacket you can go on a date, and for a business meeting. Velvet is the material of kings and aristocrats. He does not need additional jewelry, because he is beautiful in himself. Velvet jackets look best together with materials of contrasting texture. The very style of a jacket made of velvet fabric should be simple, and jeans with scuffs should not be worn under it. Suede is a luxurious and stylish material that looks expensive and is worn for a long time. For the autumn wardrobe of 2018, a man's suede jacket is simply indispensable, because they can easily replace anorak or jacket on warm days. Whatever style he is, the jacket will look just great. This is material for all time.

Men's double-breasted jackets autumn winter 2018

The double-breasted jacket of the fall winter 2018 season is a prototype of the English military jacket with all its severity and efficiency. Such a jacket is a more formal and neat model, in it the owner can always show himself from the most profitable side. A men's double-breasted jacket is recommended to be worn by tall, slim and slightly thin men. This model of a jacket does not suit full and slightly well-fed young people, because it visually enlarges the chest and stomach, which makes the image even more obese. A single-breasted jacket differs from a double-breasted jacket in the number of rows of buttons. If everything is clear with a single-breasted jacket, and the buttons there are arranged in one row in an amount from one to three, then the double-breasted jacket boasts two rows of buttons. The most popular models are those with six buttons (3 buttons in each row) and with four buttons (2 buttons in each row). The rule that dictated to fasten the jacket on all buttons was a little outdated. Modern fashion says that it is customary not to fasten the lower button in both a double-breasted and a single-breasted jacket.

Fashionable jackets for men 2018 photo

The collection of men's jackets for spring and summer 2018 in the photo is presented by the brands Ostin and Zara.

Another fashionable solution, which will be at the peak of popularity in the summer season of 2018, will be a shortened sleeve three-quarters long, or a complete absence thereof.

If the jacket is sewn from natural fabrics, shiny or velvety materials, printed fabrics - it is worth the attention of the most eccentric dude.

Fashionable shades of jackets in 2018

A white jacket is the main attribute of any summer collection. Jackets of yellow, red and orange colors join this classic. Jackets of olive color, light green, dark blue are delayed in the trend for another season, so choose 2018 men's jackets of this fashionable color.

Fashionable burgundy men's jacket 2018 new from Zara

Among the prints printed on the background shade, in the collections of world designers you can observe a strip, abstraction, flowers and a small geometric pattern.

Everyone who follows all the trends in clothes should take into account that twos will break into the fashion world in the new season of 2018. Be it a shirt with a jacket or a jacket with a vest. The main thing is that some elements in both garments should be made of the same fabric.

What to wear with a men's jacket

What clothes to combine with a man's jacket and what to wear with a gray, burgundy, brown, white and black jacket is clearly shown in the photo.

What to wear with a black men's jacket

When choosing a men's jacket, pay attention to the quality of the material, the lining, the seams should be neat and the same in length. For summer, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton or tropical wool, linen.

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