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Popular beard haircuts: types and selection rules

Today, the men's beard is at the peak of popularity and many women believe that the classic beard is very sexy and adds masculinity to its owner. That is why men all over the world are trying to grow a voluminous and holistic beard.

Before embarking on growing, you need to realize that even a classic Russian beard, which looks brutal and voluminous, requires very thorough care. If the hair grows somehow and does not get cut in shape, then in the end, instead of a sexy, courageous man, a forested man will look at you in the mirror.

Appearance of a beard (photo)

A classic beard in shape is also called a box. You should understand in advance that this kind of beard can be grown for men with obviously rich facial hair.

If it is not enough, then instead of the volumetric and solid form, a thin thin beard will turn out, which will look at least ridiculous.

A classic beard should be neatly trimmed. There is less vegetation left on the sides than on the chin, so that the shape is slightly oblong and looks neat. You also need to trim the edges on the cheeks and the line of the chin with a trimmer. And then the appearance of the beard will cause envy, not sympathy!

Who is it for?

The only important condition is good facial hair. The rest is not of great importance. If a man has a triangular face with a narrow chin, then a full beard will help visually add volume.

If you have a heavy chin with large cheekbones, a classic beard will help soften all sharp lines and round them, making the image softer and calmer. Therefore, the shape of the face, the color of the hair and eyes have absolutely no meaning!

How to grow?

In general, a classic beard is suitable for almost all men, the main thing is to gain strength in order to grow it, because at the first stage an unevenly hairy face will not have a very spectacular look.

In addition, after a couple of weeks of growing, an unpleasant itch may appear, which indicates that the hairs have grown to a sufficient length and now, bending, they can penetrate the skin, giving an unpleasant sensation. Often already at this stage, men give up and shave off their hair without waiting for the required length. But in vain, after a week, another discomfort will pass.

Beard grooming and grooming?

After a month of growing, you can already give the beard a neat shape. To do this, get a thin scallop and small sharp scissors. The classic beard does not endure fuss. Better to cut a little than cut off the excess.

Pay particular attention to the neck and cheeks. In no case should the vegetation from the chin smoothly cross not the neck and merge with the curls on the chest!

All the hair on the cheeks under the eyes is gently shaved, an even border is made from the ear to the mustache growth line. The beard should end at the fold line of the chin and neck. The border should also be as precise as possible, which can be achieved using a trimmer or a dangerous razor.

Do not forget about proper care. For this:

  • Rinse your beard daily with room temperature water. Once a week it is recommended to wash it with shampoo, using conditioner and oil,
  • regularly cut and shave excess hair (this is very important)
  • daily comb the beard in the necessary direction, which will give the hair the desired shape and accuracy.

How to choose a beard style?

At random, the selected type of beard can make a man's appearance untidy, unattractive. For this reason, you should not copy the shape of the vegetation of your idol or try to repeat the image you like.

Some beard styles are suitable for certain face shapes, so when choosing a haircut, this factor should be determining:

  • Oval. Men with this type can safely experiment.
  • Heart-shaped. It is better to choose a triangular haircut. Do not grow dense vegetation. You can choose an option that is similar to the beard style of the popular comic book hero - Wolverine.
  • Oblong - classic whiskers or a horseshoe-shaped haircut are suitable for this form. You can not choose a beard hairstyle that visually lengthens the face.
  • Round. Men with this type are better off growing a middle mustache with a beard. For chubby guys, a trapezoidal (from temple to temple) haircut is well suited.
  • Square. This beard variant suggests rounded ends.
  • Triangular. Owners of this type of face should visually expand the jaw area. For this purpose, you need to grow a beard in the form of a horseshoe or a semicircle.
  • Lamp. Long whiskers are the best choice for such cases.

The determining factor in choosing the type of beard in men is the shape of the face. Additionally, you need to evaluate the thickness of facial hair and the color of the vegetation. Blondes, red and light brown guys are recommended to grow dense vegetation. Dark-haired should take a closer look at the options for haircuts with a small volume. For tall guys a wider style is preferable. Understanding the features of your own face helps you figure out how to choose the type of beard.

A simple and quick way to give the image a twist is to grow stubble without resorting to radical changes. It is suitable for any type of face - from rectangular to diamond-shaped. Well-groomed bristles visually make the oblong and round face wider.

Classic beard

A full beard (Russian, classical) is the thickest and widest. It completely covers the jaw, passing from the sideburn and connecting with the mustache. With this type of haircut, the vegetation comes to the chin and neck. For the classic version, the hair has to be grown for 4-5 weeks.

There are several types of full haircuts:

  • French fork. Part of the vegetation resembles a cutlery with 2 cloves.
  • Duck tail. This type of haircut resembles the tail of a duck.
  • Round. The classic beard of this variety implies a neat rounding of the shape. Its main advantage is that there is no need for complex hair care.

The classic beard style is more suitable for guys with a round or square face.

Popular Beard Views

Men's beards of various styles:

  • Lincoln haircut or screen. She does not suggest the presence of a mustache, but they will not damage the image if the man wants to hide the nasolabial fold. It is better to choose a thin or medium antennae. The vegetation on the chin and sideburns have a quadratic connection. This beard design allows you to hide the imperfections of the facial contours and emphasize the lips.
  • Suvorov. When choosing this type of haircut, you don’t have to grow a beard on the chin. Wide whiskers descend just below the corners of the lips and rise up, connecting with a mustache. Such a beard in men with an even chin looks pretty harmonious. If there are certain flaws on it, it is better to choose a different type of haircut.
  • Goat. It suggests 2 options - a beard with a mustache and without them. Suitable for men with a round and oval face.
  • Anchor. This type of male beard has an attractive feature - it is easier to care for the vegetation, and such a haircut is suitable for many face shapes.

  • Garibaldi. Suitable for guys with dense vegetation, in which a wide mustache connects with sideburns. The beard look is slightly untidy in this case. The maximum hair length is 20 cm.
  • Sail - a mustache connected with flared whiskers and a bare chin.
  • Box - evenly trimmed vegetation, suitable for men with a triangular type of face.
  • Jack Sparrow's haircut. With this type of vegetation, hair must be carefully taken care of every day.
  • Chinstrap (translated as a belt on the chin). With this form, a thin strip of vegetation surrounds the face between the temples.
  • Stylish Brett. Hair is left only on the chin and lower jaw. A brutal beard of this type suggests the presence of a mustache.
  • Goatee. This haircut is represented by an unusual combination of a small beard and mustache. Part of the hair under the lower lip is wedge-shaped. This option is suitable for men with all face types except round. The goatee looks more effective on guys with dark hair color. This haircut has 3 options without a mustache, with a separate arrangement of mustache, with circular vegetation.
  • Balbo. This type of haircut resembles an inverted letter T with a mustache. There is no connecting line between them. Whiskers also do not grow. Hair shaved below the corners of the mouth. This type of haircut is suitable for men with a triangular face.
  • Skipper - a well-known classic style, the fashion for which is returning again. It allows you to create elegant images and visually softens the angularity of the lines of the face. Well suited for oval, rectangular and square shapes.

The presented beard types are most successful in modern men.

Rare beard species

To give originality to the face, make it styling. This allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Scythe on a beard in the style of the Vikings. The minimum hair length for this form of vegetation is 20 cm. Hair is braided. They can be tied in a knot
  • Afrokosa. For such a haircut, it is not necessary to grow hair more than 5 cm. In the classic version, weaving ribbons and threads is meant.
  • Dreadlocks. Since the dreadlock cannot be dissolved, hair care should be special - wash no more than 1 time per week with special shampoo. Long hair is suitable for chubby guys, and short hair is for owners of an oval type.

A man’s beard should have a harmonious look in combination with a haircut and a face shape, therefore, when choosing the original option, you should consult a professional.

Which beard is suitable for bald men?

One option is Short Boxed Beard. The male beard of this species has a short hair length and thin tendrils. A bald man can underline facial features with a haircut in the style of Wolverine. For bald men you need a thick, massive haircut. It should be grown on the entire lower part of the face. Anchor or goatee look bald with a rather inappropriate.

Popular beard types for men with a bald head:

  • Russian beard. This haircut allows you to compensate for the lack of hair on the head, diverting attention to the face and chin.
  • Hollywood Lightweight vegetation is suitable for men of short stature. A short beard allows emphasizing the advantages of a man's face.
  • Chinstrap. This version of the full beard has a neater line.

Haircuts with a hair length of more than 5 cm require careful care. If necessary, regularly adjust the shape is to purchase a trimmer. Choosing among many types of beards in men, you need to take into account not only your preferences, but also the external features of the skull and chin.

Celebrities who prefer classic style

A lot of celebrities changed their image and added a little brutality to sugary sexuality with the help of a classic beard. Such personalities include: Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, George Clooney.

In the latter, even age is not a concern. A neat beard with gray hair gives impressiveness and does not add years at all. Robert Pattinson, having decided on such a transformation, refused an ever-young image in favor of a solid and confident image, and Ben Affleck generally believes that his beard brings him good luck.

By reviewing the photos of these cult personalities, you can independently verify that the classic beard has dramatically changed their images. They acquired masculinity, confidence and additional masculine charisma.

Growing a beard is a kind of life experience for a man. This is a great opportunity to radically change your appearance and maybe even life. For individuals who are accustomed to shaving daily, such a decision can be a difficult task, but with a little effort you can completely change. Therefore, it is worth a try anyway!

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